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Extented Warranty from Lowes not Working

I purchased a Whirlpol washing machine from Lowe's in Leominster, MA in September 2012. I also purchased an extended warranty. On December 23, 2012, the machine stopped working. A&E (which is the local contractor for repairs) serviced the machine during the original purchase warranty. They have scheduled a repair, or been to the house five times Each time a service call is made from A&E, we have to travel a minimum of 2.5 hours to meet a repairman. Last Friday 1/18/13, the latest scheduled appointment (drove 2.5 hours), we got a call from A&E that they have to cancel the appointment. The repairman came the following morning, only to say that the part that had been order was defective and now they had to order it for a second time. This whole episode has been a disaster. No satisfaction from Lowe's, no cooperation from Whirlpool and A&E should not be a repair representative for any brand appliance. I asked for a new machine or a refund. How many times should a repair be attempted? Its been a month now and 5 visits. Still no working machine.
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What is with you people! OP just mentioned about the extended warranty but by no means blames it in regards to the problem at hand.

Then again, driving 2.5 hrs might be due to the fact that OP doesn't live at the house where the gadget was installed... what's so hard to understand?


I bet that Lowe's aware of their Whirlpool machines being a junk, yet they continue selling it.

That speaks volumes.


Next time, don't buy a Whirlpool machine, check the reviews online, buy a GE or Maytag.


I bought a maytag washer from Lowe's that is now 18 months old, and also broken. I am under Lowe's Service Advantage extended warranty, so I was under the impression Lowe's would make it right.

I've since had 5 service calls, easily wasted over 10 hours handling appointments and calls, and still no satisfaction. Lowe's keeps sending out service companies that cannot fix it, keep billing them, and yet, I have no working washing machine.

I have asked them to just replace it already, but there seems to be a long process of difficult hoops to jump through to be able to do this. I am really disappointed in Lowe's too


You need to understand what you are buying when you buy an extended warranty. The manufacturer warranties the machine for one year.

The extended warranty starts when their one year warranty ends. Your extended warranty will go into effect is September of 2013.

Your complaint should be with Whirlpool, not Lowes. Quit blaming the wrong people for your problems.


Your first mistake was purchasing a Whirlpool, second mistake was thinking that the Lowes extended warranty added some kind of extra coverage to the one year manufacture warranty. And what do you mean you have to drive 2.5 hours to meet the repair man yet you say they come to your home. Makes no sense.


An Extended Warranty only comes in to effect when the manufacture warranty expires. Seeing how it has only been a few weeks you're still being covered under the manufacture warranty not the extended warranty you paid for. Seeing how you lack such basic information or understanding it's clear you're causing the majority of the issues here.

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Lowes review in San Diego, California: Extended warranty issues

I purchased a Whirlpool Washer with a Lowes Advantage 4 year warranty.After about 15 months I started to have problems with the washer. Over the next 3 months I had service appmts approx 6 times finally averdict that they could not figure out what was wrong and I had not reached the repair threshold so now the confusion starts that eventually led to a partial allowance after another 2 and a half months went buy. The problem in the end was the lack of responsiveness of Lowes Corporate and the stalling, I believe hoping I would give up. I would not buy from them again, the aggravation and lack of real conern was just min d boggling and I would buy from a different stor like Bestbuy and try their extended warranty. Lowes is just not worth the aggravation and I have never experienced poorer customer service in my life.
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Same thing with my Lowe's Advantage extended warranty. Lowe's pockets the money and you are left on your own.

Lowe's does not care about its customers, they just want your money upfront.

It will hurt them in the long run though when people wise up and do not go back there to purchase appliances.

Learn from our not buy an extended warranty on any appliance from Lowes ever.


Did you ever read the conditions of coverage? The fact of the matter is that Lowe's has no obligation once the machine is in your home.

Our store (yes, I'm a part-time employee) will step in and help for a period for 4-6 weeks by replacing the units and dealing with the return ourselves. It is the manufacturer who holds the responsibility for repair (normally through and outside contractor) after the initial warranty period, the responsibility passes to the extended warranty company.

Calling and complaining to Lowe's will do no good, they are out of the loop, there is nothing at all that they can do.


Your wrong! Lowes sells the products and sells the warrantees!

