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Lowes in Dayton, Ohio - I can't get any help for a broken washer...

I bought a washer & dryer from them 1 1/2 years ago...been trying ever since to get someone to help me....have talked to so many people from everywhere...they have offices...No one will help me...oh yes I have had so many promises but they don't happen. This was bought by my mother who is 84 and I am her daughter trying to get this fixed....why won't anyone help us. I would advise if you are looking for anything....don't go to lowes....OMG I just can't believe this and how we have been treated. thanks for listening thanks for listening
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You have a one year warranty on the appliance. Did the appliance need repair within the one year warranty?

Did you purchase the extended warranty? If the answer is 'no' to my questions, exactly what do you want Lowe's to do about it? Call the manufacturer and complain to them they are the ones who produce the appliance.

Lowe's just sells it! If the answer is 'yes' to the above questions you have a legitimate issue and call the store manager or the call center.


when my car with 70,000 miles breaks down, ill take it back to my salesman that sold it to me years sure I will get far!

Lowes just sold it to you, call an appliance service provider and suck it up.

Im sure you declined the extended service plan also didnt you?


I have found that the best way to get Lowes to do anything is to log onto their website and and write your complaint to the corporate office.This always gets the problem solved for me. Good Luck


Too bad, don't expect any help from lowes now. They have cut the pay of all appliance associates so they don't care anymore.


Call China and wait till you buy everything online


Read your warranty carefuly, Call the manufacturer to get it fixed, I work for LOWES lets just say that the squeaky wheel gets greased very quickly. Sorry for the lack of service, wouldnt happen at my store.


Same thing happened to me. There is NO WAY they will help you in the slightest.

I am stuck with a broken washer and a pile of dirty clothes.

Lowas sucks!!! Don't buy anything there!!!


You bought an appliance from a company with no service center. I hope the $10-$20 savings was with it, now your mom has to spend her golden years in dirty cloths!


I thought Lowes sold appliances. You would normally call the manufacturer for repair.

I bought a washer at Lowes and an extended warranty from the manufacturer. I've had one problem and called the repair number listed on the warranty and it was promptly repaired.


The warranty is 1 year from the date of purchase. What is the problem you need help with ??

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Bait and Switch at Lowes

I purchased "Therma Tru" patio doors from Lowes. They were a special order and came within the promised time frame. HOWEVER....the doors were not Therma Tru...they were actually TruLogistic (a company created by Lowes and Therma Tru to sell cheap doors at a price point that would attract customers. Instead of the wood adjustable threshold it was cheap plastic that would not even hold the throw bolt. The hinges and strike plates were not recessed neatly, a five year-old could do better!! The window trim was crooked and multiple other issues occurred. I called when the doors were delivered and they refused to return them and said they would refer the issue to the warranty department. Two months later I had to threaten legal action for them to take them back and refund my money. Safe yourself a lot of time and stress and shop elsewhere!!!
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Sounds like a crock of BS to me, Bel Air, Maryland!!! Lowes always takes returns, even if they're special order items. Any decent person knows it doesn't take threatening legal action to get results from Lowes.


Based on the information you have given joemd,it certainly sounds like you went in to Lowes with an intended item for purchase.You probably sat down and went over many different door options,but already knew what you wanted in a door.Also what you wanted to pay for it.After reviewing all your options and now knowing that only certain manufacturers offer certain configurations,and also putting price way down on the list,you decide to go with the lower brand Benchmark by Thermatru.Now that is just like going into the Lexus dealership and buying the Toyota Corolla and complaing that it does not perform as well,and is not made as well as the Lexus LS 460.Even a five year old has his standards,but please do not blame anyone but yourself for not doing your homework.In this day and age there is too much information out there to be ignorant!

@The All Knowing

Well said!


I ordered windows, and they ordered new construction instead of replacement - by accident. So, they improvised and floated a window in expanding foam with NO FRAME!

They ripped my window frame out. Now Pat Reilly is giving me a different song and dance every time I talk to him. Heywood Peyton was the one tat placed the order. But Pat's major priority seems to be to protect Heywood, defending every mistake he made.

Thanks Alpharetta GA Lowes. Thanks for taking $6,000 and leaving me with the wrong model, wrong size and wrong installation.

And your installer, Right Angle, they should have known something was wrong and not improvised. Next time, I will call a NARI member!!!!


You wanted to buy a therma tru door but you are cheap so you bought another brand that was cheaper and got exactly what you paid for.


the components sent to replace the poor quality components were in worse condition than the existing components. The service technician showed me the paperwork that showed they were actually TruLogistic doors and not Therma-Tru doors as sold by the salesperson at the store.


You really did not do your homework. TLI (True Logistic) is Therma-Tru!

TLI is the prehang department for Therma-Tru doors. ALL UNDER SAME ROOF!


Still have not received my refund for the doors. The person that came out to "fix" the doors even said they were *** and showed even more problems with them!


Benchmark by Therma-Tru is a product line of Therma-Tru Corp. Benchmark by Therma-Tru is sold exclusively at Lowe’s, and offers both patio door systems and entry door systems.

During an inspection performed by our contracted service company, we did confirm several issues in the purchased products that did not meet our quality standards. We did attempt to resolve the issues with your door systems, but were unable to do so to your satisfaction. As a result, we issued full credit on the product in January. If you need further assistance, please contact us at 866-584-3668.


Amanda Nine

Sr. Customer Care Agent


Kinda like working a job one isn't suited for because one made *** decision after *** decision in life. Oh well, there's always cigarettes and tattoos or maybe a new peircing. I deal with people like you every day.


You wanted to buy a therma tru door but did not want to pay the price so you bought another brand that was cheaper and got what you paid for. I deal with people like you every day.

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Lowes Warranty

Lowes in Fair Oaks, California - LOWE'S FIRED ME

Lowes is the worst employer ever. I worked there for 8 years, and i finally got sick and tired of their *** management team not doing anything. They discriminated against me, and would sit in the back offices with the cute, young, skinny girls and ignore everyone else. So I finally called corporate on them. Surprise, 2 weeks later I got fired for "using profanity". Funny, because when i was terminated, i was never given an reason. I had to figure it out on my own. The managers sit around all day and do nothing. They sexually harrass customers, and still dont get fired. Lowes is a horrible place! Do not shop here!!!!!
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Keep your write ups. Im looting the store as A**H*** Tax.

We might as well follow my example and loot the store.

This ship is going down and i couldnt be happier. Maybe Home Depot will make Blow's an offer.


Eva.... you wrote that the managers would "sit in the back offices with the cute, young, skinny girls and ignore everyone else".

So in other words you are a fat, angry (judging from your post), bad employee? Does that about sum it up?


Check out

:eek :upset :sigh :cry :( :x


Actually to get unemployment I have to tell the truth. The managers ever sexually harass customers or employees.

I just made that up because I was upset about getting fired. I swore at a customer and that is why I was fired and this was not my first time swearing at a customer or coworker.


cool story


Sucks to be you.

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Lowes will become the next Netflix!

Feb. 2013. I heard they took away employee incentives (spifs) from someone who works at Lowes. Home Depot did that and look at what became of them--horrible service. I don't go there unless I have to. Circuit City took away incentives and they were out of business after 4 years. Don't kid yourself, Lowes may reduce the prices somewhat, but corporate will pocket the money and take kickbacks on annual sales. Lowes doesn't pay their employees much, so there is a high turnover. You can't make a living on $12.00 an hour. Watch their sales go down and employee morale hit bottom. From what I understand, it already is. Watch service go into the dumper. Why should the employee care when the company doesn't care about the employee. I've already experienced poor service at Lowes and so many of their employees don't know anything about plumbing, electrical or gardening. I have to go to Ace Hardware and to plant nurseries. Corporations don't understand that when you pay your employees well you get good people. They stay and work hard. Companies have got to give employees incentives. People don't work for the "company" they work to support themselves and their families. I give them six months to one year to loose business. They are going to become another HOME DEPOT. Pretty *** Lowes and greedy!
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You should try talking to a specialist in the department your shopping in, your average sales associate isn't going to know everything in every department, if that was the case they wouldn't be just normal sales associates. Try finding a specialist in the department.


I've worked for Lowe's for 6, almost 7, years, and I completely disagree with your statement. I work in Long Beach, California and my co-workers are OK with the change.

Our customer service scores havae doubled since the spiffs were taken away, and no one is looking for a new job. Different strokes for different folks, so don't put every store into one pot and turn up the heat!



Lowe's does not care period. They are all about the share price at the end of the day.

The HR office posts the price everyday. The employees are just a tool. If you can live with your parents earning twelve dollars an hour great! But if you want a family and you want a college education you can pay for without handouts and loans, don't work for Lowe's.

They do all they can to get you to leave after you have been there a while, so they can hire someone with less experience and certainly for less. I went to work for Lowe's because they were different and seemed to care. Boy was I wrong! Customers beware the service is going to suffer this year.

Corporate America's new mantra "Be thankful you have a job". Remember high unemployment works in their favor not yours.


