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Wrong item came in | Lowes review from Parkersburg, West Virginia

I haven't been happy with Lowe's for awhile now. I had a couple bad experiences at one of their stores and when my contractor had to order some supplies for my new porch from Lowes, I went along with it and thought it would be him directly dealing with them. My new railing and posts were ordered and took longer to come in then said and when they did come in wrong caps were sent! Now a reorder had to be done at more expense to me and behind on porch! More waiting! Fed up! Why should I have to pay more if it is their mistake? Could have had my porch finished! Not fair Lowes, next time I will go somewhere else!
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Thats right you dork take your money elsewhere. Boo hoo you typical cry baby get a life


Then go somewhere else!! You said the wrong items were sent....So maybe it was the manufacturer's fault?

Retailers can't control the lead time of a product either. One more entitled person crying because it didn't go exactly their way!!

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Dumb *** lowes people

I bought a lawn mower at Lowes in Niles Michigan. I've used it 3 or 4 *. I replace the rope in it 3 *. and the spark plug once. and the piece of *** still won't start. so I call Lowes. tell them what's going on with the mower. they proceeded to tell me that there's nothing they can do with the mower and that I would have to bring it in and have it checked out then they tell me that they have to send it out to be checked out. this is after the guy on the phone treats me like a *** since when is it that you buy something and you can't get it replaced when you go to return it. from now on I'm going to take my business and my money elsewhere
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Did you read the directions before using the mower? Figures


You *ARE* a *** if you think ANYONE can fix your mower over the phone.

Take it to the store and let someone see your problem with their own eyes, not how you're describing it.

Where did you get a new rope to put on 3X??? You had to leave the house for that, or did you use some inferior rope just laying around?

Also, there is such a thing as customer support, wait for it..... the MANUFACTURER. Did you call them???

Lowe's is a retail store. They sell items - not make them.


Just take the mower and your receipt back to your store. Go to customer service and tell them that you need the mower reparied.

They will send the item out for you to a licensed repair center and any warranty work needing to be done will be done. It is that simple.

It is not Lowes fault if there is a manufacturer's error. Why do people not get this?


Then take it elsewhere!! You will find retailers are getting tired of being bullied by entitled consumers.

It's time to take responsibility and stop acting like children. They offered to send it out for repair. Did you let them? decided to bash them for trying to help. Grow up!


I have heard this so many times. First of all do you think that Lowes builds the lawn mower?

It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to cover the lawn mower not the retail store. If you we're to read the warranty and the instructions it would tell you not to contact the store but to contact the manufacturer.


LOL Readin g is optional these days :grin


Who's the Dumb***? Take time to read you warranty. The warranty covers repair on a lawn mower, it doesn't give you a replacement.



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Lowe's Home Improvement of Willow Grove gives rude customer service | Lowes review from Long Branch, New Jersey

My name is Linda Kaufman and I was given extremely rude customer service at the Lowe's Home Improvement Center in Willow Grove by an associate named Alan in the plumbing department. IAs I stated earlier in my 1st email, this man is rude and an awful employee. He just didn't want to help me at all with my blinds and shades that needed to be cut. He laughed at me and told me to find someone myself and that someone would come around. He laughed again when I walked out and I saw him just sitting in his chair. He seemed very lazy and unwilling to help in any capacity. I'm now a Depot shopper and plan to stay that way and tell all of my friends, family, and neighbors. I hope management fires this awful employee!!!
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I love how completely unbelievable some of these stories are. She makes it sound like alan in plumbing is mentally unstable and a complete psychopath.

Here is what most likely actually happened. Alan in plumbing was in plumbing with an actual plumbing customer, giving that customer actual plumbing advice when this lady walks up to him with a blind in her hand asking that he drop what he is doing and cut it for her. He most likely asked her to wait a moment until he was done with his already engaged plumbing customer in the plumbing department. She prob freaked out when he suggested this rational course of action and overeacted and stormed off.

Alan in plumbing and the plumbing customer most likely rolled their eyes and had a good little laugh at what a *** she was. Ever think of finding an associate in the actual department you need for help in? There is a call button right next to the blind cutting machine that will get someone to your location in 30 seconds and guess what.

If they answer that call button...they may actually know how to cut blinds. So funny


Lowesguy how arroagnt can you be? How do you come up with a story of "what most likely happened" ?

Were you there? How do you know what this lady went thru? True I agree she should hav went to the right dept,but how hard would it have been for him to pick up a phone and ask for someone to meet a customer at the right dept?

I suppose when she was leaving and he was sitting in a chair laughing that he was helping a plumbing customer then to ? you sound like a complete *** !!!


