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Lowes extended warranty and select appliance of Gastonia

Both of the companies in my opinion have very poor customer service. Lowes contracted there extended warranty work to select appliance of Gastonia. They came out to fix our dryer but when they came out they did not have the part. They did not return calls to let us know that they had to order the part and when I finally was able to get information it was because I called Lowes and they upon my request followed up with them. Lowes was unwilling to allow me to switch companies because they said the part was ordered. When they finally scheduled to come out to install the new part they scheduled between 8 and 12 and then never showed up. The office was not open and when I called lowes back all they can do is leave a message with the company. Lowes needs to have better judgement about the companies they use and when these companies do not follow through they need to have a way to contact them even if the office is not open. I could have spent my morning at the laundrymat doing my laundry not waiting for a company that would never show and now I will have to take time off work and hope they show. I will likely not buy anything from lowes again because of this and will defintely not use select appliance of Gastonia ever. Needless to say this dryer is also less than two years old and this is the second time we have had to have service.
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No They are definitely out of Business and are closed. They are bankrupt. If you google Them as well as News Channel 9 together you'll see one of the many reasons why.


As of this morning when I spoke to select appliance and TV repair of Gastonia, NC they were still in buisness. Their number is 704-899-5858 if you would like to check it out.


Select appliances went out of business in Oct

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Lowes in West Columbia, SC

Poor Customer Services. I talked with and posted follow-up, and still these people can't get it together. I had three items to be deliverd to my home. Gave them my work number to call, because I work 15 minutes from home. They called my home and even my mother in another town an hour away, but would not call the designated number (me at work). I called the store when I never heard from them, was put on hold repeatedly, and hung-up on repeatedly by an assistant mgr. (Becky). She never gave my work number to delivery or the mgr as requested, so the mgr (Tim) left messages for me at home??? My husband called and got the same run-around. We were even told by Becky that she could not take messages for the manager. He then said that his staff would never behave this way...and we are the only people to ever have this issue. This just is irritating and prompts us complaining on line. An apology would be better...take responsibility...train your staff!
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Why did they have the other numbers to call? Your story reminds me of Swiss cheese!! I'm just doing my job, protecting and serving retail associates


Lowes employee? Every post you have made is on Lowes comments.

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Lowes wont price match

I went to lowes with 2 receipts from 2 competitors and no price match on RV antifreeze. They did this before on other items in past but I'm sick of overcharging for products. They want 5 bucks for what others charge 3. Lowes sucks. Support your local hardware store. The worst part is that the customer service lady at the timonium store made me feel like some kind of cheap skate. I went to Walmart they had for 2.97 I went to delta lumber they had for 3$ I brought my receipt and it was not matched. I was purchasing 10 of them so maybe that's why. I am disgusted
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I'm just saying what the clerks can't. I'm just doing my job. Protecting and serving the retail world.


Per our price match guarantee. In order for us to match prices of one item to another they items have to be the exact same brand/model/specs.

Sounds like you have a different brand so the policy doesn't apply. However if you came into my store and had a receipt for antifreeze at another location I would match the price just not give the 10% off.

Its called taking care of the customer and most likely we have that type of product marked up 60% do we are still making money. No brainer...sorry you were dealing with idiots.


Heartless and RetailCop - why post just to insult people? This is THIS PERSON'S experience.

Why come along and post nastiness anonymously? Does it make you feel big?

RetailCop, give ME your address and I'll send you some receipts.

Put your money where your obnoxious loud mouth is. I call your bluff, troll.


Send me your receipts and I'll give you the $20.30!! The customer service lady was right!!


RetailCop what is your address so I can send you the receipt? I expect you to send me the sales tax refund too.


My store Menards laughs at you people.. BUY IT AT THE OTHER PLACES THEN.

Also, for a price match it has to be exact brand. That could be the problem here.

You come on here and pissed about what? I will say it one more time so you get it BUY IT AT THE PLACES THAT SELL IT FOR LESS!