Not sure what happened to the 2 billion profit that Lowes made last year. Did someone buy another plane or maybe take the board of directors on a shopping spree?

I guess the CEO decided he needed another fancy ride. Did you know that over five years he will make 29.5 million dollars? How does the pay scale work at Lowes? This is a great way to lose hundreds of employees who have served the company for many years.

Awesome job Lowes! Hope your stock tanks!


It is not just the appliance specialists that make considerable income on spiffs. I work with a great cabinet specialist who may not now be able to make her house payment.

Also, a flooring specialist with a new baby that is now looking for a new job. Millwork, electrical, plumbing and OPE made spiffs from special orders and installs which require lots of work. It is greed by higher-ups and I am actually hoping sales drop to teach them a lesson. Each year they take away something...Christmas bonus...etc.

Don't work for Lowes. The slogan they keep telling us is "I am Lowes." Not!

People work for money. Not because we LOVE our employers..wake up!


out of 120 employees only 13 made over $250. in 1 year in spiffs.Only the Appliance Specialist are complaining, if you don't like it go to work for Sears selling appliances...oh that's right they only work on commission.... HH Greg doesn't pay, depot NEVER had spiffs...


3 things.

1.) Lowe's pays decent wages for it being a huge company and having large stores. $12/hr. is good pay actually if you MANAGE your money right. For someone who is single or a couple who are married with no kids or if both work and have at least one kid only, you can make it work.

2.) A career is a matter of opinion and perspective. You can make a career at working for a place like this without being in management. It's a similar deal with the definition of success, that's a matter of perspective and everyone has a different view of what that is for themselves.

I do think Lowe's is greedy and that they're screwing their employee's but this is America and unfortunately if you want a job/career (whatever you want to call it) then it's best you shut up and go to work if you expect to pay your bills and not drain the taxpayer to take care of you and your kids if you have any.


Home Depot never had a sales commission program for it's specialist or any other associate.


Most big box stores have done the same paying nothing, and most are part-time and living on government subsidies. It is sad but I have seen this first hand.

They pocket their profits while the taxpayers left are subsidizing their employee's.

The motto is someone else wants your job, so if you don't like it quit. Most don't have benefits and when they do opt for the healthcare, they can't afford to pay their co-pay.


I,ve been a sales specialist (flooring) for 4 yrs with LOWES. This corporate move is not surprising, something had to give.

The attitude of the management staff is deplorable. They actually taunt us about the loss of our income.

All of the commisioned sales people understand why this happened and we are trying to make this bad situation tolerable. I am leaving this company, I have been Interviewing with another company and will have an answer from them this friday, they told me its between me and one other person, I hope and pray that I will be giving my 2 week notice this friday.


It's not a good thing for employees when the company does away with vendor spiffs and they need to adapt to a lifestyle change. At the same time I see the reasoning behind a company's decision to do this.

Lowes cannot have the vendors dictate what their sales people sell based on spiffs.

When the lower margin brands pay spiffs the sales people will push those products that may only have a 15% profit, while the brands that carry a 20%-25% margin and do not offer spiffs are not emphasized by the sales people costing the company huge profits lost. In the end its just the way the industry is, most companies caught on to this years ago which is why very few offer any type of vendor spiff programs.

@You S2pid ***sumer

Lowe's still gets the spiffs from these companies. They put the money in their own pockets instead of passing them down to the associates.

Just another way that Lowe's takes from their associates.


What is minimum wage again? What do these specialists get paid?

Which is higher? Exactly.


Got an Idea Nikalseyn lets cut your wages by a 1/4 and see how wonderful you feel.


Lowes pay LOW wages. Spiffs are the only way to get ahead.

Without spiffs, most Lowes employees will take a drastic change in lifestyle such as "do we eat or pay bills?. It is fine to talk bad about a bad employer. If "nikalseyn" had any morals, they would shop elsewhere. They want the deal and do not care about a Lowes employee.

Try living on Lowes wages.

You can actually get food stamps while being a full time employee of Lowes. Lowes "open door policy" is "out way or the highway".


Working for a corporation like Lowe's is not a job to make a career of, unless you go into management. I like Lowe's and buy all my appliance there because they not only have free delivery, but also sell most popular major brands.

I suspect your are displaying sour grapes because you work at Lowe's and are worried you will lose your spiffs.

If that is the case, you don't belong working for Lowe's under any circumstances. Never talk bad about your employer.


I worked at lowes and trust me the pay is low and not much room for further advancement.

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I've been remodeling my home now for about 1 1/2 years. So as one would figure I have purchased several items over the course of time. At one time I thought highly of Lowe's and felt they put there customers first. My past few experiences with Lowe's is about as frustrating as one can get. It's got to be somewhat of a joke with my friends and family, so I decided to share my story with you. I like to start this experiences with buying three grills (register type) on line. I went to your online store because what I wanted were non-stock items. They were grills (also known as registers) that accept a filter. I needed three of them, two of which I had shipped directly to your store and one I had to have shipped to my home. There was no choice to have it delivered directly to the store as the other two, doesn't make sense to me but I guess that's your call. My packaged arrived in two days at my home. I was soon called by Lowe's (by some automated system) that my order had arrived there. I went to my local Lowes stores, went to the service counter, told her my name and order number. She called I believe your receiving dept. They couldn't find the order, soon I left without my grill (register). I was called again by the "automated system," the next day or two. I went to Lowe's and behold they found my order this time. The person in the receiving must of been the same person as the previous time I was there, they told me the first time they were looking for a grill (the type used on patio's). Ummm. My second experience gets better yet. I again ordered online, $1,000 worth of unfinished cabinets. My ordering experience went fine. I even received a confirmation just like my other order I had make a few weeks earlier. The cabinets were in stock and I received confirmation rather quickly that the order was ready for pickup. I didn't have time due to my schedule to pick them up the next day so it was about three days before I could get into Lowe's. During that time my wife said our credit card was charged twice for the charges. She called Lowe's and discussed the error. Lowe's said the first and second charge was some sort of a hold and our credit card wouldn't be charged until we picked up our order. I went into Lowe's to pick up my order. Went up to the service desk gave them my name and order number. The associate called to the rear of the store to retrieve my order. As my luck has it with Lowe's, the order hadn't been pulled. They said I could come back the next day or wait. I decided to wait. I went back to the place where the unfinished cabinets were. I waited, I waited, I thought maybe they have them stocked somewhere else. I went back up front. The associated again called back to someone. Whoops he forgot. I went back to the cabinet area (where they are stocked). I seen that an associate was coming with a paper in his hand. Remind yourself this is a $1,000 order, so it's more than a cabinet or two. He leaves and comes back with one cart. I ask if he needed a couple more, he said he couldn't find any. So off I went, I ended up going outside to find two more. When I got back he had only two cabinets on the cart, both of which had damaged fronts. After a little discussion pertaining to customer service and satisfaction I think he understood my discontent in his choice of cabinets, when there were others to choose from with no apparent damage. After sometime we finally got all the cabinets on three carts. The associate asked another associate to assist us in getting all three carts to the front of the store. Two of the carts were reasonably full the third overly full. Guess what two carts they (the associates) grabbed. Here I am getting a little more upset trying to negotiate my way through the store. We finally make our way to the front by the cashier, they both said here you go and walked away. Now what? I thought to myself. So one by one I get them up the cashier. I showed my receipt and told her about the possible double charge, she said you ordered these twice online, my response was no I didn't. I ask her then why didn't I get duplicate confirmations online? I also told her that we also called the Lowe's customer service and they told us there were no charges on our card just holds. The cashier straightened things out and I did end up getting a credit for one of the charges. Now it's time to leave and the cashier asked if I needed help. I told her yes and that I couldn't get all these carts out at one time and I also told her that I didn't feel like waiting a long time for an associate to help me. At times waiting on one of your associates can be extremely long. I did get some help without a lengthy wait though. We loaded the cabinets up and I was on my way home. When I unloaded the cabinets at home I noticed three of them were missing shelves. I went back to Lowe's the following day to explain my issue. The associate at the desk told me to go back and get the shelves I needed out of the cabinets in stock. I looked at her in disbelief, I told her that was uncalled for and what about the next person that purchases those. I ask if she had a customer service number for Continental Cabinets she didn't so she sent me back to the cabinet department. They did we called and I talked to a Continental representative, problem solved and I received my shelves two days later by UPS. My third resent experience is a little different than the first two. We were looking for a new countertop for our cabinets. I noticed that Lowe's had some on sale which were a little cheaper in cost than the one my spouse picked out at our local Menard's. I went to see what they looked like. The cabinet associate explained which colors and styles were on sale. He specifically said the ones with the felt dot on them are the ones on sale. I looked at the ones with the felt dot attached and found a few similar to the one my spouse picked out. Not being sure I went back home and told my wife about it. We went a couple days later, she liked one of the colors, so we decided we would order from Lowe's. It was five till 9 PM, and know one was around, we waited a little bit then left. We went back a few days later, the counter-tops were still on sale. We found an associate, a different one from my first visit at the countertop area. My wife showed her the one we wanted, she said that one wasn't on sale. I explained to her what the first associate had told me. She responded by saying well it's not, and that the first associate didn't know what they were saying. She removed the felt dot on the one we had agreed upon and said you'll have to pick out another color. I was ready to walk out of the store and go back to Menard's. My wife insisted we pick one of the colors on sale. I said okay but still I was frustrated, my wife decided on one of the other colors. We purchased one of the countertop's that was on sale July 29, 2011. We were told we would be contacted by your outside contractor and it would most likely be installed within two weeks. Our countertop is schedule to be installed tomorrow August 25, closer to a month but who's counting. I know three poor experiences shouldn't deter a person from shopping at a store, but I am honestly fed up with your associates!! Lowe's needs to start a program educating there employee's on what customer service is all about. When I sent this to Lowe's all I heard was that I hope we can serve you better next time.
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Lowes Remodeling

