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Went to Lowes Presque Isle, Maine yesterday to locate a replacement part for my snow blower.

asked the young lady at service desk if lowes could order me a hex shaft for my snow blower. She said she would have to call Bill because he ran that department.

I listened to her conversation; can we order a replacement part for a snow blower?

Her question to me; sir did you buy your snow blower here?

My response: no

Her answer: sorry, we can order your part.

This Bill person never asked what type of snow blower it was or what part I needed.

I was dissmissed, like a piece of trash and now my biggest regret is the $13,672.00 I have spent at Lowes sense it opened here in Presque Isle, Maine

By the way, Lowes does sell the type of snow blower I have.

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:sigh I went into Lowes in Ft. Oglethorpe GA.

Ask if they had a thermo coupling for a gas heater. The young woman ask on of the other employees a man. Do we carry thermo couplings. He did not look or ask what kind just said if it has to do with anything gas we are out.

It was during a time when the weather was cold.

However I felt he should have looked anyway just in case there was something there. However I found out they along with another supply place just don't care about their customer service.


The snow blower Lowes currently on their floor has the identical model number as mine.

But Lowes wouldn't know that because they never asked the type of macjing I had nor the part I was looking for.


Ditto's to everything Evoke just said!


Whenever a manufacturer sells an item to multiple retail stores, typically the model numbers are changed and something about each one is a little different whether it be an internal part or an exterior part. Lowe's can only buy repair parts for the models they have listed.

If a company can't order a part for you then why is that such a big deal? Why don't you go to whoever you bought the snow blower from and ask them to order you the part?

Or if you'd rather add to your $13,672.00 patronage then perhaps you should lie and tell them you DID buy the snow blower there. :eek

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