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Lowes in Washington, District Of Columbia - Falsely accused of stealing from Lowe's Home Improvement

Lowe's Home Improvement, Monkey Junction,, Wilmington, NC. Don't go there. My husband and I bought sod from Lowes on Friday night. This was a weekend project at our beach cottage and we had been traveling for three hours with trailer in tow when we arrived at the store. Before we could load the sod, we had to take all of the stuff off the trailer. This included a wheelbarrow and large ladder. The employee who seemed to be in charge insisted that she could not sell a pallet of sod. Instead, she and another employee were trying to handle and count out each piece of sod. As you can imagine, it was a lengthy process. It was closing time when the transaction was completed and the employee was clearly agitated. She and a helper went back into the garden center (the doors were now locked) and we were left in partial darkness to put the ladder back on the trailer on top of the sod. My husband strapped down the ladder and we left. On Saturday night, we went back for more sod and a different employee waited on us. He immediately suggested that he could sell the entire pallet and guestimate the number of pieces of sod. We said that was fine. Then we noticed there was a delay in processing our request and another employee appeared. Without identifying himself, this other individual asked my husband and me for a receipt for the red mulch we took on the previous night. We were stunned, and he told us that two employees said that we had been seen stealing the mulch and that the store had it on tape. We asked to see the tape and to see the employees who had accused us. He said the employees weren't available and he hadn't actually seen the tape yet, but that the employee took down our license number and it matched. We explained our movements, i.e. putting the ladder on the trailer, and he eventually said that loss prevention would be looking at the tapes. I said I wanted to see them too and that I thought he should have looked at the tapes before accusing us. Lowes has always been a favorite of mine, but no longer. If they train their employees to detain people without properly investigating an accusation, they are no longer on my list of favorite places to shop. What a shame and a loss for both of us. We have spent thousands of dollars at Lowes over the years. Someone else will now get our business.
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You went through this whole story about your terrible night at Lowes without mentioning red mulch, then all of a sudden you're accused of stealing red mulch? Where did the red mulch come from?

Did you buy red mulch? What does the sod have to do with it, if it's mulch you were accused of stealing?

Maybe you bought a ton of sod and also stole some mulch because the sod purchase annoyed you? That's what it sounds like.


Now you are falsely accusing Lowes of how they train their employees. It was an isolated incident and you just happened to have a *** of an employee at that time. I understand your frustration but you just made a false accusation yourself.


Lowes policy is to never ever have an employee falsely accuse anyone of anything ever. With that being said. I'm sure you have the receipts for the sod you bought the previous day somewhere. Plus I would have gotten the employees name and employee # or if he refused had him bring a member of management out to resolve this issue. It is a criminal nightmare as well as a civil case nightmare for anyone to wrongly accuse someone of shoplifting from their store. I know of cases where the subjects accused have received over $200,000,000 in compensation for their pain and suffering and have gotten paid, threats of litigation from corporations don't work especially once corp shareholders are advised of the companies actions. They actually pay attention to the details of their investments. I would also find out the stores loss prevention detectives name and never back down if you did nothing wrong. LP detectives are dirty, I've see them falsify records, tamper with records (changing document information after they were signed), criminally stock employees who are apt to blow the whistle on their criminal actions, make terroristic threats, criminally harass whistle blowers, and much more. "I'm not condoning shoplifting, it is wrong but at the same time", It not right for LP depts and big corporation who think they are untouchable to break the law either. Also there is this company called Hireright formerly USIS that tracks shoplifters and a lot of companies report their shoplifting paperwork to them. They may or may not have a file on you. I would start their because they are similar to a credit reporting agency and have to by law disclose any and all information they have on you. So essentially if you did nothing wrong you can build your case.

Big Box Bully's False Accusation Costs It $9 Million

Jury Awards Houston Woman $9 Million Against Wal-Mart in Dispute Over $200


Was anything ever done about it? Did the police show up?

