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Lowes in Deltona, Florida - Their appliance warrantee is a scam and they will not honor it

I bought a 5 year warrantee for my Whirlpool dryer. The dryer has been serviced and parts replaced several times in six months...and it still DOESNT WORK, but they still say it has to break down 1 more time to replace it. How can it break down again if it doesn't work. Don't buy the extended warrantee or you will be posting the same complaint. I lost $900 on this one...they will offer loops holes to justify not replacing it, the lemon product. To add insult to injury Mike the manager at the orange city lowes says he will allow me to buy another one at the store cost, they will sell you a bridge if you listen to them. Don't trust them, it's all about money and policies that work against your security in their so called warrantee guarantee. Sincerely, Latara Walker Deltona, fl
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Lowes Apex, NC built the fence wrong twice and refused to correct under warranty!

Hired Lowes as the contractor to build our fence in NC last summer. I sent the lot plan and the HOA requirements to the manager before contract signing. The manager made a plan based on them and gave me suggestions for material and schedule and quote. After the 1st fence was built for 2 months, I received the notice from the HOA that the materials were incorrect. I called the manager and he said I picked the material so I had to pay for a new fence. I gave up and signed the second contract to rebuild it. After the 2nd fence was built for 3 months, I received another notice that the fence was built over the property limit! I took out my tape measure and the width of the right side of the fence was built 8.5' even though the lot plan and the plan the manager made was 6.4'. I called the manager again who refused to give me warranty and then elevated it to his supervisor who would rather me suing them than correcting their mistake. So that's what I did and had to hire another contractor to move it. Don't use Lowes. They are just a big name but professional for nothing with extremely poor service. Pay more to get a professional or you will end up losing money, time and even respect!
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Lowes in Stuart, Florida - After working Project Coordinator- I was totally blown off for no reason

Lowes in Stuart has an employee stand outside drumming up work. Do you need your bathroom remodeled? Why yes, yes I do. So I listened to his sales pitch. Heard about their wonderful new "design" team! Okay why not just get an estimate I thought. Needing to remodel my kids bathroom, I paid the $75 to get Lowes "Design Specialist" along with her team, out to measure and make notes to give me an estimate. After waiting two weeks (no calls in between) I finally call HER and make an appointment to meet. On the day of I am on my way to the store and she calls and says she has to move the meeting to the afternoon! Cares only about her time & schedule. Meet up two days later and spend over an hour going over the $17+ thousand dollar estimate! Of course I want to make changes! Which I did and was left with her telling me I would get an email with the new revised estimate. I patiently waited for three weeks without so much as a phone call. I text her and get a text back with her telling me she ASSUMED I didn't want to do the job because it blew my budget!! Really? Totally unprofessional. I called the manager, will get my $75 back but I feel it's important to report things like this to warn others. Lesson learned! I should have went to a local professional kitchen/bath store.
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Morehead City, NC Lowes' manager yelled at my husband & told us to leave & not come back for aksing a question...yes you read that correct