I agree...sounds typical. I think he was waiting on another customer...maybe he was laughing because he was on a good mood that day . :)


Dear Linda,

We are so sorry that our employee Alan who works in the plumbing department and reeks of cheap booze and cigars couldnt help you cut a blind. Had you perhaps walked your idiotic self to the Windows and wall department and asked for help you may have gotten it. I say this loosely may...Further next time try walking into the store with less of an attitude. The associates could really care less about cheap wanna be trash such as yourself. It is part of a new company program known as LEF It is where we cut the sales staffs wages by removing their incentives. This ensures that they will be lethargic and unresponsive to you the general idiots. Any way remember 2-11-12 as the day that lowes sales staff quit caring. in closing I would like to say pound sand.

Thank you customer care,

P.S. The home depot is running some great promos.

@Customer Care

what with all the name calling ???? does it make you feel all grow up or something ??? geez !


Did you ever think he might not have known how to cut blinds? You said he was in the pumbing department.

I'm sure if you had a question about plumbing he would have helped.

I'm sure your attitude was the reason he laughed. One more entitled person who crys when things don't go their way!


:cry javascript:ac_smilie(':cry')javascript:ac_smilie(':cry')

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Lowe's no smoking/no breaks rule since we got a new manager | Lowes review from Maryland Heights, Missouri

I always go above & beyond to help customers. I am also one of those smokers. After dealing with a few of "those" types of customers, I always looked forward to go to my vehicle & have a smoke & make a call without everyone in the breakroom listening. Now, it seems Lowe's doesn't have to give us breaks. If we do by some chance happen to get one, we are not to leave the building. They also don't allow soft drinks at our stations even though Lowe's provides coffee for customers & sells to the public soft drinks to drink while strolling the store, but we can't. It's the customers that seem to be making the messes. I agree we need rules...but shouldn't Lowe's employees get a voice in this? Or has Hitler got stock in Lowe's?
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Boy you mst be new to retail, I have been in retail for over thirty years and I have seen both sides of the coin. First

Of all the manager cannot refuse you a break.

You may take a break but must not leave the Lowes property simply because you are still on Lowes time. The smoking issue has always been and issue. It is lowes insurance company that is enforcing the smoking ban. If Lowes doesn't comply then Lowes can loss there smoking insurance discount and then your health insurance will increase.

The no sodas on the floor is especially important at the registers. I have seen a lot of damaged equipment in my years due to careless employees.

lowes can control the customers but they can tell you what to do if you are getting a pay check with Lowes on it. I am sure there are a lot of other people that would love to have your job.


So you want to drink soda/pop and smoke. It's better that you do neither.

I bet you're fat too.

Sound like a fat weak person with no self control. Take this time to stop doing both.


Heartless you have the perfect name for sure !!!! I;ve never heard such assinine things spew out of someones mouth as I have yours while reading these comments !!! YOU ARE TRUELY AN *** !!!!!!!


You must be a homo Heartless

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My husband and I are a younger couple. He is 25 and I'm 23 and we have two young boys. We went into Lowe's when we first bought our house so we could buy a mower. There was an older guy working in that area. He was taking care of an older couple so we waited patiently for him to get done with them. Meanwhile another older couple walked up and started looking around. The employee seen my husband and I when we first walked up and when he was done with that first couple he went straight over to the other older couple. So we decided to wait till he's done with them. We had found the mower that we wanted and was standing by it and waiting for him. When he was done with that couple he looked at us and walked away. It was like we were young with children so he didn't think we could afford a mower like that. Little did he know we had every penny of it!! So we called and complained to the manager. The manager said he would talk to him but never tried to get us to come back in to buy the mower. Don't think he really cared either. So we went to Home Depot to get one and the customer service there was AMAZING!!
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Next time use your youth! Wear something slutty and sling that thang girl.

Then I'll bet you will get attention.

Unless you are a fatty....then keep it covered up.


First of all when we are standing there and we watch the other couple walk in to the door and over to there, no they didn't ask him for help and why would we stand there and wait for him to get done with the one couple and not want help?? It is his job considering he noticed us to take care of us. We should not have to go hunt him down to get customer service!!!


This is a first. Complaining because you think you got ignored because you are younger.

Let me help you out some. Did you attempt to get his attention besides just stand there? He probably figured you didn't need anything since you never said anything to him. I highly doubt he was ignoring you because of your age.

Wouldn't surprise me if both the older couples asked him for help first, the part you failed to do. But you have to come on here because you feel like you've been wronged for being young, LOL LOL


You probably look like white trash, get used to that kind of service.


Who are you to tell anyone how they look unless you personally know them? Or is it how you look and you're playing it off to others looking like that bahahahahah !!!

ok now come back saying how well built you are on and on ! grow up bobby !

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Lowes Delivery FAIL

I ordered 2 baseboard heaters for my home which i am renovating. I selected and paid for next day delivery, knowing it would get below freezing friday night. (delivery should have arrived friday) Nothing... So i call and complain... They say they do not understand why it was not delivered. But will refund the shipping of 24.99... On top of that a store head cashier calls me, and tells me they cant get it to me until next week. In other words below freezing all weekend = no heat. Cold makes me have severe muscle spasms... So Lowes drops the ball on the personel level and blames it on a computer issue they have been having... I would have ordered from home depot if i had known that... So now i have to go all weekend freezing temperatures no heat... My anger and frustration at this company knows no bounds at this point... As i will be spasming up all weekend...
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Lowes only guarantees next day delivery on major Appliances and delivery on those are free. Other than that it is really the first available day that they can get the delivery out to you.