They are 100% responsible for the problems to the products they sell! Because they do no stand behind the warrantees is what makes people mad and upset! That is not customer service!

When you are talking about washers and dryers you are talking about putting people in a huge inconvenience when they break down and they are not usable. You expect the company that sold you the product and the warranty to stand behind it, not go to a corner and hide!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@***ed Off

:eek Try this for a little better understanding of extended warranties. Lets say that you bought a car from Joe Blows auto, Joe does not repair vehicles but can supply you with a CONTRACT with an outside provider, AFTER THE Manufacturer's warranty runs out.

You have had the vehicle for 6 months and a problem arises, or 14 months to get it out of the manufacturer's warranty. You don't call Joe Blow and expect him to repair it. You call the people that you have a CONTRACT with. There is the source of your problem.

If you are dissatisfied with the contractors service or lack of service, the sue them in small claims court for every penny that you can think of. You don't complain about the guy that sold the dog that bit you, you go after the current owner for not taking care of their dog.


I also bought a maytag washer from Lowe's that is now 18 months old, and also broken. I am under Lowe's Service Advantage extended warranty, so I was under the impression Lowe's would make it right.

I've since had 5 service calls, easily wasted over 10 hours handling appointments and calls, and still no satisfaction. Lowe's keeps sending out service companies that cannot fix it, keep billing them, and yet, I have no working washing machine.

I have asked them to just replace it already, but there seems to be a long process of difficult hoops to jump through to be able to do this. I am really disappointed in Lowe's too


Good luck, Best Buy isn't any better.


I feel your pain. I am in the exact same situation now, although in Massachusetts. Good luck to you.

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Lowes review in Columbus, Georgia: Botched range installation

Lowes review - Botched range installation
Lowes review - Botched range installation
Lowes review - Botched range installation
Purchased a range and microwave in December. Installer COMPLETELY butchered the counter top when installing. Finally, after about 30 phone calls, negotiations and haggling....I received compensation for the cost of new counter tops....BUT NEVER AN APOLOGY! It was constantly a "I'm waiting to hear back from them" answer. No sense of urgency on their part. Terrible customer service!! See for's HORRENDOUS!! This was an installation that cost me $350, done by a "professional". It will now cost me approx $1000 to install new granite counter tops. I won't every go to Lowe's again...and I've made sure all my friends know too!
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Lowes is s great company . They should be suing you .

Since when is grantic made with wood such as your 50 plus years old counter tops .

You really should not have included the pictures . Just made yourself look *** .


Lowes should have told you no. Then when you get the better end of the deal you still are not happy.

That old junky counter top to Granite, pathetic. Oh and the issue wasn't the installer it was the fact your counter tops are at least 30 years old if not 40+


Those are laminate countertops in the picture. I know because we had the same exact counters in another house we lived in.

I understand being dissatisfied about damage being done to your home (we got no compensation or fact, we got victimized further by a large name plumbing company); however, I believe in being fair about complaints and what you expect.

The value of laminate and the value of granite largely differ and if they gave you granite countertops to replace laminate countertops and no apology and you have to put out 1,000 for installation then I'd be satisfied because those granite countertops add value to your home.


Your getting new granite counter tops?

In the picture is not new counter tops

much-less granite!

Why you griping?


Are you kidding?... I can't believe LOWES even went along with *fixing* anything on that awful looking countertop.

Now you have a NEW MARBLE countertop?... I think you got lucky! Lowes should have laughed in your face! YOU DEFRAUDED THEM!

HELLO? :eek :upset :cry :(


Right now Whateva, that counter top pictured is 20-30yrs old (***) press wood lam. You probably told the installed it was ok to damage it cause you were replacing it always.

And decided to Defraud LOWES. Shame on you.


Looks like African American work to me. No need to give Lowes a bad name :grin


I think Loews needs a website for *** customers. that counter top is over 50 yrs old and hand contact paper over top of it. I am Pissed at you, I do this kind of work and would have refused to install a new stove to that piece of *** screwed all of us not just Lowes :(


That is laughable. I don't think they owe you a thousand dollars.


Wow...I don't think that cheap counter is even laminate! Shame on you!

The only reason you got that money was because Lowes didn't want the aggravation of whipping your butt in court! Your counter was messed up & u deserved an apology, but you did NOT deserve that much money!!!!


