Jacksonville, Florida

When they say it's a "do it yourself" store, they really mean...do it yourself. Calling in and asking for quotes, assistance or advice is hopeless, you'll be transferred EVERYWHERE.

When stopping by for a visit the people at the store make you feel like you're wasting their time. Even the large black bouncer assigned to greet and assist in your returned items at the front of the store becomes frustrated when it appears you're going to make work for them, "...ah nah dawg, wut chu waunt?

wut chu waunt? Ho dup, ho dup, no no shoo, we don doo dat!"

I always encourage people to "test drive" and see for yourself, give them a call (904) 486-4701 or stop by, you'll see what I mean.

Monetary Loss: $85.

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Jacksonville, Florida, United States #580610

As you said, Lowe's is a DIY (Do It Yourself) store.

Unfortunately, Lowe's has tried to accomodate customers to a point where something has to fail. You cannot wait on people who got up off their *** and drove to a store to "shop" and some lazy *** that wants to call asking you to describe an item over the phone with questions like "How does it feel?" "How blue is it?" "Does it look contemporary?"

While an employee is surrounded by more customers than he/she can work with at any given time, and someone is on the phone, you have to encourage the customer to come into the store. Either the phone customer gets all their attention and the 10 in-person fail to get assistance.

Also, good luck with your elitest attitude....

Dallas, Texas, United States #568697

One more self entitled racist!! I'm just doing my job. Protecting and serving retail associates!!


I would address a specific problem if you stated one. All I get from your post is this: Blah blah blah....I'm an unhappy racist.

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