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Be careful of Lowes extended warranty

Be careful of Lowes extended warranty. My son bought a whirlpool washer and drier and bought the extended warranty, the washer has lost a bearing three times also tearing the seal in front. They fixed it twice and this time the technician told them it would cost more to fix it than to replace it. Lowes is refusing to honor their obligation on the extended warranty. My daughter-in-law has been doing the laundry for 3 young kids my son Bob and myself in the bathtub for over a month now. Don’t buy any appliances at Lowes as they do not honor their warranties. Just a word of caution from a dissatisfied customer. I have shopped at Lowes for years but not anymore.
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I will start off saying that every single time I go to Lowes in Mount Olive NJ employees are helpless and and not very smart at all. I recently ordered carpet which clearly shows taxes were applied in the paperwork (which took me 20 minutes just to find someone in the flooring dept) the lady at the flooring department then told me to bring the paperwork to the cashier which they charged me taxes again!!! I tried to explain to the cashier to look at the breakdown which showed taxes are already applied and she double taxed me! The employees are not smart at all, very rude, and very lazy!!! This was my last straw, I will never shop at any lowes because of the service there! Home depot has much better service!
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You are that angry over a cash register/paperwork mistake that was obviously fixed since you didn't mention that it wasn't??? Come on now, simmer down.


You open by claiming the employees at Lowe's are "helpless and ..not very smart at all." But, you still purchased something there???

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Lowes tools suck!

kobalt tools suck all off them! the break. they give you a hard time to replace them what happend to made in usa? i'm a nascar fan and it *** me off to see the #48 team promote such garbage. bring back usa tools! im a union carpenter these tools are junk! dont buy them. home owners beware you wont be happy with them.i cant see a pro race team using these tools. their are a lot of quality tool companies out there ones who care about producing quilty product. so buyer beware these tools are junk.if you judge a man by his tools these tools aren't a way to start out. they are *** every one of them
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Completely agree they've dssappointed me for last time. I assume they were trying to replicate craftsman with warranty and innovative tools. The quality is terrible and warranty tough to neotiate.


Their side cutting pliers can't even cut tie wire!!! I'm on the phone with them know because their chinese workbench I bought has a sheet metal piece that is stamped wrong.

AFter 30 min knowbody will answer the f#$kin phone! Craftsman sucks now too that they went to china. So for me Klein, and ebay for New old stock craftsman tools that are made in the usa. And even klein has a bunch of china junk, however screwdrivers etc are still made in the USA.

I would be so embarrassed to have tool box full of kobalt tools. Most of it looks like a cavemen's tools


Kobalt tools are garbage for sure. I have yet to have one not bust on me.

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  • hard time

Lowes in Rochester, New York - LOEWS SUCKS

I bought a scratch and dent refrigerator from Loews in Webster,NY that had a small dent in the door,so no problem i can live with that.I asked the salesman if everything worked he said yes works fine just that dent in the door. The next day it arrives the delivery guys take the doors off my front door take out the old one and bring in the new one,and plug it in and NOTHING!!!! No lights sound completely dead! So the day before i sold my old fridge expecting the new one that just has a dent in the door to work but no,now I am out a fridge on Christmas eve with family on there way! THANKS LOEWS IN WEBSTER,NY!!!!!!!!
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Sorry to hear that - I bought a scratch and dent from Lowes in Henrietta, NY and LOVE it!


I thought loews sold groceries..not appliances. Isn't that a food store??


As working multiple departments in lowes anytime I have worked delivery several times and anytime we have delivered an appliance we have tested the product in front of the customer and showers them how it works. Anytime a customer is not happy lowes will gladly take the appliance back and if and dent ot or major scratching is discovered the very first the offered to the cutsomer is either a discount or offer to take the appliance back another. Your experience is based upon a lie and you can't even spell Lowes


I'm just wondering why you would have a new refrigerator delivered on Christmas eve. Your old one obviously worked or no one would have bought it.

What did you do with the food that was in it as it was gone when the new one arrived? Once you get a new one it takes time for it to cool down.

Poor planing on your part. If it had been me buying a damaged refrigerator I would have had them plug it in and show me it ran before I bought it.

