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Lowes in Raleigh, North Carolina - Employee said he would smash my face in

Today I went to Lowes to get some moving supplies and paint samples. We are finally moving into a home and I can't wait to do lots of DIY projects! I am 26, a woman, and I have blonde hair. I came alone and wandered around for like 30 minutes, not once did anyone ask me if I needed help finding anything. I started looking for someone to help me. It seemed like at every turn I got dismissed from help or someone was faster to speak up, so there I was lost in the store. I picked up a black phone and called customer service, I asked the lady where the moving boxes were and she said "at the end of seasonal, on the way out the door.". Ok great, I finally had directions. Nope. Got lost again. Couldn't find it. Asked James for directions to the moving boxes and he said, "oh I'm trying to load up a lawnmower for a customer on the loading dock.". He didn't have time to point or go "that way" but he could tell me that. Lost again. I tried to catch a lady with red hair, she looked at me and turned a corner really fast as to dodge me. Then finally I got frustrated, went to the end of seasonal near the door and picked up another black phone to ask for help. It was behind a computer desk and not a single employee was in sight. I told the lady that was crazy that no one was at the computer that anyone could just walk up and do whatever they wanted and that's wasn't safe. She then said she would get someone. Thats went Victor showed up. First thing he says is "I wish she would touch the computer, I'd smash her face in." OMG WHAT! All I wanted was a point in the direction od the boxes and packing tape. I told him I didn't think that was very nice and it was rude and he said, "what it's the truth, ive said worst to customers." he did show me where the boxes were and I got the feeling he only said it because of my age. I couldn't believe he spoke like that to me and it didn't even phase him or bother him. I said "I bet you wouldn't talk to a man like that." and he said "yes I woul
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You sound like a psychopath and a ***. You can't just go around to a store using their phones and going behind computer terminals because you want to.

I get that you think you are the most important person on the planet and everyone should drop what they are doing to help you, but you are not. Sorry, but people were before you and they have priority when they need their law mower loaded.

The redhead was probably in the middle of helping somebody else and didn't need some self important *** bothering them at the expense of somebody else. People managed to circumnavigate the globe using the position of the sun, go use your head next time instead of wandering around like a child crying for help.


Acctually the manager called me and said that he would use this as a training tool. No, a 70 yr old *** is not my former boyfriend. I don't know what happened with the guy if he was fired or not.


Joe you would fall for everything, it later turned out that Victor was her former boyfriend and she was stalking him and she just made it up to get him into trouble and he never threatened her.


On Memorial Day my wife and I decided to go shopping for a long awaited home improvement to replace our entire kitchen and flooring for the first floor in our home. In other words we are starting to remodel our home.

We walked into the Lowes Robinson Town Center store near Pittsburgh, excited over the prospects of what we could do, and check book in hand. That is until we met Bob in the kitchen area. Who was introduced to us as the Kitchen and Flooring Expert. He was not only condisending, but he was rude.

He treated us like we were dumb and was less than helpful. I am no EXPERT when it comes to home improvement. That is why I went to Lowes. My wife and I were with my inlaws.

My father in law is a stroke victim and we brought him in his wheel chair. Did he think we weren't serious? He treated us like ***! We all felt so put off by this man's treatment that we walked out of the store after he decided to take a personal cell phone call.

We will be taking our business somewhere else. Its a shame. We were prepared to do a one stop shop for our needs. We also plan on replacing the upstairs bathroom this year.

Lowes will not be an option. We will be visiting the Home Depot this week. I am certain they will want to do business with us. With today's economic climate, it amazes me that people in business allow their employees to behave this way.

Too bad the show "Undercover Boss" hasn't been in to that Robinson Store. In the meantime, I tried calling the Lowes store to voice my displeasure. I called 3 times for a manager, only to have it ring forever.

Companies like this do not deserve my business. Bad service all the way around!


its very simple, go to a owner/operater typeof store. I have worked for 25 years it retail and all that the big box stores have done is lower the consumers expectations of what service is before,during and after the sale.

Wake up, you not saving a regular at a local store, get to be known and seen. Shop local and support your owner/operaters!