Why are you complaining about an apology when you just raped Lowes into a granite countertop when you only deserved to get laminate as it shows in your picture. Installing a range would not "butcher" granite.

You do not deserve an apology for what you just swindled, you should be ashamed. And what's even worse, they probably passed that new countertop price onto the countertops company and they were not at fault. You disgust me.

It's people like you that take advantage of the retail industry by trying to get stuff for free, thus rising the price on the rest of us and putting sub-contractors out of business. Please respond to this, please.


My thoughts EXACTLY!!!!! SOOOOO obvious!!! OMG!!


This post is confusing. You said you needed to pay $1,000 for new granite countertops, while your photos show laminate counters. Granted, the installer should not have been more careful, however those are not granite counters.

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Lowes Installation

Lowes review in Clermont, Florida: Vet discount

My husband and I went to the Clermont store today and was told the ID card he has for a discount was no good at that store. His card is his discharge from the Army and he uses it at other stores and has never had a problem with it before. We want to know why this store is always giving vets a hard time about a 10% discount?? Could you please advise on this since if there is a problem with Lowe's the we will start going to Home Depot for all our needs., This was all said by the store manager.
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TO FED UP there once was a thing you young punks don't know about it was called the "DRAFT" you had a choice Jail Canada or do your time some of us old *** went because we lived in america and wanted to keep it free "not because we wanted to v sign on the line" but because it was what was required of Us so don't talk about siging on the line


A military discount is for active and retired military. It is also a gift and for you to complain about such a gift is arrogant and ignorant.

No military deserves a discount anymore than police officers or firefighter, but those stores that offer it do so out of the goodness of their hearts. Stop being so selfish and greedy.


:( from my understanding its policy. but i don't understand is why they have to call a manager to give the 10% and as a customer I have to wait sometimes 4 to 5 mins.

for someone to that time the line is forming :x give the override to the cashier. :zzz

@frustrated as ***

Because all discounts have to be manager approved to prevent unauthorized discounts. If you can't wait a few minutes then stop demanding the discount.


Also, Lowe's calls it a Military Discount, not a Veteran's discount. That's for a reason.

I agree with the other lady, it's a courtesy not something you're entitled to.

Thank you for serving our country but realize it's not something Lowe's or any other retailer has to provide.

You can find the MILITARY policy on


You should have a VA card, or a current or retired military ID. The discount is a courtesy not a right. Entitled much??


Lowe's gladly offers the discount with the proper id. PHOTO id either the current military ID, retired military ID or a VA card.

not the old paper discharge papers. Why don't you have one of the above?


To to Home Depot, they don't hassle you there.


Lowes used to give military discount using any military card and against their own policy. Now that they have GSA military contracts, the government requires them to only accept cards that reflect a 20 year retirement, or receiving VA benefits and must be HONORABLY discharged.

I bet you were told this and not just that they don't do it at that store. If you go to Home Depot it would be a blessing to the mimimum wage cashier who had to deal with your RANT. Go to Denny's on your birthday ang get a free breakfast, drink decaf and relax.

The server makes $4 an hour so make her day and tip her $5. Maybe God will give you a 10% discount on your SINS.


As a former Lowes mgr and currently a mgr for another retailer as well as a vet myself I find it insulting that customers would use their "vet" status to get a discount! Like most vets I signed the dotted line to serve my country not to see what kind of freebies I can get!

My thanks for your service should be enough. Get over yourself!


Better not go to Menards because they no longer have a military/veteran discount. It's the 3rd largest home improvement store just behind Home Depot and Lowes.

The reason they no longer offer the 10% discounts is because it's unfair to the other hard workers of this country who choose to be a police officer/doctor/teacher and so on.

I work with a few veterans and they think you're all tools coming on here complaining about a 10% discount. YOU DIDN'T JOIN THE MILITARY FOR A 10% DISCOUNT, GET OVER YOURSELF.


What gives you the idea that vets are entitled to a 10% discount. Doubt you can find anything in your enlistment or discharge papers that says stores have to give you a discount.

Be happy when you are offered a discount but quit *** when you don't get one. Vets have done a great service to the country but so do police officers, firefighters, teachers and on and on.

It seems that the only people to complain about not getting a discount are vets. Why is that?

