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  • 1,441 complaints
  • $612,114 claimed losses
  • $425 average
  • 157481 since Jul 06, 2007

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Main address: P.O. Box 1111 28656 North Wilkesboro NC
1-800-445-6937, , customercare@lowes.com
Lowes reviews, Lowes complaints, read Lowes reviews, find Lowes reviews, Lowes scam reports
  • 1,441 complaints
  • $612,114 claimed losses
  • $425 average
Had an experience with Lowes?
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I saw the store manager (male) yell at a female employee loud enough for me to be shocked over someone yelling that loud in public.

  • Apr 18
  • Brunswick, Georgia
  • Freezer Door Replacement
  • 8

Purchased brand new frig from Lowes a couple of days later freezer door warped. Called Lowes, got shuffled to just replace door, knowing I had 30 days to have a "new" replacement. Took calling corporate to get get new one (supposedly). New one arrived 61/2-7 hrs. after scheduled delivery&brought one that was dented up! That one had to be taken back& another to be rescheduled for delivery... Read more

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  • Apr 15
  • Cape Coral, Florida
  • Flooring Material
  • 1
  • 20

the installers were great - everything was great - Until we got to the end. after all was finished, we ended up with 2 1/2 boxes of flooring material. I understand the need for extra, in case, but..... I brought the two untouched boxes back and got a refund - no prob. When I asked about a refund on the installation charge - I was told, we don't do that. Their explaination was - that's standard... Read more

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  • Apr 14
  • Oakville, Ontario
  • Kitchen Designer Appointment
  • 23

Went to Lowes Burlinton the weekend they opened to get an appointment with a kitchen designer. I was told that someone would call me in the next few days to set up an appointment. I waited 2 weeks for a call. I went back in to set up an appointment. My wife sat down with someone from the kitchen dept and started working out a design that they were going to send us. It never arrived. I then sent... Read more

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  • Apr 12
  • Service Delays
  • 1
  • 17

We have repeated unexpected delays in service again, sales were easy, but getting the service s are not as promised, poor communication and system update, these make us lost confidence with the store. Improvement needed ASAP. We have set up for washer delivery for yesterday afternoon at the time of purchase but they come in the morning without noticed us the time of delivery. After we saw the... Read more

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  • Apr 05
  • Torrance, California
  • Account Balance
  • 4
  • 26

I paid off my account balance almost 2 months ago on lowes automated phone system. I got a confirmation # (which i listened to and wrote down on 2 different papers). 2 months later i am still receiving bills for the balance plus all the interest and late charges they continue to add. My husband is the primary on the card and i am the secondary. Lowes told me my payment attempt failed in their... Read more

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  • Apr 03
  • Camden, New Jersey
  • Appliances Installation
  • 23

They were supposed to deliver a washer and dryer last saturday. They only showed up with the dryer. Re-scheduled for Sunday. Told me I needed a part for the install. They installed it on sunday without the part. (I didn't need it) Washer doesn't work correctly. Sounds like a 747. Scheduled a new washer to be delivered on Thursday. Message said they would be here at 4 PM. They showed up at... Read more

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  • Apr 01
  • Deltona, Florida
  • French Door Replacement
  • 24

In January 2014 I contracted with Lowe's in Orange City FL to replace 3 set of Patio French Doors and an Outside Bathroom door. I was told that all doors were in stock. I received a telephone call informing me that the bathroom door had to be ordered and there was a 30 day delay. The installation was finally scheduled for Mar 2014.The bathroom door was not the one I ordered and the French Doors... Read more

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  • Mar 29
  • Camdenton, Missouri
  • Employees
  • 1
  • 33

I went to Lowes in Enid Oklahoma to pickup a tool and was told Enid store had it. No they didnt and asked if I wanted to order it? I told them to forget it. But what really got me mad was waiting an hour to have someone help me. Shell,thats what her tag read,tried to help me but spent more tim. TWO hours latterI I walked out of the store empty handed but I did get her# but never called. Is this... Read more

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  • Mar 26
  • Farmington, New Mexico
  • Site To Store Order
  • 1
  • 39

This started with me shopping around for a 40# propane tank for my RV. Home Depot and Lowes both sell these. I had a gift card from Lowes so I chose them as prices are evenly matched. I called Lowes to see if they had one in stock. Nobody seems to know what department handles Propane tanks. I got passed around from customer service to plumbing to garden to BBQ grills and back to customer... Read more

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