I'd have him fired then sued for assault.

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Lowes in Tyler, Texas - Vietnam Vets get screwed again!!!

I went to Lowes to get their so called Veterans discount and was told my 43 year old VA card was no good nor was my DD-214. So I tried The Home Depot. No problem. After spending thousands of dollars over the years at Lowes, I can can see there are only interested in my money and not my service. I Hsve watched my fellow Vietnam Vets get the short end of the stick for years and I'm sad to say it's still happening. America still wants to forget us. I'm sure going to forget Lowes.
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Do you get 10% off gas? New car?

Why building materials?

Did you join the military to get $.19 off of a 2x4? Ridiculous


Quit friggin whinning you little ***


Lowes no longer considers a Vet’s DD214 as 'acceptable' proof of getting a 10% discount. Now - you have to be retired, active duty, or disabled vet - and have a Picture MILITARY ID to prove it.

So for all of us who served in the 'Nam and every other *** hole in the world, and didn't do 20 years or was disabled, Too bad! They will not give you a picture ID. I was forced to Nam and the ones who went to Canada was pardon by our presdent. I was spit at, called a babby killer and was forced to change my uniform after returning to the state for my safty.

How many Active Duty people have spent their entire career in the states?

Oh, they do allow vets discount on three, I can wait till Veterans Day, Memorial Day, or the 4th of July to buy a new appliance. I raised *** about their NEW policy! Obviously, a new policy made up by some office pogue who has no clue, and doesn't give a *** what real vets have been through!


I just retired from the military and now work at Lowes in delivery but had to learn the register for three days. I know what a dd214 is and a va id but people who weren't in the military oftentimes have no clue and since your id doesn't look like the sample one their register book they don't want to get in trouble.

From one vet to another, I appreciate your service. Next time elevate it to a manager and they will probably honor it


And yet, I see our store continually bend over backwards to give unwarranted "deals" to slumlord landlords and property owners all the time! But let someone who actually gave a good portion of his life defending this country TRY to get even a meager legitimate discount and it's "katy bar the door" time! Really sad.


thank you for your service! please shop at a locally owned store, introduce yourself to the owner and let him know that you are pledging your loyalty to his operation and see what happens.

No policies needed, not a corporate envrioment where employees cant make a on the spot decsion for a customer.

Its not the fault ofthe big box stores, thats just the way that they are designed to operate. Shop local!


Ah soh! You American kill my gleat glandfaddah!

He vietnam! *** American.


Hello. First of all, thank you for your service. I have a lot of respect for all veterans. You guys don't get anywhere near what you deserve.

I believe Lowes official policy is to only give the discount to active and disabled military personnel. I work at Lowes at nights, and I take care of any veteran that shows ID. My store is fairly lax about the policy.

Some stores, however, are not. Some people don't wanna risk losing their jobs for a couple of dollars. I believe Lowes does need to change the policy to cover all veterans. As far as I know, Depot has the exact same policy as Lowes. It's probably a lax Depot and a strict Lowes.

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Reason of review
Poor customer service

Lowes in Princeton, New Jersey - Newport News, VA- Store 420

The front end manager Jennifer has a nasty attitude and I will like to know why would you lowe's want a person like that to present your store. I know you can do much better that cashier kari, brooke, nett and there was one other I can't remember there name, but they were nice *** they were the only one nice that day. The manager in front should have a positive attitude that sad, while in the store there's other's that complain. One person say that there is nothing done about it, so just leave it alone, but I won't.
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Was this written by someone who is illiterate or was at a monkey with a type writer. This is the first world, for God's sake.

You get a free education... and spell check.

Use at least one.

Also, I have had the EXTREME misfortune of dealing with both Jennifer and the old store manager, Kyle Lowery. They are why I support abortion.


It is very nice information.I like it.


Gotta remember that these people are probably overworked, understaffed and underpaid. I'm sure they try to keep a positive attitude, but everyone is human.

Surely you have bad days at work? I'd say cut them slack unless they're consistently nasty.

