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Garden Center | Lowes review from Los Angeles, California

Me and my husband are both disabled. We were in the garden center and asked for assistance. We waited more than 20 minutes and no one ever showed up to help us. My husband advised the cashier I had talked to and told her no one ever assisted us. All she said was "oh," and proceeded to call someone. My husband told her that we no longer needed assistance as he couldn't stand any longer and we just left. Lowe's employees need to understand that when a disabled customer requests assistance is because they can't do it themselves. We will shop at Home Depot as they have always assisted us with what we need.
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I have been to both Lowes and Home Depot and it is like night and day, Lowes employees are rude, hateful,disrespectful, and their moral is very low. Home Depot's employees are friendly, helpful, and treat you with respect. If it wasn't for the employees working for Lowes and their jobs, I would hope Lowes goes bankrupt and the management end up homeless because they deserve it.


The fact with Lowes is that the store is always short handed and most of the employees that they hire now do not know anything or they are lazy. Lowes not care about anything but the bottom line and the numbers.

they say they have an open door policy but it is a joke, the employee opinion surveys for the company have been going down drastically in the past few years because the managers abusew the employees so much, you can read the same thing all over the internet from so many stores about the abuse and unlawful firings that they have. To get ahead at Lowes you have to have no morals at all and you have to not care about people at all. That is Lowes new future plan, customer does not matter and you must not have any feelings for other human beings, they plan to implant chips in all there employees soon to shock them if they are nice to people and if they care about others. Lowes will soon be a company that used to exist, bankrupted because they did not care and had no heart.

Home depot is seeing this and re-training their people to compensate for Lowes lack of humanity in their stores. Shop at Home Depot the employees there are human beings and not abused monsters like Lowes are.


I agree bad service is never acceptable but get all the facts before you try to get someone fired which is what complaining to the manager can do. If you can not wait leave and go somewhere else.

You have the right to do that. But please do not place say all disabled people are like the poster. I to am disabled and I have a job and go to work everyday rather then live of the taxpayers. Not once have I used the disabled card in any store.

I feel regardless of your disability you should be able to do for yourself and not expect everyone to do things for you. If I can't stand long enough for the person to help me I will sit in the front of the store on the chairs they provide for their customers and let the service desk know I am sitting their and need help.

People will be more apt to go out of their way for you if you are nice. You do not sound like a nice person to begin with.


Being fat and lazy does not count as a disability,,Look at the 500 pound heifers riding around Walmart on those scooters and paying for their slop with food stamp cards,,,, :p


Whether you are disabled or not you may have to wait for service in a big box store. They have a minimal staff and those people may be tied up helping other customers.

Just because they are paged doesn't mean they are going to ignore the customer they are assisting and come running to you. Another fact is that what you may call 20 minutes may well have only been 5.

Most times when a store manager investigates a claim like this by reviewing the security tapes they find the customer has only been waiting a few minutes rather than the 20 to 30 minutes they claim. :cry :cry :cry


Disabled? The word for I'm a lazy phatfvck who can't do anything for myself?

My mom is legally disabled yet she would never behave in this manner. What I mean by that is she wouldn't act all entitled and mighty. She wouldn't post on a online forum crying about something she didn't have all the facts about. She would have eventually just did it herself!


After helping 1 2 3 4 5 6 who knows how many others you forget about that page. YOU CAN SOMETIMES SPEND UPWARDS OF 30+ MINUTES WITH JUST 1 PERSON. BE patient, find someone else! Don't just stand around going I'm disabled I can't believe this.

DO FOR YOUR *** SELF! It's one thing to be disabled it's another thing to use it as a crutch to be lazy....Most people wouldn't even be disabled if they properly took care of themselves when it came to health and fitness.


I have so much more I would love to add to this topic. I forget that you disabled people know everything!

You would never forget about a page that just happened a few minutes ago when you are being bombarded by questions! I would like to add other possible thing occurred. A fair amount pages go unheard. At least once a month we page our manager and he doesn't respond, want to know why?



John N

It doesn't matter if you are crippled or not, there really is no excuse for this kind of service. I would have gone straight to the manager's office and complained.

I urge you to at least send an email to Lowe's corporate and tell them what happened.