Lowes Will Not Correct Bad Tile Installation

Lowes Will Not Correct Bad Tile Installation
I purchased kitchen and dining room floor tile from Lowes and contracted with them for the installation. The tile was laid the wrong way and the tile was laid unevenly. I told them I wanted it taken out and reinstalled correctly. They refused to tear out the tile but said they would take out the uneven tiles and replace them. As they tore out the bad tiles they chipped the adjoining tiles. As they tore out the tile they have damaged the backer board, it is broken down to the sub-floor. It has been over two months and the job is still not done. There are more bad tiles that should still be torn out. I have no time of completion. I will never use Lowes for anything else again.
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I was recently told that Lowe's hires "sub" contractors to do all of their installed jobs. They care so little for their customers they will renew an installers contract even if 10% of that installers jobs had complaints about how the job was done.

.......they shouldn't renew a contractor if there was ONE complaint !!

Or better yet, hire a team of their own installers and train them well.!

Lowe's is a wretched corporation that all I hope is in receivership in the very near future !


Same problem I have right now. $9,000+ in tile installed very poorly with high and low spots.

They blamed the floor, which is in a 10 year old house on a slab with other rooms tiled perfectly. Then they charged for tile leveling.

They still made huge dips and gaps, uneven grout lines, tiles I'd stub my toe on because they're so high. This is a pretty amateurish, yet pricey, junky tile job.


Lowes screwed up my $10,000 tile job. Lippage all over the place.

Uneven grout lines. Baseboard at wall has 1/4 to 1/2" gaps. Looks incredibly horrible. They stink.

DO NOT USE LOWES or you'll regret it.

It also took over 4 months to get this *** tile job installed. And they charged me MORE for being "picky." If I was a billionaire, I'd buy Lowes out and fire them all then burn the stores to the ground.


I'm floored (no pun intended) but I cannot believe they would charge yiu THAT much for a tile job ! Well I guess I can considering they quoted me 30k for kitchen cabinets and countertops ( no appliances.

I've done an entire home remodel for just under 30k. Custom tile showers., tile floors in all the wet areas, new laminate floors, , new carpet in thr bedrooms, entire gutted bathrooms , kitchen. Windows , and a new deep well, pump and tank. Tell Lowe's to come get their poorly installed junk tile out of your home and refund your money , if they don't file in court on them (after giving them a 30 day notice to remediate the situation in a certified letter then if they wont, file in small claims court.

You can sue up to 5k. With the 5k you can purchase new tile from home depot or your local diy store and hire a local contractor to break up your Lowe's tile job and install new one. Get references and check them before you choose your own installer. You shouldn't ever pay more than 2.00 to 3.50 a sq ft to have tile installed ( depending on where you live) .

Good luck....I hate your having to do this extra work, but it just goes to prove Lowe's does not care about their customers after they take your money !

Oh last thought ....NEVER pay for the entire job until it is completed satisfactorily.

Give them a 50% down payment and the balance when the job is finished to your satisfaction.


As a licensed NC contractor, who only builds one or two extremely custom homes annually, I can tell you that wanting to pay 2-3.50 per square foot will inevitably lead you to this website. A good tile installer will usually almost exclusively lay tile, he will give a square foot price after analysing the job(showers and tubs with surrounds are more) and quality work is usually quoted in the 8-10 dollar range to the consumer, including all materials.

To a builder that regularly uses the sub, it will be slightly cheaper, and if as a builder you have a job getting financially tight, sometimes do you a solid and drop to around 6 dollars per square foot. A good tile layer will spend too much time on each and every tile to try to compete with subs for less, but in the cuts, layout, and smooth joints, you can see a huge difference...when you are investing 10-12 dollars a square foot, do it once, and dont ever try to save a few hundred dollars on a extremely permanent floor. If I needed a tile guy and didn't know anyone, I wouldn't hire anyone who told me how great he was.

Also, never use a rubber shower pan anymore. A person knowledgeable in their field knows of all the paintable/fiberglass products that are far superior for custom showers.


I also really hate Lowe's. I just bought a home so I wanted to sign up for their credit card because I knew there was a lot I wanted to do.

The process took and hour and forty five minutes because the cashier didn't know what he was doing. He kept asking the manager for help and instead of taking over the process, she kept reading her magazine and yelling answers to his questions. He entered all my information wrong and I have had to call customer care almost everyday. Later they charged for 19 gallons of paint when I bought ONE but didn't charge me for 19 boxes of tile I bought.

When I tried to have it corrected--something that would have refunded two hundred dollars-- the manager told me he didn't believe me and he couldn't do anything for me.

I hate Lowe's have had nothing but problems. :(


Your transaction is on camera. Every transaction is.

When I bought cabinets and was to have them installed and delivered they charged me for a double order then claimed I took the second set home. It went all the way to corporate with me getting a demand letter from a lawyer.

They claimed to have a u r veil Lance of me loading cabinetd.

a corporate rep came down and theonly ttapes of me showed me writing checks and walking out with a newly purchased tape measure and a fan.

they had to give me 800.00 for the bogus phantom cabinets. Watch your bills guys.Some loads msmake lots of padding mistakes


Sorry you have these problems.I am an installer for Lowes,knowing their products you probably got defective material.Everything they sell is junk. Most likely any material they order will be a different shade.

Tell them to rip it all out and start over if they wont contact corporate and complain that usally gets people moving. GOOD LUCK


Keep calling and calling. They have to correct the install and make it right.

I wish you were in my area, i would have taken care of you and this would have never happened. I am a flooring specialist and I am ashamed that this has happened. I take care of my customers from beginning to the end and beyond. I want happy customers and returning customers!!!

Dont stop untill they take care of you and your happy!!! dont sign any completions untill it is to your liking.


Thanks for the helpful ideas. I will do as you say.

The local lowes manager as much as called me a liar. I will go over his head.


Contact the Better Business Bureau and District Attorney Consumer Fraud, both are online. Join Angie's List, they are great!

Do not waste your time arguing with Lowes, let them know you mean business! People need to be made aware of your complaint and it will hurt Lowes business.


I agree with Birdwatcher. I will be contacting both Better Business Bureau, District attorney consumer fraud and a lawyer that specializes in no lemon law.

I bought a stove a year ago from Lowes and had several repairs done on it since I bought it. The oven still does not work after all of those repairs so I demanded that they replace it and they gave me the run around saying that the first year is under manufacturer warranty and has nothing to do with them and that I would have to sue the manufacturer to get it replaced. Ridiculous. I bought it from Lowes not from the manufacturer.

Either way, Lowes is a scam, selling defective products and taking advantage of hard working customers. They should be more than ashamed.


Even though I completely agree that Lowe's needs to be shut down. The BBB isn't going to do anything for you .

They have a PAID membership program. So businesses can buy their AAA ratings. It wasn't like that in the past but now it's only about who pays and who doesn't. I would contact corporate ONCE and tell them this is there ONLY chance to correct any issue you have with them.

Sit down and clearly write a letter to them stating what you said over the phone, what the issue is and what you want to have the issue resolved.

Give them a 30 day time frame to have the issued resolved and if it isnt, take them to court ! (Send the letter certified)


Forget the Better Business Bureau. I call them the Worthless Business Bureau.

Contact your state attorney general. Give them copies of what you paid and pictures of the way it looks.

I guarantee you will get action.


Contact Lowes Customer Care at 800-44-LOWES, let them know what its going on tell them you want to speak to District Manager only! They have to replace the tile and compensate you for your time.

Once you ask for the District Manager they will know you mean business. Be persistent follow up with the customer care center twice daily off you don't get what you want from them ask for their supervisor,and so on.