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Lowes in Washington, District Of Columbia - Lowe's Bloomfield, MI

First of all I would just like to say WHATS WRONG WITH THIS STORE? My husband and i just had a garage fire this past February and needed to rebuild the old one. a friend of mine said Lowe's was a great place to get packages like that and that he would help me pick it out since i had no idea what i was doing. we order the package and the day that my husband paid for the package we made sure that we were using our mailing address our phone number and our names. They told us the earliest that they could deliver the whole package in two days but he wanted us to wait a week because they had a fun rasier with pontiac. said that's fine just make sure all is delivered at once. ROD (the man helping us) said ok. the delivery day: they call my friend that helped us put the package together and only dropped off 1/4 of supplies. two weeks later they deliver the tresses to a home in ponitac with the garage door to a different location. They also keep contacting the wrong person. Two weeks after that i had to call the store and ask them where my shingles and siding was at. the person that i spoke to told me that they are not ready. and when i finally received all of the supplies the wood was warped, the siding was FOUR different colors, they forgot items, they put items in the package that we told them we DIDNT want. I had to make four to five phones calls a week just to make sure i received the correct items to the correct place. the assistant manager was a *** (CHAD) and tole me everything was MY FAULT for having someone help me pick out the package. not only did i LOSE money building this garage because the team that i hired to build it i paid by the day and half the time Lowe's didnt show up with the supplies or just didnt bring the right stuff. I had to return more than $600 dollars of supplies that i told ROD that i DID NOT want and when i asked Chad for something for all of this hassle that ROD had put me through (order being totally wrong, delivering to wrong places, late deliveries, over charging) Chad told me that it was all my fault for having a friend pick out the package. Mind you that we gave Rod a blueprint with all the supplies that we wanted to order and the colors. We also showed Rod the color of the house and even brought in samples of the siding and shingles off of the house so he could get the correct colors. I will NEVER buy from lowe's again. they are rude and really dont know what they are doing there. I lost way too much money, time, and it took two months to build my 24x30 garage. please dont waste your time with this company,
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Lowes in Colfax, California - Lowe's customer support

Started going to Lowe's because of the lack of support received from Home Depot after the fact. Bought a Husqvarna riding mower on 4/23 from Lowe's. I had the mower delivered and it was as if they pulled it off from the display and loaded it on the truck. It was lacking parts, the security lock was still on the trailer hitch, it was dirty, and rather than sending a manual along they sent a manual for the bagging system, also, no receipt was presented. TWO weeks later called again and was on the phone 20 minutes. I had to cut the lock off, and finally received missing parts and manual (no receipt) a week later. Now I can't keep air in the front tires. Called Lowe's and was told to get in touch with Husqvarna. Now that's real customer support. Look's like ACE hardware has a new customer. They're close and have always been supportive. The few bucks saved going to the big box stores aren't worth it as far as I'm concerned. Excuse me, I have a couple tires to fill....
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Also, have you been authorized by Lowe's to make such harsh comments about the very customers who contribute to your wages. Talk about *** the hand that feeds you!


If the attitudes and language used here are truely from Lowes Managers/employees, no wonder people are dissatisfied with Lowes customer service. I am a a high volume buyer from Lowes and have had several encounters with rude employees.

If people don't appreciate their job or don't like dealing with the demands of the public , perhaps they should look for a job in the funeral industry or digging graves and will be assured that no one will bother them with complaints.


I am a manager for Lowe's in spokane and i gotta say that you idiots come in and buy an expensive piece of merchandise, do your project then bring it back when the project is done and expect all your money back,with parts missing and the item looks trashed,then whine if you don't get your own way.


eww ouch. Another quality lowe's employee heard from.

I'm lazy?

How hard is it to

spell out three letter words. Good grief.


So u bought it online, expect lowes to bring u a receipt (which if u purchased online would have printed for u on the confirmation screen ***) then expect the store to do something for u.. I work at lowes and internet customers can kiss our *** Why don't u call the internet customer service number oh wait there isn't one but u expect us to care when even our website doesn't care.

U don't want to talk to someone to order the item but expect u to jump when its convient for u. Internet customers are worse then the ones that want to buy all the clearance items because they want everything. And no the warranty is not a scam.. u purchase that and we may care to help u quicker u don't purchase it we don't care at all after 30 days.

