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Sorry *** service | Lowes review from Kinston, North Carolina

I special ordered a door I was told it would take 21days that was fine I finally get my call 23 days later I go to pick up door at customer service Debra was nice as she called a code 50thats for someone to fetch the door fro m it's special bin I wait 30mins and watch the manager and several others talk while the one guy actually working with someone had to go get it Willie nice guy brought me the door I sighed the dam papers so I could take out my door as I was leaving I'm approached from a unidentified employee to stop me and tell me I can't just walk out with my special ordered door with my receipt and my name on the dam door then the employee pulls out his little coat and says he's got to call someone and I told him I had already been through all this he was persistent to be a *** and then the manager comes up and of course no dam help either so I told the to take the 464 dollar special ordered door and give me my money and I begin to show my *** they just give me my receipt and tell me I could go how ***
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It is Lowe's policy to ensure that all items been accounted/signed for before leaving the store. Often customers go wandering while their order is being brought to the front, and when it is chaotic, anyone could walk off with your order. I am sure that would of been worse than being asked for proof of purchase, yes? Then someone could of walked out, and you'd of been mad that no one visually verified that he had a receipt, and a correct one for that particular item. Can't win either way it seems.

Since you used the term unidentified, I am going to take an educated guess that it was the store's Loss Prevention. Employee's have every right to request a receipt. Unless they were standing there watching you sign, they would not know.

As far as the 30 minute wait - you would understand if the saw the receiving areas. There are shelves to the ceiling, and often times if they are high up, there are items on the floor that need to be moved with a pallet jack. It's not like we sit there fooling around in the back so you can wait longer.

Patience is a virtue.


It's a vest, not a coat

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Lowes Manager

Shower Valves | Lowes review from Chalmette, Louisiana

I purchased a shower valve from Lowes about 3 months ago as my builder had asked me to. It had to be a one valve unit rather than a 2 or 3 because it is specified in the building code. These are always trash but very expensive anyway. So 3 days ago I got the permit to move in. I got in the shower, turned the water on and it was spraying out of the valve in the wall. I cut the sheet rock out of the back but sure to stud placement and it being soldered in it was not assessable, so I had to go break out the tile, backer board, and green rock. I pulled the valve apart and took all the prices except the manifold to Lowes. When I got there I realized it had been 3 months and I did not have the receipt so I just wanted to buy a new valve body. They told me they had no way to look it up, no idea what kind of valve I had and unless I could provide the exact day of purchase there was nothing they would do. They did tell me I could drive 20 miles access town and get one from a plumbing supply house. After spending a whole day going from supply house to supply house to no avail i called the Plumber who cut a large hole in my tile about 20 inches square because he had to access 2studs to replace the green board and backer board with any strength, then will need to tele the area after putting in a new valve. Then they have to go patch the sheet rock, match the texture and repaint in the office, all because Lowes doesn't carry supplies or even a book to identify what they sell. They also avoid Abby responsibility by not saving your purchases under your phone number so if you Donny know the exact day, they can't find your purchase record.
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you obviously did not use your MYLOWES card. please drop by and sign up for your MYLOWES card so the next time the valves leaks, you can buy a replacement valve and use the parts from that.

You can purchase the new valve with your LOWES CREDIT card and get 5% off too. Thank you for shopping at LOWES


Do you think you can pull the valves out of the engine of you car and take them to a dealer or auto parts store and expect to get the right ones without knowing the year, make and model of the car? Pretty slim chances.

Why would you expect a retail store to know what your parts came out of just by looking at them?

As you can see from going from one plumbing supplier to another and having no luck there either you might have unreasonable expectations of Lowes to know what you need. It is not the responsibility of a retailer to keep track of your your receipts.


No one could of said it better.