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Lowes offers no help

We bought all new stainless steel kitchen appliances from Lowes in May of this year. The first part of November the dishwasher quit working. Lowes sent a company out to repair it. We washed one load of dishes and it quit again. Two weeks later the technician comes out again and replaces the motor. The next day we go to load the dishwasher and it doesn't work again. A different technician comes out again and found that the new motor is bad. It will be another two weeks before the next motor comes in and they can replace it. I no longer want this dishwasher. I called Lowes to see if I could get a different brand. I know I will have to pay something, I was just thinking that Lowes should give me some sort of a credit. Lowes will not do anything. They will not even let us use a loaner until ours is fixed. It has been almost two months since we have had a dishwasher. I am upset that we bought an $800 dishwasher that doesn't work and Lowes will not even try to make us happy with a loaner. If anyone knows what I can do, please let me know. We will still be without a dishwasher for at least two more weeks.
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After attempts at repairing an appliance the manufacturer is supposed to give you an RA number (return authorization) which will allow you to return the appliance to the store for refund or exchange for another. meanwhile... go old school and wash your dishes yourself.


sorry. should read '3 attempts'


I would try calling Lowe's customer care. I know someone who went through a similar issue with a washing machine and lets just say the outcome was not desirable he ended up returning it after 3 months without a working washer and then bought one at sears across the street.


Why....?? That's an excellent name!!

The reason is because everybody feels entitled. If I spend money with you, I shouldn't have to take the proper actions to get the problem resolved. I should just *** and you should bend over and take it.

The fact that the managers are held accountable for the store profit doesn't matter to the *** wipes that shop there. They want immediate resolutions instead of working the proper channels....I'm just doing my job, protecting retail associates!!


Why does everyone blame the store they bought the appliance from. You should be upset with the manufacturer of the product, they are the ones that made it and they are the ones responsible for the warranty on the item. QUIT BLAMING THE WRONG PEOPLE!!!!!!

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Lowes in Hopkins, Minnesota - Valspar at Lowe's = Great Service

Just bought some Valspar paint at Lowe's. Fantastic paint (great coverage) and amazimg service at Lowe's. I have shpped at other paint stores and retailers before, but never seen the broad selection of colors I did at the Valspar rack. The Lowe's associate helped me find the right sheen type and tools for my project, all with a smile. Once I got home and used the paint, I was thrilled with the outcome. The paint had no odor, and it went on with ease while covering the previous color in only one coat. Well done Valspar. You have a loyal customer for life.
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Lowes in Sheffield, Iowa - Misunderstood what I asked for on the phone

Call Albert Lea store and asked if they had white christmas trees, I was told by some one in the Tool Dept, Oh yes, I am looking at them come on up. We drove 70 miles to look at white christmas trees and found out they never had white trees at all. We ended up buying a green tree made by GE (Just Cut pre-lit) tree,it was the last one and had no box, the information on the tree said it had a 3 year limited warranty and we have no warranty card to send in. Plus the top of the tree is not strong enough to support any tree topper, so I spend additional $10.00 to have a large red ribbon made to finish it off. I could not believe that beautiful tree had to way to support our lighted star, angel or anything. The poll goes from bottom to top and is atleast one and a half inches around. Nice sturdy tree, but still nothing to support a tree topper. Please pass this on to GE. The manager at the Albert Lea store was very nice. But just want to know how we get the warranty card and why GE has no contact information with the tree. Thank You
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Really..YOU make the choices ...EVERY choice and decision in buy ing this tree but now you want to blame EVERYONE ELSE for YOUR decision making? You have no "cause and affect" in your thinking.

You need mental health, at least. Im sure your a real treat to be around with your thinking the way it is.

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Lowes in Marietta, Georgia - Lowe's Home Improvement

I hired Lowe's to remodel a small master bath, and to my surprise this project was well over their head(Not capable of doing the job), signed final agreement in August and as of today (Dec. 20th) the bathroom is still not complete...they did not have any plumbing or electrical to do, four weeks to get a shower door, everyone passes the problems on to someone else, promised alot of things they did not deliver, such as project would be closely monitored (which did not happen until I started getting ugly) ....Just one word "HORRIBLE"!!!! Look elsewhere if you can....
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Pissed off at Lowes

Today, Sunday 12/16/2012, my husband and I were shopping at Lowes in Gautier MS. I was RUDELY ordered out of the store by "one of many" store manager. Reason being, my 12 lbs Yorkie-poo! He was in the cart sitting very calmly on his pillow, not barking, but being a very good boy. We have been taking him to Lowes for 7 years and NEVER has anyone stated that dogs were not allowed. This manager spoke to me in matter that I will not tolerate. He is obviously a women and dog hater. His mannerism leads me to believe he's on a "power trip" with the manager's title! I fully intend to report him to Lowes headquarters. Apparently Lowes is TO BIG TO FAIL if their willing to lose customers over this ***!! Home Depot will be getting all my business in the future.
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Did you happen to notice the large "Service Dogs Allowed" sign on the front door? Why do you think those rules apply to everyone except you? You're in the wrong, don't blame other people for that.....