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Lowes Complaint

I am a sales specialist - I am actually a Kitchen & Bath Designer - a profession that I am very proud to be a part of... I would like to coordinate a BLUE FLU day for ALL SALES SPECIALISTS NATIONWIDE AT LOWES! Lets see then how well they can adapt without their knowledgeable sales staff. I know at least on that day the ASM's & the Department Managers, the Admin Mgr, the Store Mgr & HR will finally have to get up off their back-ends and work for a change - no more idle chit-chat in the training room or in offices with doors closed or half-closed sitting around looking at the internet or talking on the phone to friends and family - YOU WILL HAVE TO WORK MY FELLOW EMPLOYEES ON BLUE FLU DAY. WHO OF YOU CAN QUOTE AN ORDER FOR COUNTERTOPS OR CABINETS? CAN YOU DRAW IN 20/20? CAN YOU WORK UP AN ESTIMATE FOR A FLOORING INSTALL? CAN YOU FIGURE A KITCHEN INSTALL? OOPS ACTUALLY THAT WON"T BE NECESSARY AS YOU SUBCONTRACTORS WILL BE LOOKING FOR WORK ELSEWHERE SINCE THEY WILL NOT HAVE KNOWLEDGEABLE PEOPLE TO SELL INSTALLS! POOR YOU BETTER START LOOKING FOR A JOB LIKE THE REST OF US - YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED LOWES IS GOING DOWN THE TUBES.
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I too have been screwed but folks if you ditch sales remember they follow them. Dont make your numbers and you will be a target. Hang in there.


Wow, you must have lost a million dollars a year. you went from making commissions+ hourly as OPE, Appliances, Flooring, and millwork to no commissions. Here have a Kleenex and then get back to work.


I believe the installers are going to see some bad changes cominh their way soon. looks like a career change


I think calling out will only make us a target. I am protesting by not selling certain brands.

I refuse to promote Stainmaster carpet, Pella windows and doors, John Deere mowers, Samsung appliances. When these companies feel the pinch, maybe they can reason with Lowe's.

Please feel free to add to the "blacklist" as needed. Tell your fellow Sales Specialist.

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Lowes Complaint

I was hired in after October 2011 as a sales specialist. By "profession" I am a kitchen & bath designer. I was offered an hourly pay with spiffs & commission. The hourly pay is "below" industry standards in my region. But with spiffs & commissions I determined it would all pan out. Now that they took spiffs & commissions I am below the industry standard in pay scale. Not to mention I was hired after 10/2011 so I do not get any additional pay on a weekly basis. You would have thought they would have given some compensation... I feel that they hired me under false pretense. Corporate knew they were going to roll out this compensation change before they ever approved my hire. I would like to investigate this further to see if a law suit is possible. Do you think that I am even going to schedule appointments, take my car to do an in-home measure, make 3 - 4 different renderings of possible layouts for a customer when I am not going to get even a standard wage. WOW I came to work at Lowes because I respected them. I was fooled. For all of you out there that are ASM's or under the opinion that sales specialists are not worth the extra pay - think again I worked for Lowes in the past in this same position & know for a fact that NONE of you can do my job. So get ready to learn the job because you will have to do it when me & my fellow designers all leave your precious company. It will be such a good feeling to get a good job & quit this one. I am so sad, angry, and most of all worried about meeting my monthly bills in the mean time. This is surely going to be the beginning of the end for Lowes.
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Wow what a brat. First of all you left out that Lowe's is paying you an allowance for taking away your spiffs.

That you get forever. So why don't you just quite and go some where else.

Oh wait who else is hiring cabinet designers with the housing market the way it is right now. So why don't you be grateful that you have a job instead of complaining that there treating you so bad.


You're an ***. Go back to the store and put some bone suckin' sauce on your store manager.


I started in spring of 2011 with inside Lawn and Garden. I had gotten use to spiffs and yes, I was mad when I lost them but I wasn't mad enough to go on an online web portal and whine about everything.

You all can sit here and *** and moan about everything you want. There are too many factors to blame Lowe's as a company. Every single store has their own management staff. All with their own beliefs on how to run a store. All of them are useful in their own styles.

Another thing is that cooperate doesn't know that some small store in BFE hired someone for specialist. Nor does store staff know 8 months in advance that spiffs will be taken away. So you can't blame anyone there. It was just the luck of the draw.

I do believe they need to incorporate spiffs back into the sales because yes, it is a driving force for sales people. Especially if you're not a specialist and don't have monthly goals.

All in all, losing spiffs isn't going to make or break you. If a cart pusher or a seasonal part-time hire can make it, a specialist surely can. Just because your eyes are bigger than your wallet, don't blame the company.


Lowes: Less Opportunity With Enhanced Sacrifices, i.e., Walmart with lumber.


Great point Boris. For more about Lowes "glass ceiling"


:eek :upset :sigh :cry :( :x


No more Lowes for me!!! I quit...

I am happy to be in the 30% of the people they wanted to see leave the mis-managed company.

I was asked by a Kitchen & Bath customer if I earned commission - I told him not any more they took it away from all employees. This was brought up by the customer to the Management Team - I was singled out by Management was ""YELLED" at & told that I could not tell customers about this change...Hmmm why not??? Isn't it the truth? What is there to hide - why lie to a customer?

Oh, that's right because they may find it offensive that a "SALES SPECIALIST" does not get COMMISSION & decide to purchase where employees are properly paid and given incentives! Way to go Lowes... you will be just a bunch of boarded up buildings with empty parking lots - you'll see! Do you think that a Male Store Manager should yell and imtimidate a female employee behind closed doors?

Is that grounds for a law suit? Well I am looking into it! For all you ASM's and Store Managers - try to get a real job in management...

be prepared though, if you do get one the company that hires you will soon figure out that you were never really trained to be a manager - you were just a little person in a *** red vest that cannot be washed, running around everyday reading off the daily sales numbers and the previous days sales totals - believe me there is more to management than reading a bunch of numbers! You overpaid fools.

@Kitchen & Bath Designer - NOT

your a retard if you really think that and thank god we do not have someone like you working for our company anymore


Do us a favor when you find a place that can offer us what lowes still offers please post it here! I want to get in line. This must include.

1. Health, Vision and dental insurance.

2. Stock options.

3. 401k

4. 3 paid weeks vacation

5. 4 paid floating holidays.

6. Flexible schedules.


8. Employee discounts.

9. Paid NKBA classes and cert.

I could go on all day. My brother drives a truck. He gets paid... End of story. Nothing else. Nephew works at mcdonalds Gets paid thats it. Another nephew works at a grocery store He gets paid they offer insurance but he has to pay all. I started off understanding why people are upset but I just dont get it. So in the words of someone else here the door is at the front dont let it hit you where the good lord split you. I for one am thankful for a good base pay and the 50% of what I didnt make this year. Good luck to you.

@20-20 fun

Rock on, 20-20 fun! Lol

@20-20 fun

1. Health, Vision and dental insurance. - Their coverage sucks and it is expensive. For retail, it OK.

2. Stock options.- You want to buy stock in a sinking ship?

3. 401k- It's just OK

4. 3 paid weeks vacation- Fairly decent

5. 4 paid floating holidays.- That's cause Lowe's is closed only 2 days out of the whole year. 6. Flexible schedules.-- Hahahahaha! Shut up and get back to work! 7. SSEI- The ever changing goal you will rarely meet. 8. Employee discounts.- What a joke. Someone off the street can do better. 9. Paid NKBA classes and cert.- Hahaha! You will never have time to take these. I've come to the opinion that many retail workers don't know what a good employer is.They are used to being treated like ***






:cry :( :x :sigh :upset :eek


This is the corporate version of converting from Capitalism to Socialism. This is what corporations are doing to survive this *** economy.

Come on....Did any of you folks not see this comming?!? Just look at how many store got closed. And remember the class-action suit against the Flutuating Work Week/Chinese Overtime issue? Speaking of China....How about the lawsuit over the drywall with toxic vapors?

All of this stuff adds up people? The next thing that will happen is the Share-holders will want to be bought out, and the Lowes will sell-out to a private investment firm.

Private Equity Groups are the "bottom-feeders" of the Corporate world that just "strip & flip" The same thing happened to the ServiceMaster Companys, and now their all in deep *** The "S.S. Lowes" is sinking....Man the lifeboats!!!!!

For more info go to WWW.GLASSDOOR.COM


Andrew Ferrell. This sounds like (A shrew Farewell)...hahaha

Well then, farewell shrew!!!


Lowe's has now lived by its name. It has gone low...


Ok Andrew, look at all the incentives lost over the years. The LCC scratchers, the department manager bonus, specialist bonus, the Thanksgiving check, 1 week less on employee 20% off, the loss of the coupon book to a single page of batteries, the set amount days without an accident bbq, the 10 years now 15 years for 4th week of vacation.

Next is your employee 10% card. Lowes is now looking to hire part timers so they dont have to cover the insurance cost. By by full timers, and why do the department managers have keys to the stores? Asms on the way out now.

I've seen my ASM's walking around in a dumbfounded look over the last three days.

It's not a 30% leaving, its a 30% termination. Watch who goes salary when the store managers come back from Vagas.

The other box

I agree that this move by Lowes will likely have a Circuit City type effect, Upper mgmt are protecting themselves, and since they make the decisions, it's an easy choice to screw the little guys instead of yourself.

