Lowes - KOBALT TOOLS would not warranty product

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The store in referance is located in Macon Georgia.On eisenhowser parkway.

I have spent thousands of dollars with lowes,I BUY AND REBUILD HOUSES,I HAVE ALWAYS PURCHASED all that was avalabe at lowes,including tools.

I have purchsed several Kobalt knives that has broken. Everytime that i would take one back to be warranty i would be told that i would have to replace it with the same style of tool.I have yet to have one replaced under warranty.today March 11 2010 was the last time that i tried.So i left all of the pieces of the knife all the way down the floor of the store.

It is not the consumers fault if lowes n o longer carries the same style of knife.Kobalt is only sold by lowes to my knowledge.Therefore the tool should be replced with the closest style in store.

if lowes cares about customers that has been a loyal customer since 1984 i would like to see this problem resolved.Otherwise i will start shopping at other places that are more customer oriented.

Just to let to whomever this concerns.That the check out person that i use the most name is ANGLE at the contractor end of store.She is always polite and professional.

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1573 of 1895 Lowes Reviews
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Apr 23 #975887

I work for Lowe's. If we do not carry the same item anymore, we try to find a like item to exchange it with. My store has NEVER sent anyone away and not taken care of them if they had a Kobalt item. EVER. If you have to show your ID, it is because you didn't save your receipt. All returns at ALL Retailers require a receipt or VALID ID to return an item. The store reserves the right to process the return through the register and ask for ID, or they can simply exchange it over the counter. Each individual is different, so no two cashiers will do it the same. Most consumers don't realize that some house brands are made by more than one manufacturer. In the case of Kobalt items, each category is made by a different manufacturer....So, a drill could be made by someone who does not make our knives, or screw drivers. I'm sure if you are polite, do not cuss, and ask to speak with a manager, you will almost always get what you want.
As far as leaving knife parts on the floor of your local Lowe's.....that store will now see you as the "***" customer who has no value for the safety of other people.
1. Keep your receipts or sign up for MYLOWES
2. Always carry your ID on you. It's actually the law.
3. While we attempt to make every person happy, sometime we will not be able to if we get a "knife guy". "Knife guys" are never happy and create a big scene much like the "knife guy" in the post below.
4. If I *** you off, even after I have bent over backwards a given you
... Show more

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Apr 11 #970919 West Newton, Pennsylvania

I will not buy any more kobalt tools, because of there return tool policy, I used to buy a lot of tools from Lowes, every tool I took back to lowes I had to show my licences and sign a paper,I work in maintenance, I took tools back to Sears, tractor supply, And harbor freight, I got the new tool with no problem, I walk in with the broken tool found the new tool they scan the package and I walk out of the stores in less than 5 min., I just can not believe that Harbor freight has a better return tool policy then lowes, I keep buying tools from other places now,

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Craid Burch is dumb

Mar 26 #963861 Camp Lejeune, North Carolina

Craig Burch,
Did you call Kobalt? Did you call corporate? No you just left pieces of a knife on the floor for kids to get hurt on. Great one you don't sound at all smart so I am sure you did not contact anyone after you left your knife pieces on the floor. You were right when you said it is not the consumers fault if Lowe's does not carry that type of item anymore but it is also not Lowe's fault if Kobalt stops making that item. Think for a minute before you do *** stuff like leaving pieces of a knife lay around.

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Dickweed Destroyer

May 25, 2014 #819827 Flint, Michigan

Knife pieces all over the floor? That's great, dickweed. Some little kid walking through with his dad is going to pick that up and cut himself. You, Sir, are a ***.

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Sep 13, 2013 #716351

Leaving the tools on the floor sounds pretty immature. Maybe next time you should contact the manufacturer like an adult, and not blame everything on the store, even if the Kobalt brand is specific only to Lowe's. Kobalt is the company who wrote the tiny-type on the warranty, not Lowe's. By the way, I spend thousands of dollars too.

