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Lowes review in Allison, Iowa: On june sixth i orderd and paid for walnut vener

it is now june 17 and i have not gotten my order . was told it would take 3or 5 days to get.. have not gotten and project on hold waiting . question is where the *** is my wood ? i am not pissed yet butt getting very close. order was at iowa city store with manager of the department i have always got good service from your store in the past donot scerw it up now . its not much more of a drive to lowes . donor like there store layout butt can adapt if i have to enough said i finly got 100 words
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Lowes Manager

Lowes review in Washington, District Of Columbia: Lowe's Carpet Installation: Bad Experience

We purchased new wall-to-wall carpeting at Lowe's Alexandria, VA, store. The installers were punctual and courteous June 8. But they ran out of carpeting and left the staircase – the main entry to our home – with wooden strips with rusty carpet nails sticking up. Both my wife and I have gotten stuck in the toes! We cannot use the main entrance, and have had to cancel social events and visits from our grandchildren. The store tells us the carpet vendor did not ship enough carpet and their carpeting person failed to check the shipment against the order. We purchased at Lowes precisely to avoid this kind of hassle, and made it clear from the onset that we wanted to job finished in one day with no glitches or nonsense. What a mess! And No response from a complaint to Customer Care at Lowe's HQ or the manager of the local store. Mike W. Falls Church, VA.
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Lowes Installation

Lowes review in Scottsdale, Arizona: Point of sale for LAR sucks

I have an LAR account and a My Lowes card. The cashier has to go through so many steps when I need to put money into my account and then spend it I feel like going to Home Depot who gives me the 5% off just by showing my My Lowes card. They cannot tell mw before hand if I have enough money in the account until the purchase is reqected. I also want to tell youj that your web site was designed by a ***. I think it and Home Depots are the 3 worst on the entire web in my experience. I wanter to offer a suggesting for a Kobalt product and could not fine a way to do it. I went to the store and they could not either. Get your act together and come into the 21st century.
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The comment on this site sounds exactly like my experience. I can also use my Paypal account at Home Depot.

If it were more convenient I would go there. I use True Value most of the time out of convenience, I'm a Handyman, even though their prices are higher.

I like Lowes store and people but the computer system was designed by an ***. I would nor could use it to even check on products it is so clumsy to use.


I get 7% off with my lowes lar (lowe's account receivable) with the community buying group program. I simple swipe my lar at check out and save 5% plus an additional 2 percent of my statement each month.

I can pay my lar bill online or at the store. Cbg lowe's program is great and i recooment anyone check it out.

mention this post and I'll give you a free membership. Www.Community


Nothing but problems with this. All for a measly 5% discount.

I get a 10% military discount at HD.

No cards, no bullsyt, no hassle.


I agree 110%. Most of the cashiers do not even know how to put money on the card.

Many times I've been in contractor sales and been told that I have to walk to the other end of the store to customer service to add money to the card. RIDICULOUS. Lowes needs to remember that you can go anywhere to buy a 2x4 and they really only have one thing to sell and that is customer service. The only reason I will drive by a HD to get to a Lowe's is because of their customer service but that is quickly becoming non existent.

And yes as you said they need to get with the 21st century. I just went online to check my balance and what a run around back and forth to the same question and screen. "If you don't have a statement code click here" once you are at that screen it says "Enter the code from your statement". What?


I have some money that is in lala land from a return and would like to know what it is but I CAN NOT sign on to my account. Again, RIDICULOUS.


I agree completely. The LAR PoS is a GIANT pain in the ***.

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Lowes review in Doylestown, Pennsylvania: Bathroom Counter Total ***

Over two months ago we ordered a new bathroom counter top from the Lowes in Gibsonia PA. After a delay of incredible proportions, it was delivered with the sink on the wrong side. The Lowes-contracted plumber sent all the correct instructions, Lowes' vendor simply botched the order. One month later and at a 20% discount, the countertop was delivered today in the wrong color and with a chip in the backsplash. For a customer service screw- up this bad, I would expect they would have their Quality Control people in the home office personally walk this order. But no.
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Lowes review in Washington, District Of Columbia: Transaction showed not complete at store, but pending on my card

I went to Lowes to pick up some flooring for a project to work on this weekend. I checked my bank account on my phone right before going through the checkouts, just to make sure I had enough. When I checked out, the cashier said my card wasn't being read. So, she swiped it through a few times. Then, on one of the swipes it showed 'denied'. So, I pulled up my account again on my phone and it showed that amount less in my account. So, she called the manager over. She was a little rude to me and told me it's showing the transaction did not go through. And I explained to her that the amount was indeed taken out of my account because now I have that much less showing as available. She then went to a register so she could pull up the last few transactions on the register I was at. It didn't show my transaction. Yet, my account showed the money as taken out. She was a little short with me and said she couldn't do anything. So, I ended up paying for it with a different debit card. That was 3 days ago and the hold is still 'pending' on the account I first tried to use. I'm so angry. I am not only out the money I spent to actually purchase the products, but I'm also 'temporarily' out that exact amount on my other account because it's still pending. I may just stay with Home Depot.
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Lowes Cashier

