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Bought 3K worth of roofing materials. The guy at the contractors counter had never worked a construction job in his life. Most of the material was over shipped or under shipped, he told me that I didn't need starter strip to do a roof. That is not the problem, I just took back material we did not use and was told it had already been returned.Wow, I must have a credit on my account right??? No, my account was never credited and I still have... Read more

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Let me relate a recent experience with LOWES’ Home Improvement, from which others may learn. I have a small project I am trying to complete, and need to obtain some materials. I attempted comparison-shopping to source the needed materials. The Home Depot web portal was user unfriendly, so I opted for the user friendly LOWES' site, though was unable to find the quantities of the materials I needed at my local store (perhaps that should have been... Read more

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  • Jul 20
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Bought an outdoor rug last year. Used it for 90 days and stored it for the winter. This year, it is literally shredding. Complete garbage and they won't replace it because it gas been over one year by a few days. For 250$, i expect better service and quality. My 30$ old ikea rug lasted a few years! This is just shameful. They do not stand behind their product. Buyer beware!!!

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Since May through July, we moved to a new home in Clinton, Utah and we have many home-improvement projects so we very often to go the Lowes in Clinton to purchase items for said project. We have had trouble with some items purchased, because they were missing parts and having to go back to repurchase or get new parts. The worst thing though, was when we went to purchase paint from that store. We had to to to the store and get paint on 3 separate... Read more

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We purchased a freezer on 8-16-15. The freezer isn't even a year old and ice forming on the inside (frost free). Called Lowes about repair, they set up a service call with "their" people who are the only ones in the Ft. Wane area that handles their repair. Unknowing to me I was told that Whitsman did their service. After the third service call no one even showed up!! After talking to management again they said " we will call someone. Guess who... Read more

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  • Jul 17
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The staff is inadequate i will never shop there again!! Gateway Overlook dont waste your money

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My lowe's delivery driver was getting ready to install my 3rd frig from lowe's, lowe's had to repair my copper water line the last time i got a refrigerator delivered, this driver see's the repair , says it's mold and pulls it off as i'm telling him, that is not mold it's a repair lowe's did, water started spraying, and he told me the, that the mold had stopped the leak, I explained to him, that was a repair by lowes, a plug and mold will not... Read more

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  • Jul 13
  • #881595

First and last time I order a product online. At check out it says someone will contact me to set up a delivery time. Instead, Randy called with an attitude telling me "So do you not want the washer and dryer anymore? We have stuff to do" and continued being a complete *** through the whole 8am call making me feel like spending my money at Lowes was an inconvenience for him!

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After today, if there were any way to give negative stars to the Billings, Montana Lowe's store-- I would!! On June 30, I contacted the Appliance Department at Lowe's about purchasing a GE Washer and Drier set that were on sale. I spoke with a customer representative, who seemed to be quite knowledgeable. I decided to purchase both items for the sale price of $359 each; which was a total of $718. I then informed the customer representative... Read more

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  • Jul 12
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I Can"t say customer service was bad because we never found anyone to help us . We will stick with Home Depot they have always had someone for each department

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