Nobody would even know about it, if you hadn't posted it here. Grow up!


What you should have done in case you didn't have a receipt was go into customer service and asked them to print out another Receipt. It's very easy to do and it only takes all of three minutes. All that would be needed was a date and product number.


Falsely accused my ***. I saw the tape it was you.


1-800-445-6937 Monday through Saturday, 7 a.m. to 1 a.m.

(ET) and Sunday, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. (ET) and share your experience with one of our Customer Care Representatives.

Call corporate.

The number above is pulled from their website. You'll probably end up with enough money on a Lowe's gift card to build a house ;)


Go straight to corporate about this. If the people who said something to you guys weren't loss prevention, they could be fired for straight out accusing people.

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Lowes in Arab, Alabama - Defective door delivered and installed

A defective glass inserted front entrance door was purchase from Lowes with installation made by Lowes installers. After many telephone calls, a contract representative inspected the installed door and ordered another glass insert to be installed with the door in place. Deliver of the insert was projected to take about three weeks. Installation was made about June 6 with purchase made about three weeks before that. Here it is the middle of July and the situation remains to be resolved. One might suspect that I am not overly enthused with Lowes business practices. Home Depot may not be any better but I will find out on my next purchase.
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Not at all happy with lowes

when a contractor spends as much as i do at lowes, you would think you would get some kind of discount,break on prices or on a total of over 500.00 every time i ask they say i just missed it by twenty five dollars or just missed it by 50.00 thats bull *** i have a big job comming up on a farm shed .I will not give lowes my money no more cause ace[GAZAWAY] in Paragould will give me discount on anything over 400.00. now that being said PU THAT IN YOUR FINE BIBBYLIE AND BUBBLE IT BABY .never again LOWES ANDERSON CONST. SENATH MO.
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This was hillarious :)


person from St. Louis, I guess those therapy sessions aren't working for you?




Any order that totals $2500.00 or more can be submitted to the LOWES QSP program for discounts from the corporate level. you can take you item numbers to any one with computer access and have prices back in just a few minutes.

Or, take your 5% at the register and how about your contractor account delivery discount. Oh yeah, we are open from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm.


aww boo hoo. you spend money at a store and they don't give you a discount.

what's next?

you'll eat at McDonald's 5 times a month and except a free meal every time after that? ***.


If you are really a contractor you would know that you get 5 percent off any purchase with your Lowe's business card. The card does not even have to be a credit card, it could just be an account you setup and put cash or a check in.

Sounds more like you aren't a real business just pretending to be one while working on friends and families houses. There are so many discounts and perks Lowes gives businesses that you would be foolish to walk away.


you must be a real dum but


suck snot


Okay, first of all, Lowes has SEVERAL discounts available. They have the credit card discounts, contractor pack discounts, and more.

Secondly, do you give your customers discounts because they spend over $500 (which isn't a lot of money, by the way)?

No, of course you don't. Why should Lowes give you one then?

C'mon. Remove your head from your ***

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Lowes is done with you once you leave the store

Went in today to return a BD lawn trimmer. The self feeding line stopped cutting. No bid deal I thought. I had the original receipt and owners manual. I wanted it replaced or fixed. Lowes response...we just sell it, after that, it is up to the manufacturer to look after it. Case closed. No responsibility for their store. I didn't deal with BD, I dealt with Lowes. Never have I returned a product with receipt and been told NO! NOT OUR PROBLEM! Typical corporate answer to keeping profits up and customers away. Never, will I shop Lowes again!
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but how long ago did you buy it? beyond the return period probably.