They might just forward it to the Lowe's store manager, but they really need to know someone has fallen down on the job. You might want to try Home Depot or Menard's.

@John N

email and tell him what happened to you, he may help you, maybe!!!!!!!

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Garden Center | Lowes review from Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Lowes no longer accepts military discounts using DD214. We were advised on 3/17/13, that Lowe's has a new policy that a veteran must have a pictured ID (which means 20 yrs of service of retired from the military). This is a disgrace to all other veterans that haave served this great nation. There are so many veterans who have served this county and have come home injured an unappreciated. This is a slap in the face to all veterans who have not been able to retire with 20 years of service. They have received a Honorable Discharge and Lowe's elects to disorder these honorable vets who have fought for our country. Join us in shopping at Home Depo where they continue to honor the DD214's!!!
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Lowes is in financial trouble and the managers at corporate are getting their bonus cut, so they have to make up for it by cutting discounts at the stores, but hang on Lowes will soon be bankrupt and we will get a better home Improvement store chain. Read all the complaints about Lowes and all the lawsuits on the internet, when you treat people with the worst disrespect imagineable you will eventually pay for it.


Per Lowes Military Discount Policy which has never changed since they started offering it. The 10% every day discount is offered to active military, active military dependants, retired military, disabled veterans.

Therefore the only acceptable proof of services are: Active/dependant cards(not expired), retired military cards, VA cards. The discount is opened up to all veterans on 4th of July, veterans day, memorial day.

As was previously stated, the 10% discount is a GIFT not a right given by lowes. Lowes is a buisness and has the right to protect its margins by limiting who it CHOOSES to give a discount to.


First I want to thank you for your service. But I do need to remind you what you fought for.

You fought for our freedom to live in a free society. Lowes does not have to give discounts to anyone. That is their freedom which is what you fought for.

Just like it is your freedom to say Lowes sucks. Just remember the reason you fought is the concept that all men are created equal.


MENARDS a competitor of Lowes Doesnt even offer a military discount anymore. They stopped offering it because they figured the military is not special, it's just a career choice.

Teachers/Fireman/Doctors/Surgeons/Police officers don't get a discount why should you?

I work with two guys in the military both of them think people like you are a disgrace. YOU DIDN'T JOIN THE *** MILITARY FOR A 10% DISCOUNT.


You're complaining about $4.00? They've probably had people scamming them for a discount. That's why they changed their policy.

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JUNK FLOORING | Lowes review

Company=Manufacture keeps changing the name of this flooring to fool the consumer.. AND LOWES =Home improvement??? sells a ton of it(((because it cost pennies per sq foot))) and LOWES= knows what this product does.REPS sent out always blames the home for temp change and moisture for the flooring buckling,warping lifting,separating ETC.. I've been installing ALL types of flooring(over 37 years) and NEVER came across such an awful product as this.. And the home owners and installers are paying the price because it HAS TO be REMOVED because of all the damage it causes... BUYER and installers BEWARE of this type of flooring
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educate yourself dude, wood floors dont warp, buckle, lift by themselves, it only takes a small amount of moisture to cause this. live on!!!!

@leave it

Ya but your not smart.. and you know nothing about flooring little missy :grin

@leave it

Ya,there is never temp change or moisture in a home... So what your saying is this is a good product..??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Tell that to the thousands of Contractors that dont buy this pressed sawdust vinyl coated flooring.. What are you 5 yrs old?????????

YOU EDUCATE yourself,, SISTER!!!! LIVE ON ,,Fonsey Tell, Richy Cunninham hello :upset :upset :upset


What type of flooring is it and what Manufacturer and brand name?

I would not buy it if I knew what it was.


:cry Is it one type of flooring? One manufacturer/brand?

Has there been water on the flooring? Was it tile? Real stone? Instead of bashing Lowe's for some product sold, why not name the real culprit :eek, who makes the product and what is its name?

I just might want to buy product from Lowe's, but I really don't to buy cra*.

Name the guilty. :sigh


If you put in Trafficmaster Surface or Project Source junk flooring.. Then this pissed consumer post shows up...What do you think your reading about????

HOW TO BAKE AN APPLE PIE????????? I think you knew EXACTLY what ***,JUNK GARBAGE,BOGUS PRODUCT im talking about..And ANY HOME IMPROVEMENT(??????????????????)HAHAHA store should be ashamed to sell such ***.. Its not just the Manufacturer fault..