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Written up for leaving work ON TIME?! | Lowes review from Springfield, Missouri

Today I was informed by a head cashier that I was written up the night before for, "not letting the ASM know I was leaving." I was unaware that myself and the ASM was married and I had to let him know when I leave every day. I was scheduled until 9:30 at night, and I expect to leave at that time. Funny thing is that I didn't actually leave "on time," I left at 9:45. I have been treated horribly there for over a year now and something is about to go down. There will be a scene that will make the whole company look bad.
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I will not be filling an application nor shopping there for most anything i can get the lowest price on pretty much everything at menards and the best quality at homedepot and its either quality or price example wire its all the same in terms of standards or plumbing then we have stuff like the brackets to mount a 2x4 across your backdoor they are much thicker wider and accept much bigger screws at homedopt so when quailty matters go for the best double the price but not gonna go to lowes for a halfway to save 2 dollars not to mention they have issues with orders they screw it all up likely at the payment center leaving you with no option to debate once you sign the papers with all the apreviations that nobody can understand home depot you can compare part numbers and such no 22''lng 35 in dp-3/4 counter then they tell you ya that is 22 feet long and then they deleiver a sliver of a counter and charge you for 22 feet i have heard a few stories like that


Totally know what you mean. I wasted 6 years of my life at Lowes. One of the most messed companies I have ever worked for.


Go right ahead and embarrass yourself. More than likely you got written up because you left late, without authorization.


I left late because they lock the doors at night and I couldn't leave on time. And I actually won't be the one embarrassed. I will just let them know why nobody at the entire likes it there and how *** their operations there are.


you are an ***

@ha ha

haha, you're a *** and apparently haven't worked at Lowe's. Go choke on a ***. (directed toward Tampa, Florida person)^

@ha ha

You people must be ASM's since your laughing about this. Bunch of *** I quess.


If the store was closing at 9 and you were scheduled until 9:30, then you need to bring it to the Head Cashier and/or ASM's attention and ask if you could leave early at 9 or stay until 10. Head Cashier has to go through the ASM anywayss for approval, but it is polite to ask to ensure that she doesn't need your help after close.

It is store policy that no one leaves alone, so I am betting that is why you did not get out at your scheduled 9:30 leave.

I have never heard of any of my cashiers being written up for leaving late, but it does not entirely surprise me. I would approach HR and your ASM about it and ask how they expect you to get off at 9:30 when the store closed at 9 and didn't let you out until 9:45 when I am assuming everyone else that worked the closing shift left as well.

@Prior CSA

I got two words for ya! LOWE`S BLOWES!!!!!

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Lowes Cashier
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Deceptive Incentives | Lowes review from Hickory, North Carolina

I received a promotional "spend $50 and get $10 off/spend $250 and get $25 off" with cards attached to present to the cashier. We spent $337.94 and I gave the girl the card, first she said she couldn't use that, but then took it. When I looked at the receipt, all I was given was 5% off - which I always get for using my credit card. When I called, what I was told by a Customer Service clerk AND a Customer Service Supervisor, is that Lowes does not allow you to "stack" discounts. What? Her explanation is that it's on the flyer AND on the website so I should have known. So, the promotion said come in and use this - but they don't really mean it! It's pretty close to fraud to me - make the offer look good and people don't read the really really fine print and oh, they should know because it's on the website. Why bother to send it out! Oh, I know, because most people don't even look! NEVER GOING TO LOWES AGAIN!!! Cut up my card.
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They are still doing it almost 3 years later. Checker only mentioned it after transaction complete.

Maybe people don't care but I would guess they have lost more customers and have come out on the losing end. The stores are never very busy.


I TELL THE CUSTOMERS IF THEY HAVE SAY TEN ITEMS TO BUY,BUY EACH ITEM SEPARATELY WITH THE LOWES CARD AND GET 5% OFF EACH ITEM. THAT WOULD TOTAL 50%. but do it at different stores or different casheir because lowes will catch on to you soon.


You know that's incorrect right? It would still be 5% off the lump sum... 5% off each item equal 5% off the total amount.


Then I would have to ask YOU why would You keep shopping at Lowes?


Promotions are to get people into the store. Why should they stack?

Legally it's not fraud if it clearly stated somewhere on the promotion it is not useable with other discounts. Why you so angry about a minor discount? Stores need to make money!

If they don't make money they shut down and you no longer have anywhere to shop but WALMART.


