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Lowes in Port Dover, Ontario - They ordered me wrong door

Under a warranty we got a new door back in 2013 and now we have a warranty and we noticed that the door is not a fiberglass door but instead a steal garden door .spoke with them and told them have a warranty but also about it not being door they were to order ,and now I had said if we can't fix this issue I see about a court fileing against them and now they will not work with us door cost us 5000.00 and we get treated like *** by them .this is dead wrong not sure why anyone would treat us this way..
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If it's under warranty, they should honor it, lawsuit or no lawsuit.

This speak volumes of Lowe's Customer Relations - maybe they should go back to school and take CustomerService 101 course.

Everyone who posted comments, it's easy to judge when you are not in the same shoes...

wait til this happens to you. See you then.


lol threatening to sue and you wonder why they won't help you? you should feel like *** but it is not dead wrong of them to not help you after threatening to sue. like the other poster said you threatened to sue they called your bluff.


How have you determined this is a steel door and not fiberglass? Most people wouldn't know the difference between a smooth fiberglass and a steel door by looking at it.

I expect by the looks of your post they had a hard time understanding what you were talking about and you turned into a hot head threatening to sue. Not a very good way to get someone to help you.


It's pretty easy to tell the difference between a fiberglass door and a steel garden door, no biggie


You blew it. Mention lawsuit or lawyer and they shut you out.

With good reason. If you are threatening legal action, anything they do or say could harm them.

So, they just wait for your lawyer to contact their lawyer. They called your bluff!

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Lowes Warranty
I bought $5,947 worth of LG Appliances on December 14, 2013 for a home remodel project (Refrigerator, Range, Microwave, and Dishwasher). Lowe's was advertising a rebate eligible for these purchases running from Dec. 11 through Dec. 17. As part of the purchase, I...
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Lowes you are the worst ever on rebate scams- ----full of crap ----you just lost a big time customer !!! Home Depot , I'll be at your store from now on----so will all my relatives and friends that i will try my best to convince and prove to them what bunch of liars are in your management office.

Maybe your next step is bankruptcy , WE SHALL SEE........ ADIOS (not) amigos!!!!!

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Lowes in Calgary, Alberta - Non-delivery of online order

I placed an order with Lowes on Dec 23, 2013 for 48 light bulbs. They were to have been delivered to my elderly parents because I did not want them to have to drive on icy roads to go to your store. The following week my parents received a delivery of 16 lightbulbs, not the 48 I paid for. On Dec. 31, customer service promised to deliver the items I'd ordered within 2-3 days. It is now JANUARY 21, 2014, almost a month after my order and despite several more phone calls my parents have not received the light bulbs. I'm appalled the Lowes can not complete a simple order like this, even after numerous emails and phone calls.They certainly wasted no time charging my credit card for the items I never received.
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Honestly how lazy are you that you were not able to go out and buy 48 lightbulbs for your parents.Any normal individual would have.Was it not possible to think that in all honesty.Is it that hard while you are at the store to buy light bulbs.Why 48 how many light bulbs do your parents need?.You expect way to much out of life without even giving a thought o the people who make sureyou have that kind of life.


who needs 48 lightbulbs?