Its just like selling a pile of *** and telling the buyer it's a BabeRuth candy bar and it taste great.. :upset :upset :upset

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Useless sales woman | Lowes review from Boca Raton, Florida

I had a appointment at Lowe's to have my kitchen remodeled. When I arrived the (only) sales woman said "I understand you have a question". I brought measurements and photos of my kitchen under the impression we were going to begin the project. Instead, she offered to make an appointment for me to speak to someone else next week. She seemed hurried and was absolutley no help to me. If I just had a question I wouldn't have gone to the store. Either she didn't want to work or she had absolutely terrible communication skills.I finished by saying " I will take my project and my money to another location". I will make sure they understand what intend to do. You may tweet this if you want. I don't have twitter.
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You do realize that kitchen designs take upwards of 3 hours at a time? Maybe you should have done your homework before you expected the designer to drop everything for you.

They DO have other customers who actually MAKE appointments. Maybe she had another appointment?

Then again, you do know everything. You should probably have designed your kitchen yourself.


It's Shenandoah 8)


I agree with this complaint. I have also had a bad kitchen remodel experience.

These losers are so terrible and their customer service sucks so bad that its not even funny. Their workers are horrible as well for the most part, and I m pretty sure the people who commented here are lowe's workers, since they know they are lazy awipes themselves.


Exactly, you should of made an appointment when a designer was available. If they were the designer, they would of Sat down with you right then.

Sometimes someone has to cover the department when the designer is not in and the kitchen cabinet department is one who needs someone qualified to work the AutoCAD program and tell you the different cabinet styles, as well as countertops to make sure they work with what you need. Otherwise, sure, just sit down with someone for the whole day toddesign a kitchen who has no clue about anything. A designer either needs to set an appointment with you or be available at the time you come in when they have down time. Goodness, why am I even wasting my time.

It's people like you that complain before taking advice and giving things a chance. I hope the other store screws up, because you are most likely to see similar complaints about them as well.

Take your *** to a mom and pop shop so they can kiss your sorry *** because after this complaint, no big box store would want to deal with you.


I don't understand the issue. You're making a lot of assumptions perhaps she wasn't qualified to help you.

Perhaps she was just filling in for a manager. Perhaps you had some crazy *** questions that hardly anyone would know. People who work at Lowes/Home Depot/Menards are not master electricians/plumbers/carpenters they are normal people looking to make a buck. If they were a master electrician/plumber/carpenter they would be out in the field doing it making 3x the money.

I work for a competitor of Lowes and I'm always amazed what people assume about what I should or shouldn't know. We just sell the stuff, we can tell you roughly what it is, we rarely can tell you how to use it.


Oh no! someone wouldn't figure shiit out for you? that's crazy.

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Terrible Customer Service | Lowes review from Edmonton, Alberta

I saw a product on the website and checked to see if it was in stock in my local Lowe's. I didn't have the product number on hand when I was in the store and tried to find it myself. Looked in a couple of departments for 10 minutes without luck. I went to Customer Service Desk and explained my problem (saw product on website, it's in stock but can't find it). Her initial response was "without a product # it's going to be hard to find but maybe I can check website"). I told her exactly where to find it on the site but for some reason she didn't even go to the computer. Simply said try such and such department (even after I told her I already looked throughout the whole store). That was her only solution. I would have appreciated ANY attempt at assistance. I emailed the corporate office with my complaint and was told a Manager was to contact me within 24 hours. After 48 hours he did call but I wasn't home and he said he would call again the following day but didn't. I waited 3 days and contacted corporate again and this time was told my file had been "escalated" and a District Manager would call within one business day. That timeline has expired and I am still waiting. No Core Values at Lowe's and the front line service clearly reflects managerial attitudes! I will stick with my local Home Depot where I have NEVER had a problem.
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Her only purpose of going to the corp. office was to get someone fired because they could not tell what she wanted.


You're one of those people who will never get it. It's not easy to locate an item that is being poorly described to you.

Without the proper information it can be very hard to find. I work for a competitor of Lowes and we sell over 100,000 different items. Many being similar but different and in total different parts of the store. I cannot stand when some dumb@ss off the street comes in says I saw it online and that's all the information they have for me.