If they had told the consumer at the register --either get the 5% with the card or this promotional discount then of course this misunderstanding would not have happened! I received coupon for them that MENTIONS NOTHING about stacking of discounts as we also qualify for a 10% DVA discount I went in to buy a dryer and was told I could not even THOUGH IT DOES NOT SAY that the discount cannot be used with the coupon and vice versa.

The mark up on the dryer is such that deep discounts can be given and they make more then their required margin. So I won't be shopping at Lowe's any longer.


It may have been in the fine print on the coupon or in the terms of your credit card, but I will agree that the cashier should have said something. Most stores will say, "You can either use your Lowe's card and get 5% off, or you can pay a different way and use the coupon, which is more to your benefit."

Keep in mind that, at least by me, since they are literally across the street from each other, Lowe's and Home Depot will accept each other's coupons. So Lowe's should not have kept your coupon if they only gave you the 5% discount for using their card and disallowed use of the coupon - then you could at least go use it at Home Depot.

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Lowes Advertisement

Taskforce TF1600 power washer is garbage ! | Lowes review

It happened this morning. I start to power wash the side of my house and the power washer does not work. I only used it two times prior to this and it was well taken care of. The motor does not fire up and it continually trips the breaker on the plug . I am not even going to try to call the manufacturer on this based on the response others have had with the same issue. Basically, From now on I will just go to Home Depot . Maybe they care more about what they sell to people . Lowes ?....YOU'RE OUT !...And I'm out 150 dollars !
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Don't buy this product. Used rarely over two years, stored properly, dragged it out today.

No pressure.

WTF. What I get for going Task Force.


OH YEAH, same here. TWO TIMES!

First the GFI plug

played out....ordered a new one. Ran it for 20 minutes and the HOSE EXPLODED.

By the time I order the hose and add the price of the plug...I could have bought another one, but I WOULD NOT! TOTAL JUNK!


I bought a paper towel holder and it worked great for about a month. Then it totally fell apart and I blame Lowes for it.

Because of my paper towel holder incident, I will be shopping at Home Depot as well. Lol. Funny.

If you are not going to do anything about it, why are you complaining. You bought the cheapest product, what did you expect!!


What does it matter if it costs a dollar or a hundred dollars??? You got money to throw away like an *** then toss it this way!


Home Depot has a great return policy.


Taskforce, aka Trashforce is junk. Do your homework before you buy.


Your problem is buying cheap pieces of garbage from big box stores! Shop local and dont waste your money on an electric pressurewasher.

Water and electric? Sounds smart, right?


wow !'re a genius !


Yes, a genius! Wow!

Water and electric! Who would have known??? I'm going to sell all my vehicles RIGHT NOW! GAS and electric!

even worse!!! Derrrrrrrrr.

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Wrong paint color for two rooms | Lowes review from Greensboro, North Carolina

Painted a child's room. The color is a light pink. Ran out of paint with the second coat, so had to go to Lowes to get the same color just for another gallon, to do the second coat. Paint the room, and we wait for it to dry. Take the wallpaper off the walls in the kitchen. We get green paint to cover up where the wallpaper was (went to Lowe again). Paint and wait for it to dry. Go back and check both the child's room and the kitchen are screwed up. Both times Lowes screwed up. Never going for paint there again. Best part it was the same lady who filled both paint cans.
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Same thing second gallon one day later and it was totally a different color. Blue undertone not tan.

Pissed! Re-taped and repainted everything and I had to re-hvlp an entire wall. The return person almost didn't give me a refund on the $27 paint when it was going to cost me $20 in materials and two days of my time to redo.

Loews machinescant make two consistent cans of paint. AVOID


now if you used your my lowes card. we would be able to mix the same color to match.

drop by and sign up today. never stop improving


You should have brought something painted with the original color. Usually it is a good idea to keep the stirrer so they can color match it.

Otherwise, the paint can be a little different but covering the wall with a second coat should have prevented any of the original color showing through. They will give you your money back if you show them the problem.

