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I have found another reason to not purchase some items from the 'big box' hardware stores. Lowes is generally a handy place to purchase some items (i.e paint, lumber, flowers, lights).

If I had thought about it before I purchased the power washer I would not have purchased this type if item from Lowes. I paid cash 300.00 cash for a nice Troy-Built power washer. I used it three times last year for a total of eight hours. I ran it out of gas before I stored it for the winter.

I pulled it out 2 days ago and filled it with new gas and started it. It ran for 3 minutes and quite. I called Lowes and was told I needed to contact Troy-Built for warranty service which I did. I was told it sounded like a gas related issue since there might have been some gas left in the reservoir that separated over the winter and clogged the jets.

This is not covered by the warranty. I was told to clean the carburetor and reservoir and try it again. I contacted my smaller local hardware dealer who sells power washers and was told if I had purchased it from them they could have their service department check this out. That is the advantage of buying these type of items from a local dealer and other over the shelf stuff from the big box stores.

Lesson learned.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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The gasoline is not as bad as the broken pump you probably have because you left water in it when you stored it in your shed. Sorry but warranties can't fix ***.