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Lowes in Van Buren, Arkansas - No assistance leads to INJURIES at LOWE's

Lowes - No assistance leads to INJURIES at LOWE's
On 10/22/2012 I was at the Lowe's store in Van Buren, Arkansas to purchase some tile for a bathroom project. There were several employees throughout the store congregating talking about their weekend and goofing off. I loaded one box of tiles (12X12) weighing over 40+ pounds into my cart. When I attempted to load the next cardboard box of tiles the cardboard ripped and the box fell on my foot. I was wearing sandals so needless to say my toes were crushed and it was very apparent that I had broken toes. Should have worn my steel toes sandals or better yet, the "employees" who were gossiping and standing around should have had a little courtesy and assisted me. When I did ask for help I was told "I'm not sure I can help but we'll see". After loading the last box he the kid said good luck and hope your day goes better. He didn't offer to walk the cart to the front. I spoke to the Manager who wrote up an injury report and said I would be contacted within a few hours. After a visit to the Emergency room I have fractured and a crush injury to my left foot. I have been in a great deal of pain and have two small children who require my attention with their daily needs. It has been 2 1/2 days and I haven't heard from Lowes. What has happened to customer service?? Home Depot always has courteous employees that are there to assist you. I will do my shopping at Home Depot in the future! Injured Pissed Off Customer
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Your first mistake was not asking the employee to assist in the loading of this merchandise. I have worked in the company before specifically in the department in which you had the incident.

I really do hate to say this however It honestly is your fault that the incident occurred. Have a great day!


That happen to me when I cut my finger I was helping a customer loading tile when I got the last box it rip open it fell on my finger starting bleeding when the desk told what happened manager wrote up slip to doctor


Ask for help next time and this won't happen. If you are unsure of how to lift something or are too weak do not try to load yourself.

Never lift tile by the straps. Any flooring associate knows this.


Lowes employee


Shoot, I didn't read her last line. One less *** to deal with.

Good luck with this one H. Depot!

She'll probably have to park in a Handicap spot now and ride in an electric scooter..... poor little pitties

@Ray J. Johnson

Ray, Do you work for Lowes? which Store?


Another youngster just assuming that because they told the customer they are wrong that they work for the company. Why do people make this assumption, it makes them sound immature and foolish.



It's a "DIY Warehouse Store"!! Get the concept!!??

You save money by buying in a warehouse setting. If you can't do it yourself, ask first or hire someone who can.

You're lucky OSHA doesn't make you wear steel toe shoes to shop in a store like Sam's Club, Home Depot, or Lowe's.

Not wearing property foot protection in a potentially dangerous environment, just so you can show off your $20 pedicure is your own fault.


Heartless is right, you can't just expect someone to come over and help. You should have asked an employee for assistance, that's what they're there for. They probably thought you didn't need any, since you didn't ask for any.


Lowes company policy is to help the customers I find it hard to believe that 3 or 4 employees would just stand around and watch a woman load 40 lb boxes of tile on a floor cart .

That's just not going to happen..At least not in my store & I cant see it happening in any other Lowes unless you didn't want help or they were busy helping someone else.

Lowes pride themselves on their customer service


Wasn't trying to impress anyone, just making a point. Most people agree with me :).

It's your responsibility to ask for help if you may have issues loading it. When I lift weights very heavy weights, I'm talking 300-lbs plus I always get a spotter just in case. I will ask anyone around in the gym. I would never make an assumption they would just come and do it, even if they worked there.

It's your responsibility to ask for help, not assume it just will happen.

Another strong point people made on here was about you talking at work. Live and learn, stop blaming others.


It's a DIY store... If you can't do things by yourself, ask for help...


I like how people who complain on these sites act like Lowes Employees aren't human. Like we aren't social animals that enjoy talking and laughing and such.