My husband now refuses to shop at Lowes at all. What I think Lowes thinks is this is going to hurt us. WRONG! We will be spending our hard earned money elsewhere. They will be hurt not us. Especially, if the manager at that location does this to other will hurt his so called store's bottom line. There are other hardware stores, lumber stores and plenty of garden centers in our area we can spend our hard earned money. We chose to go to Lowes out of convenience but no longer will. And, they think this only affects us. WRONG again. My husband works at a location that when they have an bad situation with a local business, physician, etc it gets posted and all are informed about it. Word of mouth is much more effective than advertisements. My husband is a United States Marine veteran & we used to shop at different locations of Lowes stores in our area of the east coast (New Bern, Morehead City, Jacksonville, Greenville & Swansboro). We are now in our third home in this location & have been talking about buying another home...maybe having one built...will we go to Lowes for anything....absolutely not. Trust me....I will also ask if the builder and contractors purchase supplies at Lowes...I will be telling them why I ask them that. I will hope they would consider purchasing elsewhere. I know the builder of our current home did not use Lowes. What did my husband do wrong. You may not believe it but he got yelled at for asking a simple question. Yes, that is right. The answer to the question should have simply been...if you do not have a military ID or do not get a 10 percent VA discount at my store. Yes...that is what happened. My husband asked, "do you honor the 10 percent off for veterans the Lowes store we were at the day before?" The only thing I could think of is the manager of that store was going to make an example of my husband for not having an military card or not having his DD214 paperwork with him proofing he was a Marine veteran. We did not know that you had to have ID or DOD paperwork for veterans day weekend. All that should have been fully explained to us instead of getting chewed out.......mainly because the Lowes in New Bern, NC did not ask us for it on the same weekend.....anyway....if we had gotten an explanation of the stores policies for that holiday weekend..........we would have bought the stuff anyway and went on our merry way....then most likely been back at one of the Lowes for more stuff. In the end my husband shut up and let the manager of the Lowes in Morehead City NC blow his stack. My husband even stayed when the manager yelled, "I will give you the 10 percent today but you need to leave my store and never come back!" Yeh, that is right. My husband kept his calm and just stayed & bought the items. Now, I must say....I would not have. I would have left the items there and walked away. But believe me...when my husband finally got to the truck....he firmly but in a calm tone......told me if he were not married......he probably would be in jail....because he would have gone back in there & beat that guy up. An quite honestly....I do know guys married & single that probably would have done just that. But then my husband told me he has finally grown up & has responsibilities & realizes that guy is not worth all that trouble. I have a lot of respect for my husband for that. On the way home I told my husband there is a phone number you can call to report this rude and uncalled for behavior. I knew that because I have had some friends that have worked at Lowes. And he looked it up on his smartphone & called to explain what happened. He was told he would get a call later & he did get a return call. We have since looked up on the Lowes website what their policy was for that day. I guess if we had our DD214 with us we would not have had a problem at least for that particular holiday weekend. If we had been allowed the 10 percent & not gotten chewed out for asking a question....earlier we were talking about going back to get the lumber we wanted & probably would have done just that. By the way, we bought the lumber & some other items at another store later. I just wanted to make these posts online so that other people will call the ONLINE COMPLAINT NUMBER when you come across rude behavior by the Lowes, Morehead City, NC store or any Lowes for that matter. Because being yelled at is not right. You do not have to put up with that kind of behavior. By the way, you can ask for the number by calling any of the Lowes stores in your area.
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I made a mistake when I ordered a stove in Lowes Morehead city NC. I paid for the stove in advance and had to wait for 2 weeks to get it.

When it was delivered it had scratches on the cooktop glass. I had to call Lowes manager Pete several time to have the stove exchanged, he told me to wait, wait, wait as they were so busy to come to my place to pick up the stove. Two weeks passed nobody from Lowes called me.

This is their policy: they know if you don't make them take the product back for 1 month it will be IMPOSSIBLE to return it That's why they are not in a hurry to do what they are supposed to do... I am very upset and will NOT purchase any more product in Lowes.


How rude of that manager of Lowe's who started yelling at a customer who calmly and politely asked a simple question and did not cause any sort of scene or act like a *** at all.

I'm going to shop double at Lowe's now


Sorry to break it to you, but you not shopping at Lowes won't hurt them one bit. Also you're story is either fabricated or extremely exaggerated.


I had it happen with a employee of the electrical dept in Catskill ny. Customer service backed the employee. In turn he’s spread bad mouth about me locally.



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Order Pickup Review

Had an order to pickup, they called me said my order was in, arrived at 8am at service desk, 830 and the still haven't found my order. Typical experience at the corinth ms store
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Lowes Cashier Review

Norman store female cashier dressing with hoohie mama shorts husbands thinks discussing what lowes alows a dress code such as this
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Lowes in Bristol, Virginia - Fraud Advertising

Lowes - Fraud Advertising
On the Lowes Website, the Bristol Lowes Store has the James Hardee Cedarmill Lap Siding, Item # 26892 for $1.83. I wanted to buy 138 pieces, however the Bristol store will only sell me four pieces at that price. They have more of the same identical item in stock, but they say it is a different item number. They say the manufacture is changing the item number, but they refuse to sell it to me at the sale price. The online item states that is on sale until July 8th, 2014. It does not say that this item is discontinue and will sale the quantity that is available only at the Bristol store. This item does exist at other Lowes store, but not at the sale price. This is a illegally/fraud advertisement.
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You don't mark a price down 75% unless you are trying to clear it out. They can't sell you more than they have on hand.

