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This isnot the ist time Ive gotten plants frome Lowes and had them die off or worse yet a year ago I opened up a Rose container and it was fillied with a massive Ant infestation,inside the container, that rose bush didn't survive and even the. Anyhow she comes home with som 7 and 8 dollar flower plants, I read the requirements prep the soil and plant them.

Out of 6 plants 3 just died for no apparent reason. Everything else is fine and has bloomed like crasy.the 3 othe plant produced follage, but maybey 10 actual flowers, when the picture shows them bloosoming like profusly, so I consider them worthless too. Lowe's customer service wants me to dig'em up and bring them in. I have the original containers, and the lowes price tag but I don't know where wife put receipt, so I'll leave em there if the refuse to exchange or give me a store credit.

So that's close to $40 plus time wasted. The Lesson is stick to your local hardware store, local nursrey and even lumber yard. Or if you can wait there are plenty on on-line hardware stores that actually you get get lower prices and better quality goods and most ship for free.

Well that's my 3 cents worth, plus most people [if you can find one] in Lowes or HD have silch experience. In fact if I had the $ I'd open up a hardware store right here in St.

James and it would do great, I mean why go someplace park walk a 100yards to get a lag bolt and nut. The Box stores need to go

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I purchased and planted 3 apple trees from Lowe's. The trees have flourished, so what's the problem?

They were labeled GALA apples, which is what I was looking for.

The trees required 4 years to mature and begin producing------GRANNY SMITH apples.

When I complained to the store after the first crop, I was told tough luck.

The guarantee is only for 1 year, and only if the plants die.

I hate Granny Smith apples--they are only good for pies. I wanted GALA apples to eat.

Don't buy fruit trees from Lowe's.


You are a tool! Sign up with them and they keep your receipts on file for that purpose.

... cause you might lose it. I noticed your spelling, I don't think you read the directions because you are illiterate. Crasy!

Haha. Bury yourself in the hole next time.


Lowes is not responsible cause you are too *** to water your plants. When I buy plants I water them if they die its my own fault not lowes.


I don't care if you didn't water it; planted it in the ground while still in the pot; or poured a bottle of ground clear on it - as long as you have your receipt, we'll take it back.

it's unfortunate that your work was for nothing, but every so often things die. I've worked in the garden center for 8 years, and I still have things die.

I'd even be willing to bet that your rose with ant infestation... yeah, we're going to want to know about that so we can pull the rest. chances are that if your's was bad, they all are. we aren't in the business of screwing people over.

oh, and as a matter of fact, I'm a horticulturist and we go through ongoing training every year to keep us up to date. :)


Don't be an ***.. just take them back, get your store credit and move on.

When it comes to plants/flowers there's always a risk in getting a bad one. That's why both Lowe's and The Home Depot have such good return policies with their greenery.


You title your complaint "1 yr 100% guarantee...". How are you going to prove the plants are less than 1 year old without the receipt. It' not Lowes fault you cant keep track of your receipts.