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I won't go into all the details, just warn everyone to NOT NOT NOT trust it when Lowe's says they will deliver in 1-3 business days. It will not happen. Then, when you call customer service to try to resolve the problem, all they do is give you links to web pages and/or give you scripted messages. There is ABSOLUTELY NO effort to actually solve the problem. They don't get it that I don't want money back, I want the product I ordered... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • 6 hours ago
  • #890262

I bought the appliance in lowes one years ago and the appliance is damage four time. The service is horrible, because they fixes de the appliance but it's damage again and they said me will not replace the appliance. I will never buy anything in lowes again.

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I designed a deck with lower's software online, the materials cost is about $2000. I went to the local store asking for help. I was told that someone will come my house to check it next Monday. However, nobody showed up the whole next week, so I guess they will never come, I planed to build the deck by myself at that time. After three weeks I got one call, said he will come my house to check my deck design, if I still want. OK, I want to know... Read more

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I purchased a evaporative cooler control off the shelf as new and got a used item hat had been returned. The person that put it back on the shelf as new should be FIRED immediately. It's hard to believe this place is that devious and CORRUPT. I intend to visit the store tomorrow and make such a scene that they will never forget. I have to drive over 40 miles to return this product and all they can say is that they are sorry. This is evil... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • 22 hours ago
  • #889925

Question to Lowes customer service: Can I trim 1/4" off a double sink vanity top - product SKU provided. Answer: No, with no explanation or alternative offered. Then, when I answered their follow up question (Was this info Helpful?) by choosing "No", the immediate reply was "Something went wrong on our end. Please try again in a little while."

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  • 1 day ago
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Went in to purchase wire at lowes on martin luther in houma la. Called for service in electrical dept. 15 minutes later a black lady came she couldn.t help because,wire was on top shelf half hour kater someone showed up with fork lift then they couldn.t figure out how to get the roll on the rotisserrie to uncoil wire finally a white dude showed up an did it for them took an hour an a half

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After an awful experience with the local delivery company XPO Last Mile Courier in Massachusetts, we looked online and found only complaints regarding this company. XPO guys damaged our new refrigerator since the only thing they were interested in was collecting out old one with all the accessories (we were *** enough to allow then to do it), instead of the proper installation of the new appliance they were delivering. They did not take the... Read more

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Went to Lowes in Statesville, NC to purchase Shark vacuum cleaner, went to appliances and seen there was only the floor model so I looked for someone in appliances, the lady was waiting on someone else, so I waited for at least 6 minutes and she never even acknowledged That I was there (terrible customer service) I then went to customer service in the front of the store and had them see what other stores had the vacuum and was told that... Read more

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I just left Lowes here in McComb, MS after purchasing over $100 worth of merchandise. The young man who was a cashier was very rude and did not say "Hello", tell us the total or at least thank you and have a good night. This makes me furious when the people who work there act like you don't matter and are not pleasant to their customers. We drove 30 minutes to come to Lowes when their was a Home Depot 3 minutes closer. Don't they realize that if... Read more

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I've called Lowes over 4 times and sent numerous e-mails to Master Forge without ONE call or e mail back to ask for help in replacing the piece of garbage 2,200.00 outdoor kitchen thats falling apart over the last 14 months. NO HELP FROM LOWES other than to tell ME to go to their website and get help from Master Forge. I told the Lowes representative that this doesn't make sense... "You're telling me, the customer, who paid you over $2,000.00,... Read more

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