However, if you explain that you really need something the next day to the Head Cashier or manager, they always will make sure that it will happen for you. At my store anyways. Especially something quick and easy like two heaters in the box that are pretty much a 5 min drop and go.

So I find your story largely unbelievable.


Ordered a refrigerator from Lowe's which was actually good deal. My local store was called and we were assured it was "in" and ready for delivery.

Day before delivery we get a call from Lowe's saying "it's not in" due to some "computer issue" kicking it out but they'll order a new one. I get it... problems happen...

but my real beef is that I was charged the day I ordered it 3 weeks ago and I still don't have my order. BAD BUSINESS PRACTICE!


In the time it took you to create a profile and write this complaint you could have driven to Lowes and picked up the heaters since they fit in a car. Plus it costs 65 for delivery from Lowes, so 24.99 is shipping, you can't get overnight shipping on stuff like that.

Why is it Lowe's or anybody elses fault that you waited till it got cold to shop for heaters? Take at least some responsibility for

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  • baseboard heaters
I am currently a Lowes employee looking for a new job. Just found out yesterday that it is against company policy to leave the building to take a break. If you think I am kidding you would be wrong. It is also against our company policy to chew gum or even just to...
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Hi I was terminated yesterday because they claimed I was a no call no show on a day that I wasn’t even scheduled to work!!!

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Treated like a thief and liar in store | Lowes review from Wyandotte, Michigan

I have never been talked down to like I have when I went into the Southgate, MI Lowe's. I purchased a snow-blower off the website for pickup for my father's birthday. The site apparently has an error in the price, but I paid the actual amount which I have on my receipt and store pickup email but the Service Manager made me wait more than a half hour, then said I couldn't receive the item because of the error on the website. He was blatantly talking to me like I was a thief in front of a large group of associates. No, I didn't have the print outs when I went into the store, didn't think I'd need them. I then walked out after being treated like a thief and called customer service. The girl was awesome, treated me great, but still said I had to wait 24 hours for a call back. So now I'm sitting with a 900 dollar charge on my card, no snow blower and waiting for a random call. I have the printouts of the receipts with the 897 dollar charge and the credit card charge to prove that I paid the 897. I don't know why any manager would talk down to any customer for any reason.
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Lowes Manager

I WAS TOLD TO GO TO ***!!!! | Lowes review from Las Vegas, Nevada

On september 29th a repairman from (ABM APPLIANCE REPAIR) came to my home to look at my samsung washer that was leaking. i was told that my warranty will cover the man coming out. i had to call lowes once before with a problem with the samsung dryer. that was an ugly experience also with the same repair man. Upon fixing my washer he demanded i pay him $60.00 for him coming out. In the meentime i had called the ABM APPLIANCE REPAIR store to ask why i had to pay the man $60.00? during the conversation with ABM his boss waved the $60.00 fee. this upset the repairman so he decided to take it out on me! while he was working on the washer he had called me to come where he was working and when i went back to see what he needed, he totally ignored me and i tried to tell him where it started leaking and he pushed my hand away and told me not to tell him how to do his job. it just escalated from there. at the end of the whole mess, he ended up throwing a bunch of wet towels at me, as he was saying,"do not ever call in for repair service again because i will never come to this home again,.at that he shoved the clipboard in my stomach and told me to sign the paper. as he was leaving he threw a piece of rubber mat that i keep ontop my washer so no one scratches it, on the floor, he slammed my interior door so hard that he knocked my alarm system mechenisaim off the door, and he slammed the exterior door, (security screen door), that we had to kick it to get it to open. I am not mad at samsung or lowes really, just want to get it out there what kind of people lowes has to send out to peoples homes to repair things. this company is contracted through lowes. he is a very rude and sloopy repair man. I am 64 years old and i don't need this from anyone. maybe if i weren't so old, he would have needed to be repaired! janie from las vegas nv
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Lowes Warranty
  • repair man

Lowes negligence broke my toe

after over a month waiting to be settle, proving and given all receipts, lowes offer is way lower than our demand letter which what there offering is practically losss wages and are not considering my husbands pain, almost 4 months out of work, and medical expenses.......We thought lowes would be more accountable and step up for there negligence but now we will refer it to an attorney, I guess than they will say should of considered our offer.....lowes have the worse claims examiners because they dont communicate nor answer calls, with this happening to us we will never shop nor recommend this store anymore.
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:cry :cry :cry


I'm sure Lowe's is shaking because of your demand letter! Their attorneys have probably reviewed your case and decided you don't have one.

That's why you haven't heard any response. Go try to scam somebody else!!


lowes has more money than you. Get an attorney and get it done correctly.

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