Lowes Carpet Scam

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Advertisement said $98 whole house install.After we paid $32 for them to come out to do a square footage estimate, thew insisted that we buy there pad.

We already had new pad (less then 1 year old. Steps cost extra, plus carpet removal (which we had already removed). total for labor only would be $1900 dollars.

We got them to remove the charge for carpet removal however they still want to charge $1300 for a $98 whole house install.The carpet person at this Fredricksburg VA store eventually hung up on me after I told him I don't care how his numbers add up that was his problem in my math $98 never =1300+ dollars.

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1500 of 1817 Lowes Reviews
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Feb 15

It's all a scam. I paid almost $3000 for a flooring install that has yet to happen. The contractor will schedule, then something will come up the day before and it'll be rescheduled. This has been a neverending process for me.

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Feb 12 Horseheads, New York

Explain how someone is suppose to make a living on 98$ for a whole house installation. Grow up quit wineing

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Aug 12, 2014

Everyone has had there own type of encounters with lowes and other large retail stores. If you feel good about yours and the service provided .. That's good. But I agree with the installation price being of a misleading nature regardless of further information in some pamphlet... It should say on the shelf with the price of installation that the price does not included preparation for installation. And I know its the consumers job to ask questions and they are there to make money but you know *** well that the marketing team putting the idea into effect knew it would draw the unknowing customer in for an ambush sale. And it is irratting for a fellow human being to take something at face value for what it says and to get excited about getting a deal only for them to come out and waste your time when you can get a better deal with your localy owned small town or city store. And they know this and that is why their main advertisment in adds commercials and on shelf are made to appear to be a better deal while knowing that people in general will misunderstand. So the people on here that are acting like no one has a right to be upset are wrong in my opinion because you did not share their experience of being maliciously misled.. Because it was preconceived. Which is wrong on a moral level. Things are to tight with finances today for some company to try and mislead and railroad you into a series of events to get there foot in the door so they can get a bigger profit margin when... Show more

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Jan 25 Honolulu, Hawaii

I am a flooring installer and accidentally came across this You all *** idiots. It says right on the ad that the 98 only covers BASIC install. Which means, walk in and start kicking out pad and carpet. Of course removing and hauling away the old, dump fees, moving furniture, installing tack strips, steps and any custom work is extra charge. Quit whining and get over it. Find something better and more productive to do with your time

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Honesty Is The Best Policy

Jul 29, 2014 Deer Park, New York

To confused
As a employee of Lowe's that works in the flooring department and a former Flooring technician for 20 Years . There contractors mismeasure jobs regularly over price floor prep. Do yourself a favor go to a mom and pop store you'll get better service and a quality Installation.

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Jul 29, 2014

Lowes gave me one number for the linear foot of carpet and double the amount for padding? I don't understand this.. why aren't the the same thing? example 96 LF for the carpet and 192 for the padding?

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carpet bob

Aug 13, 2014

not really the carpet is 12 feet wide but the padding is 6feet wide / so if you only got 96 Lf of pad you would have 1/2 the pad you need ! but they would probably try to scam you anyway.96 Lf of carpet is 128 sq yards .pad only come in 30 and 40 yard bales so they would say you need that extra bale. then when they send the installer out they actually only give him 10% less pad because that is all you need. even then the installer uses up the pieces of pad he has left in his truck in your house.(you would never know) and sells the full bales to mom and pod stores for cash.trust me I have been in the business for 40 + years .BOB MC

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Lowes scam

Aug 25, 2013

Lowes carpet scam in NY. Forget all the little charges that add up like moving furniture they can charge hundreds of dollars for. But the real scam is they over estimate the yardage. My Medford Lowes in NY contracted Gemini Florring to come measure. They said I needed 79 yards. I thought this was excessive so asked for a remeasure from another company they use named Penco came. They gave me yardage of 71 yards. Both companues working for Lowes charged differnet prices for moving furniture and carpet removal. Penco was much higher fees although lower yardage. I went to a reliable carpet place in Farmindale and they said 62 yards. I gave them the job and it was done a lot cheaper too. Never again LOwes for carpet!

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Lowe's-No go

Jul 17, 2013 Englewood, Colorado

Ok folks just run off lowe's carpet people and there dirty scam they are doing to everyone. 24x24 cabin 1340.00 LOL they got 35.00 for show up fee. Called measuring for install. Turn Lowe's into a chinese laundry. No more from me. Go to a mom and pop place and save money and gives work to good people. Not scammers

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Feb 24, 2013

The problem with most consumers when it comes to flooring purchases is that they dont understand how it is sold from the manufacturer or how it is installed. For instance carpet is "sold" by the sq foot but comes from the manufacturer usually in either 12 or 15 feet widths. Padding typically comes in a 6 feet width. So if you have a 10x10 room you want to carpet then you will have to buy 10 feet of carpet that will come to 120 square feet. So if it is 1.00 per sq foot then you pay 120.00 not the 100.00 that you think you should pay. Then for the pad you would end up purchasing 20 feet of pad which comes out to 120 square feet as well. Now on to the $97.00 Basic Install from Lowe's. That price is for install of carpet and pad with no other labor involved. If you have done the pre-work like moving the furniture, removing the old carpet and the old pad then great for you because you qualify for the basic labor. Now if dont want to do work whats so ever then there will be extra charges involved. Also on pad being required that is stipulated by the carpet manufacturers. If you read the brochure about your carpet warranty it will tell you that. I cant stand un-informed consumers and then what to rant on about a business being scammers. The last time I checked a business was in business to make money. It sounds like to me that the associates did not have all the training they needed. Which is not their fault but that of the upper management.

