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Went into the appliance area. Saw a assosiate helping out a customer.

Saw another young lade wipping coh tera went to ask fof help and it was not his area. Hot the help button. After about t min or longer a girl came and said had to take a micro up to front for customer. Stood for 30 min at same spot still not helped.

When i finally decided enough was enough i left stood long enough with no help. Helper for micro was still outside with mico on cart.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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i think you broke the record for most typos/ a short review


First of all I am willing to bet your 1/2 hour is an exaggeration. The sales person was obviously still assisting their customer as they were waiting for them to pull their car up to get the microwave loaded.

Sure there are other people working in the store but that doesn't mean they know anything about appliances. You don't walk into the grocery store and expect someone stocking produce to come back to the meat counter and wrap up a couple of steaks for you. As you were able to post here I have to believe you can use a computer.

If you can't wait for someone working in the appliance department to help you you should stay home and shop online. You can buy from all the big box stores, Amazon and even some of the independent appliance stores.


I'm sorry you had a bad shopping experience at a big box store that probably serves thousands of customers a day who are satisfied if not very pleased with the service provided. Your experience was the exception and not the rule.

Generally these customer service people are pretty good at what they do and many probably are terrified of grumpy customers (who are probably never happy or satisfied regardless) because of the likelihood they will complain to management, or call corporate, with the intent to get the employee disciplined or even fired. Are you ever a happy person?


I cannot understand your complaint, OP.


The appliance associate was with a customer. Why do you think you are so important that you can cut in line like that? If you want instant personal service try Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills next time!