At Home Depot, we have hammered hard the last couple of years on customer service, and it seems to have paid off. We've also made some painful cuts, including mgmt and home office "fat", just like Lowes, while trying to keep the "front line" strong.

Lowes seems to have the misguided idea that getting rid of higher paid, higher skilled people by attrition (as in taking away benefits hoping you'll quit) will result in profitability because cheap labor + technology = same sales for less overhead. I say this is wrong, and we are proving it at HD. Look at the stock prices. Think Lowes will take a jump by making that desperate last ditch "Circuit City " move? hmmmm

The most important thing for you Lowes specialists is to keep your cool. For one thing, if you get mad and quit, or get fired because you decided to give bad service or let the customers know how bad you just got screwed, Lowes wins, and you lose. If you are making $15 - 20 an hour right now (not counting spiffs/commissions), you are unlikely to find anything in that range in this economy.

At Home Depot our new hires, experienced or not, don't make what you do now, and there are lots of desperate people w/qualifications willing to work for $9-10 per hour. And don't believe you can hire in low and prove yourself to get a great raise. That NEVER happens anymore, at least not here, not now.

Best thing to do is keep on selling, lay low and live within your new means. While carefully looking for another job. It's an employer's market, so you have to protect yourself. And keep away from MY job ;)


To Just go home then:

Come on Cleatus it aint but a short walk.... Come on over you over paid worthless snake of an asm.

Your bonuses and job is next in line. Bring a monkey in to run 20-20 I couldnt agree more. The software is so easy a 5th grader can use it. Lets discuss the workings of a few things here shall we?

Warranty on a cabinet each vendor? How can you tell a veneer door from solid? How do you clean an acrylic counter to with a stain? What is the safe working temp of granite?

And why? What is the sealing put on sensa granite and how does it work? Will the stone breath? Will it build up radon gas?

What is the max length on a laminate counter top and why? How should you prepare a miter before installing it? How do you manually figure and sell a cabinet-counter top or install when the computers and 20-20 are down? What is a cabinet reveal?

Standard build up vs no build up? Lead times? not to mention the hundreds of cabinet options and features. Go on mr big bad asm tell me about it.

By the way not only am a 20 year vet of cabinet design I was in your shoes as an asm for 3 of my 12 years with lowes so I think I have the right to say step off. An ASM works very hard in your defense but you should know that us specialist have saved your bacon daily and most of us will see more issues in a day then you do in a week.

The door is at the front you got it. So you still wanna talk monkey?








I have worked at Lowes for about a year and can honestly say it's been the worst experience of my life.From the unprofessional management,politics,substandard pay,inferior products from China to the red monkey vest,what a nightmare!It amazes me how a company as big as this one is so screwed up,I predict 50 percent of the specialists will leave in 90 days or less.I was informed by a cashier that the incentives were gone and I received an email stating so,they really know how to deflate people.It's not hard to figure this out, remove achievers with higher incomes and replace with part time people with no benefits,todays version of the American Dream!


go get some carts


Watch out for that glass ceiling!!! Lowes just announced that sales commissions will no longer be paid.

They just lowered the glass ceiling to a new low.I was hired in September 2011 like some other posters, and I too got the shaft, because they did not prorate my weeks of service.They are CRAZY to think that I will call customers on my lunch break, go to a job site, and proactively follow up with customers, etc!!!!!

This new program will be about as successful as NEW COKE.

My sales philosophy now is " try aisle 16 lady".


The magic number we were given to "be happy"

DOES NOT include our epp spiffs from 2011

So if you were one that sold epps and relied on the $$ they were not figured into your $$ for this change


Yes, it is irrational to take away our incentive to sell. I just finished my PDP recently and was scored lower because it was based thru Dec 31 not the end of the fiscal year.

We weren't making budget at that time but did pull it off with a nice overage by the end of the fiscal year. Totally unfair!

As for commissions and spiffs, take away individual budgets if you want us to work as a team.

That is the reason they say they took them away so we would work as a team.

Last word SALES are going down!


I say Unionize Lowes. Go on strike.

they want to go the direction of change. well *** it make it our direction


Andrew, I was a store manager for seven years with lowes. The fact that you think anybody can design a kitchen proves you are out of your mind.

Running the program isn't hard but designing functional kitchens is. I left lowes recently because of all of these negative changes. I now run my own company and the first thing I did was raise commision rates. Hungry salesman are the driving force of every successful business.

These are people with families Andrew.

Grow up and learn how to be a leader. Your embarrassing!!


Listen here, "asm" ***. Sorry the rest of us don't like to bend over and assume the position like you do. And you were okay with them restructuring the zone managers too I suppose?? This is very common sense. NO ONE is going to want to sell anything. You will lose good, valuable people because of this. I'd rather get paid standing around talking to other associates and checking my facebook on my phone like they do at Home Depot anyway. Oh and another thing I'm not even going to try to sell that *** *** EPP rip off *** or get anyone to sign up for a MyLowes card. They just want to get your personal information anyway, like your phone number so they can solicitate via mail. I'm not ***.

Oh and watch out, after they get rid of specialists, they are working on restructuring the Dept. Managers.

But at least we have Iphones to go with our TEXT BASED COMPUTER SYSTEMS.


In my Lowe's, I will not be promoting Stainmaster carpet or pad, Pella windows or Doors, Samsung appliances or John Deere mowers. I earned the money they took from me!

Please feel free to add to the list. Get the word out to your fellow Specialist.


You guys are crying about this? Did you not see coming? Go talk to OPE guy and tell him how much you make last year.Out of all of you specialist they are the ones that work the hardest.I know cuz that is what I did until I moved over to appilances, where somedays I really did nothing but mess around and made more money than some ASMs.As far as 20/20 I will take some monkey off the street and teach it to them its not that hard.If you havent guessed I am a ASM and the door is at the front of the store just go home then!At least I can do your job as well as mine, and not cry about it.




The company is on a downward spiral. You will lose the customer service touch as they are going into their "wave of the future" the employees will be nothing more then glorified order pullers.

The spiff and commisions are only being taken from the associates and re-allocated by the company to pay for its "new technologies" to help drive their sales. Internet orders will increase and the need for someone to actually know product will diminish. It will no longer focus on a one on one badis it will revolve around someone who is supossed to point and click. This will work for at least two years and stocks will look good until people realize they get no help or answers in yhe store.

As far as our call center that will be a joke please call in and trouble shoot something you know nothing about with somone making ends meet by working two jobs and getting no sleep and tell me about that experience. This will mark the end if the company. It will follow circut city and all the others who have made their associates work hard to earn a lifestyle and then take away the incentive to continue to work. And circut even paid out almost ALL commisioned earnings.

Not ghalf.

So good luck with this *** atempt. My phone has the ringer turned on so I can pick up for other opportunities


I just learned of this news from a friend who still works within the company. After being employed by Lowes for 6 years I took another position in June 2011.

When I started with Lowes they were pitching to us that you could retire a millionaire... Once hired that campaign dissolved. Shortly after starting as a sales specialist the pay structure changed taking us from "chinese overtime" to hourly... we would get wrote up if we came within minutes over 40 hours...

payroll is the most controllable expense. I think to be more profitable and to keep customers shopping it starts with the employees. If they're taking the spiffs and incentives away they should invest more into the employee.

Happy employees = happy customers. I'm not surprised at all.


Good luck with your effort! We might stay to get the pay but goodluck with your sales coz we already stopped selling with bad customer exerience F*$%#@!

When Lowes go down, we will just find another job...DUMMY!!!


hey Upchuck think all employees should make $ 10 an hour, and do the lowes cheer? Spoken like a true globalist


Andrew you have no clue. All vendors pay spiff to Best Buy, Home Depot and Sears.

They all choose to keep the money as part of corperate greed.If that tatic work they will not keep the spiff and have better pricing than us.How many times do we have to match their lower price? No vendor will give additional price cut in lue of spiff. Stop lying to yourself. If lowes stop asking for spiff they will loose the 80-100 million they are now pocking from the sales people who drive the business.

All venors have also increased cost and past those increase operational cost to all retailers.

Lowe's tried to sugarcoat the truth. Coperate GREED.


quit complaining and consider yourself lucky you still have a job, if you don't like what Lowes is doing find a new place to work.


Andrew Ferrell has a clerk's mentality as do the people running Lowes.


Agreed, They just made a mess in their nest. To the consumers who may read this..

You will have some 10$ an hour lacky drawing your kitchen for you soon.

Take my extra money? My extra care for your customers may slip away....


Keep drinking the cool aid Andrew Ferrell. Your probably a ASM you *** clown


Andrew Ferrell is what Comrade Stalin would term as a " usefull ***". Andrew would be leading the charges to build the canal on the Volga, after The workers rations had been cut by 30%.

First of all the corporation will reserve the SPIFF money, they will not lower costs. But you go ahead, lead the Lowes cheer, get the comrades ready to did the canal for Comrade Niblock.