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Lowes Delivery Service

Lowes installation can't manage to install an entry door

I wanted to have the front entry door on my house replaced and rather than seek out contractors myself I decided to try out Lowes installation services where Lowes handles ordering the product and materials as well as hires and manages the contractors to do the work. Worst decision ever. I've never dealt with such incompetence before. So this 6 month long experience starts out with me at Lowes in their door and window department where they present with me with several catalogs to look through. I select a custom 36 inch fiberglass 3/4 glass door with oak stained finish, 2 3/4 glass sidelites with decorative glass and a full transom window across the top of the door. The transom window had to be custom made since the vendor didn't carry a transom glass that matched the sidelite glass. I also select a 36 inch full view glass storm door. So far so good. The next thing they do is hire a contractor who they send out to my house to measure the entry before they order the door. I'm told that the door should be built and ready in about a month and then they will let me know when it's done at which point their contractor is suppose to contact me to schedule a day for the install. A month goes by and they indeed call me to let me know the door has arrived at their store and that their contractor will call me the next day to schedule an install. Now is where everything starts going bad. A week goes by and no call so I call Lowes and ask why their contractor has not called to schedule a time yet and they say they will make sure he does. A few more days go by and their contractor finally decides to call and says it will be a month before he can come to do the install. A month goes by and I schedule a day off from work to be present at the install as required by the contract that Lowes made me sign. The night before the install I get a phone call from a different contractor telling me that the other contractor decided he didn't have a big enough crew to do the job so he can't do the install. So this *** waits the entire month to decide he can't do it. This new contractor says it will be a month before he can get out to do the install. Since I already schedule a day off from work I lost 1 vacation day so far. At this point I am obviously getting quite ticked off. I had to call Lowes to inform them of what was going on because they are obviously not managing their own contractors and they were clueless to what was going on. Another month goes by and the new contractor shows up right after Lowes drops off the door. The door is missing trim pieces and they forgot to include the door handle and deadbolt which I ordered. So I had to call Lowes to bring it out. The contractor had to go to a supplier to find matching trim to replace what was missing from the new door. So the contractor gets the new door installed and gets ready to install the 36 inch storm door only to find out it doesn't fit. The new door was not built to the correct size. They built it with a 34 inch door which made the opening only 31 1/4 inch wide. Minimum building code requires a minimum of 32 inch clearance so our new door does not meet code. So I lost another vacation day. So not only can Lowes not manage their contractors they also can't manage their vendors or they didn't order the correct size. I never got a consistent answer on that. So since Lowes didn't believe that their contractor can measure correctly they send out a "project specialist" a few days later to confirm that the door does not meet code. A few more days go by and they call and say they are ordering a new door and tell me it shouldn't take more than a few weeks this time. They planned to reuse the custom made transom window already installed to cut down on the build time since it's size won't be affected. When I asked why nobody thought it would be a good idea to measure the door when it came in and sat in their store for 2 months waiting to be installed I was told it is their policy not to touch any products before it goes to the customer. Great policy geniuses. A month goes by and no calls from Lowes so I contact them to find out they haven't so much as checked on the progress from their vendor. So they call their vendor and find out they haven't even started on the door and that it will take at least another month and a half to complete the new build. Apparently Lowes can't get them to expedite the order and they are backlogged. Gee I wonder why. So nearly 2 more months go by and the door arrives at the store again. This time I made sure they measured it before they brought it to my house. They confirmed that the door was 36 inches. So a few more weeks go by and their contractor shows up once again to do the install. I take another vacation day. Before the contractor takes the door off the truck he decides to recheck ALL the measurements again. Guess what, the door is over 2 inches shorter this time. And guess where they took the 2 inches out of. You guessed it, out of the frame for the transom window which means they cannot reuse the transom window because it won't fit in the new door. There is nothing the contractor can do to fix it. So at this point I just cancel the order and ask for my money back and for compensation for the 3 vacation days that Lowes cost me. Took weeks to get my money back and another few weeks to get them to compensate me for my time. During this 6 month long ordeal I had dealt with department managers, assistant store managers and the store manager. It was quite evident the incompetence went all the way up to the top. I would absolutely not recommend using this Lowes store for any kind of home remodeling or installation services. Save yourself time, money and grief and just hire a contractor directly which is what I get to do now since I still have a door that is not to code installed in my house.
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I think a great front door will go a long way in impressing your guests. I got mine custom installed from Heritage Homes of Toronto( ).

Got some really good compliments from friends and family and I would suggest their service for anyone out there who is on home renovations. The staff were so warm and friendly and the wood coating was commendable too.

I think there are umpteen number of tutorials on how to plan a custom window or door that's already available online. This blog and the comments might help someone in need I hope.


that never happened!


Don't know why the 36-inch door has to be custom built? It's a standard-size door, beats me.

Usually less than 36-inch door is custom-built.


Be careful with a contractor though, make sure they know how to install the door and provide a warranty in writing. Also compare the door image with the exact product installed.

Some contractors are known to make certain door parts like a brass kickplate, disappear.


Good luck

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Lowes Remodeling
  • Installation

Lowes in Charlotte, North Carolina - Missed call means tech won't show!