That's what you get for buying Black and Decker

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Lowes is done with you once you leave the store

Went in today to return a BD *** trimmer. The self feeding line stopped cutting. No bid deal I thought. I had the original receipt and owners manual. I wanted it replaced or fixed. Lowes response...we just sell it, after that, it is up to the manufacturer to look after it. Case closed. No responsibility for their store. I didn't deal with BD, I dealt with Lowes. Never have I returned a product with receipt and been told NO! NOT OUR PROBLEM! Typical corporate answer to keeping profits up and customers away. Never, will I shop Lowes again!
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denise, it is about the customer when they're actually right. but when the customer is a psycho like the original poster and the loser from Mississippi then they're not right.


All Lowes are the same.They claim that the customer comes first bull.They don't even care about the employees


hey looked, anonymous mentioned Target in the Lowe's section. oh wait, I'm not surprised.


How long ago did you buy it?


It seems as though more and more retail companies are doing this lately.

I am extremely dismayed that Lowes treated you this way.

I have experienced the same treatment at Target and refuse to deal with them under any terms or circumstances.

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Lowes in Norfolk, Virginia - Incorrect charges

Lowes Norfolk VA . Purchased a range they tried to charge for a 2 yr. warranty. 1st - I told the sales clerk I did not want the extended warranty and he said it was removed. However, when I went to the register to pay it was still on the invoice. I had the cashier remove the warranty charge. They also charged a $79 fee for delivery that was advertised as FREE on a sign directly above the appliance I purchased. I did not see the charge at checkout. When I got home and checked the receipt, I saw the charge. I called and they said they would refund the delivery amount so I drove 20 miles to the store and when I got there they would not refund the delivery because I had paid with a check. They wanted to give me a merchandise credit. I do not want the credit because I will not spend another dime at any Lowes. I want the money back that they ripped off for a delivery that was advertised as FREE and incorrectly charged. The mistake was Lowe's not mine. Their system is either totally screwed up or they are desperate to screw the customer and hope you don't notice. I should have gone with HOME DEPOT! I have had much better results and customer service with HOME DEPOT.
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A check must clear first before Lowes will give you a cash refund. Wait the 15 days and then go in and get your cash back. All stores havde policies with checks, be patient.

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Lowes customer service is Terrible!

I am very disgusted with the behavior of the Assistant Store manager Gina. My husband and I made a very large purchase (7 major appliances); once we got home we realized we were over charged. I called the store where I made the purchase at and they told us that they could make the adjustment in the store if I bring in the receipt. When I brought in the receipt I was told that the manager said I need to bring in the ad from the competitor before they could adjust the price (it was a price match purchase). Annoyed that I needed to make yet another trip to Lowe's but the customer service personnel I dealt with was very friendly and explained they needed a copy of the ad for auditing purposes. I went home and got the ad and returned to Lowes. At that point I was told by the assistant manager Gina that they do not do the price matching more than they already did; which is a $450 difference. If I was told from the beginning they would not price match I would have save a lot of time and effort and purchased from the competitor (which I will do from now on). However; when I first came into the store I was told they would match or beat that price. When I noticed the error on the purchase and called, I was told, again, that was no problem and could be fix; The first trip back to the store I was told for a third time it could be done. But our interaction with Gina was disrespectful, rude, and unprofessional. She repeatedly told me the pricing error was my fault for "not having my stuff together before I came to the store". I take full responsibility for not noticing the error when it happened but in all my experiences I have never had a store associate tell me it was my fault that my purchase was rang up wrong. She told me she "has not decided if she was going to adjust the price or not yet." She was incredibly rude and she had a terrible attitude from the beginning of our interaction. It was extremely embarrassing to be talked to so rudely. She made me feel like the pricing error was my fault and I was terrible for even asking for it to be corrected. After nearly an hour of my time wasted she still did not adjust the price. She told me there was no way to adjust the price now that we have already paid for it. We will have to come back (again) after the appliances are delivered then she could do a price adjustment. When I asked for that to be in writing she said "Everything goes through me, you don't need it in writing". Prior to this experience I shopped at Lowes for all my home improvement needs. I think I will just return my appliance purchase and go to another store. I do not want to do business with a company that treats their customers so poorly. I have just started a Kitchen remodel and plan on remodeling my bathroom in the near future and I will be taking my business elsewhere.
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I work for Lowe's. That manager's behavior was unacceptable...period.