It's not a good thing for employees when the company does away with vendor spiffs and they need to adapt to a lifestyle change. At the same time I see the reasoning behind a company's decision to do this.

Lowes cannot have the vendors dictate what their sales people sell based on spiffs.

When the lower margin brands pay spiffs the sales people will push those products that may only have a 15% profit, while the brands that carry a 20%-25% margin and do not offer spiffs are not emphasized by the sales people costing the company huge profits lost. In the end its just the way the industry is, most companies caught on to this years ago which is why very few offer any type of vendor spiff programs.


Yea and good luck motivating people to upsell customer, especially in a field of kitchen design and appliances. Its simple, if you get no extra incentive, you do not care even if you get threaten with your job.

It's been proven over and over again. So good luck Lowes on creating a zombie salesperson force.


LEF (Lowe's Experience of the Future) stated that 30% of employees will not be able to or be willing to make change. With this change, more than 30% is now expected.

To those looking for new employment, good luck (I honestly mean that). Sears pays minimum wage + commission. If you don't sell much, you don't get paid much. Home Depot does not pay commission at all.

Do either of these offer employee discounts? With Lowe's decision to do away with spiffs, we can get lower prices from our suppliers 9since our suppliers were the ones paying the spiffs) & pass those savings on to our customers in order to stay competitive.

Once we have the lowest pricing & *** out the 30%, the customers will choose Lowe's for the best pricing & customer service (those of us sticking around will be greatful to have a job & will have pride in what we do). Again, good luck to the 30% on their career changes at Sears, Home Depot, etc.

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Lowes employees losing their commissions

As of Saturday Lowes is taking all these hard working folks and telling them that as of Saturday, Feb.11, they will no longer receive any commissions on any sales!!! They dont make lots anyway. I have a job ordered at Lowes and went in and paid the dang thing off just so the person that helped me so much could get her due commission. I will never shop at Lowes again and hope that folks that are dealing with these cretons cease and desist from shopping at Lowes. Also these employees received three days notice on this- uncaring selfish -
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Is this a nation wide decision or only happening in Toledo?


I have been at Lowe's for quite a while, it USED to be a great company that cared for its employees. But I guess we all should have seen this coming, when a lot of the old time, big wheels are getting out.

As stock holders we should have a choice in the direction the company is going, but since we turned into a government contract retailer, we have gone down the tube. Not only does taking away our commissions, inventory bonuses, department/store sales bonuses, LEF, and our whole empowerment to satisfy, effect my commitment to Lowe's, they are going to keep taking away from the people that pay their salaries.

SSEI is almost unobtainable. We all need to stand together, perhaps at the next stockholder meeting, we can all protest our complaints, and they be heard, by the owners of the company, not just the big wigs.


If you feel and care so much for the employees, you would continue to shop there, regardless of their wages and compensation. You not shopping there at all does more damage than a reduced commission does. Think before you act...


CEO Robert Niblock made 12 million in 2010; his salary fell to 11.6 million in 2011. How will he and the other top executives manage?


I'm sure that executive bonuses will also be eliminated/reduced!

Yes, and there it goes again - a squadern of pigs flying...


sorry for the un edited post.... i guess what i was trying to say i do not feel lowes cares and a monkey could replace me....

after almost 9 years ive never had a raise that would even cover the cost of living changes each year... i guess that is said u r going backwards..... i just wish they would send in the replacements so we could start to train them... im sure i could give them all my knowledge of 20 plus years over the weekend...

i always said rather than hire children who roam around the store looking for or not looking for work to groups of at least two... while they roam we are asked to sweep the floor.... im sure in the future when questions are asked in the store ... the ans will be TAKE IT OFF THE SHELF...

i can see changes... like a centrally located design center take ur best designers ... BEST and most experienced designers.. commission them allow them to make 100k or more like they could in the real design world...not giving the psi pse a 2% commission which is a joke in the cabinetry real world ..where showrooms pay a min of 10% or 40% of the net net profit....designer financially responsible for all mistakes...

to a 50%/50% split on commissions... i will tell u no that structure will give the co the most margin..need fewer designers...

but no, look for the high school drop out who will work for 12 to 14 $'s per hour.... yeah that will work ..


Lowes is in financial trouble. Lowes Corporate recently engaged a consulting firm in Atlanta, GA to tell them how to make changes to save the company, Conner Partnership Consulting.

If you look at this firms website you will see that these guys are responsible for what we are being asked to swallow. Looking at all of the factors; buying out upper management contracts, hiring a consuling firm, cutting commissions, changing employee policy, etc.

These are signs that Lowes is in trouble. The smart employees will be leaving this place.


im a kitchen and bath specialist. i brought over 20 years exp to lowes..

ive now been with lowes for near 9 years.. i felt i had the best job in the world... much better than when i had my own showroom... oh there was always something to *** about like opening the store at 630am..

always thinking "who the *** will come in at this time to have me design a kitchen... even more so when the economy went into the dump. im like most others ,,, my thoughts are different... lowes

still will be a great job....

for the trainee, ive long passed that ive looked around at our kitchen designers.. maybe one in 10 could call themselves a kitchen designer... kitchen specialist dont make a kitchen designer.. what lowes should do is reward the KITCHEN DESIGNERS THEY HAVE...

surround them with a few csa's and realize what they have... as far as profits the csa's lowes will train will never compare to the experienced trades people they have working for them. and it is a joke to think that line they call margin will improve... let me give u and example,,, a kitchen designed will all pull outs, drawer bases, all wood construction, furniture base islands, recessed toe kicks, multi color kitchens, glaze finishes, as almost all of mine were will have a nice profitable margin...

that csa's will most likely not care if u have a margin cause his $12 salary will not excite him... and he will take the easiest route.... be smart pull ur real pros aside and not only commission them pay them like the outside world does which is around 40% or the profit... equal to 10% of the sale.

that makes that $40000 sale look good in the designers pocket.... look for designers real designers... not someone who dont understand cabinetry... now u are offering to pay for the so called specialists to go become NKBA..

first they nees 7 years exp...

then guess what when they become certified they will find the $2 and hour taking him to $15... will not cmpare to the money he can make in the real world....



This truly is a WT F moment. I understand why they are doing it, I just do not think it is a good idea. What Andrew fails to see is that the employees that can leave and get gainful employment in these times are the employees Lowe's should hope to keep. The ones that will stay are the one that can't leave and they are generally substandard.

As an example: lets say Adam is an appliance specialist. Appliance specialists are required to have a professional appearance as well as attitude. They need to manage their customers daily and let me tell you... it is not always an easy task. Adam most likely has a college education (three out of four of us do in my store)and makes $10 - $11 p/hr. If he is directly responsible for $1,000,000 in sales p/yr( is most likely 50 - 100% more). Lowe's would before reward this person with less than $20,000 before. A company that had 49 Billion in sales in 2010 FY is going to save less that .1% on the backs of their employees. Of course lowe's is not publishing the savings, so I am doing some fuzzy math to get to my figures, but I think it is pretty close. It is certainly not more than .2%.

Thanks Lowe's! You greedy butt wipes can't figure a way to squeeze any more savings from China so your returning to the good ole USA to squeeze your own employees!


My customer asked me if I earned commission - I told him "NO - Not ANYMORE" He thought it was wrong that they took away our commissions. He voiced his concerns to the big bad store manager.

The manager called me into a closed door meeting to "YELL" at me & tell me that I COULD NOT tell any more customers that my commissions were taken away. WHY NOT??? It was the truth! I know why they do not want us to tell - because anyone that has a sales job or a commission based job or a job with a bonus structure my be inclined to not purchase from Lowes since they do not provide sales incentives to their employees.

I am looking into a law suit against the actions by the manager. I was threatened, intimidated and very upset by his actions. I feel it was sexual harassment and imtimidation that he used against me. SO way to go Lowes - I QUIT & am glad to be in the 30 of the people you expected to loose!

Your store windows and doors will be boarded up in a few years and the parking lots will be empty. Then all you little men that call yourselves managers with stinky unwashable ugly red vests will have a hard time trying to get a REAL management job - since you really have never been trained to be a manager - it takes more than running around reading off yesterday's sales and todays goals!


I do not agree with Andrew Ferrell's comments. As an x Lowe's department manager who was constantly pulled on the carpet for selling too much (my job was supposed to be only stocking, ordering, and merchandising - all of which was always completed), I agree with others that this is just another move to lower payroll and reward corporate with short-term gains.

I was a Lowes for 6 years as department manager and worked in a department (Millwork)that always comp'ed year-to-year.

I laso helped customers all over the store and helped other departments. I suspect that because I had max-ed out in my pay grade, and also pulled in large commissions I simply became too expensive on the payroll.

I was replaced by a 23 year old who knew nothing about our product or how to manage, but he cost about 1/2 of what I was making.

I'm happy now at Sears where I have been for 6 months and where my sales skills are rewarded (my income is back to what it was at Lowes). I urge others at Lowes now to look for companies who will treat them fairly.


To the writer of this blog.