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Oct 21, 2013

Your comment is incorrect. The Lowes and the Home Depot flooring scam is alive and real in every city everywhere. They use an independent measuring service that normally bumps up the yardage figures because if they mess up and short the job then its on them and they have to pay for the mistake. Also, NO carpet warranty that I have read in my 25 years of handling flooring claims states that you have to purchase new pad under your new carpet for the warranty. Most all carpet manufacturers recommend a 7/16", 6 lb density padding under the carpet. It also recommends hot water extraction cleaning every 12 to 18 months. Anyway, the purpose of this entire post was to let consumers know of the Labor Scam that Lowes and Home Depot are running for FREE, $39 or $99 labor. This is highly misleading as most comments are touching on this exact issue. These giant box stores also force you to replace your pad so you are forced to BUY there overpriced padding. If consumers do there homework with their local flooring experts then they will most likely get a better job done with the exact same products. All this without any gimmicks or tricky promotion ads that aren't really what they are cut out to be when looking at the estimate. Consumers simply need to take that estimate to a professional full service flooring dealer and the consumer will save much more money compared to the $35 estimate fee that they have to pay to the Box stores. I also can't stand uninformed people that... Show more

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Aug 08, 2014

This is not a scam you retard. Read all the print you *** ***.

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Feb 14 Mooresville, North Carolina

"If consumers do there homework with their local flooring experts then they will most likely get a better job done with the exact same products."
"Consumers simply need to take that estimate to a professional full service flooring dealer"
Sounds like someone is talking bad about a "scam" to get people to come to their local business which runs the same "Scam" but by "professionals" and "experts"

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Nov 20, 2012 Seattle, Washington

Just had Lowes install 780 sq ft of carpet/pad in our home. Paid 97 for basic install, plus extra for a couple of add-ons: 400 total install price. More than fair--good quality installation. Installer quite accommodating; at our request laid carpet around door jambs 'tight' so as not to come loose and butt up snug against the door frame. Had to ask for this; they were pleased to honor request. But, BUYER BEWARE! If you ask you shall receive--maybe with extra fees. Our installer did these pro tricks without additional charges. At job sign off time went around and checked each door jamb and all wall borders--all good with a little tweeking. Thought we so thorough, but...found that the bedroom walk-in closet did not match the color in the bedroom! (Weird) The install dept at the purchasing Lowes store said she would help, she ordered another piece of carpet for the closet, same color as the adjacent bedroom. It will be swapped out next week. Lowes does stand behind their work and products. We are doing a whole-house remodel and have gained a lot of experience in the process. Most important to keep in mind: every single projects has multiple problems. Just be prepared to deal with anything that could happen. The Lowes Corp and its website have many problems as retailers go; we have experienced them. But the carpet was a breeze and it is beautiful, and well installed. Thank you

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I Love Lowes

Sep 26, 2012

As for all of you who wanted to actually beat the salesmanager up, shame on you.
If you would not just read the BIG letters you actually have to read the FINE print, wow would have figured if you own a house you would have learned that by now. So again shame on you for being disgruntled I enjoy all of the salespeople they help you when you ask and dont treat you like your ***. As for myself I too am looking for carpet but luckly I have a daughter who wants to rip it up that means I've got to scrub underneath because whoever laid the carpet was ignorant and tarred it looks like it anyway. But we rent are house and told our landlord there was a leak down there and im sorry but that will be there issue to tend to im just fixing the carpet. Ive put tiles in by myself this will be no different. So please when you see a sales price read the fine print. Ps i like home depot too. :zzz

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Sep 21, 2012

I do not have but a few word's to state.Forget LOWES and GO WITH HOME DEPOT.You will get served well and YOU will not go broke in the process.IT'S so simple.

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Sep 21, 2012

I ordered carpet from Lowes 10 days ago. They had a sign for guaranteed 10 day installation. Now I call today, find out my carpet is not in, no more trucks this week. Won't be installed til mid October. Every person gives me a different story. What a crock.

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Aug 15, 2012

Wow i know Where not to go for carpet now lol

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Andrew Ferrell

Feb 09, 2012

As a Lowe's employee and manager of several departments, one of them being Flooring, I would like the time to explain how the "scam" works... In our area, Lowe's charges $97 for the Whole House Basic Carpet Installation. This promo is for residential tackstrip-installed carpet. Basic installation includes installer delivery of new materials, installing new carpet & new pad, supplying & installing all transition metals, replacing tackstrip has needed, seaming, and final clean up of the job site, including vacuuming 1 time. Basic installation does not include moving furniture, any work on stairs, taking up & hauling away existing carpet & pad, and installing new tackstrip (for instances where there is no tackstrip). All of these services can be purchased for additional fees. In our area, we charge $.21 per sqft. to take up & haul away existing carpet, $.10 per sqft. to move normal household furniture (large, bulky, or excessive furniture is more), and $.25 per lft. to supply & install new tackstrip (ex. carpeting over hardwood flooring). Stair labor varies by stair type. Basic labor for non-residential tackstrip-installed carpet is $.56 per sqft. & glue-down carpet is $.57 per sqft. If you had 1000 sqft. of carpet & pad to be installed, no stairs, no furniture to be moved, and no existing carpet & pad to be taken up & hauled away, regular retail would be $560.00 for labor. With our promo, you would only pay $97 for labor (a $463 savings). We still pay our installers normal... Show more

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