You may find a low price like this due the fact that this location doesn't stock the product got stuck taking some back from someone that bought it at a location that does stock it.

The only way to get rid of it is to sell it for pennies on the dollar. Too bad people don't have enough sense to take returns back to the location they bought them at.


Nothing illegal about it. There is no law stating they have to honor a price. Here's the real problem they tried and explain to you the price difference, but you refused to accept their answer.

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Employee Firing Review

I was a department employee informed me that another employee told he he googled her and revealed info to her. I told her to report it to hr. Weeks later I was requested to write a statement concerning her statement and was then fired for not reporting it myself
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Lowes - Hiring Discrimination

I applied and interviewed for a full time and a part time seasonal lumber department position. I am a qualified adult with 10 years in the construction business AND 2 years working in a Central Hardware lumber department. I have EXCELLENT customer service and communication skills yet when I interviewed for these positions I was told that they had to wait til 2 other qualified applicants were available for them to interview before they could make a decision. I mean, THERE I was AVAILABLE, QUALIFIED, and practically BEGGING for a job with them. That was a week and a half ago. Today I get an email telling me that they have decided to choose others for the position. WHAT????? For BOTH of these positions they are going to tell ME that someone else is MORE qualified. IM SORRY BUT I DONT BELIEVE THEM. NOT ONE SECOND. I have to tell you. When I went to that store in Granite City, IL for that interview, the woman, Toni, had NO personality whatsoever. I mean, she looked like some plastic robot with some horrible makeup on and an even more horrible hairstyle that was very unbecoming of a woman her age. She immediately started with her scripted interviewing as if she had memorized every line and every word. I mean, it was unbelievable. Talk about ridiculous. She read off the list of qualifications so fast that my head spun. Then she read off a list of things associated with the job such as dress code, etc etc quickly again. Then she says to me 'any questions?'. THEN she immediately proceeds to a list of situation questions in which you are suppose to remember things that happened to you during former employment situations. I mean, its just ridiculous. So, she quickly would read off a scenario and then ask like 5 additional questions and then you are suppose to stop your head from spinning and come up with some response for her all while she is looking at you with NO expression and a blank face like some robotoid. I mean, there was NO human element to this woman OR the interview whatsoever for them to tell what kind of a person I was or anything. THEN after I responded to all her questions to the best of my ability, and I have to say I truly believe I did give some good responses. I mean, heck, Ive worked in construction for the last 10 years PLUS 2 years of hardware/lumber experience. THEN she passed me onto an assistant manager and again he gives me the very same treatment. In a very hurried fashion he breezes thru a series of situation questions almost identical to what the woman asked me. I mean, again, NO human element to this interview. No, sit down and talking or just feeling out someones personality or anything. Its the stupidest way of conducting an interview I have EVER seen or been through. AND they wanna send me and email and tell me that I am not qualified to work for their store in which they are only gonna pay be minimum wage! PLEASE. You have to be kidding. Do they know how needy I am of a job right now where there just aren't many jobs offered in this area? The recession is NOT over by a long shot as the democrats would have you to believe. Unemployment is much higher than they are telling us! Did they talk to me and find out that I have a family to feed? NO. Did they talk to me and find out that I have a mortgage payment that is overdue? NO. Did they even bother to ask me if I am a Christian man and have good morals and standards? NO. Would I want to work for a place like this? To be very honest. NO. Not after this! And I will NEVER shop there again either. I honestly hope that store eventually goes out of business. I AM qualified enough to be offered a job there and yet they most likely have chosen to give this job or these jobs to kids with little or no experience that honestly don't have mortgage payments and need the employment quite as badly. . THIS is just a horrible thing for Lowes knowing how they discriminate against qualified people like myself. I would seriously like to know WHY these 2 uneducated people at Lowes would deem someone like myself not worthy to be offered a job?
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Worked in HR, we only hire those dumb and naive enough to work for low pay, we don't want those to rise from the bottom to the top, only those who will be content with staying at the ground level.