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Lowes Hassle Free Online Shopping -- True Lie

I purchased two "allen + roth" lamps from Lowes. One was fine, but the 2nd one didn't contain all the parts. I called the 866 number on the installation guide. They never heard of the lamp (seriously, they didn't know about a lamp they were supposed to support). I called Lowes customer service. I got a lot of apologies, but the customer service person wanted to know what store I ordered it from. I didn't order it from a store--I ordered it online. Now I'm waiting for someone to call me from a store I never visited. And Lowes online ordering is supposed to be 'hassle free'. I'll never order anything from Lowes again!
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Lowes Installation

Worst customer service | Lowes review from Cleveland, Ohio

Bot a BBQ grill. Went back next day to get it. Waited 45 min and no help. Finally called the mgr while I was in store. It wasn't ready so I asked if they could deliver it. He didn't offer but told me it would be delivered this afternoon. Just caught the delivery guy putting notice on my door that they tried. Didn't ring doorbell, call me and it was supp to be later today. Called mgr. Havent been back and no follow up. They SUCK!!!! Just not worth the frustration. Their level of incompetence is appalling and they have no remorse
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lowe's #685 the one on Pearland Texas is the worst customer service I ever have in my life This store need and ...deep change on their employee some of the employe are good but from manegment the way to the employee ?????????????????????? :cry :( :sigh


Want to know what sucks? YOUR SPELLING!

Bot, you cant be serious... Bought is the correct spelling.

I hope you realize that 3rd graders know the difference between bot and bought.


You need to keep your comments to yourself! This site is for people to voice their complaints and they don't need someone acting like a school teacher telling them their spelling is bad!

This person has every right to post anything they want and if you don't like it, too bad.


He/she has the right to post whatever they want? AND I DON'T?

Are you really that STUPlD? This website is designed for anyone to post as they see fit.

If people can't handle a swift and just response they probably should reconsider posting anything anywhere on the internet. If you can't post a proper argument odds are you're the one causing the issue to begin with and have nothing to be pissed about, unless of course you're pissed at yourself.

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Factory-Certified Repairman are a Joke! | Lowes review from Cedar Rapids, Iowa

My front load washer that is barely 2 years old stops working after shaking so violently that it moved off its location! called warranty company-they send out repairman a week later, he only looks at it for 5 minutes and was rude to my daughter and leaves. he orders parts and 3 of the parts (large tubs) sent directly to our house from manufacturer another week later. Called repair place and repairman comes out and says that one of the parts is ordered wrong then my husband pointed out that the counter weights were destroyed and the repairman had no clue about it! He never checked it the first time! So now we have to wait another week to find out that all the parts to be ordered has now put the warranty over the threshold and Lowes will refund the amount paid for the washer. Anyone see a problem here? I have been out of a washer for a month, I paid for a warranty that did me no good. Had an in confident repairman to deal with who if he would have checked the washer out in the first place would have saved me at least 2 weeks! I am not enjoying going to the laundromat every week and spending extra money on washing my families clothes. Then I have factory parts sitting at my home that the repairman won't pick up!!! Wow Lowe's, this experience really makes me want to come back to your store! NEVER again will I purchase any appliance from Lowe's!
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Dr. Phil where are you???

I haven't seen the mean personal attacks you are talking about. Personal attacks would get into why you are living with 4 adults and 4 kids. If the other adults you live with won't help around the house why have 4 kids...those subjects get into personal attacks. The subject has to do with products that were purchased and the expectations of those products and the stores that sold them.

An unfortunate part of retailing is that a store can not say NO, you can't buy this product, it is the wrong product for you. I don't work for Lowes but have sold washing machines. There isn't a salesperson around that would recommend a $499 front load washing machine to anyone with 8 people in the house. At $499 you are looking at an low capacity entry level machine.

I would expect with a machine at this price level you are very possibly washing in excess of 20 loads a week... far more than a machine at this price level was meant to handle. Had you spent closer to $1000 you would have purchased a machine with a larger capacity that would wash the loads faster and be built with heavier duty materials. I understand that money may be a factor with a family this large but don't expect an entry level machine to handle the work you are expecting it to do without problems.