I'm sure at your job you don't talk to anyone on a social level and share experiences. They expect us to be robots and have a 6th sense to just KNOW the second they need help. All you had to do is ask for help and you would have had it. Either walk up to any employee in a vest or hey...those big red call buttons you can press to get an associate to your location in less than 30 seconds.

Basically you picked up something that was too heavy for you and dropped it on your foot. Sounds like bad judgement on your part. I don't see how Lowes is liable in this case. It isn't like it fell out of topstock because it was stored improperly.

I'm sorry for the accident happening to you, but come on......Life happens. Stop trying to blame everyone for your own bad judgement.


I had one lady come in start swearing at me because I asked her if she needed help finding anything she got so insulted she asked me "Do I look like a F$%^&&$#% retard to you?"

This is whereI thanked God for the ability to refrain from answering her the way I would of, if I was not on the clock .

I said "OK" and I walked away .

Several moments later she went up to my Department manager and said "your associate here asked me if I needed help and then just walked away from me is there something wrong with him" ?>

He said to her No Ma'am there is nothing wrong with HIM actually "He said"

I heard the way you talked to him & I would have walked away from you as well"

My point is .

Some people "Mostly women I notice for some reason" come into the store simply to abuse the sales associates "I bet" it is some weird phenomenon that they haven't uncovered yet . If they do discover it as a disorder I'd like to name it if possible you can reach me at jumpa13 g male


Your claim is being handled by Lowe's insurance. This has nothing to do with the store.

If they find your claim worthy, they will contact you. If not, your're on your own. Do you ask people at the grocery store to load your 24 pack of Pepsi?

If the case of Pepsi had broken, would you blame "all of the employees gossiping"? I understand your point, but..........


Yes, I'll admit sometimes we stand around and gossip, but if you needed help loading something you should have asked. 9 times out of 10 someone will help you load something into your cart even if they are not sure if they can help you with anything else.


Pedro, go back to Mexico. Heartless, maybe the next weight will fall on your head and knock some sense into you.

The Lowes employess should have offered to load the 2nd box after seeing her struggle with the first box.

They were most likely playing with one of their toys.

Lowes is totally liable. End of story.

@Oh WOW!

weight what weight?


The dumb B###h probably mowes her lawn barefoot,,,Suck it up you smelly hag ..IT IS YOUR OWN FAULT...DEAL WITH IT....


Wow Pedro you are as immature as they come ! Time for you to grow up !!!

What happened did not happen to you ,it happened to someoe else sooooo yo eelthe ed to call her names ??? Like I said sooooo immature !!!!


I was there when this happened to the lady above and it was sad to see that there were many employees but no one helping anyone and certainly not offering to help. That is what happens here, it may be different in Wisconsin where you live.


If the lady cannot speak up for herself and ask for help maybe she should take a parent shopping with her. Some people get rude and hostile when asked if they need help, they consider it harassment, implying that they are thieves or too ignorant to do simple tasks on their own, this is a damned if you do, damned if you don't kind of situation.


Heartless - you are an *** and must be a MAN who lives off women. Good for you for lifting weights, I am so UNIMPRESSED.

Get a life and I understand the complaint, Lowe's does not have customer service. What was the point of your response....

to show what a *** you are?? :grin


Shelby you nailed heartless right on the head (with the hammer you bought from lowes). He is an empty headed *** and since he brags about lifting weights he is probably 5 ft 7 and weighes 80 lbs wet !


I really love your "mature" comment.


This is your fault. No one is required to load a cart for you unless you ask.

You picked up the box you dropped the box, IT'S YOUR FAULT. People love to blame others, but you shouldn't be mad at anyone but yourself. Also wearing sandals into a hardware store is just idiotic, again YOUR FAULT.

I love to lift weights.

I've lifted at many different GYM'S, I've dropped weights on myself at many different gyms, I've never blamed anyone but myself. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY!

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After purchasing $135 of inlaid flooring I asked how much they would get to install it. I was told $1.50 a Square Ft. and if it needed underlayment it would be an additional $1.75 a SF. I paid them the $35 refundable estimate they had a man come out and he would...
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If you happen to buy a floor from Lowes you can call installers like me to install it. You will more than likely save hundreds of dollars.