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Lowes "Hassle free return" HOAX

In Oct '12, I purchased a Kobalt rolling tool bag from the Severn, MD Lowes store. After a few months of use, the lifetime guaranteed item broke a wheel and had sticking issues with the telescoping handle. In Jan '13 I went to the Glen Burnie, MD Lowes to exchange the damaged bag for a new one. The customer service associate asked me if I had a receipt or had the original form of payment (so they could look up the transaction in their system). It was supposed to be a HASSLE FREE RETURN -- Kobalt was definitely a LOWES item sold only at LOWES stores, so it seemed sensible that receipts and "My Lowes" purchase tracking was unnecessary should anything break under warranty. Boy was I wrong! Many years ago (probably 6 or more) I had returned an item without a receipt for a store credit, which is what I usually satisfied with doing, since I generally purchased something else in the store anyhow. Well, it appears they have changed their return policy and held a grudge against past receiptless returners by keeping a "Permanent black list" (as I was told by a Lowes Return Administrator). This time I was not allowed to exchange my item for a store credit (or even item-for-item) using my ID and they were unable to find the purchase on my Lowes credit card. My so-called "hassle free" return had become a major hassle and almost cost me a wasted trip to the store until my wife stepped up and exhanged it for me with her ID --- now she is black listed too by the intolerant and warranty dishonoring Lowes machine. Lowes stores have become too big for their customers' good and have lost touch with their customers' needs. I have purchased Husky tools from Home Depot before, but have never had the same rude disregard for honoring their guaranteed tools. I've always been able to exchange one broken tool for a new tool of the same kind without have to go through a formal return to a store credit and then repurchasing the item as was the case with Lowes. It should have been a simple exchange at Lowes - one item for one item - but leave it to Lowes to make it complicated.
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Return policies have gotten tighter because of people like you returning as you say "damaged" products. Warranties cover manufacturing defects.

Far too many people think things they damage are defective.

If you abuse a product and damage it there is no reason any store should be expected to replace it. Consumer abuse like this just drives prices up and causes businesses to be more restrictive in their return policies as a result.


Police were called on my wife when we returned mini fridge that was dented. The shopping cart attended did not like the fact that we left the packaging in the cart when we made the return.

He wanted her charged with littering. I couldn't make this up. Bad switches on Kobalt flashlights got me blacklisted years ago. Two out of three didn't work.

Bad Southwire voltage detectors and the list goes on. Punish the customer for bad products and service by blacklisting them and this is what happens.


I tried returning an unopened roll of exterior wire for which I had no receipt (for store-credit), had it refused at Lowes because told them it could have been bought 90 days ago!


I bought a Craftsman 1/2 ratchet , ten years ago. It finally broke, and i walked into Sears, told them issues.

They associate at the counter took the broken ratchet and gave me a refinished one, no questions asked. I was in and out in 4 minutes, now thats service.


Dear Anonymous Jan 14

Review #: 375038,

I very much appreciate your concern and understand your displeasure. Lowe's has certain policies associates need to follow. Please, don't take it out on the associate processing the return/exchange. Keeping the receipt and putting your purchase on the "My Lowe's" card will help facilitate the process and gets you , the customer, on your way faster. Registering your My Lowe's card will provide you with many benefits ( about 50 of them at this time). You can review all your purchases online when you log into your account.


There's a policy on the back of each receipt... READ IT! They aren't going to just give stuff away


Hassle free does not equate to just giving away their product. You could have stolen it, or bought it past the return policy.

Returns are a courtesy not a right, and Jesus Christ, people like you are what is wrong with this economy. KEEP THE DARN RECEIPT.


3 years later and you still sound like a Lowe's sycophant.Customers are going to HOME depot in mass exodus in my area 21061 .When Lowe's files bankruptcy papers because they have cavalier attitude towards customer service. And it's not just the return policy it's also incompetent manager's letting employees run amok.

In particular the paint dept at the severn Md store.

After I have spoken with a higher up I will return here and post what happened. I would add I'm a contractor that spends quite a bit of money, but unless they do something I will take my business elsewhere along with the 3 corporations (house builders)for whom I work.