First of all accessing our online is not always possible and it looks different than the what a normal person would see sitting at home.

Based on the type of item it is getting you to a general location is the best anyone can do. However, you did one other thing WRONG DON'T ASK THE SERVICE DESK THOSE PEOPLE KNOW NOTHING, YOU NEED TO FIND A SALES ASSOCIATE THE PEOPLE WHO ALWAYS DEAL WITH THE ITEMS.


Exactly, never ask the customer service desk. They are cashiers, that's it.

They can basically point you to the department, but beyond that, they are not much help. Always have the item number. And sometimes, the stock at that store may have not been updated on the internet.

And complaining to corporate, seriously, the DM is probably giggling over this issue. A real issue is receiving the wrong product, not being to find one doesn't apply.


She would not need a computer to use the website if she had her hand held. A product number or UPC is how they would locate the item. She told you the department to look in. Unless you are elderly and can not walk, most people do not need their hands held to shop. At least make the attempt before you ask for help.

And So Sad is right...I work in a pharmacy, and for some reason people think because I wear a green shirt I know where everything in the store is. I know where most everything SHOULD be by using my common sense... Snack cakes? Look where the cookies are. Alcohol? Look where the bandaids are. Tampons...really?

People are becoming too lazy and dependent on store personnel to be their personal shopper. Had a lady tell me I need to come out of the pharmacy and show her where soap was. Uh, no. I do not get paid $15 per hour to walk you around the store. I get paid to count pills.

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Lowes Website

Flooring Products | Lowes review from Los Angeles, California

Installer's very professional and kind. Wood product was acclimated, moisture test was done. Installer proceeded to open boxes and found bowed wood. Changed wood to be installed x 3 times now with wood product being junk!!! When purchasing wood I felt the girl just wanted to sell me the wood. Wood product should be inspected before leaving warehouse (opening at least 3 boxes). Very frustrated! Thank you to the head installer who didn't just go ahead and install the junk product to make his money. Honesty goes a long way. I will not refer Lowe's to anyone. I will refer the installer for side jobs.
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Floor install screwup | Lowes review from Willow Spring, North Carolina

Summurized Lowes 767 of Fayeeteville nc installed a floor in 2010, hired the contractor job was done wrong. redone in 2010. in 2013 it was discovered the contractor did not do what was specified in contract due to another floor issue were the laminate had to be removed. Lowes has refused to accept his responsibility. will not cover my claim they stae 1 year one installation for a warrenty. but if you cannot see the work? how do you know it was done wrong. I have had and installor check this. This current install is botched. i cannot repair what neede to be done. Lowes has bounced me around and only returned one call. That was to tell me it is my problem not theres. FGodd customer care after I have spent almost thrity to forty grand at this store.
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Lowes Installation
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Faulty installation | Lowes review

Faulty installation - Lowes review

Update by user Mar 19, 2013

Getting close to 14K, my insurance company is suing. It was determined by my HOI that the loss was due to faulty installation.

The Lowe's investigator said that "nuts" have a habit of loosening up! Really?! Wow, my previous 9 year dishwasher, another 4 year, 2 others in my apartments, NEVER loosened up, nor has my fridge, washing machine and let alone any of my cars.

Lowe's investigator = ***! I guess we better start checking our "nuts, bolts, screws" more often otherwise you'll lose your kitchen too.

Update by user Mar 18, 2013

I stand corrected on monetary loss, now we're up to 12,359.05 not including the take out food and a a couple of other things.

Original review posted by user Mar 17, 2013

I hired Lowe's installer to install our dishwasher, the installer didn't tighten the nut to the dishwasher and it resulted us losing our kitchen,dining room wall and carpet. This was a slow drip that dripped for some time, dripping underneath and towards the dining room and outer wall/stucco. The lower cabinets were all destroyed on top of mold under the cabinets and outer walls. We had to have mold remediation to remove the mold, remove walls and flooring. Lowe's senior staff in customer service will not speak to us, won't return our calls and have blocked our entire family from posting on Facebook because we were pictures on their Facebook page. Lowe's doesn't like opposition so they we shut you up by blocking you.
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I will start by saying that it sucks that the connection line dripped after installation. However for a slow drip to cause over 12k in damage I have to wonder how long you let it go after you discovered it.Long enough to get a new kitchen apparently! The connection lines on most dishwashers are toward the front so if it was dripping surely some water had to be coming out from under it that should have made you stop and think there might be a leak.

