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Lowes charged for service appliance 10 days old

bought a dryer which broke in eleven days. lowes farmed out service for new dryer. the farmed out company insisted on my credit card number or they wouldn't come. when i cancelled the service call the farmed out company still showed up, (have voicemail acknowledging cancellation). lowes refused to do anything about this and i got hit with a $75.00 charge. complaints to lowes did nothing. even the cerrtified letter return receipt requested to the ceo went unanswered. from start to finish no one returned my calls on time, no one knew what was going on, and no one would help.
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Lowes Credit Card

BEWARE OF LOWE'S | Lowes review from Chantilly, Virginia

It's been impossible for me to locate a repair shop that will work on any lawn equipment that I purchased from Lowe's. Lowe's won't even repair their own equipment, according to employees at their Eastchase (DFW) store. I made the mistake of buying one motor and several attachments, all of which are useless now (they're only about 2 years old, with moderate use around my house) since the motor apparently can't be repaired (the pull cord broke). This Lowe's did offer to throw the equipment away for me though - very generous of them - and sell me the same junk again. Yes, I'm angy and blowing off steam, but would not have purchased any lawn equipment from them had I known that it is not worth repairing once broken. The employees of that Lowe's also seemed to be very indifferent regarding their quality of service, particularly the assistant manager. Lowe's is done with you once you leave the store. Next time it's Home Depot, Sears, anywhere but Lowe's.
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Would not take care of mower ! | Lowes review from Evansville, Indiana

We bought husqvarna mower 6-18-12 first day put gas in, tanked leaked , Lowes brought another, mowed grass ,one time 6-20-12 was going to mowe this morning7-24-12 flat tire ,very up set called lowes we didn,t take the extended plan we half to PAY for someone to pick it up or take the wheel off a1,599.00 mower ??????????? We haven,t had to mowe very offten because of the drought or we would have found it in plenty of time . My husband wanted to buy this pice of *** i wanted a JOHN DEER !
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Caught the same grief from these people

when I complained about my recently

purchased Husqvarna. About the tires -

don't even bother with Lowe's, they

don't know squat about what they sell

it would seem. Husqvarna got a bad batch

of tires, give Hasqvarna customer service

a call, they'll direct you to someone

in the your area that can replace them.

(There was a recall, they'll be replaced

for free.) This is something Lowe's

knew nothing about. Gads. Ihatestupid

customers should find a different line

of work other than retail.


I purchased a mower from Lowes. I had it about seven months before the oil started leaking.

So I took it back to Lowes. Having worked in retail for many years I knew how to get the conflict resolved. Lowes has a thirty day return policy on all outdoor power equipment. Not only did they return it.

I was able to get a more expensive one.

Paying the difference of course. I never purchased the extended warranty.


susie, you *** *** you're the fool. you post a retarded complaint and don't care what we think?

alright then, why post it in the first place? and Lowe's stands behind the products that THEY MAKE. your mower was made by a DIFFERENT COMPANY, NOT LOWE'S. so your warranty is the responsibility of that Husqvarnas company, THEIR PRODUCT.

get that through your thick head.

stores would go out of business if they had to buy products from companies to sell and then also replace everything. you obviously shouldn't be spending your husband's money if you're too much of a *** to shop.


to the fools you have dont know what you are talking about the gas was tank was leaking it would even turn over as for the tire it was the seal we had it fixed just picked it up so there was no NAIL you must ,with the way you think you want have very people come to your store !


I don,t really care what you think ! When you pay that much for something ,lowes should stand behind the product i don,t care what it is you all ready have a warranty on it you don,t need 2!


Also, Husqvarnas are way better than Deeres. Gas tank leaked...did you screw the cap on tight enough?

Tire flat...gotta watch out for those nails. And it's past the return policy. Want to fix it?

Call the manufacturer. Get the extended warranty next time.


well both you and your husband are dumb. you especially for thinking that Lowe's is the one that created your lawn mower.

and yeah, you didn't buy the extended warranty. your fault.