Lowes review in Bucoda, Washington: Extended Warranty or Extended nightmares

I bought a riding mower from Lowes with their extended warranty. It started leaking oil last year so I called for repair in February since it has an extended warranty. After 4 calls to Lowes and to 2 different "authorized" service dealers, it finally got picked up and they "fixed" it. I got it back first of April. it lasted 20 minutes before developing the same issue (oil pouring out or the head) they took it back and fixed it and tested it for a couple hours. developed the same issue - oil pouring out of the head the fixed it again, tested and brought it back. I mowed for 15 minutes and had a blade fall off, a coaster wheel fall off and a belt break. The mower is dirty and dusty and coated in Oil from the leaks. Thank you Lowe's for selling me this piece of *** and your *** extended warranty and your *** authorized service dealers! Guess i will go out and do all the maintenance and repairs myself now since if i call Lowes back again, I will need to put a snow plow on the mower if I want to use it again this year and the grass is so tall, i am having troubles finding my car in the drive way.
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Alan C

Your mfr warranty was 2 years. You paid for years 3&4 and pick-up service for all 4.

the plans don't use dealer service because of conflict of interests. Therefore, you get second rate contractors who've accepted the plan fees.

You get what you pay for. The aggravation wasnt worth the money.

big b

it must be owned by mtd. go with husqvarna or john deere


The warranty has a no lemon clause, next time you call them tell them you want a new one. It's right there in the print

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Lowes review in Baltimore, Maryland: Failed to deliver materials on time left installer waiting

Placed fencing order and scheduled install over a month ago. Materials were to be delivered on Friday and never showed. We were told the driver made one delivery and left for the day. We were told the materials would be delivered first thing Saturday morning. Installers arrived, but the materials did not. We were told the materials were on our way several times. It is 11:00 AM Saturday, and the materials still have not arrived, and we were told once again they were on their way. We just moved and I can't even leave my house to get food because I'm stuck here waiting for these fools!!
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I am a very upset customer with Lowes in Tyler, Texas

On April 30, 2012 I went to the Lowes Store on 5720 south broadway and was accused of stealing a lawn mower blade. As I entered the store I requested someone from customer services assit me, in which a very nice man assisted me. to make a long store short, I paid for my merchandise at a register right beside the same cashier I asked to get someone to help me. As I left the store to get in my truck, Tina Williams and Eddie Megdley followed me to my truck and requested my reciept. I tried to explain to them I paid for my lawn mower blades and why did they stop me and not the other customers before and after me. I was the only black female that was stopped not one white person was stopped. I feel I was stopped because of my race. People in the parking lot was starring at me and wondering what did I do, which I felt so violated. I fell something should be done about this, because it was not only wrong but very embrassing and rude, and dangerous. "You don't follow a customer to their truck without good cause." If these employees were not socializing and talking they would have seen me at the register paying for my merchandise. I will never go back to that store, and if something is not done I will let my friends know of my experience. Please contact me, and I can fax you more information.
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Yeah, it's the race card again. These people think Obama is always gonna bail them out, y'all are getting free phones and no telling what else.

What You people are wanting is money (law suits) being that y'all are still wanting the 40 acres and half a million (half a mule)as I call it. Sorry! He won't be there much longer. So get over it!!!

Other races are owed a lot more. But we just keep moving on. Why cry about *** that happened hundreds of years ago, y'all aren't entitled to that money. Maybe your ancestors, as I said (maybe).

Me being Hispanic, latino, or messicans as your race likes to refer to us by that name calling, I've been discriminated especially by your race, we just keep moving on. The problem is y'all want to start a race war. Think about it we all have to live in this world together and also you probably have some relatives that are of mixed race. Don't feel discriminated we've all been through it at one time or another.

We have our children and their children to think about.

Just consider it as an experience and have your receipt ready. I'm sure many other races have experienced your situation.


Actually many in east Texas area are racist. But mostly to people who look Mrxican and I get that, but if you aren't illegal and no one asks but treat you like dirt and this is from white and HELLO, blacks.

I find them the most racist race ever.... Few are actually decent folks and act just like people not a color.

Change your behaviour and act right. Your children act awful also train them better.

For things to change behaviour needs to.

I get cussed out mostly by blacks and Mexicans. The two most racist races. I could go on. The elders in east Texas behave deplorable also.

Rude and nasty. I deal in customer service and I have seen it all.

People are pretty bad period. Start being better make change and lady this includes your race.

Start with yourself then your children. Act like a person not a color. We are all people and you are not the only one with skin color. Ask the Jews some of them are still alive.

You have nothing to whine about. Grow up.


If you had a receipt and showed it to them, then that should be that. People are a little tired of the constant whine from people saying they only stopped me and no white people.

