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the maanagers at the lowes in lima ohio are probably the most laziest managers ive ever seen. i waited about 20 mins to get loaded while a manager sent for others to help, why couldnt he help?!?!!?!? instead of helping the employee with loading the rocks i waited around for him to find other people. this is not how a manger should act. you lead by example. i dont know if he was worried about breaking a nail or getting his pretty shirt dirty. locating other employees at that time was not neccessary considering the task on hand was not difficult. Stay clear of the lowes in lima and CURT the outside lawn and garden manager!!!!!
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well I just called there to get advice and talked to a female mgr and she acted like a was a waste of her time cuz I wanted to talk to a CASHIER WHO WAS VERY HELPFUL and she wouldn't leave a message for him or anything. I am disabled and he was giving me helpful advice and she was just sighing and giving me reasons why she can't give him a "MESSAGE" to contact a happy appreciative customer

I am disabled and am a cat lover and have to return some useless bug spray and wanted to speak to this helpful man about something he suggested and asked if they carried and they only have the kind I can't use but she STILL GAVE me the item # of THIS product I obviously have NO INTEREST in buying!!


big ben

i agree with the last comment


I've had an issue with the same manager at this store. He always stands around and seems to not care about anyone other than himself. The worst part is he is not the outside lawn and garden manager, he is an assistant store manager at the store. Shows what kind of management they hire. Curt should have helped you load your purchase and not just wait till another associate came to help. If I have to go into that store I make sure to avoid him at all costs.

To "Lowes Hardware", a customer shouldn't have to load their own purchase if they request for help. Your statement shows the lack of care for customers at any Lowes. What if the person who submitted this couldn't bring anyone with them at the time? What if they were going to buy the rocks and then find someone later to help them but they had no choice?

Let's ignore that they bought rocks. Let's imagine they purchased a grill. I was told that to have a grill delivered I would have to pay an additional 69 dollars at the store. that is quite a bit of money especially if someone has a vehicle to haul the grill. Most people cannot lift a grill on their own and shouldn't have to. Are you saying that this customer would have to lift the grill on their own instead or else not buy one? This just disgusts me.


I used to work at that lowes and i know for a fact that everyone there is lazy and treat their employees poorly. And the fact that Lowes says that they pride themselves in customer service..yet "lowes hardware" makes a comment like this. They must be proud to have someone working there that attacks their customers verbally outside of their workplace.


If the task at hand was not difficult, as you say, why didn't you just do it yourself? And if you say you have a medical problem or next question is why would you go to a store and buy something you couldn't handle?

how do you get them out when you get have help at home? Why couldn't that person go with you?

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Lowes Manager

Lowes in Brampton, Ontario - Contractors-beware ladies

I had a contractor work in my home to do flooring.He was a bit off a sex person ,he loved his women.He would take advantage off you if you let your gard down.Be ware off this person Ljupco LUKADimovski.He would make inapporate passes and touching.He would also come drink or with alchole breath.He will make promises to do the exta work and a now show nor call.and if you call him the excuses never end.Lukas is a contractor out off Lowes Brampton.His # is 416-543-5597.Ladies keep your distance.
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Did you actually go to school? There is a thing called spell check.

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Lowes in Livingston, New Jersey - Customer service

WOW ENTERPRISE ALABAMA LOWE DOE'S NOT LIKE TO HELP THE CUSTOMER. What are they going to do if Home Depot comes to town. I was just in the Enterprise, Alabama store,picking up some items, standing in line for 5-6 the minutes as the other cashier (Ashley) watched us stand in line and said nothing about helping us. Then someone walked up and had to ask her are you open as she was doing nothing. She then started helping us. Wow this is unreal that customer service is this bad with such a large company.LOWES TIME TO GET SOME ONE THAT LOVES THEIR JOB.
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Lowes in Columbus, Ohio - Washing Machine Tearing up Clothes