as a former employee of lowe's, i know it's against policy for any animals to be in the store beyond assistance animals.


i mean seriously, what goes into that thought process? i was in arizona at the time and i'd get an earfull of "HEY, it's 200 degrees in a car right now!" and it took every fiber of my being to not ask "THEN WHY THE *** ARE YOU TAKING THEM FOR A CAR RIDE?!"


Maybe you're out running errands and have your dog with.....what ? Leave him in the car? Its not like they sell food....if pet stores are ok why not lowes....i hate people and love my dogs....


Next time bring your dog in a kennel..thay may help. Maybe he was allergic to dogs..which shouldn't be in the store unless a service dog.

Good luck elsewhere. :)


I work at a Lowes in Texas. I see as many dogs in my store as people.

Seriously. I dont bring my pets to the store with me. I will never bring my fish to Walmart, I will never bring my cat to Whataburger. Why do people bring dogs to Lowes?

All *** day long...all laid out in the shopping carts like babies.

I *** hate people that do this and I usually wont offer them help. ***, LEAVE YOUR DOGS AT HOME!


I wish there was a share button. I would love to post this stupidity to Facebook and every other social network so they can get a good laugh.


I like dogs too, but Lowes is not a place to bring your pets. We had an incident where a shoppers dog bit a 6 year old as she walked past.

The girl was not trying to pet it.

She was just walking by the cart. Well now that shopper is facing a large lawsuit, and the shopper is hoping Lowes backs her up which they will not.


Its the policy. Get over yourself.

Im guessing that he probably doesn't hate dogs or woman.....just ignorance.

Just because you have been speeding down a road for 5 years and have not got caught doesn't change the speed limit.


Get over it. Leave the dog at home like most people do.

That thing they call a shopping cart is NOT a stroller for your dog, in fact, it just may be the next place I sit my toddler down in, so YAY for the Lowes manager, new or old, for abiding the Lowes policies. Take your dog to Petsmart.

This coming from a mother and a dog lover.


I'd sure like to know where Heartless works so I can avoid shopping there. Seem to be the kind of person I'd like to avoid.


Most retail places only allow Assistance Dogs in their stores. You're very foolish thinking you can bring your dog anywhere you want.

In most states dogs are banned from Parks, unless it's specifically a dog park. I voted for FUNNY! You're exactly the type of person I do not want to see when I'm working.

You think the world owes you everything and that you can act however you want and do whatever you want. Then when told NO you throw a hissy fit.




Why do you think its ok for you to take your dog into the store for anyways? Leave your dog at home.

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Lowes in Anaheim, California - Lowe's Warranty Service is HORRIBLE!

I bought a brand new washer and dryer from Lowes AND purchased their warranty service. What a nightmare! They hired some third rate contractor to come when after only 2 months my washer started acting funny. This guy shows up in a beat up Honda Accord with a tool belt on-and cant fix it-GO FIGURE! THEN-they say 3-5 business days for a part, I call after 3 business days of not hearing from them and they say another 7-10 business days. I called Lowe's to complain and all they said was "we can put in a request to expedite the part order-it may or may not get granted-and that request will take 2-3 business days. So, here I am with a almost new washer-a warranty service from Lowes purchased-and I have to do without a washer for 2 weeks???? Ridiculous! Don't waste your money or time-you would be better off to get someone to fix a non-warrantied machine off of Craigslist!
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If the washer is only 2 months old it is the manufacturer of the appliance that is providing the warranty service. You should be upset with them, not Lowes.

Most manufacturers contract with local repair shops to do their warranty work.

GE is the only appliance manufacturer that has their own network of factory repair shops. Unfortunately most people don't take the time to find out who will be doing the service work if their appliance should need repair when they are making the purchase.

@check your warranty

Wrong! Lowes sells the products and sells the warrantees!

They are responsible for the products and protecting their customers from problems like this! Have you ever read the receipt from a major appliance from Lowe's? It says that a "factory certified repairman" will service their appliances.

So don't give that ***! Lowes is so confident of their repair people, they better start standing behind their warrantees and making sure the repair people are confident!

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