I am glad you paid your order so your sales person will get their extra pay. Sadly if you choose to boycott Lowes it also effects the employee you care about.

Lost sales will result in payroll cuts. Perhaps she will be terminated before long. I appriciate your anger and you being a customer shouts volumes to the upper management. However as a 12 year employee.

Specialist. I do hope you remember the people your shopping with us helps. On a side note lowes did compensate us 50% of what we made last year.

They did not have to do this. If it was all greed they would have told us to pound sand.....


Can't we all just get along. Lowe's is trying to get rid of the higher paid employees to make room for the lower paid less knowledgeable one's.

Lowe's is striving to jump ahead in tech. and thinks customers will like getting their info from an iphone or computer.

Think about it pay all employees at a low rate, keep all commissions, this will easily make up the difference in what they will lose. Welcome to LOWESMART.


Not sure what happened to the 2 billion profit that Lowes made last year. Did someone buy another plane or maybe take the board of directors on a shopping spree?

I guess the CEO decided he needed another fancy ride. Did you know that over five years he will make 29.5 million dollars? How does the pay scale work at Lowes? This is a great way to lose hundreds of employees who have served the company for many years.

Awesome job Lowes! Hope your stock tanks after I sell all my shares!!


I am a flooring specialist with over 25 yrs experience in all aspects of flooring, i used to like working at LOWES however i have been looking elswhere for about the last 6 months. The treatment of the employees by LOWES is deplorable thats why I have decided to move on.

I understand the "WHY" they stopped paying commissions, and it wasnt to level the playing field. The attitude towards some of the commissioned sales people is really wrong. Im sorry you have had to work with dinasours and premadonnas.

we are all very glad just to have jobs, its the attitude of a few immature associates that continue to make negative and ignorant comments about this situation thats really sad. all i can say is when LOWES makes its next financial move I hope you are not affected by it like the commisioned sales people have been, your attitude will be much different i,m sure, but i wont be around to be affected :)


I work at Lowes also and am glad the spiff program is gone. It levels the playing field.

We have some guys in appliances and flooring who are evil *** and yell at you to get out of thier dept. Ive sold just about everything there and done lots of SOS for some extra $$.

I dont count on a spiff as my income. Its so nice that the dbags are all humbled.


In a true sales culture the sales people are always rewarded.Obviously Lowes is no longer a sales culture.The future results will back up what Im talking about.The real problem with Lowes is they keep these stores open way too late.Every store in the system should lock up by 8 pm.It would also be nice if we had product on the shelves to actually sell instead of bare shelves.These are two major problems that could be fixed quickly.You can bet if Bob Tillman were still pushing buttons this would not have happened.I wonder if its more than a coincidence that some of these high level people are leaving or is it maybe they dont agree with bob niblocks methods either.Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmmmm.


I am a appliance employee. I stock freight help in other depts and and can proudly say everyone that has ever worked with me would say I am one of the hardest working, knowledgeable, and team players they've ever worked with.

The point is I can and do do each one of your jobs. I can use any service tool in any of your departments. Which one of you can design a kitchen? Ask yourself?

If you answer yes I wish you could show me! I am talking to csa's specialist (other than appl/cabinets) dept manager, asm's, store manager etc... no you can't! I can or at least I did.

Lowes you just made me a 9U to 5u kinda guy. I went from staying after my shift, coming in on days off, making house calls to hitting the door when my shifts over. The head people in this company need to get their head out there *** and realize how much extra people like me actually did. But they'll find out when Appliances and cabinet totals end up in the sewer this year!

Hey trust me nay Sayers. You will soon get your chance for one of those jobs because us that have them would rather have yours. Have fun learning your lesson.

Idiots. I'm just hoping my severance package comes soon!


I know we have to work in the same store....unless this is every store in the company. I have to shut off plumbings call buttons constantly while they are sneaking into our dept and I am already double stacked with customers myself


I was sticking up for you....I guess if you want to join Lowes employees side after he bashed you go ahead. Yes I was one of the ones that made 22k in spiffs. I came in on days off, I answer my phone at all odd hours to help find product and answer delivery questions. Some of the shady stuff I had to do to protect my spiff was insane. Now that is gone. I never stated I will not help my customers. It is not their fault that Lowes did this to us. As far as stocking shelves, my freight is done by 10 along with me usually helping a nearby dept finish theirs.

I have worked in my dept for 8 years and love what I did, now I plan to just show up and do whatever I can do in those 8 hours helping people or stocking shelves and get out. No more staying late, no more taking lunches at odd hours to be available for customers. No more working through holidays and being away from my family.

Just imagine in one day you make 5.50 less an those who do not believe in these spiffs. Try to pay your bills and provide for your kid with this instant change.


I am not nor have I been a Lowes employee. The system was in place for years to help Lowes increase market share versus Sears.

It worked. The Appliance Specialist position was one of the best in the industry and attracted better talent. To take the system away is both a business and cultural decision as many have made decent livings with the income from successful sales.

While it is their prerogative to change the system, Lowes must be in dire financial straits to give only 2 days notice, though. The employees you cherished are now treated as line items on their financial statements.


This is to the person who calls themself plumbing csa and all the other idiots that dont seem to get it. The fact that you probably read my last post that explains that lowes managers lured me with spiffs and commissions to leave a good job that paid more salary to come to lowes for less salary becuase I would make up the difference and more with spiffs and commissions and you cant come up with any intelligent response for that proves that you are the idiots that I already knew you were.

You see, I work with idiots like you every day. The idiots in plumbing that you can never find to help a customer. I can be in appliances trying to help three customers that all want to spend thousands of dollars in my department trying to answer questions. Yes believe it or not we do have to answer questions to make a sale.

while I am trying to do this I am being flagged down every 2 minutes by someone with a question about a faucet because the plumbing idiots cant be found. There is a reason why we dont let you idiots sell the refrigerators and we take all the sales. you notice I said sales not sells like you did in your paragraph you ***. The reason we dont let you is because you guys always screw it up and I have to fix it.

Yes it really *** me off when some *** like you comes into my department and screws up and sale. you get paid to sell it and I have to take care of all of the issues after the sale that you screw up. Yes I call it my department because I treat it like its my own business. I CARE.

or at least I used to care. Good luck getting the appliancce specialist to fix your screw ups in the future.


I work the plumbing dept. and if they are so great, how come when they sell an washer or stove they dump the customer on plumbing because the are to lazy or *** to know how to hook it up? I say taking away spiffs is wrong but they way over paid.


They clock in and work the same way EVERY OTHER employee does.. y pay them extra to do there job in which they get payed a decent amount...

and also now u won't have the sales person only wanting to talk to the customer spending the most money.. each customer gets treated equally regardless of what they can afford to buy.. they are still getting an allowance so they are not fully losing it.. delivery is the dept that's handles the appliance..

installs it and shows how to work it..

sales just point it out and put in cpu.. FAIR TO ALL OTHER EMPLOYEES who works extra hard to please a customer..


I have seen quite a few of overqualified people working for companies like Lowe's because of the economic situation in this country. We are headed toward slave labor...

even if you are a upper educated middle class employee. Wake up this is going to get worse before it gets better, we have lost our rights as a employee in this country.

I would imagine this is the beginning of their demise, but who knows with the sate of our economy. I have became a student of politics and economics after the meltdown that help destroy my life, so wake up we are weak as one, but mighty as many, so we have to unite and fight, we are being discriminated against for age, sex, education, etc and its time to march and picket and get the word out "WE ARE NOT GOING To TAKE It ANYMORE" Vote RON PAUL and restore our constitution.


I love that the appliance specialists are getting hurt. It brings me the utmost amount of joy because whenever i wanted to sell a refrigerator they would be selfish and take all the sells.

Guess what when they need help now because they are no longer motivated to sell the appliances I'm going to say "Live it, Learn it, Love it". Cheers losers.


Tell everyone to stop shopping at Lowes and let them fell the mistake they made!! Remember the $5 Bank of America fee They backed off that decision quick when they felt the backlash!



It was lowe's decision to discontinue the spiffs. They vendors are still paying them.

That's where the lower cost will come from, which I will believe when I see it. I was hired with spiffs part of my compensation package. Not everyone or anyone has the skills necessary to sell high end projects which is why lowes hires specialist. As for them giving us half of our commission we would have earned that or more anyway had we kept the spiffs.

I alone in my store sold almost a million dollars of flooring. No one helped me do that my skills, customer service and dedication did that.


In response to Andrew, i'm a lowes employee & i may only be a associate and didnt make spiffs. But for a company to do what they did to them with only 3 days notice is morally & ethically Wrong. They have families, kids, college to pay for, bills to pay. To not give them sufficient notice for them to figure out what their going to do next is not right.

Why should the 30% embrace the change when the company cant respect what in some cases 5, 7, 10+ years of loyalty? Anyone who wants to get out deserve to find something else & move on because it can only get worse from here on out.

LEF is nothing but fail waiting to happen if they cant appreciate their people.