@happy lowes customer

no, the water was dripping towards the wall to the outside on top of going north into my dining room. If you would have read my comments, you would have seen this:

This was a slow drip that dripped for some time, dripping underneath and towards the dining room and outer wall/stucco.

Nice try though...

Oh, my insurance company sued and they got reimbursed. hmmmm

@happy lowes customer

Happy Lowes Customer,

You are pretty obviously connected to Lowes. When professional mold litigator's and repairs contractors are employed, it would not take very long for the amount of damaged that occurred from a small leak.

If you were really a professional you would be aware of this.

This kind of thing can happen to any installer at sometime, so I would not entirely put the blame on Lowes that it happened. However I definitely do put the blame on Lowes for their handling afterwards including forcing the family to file a claim with their homeowners insurance's.

By the way, it will end up collecting from the Lowe's contractor's insurance most of the costs for repairs. Also, luckily the customers' homeowners deductible should be returned to them once this insurance reimbursement happens.

Equally, concerning is the companies like Lowes that try to control their customer opinion websites by not allowing the real negative feedback that they receive.


Try their subcontractors setting a roof on fire and hanging gutters cooked...


Maybe you should talk to a "On Your Side" reporter from your tv station. Sometimes they are able to resolve a situation like this. A company with a big Ptolemy like this does not want public attention.

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Brenda Watson | Lowes review from Cleveland, Ohio

I bought a gas dryer on saturday 3-9-13, and was told they had to order it which was fine with me. I was told that they would deliver it on tuesday 3-11-13. On monday lowes called and said they couldn't get the dryer at that time but would get it by saturday but did not give me a time, so I called to see what time my delivery was the guy on the line told me the dryer was in the store. He didn't know anything about it being delivered and set up a time for sunday 3-17-13. What really upset me is my husband made it a point not to work today so he could be here. My husband lost a days pay because lowe's got there wires crossed, I guess they don't know what there doing.
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1 comment

I am so glad that you do not make mistakes.

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Customer service | Lowes review from South Windsor, Connecticut

Update by user Mar 15, 2013

My Grammar was bad,I was pissed,and in a hurry.I Had just returned home from this fiasco.Never mind grammar.Just stick to the issue.Lowes has a terrible hr system!Thanks Union Brother!

Update by user Mar 14, 2013

Just so you people know.i already got hired at home depot last week.start my first day of orientation this sat 3/16/2013.i wanted to test my pay options.i am so happy i did.The Home Depot Hr people were so much more professional.There is a one on one contact in interviews.TWO PEOPLE IN OFFICE YOU & INTERVIEWER!!Not this meat market lets get them thru the process so we get some numbers approach.Young people TRY Home Depot.It was good for me.Thanks Wishbone joe

Original review posted by user Mar 14, 2013

Very Poor Human Resource practices.As i waited for my first interview,a young man who just came out of the office i was about to go in, went to what i saw as his second interview.The problem was he(2nd interviewer) was grilling him with questions in front of all the rest of us (8 in all).In one big wide open room with 2 lowes employees on computers.I was just there for seasonal work,as i am 59 and retired.But for all the young peolple to put up with this was very unprofessional.Then when i got in there they started asking me all these off the wall ????s.This was Bull----!!!I was in a union fo 30 years .this is why they have unions.I wanted to expressed this to them ,but i just bit my tongue & said i was not interested in working there.Sorry youg people.i have a 19,20,22 year old .Thes people who get these jobs in HR eiher are ---holes or the forgot when they were interviewing for employment>or they come from a silver spoon.
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Terrible practice!


Union crybaby? If you ever worked in a Union shop, you would know what he talking about.

Yes his grammar was terrible, but I am sure he was pissed off. Joe Lowes and Heartless, you get what you deserve and Lowes is it!


Figures, another union crybaby who has no concept of the real world.


For being 59, your spelling and grammar are horrible! Nothing in your complaint is a coherent argument.

It's not understandable at all. I wouldn't hire you.

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