Don't know if it's Lowe's policy or an individuals that just needs to be relieved of her duties,remains to be seen what the outcome is. As slow as this location is one would think they'd be better in areas of customer satisfaction and services.

insubordination can't possibly be tolerated and I have witnesses. Gotta go bloods boiling again because of ignorance.

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Lowes review: Nightmare Kitchen

In Feb 2012 we ordered a kitchen to be installed in March. That kitchen was fully completed at the end of December 2012. It took over nine months! The staff were incompetent from designer, to installation, to store manager and district manager.We were used as a guinea pig and Lowes made every possible mistake buidling our kitchen. All the store did was blame us, the customer, for all the mistakes done. This was supposed to be my dream kitchen. It turned into my nightmare. Nobody who has come into our kitchen over the last year will ever buy another product from Lowes. Their treatment towards us was disgusting and shameful.Furthermore, their exective customer service is a complete joke. Their final settlement amount was insulting, given all the nonsense they have put us though.
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Wish I read this first. LIving through your nightmare now. Lowes is the worst.


I am an Interior Designer and have used my local Lowe's as a subcontractor for my clients for years ... The customer SHOULD be involved and part of the process so there is a good experience. I have gotten to know the designers , the installer that I am comfortable with so any time I had a project it was great.

But I see it all the time people just waltz in, no appointment and have no respect for the designers time and Expect them to drop everything because they want a kitchen design . That's a red flag , non planning just spontaneous ... And starts off bad. Would you just show up at your doctors because you just decided you needed him to check something? NO! It sets the tone right there and the designers can feel ill at ease and plain uncomfortable and try to put on a happy face for this rude unreasonable potential customer that you wish would never come back . But then they do and you get what happens above .

NO ONE are mind readers and if things don't happen to your liking then it is your fault. For example if you say " I want a steak at a restaurant and a vegetable " and they bring you a sirloin medium well and green beans , and you respond saying " I wanted a filet medium rare and a baked potato , what's a matter with you people I will never eat here again!" It is your fault but if you argue about it because you can't admit you made a mistake you know you'll get a discount or get it for free!!

You are to be a responsible adult and ask questions and not assume because you have the final say . If you are difficult with people you get. 50% out of them because they may be afraid to mess up because you'll complain and made them nervousness ergo they mess up .

I don't know the whole situation but I think before someone complains they should have at least mention what they did as well but that will never happen . The blame is best to keep on one side I guess ... There are to many unanswered questions and unreasonable responses and sounds as if they just wanted to put it to bed . I find it hard to believe that no one apologised . Maybe they did but in a way you didn't understand.

The golden rule always works for me ! If you manipulate for personal gain it could come back to you 3-fold with repercussions !!! And if it was just a handful of people that caused problem did you ever think about why they could have done a bad job if they did ? Maybe they lost a loved one, Maybe they lost their home , maybe IRS is auditing them , maybe they are overwhelmed taking care of aging parents, maybe they had life savings stolen from them who knows the list could go on ,but they try to put on a happy face to please you and then you make it worse because all you care about is you at the end of the day and getting your way at whatever expense . But if they were that bad they would have been let go.

People today should compliment as often as complain but no one ever does !!!

I compliment as often as I can but if a problem arises I try in the beginning to make it an Opportunity to make it right not just a problem right off the bat.

I'm sorry you had your problem but I have worked with kitchen projects for over 25 years and anytime there is a huge problem it's because what I have stated ,,,

Get involved do research get to know the people you work with more people need positive approaches and see what happens ... My clients are great and they love The Lowes store as well ... God bless and be well


Unfortunately I wouldn't have any place like Lowes install a large project like a kitchen. I don't think their installers are necessarily the best.

We had a dishwasher installed by them and to be honest it was laughable at how inept they were. Our neighbor eventually finished off the job properly They took a large chunck out of our countertop. They asked if we wanted to be compensated for this and we said no.

We still buy basic items from them, but would never had anyone install an appliance. We use companies that have great reviews and professionals that are truly experienced.


Lack of detail in your post and the amount of spelling/grammar errors indicates you caused majority of the issues.


Judging by your response the same could be said about you. Change your name to Clueless.