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Husband in coma and lowes customer service

my experience with lowes was one not even one the movies could dream up.I was behind 2 payments on my Lowes credit card. I talked to a representative from Lowes customer service who of course was out sourced to India. I told them that we got behind because we had just moved and my husband was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. He had a count of 1226 and was rushed to ICU and in a diabetic coma. I was told that they could give me a program to pay off my bill but i had to first go to the hospital at 5:00 am and get a power of attorney.I tried to tell the indian woman that he was in a coma and she insisted that if I did not do this the program would not be given to me. I along with my brother went to the ICU Unit and told the doctors what we needed. They were horrified at the insistance that we needed this. I told them what Lowes said I need to do and they informed me how dangerous this would be. Wanting to do the right thing and pay our bill I told them to try to see if they could awaken my husband. The doctors did and my husband was in so much pain but was able to scrible a power of attorney for Lowes. We faxed this document to this woman as she insisted that we had to do this by 8:oo am and then call her by 8:05 or this account would be closed. My husband went through untold pain and were not even talking about the 10's of thousand of dollars it cost us to do this. I am a wife who is on disability with heart problems who did not need this pain and sufferiing not only on me but on my husband who they still don't know will live or not. I cannnot believe the heartlessness and lack of compasion that this company had to ask me to do such a horrific thing as this. I did everything this woman asked me to do even though my husband suffered so much pain as did I that I had to do this. After all this , the Indian woman wasn't even there. I tried for hours to talk to her and was told by 5 other people different lies and stories of where she was. I was then told she would be in at 1:00 pm so I called back to ask her why she was not there when I called and why she made me do this to my husband who is dying and why she put me through this *** for a lousy 1,600 dollars . Asked for a supervisor and was sent to the woman from *** who lied and coverd for this woman. I begged her to find this woman to ask her why she put me through this when it could have been handled differently. For 5 hours not only I but my brother begged 5 different people to find this woman to tell me why this had to be this way and to tell me why she wasn't there to answer the phone.I begged for over an hour for this supervisor to please let me talk to this Jennifer Lee on the phone. At this point I was told my husband may not even make it through the night. It took me over and hour with extreme yelling for this supervisor to finally find this missing woman.Every conversation was recorded and when Jenifer Lee was finally found she denied ever saying anything about sending me to ICU and just wanted me to work out something with them. WTF is Lowes thinking hiring people like this. Finally my brother went through channels in the US and got Lowes managment team to help us. One woman in particular was extremley helpfull and simpathetic to what had happened to us.We are grateful for her help. I wish I could say that made a difference but it didn't. Once Lowes upper managment finally heard the tape recordings of what happend and contacted me we thought there would at least be some kind of suspension of these people or firiing of them for the heartless and rudeness and disregarde of my husbands life that it meant so little to them that nothing was done. The end result of all of this was upper management told me that this woman didn't undersatand me probably and that all they would do would be to retain her and no actions to the supervisor and no help for me, who went through untold *** and pain and suffering not only my suffering but my husbands. Lowes took no responsibilty for what happend with there outsouring to India to people with no training on customer service and offered me nothing ,but we will still cancel your card but if you want to still pay it off we will take your money. To sum up my experience with a Lowes company is My husband may still die and I went through *** to do the right thing and all Lowes could say to me is we will retrain these employess and sorry for your pain. REALLY!!!!!!!! Anyone who reads what happenend to me with Lowes customer service just remember THIS could happen to YOU!!!!
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first of all its GE capital not Lowes. Second if you were already 2 months behind it is obvious you had no intention of paying your bill.

3rd if this is in fact true you are a certified *** for trying to wake someone out of a coma to get a POA for a credit card.

