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Went to purchase blinds, first time at Lowes for such a purchase. Jessy Cannao helped me.

9/13/13 rec'd a Quote. Picked the blinds. Gave her the measurements I did and my brother who is a contractor. 35x82.

Jessy stated custom order so need to send out their person. I disagreed until she said the $35 would go towards my purchase. Pd $35 and install came out and put one blind at a different width like 36 1/2 or something, I disagreed but my brother already had taken my blinds away. Quote $255.

I know I had to pay taxes on top of Quote. Called and Jessy in so told rep s I want to order the blinds and will be in to pay. She stated on top of that it is $70 to install, I stated I wasn't told that and my brother will install. She said it would be $348 and lose the $35 since that goes to install.

Didn't order and still need blinds since in Master Bedroom.

Horrible way to treat a new customer and do business. Bad taste for Lowe's so have to start over looking for blinds.

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Aurora, Colorado, United States #753378

I didn't put down anonymous,here is another example of Lowes not being honest.

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