Kirkland, Washington

I purchased a saw from lowes on the 12 months same as cash plan. When I received my first statement I noticed that it said that it was deferred interest with pay.

When I went in to pay my bill I ask the clerk what that meant. She said that is 12 months same as cash. I had made a partial payment and then every month I made a payment.

I realized they were charging me interest I went into the store to tell them about it and she said that it was the bank and they had nothing to do with it. She gave me the number and said you can call them here.

She never offered to use their phone. I told her that I would never do business with them again.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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12 months sqame as cash, my bill was due on the 17th . My bill did not arive at my mail box each month until the 15th.

I was charged late payment of 20.00 each month.. tryed calling .. WHAT A JOKE..

LOWES has truely went down hill in the past four years . atleast in morgantown WV


Are you an ***?

That is all.


Are you an ***?

That is all.


I didn't read the fine print, or any print, but it doesn't matter YOU ARE THE ONE WHO IS AT FAULT. I really get sick of listening to these people, and I can't say any thing. Boy it makes me mad.


They offered a 12 months no interest plan. If you pay off the product in 12 months there would be no interest charged.

Your statement shows the deferred interest (what you will be charged if you haven't paid in full by the ned of 12 months).

Due to changes in Federal laws you are required to make a monthly payment toward your purchase. In the past this wasn't required and too many people came to the end of the 12 months and couldn't pay the purchase off and complained about all the interest they had to pay.