With or without a reciept as long as we can have printed proof of a price that matches the time you purchased it there should be no issue.

I strongly urge you to put your complaint to Lowe's corporate so that you can be appropriately taken care of and that the assosciate in question can have their behavior addressed.


Return the appliances. get out while

you can. If you think you've got

problems dealing with them now.

Watch how they respond if something



sounds like it was your fault.


Why do so many people go and do a price match when they can just go to the other store and not deal with all the hassle? Is it because you want that extra 10% off, which they don't even give most of the time? Price matching is a pain in the *** in general. Just go to the place with the lower price.

Also, you should've told them to look up the price on one of the gajillion computers in the store.

And, finally, just because something is in writing doesn't make it a binding contract.


You should have immediately spoke to her superior. Why people don't do this is beyond me.

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Lowes Remodeling

Lowes in Denver, Colorado - Lowe's Poor Delivery

Lowe's has the worst delivery business practice in the world! They won't call you to confirm times, your order is half completed, & they send installers who have no clue what they're doing. I didn't realize that putting a pedestal on a dryer would be that complicated but wait until you deal with Lowe's you will find a new definition of incompetence. If you don't have a job and don't mind them delivering your things in 4 deliveries or don't mind them coming back out to fix the the poor work they do, then this is your place. Otherwise, run like ***!
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  • worst delivery

Lowes Poor Carpet Install/Defective Mohawk Carpet

Purchased $5,000+ worth of Mohawk Cheyenne carpet from Lowes in Cary, NC. Watsons Flooring did the install for them - did poor job - bad seams and damage to walls/baseboard. Also turns out carpet contained factory defect - a large line running entire length of roll. So now every room in our new home has this terrible scar. Have spent last month trying to get this fixed but Lowes is dragging their feet and doesn't seem interested having a satisfied customer. So we will not be paying the Lowes credit card bill until it is fixed. We will also be taking legal action if it is not corrected in next week.
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Lowes in Athens, Georgia - Dishwasher ordered on internet not at store

Yesterday, 6 July 2012 We ordered from Lowes' on the internet a dishwasher that was marked in stock at our local store (Buford Drive, Gwinnett County, Georgia) and paid in full .by credit card We received an email confirmation within one hour that confirmed the sale and stated that our unit was ready for pick up. We drove to the store later that day and was informed that they did not have the dishwasher we had purchased available. The staff were inexperienced and unapologetic. We wasted a lot of time driving in traffic. Eventually found one at another store 15 miles away. Had to go through the process of cancelling one order and submitting another. Will not work with Lowes again.
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Who buys a dishwasher online? If you're going to pick it up anyway, why not just wait until you get there.


if I were, you would have called the store ahead of time. because it's not like an online order is done in a minute.

and the employees were inexperienced and unapologetic for not having something in stock?

what's your idea of them being experienced and apologetic? kissing your shoes and saying sorry over and over again while another employee drives to another store to get the dishwasher for you?


If you are going to get a product at a store in your area why wouldn't you pick up the phone and call the store to buy it? The computer isn't going to physically pull your order--a human will have to do it.

I can't believe any store has someone sitting there watching a computer screen just waiting to jump on your order. The employees at the store a busy helping the customers that actually take the time to come in to the store.

They may not see your oder the minute you hit the enter button. Next time you are buying at a local store pick up the phone and call them--better yet go to the store and be sure you are getting the product you want and it is in stock.


Internet orders must be 'processed' and ready within 20 minutes. Otherwise is it a 'ding' against the store.

Sometimes it takes longer than 20 mintues to confirm we have a product. The computers are not always accurate with stock count.

The email you receive is an auto reply once the order is tendered. You should have been called once it was deteremined the product was not in stock and offered a refund.

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