We bought a Whirlpool model 580 washing machine less than a year ago. About nine months ago, my wife noticed that the towels were getting frayed, clothes (such as v-neck tshirts) we getting stretched at the neck. About that time, I was diagnosed with cancer and needless to say, with all the radiation and chemo treatments, this problem was not of high priority. We went to the local Lowe's and talked to a manager who recommended a diagnosis be made of the washing machine. No problems were found, but the washer is still tearing up clothes. My wife goes to the landramat at least once a week to wash the good clothes. I am pissed that we can't return the washer. In the past 30 years, we have not had this problem with other major stores (such as Sears, Home Depot etc.0
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Lowes thanks for nothing

So I order a 200+ dollar medicine cabinet from Lowes on line. I wait for a month for it to be shipped from Kraftmaid. I finally get the call that the cabinet is in so I drive the fifty something miles to go pick it up. They bring this huge and very heavy carton to the service desk and thanked me for my purchase leaving me standing there with this enormous box. So I went and got a shopping carriage, used the service desk for leverage and laid it across the carriage, then loaded It onto my truck by myself. Through this whole process I was not asked once if I needed assistance. It gets better. A few days later I install the cabinet. Not one piece of paper with directions are in that box, but I'm pretty handy so I install it and connect the light bar and screw it in securely. But when I go to put the glass in, the three pieces they gave me were 21 inches and my cabinet measures 28 inches across. I called Lowes to see if I could get the right glass shipped to me, and was told that the item # I have comes up as a vanity and not a medicine cabinet. So I will have to disassemble it, pack it up, and drive it 50 miles back to the store so that they can look at it. Naturally as luck would have it, as I'm disassembling it I chip a piece of the glass. Now I'm really pissed. I will bring back the cabinet and I will get my money back. And if they won't send somebody out to help me bring it in, I swear I'll leave it right in the friggin parking lot. After this, they'll never see my face again in Lowes again, ever!
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wow thats ridiculous i work at a lowes in tx and we would never do that to a customer.. if i even see a customer slightly struggling or anything i always ask or try and help them myself.. the lowes you went to needs to learn some customer service


Wow Jeff Sounds like a hosing all the way around on this one. Perhaps asking to speak to the store manager first would have been the answer.

Perhaps he-she would have been able to come up with a solution for you other then you hitching up the buggy for another trek to the store. I happen to know that once in awhile Kraftmaid ships the wrong glass and they would ship the right to you directly. Sounds like you spoke to one of their recently decommissioned sales staff who really could give a *** about your long drive. Leaving it in the parking lot will only cost you the money you paid.

If the store manager refuses to be decent ask for his market directors number.

Bet you get it for close to half price!! Good Luck

Signed one of the recently hosed associates.

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Lowes all about racing not about quality

I recently had a modular building built. Decided I did not like the windows the manufacturer offered and decided to upgrade to windows and doors thru Lowes. Knowing the item numbers I called Lowes to get the rough openings - Every one of the measurements they gave me was wrong. And Lowes will do nothing. Now I have to pay a carpenter to redo every window and door opening to accommodate the sizes I need. Loses obviously hires idiots who cannot read, do not train their people, and have managers who don't know how to run a business. A $9k order will go elsewhere -
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You call a store for THEM to give YOU the rough opening sizes?? You must have skipped the part where you had a Lowe's employee or installer take a measure of your windows, because that would be the only way they could give you sizes.

If that's not the case, then you must not have read one of the fine prints of carpentry that unless there is an actual person standing in front of your window with a tape measure, then no sizes can be gotten.

By the way, I want to upgrade my flooring from hardwood to carpet.

I know what I want, so can I call you so I can find out how much carpeting Im going to need?? :x


Yes lowes hires idiots to help idiots like you. Since we are on the topic of Idiots riddle me this *** man.

What kind of *** can not read a tape measure and calls on the phone to order a special item? You guessed it boys and girls the *** Miami Florida.

So let this be a lesson for all the idiots out there Use your head for something other than a hat rack you ***.

Signed a Lowes hired ***.

Serving idiots like you because thats who we are and thats who we care about. You ***.


But you already had the rough opening sizes, it was your building. take those sizes to order your special order windows.

Same at any retail window store.

Windows off the shelf have the sizes on them for you to read. special order windows come from your specs.