I work in appliances interent users purchase gas ranges/dryers expecting us to install them tho the internet doesn't offer this service for them then they call us telling us they want it for free due to the inconvience all u had to so was talk to a person and it would have gotten installed ..

hook up electric ranges/dryers even tho they don't buy the cords.. all idiots like u have to do is even call the store and talk to someone to make sure they get what they all need but no your lazy so y should we care.


have a written contract on installing a storage building and paid for intallation. When installer came their was no one with him.

No way one person could install a 10 x 10 storage building.

Two persons had to help him to install building. I shoud get half pay back for labor for helping installing the storage building.


Well, there you go. Brought to you by the friendly people at Lowe's.

I bought the mower online. No Lowe's card was offered. It was no clearance item. No receipt came when the tractor was delivered.

Didn't buy into the scam you people call an extended warranty figuring a company would back their sales. Boy was I wrong. And what concern is it of your's anyway?

I guess if I had to live in Dayton, Ohio I'd be pissed off too. Have a nice day f**kwad.


When did it become our responsibility to track your receipts? I bet 100$ you were offered a "My Lowes" card and declined (Which WOULD track your receipt)

And why in gods name would you buy a tractor and leave without a receipt? Why didnt you decline the tractor upon delivery if it wasnt in good shape? I bet you signed for it!

My guess is your probably one of those people who bought a "Clearance" or used model for a good deal, and now your ready to whine looking for a hand out.

I also bet you didnt buy the warranty but expect us to repair it for you when something goes wrong after the warranty period.

Enjoy shopping at ACE, one day someone there will *** you off too and youll go back to Lowes.... Douchbag!

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Lowes in Biloxi, Mississippi - Put the flag out as a shoe cleaner, disrespectful.

Hundreds or more veterans will refuse to step on the flag we all fought for it, disrespectful when I ride over there. . Tatu , I'll see for myself tomorrow, I served with the US Coast Guard 72' till 87' and I bet the fellows I used to know are probably in charge by now, what ya think. Our veterens need to be treated like heroes, they are.. I ride w a motorcycle club now, only way to keep the true brother hood going and the rush is here too. We are mostly ex military. I did 11.9 years at sea duty. Loved it took my bike every where we went ( after E-5)and well just cool.. Check it out, you might have a check coming. Got probably did more and got it coming. So attitude, Lowes needs to learn a proper attitude unless they already have. This is the USA and I don't like it, do you?
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The Lowe's store I work for removed the product from our shelves.

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Lowes in Richardson, Texas - Kraft kitchen cabnits

Just bought 40 thousand of kitchen cabnet self closing at loews, a rep came out they switched all defective doors that were scatched uneven and stain was smeared, sure they replaced them now some doors are uneven scratches and doors still smeared self closing need a little push come on that is a rip off... don't buy kraftsmaid...I'll never have this kitchen done.... Sure they said they would replace I would rather have them refund some of the money + they were recomended by Loews and the best maid product, they told me to just pait over them wow
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I highly doubt that you even make 40,000 a year with that grammar..... "maibe yew shood repante thim" :)


think you should retype this.. i understand you bought some cabinets from loews and they werent the best.

you spent 40 thousand dollars?

on cabinets? a rep came out and replaced all the defective doors.

Then your mad because they didnt replace them and told you to paint over them. you lost me.

oh and for that kind of money i hope you had naked models installing them for you

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Extremely unhappy customer at Lowes

We spent over a thousand dollars for carpeting to be installed in our new home. When we were ordering the carpets, the sales person, Nathan, made us wait over an hour while he "finished his other work". Then his wife shows up and he was rushing us so he could leave. When Lowes showed up to measure the rooms, they told us that we measured incorrectly and they needed to add 120 sq ft. We knew that the measurments we provided were correct because our friends, carpenters for over 20 years, did the measuring for us. Lowes sent another person to measure and this time the Lowes manager came, well, low and behold, our measurments were correct. Now, we finally have the carpets delivered and they are the wrong color!!! However, the color code number on the contract is what they delivered. When we went to the store to make a complaint, we were told that WE should have double checked Nathan's notes before we did anything. I'm sorry, but if you hired competent people to work in your store, then the CUSTOMER should not have to double check anything. We were basically told, oh well, too bad, your fault. I am soooo angry. Now my children have to have this ugly gray carpet in their bedrooms. This was the Lowes on Lake Underhill Road in Waterford Lakes, Orlando, FL.
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I purchased a washer and dryer in Jan 2016. The washer quit working.