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Lowes Myrtlebeach Sub Contractors Cutting my Trees without Permission

Our neighbors were having a fence put in and the subcontractors for Lowes who go by the name of Backyard Paradise. These people that Lowes in Myrtlebeach contracted to put up our neighbors fence.. were taking it upon themselves to cut my trees without coming to us the home owner stating they were going to whittle on our trees. They also were about to build on our property.. and I raised holy *** to LOWES and reported this to 2 men at Lowes and the 2nd one found it rather amusing rather than handling it professionally. Lowes needs to always have those contracting work to make sure they are not on someone elses property or trying to place a fence ilegally. By the end of the day the man hired by Lowes got a bit mouthy since he had an audience. UNDERSTAND I AM A HOME BUILDER AND HAVE USED LOWES SPENDING THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS. I WILL NOT BE USING LOWES ANY LONGER.. AS THEY NEED TO HAVE PEOPLE THEY HIRE TO UNDERSTAND THE LAW AND RULES AND REGULATIONS RATHER THAN SIMPLY PUTTING UP A FENCE WHERE ANOTHER OWNER SAYS.. IT WILL GET THEM SUED. My issue is they didnt have the decency and respect to come to me and let me know they were chopping on my trees that we had shipped to our home and that cost a great deal of money.
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Contractors are not responsible to locate property lines. The home owner is responsible and should pay a surveyor to mark property lines if they are not sure.

Contractors build fences where homeowner says, and homeowner signs a contract authorizing contractor to build fence where their indicate.

You should be mad at you neighbor because they authorized Lowes to build the fence where they did, and probably your neighbor thought the trees were theirs, and authorized them to cut the trees. Contractors are no lawyers to verify who owns what, they are responsible to call utilities to locate lines, so they do not hit them when digging holes in the grown, and that is pretty much what they need to do.


This is an update on my situation

Lowes admitted to the Contractors improper cutting of my trees and reimbursed me for the damage. They resolved it in a few days.

They did not have a permit to put up the fence so this showed me they were a company that managed to get work without being true Contractors that built fences.

Im a home builder and in Realestate I KNOW WHERE MY PROPERTY LINES ARE.


HEY!I wish someone contracted LOWES to put up a fence next to my home.Then i could get my tree's cut for free.That would be GREAT.


I'm not saying that I agree with it, I'm just saying it's not like Lowe's personally called them and told them to cut down your trees.


I personally myself have had issues with contractors hired by Lowes that they apparently hire to do some of their work. That was unprofessionalism, the contractor should have viewed both home owners plots and asked for permission to cut on any trees.

When something is your property and someone does damage they the contractor and the person contracting them as well as the homeowner that had the fence put up are liable. I know I do this type of work. So I think it is very inappropriate for someone to be defending the contractor.

They should know how to conduct their business better. YOU NEVER ENTER SOMEONES PROPERTY WITHOUT PERMISSION.


I agree with the home owner who had their trees cut without permission. I would be totally irate if someone were to come into my yard and start cutting on my trees.

As far as some of the negative comments, I think the home owner who is a builder knows where their property lines are and that its their trees being cut. You dont know all the facts so I think it unfair to defend those that with disregard and uprofessionalism cut their trees.




The home owner has the right to be upset. I agree, they should notify before they cut and know where proper property lines are from surveys.


Yes it was the subcontractors fault and Lowes for hiring these people

Anyone in remodeling, fencing industry should have the common courtesy if they are about to cut someones trees, go to the home owner

So uncalled for comments from this Blah Blah saying that the subcontractors are not dumb *** doesnt know the facts.

I think the homeowners know where their property lines are and those are their trees. I dont think you would like someone to come into your yard and start cutting on your trees without your permission would you..


so.. it was that subcontractor's fault but you went after Lowe's? okay then.


I'm pretty sure permits are required for most fencing. I would guarantee that those trees were not on your property. They're professionals...they're not ***

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Delivery messed up 3 times and alot of time wasted | Lowes review from Boca Raton, Florida

Purchased a full range of appliances from a boca raton store and delivery has been cancelled 3 times and i have not been informed!! I have been going there and waiting for the delivery for the past 2 weeks thrice i have waited for 3 hours at a time and they tell me that delivery has been cancelled!!! I am never buying from lowes again as even managers keep giving me the same *** that they dont understand whats going on!!!.The manager at the boca store talks to me annoyed that i was shouting on the phone!! I go to him before the last delivery to check if everything was okay and he says yes so i tell him please double check and he gets mad at me!! I am never getting anything delivered by lowes i think sears or home depot or some other company may be a better choice. LOWES SUCKS!!!
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Lowe's=BAD | Lowes review from Spring Valley, New York