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Lowes in Wheeling, West Virginia - Impossible Veterans Discount

Lowe's advertises a 10% veterans discount, yet the only way a veteran can get the discount is to present an active-duty, retired, reserve, or VA health system ID. Not all veterans have military ID's because they are out of the military with no reserve obligation at all. Not all veterans are enrolled in the VA Healthcare System, because they do not have any service-connected disabilities, nor do they meet the low income required for a veteran (not service-Connected) to get VA healthcare. Why doesn't Lowe's just accept the Veteran's DD-214 with a photo ID which proves who the veteran is? I am a veteran's servcie officer, and I get at least 10 veterans a week who cannot get theis alleged discount, because of what Lowe's requires to prove you are a veteran. I have gone around and around with Lowe's corporate on this issue, and they will not address it.
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You can sign up on line or in store with DD214. I have 8 years service and I did..


I purchased some items at Lowes and they wouldn't except my Vet. Id card.

Said I need to go to service desk and sign up. I was in a hurry so I said I'd catch it next time. Few weeks later I went again this time to service desk. I provided the Gal there with 2 Veterans ID cards my VA health Care with Picture and my life time Disabled American Veterans card.

she said not good enough I need to provide my discharge date. Say What. I am a Vietnam War Vet when I got discharged, I left Fort Hood Texas and didn't look back, wanting nothing to do with anything Military. I read the Lowes policy on this starting: Jan 1 2018, it says nothing about discharge date!!!!

here is link this policy I qualified on the spot but service desk denied me. Employees should read this policy until they understand it and eah store should have written policy at service desk to be able to read along with Vet. and define the real truth.Please note several things: Lowes is allowed to share your info with all of their affiliates. They use a third party to verify this info.

It's called "Sheer ID" read their privacy policy: deal here in the US and with European union also with Swiss-US.They are allowed to share your info with all of their affiliate. Europe? They are also tied into Google Analytics. All of which track you and anything you do on the internet.Seems every Tom, *** and Harry want your info in order to EXPLOIT you.Special note: it reads you don't have to have a My Lowes account to get the discount.

Just provide name and phone number at service desk and prove you are a Veteran, DD214 is best.

take a copy and black out your SS# They log your name and phone. You will then have to give your phone number at check out time in order to get the discount.Good Luck all.


Even with a valid Military ID you still need to sign up for a "MYLowes" card for any discount.Lowes used to accept Mil ID as proof of service. No longer.


ANY veteran can receive a veteran Healthcare card just by providing a DD214. Lowes does not accept vehicle registration either if you have disabled plates.

@Lovey STJohn

Not true. I have been honorably discharged over 30 years, no service-related disabilities, I make too much income to qualify.

I tried twice, and even went down to the VA Open House to see if I was doing something wrong. The people running the VA Open House did not agree with the policy, but could do nothing for me.


You need to fill out a MyLowes account. Which is located on the top right hand of

They will send you a keyfob in the mail.

The cashier scans that keyfob and it takes 10% off... I have used for months now- newer program but works great.


Our Lowe’s accepts drivers license marked “Veteran”. Once you are in My Lowe’s system you are good to go...don’t have to show any other ID

@2 year army vet

Beginning zJan 5 2018 this method will no longer be accepted as the system will not override.


I marched into Lowes with my DD214. Lowes still wouldn't accept it.

Lowes is a liar.


I had the same problem of not having an approved VA card. I do have a driver's license showing that I am a veteran but Lowes doesn't accept this.

They are evidently saving money by refusing discounts to most veterans with no disabilities. If you must be retired or disable, go ahead and state that as a requirement to get a discount and don't pat yourself on the back for being veteran friendly.


You do not have to be service connected nor does income matter to get a VA card or to be approved to use the facilities. You are way out of date..............


I too am a vet. I was denied a discount at Lowes on the Vet.

weekend discount 2012. I had my discharge paper with me. The employees embarrassed me and my wife. THEIR AD STATED, discharge papers were ( my service1970/76) one of the thing you could use to verify your service.

I will shop Home Depot from now on. Home Depot, they were nice, polite, did not even want to see my paper work. They took my word for it. Get even!

shop at Home Depot..... P.S. Lowes lost a $1,900. sale on a refrigerator.

