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July 18, 2018

We need to tell you about the ongoing terrible customer service experience that we have been dealing with since August of last year. We went to the Manchester, New Jersey store to plan and execute a complete kitchen makeover. We met with the in-store kitchen specialists for the planning. They were helpful and knowledgeable. A contractor was assigned and the work was begun.

There were issues from the very beginning. A terrible lack of communication, scheduling issues, delivery issues, and issues with the execution of the plan.

1. A couple of walls were to be partially taken down. On one of the walls, the contractor had to return after the fact and finish removing two sections of the wall that were clearly supposed to be removed. This resulted in issues with the flooring.

2.During the laying of the flooring and installation of the saddles, the hard wood floor that had just been refinished was damaged.

3.When the refrigerator was installed, the line for the water dispenser and ice maker had *** in it. We still have no water or ice.

4.The floor is bubbling up, creating a trip hazard.

During the entire process, we were told to talk to Saddikah who was to be our contact person in customer service. We never talked to her even once up to this day. She never returned any phone calls.

We finally started to deal with Charles, the supervisor of customer service in central processing, about two months ago.

About three weeks ago, a local Lowe’s customer service representative came to the house to inspect the floor. We still have not heard anything regarding satisfaction after making many phone calls to both the local representative and Charles. As of yesterday, July 17, we tried one last time to reach out to Charles. He never bothered to return our call.

We are extremely dissatisfied with the experience from beginning to this point, which is not an end. We would greatly appreciate interference from your office in order to finally get these issues resolved. Needless to say, we will not be dealing with Lowe’s again for any reason.

July 30, 2018

Follow up to previous:

On June 4, 2018 we first contacted Charles, a Supervisor at Central Production. He indicated that he would look into the situation and get back to us. On June 5 Charles called and told us that Holly was assigned to our case and would be in touch. We spoke with her that day and sent pictures of the floor on the 6th. Holly said that she would have a Lowe’s representative, Brian, and a flooring consultant come to look at the floor. They came a couple of days later and said they would be contacting Central Production with their findings.

On June 25th, nearly 2 weeks later, we called Charles to see what, if anything was being done for us. He did not answer, nor did he return our call. When we finally got in touch with Charles, he indicated that we would no longer be dealing with Holly. Cailin would now be our contact. We repeatedly called both Charles and Cailin over many days. Neither one answered our calls and we never received a return call.

On or around July 18, we spoke with Eric Blahnik, Executive Customer Support. He was going to take over and was going to look into it and get back to us. On the 23rd, we called Eric. He called us back and indicated that he had no information yet. On the 26th, Eric called to inform us that they had concluded that the floor was incorrectly installed and they were working on reordering for reinstallation, but still had no answer for us on the ice maker issue. That is the last contact we have had from Lowe’s.

This is an ongoing situation since August of last year. Nearly one year later, we still have no water dispenser or ice maker and our floor continues to bubble up, creating a trip hazard in the kitchen. This is unconscionable and we need to get a resolution sooner rather than later. We do NOT want Lowe’s back in this house for any reason. Therefore, the only acceptable resolution would be a generous refund in order to get the floor replaced by a contractor of our choosing, and a plumber to replace the defective line to the ice maker.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Flooring Installation.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Did you ever get a resolution? Found your complaint while googling similar issues with installation and prolonged dispute with Lowe's.


Exactly Who do want tell this to? People who read this message or Lowes management or upper management?