As far as Lowes is concerned at least they sold you an extended warranty. If they hadn't, you would have a machine that didn't work and large repair bills you would have to pay. In this case you will be getting a full refund on a 2 year old machine,,,sounds like a good deal to me. Yes Lowes made a profit (a very very small one) and are entitled to it.

They provided and delivered a washing machine and when it broke the warranty company took care of the problem as it was spelled out in the warranty. Repair was attempted but when it became too expensive they refunded the cost of the washer.

@Dr. Phil.....

I think the lack of intelligence is really starting to show! Oh my, you cannot READ!

I NEVER said I had a family of 8!!! Try reading what wrote and you will see I said I had a family of 4 adults and A small child. Gee when I went to school 4 plus 1 equals 5!!!! WOW!

Not only do I have to explain things in simple english, now I have to give a math lesson too? So also personal attacks are coming into play. What size my family is none of your business! Also you know everyone is getting off the subject of why I wrote the post in the first place!

I wrote the post because I felt that the so-called repairman was completely inconfident and caused more damage than repair because he never fixed anything and didn't do his job. Then proceeded not to take back the extra parts he left behind and was really rude about it. So all the talk about the warranty is really not even a subject anymore.

Its no ones business but mine what compensation I am getting or not getting. Also since you can't read, your comment was meaningless.

@***ed off

i am behind you 100%. lowes service once they get the sale is just not there.

keep in mind what the sales rep is paid. keep in mind what the contractor gets paid.and by the way they DO NOT get paid for the return visit. when you know this you will then see what this warrenty thing really is. you get what you pay for.

go to a local dealer and DO NOT buy any warrenty.

And another thing. Dr Phil who responded to your post more than likly IS an appliance associate.

who at the present time is getting no sales because consumers are reading these posts and have experienced this at lowes before. only a fool will be burned twice.


It seems like this website is a great place to post your complaints. It is also a great place to see reactions to those complaints.

It gives a perspective from both sides of the subject.

Neither perspective should have a greater right to post as "pissed off" would suggest. Retail workers and stores have just as much right to defend their opinion as consumers have to post theirs.


you can say anything you want on the subject, but I tell you what. Hearing the comments from the retail workers like this - I would never want their service when I walked into their store!

What a joke! I hope you don't treat customers the same way you treat people who post on this site! I worked retail for a long time, I know and I understand how workers are treated by the public, but that does not mean that I take my fustrations out on innocent people who post on this site who are just trying to vent and air out their problems and make a voice for themselves on the issue. It should be a site that other people comment to say things like: hey, that happened to me too, or thank you for the information, I will know this information if this same situation happens to me.

Not the violet attack comments that are put on almost all posts throught the site!

This site stinks and the people who are commenting are making it worthless to anyone who posts!


You can't leave it alone, can you! What the commentors don't have a right to do is to have personal attacks!

And that is exactly what I have found on this site and on my post! If the comments are coming from retail employees, they need to vent somewhere else, because it is ruining the site. I wonder what their store manager's would think if they knew they were doing this! I don't think they would appreciate it!

If that is the way they treat their customers, I would hope they get fired, because they are rude and completely have no idea what they are saying or even care. Remember, customers are always right!

If the retail workers don't enjoy their job (which it sounds like to me) get a different job!!!!!!!!!

@***ed off

The customer is not always right and consumers need to understand that. Not saying you are or are not right, geez, I would not want to get attacked if I thought you were wrong, but you are wrong by saying the customer is always right, and you know that.

I do not work retail, but saying someone needs to go out and find a new job,'s not the easiest thing to do at this time. Just let it be.

Someone always disagrees with what you say on this site. You could say you love Lowes and would get attacked.


How did anyone hide behind a warranty? Warranties are there to provide a specific remedy to a problem.

They provided the ultimate remedy to the problem of a machine that has failed and gave you a refund. The warranty is there to spell out what they will do for you and they did it. Why do you feel they need to do more for you? If you felt the warranty wasn't "fair" to you, why did you make the purchase?

