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Company Lowes
Product / Service Masterbrand Cabinets
Location Randolph, New Jersey
Category Building Products
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Monetary Loss

SO I am a frist time home buyer we bought a one bedroom condo with my gf,,, super excited about fixing it up, we hired a contractor great person works with his father, recommend us to lowes he goes all the time this lowes in about a 6o mile trip round trip I AM NOT FALTING HIM AT ALL!!WE LOVE HIM,, he took the mesaurments he went to lowes talk with jerry in kitchen then we got a call to come down to design them we were excited, but when we got their jerry was sooo confused about the measurments!!!

that it was a waste of time got adhold of the contractor he came bye to our home we went over the measuremtns he then went to lowes and re did the measurments then we traveld all the way back the seconad guy was ok,, I use to work for werner enterprise hauling the cabinets i was excited my gf was excited to get that lowes DREAM OF KITCHEN NEVER HAPPEND,, we pick out the cabinets and a counter top,, we didnt order it that day we wanted to go home and talk it over, rember i live in condo about 10 cabinets,, a week later we went back to lowes jerry was working he cant work the computer and two week later jerry called and told us what colour did u pick out???we travled all the way out their to talk with them that same hour the counter top people called said it will be in torm deliverd jerry said i put it in the computer for delivery at around the time of the cabinets now my condo is in a complety dister zone that i gotta wait other 4 week for cabinets ! 30b36f6

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Oct 03, 2012 
I can feel your pain. I went to Lowe's as well. I paid their professional to come out and measure my kitchen they measured wrong. I have not had a kitchen since August 15th. I can feel your frustration and I didn't use a Lowe's in NJ I used the store in MA
Reply to Debra Contarino

Apr 15, 2012 
I actually got a little nauseous trying to read your post. Seriously, what language is that in? Next time arrange for a professional to do the measurements, or even Jerry. If your skills with numbers are on par with English, I can see why he had such a hard time.
Reply to Tim Thomas

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