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Since May through July, we moved to a new home in Clinton, Utah and we have many home-improvement projects so we very often to go the Lowes in Clinton to purchase items for said project. We have had trouble with some items purchased, because they were missing parts and having to go back to repurchase or get new parts.

The worst thing though, was when we went to purchase paint from that store. We had to to to the store and get paint on 3 separate occasion, and each time we had to come back a second time to get the paint fixed. That is a 100% failure rate from the paint department. We are very disappointed.

We went to get a paint color that was available in store called desert fortress. The first time we got a sample and it was way lighter than what was on the card. So we went back to have them fix it and they said next time when you come in, just tell them to add 50% more color. He wrote it on the side of the sample for us.

The second time we went in, we needed 5 gallons of paint, and we brought the sample in, gave very specific instructions to the gentleman working at the paint counter to add 50% color. He nodded and said ok. We came home and was about to paint and found out that it was too light, like the sample was the first time. We went back with a FULL 5 gallon of paint and had them fix it.

This is the fourth time we've been in the store just for paint and each time there's at least a 15 minute wait. The third time we went to the store to get 3 gallons of the same paint, we were greeted by a younger woman, we again gave her very specific instruction, mentioned that we have had to come back a lot to get the paint right to please make sure it is correct. She gave me this annoyed look like I am an *** for telling her too specific instructions, like hey! I got this!

You worry too much. We walked out with 3 different cans of 1 gallon each of what she assured us was the correct color. We painted our vaulted bedroom with the first can of paint which was the correct color. Great!

We were so excited, hey she did know what she was doing after all. We started painting late Friday afternoon after work, hoping to get everything done that night. By this time we had painted a couple of hours each day after work and almost all day on the weekend to get the whole house done. We finished the first coat of paint when it got a little bit darker.

We opened a SECOND can of paint by the second coat. We noticed that the paint was a bit lighter when it went on, but the Desert Fortress paint goes on lighter and dries the correct color. So we went ahead and painted the second coat, tired but excited our big project is coming to an end. We kept painting, by the time we got two walls and the area close to the ceiling done we decided to hook our lights up since the paint isn’t drying right.

And what do we know? The 2nd and 3rd paint can had the exact same color as the very first sample, which was at least 2 shades lighter than what Desert Fortress was supposed to be. By this time, it was 9:15 pm, and the store closes at 10, covered in paint, we decided there is not enough time to clean up and change and then go the store and wait for the paint to be made. So we went as we were, in our painting clothes, speckled with paint.

We brought back 1 full can of paint, and one 2/3 full. We went to the paint counter and asked to talk to the manager. It took 5 to 10 minutes for the associate at the paint counter to talk to his manager and for her to come and talk to us. She looked at us like we were hobos and as we explained to her this is the 6th time we had to come back to the store to get paint.

If we have to come back each time to get the correct color, that’s 100% fail rate. She looked at the labels on our paint cans tried to brush it off by saying: “These three cans had the exact same formula on it.” As if we were trying to scam them for more paint. I had to pull my phone out to show her how different the two shades look. I asked her: “What is going on?

Please explain to me why we had to come back 3 out of 3 time of getting a paint color that is on a sample card that’s is in your store.” It shouldn’t be this hard right? She said: “I wasn’t there, I don’t know what happened. But on us, we will try and match the right color for you and will get you 3 gallons.” By this time, it was close to closing time and we couldn’t get through to her. She didn’t apologize so we agreed.

We have to repaint THE WHOLE ROOM anyways. So three gallons should cover our bedroom and the other bedroom and we’ll be done. She told one of the associate to mix the paint for us and for them to call her to make sure the paint are correct when we pick it up. The associate at the counter matched the color for us, told us to wait another 15 minutes to get the paint.

Exhausted, we just went to sit down and wait, thinking about how much time and effort we had wasted. After 15 minutes had passed, we went to the paint counter, there was THREE associates standing by idly by the mixer chatting and three paint cans on the counter. We waited patiently for a couple of minutes and no one offered us any help. So we had to ask if this was our paint cans and if we could take them.

The person went to us and said sure. And we were told that they gave us a CHEAPER brand of paint because that was the “best match”. The store manager was nowhere to be seen. We walked out of the store with stares from other associates like we were lepers.

Since May to July, we spend close to $2000 on various things at that particular store and were planning on getting a new fridge in a couple of months and we planned to redo our counters and carpet and was going to go to that particular store to get it. I ask you, what was done wrong on our part to make it seem like we were trying to get FREE paint? Since we brought back almost 2 cans full of paint, I think we could scrape up enough money to buy 3 cans of paint. We were disappointed by the way the store manager handled a complaint.

We were embarrassed and are angry by the way we were treated: not as paying customers but as people who were looking for free things. We have some pavers that we have PAID FOR to pick up and after that we are no longer Lowes customers. We’d rather go ANYWHERE ELSE than to do business with Lowes again.

We are very very unhappy with such poor customer service and having to deal with people who do not know what they are doing. We will be posting this on EVERY media page that we can get in touch with to warn people away from being treated the same way as well.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Lowes Cons: Help from employees, Weak product knowledge, Manager conduct.

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Lowes is notorious for their employees lacking proper training and in most cases the higher you go the less they actually know about the job. It does not help that they run on the "good ole boy system" so when interviewing they are now using a point system to decide on who to promote/hire and yet somehow plans are made to move people around and everyone knows who's getting which jobs before they're even posted (point system my *** Help buttons are a joke as I've had other employees tell me "oh somebody else will get it" I assure you 98% of the time all they want is to get you out the door as quickly as possible.

Please don't think that going to a department manager will help either as most of the time they bounce around hoping to cover all the departments so they move up to actual management and honestly know jack *** about whatever department they happen to be in at the time. I've watched so many them lie to customers about how to do things when they had no clue so they just winged it.

So if you want inexperienced, reluctant, eyerolling help then yeah Lowe's is your place.... if you want real help go somewhere local and talk to the old guy behind the counter who's actually done the work before.


Low pay, horrendous scheduling, having to do the jobs of two people for pay of one, never included in incentive or bonus deals....

When the corporate boys make it clear every day in every way that they consider employees to be non-human servants, some employees work only enough to meet those expectations.


You were looked at like a "leper" by the people there because you've clearly earned the reputation of the massive pain in the *** customer that no one wants to deal with.

Look in the mirror.