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Lowes Installation

Lowes review in Decatur, Alabama: Lowe's Customer Survey

Went to search engine "www.Lowes". There were a number of hits, none of which allowed me to take the survey. On one hit, it started with some questions beginning with education and age. Among other things it asked what year I graduated from HS. (I had already checked that I was a college graduate and was "over 65". Then it gave me a list of options (dates), none of which was valid. (I graduated from HS in 1955 and graduated from college in 1959). The list of dates didn't go back that far! It also asked for my college GPR. Since we used a 3 point system instead of a 4 point system, I couldn't answer so I guessed! I tried all the hits on Lowes Survey. None allowed the survey.
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1 comment

It's amazing you found this website, it takes a lot more work than Lowes survey

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Lowes review in Charlotte, North Carolina: Racist place to work; for real.

Lowe's is a racist place to work and shop and if you don't care for racism especially where you spend your money, you should not shop there. Racism is ramped and encouraged and nothing is done about it because you spend your money there. I work there and I definitely know. I won't be specific but you have been there and you have seen it. You don't have to look very far. Just go in, be non-white and ask a few questions, especially to management and see how they treat you. I am saying this because it is true and I am sure that many of you have experienced this also.
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I'm sure you're a Colin kaepernick supporter as well.


I work for Lowes.

Simple as this



And what is ujp with the store name lowes it sounds like i got take load *** or something like that. At least home depot is nice sound lowes lowes.

I guess the *** *** CEO of lowes is so busy with making money he doesnt give *** about his employee or racist comments people have to get.

OHhhhhhh wait all CEO's are like that, that the world we live in capitalism if not early it late. i have waste my fuckign time type this *** *** lowes.


The only racist I have ever seen in Lowes are the minority customers. Every trip I have ever taken to any lowes I have witnessed a black either verbally abusing a lowes associate or treating them like they are their personal slaves.

The blacks will insult and degrade the associates until they are in tears. I have seen blacks stand over a white loader and call him a "cracker" and tell him to "hurry up white boy". I have seen blacks make a flooring associate load up 20+ cases of tile onto a cart while the black tells his female friend "bout time the white folk worked for us." Then the black "changed his mind" and made the associate load another 20+ case of a different tile onto another cart. This happened 4 times before the associate finally walked away.

The black then complained to a manager and said "your whitey flooring guy refused to help me." I have had black associates that work at lowes totally ignore me even when I asked where I could find an item. I even had one black cashier let 2 other black customers cut in front of me in line at checkout. When I was finally able to put my products on the counter for checkout she turned off her lane light and said it was time for her break and walked away. Had to get into another line to check out.

To prove a point I just called my local lowes and asked for a manager. I asked a simple question: "Can you explain to me why there are not more minorities working for your store?" The reply I received, after a long pause was, "Lowes is an equal opportunity employer but we do requires "all" (he emphasized all) of our perspective employees to submit to a drug test and background review." In my opinion the true racists are the blacks.

Whites are the victims of the some of the most hateful treatment by blacks. For the record, I am Hispanic from Peru.


Nope - never had a problem in Lowes at all - you are a ***


Yes ,my name is wendy from pa and my husband and I experienced this. The store was in monaca, pa.We walked in, asked if they could hold blinds and the manager said no.

No explanation no nothing!! Then I called to complain and learned that it's " mgmt discretion". Ok, so you tell ppl no based on their color?

Tired of the racist *** !! Guess I'll go to Home Depot!!!!


Just because it's "at the managers discretion" it's automatically racist?!! Do you know how ridiculous and uneducated that sounds??!!

People like you are what keeps racism alive today in this country!! You are ignorant!!


I'm glad I am not the only one. When I used to work there they rarely promoted people of color.

They would promote people of their own race first. I remember they hired a younger, less experienced, outsider of their color, as an ASM even though I applied first, and that outsider eventually called me a chinky looking mother

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Lowes review in Spokane, Washington: CUSTOMER SERVICE

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So you go into a "NEW" store and you expect the employees to be experts. For your information "NEW" stores hire a lot of "NEW" employees.

It takes time to learn new product and the locations of products in a large store. It's too bad that everyone isn't required to work in retail. If they did, people might realize that working in retail isn't as easy as they think.

Hope you never have to find a new job and have people expect you know every aspect of your job and company the day you start. Good luck to you.


First of all if they hire the right people you would not have this problem. So that seems to be a management type issue where they wanted some low paying person in that position and that is what they got.