4th if the doctor indeed tried to raise your husband from a coma to sigh the said POA he is an ***. Take your idiotic *** elsewhere and learn to pay your bills you gutter rat


What a bunch of BS. Your first statement is "I was behind 2 payments..." which indicates the account is in your name.

Why would you need a power of attorney from you husband to deal with your account? This is just a rambling made up story trying to cause trouble.

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Lowes's don't trust them

Please let me start by stating that I know nothing about building or contracting. I know what a roof is, what a shingle is and a few basic terms but other than that could not put a roof on a house. It is for that very reason that I contacted several companies about having a new roof installed on my house. After many dead ends and call backs from companies that would only give me a quote if I was ready to sign immediately, I called Lowe's thinking that a huge company with a good reputation would give me a fair quote and do a quality job, surprise, the joke was on me! After contacting Lowe's and playing phone tag with a salesman for several days a very nice older gentleman came out and gave my wife and I a quote. He spent several hours with us and explained the entire process. Showed us "books" of shingles and explained the differences between three tab and architectural shingles as well as the warranties associated with both. He assured us that Lowe's stood behind not only their products but also the workmanship of the company actually doing the job. (Lowe's subcontracts the work out to other companies) Lowe's also informed my wife and I that if they underestimated the amount of materials they needed to complete the job that they would "eat" the difference. If they over estimated the materials needed that we would be credited. This over / under assurance was based on what the contractor in discussions with Lowe's estimated out. Feeling assured with this policy and guarantee, My wife and I picked out an architectural shingle that the salesman said would be very good for us. We then picked out a color that was close to the color that was already on the house, desert tan. We helped the salesman measure the area as he calculated a price for the job. $8,400.00 was the total price and we signed on the dotted line thinking that our new roof was just a few days away. A couple days later we received a call from the Lowe's salesman, it went something like this. I am sorry but I misquoted your roof job and I have a new price for you. OK what is the new price I asked. $12,100.00 he responded. I was shocked and stunned into silence. The other end of the phone was silent also. Almost a 50 percent increase I asked. Well not really came the answer it is only about 43 percent. That answer really pissed me off, semantics I answered. I told the salesman that we had a signed contract to do the roof for the original price and what was he trying to do to us. He responded by saying, you have a contract for 26 square of shingles for $8,400.00 but the roof will take 31 square to finish the job. So what I responded, we had a deal. He then proceeded to inform me that he would put 26 square of shingles on the roof for that price but that I would need to pay more to get the job completed. I was pissed, upset and very confused, was not a contract a contract? If they did this to me regarding the price would they also do it to me when something else that they forgot to figure into the job came up ? We finally agreed to think things over and the salesman informed me that he would talk to his manager and see what he could do for us and that I should call back in a few days. I called back in a few days and was informed that the manager agreed to split the difference and that the new price would be $10,100.00 if I signed the new contract that day. So I drove down to Lowe's and signed the new contract and was told how sorry and embarrassed they all were. No problem I said and thanked them for working with me. The next day I got a call from the another person who informed me that she was the install contact and that the materials would be arriving at my house on Sunday between 10 am and 2 pm. Great I said thinking that the job was moving forward. Sure enough the truck arrived on Sunday at 9am but after unloading the material the driver informed us that some of the drip edge was damaged and that we should call Lowe's and inform them of it. Figuring I would do one better, I drove to Lowe's, talked with a customer service rep and told her of my situation. She listened very politely then informed me that she needed to talk to a manager. Upon her return I was informed that I would have to purchase new drip edge then return the damaged material for a credit. Shocked at what I had just heard I said it was not my problem and that I wasn't going to purchase anything or return anything and left the store. When I returned home I called the install person that had contacted us and told her of my situation. She was very nice and informed me that they would take care of the problem. She asked how many were damaged and I told her two or three but that I would go outside to get an exact count. When I went out to get the count I noticed that there were two different colors of shingles when I had only picked out one color. There was one pallet of Black Onex and one of Desert Tan. I informed the rep of what I had found. I also said that I wasn't getting a warm fuzzy feeling about this project and she rest assured me that it was just a delivery mistake. Shortly after that conversation I got a call from the salesman asking me just how many bundles of shingles I had received. I went back out in the pouring rain and counted all the bundles on the two pallets. No problem he said, the right ones would be delivered in the morning. Well the next morning the shingles were delivered and yes they were the right color. But as they were picking up the wrong ones they dug up my lawn and left a large pile of my sod in my driveway. OK, not a big deal I figured, a small price to pay to keep the job moving forward. A little while later as the roofing contractors were stripping the roof of the old shingles someone asked me why I didn't go with an architectural shingle instead of a three tag. What I asked, I paid for an architectural shingle. No he responded they are a three-tab shingle however, they were the right color. Once again I got on the phone with Lowe's. Needless to say my patience had run out. Wrong price, damaged drip edge, wrong colors now the wrong shingle, what next. The customer service rep told me she didn't see anything about architectural shingles on my contract. Once again I was out of my mind since it was plainly written on my copy of the contract. After much debate she assured me that it would be taken care of and that she would call me right back. She did to my great surprise and informed me that the right shingles would be loaded onto a truck as we were speaking and that they would be on their way. 3 hours later the shingles arrived and the project once again got underway. I honestly don't know if Lowe's was trying to recover some of the money it took off from the $12,000 price by substituting a lesser quality shingle in the same color or if it was an honest mistake but if someone hadn't been there that knew shingles, the lesser quality ones would have been on the roof. The job is done, it looks very nice but if it wasn't for the roofing contractor that Lowe's hired to do the job, Lowe's would have heard from our lawyer by now.
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What lowes are you referring to? We just got an $8k quote from them... In Kingston NY