I called Lowes claims number 01/12/14 around 10:30am to report that my Samsung HE washer dumped 10 gallons of soapy water onto my floor instead of the drum barrel. Thankfully, I have their purchase protection plan and a technician would be able to come out. I set up an appointment window for that following tuesday, 01/14/14, since my husband had the day off and would be home. I was told that Brett from Choice Service Solutions would arrive between 8am & noon. Starting at 8:23 am on that tuesday my husband called the tech 4 times before noon, leaving a message each time. He also called customer care at Lowes to find out when said technician would show. They told him that the appointment wasn't from 8am-12pm but 8am-5pm & the technician would call when he was on his way. He gave his phone number since I was at work, but the technician never called or answered his calls. At 12:05 pm I received a call and voicemail from Lowes stating how we got disconnected & the tech would call when he was in the area. At 12:32 pm I missed a call from the tech but called him back and left a message roughly 20 minutes later. According to Lowes, because we called and left all together 6 missed calls for the technician and we had a single missed call from him, he wasn't going to be able to come out and fix our broken washer till the following saturday! When I demanded a manager, they provided no solution. Rather, I could miss work and have a technician come out the next day OR wait till saturday. So even though we called 6 times and the technician called 1 time AND someone was home ALL DAY LONG, our washer is still broken!
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Why did you feel you needed to call the tech 4 times before noon? How is that going to get him there faster.

These guys are working on other peoples appliances. Do you expect them to put down what they are doing and talk on the phone. Interruptions just slow them down. Looks like he was running half an hour late as he called at 12:32 to let you know he was on his way.

What did you expect him to do when no one answered? He did what he should have done and went on to the next job. Once he is out of the area he can't come back or someone else won't get service. The unfortunate reality is you can't accurately predict how long a repair will take.

Sometimes a half hour job ends up being an hour.

The customer before you had a lot of questions and delayed the tech. There are many reasons they can run a little late.

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Lowes in Danbury, Connecticut - The Delivery Department is the worst

I bought a refrigerator from Lowes and used their delivery. The delivery was originally set up for 1/5/14, we realized we selected the wrong date and we actually wanted 1/4/14 so we went back to the store and they changed it no problem. Got a call on 1/3/14 with a time frame for the delivery, and about 5 minutes before the supposed delivery time we got another call saying the item never came in and would not be in until overnight Sunday. Now it is very hard to believe someone would create a system that called you with a time but there was no product to deliver. I chalked it up to the storm that happened two days earlier. So I set up the new date to 1/11/14. We got a call for the time of 2-4. 4pm comes and goes so I call the store. They are by far the worst to deal with esp when you call the customer service desk, they are useless and know nothing and when you ask for a manager they never pick up they just put you on hold long enough to make you hang up. After being on the phone for over 20 mins the customer service desk (not a manager because they still never picked up) finally found out the delivery company tried to deliver to the wrong address. Now mind you my address is the simplest address that ALL navigation units bring you to the right street and my house and mailbox are clearly marked. So the customer service desk said they would be here within the hour, now that has come and gone and still no refrigerator. I will NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM LOWES AGAIN.
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the delivery was free, come on

@Gary Edwards


Now a days most major appliance dealers offer free delivery. It is how they deliver it that makes them stand out compared to the rest of the pack.

Lowes in my area has turned into the bottom of the pack with service inside the store and the companies they chose to hire to represent them. So my review is for others to look at and make their own decision and hopefully for Lowes corporate to make changes eventually because this delivery company has many many bad reviews which is extremely poor representation of Lowes.


My sister has had issues with a Lowes refrigerator for over a month now. Brand new with warranty - they have tried to repair three times in one month.

Finally they tell her they will replace it - but it will take 14 days!

How do you live without a refrigerator for over a month. She went to Lowes today - to find out they aren't sure where her refrigerator is - or when it will arrive (was to be delivered tomorrow) Not shopping at Lowes!


You and your sister must have bought a special order fridge, so there for Lowe's has to order you another one and it takes about 2 weeks to arrive at Lowe's. Next time that happens, you might want to ask Lowes to supply you with a loaner fridge until your sos fridge arrives

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Lowes Delivery Service

Lowes in Cotati, California - Whirlpool Cabrio Washer is the worst!!!!

After buying a new Cabrio washer and dryer, I called Lowes to get a service call because our clothes were not getting clean. The service guy said he gets the calls "all the time" but he cannot adjust the amount of water the machine will use, and it uses perhaps a gallon, no matter how full the machine is, and it is a LARGE capacity washer! Several calls to Lowes and to Whirlpool got me absolutely no where. Then a month ago, we have had the set about 2 years, the hinges of the glass lid cracked. We had to take the lid off. Thanks to THIS WEBSITE, we did not bother with phone calls; my boyfriend attached metal strips to both sides as someone else had done. We can use it now, but I will NEVER, EVER buy Whirlpool again, or deal with Lowes!!
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Same exact thing happened to us with our cabrio machine. The service dept sent trinity appliance and they came out on December 31st, took one look at the machine and told us it would be 'a major job to fix it and the parts would have to be ordered.' He told us the part was so big he would have to go pick it up, it couldn't be delivered.