Come on.. if you were white and walking out the door with lawnmower blades "not in a bag".. they would stop them. Ya'll need to get the chip off your shoulders.

If I had been stopped... I would whip out my receipt and would not be insulted in the least. But NO! you have to play the poor BLACK card.

I would be willing to be you acted like a real *** to the people that stopped you. Your post should NOT even be on here...


Get that chip off ur shoulder and quiy playing the race card it doesn't work anymore


You go girl. I don't like Lowe's because they never seem to want to help the black people anyway.


Yeah, black peoples being treatit unfairly by other peoples.


Oh please !!!!! Stop with the "I'm black is why I got stopped".

So sick of hearing that ***.

I live in that store basically and there are more black employees then white. There is a lot of theft in stores these days ,so have your receipt ready and shut your mouth!!!


That's *** and very untrue. Can't follow a customer to their vehicle.

Trust me I know this.

Stop trying to beg for attention. Matter of fact don't bring your *** back to the store.


Well I was tried ed like dirt by a black manager acted like he own the store tome to leave .He was black and I don't think is because mi race people ar crazy.


Wow the Race card what a joke I am sick of this always being the reason for why something happened to a black person and why you have too always blame white people what if the people that checked your receipt was black then what or who would you blame? You stop being racist and except that things like this happens to all races and that they were doing there job and not picking on the poor black lady get over your color then race is not an issue.


Oh yes, very dangerous to have someone ask you for your receipt!!



That is so very messed up abd I hope you get something out of what they did to you and we will also let people know what they did to you


i am the whitest honky there has ever been.....i never put my receipt away until I am out of the store . I expect to get checked because to many *** *** have already stoled *** and ruined it for the hard working and honest people.




I am really tied of ALL WHITE PEOPLE being called racist, just show the receipt enough said !!!


It's not because your black. It's because you didn't pay for it and have no receipt or cause you wanna cause a stink.

Don't come back.

Stay in Gladewater.


Try being white, they will just ignore you and not even check you out! After checking out a black person in front of you, they will just ignore you (if your white) lowes hates white people!


Why didn't you just show your receipt?

@No Name

I'm a 62 year old white man and I have been asked on way more than one occasion to see my receipt at various stores. I just show it to them. Problem solved.

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Lowes Cashier

Boycott Lowes!!

They are scamming consumers with cheap products then lying to cover their ***! Every major appliance I've purchased at Lowes has broken down within a year and they refuse to remedy the situation. They are also very rude about it. We bought a Bosch washer/dryer that litteraly fell apart within the first year. The glass door fell off the washer, the plastic around the doors cracked--have to use a large board against dryer door to keep it closed. I recently bought a Samsung fridge, it's now just another large piece of *** that I'll have to pay to haul off-- it's less than a year old. The list could go on....
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buy extended protection plans next time. nothing is guaranteed to last anymore these days. then you wouldnt have this situation all the time


you should get what you pay for. Most people live on a budget that you don't buy something unless you really need it. Then you expect it, to do what they say, If a product isn't what they say it is they should buy from some one else working people trust the stores to check out products before they sell them


and here's yet another *** that thinks the store, in this case Lowe's, created the products that he bought. I recently went food shopping at Walmart, I got some Cheerios which is made by General Mills. I guess Walmart had a little factory out back to create the products and they put the manufacturer's name on the box to look pretty.


Lowe's Guy, to my knowledge, neither Bosch or Samsung are U.S, companies, therefore you discussion of outsourcing is not relevant.


Your are about Bosch and Samsung. Lowe's didn't manufacture them.

Those items also come with a factory warranty.

Lowe's will offer an extended warranty which you obviously didn't purchase. Why complain about Lowe's and not bash the companies that actually made the products with which you are unhappy?


It is correct that The Manufactuer Warranties the product for a year. Lowe's offers an Extended Protection Plan.

Problem is twofold here. 1. This country outsources many products. why?

well, do we need to go there? 2. Expectaions: Used to be, we only required a washer to wash close and set the machine with a mechanical dial/s. Now consumers expect all digital heat sensing 1800rpm washers that do stuff that requires computerization to get done.

Take your PC and put it on top of your washer and you'll see what happens.

Buy the extended warranty if you want more than a years worth of coverage. It's like insurance.




then why do you buy things at Lowes

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Warping lumber from lowes

Built several items out of treated lumber from Lowe's ; board fence for my daughter and a picket fence at my home. At least half the wood warped and twisted to some degree.. Even 4 by 4 s in concrete were curved. Hard to dig up to bring back. Did take down treated and returned. Never buy that junk again. The lumber co. is not drying the wood nor is Lowe's concerned about quality. Gonzales la. lowes' and Baton rouge la. lowe's from jan 2012 to present. Had better luck with home depot treated lumber. Good luck Tom
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buy cedar or trex *** treated always warps over time

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