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Lowes in Dallas, Texas - Loews failed to back their product

I bought a 1500 dollar Husquevarna lawn tractor at Loews.; First time I mowed, the tires went flat. I could not believe it. I went back to the store and they said that because "you did not purchase the warranty so you will have to tow it in to the dealer" . "No we do not sell their tires" he added with a sick smile, "ya shoulda bought the warranty. I felt like I was dealing with a mafia hood. I called Husq, and they said there was a bad batch of tires and no recall but the local dealer should take care of it for me. I went to the local dealer and they said Loews leaves them out in the Texas sun all year and they dry rot, Not a good idea to buy from someone like that, and on and on. Not their fault, etc. Dozens of calls to Loews and Husquevarna and I spent more time on hold than mowing. The only heroes in the story are Discount Tires which kept reinflating the tires (which I would bring them after jacking up the mower and removing them before mowing). They cheerfully did it for free and were very polite. After four mow and deflate cycles, I finally bought new tires and realized I was dealing with outfits that are negligent, hostile and short term thinkers. They got their money all right. I will also tell this story to anyone with a pulse. Loews idea of long term thinking is to basically wet the bed to warm up. They have a hand to mouth culture but eventually will run out of "one time customers". I am very disappointed in them.
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The Lowesguy makes the case and has the final and last word. Their atTitude towards the public is "the public are suckers".

So how does Lowes guy respond? By saying the complaint was invalid because there was a typo when the name was typed. "You should have bought the warranty." The only guy wanted was to buy four new tires WHICH THEY DO NOT SELL. They sell the mower but do not even for money sell the tires and treat their customer dismissively when he tries to buy tires.

The "lowesguy" is the prototype of the company, kind of like the subway guy. He responds to a legitimate complaint with ridicule. Sell the stock if you have any, look fora other job and pray for a change in management until then.

I hope the "lowesguy" has nothing to do with the store chain. My first though is that he must be a Homedepot plant.


Thanks God I read this is too bad and shame full. I was thinking lowes is a good company now I no thanks


How did you buy a riding mower at loews?? Dont they sell groceries?


Lowes has a 30 day no questions asked return policy. Unless you waited a month to mow your grass you should have just taken the mower back and gotten a new one. Past that 30 days it is indeed the Manufacturer you will need to contact for any issues.