Their policy is great for other companies in the business.


I think they should do away with the military discount all together.


I agree unless you're a WWII vet.

Anyone else DID NOT fight in any known conflict in which our "Freedoms" were in jeopardy.

Sorry but you knew what you signed up for and don't deserve an atta boy, a free cup and discounts galore.


There are 2 discounts they offer. One for retired/active/disabled vets (everyday discount) and the other is on special holidays like Memorial day/Vets Day/etc for the rest of the Vets.

I think it is great that Lowes stepped up to these discounts. Thanks Lowes.


The policy was put into effect as part of the WE program lowes started this year. I would never mess with a vet so lets get that out you guys and gals have kept us safe for years and for that I thank you.

Lowes however is not only screwing the Vets but their own employees. Pay cuts, Job eliminations, Top people selling stock like its on fire. My friends the gig is about up for the company. Now they are buying companies that were due to fail, Going off shore with a known looser woolworths.

Its death rattles. Why? Oh thats simple the fat cats on wall street. So we all have to suck it up employees and vets alike.

You lost 10% I lost 30% A car and perhaps my house but hey the paycheck is indeed predictable every 2 weeks a whole lot o nothin......

And when wall street fails and one day it will and they are all starving because they lost their millions you and I will be ok. But the fat cats will beg for a *** to eat and will get none....


I agree with the complaint that a "Veteran's discount” should apply to ALL honorably-discharged Veterans, not just those who retired from the military. I have both a VFW and American Legion membership card. These cards and my I.D. used to get me the discount at Lowes, but lately store managers have been enforcing this more stringent policy requiring a V.A. healthcare card or active duty or retired card. I don't have any of these cards. The only way for me to get the V.A. Heathcare card would be for me to use my service-connected injury to request free medical treatment from the V.A.

I work at a hospital and have full-coverage and do not need to use Federal Funds to pay for my healthcare, but I guess this is the message that Lowes wants to send: "If you served you country, but then got out and joined the private sector, your service is invalid. We're only interested in supporting folks that stayed in the military, not other vets. For the rest of you, your service doesn't count!"

The VA website says the following about the V.A. card: "With regard to the use of veteran ID cards for store discounts, please note: If these are valid discounts for Veterans, a Veteran's DD-214 and a driver's license or non-driver's license should be appropriate. The VIC is the only ID card offered for Veterans by the V.A."

You should also note that Home Depot, a direct competitor to Lowe's, offers the same discount with much more lenient rules. They still take my VFW or AL membership cards and a CA driver's license as proof of my Veteran's status, i.e. their discount is a “TRUE Veteran's discount”. The local Home Depot store is a little farther from my home (5 mi.s), but I am going to start using them exclusively from now on for all of my purchases, out of principle, since Lowe's has turned this supposed Veteran benefit into a slap in the face to MOST Veterans.


Lowe's established the 10% Military Discount to support the men and women who are currently serving our country in the Armed Services1 and to honor Retired Veterans and VA Recipients.2 This 10% discount is also extended to the immediate family3 of those who are currently serving, Retired Veterans, or VA Recipients.

To qualify for the Everyday 10% Military Discount, you must:

Be currently serving in, or retired from, a qualifying branch of the Armed Services, or be the immediate family member of someone who is and have a valid military ID Card.


Be a veteran who receives VA benefits and have a valid Veteran Identification Card (VIC).

We honor all Veterans on three specific holidays: Memorial Day, 4th of July and Veterans Day. During these three holiday weekends, we extend the discount to all veterans who served honorably and who present a valid Form DD214 or other proof of service. The Lowe’s Military Discount is extended to the Veteran community on these three holidays only.

The Military Discount must be used on personal purchases only and cannot be used for purchases, previous sales, or the purchase of gift cards or services including product installations. It cannot be combined with the Lowe’s Price Guarantee, or promotions such as "Spend and Get," "New Mover," "Project Starter," "Your Choice," or discounts such as Quote Support Program (QSP) quotes.

•1 Armed Services — US Army, US Navy, US Air Force, US Marine Corps, US Coast Guard, or the National Guard and who are in active, reserve, or retired status.

