Everett, Washington

I bought a fridge for $750 on their 12 mos no interest plan. After just over the 12 months I was assessed full charges for the 12 mos. I paid $500 over the internet and the bank number didnt exactly match my account. I only found out about it after they called me with a late payment demand.

I paid the basic payment of $41 over the phone and they wanted $10 just to pay that. I refused so they waived the charge. I was assessed a $30 late fee and a check return fee of $20. The interest was 14.60. I changed the bank number and paid $750. All told they are not worth dealing with. I could not get my account number from them over the phone. I had to GO IN TO THEIR STORE. I spent 2 hours fixing the problem....


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I can’t believe this clown wrote this in a review about Lowe’s . It’s a great promotion if you use it correctly , but if you don’t go by the terms of the agreement , then YES you should pay the interest .

Also , double verify your account information . You could have caused a real mess with that and possible debited somebody else’s account. Lowe’s reacted properly to what you did. I’m sure it wasn’t a party for them to have to deal with it either .

And they don’t get their kicks out of upsetting customers . Don’t make it hard on other customers who enjoy the benefits of what they offer . Never had an issue , and saved hundreds off of their promotions . It helps to buy the needed things for the household that normally would make a real dent in your billfold or maybe you wouldn’t even be able to afford it otherwise .

Also builds credit .

Use you credit responsibly and you won’t have any problems . They don’t owe you a thing .


Not Lowe's fault. You put the wrong bank code in. Own your mistake and quit blaming a credit policy.


OK so you made a mistake and it's Lowes fault, not yours. I love ignorance, it makes no fault easy.


When you purchase an item on a 12 month no interest payment plan, and you fail to pay it off in that time interest is always compounded back to the date of purchase. This is clear as day in the contract.

As for you entering the wrong account information, you cannot fault lowes for your error. The fact that they made payment difficult and required additional safe measures after you provided them with incorrect information is assuring to most customers.


You entered the wrong bank code, and somehow, it's Lowe's fault?

It's amazing what people will do and say to screw over a great company. They offered you 12 months no interest to HELP you pay it off. I always tell my customers to pay off their purchase before the interest free period is up because if not, they will have to pay all the interest that accrued.

So you went to the store and got the CSA to call the credit center? I wonder how much *** you raised, even though it was your fault.

It amazes me how people who are in debt try to scam and blame everyone just to save a buck, even when they are already saving a buck.


Hey dumb ***,

Lowes is a retailer. The y contract with a bank to handle the accounts.

If you are *** enough to not read the fine print, shut the *** up, and pay the penalty.

I bet since this incedent you have read the details!!! Dont *** just because you are an ***!!!!


It is *** like yourself who cant read contracts . Always blame somebody else for your stupidity !!

Sounds like most people who couldnt read their contact when losing their house ...... DUH ! ever heard of a fixed rate ?? Oh thats right ..

you received a a.p.r rate ! READ !


IF you waited till the 12th month too pay it off, you don't understand the credit card requirments. All the x months same as cash will get you every time if you don't pay it off before the 12th month. The next time pay it off in 10 months so that they don't get you on the back end.


Thease same as cash deals have been around for years. Why no tuse someone else's money for 11 1/2 months or less.

Then just pay it off. I did this with $8000 of dental work and pay a grand off each month so it is not so "painful" at the end. I have done this with every company that has offered it, when I needed something large like a roof, appliance, etc.

Have never paid 1 penny in interest. That's the difference between a smart and not so smart shopper.



Y would u stop going to lowes?!

Because ur dumb???!!

Lowes barely has anything to do with g.e, just the lowes name on the front of the card... Every single store will charge u the interest if u don't pay it off!!!!Maybe u should have paied it off like u should have !!!! Don't blame lowes for ur stupidity!!!! It's ge that issues the card so u burdened a cust service employee?!

They don't have any bearing on waiving ur fee they can call for u and hand u the phone that's it ... They can't cancel ur card or wave ur fee!!!! Ur dumb *** should have called!!!

When u get older u have to accept responcibility for ur mistakes, not blame others!!!!! Everyone agrees ur wrong!!!!


Hey dummy, if you would read the credit card information before getting one maybe this wouldn't happen to you. It clearly says if you don't pay it in full in the 12 month period that you will have to pay interest for the whole purchase...


I understand your frustration. People at the store level do not understand or care about your problem or care if you had to wait 2 hours while some young kid calls lowes credit to try and straightn out your problem.

FYI you can always demand 12 months same as cash for purchases even if they are not running it. Just tell them some other company like best buy or homedepot is running it. The more you complain at Lowes the more you get. If you want to go to the top just email lowes customer care it is found at the bottom of lowes.com.

That goes to the corporate level and you will def. get what you want.

It's really sad Lowe's just cares about their sales figures but acts like they treat their customers and employees like gold. Lets face it Lowe's sucks so just dont shop there!


ok to begin with the promo says 12 months no interest no payments not just over 12 months. lowes credit is just like any other credit card company in the world if you dont make a payment on the date it is due you get a late fee no ifs and or butts thats life.

now lets get to you putting in your account number wrong... hello how is that lowes fault guess what its not. and as far as the associate not giving you your account number neather would i.

its called account security lowes is protecting you from anyone that could be trying to steal ur account info. how bout this grow up and realize this big "2 hour mess" was all your doing.


Since others have explained why you are an ***...I am only going to chime in with my trademark response of...



You entered an incorrect bank account number to make your payment and now you're ticked because they did not receive payment from an invalid account and tagged you with a late fee? How would you feel if I bought something from you and paid you with an invalid check or credit card? Sorry my friend, your at fault here.


everyone these days should know what the terms are of an offer like that, they are the same everywhere... wake up!


If you read the terms and conditions, you would have realized it says no interest and no payments for 12 months. Then it has a little asterisk or cross which basically says interest accrues daily and will be added back to in if not paid within 12 months.

Your statement also shows the total amount of deferred interest that has accrued to date. As George on previous comment said.

Lowe's is not the first or only company to do this. It is not their fault you failed to read the terms of the offer.


I agree with above comment...you have to know what you are signing...anyone who does their reserach should know that on the "no interest" deals if you don't pay the enitre balance by the exact due date...all interest from day one is assessed.


better read the contract on those no interest for 12 months

deals.......not their fault.....it was all your fault through ignorance