I work at a lowes & i can understand if they told them ahead of time, give them a chance to figure things out, how it will affect their livelihoods. But 2 days notice is not good.

Between their new customer focused driven attitude, the mylowes which have been a technical nightmare pushing it to the moon when it wasent ready to be released & taking away commissions, that's more than sending out mixed signals.

U want us to work harder, be all up and in the customer so deep we can see their molars but dont want to give out extra. It's only going downhill from there


You people who say that appliance specialist shouldn't have been getting paid so much. That it wasn't fair anyway.

Bull ***. I was lured away from another company by Lowes management using the commissions and spiffs as a bargaining tool. They wanted me because I had ten years of proven sales experience and look and act professional. Those of you who have never held the appliance specialist position have absolutely no idea all of the things that job requires on a daily basis.

Have any of you who says appliance spiffs were not fair ever been appliance specialists? That is what is wrong with this company. Every one is constantly making judgments about what others in the store are doing. IF YOU HAVE NEVER DONE THEIR JOB YOU HAVE NO IDEA.

I hope to hear back from anyone who has held the appliance specialist position that thinks they didn't do plenty to earn that pay. There is not another position in the store besides possibly cabinets that takes care of even 10% of the customer problems that appliances does.


It's like going from Capitalism to Socialism. It is all part of working for a Corporation in these tough economic times.

The warning signs have been there for awhile folks! Remember the Class-Action Lawsuit over the Fluctating Work-Week Pay. a/k/a Chinese Overtime? Watch, the next step will be that the Stock Holders demanding a buy-out.

Then Lowes will be bought out by a Private Investment Group.

Private equity firms are the bottom-feeders of the corporate world that just "strip & flip". The same thing happened with ServiceMaster, and then they went to ***

For the rest of the story go to WWW.GLASSDOOR.COM

:cry :( :x :sigh :upset :eek


Dear @lowesemployee,

Wow, maybe you should start stocking shelves, since you don't want to sell anymore, even though you're still making a lot more $ than the people that enable you to be a salesman.


Lowes employee, you are correct. Of course most of the whining comes from appliances:).

I hope these decisions will *** out the bitter employees so we can just move on and see what comes next! Rumor has it that SSEI will be better this year, so maybe this is a good thing....I hope!


I could tell you do not work on the sales floor. Get the next cabinet call button you hear and help that customer out. Answer some of their questions. This could be a potential 30k sale that will probably walk out of the store when they see how unprofessional you are carrying your mountain dew in your vest pocket and wearing a tshirt.

Where do you think your hourly pay comes from? The people that can make or break the weeks sales for the whole store just got smacked in the face. You want fair game? You just got it my friend. So when the appliance specialist is taking his first 15 minute break of his life in the break room. I hope you can special order that 3500 dollar wall oven, and I sure hope it fits in the customers opening......

Keep stocking shelves and collect your pay


Thank you Brenda for being honest. I agree with you about yes you are loosing money, but what about those in a non selling position, because i am in a non selling position, but i have had to help in appliances a many of times. I not once have made commission or spiffs because of my non selling position which is fine, i knew that when i took the position. It just bugs me when i hear appliance associates talk about oh i can't believe Lowe's did this to me, i am not staying in this dept, i am going to look for a different position. Hello wake up and smell the coffee. Why should appliances associates get paid extra for doing their job when other associates, not just non-selling but like building materials and cashiers for example don't get extra money for doing their job.

Sorry, but that's just how i feel.


Thank you Brenda for being honest. I agree with you about yes you are loosing money, but what about those in a non selling position, because i am in a non selling position, but i have had to help in appliances a many of times. I not once have made commission or spiffs because of my non selling position which is fine, i knew that when i took the position. It just bugs me when i hear appliance associates talk about oh i can't believe Lowe's did this to me, i am not staying in this dept, i am going to look for a different position. Hello wake up and smell the coffee. Why should appliances associates get paid extra for doing their job when other associates, not just non-selling but like building materials and cashiers for example don't get extra money for doing their job.

Sorry, but that's just how i feel.


That is not all completely true. Yes Lowe's employees are loosing their spiffs and commission, but what they are not telling you is that they are still going to get paid their regular salary( which is not that bad), plus 1/2 of what they made total in spiffs/commission last year.

Yes i hate it that they are loosing money. But be thankful that they still get something.

Lowe's was the only retail store left that gave their employee spiffs plus a nice regular salary. Also, i don't think it was Lowe's per-say that is getting red of commission, i think it's more of the company's like Frigidaire, Whirlpool, Samsung etc...

That's the real story........


I have worked at lowes for 7 years, I have held several positions. As a specialist, I am losing half of my commissions as well.

It's not ideal, but keep in mind the non selling associates NEVER make extra money no matter how hard they work. We have four people in our store in the same department that made 9 k, 10k, 17k and 18k in spiffs and commission. It's not because two sold better than the other two, its because they refund/rebilled to pad their sales.

Sure maybe we are gonna lose 30% but if we gain honest employees that aren't gonna steal from my employer and essentially my 401k, then I'm all for it. Yes, the pay cut sucks but at least we made extra money in previous years, some associates have never had that chance.


There is no plan to pass the savings on to consumers--we have had our pay decreased to make more profit for the company. Period.

I will no longer give exceptional service, as I will make the same amount whether I work hard or do the minimum.

I have been a loyal emplowee, but it is a 2 way street. Lowes has once again proven that their employees who make their sales are considered worthless.


what a lot of you don't realize is that our hourly wage was relatively low because of the spiffs we could make. now, lowes is taking away the comm/spiffs & refusing to increase our pay.

i have been with lowes for 14 years & sell 3/4 million dollars of special order, high margin product every year. i will still do my job as well as i can because i know how hard it is to find a new one BUT this was a seriously unethical & callous decision. three days notice to except a 10%-30% pay decrease is insulting. i personally will be losing over $7000.00 this year & an additional $7000.00 next .

i can't work for a company that takes away $14,000 of my pay & will still give it's ceo a huge bonus. i have a family & responsibilities that aren't going to change!! so, i'm staying for the next year but will be searching for an alternate career path.

i know morale & sales will suffer because of this so i'm selling my stock in about six months. i really don't want to have anything to do with a company that treats it's employees like this.


Lowes will now unfortunately suffer from this change. No longer will specialists have the incentive to go the extra mile.

Being an average employee is easy. Busting ones behind to make the customer experience exemplary will no longer happen. I know people who personnaly made 15% of a stores monthly sales. That will no longer be the case.

History repeats itself unless one studies the past. Home depot was the best until their pay scale alterations in the late 90's. Then they tanked in sales. I was there.

25 to 30 dollar positions went away and customer satisfaction went in the toilet.

I hope Lowes management is looking forward to losing their positions. Have fun!


Andrew - Hugo Chavez could use a *** like you


LEF (Lowe's Experience of the Future) stated that 30% of employees will not be able to or be willing to make change. With this change, more than 30% is now expected.

To those looking for new employment, good luck (I honestly mean that). Sears pays minimum wage + commission. If you don't sell much, you don't get paid much. Home Depot does not pay commission at all.

Do either of these offer employee discounts? With Lowe's decision to do away with spiffs, we can get lower prices from our suppliers 9since our suppliers were the ones paying the spiffs) & pass those savings on to our customers in order to stay competitive.

Once we have the lowest pricing & *** out the 30%, the customers will choose Lowe's for the best pricing & customer service (those of us sticking around will be greatful to have a job & will have pride in what we do). Again, good luck to the 30% on their career changes at Sears, Home Depot, etc.


Like many. I've traditionally preferred Lowes.

But with this latest move I think their CEO and his management team have proven their unworthiness. The CEO pay gap in our culture is way too large.

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Lowes Unmotivated Employees

I understand Lowes will eliminate all employees commission as of Sat 2/11/12. While offering a concession formula of 2011 earnings which could compensate them at up to 50%, the loss will change the overall demeanor and personality of Lowes' employees. Why ? They are rewarding mediocrity, something which Corporate America cannot afford to do today and stay competitive. After 2/11/12, no Lowe's employee in their right mind will call back customers, chase leads, spend personal time coming into the store off-hours to accomodate the customers' bids, or drive incentives or pitch a customer to buy. They get nothing for it now. The odd thing is that this is a pattern. Lowes management has been instilling mediocrity in their employees for some time. They track sales by department and hourly overpay underperfomers with no consequence. Its one of the hardest places in the world to get fired from. The lazy department employees will now REALLY sit on their duffs and the good employees will be motivated to leave and/or also spend less time making up for the store's enthusiasm. Sinking LOWE ....the irony is that when they track department sales a year from now and note a steep decline, their answer will be in black & white, right next to the red. More Lowes stores predicted closing in 2012 !!! Strike up a relationship with your neighborhood Home Depot'll take you further.
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Just goes to show how much they care about their employees. They treat the like dogs .understaffedand backstabbing.This is true I live it!!!!!

The end result is the customer ends up gettin some lousy customer service. Which is not right.