They deal with outside service providers who have changed by scheduled appointment twice. It's Christmas and I will be without a washer until the new year (over 2 weeks) IF they keep the 2nd confirmed appointment. I have a service warranty until 2021--will it take than long to get service?

Customer service is njce but cannot seem to help me. Unhappy that I decided to buy appliances from Lowe's.


After placing my posting on this site, a manager from Lowes contacted me and asked me to come into the store to discuss this matter. He was very apologetic for my extreme unhappiness with how things turned out.

He even offered to take out the carpets that I did not want and install the correct ones. I would have jumped on that chance, however, I had already moved in and these carpets were for my sons' bedrooms and it was just the wrong time for me. One of my sons had been in the hospital and a few days later, my husband was in the hospital, I was moving out of one house and into another and just could not have been able to disassemble everything that I had just put together. So, the manager refunded me half of the cost for both of the carpets.

It was a very kind gesture and honestly, this is what should have been done to begin with. But, I am very happy now.


Hmm, thank you for that advice, I will go to Lowes tonight and see if this carpet has a 90 Day Satisfaction.


In response to the Lowes employee, Genesis-King. First of all, I agree with you that sometimes people make mistakes.

However, in the land of retail, you accommodate your customers and ensure that they are happy, especially if it is your employee who made the mistake! Secondly, I consistently have work given to me as I am getting ready to walk out the door. What do I do? I get it done becuase that is what is expected of me.

Thirdly, I do not care if a sales person is going to be "written up" for having overtime, that is not my problem! I am a paying customer. If that was his concern, then he should have called a manager to either take over or approve the overtime.

Lastly, I had made a complaint on the Lowes website prior to the carpet situation because of other problems and I was sent an email asking me for my contact information so a Senior Manager could contact me. I was "assured" that I would be contacted within 24 hours, that never happened.


Even if the store manager says he wont do anything, all you need to do is contact Lowe's Customer Care center (1-800-44LOWES). These complaints are then seen by District Management, and will result in at least some action by the store in question.

That being said, I work for Lowe's.

Sometimes people make mistakes. Sometimes, the store is understaffed, or had someone call in sick.

Addressing 'Nathan' rushing to leave, I know at my store, you can get written up for getting overtime. And if that wasn't the case, I hope every time you have extra work get piled on your desk right before you leave, you stay until it gets done, because that's what you're expecting out of a complete stranger.


If I Were You I Would Go Into The Store, Look At The Board/Display And See If It Has A 90 Day Satisfaction And If It Does... Tell Them Your Not Satisfied And They Will Have To Replace The Carpet...

With What Ever You Choose.. 90% Of Them Have 90 Day Satisfaction For Which The Vendor Will Give The Store Full Credit Except Installation Costs..


If I Were You I Would Go Into The Store, Look At The Board/Display And See If It Has A 90 Day Satisfaction And If It Does... Tell Them Your Not Satisfied And They Will Have To Replace The Carpet...

With What Ever You Choose.. 90% Of Them Have 90 Day Satisfaction For Which The Vendor Will Give The Store Full Credit Except Installation Costs...