He never bothered to tell us what was wrong.....but instead, he turned around and walked out the door and we haven't seen or heard from them 'trinity appliance' again. Weeks went by and we called Lowes service support center and were told that Trinity had been called out, the parts were on backorder and we had to deal with Trinity because they are the contracted service group in our area.......another words, we were stuck. Not only did we have to go buy another washer but the old one is still sitting on our back porch....January 28th. I also contacted the Manager of the Lowes we bought our machine from.....and got the same sob story...we are stuck waiting for Trinity appliance to fix the Whirlpool cabrio washer........we spent almost $800 on the Cabrio and bought the extended warranty and where is this going, nowhere.

And to add headache to misery, we had to buy a second machine at $500 just to do our laundry. We are through with Lowes' Whirlpool and extended warranties and incapable service providers....We have spent almost $9,000 at Lowes in the last two years alone, but that doesn't matter when it comes to Lowes or their customer service.....anonymous


Complaint should be made to Whirlpool :sigh


These machines work differently than your old machines with an agitator. They use a lot less water and energy and do as good of job or better than the old machine.

The trick is loading them properly. For the motion of the bottom plated and the tub to move the load properly you must sort your clothes more than before. Lighter items will move differently than heavier items.

You will find mixing heavy and light items will reduce the performance of this machine. Sort your loads properly and select the proper cycle for the weight and your laundry will come out clean.

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Lowes in San Jose, California - Pattern of horrible customer service..

We recently had a home fire and are in the process of rebuilding our home. We have tried to shop the Terre Haute Lowe's home improvement store, but every single time we go into the store, we have a horrible customer service experience. They have lost thousands in revenue just from me. They really need to get rid of almost every employee, and replace them with people who are actually helpful and want to work. Right now, all of their employees act like they are annoyed if you have a question, and they act like they are too busy to help. So far, my bad experiences have been in plumbing, kitchen and appliances, and flooring. I'm not giving them a chance for any other bad experiences. My name and email: Seth Stockrahm
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So you want them to feel sorry for you because your house burned down. Whatever happened to do it yourself?


Sounds like you have a bad attitude.


Lowe's sucks a big time


Could it be your attitude? It's odd to find that no one in the store meets your expectations.

Because you are working on a large project are you expecting everyone to ignore other customers they are already working with and be your personal shopper? (You'd be surprised at how often this happens.) As a salesperson, there isn't much more irritating that having someone interrupt a discussion of details of a customers project by someone thinking their project is more important and urgent.

Each project deserves the proper attention and time to assure the details are correct. Have patience if you want yours to go smoothly as well.


You must be working there. Anonymous, huh?


That is because they ony pay min.wage you will not get anyone knowledgeable for that little money


The people who are acting like that may only make minimum wage. I'm paid $18 an hour and have never had a customer complain about my service.

I go extremely out of my way to make people happy when they walk in my door. Even when they are quite clearly in the wrong.


One, maybe two bad experiences.

To compound your problem you write to this useless site instead of to Lowe's.

I can see why your house burned down.


It's more than one or two bad experiences, I can assure you of that. However my house hasn't burned down.

What THAT has to do with anything, anyway?

Furthermore, this site isn't useless. I am emailing links to all of my friends, raising awareness.

Their houses btw will not be burned down, to your dismay.

Lowe's is unresponsive, write all you want. :grin

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Lowes in Teaneck, New Jersey - Customer service

After spending $1200 at Lowes Rockaway. They made me wait 25 minutes for a propane tank. Not only were the employees nasty but no one was willing to help. Julia was the person in charge of propane and didn't want to go outside cause it was raining. This happened on 12-29-13. It's unfortunate that I even stepped foot in Lowes today I have to tell you I don't have any issue at Home Depot. I didn't even get an I'm sorry. Nasty individuals working in your store. My name is Giovanni Campo and I can be reached at 3475820240 if you need further info.
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So let me get this straight you need fresh propane for a grill in the middle of winter. Were you having Santa over for an after Christmas cookout.