If you wanted a warranty that assured instant repair or replacement and compensation of your inconvenience you shouldn't have bought the machine from Lowes. As a consumer you need to take some responsibility for what you buy. If you didn't take time to understand what you were buying it is your fault, they didn't hold a gun to your head and force you to buy.

It's great to have a website like this to show that some people have very unreasonable expectations of what they deserve. :cry :cry :cry


your rude comments are extremely unwelcome and absolutely no help to the issue. What you think is not necessarily is what everyone thinks and the way you put it, you think the whole world should think the way you do.

Do your self a favor and respect other peoples thoughts and opinions.

I am done talking to ignorant people like you that have no idea what they are talking about and are only on this site to critize and harass people. Go get an education and get a good job and leave people on this site alone!


What you don't understand that is this is not a perfect world and things don't always go your way. Yes, we would all love to have products that never break and cause us inconvenience.

Unfortunately thing do break and aren't always fixed the same day. No, you do not deserve compensation because you had a little inconvenience in you busy life. Your warranty was fulfilled when they agreed to refund your purchase price, your contract didn't call for any extra money to be paid for your inconvenience. You need to learn to deal with the problems that happen in life.

Be happy that you have a home to live in rather than living on the street or in a homeless shelter and worrying about where your next meal will come from....make a few trips to the laundry mat seem trivial. :) :) :)

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Lowes Warranty

CSA 4 | Lowes review from Missoula, Montana

On 3/20/13 I was fired by Lowes which I have worked for 5 years for protecting the honor of a female employee. Of course the Dept MNG who caused the incident & then started the gossip around the store is still there much to the surprize of most employees. I do the right thing & pay the penelty for it. I'm 62 years old & will probably never be able to get another job. So on welfare I'll go & let thr rest of america pay for it. After 40 years of retail selling I get penilized for being a gentleman.
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The same thing happened to me, I was fired also for nothing, I had been harassed by two co-workers for years, I was wrongfully terminated, I can not find a job, but the store manager that fired me, a month later he got fired, Lowes does not care anything about it's employees, I have never seen any company like Lowes, they hate their employees and want them gone if they have been there for 5 years or more, the only managers that get to stay at Lowes are the ones that are as hateful as the upper management, Lowes open door policy is a joke and used in a way to find people that complain so they can fire them. Lowes is going down hill fast and will soon be in very serious financial trouble, indications show that they are now hurting right now and that is why they are laying off so many people and so many complaints and lawsuits against them, look at "Lowes Lawsuits" on the internet and see just how many that they are, it is amazing how Lowes can have so many lawsuits in the past few years since the previous CEO left, the present CEO is running the company in the ground.


Sorry to hear this. I to am 62 years old and don't think Lowe's is the only company out there that treats employee's bad.

I too am being taken advantage of by my boss because he knows I have no where to go and I won't quit because that would screw up my pension.

These kids they hire as managers do not realize that one day they will be old and how would they feel receiving the same treatment. Good luck whatever you do.


I work for a competitor of Lowes. I stood up for an injustice a clear wrong in our system.

Instead of management fixing the issue I was being threatened about being fired. The management in any store like this is typically uneducated and horrible leaders. The sad part is they have way too much power too and they don't know how to use it.

Most of them just use it for personal gain and speaking out against it just gets you in trouble.


Sorry to hear this. Yes, you will be lucky to find another job.

What "goes around, comes around" and the Dept Mgr. will get his due.

You can go to regional, district or corporate with support from others in the store. Give it a shot and hope the best for you, from one old guy to another.


Good advice. 14 years @ Lowes.

Have had good, poor & bad managers.

The bad ones do eventually get their due. It just takes a loooong timmmmme!


I just came across this posting while searching for complaints about Bobs Discount Furniture. I'm sorry to read your experience at Lowes.

At 62 years old it was sad to hear of this. I do wish you all the best. I hope you consider possibly fighting this issue. I believe in honesty, karma, and other employees standing up for each other.

Reach out to your fellow employees for some help. After all it could be them one day.

Your friend on Long Island

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