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Lowes in Frankfort, Kentucky - Whirlpool Refrigerator compressor bad after 20 months

Bought a relatively expensive Whirlpool Refrigerator with icemaker for a rental unit. Tenant calls me and says it's not cooling. Service man says its the compressor and gives me a Whirlpool number. This number gives you two options, parts in warranty and out of warranty. No ability to talk to a live person. I went to the Lowe's where I bought it, first person says there is nothing they can do, talk to department manager, he tells me the same thing. They are only the retailer he tells me, they can't be responsible after warranty and I didn't buy the extended warranty. I told him the refrigerator it replaced was 22 years old, with minimal repairs, and the refrigerator at my house is 15 years old with no repairs. I explain that I had bought a GE washer less than 3 years ago, and the transmission went out on it. Another big loss for an appliance that was bought to replace a low end Kenmore that was 18 years old. So after being out over $1300 on 2 appliances, I told them I would not be back. They have a good variety, but I would not continue to spend my money at a store that would not back their products. I've stuck to my guns, I can live without Lowe's. They'll end up like Steinberg's in Lexington, Ky, Circuit City, happening to Best Buy right now. People won't stand for being treated unfairly that only services until the unit is sold. I'll buy from the local Lyon's Do-It Center or buy online from Amazon. I've cancelled my credit card with them and I will only go in the store to look at something I want to see before I buy from Amazon. Lowe's is no longer about the customer but the stockholder.
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I bought the same Whirlpool refrigerator, I bought the extended warranty and the *** compressor went out just months after the extended warranty expired. This *** is filling our landfills because the big powered manufactures only want more profit in their pockets, they don't care if the country gets covered in cheap *** American manufactures are making.


So I come to your store to buy a new appliance. I should buy it and expect it to break down after warranty is out?

Because it's new, I do expect to receive some trouble free years, not saying it should last forever, but 20 months and the refrigerator is pretty much unrepairable is unacceptable. I'm not going to buy a new appliance and then bet that it will break down in four years by purchasing additional warranties. This is poor customer relations to expect customers to spend this amount of money and then have a useless appliance after 20 months. Again, I vote with my $, I will never spend another dime at Lowe's.

By the way, I have $250 worth of gift cards on EBay now for sale.

It was my favorite store to shop, I always ask for Lowe's gift cards for gifts. I'm just one customer, obviously it's not going to kill the Frankfort location because I no longer patonize it, but I choose not to shop at Lowe's any longer and also choose to share my comments to other readers on what to expect.


Really? We dont back our products? I'm pretty sure YOU didnt back your product sir..... They clearly offered you the EPP, and you declined based on an a appliance that had 0 electronics.

Ever try and take a car back?

By the way, we are FAR from going out of business ;) And no company out there would have returned that, why should they take the loss because you dont buy EPP's....


John, they certainly are not obligated to take product back or give credit for repair of unit. Less than 2 years on a refrigetator is hard to stomach.

Just venting, instead of buying another new refrigerator from them, I bought a $200 unit from a used appliance store. I expect that one to only last a couple of years, but a new one, I believe most people expect more than that from a new appliance. Being the compressor, it's the most expensive part of a refrigerator to be repaired. They used to warrant the compressor for 5 years, not sure when that ended.

If it had been a repair that was not major, it would be different.

I patronize companies with my $. I've made a choice, just sharing my story!!!


If it was out of warranty and you didn't buy an extended warranty from them, why should they take it back?


Well Welcome To The Present... All Appliances Made Now Will Not Last That Long For A Reason...

Blame The Vendors Who Make The *** Products... Its The Same Where Ever You Go..

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Speaking about Lowes in Thomasville,Ga. Poor service! went in to get building supplies for bathroom remodelling .purchased several thousand of dollars.Could not get any help to get items needed in plumbing department to answer my questions. Nor could I get help getting the items to counter and no one assisted getting things loaded,no one said if you put this on your Lowes Card you could get another 5% discount. That would have been a good amount of savings!What does Lowes teach when hired?You need to teach the consumer pays your wages! Try to help them more.Also on the display was some matching assosories,towel rack tissue dispensery etc. no more in stock .We ask if we could have the one's on display and was told no.Wanted you top buy more expensive products that would not match.
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Seems like you must have had good enough service to be willing to spend several thousand dollars there. If the service was so bad, why did you spend your money there instead of walking out the door and going elsewhere?

big ben

when these employees get hired, they get taught not to deal with people like you

big ben

Nobody cares how much u spent. every customer spends thousands.

load it yourself lazy person.the vendor probably owns that display.

you whine a lot. shop at home depot

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