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Mar 25, 2014 #798729

I suppose you do not understand frustration. It seems the norm these days, companies that don't stand behind the products, companies that discontinue products and provide no parts support. Junk (Kobalt) made in the far east, Lowe's *** pore attitude when dealing with customers. The fellow should have shoved the Knife up Lowe's ***. Your self righteous attitude is not shared by many.

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Jan 31 #939128 Mooresville, North Carolina

i actually work for lowes in the tools department, the warranty is actually done thru the mfg. Lowes actually only has to take it back with in the first 90 days. After that we dont have to take it back at all the lifetime warranty is thru the mfg.

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Feb 14, 2013 #609085 Charleston, South Carolina

I just returned a Kobalt 1/2-in Standard (SAE) Ratcheting Wrench to Lowes and they scanned my mylowes card and gave me a new one ,easiest exchange ever!!!!

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Jan 17, 2013 #594745 San Marcos, Texas

Iam very disappointed in the new warranty, i bought lots of cobalt tools, well no more lowes for me. I should just continue buying from craftsman. Simple warranty procedure. It breaks you take it to your local store.

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Mr .dissapointed.

Sep 17, 2012 #543376

I went to the lowes store to replace a kobalt measure tape and they were not able to replace it because i forgot mi ID at home ,I just dont get it how come you dont need an ID when you buy it first. :(

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Feb 04 #940883 Melbourne, Florida

If you have your receipt, have the card used to purchase the tape, or use your mylowes card, they can look up the transaction. If not, it's standard practice at any retail store that you present your ID so they can take down your info and give you credit/money back. While they probably could have done an even swap...why wouldn't you have your ID on you? Seems pretty dumb.

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Aug 21, 2012 #532050

How the *** do you submit information online for a Newly purchased Kobalt tool? Can't find a *** thing which links me to a site for Kobalt corp.
What the *** kind of a deal is this?
Don't give a *** how good these tools might be, if you can't send in simple warranty info online without spending your life trying, it's not worth it.

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Jul 13, 2012 #512338

just bought kobalt socket set & went to register the set and phone number do"s not work sends you some where else& you can't do it on line ether,don't buy there tools I don't think there Around any more :sigh

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mike p

May 31, 2012 #489105

have had several kobalt caulking guns replaced bt lowes was told no longet under warranty because it dosent say life time on yet kobalt adds say lifetime will not shop at lowes anymore

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Apr 13, 2012 #465584

Buy Snap-Tools! kobalt tools are made to break

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Brandon H

Feb 27, 2012 #438197

i just bought a kobalt cresent wrench and it fell appart the first 2 turns on a nut the center piece fell into my car and not i cann't reach it as a first time kobalt buyer this upsets me the product looked to be good quality the problem i found with it was that the pin to hold it togeather was not threaded when it was punched to it just fell out when i i turned the adjustment and if i being a first time buyer got a wrench like this how many more are out there?

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Bob Johnson

Feb 11, 2012 #427334

I would like to start off by asking if anyone here has taken ESL? English as a second language? Only reason I ask there is ample amount of simple words misspelled. If you folks haven't learned by now YOU ALWAYS START AT THE TOP AND WORK YOUR WAY DOWN!!!!!!! Meaning: Notify the CEO not the store and you will see the red carpet come out for ya heee haw

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Jan 26, 2012 #416895

go to home depot get a husky knife it is guaranteed forever thats wat i had to do cause the kobalt is a piece of junk n dont lasthome depot stands behind thiers y dosnt lowes?????

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Jan 01, 2012 #401272

I've never had a problem with Lowe's customer service. I have a Kobalt air wrench which went down after just several uses, which I fully expect to get a refund/credit/replacement.

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Dec 23, 2011 #396207

Cobalt tools are junk tried to remove a bolt with a cobalt bolt remvel kit the easy out broke and took 4 times as long to remove just to get back to the broken bolt

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