The manufacture's warranty is just that! Lowe's is not a non profit organization, therefore, they cannot absorb the cost of every defect. The manufacturer is responsible.


I cannot believe how *** the commentors are on this problem. Just because the guy can't spell Lowes doesn't mean he should get a defective product.

Lowes IS responsible for the products they sell, just like any dealer. The tractor has a manufacturers warranty, Lowes should have honored it.

And BTW, tires WILL dry rot if you leave them sitting outside with no movement for an extended period. If you let a car sit in the driveway for a year with no driving, the tires will be flat and probably damaged by the end of that year.


Its lowes you reject not loews. if your too dumb to spell it dont slam it.


It's not Lowes' product. It is Husquevarna's.

Husquevarna is responsible for the warranty not Lowes. Sounds like this dry rot is a bunch of BS. I assume you live in Texas and drive a car.

Are your tires rotting from being in the sun? I would have gone to another service center.


That's why the warranty is offered! If Husquevarna didn't have a recall, what did you expect Lowe's to do?

They don't manufacture the mowers.

You have to take some responsibility for not buying the warranty. I can't wait for retailers to stop catering to the ones who feel entitled to something free.

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Lowes in Parkersburg, West Virginia - Wrong item came in

I haven't been happy with Lowe's for awhile now. I had a couple bad experiences at one of their stores and when my contractor had to order some supplies for my new porch from Lowes, I went along with it and thought it would be him directly dealing with them. My new railing and posts were ordered and took longer to come in then said and when they did come in wrong caps were sent! Now a reorder had to be done at more expense to me and behind on porch! More waiting! Fed up! Why should I have to pay more if it is their mistake? Could have had my porch finished! Not fair Lowes, next time I will go somewhere else!
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Thats right you dork take your money elsewhere. Boo hoo you typical cry baby get a life


Then go somewhere else!! You said the wrong items were sent....So maybe it was the manufacturer's fault?

Retailers can't control the lead time of a product either. One more entitled person crying because it didn't go exactly their way!!

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Dumb *** lowes people

I bought a lawn mower at Lowes in Niles Michigan. I've used it 3 or 4 *. I replace the rope in it 3 *. and the spark plug once. and the piece of *** still won't start. so I call Lowes. tell them what's going on with the mower. they proceeded to tell me that there's nothing they can do with the mower and that I would have to bring it in and have it checked out then they tell me that they have to send it out to be checked out. this is after the guy on the phone treats me like a *** since when is it that you buy something and you can't get it replaced when you go to return it. from now on I'm going to take my business and my money elsewhere
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Did you read the directions before using the mower? Figures


You *ARE* a *** if you think ANYONE can fix your mower over the phone.

Take it to the store and let someone see your problem with their own eyes, not how you're describing it.

Where did you get a new rope to put on 3X??? You had to leave the house for that, or did you use some inferior rope just laying around?

Also, there is such a thing as customer support, wait for it..... the MANUFACTURER. Did you call them???

Lowe's is a retail store. They sell items - not make them.


Just take the mower and your receipt back to your store. Go to customer service and tell them that you need the mower reparied.

They will send the item out for you to a licensed repair center and any warranty work needing to be done will be done. It is that simple.

It is not Lowes fault if there is a manufacturer's error. Why do people not get this?


Then take it elsewhere!! You will find retailers are getting tired of being bullied by entitled consumers.

It's time to take responsibility and stop acting like children. They offered to send it out for repair. Did you let them? decided to bash them for trying to help. Grow up!


I have heard this so many times. First of all do you think that Lowes builds the lawn mower?

It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to cover the lawn mower not the retail store. If you we're to read the warranty and the instructions it would tell you not to contact the store but to contact the manufacturer.


LOL Readin g is optional these days :grin


Who's the Dumb***? Take time to read you warranty. The warranty covers repair on a lawn mower, it doesn't give you a replacement.



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