@no name

Why are you shopping a Lowe's and Home Depot??? Maybe because they are less expensive than the independent, well established, home grown stores that have been in business for the last 25-30 years?

So you are the type of person that wants experience at a cheep price or is ti that you are just to lazy to do the research yourself? How do you know that you found the person with the expertize and not just a good ***-artist with a little bit of product knowledge at Home Depot? Did you get a full time customer rep? Part time?

Someone who works the entire store on the weekends? One final thing, is it really your expectation that all people in Big Box retail be an expert on all 44,000 different products in their store?

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Lowes review in Worcester, Massachusetts: Incompetent! BUYER BEWARE!

I've been dealing with these clowns for nearly 2 years. I’m in the process of replacing all windows in my home with Pella 850 series windows and new entry doors as well. To say my experience has been unpleasant is an understatement. Phase 1 windows were installed without incident. Overall I’m happy. The custom entryway door on the other hand was a mess. The installer needed to trim the floor back in order to get the door so sit plumb. I told him well before he started the install but he assured me everything would be fine as he has been installing doors for 20 years He didn’t. I wound up going back to Lowes and after nearly 8 months the problem was fixed. That was after I had the door manufacturer out here for an inspection. At the end of the day it was a bad install just as I had said all along. Lowes ultimate made good on it but not without a lot of my time researching and pulling all the pieces together. Of which I should have to do anyway. However... I also had them install a storm door. The problem with that was no sill extender on the custom entryway door. After Lowes came out to inspect... The deemed the door was installed properly. BS! Any fool would know that the wipers on the bottom of the storm door work correctly ONLY when they wipe across the sill. Not the case here. So the alleged Market Director for the Northeast deemed there were no problems. Of course not... You too sir don’t have the skills necessary to make those kinds of decisions. My research on you via the web proves that point! So now we move on to phase two windows. The window in the kitchen SHOULD have matched the bedroom window in terms of size. In other words I could take the screens from the bedroom window and install them in the kitchen window and vv. This is NOT the case now with the new windows. I told the installers from the very beginning that those two windows are the same size so please order the same size. They did not. This was their fault and the installation manager from the store refuses to acknowledge the issue. Why? HES NOT QUALIFIED TO WORK ON THESE TYPES OF PROJECTS! He was more interested in texting on his phone rather than listen to me. So we move on to the phase two window install. I advised the installer that the installation needed to match the phase one install. That means they are installed in a certain location. While going through the process he ripped off the jamb extensions and put his own on (now the paint doesn’t match). That friends should have been a red flag! The windows are NOT in the correct location and in fact they are off an inch. So now the brick molding on that side of the house doesn’t NOT match the front of the house. To make matters worse, the windows are not the right size. They had to shim the rough opening by .75 / side in order to get the window to fit correctly. It gets worse... The basement windows did not have the right jamb extension. While close is size (WHICH I might add should have been another red flag) was still off 1/4". So what did that mean? That had to put a .25 face plate on it all around. Additionally in order to get the windows installed they had to put 2.5" shim on the top and bottom... That’s right! TWO AND A HALF inches of shim top and bottm. WTF?? His exuse? The manufacturer made the wrong size window. REALLY? Are you *** kidding me??? They effed up on either the measurement or Lowes ordered the wrong size. I suspect a combination on the two. To make matters worse the windows are not plumb. In fact they are out 1/4 from top to bottom. Additionally Lowes did not order sash pulls. How the EFF am I to open the windows? The market director for this area is clueless. He called after I filed a complaint and said we'll get the building inspector out there to take a look. We'll also get the sash pulls installed as well. HELLOOOOO The windows are NOT the right size. He would hear none of it. Again... He's not qualified to make these kinds of decisions. For all you consumers out there looking for windows and doors? If you aren’t going to do it yourself then go to a company who specializes in those types of products. After reading many posts on line (some not legit but others are) I'm here to tell you that the installers they employ are there because no one else would hire them. TO be fair... I’m sure that’s not always the case but the ones I've been dealing with are hacks and really don’t give a rats *** about you. You're just another customer that put money in their pocket. Do your homework. I wish I had found this site sooner! I was assured by many that Lowes does a wonderful job. Yep! They do a wonderful job at taking your money, not backing up their work thus screwing the consumer.
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