In general if it's *** pouring rain I can't blame an associate for not wanting to get soaked to the bone.

Quit telling people how much you spent because they don't care. I *** think it's leverage you are fooling yourself.


why did you need to grill on a rainy day


Sounds like typical big business ethics in todays modern world. Give us your money *** and get out.

What you get is what you get. We got your money now move along.

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Lowes - Bait and switch and not an environmentally friendly store

I bought a troy built pony from Lowes about 6 months ago. It's failed twice. I also had the so-called service agreement. Never once did they pay up. First time they claimed it was my fault for using gas with ethanol. Well they never said anything about not using ethanol juiced gas until AFTER I bought the mower. I started using the non-ethanol gas even though I have to drive 5 mi to find a non-ethanol gas source. Didn't keep receipts, so when the transaxle fails they give me the same song and dance about not using ethanol and I can't prove them wrong so I am screwed again. I thought using ethanol gas was good for the environment? Isn't forcing people to look around for non-ethanol gas an EPA violation? Somebody needs to put this company down for good, legally that is. What about a class action suit against Troy and Lowes? Lowes sells garbage and de-frauds their customer’s worst than any store I've ever shopped at. If I were you I would steer clear of anything with the name on it.
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It's quite clearly common sense. It will even say this in your book. Not knowing how to care for your product before you buy it is your own fault.


To anonymous (who is probably a Lowes manager or a stockholder) Nowhere in the service manual or in the service contract is it written to only use non-ethanol gas. Your service agreement makes no mention of this.

Also I used a Sears Kohl 17 HP riding lawn mower for 10 years on ethanol juiced gas with ABSOLUTELY no problems. I sold it because it was too big for .75 acre yard and thought I would save money buying the Toy from Lowest of the Lowes. Everyone I know that uses a real lawnmower from Sears or Toro, and does not own a Troy toy, uses ethanol juiced gas.

Yes I do blame Lowes and Troy for selling junk and lying about it.

If you work for Lowes than you should consider finding a new place to work because they are going down hill fast.

The point is not that the mower is a piece of junk.

The point is Lowes LIED in their service contract. The point is the Lowes service rep lied to me by omission.

Hope to hear from you again soon.

Chuck Sampson

@Chuck Sampson

Actually I work for sears. And in the owners Manuel of anything with gas powered small engines it tells you this.

In the contract it says it doesn't cover abuse or neglect. You neglected they didn't cover just like they said.


The gas with ethanol absorbs water over time. This can cause a number of problems in a small engine.

If enough water is absorbed the gas won't burn properly. It can also cause internal rust. It's ok in your car as you burn through it fast enough not to cause a problem. In a mower it may sit in the tank a week or two between mowing.

Then you fill the tank from a gas can that has been sitting as well. It's only common sense to use gas without ethanol in you equipment with small engines.


`It may be common sense to you anonymous, but not everyone is a mechanic. Besides, whether or not I used ethanol gas is not the point.

The point is I was not made aware of this issue with ethanol until after the sale of both the mower and the service contract.

The service contract makes no mention of the use of ethanol gas.

I could take them to small claims if I had the time.

The most important point is that Lowes does not honor their service agreements and they stole 900.00 from me and my family by selling me this piece of junk.


Common mistake by those who want to "save the planet." Using ethanol is never a good idea for any gasoline engine. The higher the concentration of ethanol in the gas mix the more likely you will cause harm.

Remember this when you fill up your auto. Even one labelled "flex fuel" is at risk and the new ethanol mix of something like 85% ethanol is really causing people problems. It is what it is. Buy a good old gasoline engine or a two stroke and get on with life.

The planet will survive. But, don't complain about Lowe's.

But, you should feel really good knowing you at least tried to save the planet, don't you? Even if it costs you extra???


I don't know, maybe you think it's funny when someone rips another person off, but I don't. I work hard for the money I make and I don't like it when people or company's like LOwes rip me off.

They stole 900.00 from me just as sure as someone sticking a gun in my face and taking the money from my pocket. The service made no mention of using ethanol gas.

They lied. End of story.


I don't know the source of your info, but I am using ethanol juiced gas for my car, and guess what, it's still running strong. Never had any problems.

Done no harm to my car whatsoever. Lasts longer too.

You don't care about putting any effort toward saving the planet, do you? Gotcha

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