Ellicott City, Maryland
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In September of 2008 we contracted with Lowe's to replace a slate roof on a home built in 1837 with Owens Corning 30 yr. shingles. Their installer came and removed the slate-left it all over the lawn. The roofer then left our job to go to complete others he had started. He did not cover our roof and then the rains came - 4" of driving rain from tropical storm Kyle came up the coast and onto our open roof and into our home.

We now have 11 rooms completely destroyed with plaster walls and ceilings on the now warped floors. Mold is growing everywhere and Lowe's has not made good on their warranty or made any attempt to make us whole.

Their insurance company was useless and actually told us when we could not find the contracted roofer (the job was paid in full, $11,000.00) that we needed to find a roofer to get out there and close that roof up saying, "It is, after all, your investment. You need to find yourselves a roofer." The fight goes on.....

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Warranty.

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Tell me about it...

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Don't worry about it - your house sucks, and Obama is going to buy you a new house anyways....


I would, on a normal basis, say someting sarcastic.

Not this time. I am sorry to hear about your major problems. I am very sorry that I can't do anything to help.

I will pray for you and your family.