•2 Retired Veterans and VA Recipients — Veterans who have retired after 20 years of service and/or those who receive VA Benefits

•3 Immediate Family — Spouses and/or dependent children (up to 18 years old.)

This is from the Lowe's website. Maybe you could list all companies that give a military discount and how much it is.


They need to have a class for all employees at Lowes, so they get the message. They don't know about it.


There are some stores that will accept a DD 214 with photo ID, the exception is up to the store manager, have you tried approaching him/her?

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Lowes Sucks

I have had an ongoing argument with Lowes as we have been waiting to receive countertops in our kitchen for almost 6 weeks now...DO NOT GO THROUGH THEM! They are terrible and give you contractors that are the worst and no one has common sense. They just want to obligate the contract and don't care about the person who has signed the contract. We would cancel the order all together but we will lose out on money. The countertop was on backorder and no one called to inform us. I had to call for us to find out. Then they call today and want to install Tuesday! Common sense would say that they need to give us a little more of a heads up because they only install on the weekdays and the people who work don't even have enough notice to get off of work. They just wanted to offer us that date because according to the contract, it needs to be installed by the 3rd. Since they offered us a date before the 3rd...even if it doesn't work for us, they are still under the contract even if we have them come in later.
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Ok so you are stating it has been six weeks but the contract must be fulfilled by the 3rd? The person setting the contract technically has no knowledge of the dates of install so they lied to you off the git go. If you are unhappy go get a refund they can try to refuse but if you demand a refund odds are they will give it to you.

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Lowes in Baltimore, Maryland - Lied and made up delivery times.

I ordered a marble vanity top, almost $600, custom; it arrives after 3 weeks, with the bowl offset to the wrong side! After it took 45 minutes to complete the order in the store. The fashion bath girl had moved, it was a guy from mill work, he didn't know what he was doing. So I take it back to Lowe's - they can only get it re-made & expedited to me in 14 days! That's expedited? Yes. So last Wed. I inquire about the top, yes, it's been shipped, it'll be here today, I phone the Madison heights, Va, store today, no, it's not arriving until next Friday, May 5th! That'll be 3 weeks since the 2nd expedited order was placed! Meanwhile my customer has no bathroom sink, now I have to tell her it'll be another 10 days! It makes me look like a liar to my client. I am recommending to my customers that they not use Lowe's, if they want to choose anything for their home, go to anywhere but Lowe's. They are awful to deal with. And they lie, to your face.
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Lowes in Provo, Utah - Poor service in the plumbing department

I needed a 3/4" T with a 1/2" threaded bottom. I went to Lowes customer service and he asked the plumbing department to bring one up front, which he declined to do. I went back to the plumbing department and he was on the phone. When he got off he helped the person that was ahead of me and walked around the corner, I followed and he helped someone else and this happened again. He said I''ll be with you in a minute bud, but he never showed his face again. I won't use their plumbing department again. I have had no problems with other departments there. Mel
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How often have you been in one of those BigBox hardware stores? It's difficult to find anyone to help with questions.

Let alone, you asking them to service you like a Diva!

I'm suprised you don't have your personal assistant do your shopping. After all, doesn;t everyone?


Did you think you were at a burger king drive thru? Idiots like you make retail a complete pain.

you went to the service desk and asked for something to be brought to you? Do you think the employees are a bunch of dogs? Go get this fido! I hope you never return to the store!

Next time walk yourself to plumbing and wait your turn like all the other customers piled up. Furthermore if you think the service is gonna get better think again. The company is planning to phase out all the old high paid people and will use their pay to bring in a bunch of part timers to help you.

Then you will be lucky if anyone even speaks to you! You have posted one of the most useless complaints I have seen in my life.


I'm going shopping today at walmart. I think I'll go to customer service and tell them I want a gallon of milk brought up.


So you're mad because you didn't get special treatment? Maybe you should put your self in his shoes trying to handle the overwhelming amount of customers and trying to answer the phone that rings every other minute.

Besides the fact that his feet were probably aching from 8 hrs of walking on concrete as well. I hope you don't shop there anymore so that you don't bug that poor man again.

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