You have such a big head they should use you for a float, seriously someone was better than you, as sad as it sounds it is true.


Discrimination! Wow.

You didn't get the job YOU wanted... so it must be discrimination.

Let's see... you called them liers, claimed your more qualified than anyone else they will interview, insulted the interviewer, and claim that your better because your a Christian! Hummmm....

Me thinks there are a few skeletons in your closet!

Because a person needs a job to pay bills and feed their family, does NOT entitle them to the job. If that were he case, everyone would have a job.

Nor does the fact that you feel your qualified due to your experience in construction - which you most likely are. Or, that your a decent Christian.

That's discrimination in reverse.

Like many posters have already stated, there are more issues involved here. Attitude is a main factor in any interview.

Swallow your pride, play the game, follow the script, and tell them 'what they want to hear'.


The questions of whether you have a family to feed, mortgage to pay or what religion you are have no place in an interview. asking these questions can lead to charges of discrimination and they won't be brought up by anyone who knows anything about interviewing.

Just because you worked in construction doesn't mean you have the skills needed to sell their products. The reason they asked fast paced questions was to see how you handled the situation. Retail customers often throw one question after another and you need to be able to think fast in order to keep the sales process moving.

If others could handle their questions better than you could, they are the ones who deserved the job regardless of their age, appearance or religion. Lowes did the right thing.


If you feel the need to put others down, make others look bad to make yourself look good obviously you have poor skills, face it you are not the best, the other two are better than you, you are not as good as you think you are, and for someone who is supposed to be an adult you act like a nine year old child just because someone is better qualified than you are. I like how you claim discrimination when you discriminate against Toni based on how she is dressed.

You say you don't want to work for this place, but I think you really do, I think it is a sour grapes thing. You say you don't want to work for this place to make yourself feel better. I am sure the other people interviewed gave better answers than you, or perhaps they did not have an attitude problem the way you did. Clearly you were not hired and you are handling this in an immature fashion.

Perhaps if you acted more like an adult and less like a nine year old you would have had the job. Get off your high horse and learn that there are people better than you, you are not as good as you think


If you took the same attitude to the interview that you had when writing your post, no wonder you did not get the job. So they had others scheduled to interview!

Why would you think they would cancel other candidates' interviews to hire you?! Why would you think that you were the most qualified of anyone? What would make you think that? You know your skills and experience, but you don't know anyone else's.

Face it. They had better applicants. And, the questions you wondered why they didn't ask you, well buddy, you must be cr*zy.

No one is going to ask an applicant about their financial situation, what bills they owe and whether they are a Christian. You don't get many interviews, is what it sounds like to me.


Plus what the previous responder said there was absolutely no reason for you to ridicule the interviewer the way that you did. Your attitude towards her probably showed and that could be a major reason that you weren't hired. The people that do the interviewing usually work in the personal/human resources offices, which means they are somebody that you have to get along with.


They probably figured your ego would take up too much space. I am quite sure that your attitude showed and they were trying to be kind by saying they had to interview more people. You won't get very far until you grow up a bit.

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I purchased some merchandise during the memorial day weekend (may 26) and i made sure that the store had the quantity i needed, they sold me the merchandise and i scheduled the delivery for june 14, i asked for early morning delivery i called them june 14 @9 am to confirm they said the merchandise is out of stock and delivery won't be until june 16 or 17, I have some people coming today to work on the you know what i'm trying to get at. if you sell a merchandise put it on reserve and paid for don't sell it and expect to replace that merchandise in two weeks BAD BUSINESS PRACTICE######
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You scheduled people to come out on the day or day after a scheduled delivery!!!

Retail stores of all types are notorious for screwing up and delaying home deliveries.

You can blame Lowes...

this time!

But really! Next time wait until you actually get the product before scheduling workers.

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