We paid for Lowe's to deliver and install a new washer/dryer. The guy showed up and told me we didn't "buy" the necessary wire to install the dryer. So it has been sitting in our hallway for a week, since every time I call Lowe's I get rerouted until someone tells me that no one is there to take the call. Yay! At the same time we asked someone to come out and retile our bathroom floor. We got a call telling us to come and pick up all the raw materials, since we are supposed to transport them all ourselves in our car??? My husband actually tried to do this, only to discover that ten bags of cement boards or whatever it is do not fit in our sedan. He did, however, trash the car, waste the entire afternoon, and break his back in the process. And we still don't have the materials so I guess we will never have a new bathroom floor! Thanks, Lowe's! Third, I stopped by Lowe's to ask if they have any scrap wood I can use. They told me that they keep it in a trashcan, but I wasn't allowed to look in the trashcan. Furthermore, no one in the empty store (it was maybe 8 am) felt like getting me one piece of wood out of this wonderful trashcan. I hate you, I hate you, I hate you, Lowe's!
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Really? Assosciates get prompted to sell a cord to you when they invoice your order, though it is possible that they overlooked it most likely you said that you wanted to use your old one...Old cord equals liability and Lowe's delivery services are directed to not use an old cord on a new machine. If you want to use the old cord yourself you're probably safe to do so, but you have to take personal responsibility.

As for your tile. Not only does Lowe's offer delivery services to your home, the deilvery drivers carry the product into your home. If that seemed to expensive for you, I'm sure that wrecking up a sedan (really, a sedan?) was a great money saver for you. Nevermind that Lowe's offers the hourly rental of a truck that would have also worked for your situation. Then again...why pay $20.00 to rent a truck when you can wreck your own car for free?

I hope you can look to see that a penny saved isn't always a penny earned.


I understand the first part of your complaint. but you're bi**ing over some wood that they wouldn't give you for free? come on.


so, why didn't you buy some wood? and, if you weren't able to haul the material and do the job, why not hire someone to do it for you?

here's your sign :p

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Lowes and there worthless service agreements

We bought a $1,000 top of the line WHITE Whirlpool washer from Lowes AND a three year extended warranty. The lid frame cracked. Seems we can only get a GREY lid, as white does not seem to be avaialable ??? Lowes says tough luck... color is considered cosmetic..not covered, "your stuck with the grey lid". I asked if that would be the same with a refrigerator for instance: answer - yep.. so much for buying appliances that match. I am in the market for other top of the line appliances but you can bet I will not buy at Lowes!
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Louis H

I might be able to help you, what is the model number and ser number of your washer? :)


I hate when something that does my job for me breaks and can be replaced.

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Lowes is going down

As a Lowes stock holder I ask myself what is going on in the stores there is no help there.There are 1 sales person lots of time trying to help in 2-3 departments.You ask whats going on they say that thay are cutting back hours.While the (MANAGERS if you want to call them that) are in the back office you don't see them on the sales floor and I can understand why most of them don't know how to order or just don't know the products that they sell. If I was the CEO I would want to know what is going on why there are no customers shopping at Lowes. Maybe Robert Niblock and his so called new Lowes they are calling it the Lowes Of The Furture should QUIT and let someone else try to save the company Lowes will alway be #2 and Home depot will always be #1
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lowes are firing all small contractor work for them 16 years all we got was a call your done in 30 days. their hiring all illegals.

we went out of are way for those -sshole.had a lot of return customer. so my aping they sucks


I understand why its getting harder to find help in the stores and that is due to benefit that employees are getting.But yet Mr . Nibblock can go and get millions a dollars a year.

If you feed your people Mr.

Nibblock they will take better care you.To my understanding they have taken away monthly bonus ,inventory bonus and all kinds of bonuses, and the employees have to work harder for less.Doesn't make since . Not good for me as a stock holder.


I cant wait for unemployment. Until then im using my short timeto get some goods for my house. They treat u like *** so make sure i load up before lunch and again before quitting time.


I agree 100 % I am a retired store manager from 2003, i also have noticed customer service has gone completely down hill while upper management retire millionaires along with the board. this is now the corporate culture of all large companies. I do not shop at lowes anymore and will not until customer service is really their #1 priority.


To Lowes Really Sucks. I am currently a lowes return cashier.

And I assure you, you would NEVER get away with that s••t at my store.

You are no better then those skeezy *** head shop lifters. Worthless loser.


I've always liked Home Depot more but I don't understand why you're freaking out so much. and to the guy from Roach, Missouri you're an ***


Menards is number 1 if it ever goes public :).


to Lowes really sucks, Its people like you that we just need to send to China. Please walk in front of a mac truck and save the tax payers some $$$


I got tired of being ripped off by Lowes so i started ripping them off ,Every chance i get and it,s very easy ,most of the time they don,t ring up all the items or you say the yard guy never loaded something even if they did ,Just go to the refund desk and boom free money .Beats the *** out of robbing a bank.I use to work at Lowe's ,but had to quit ,I could,NT allow my self to lower my standards that much.

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  • sales person

Falsely accused of stealing from Lowe's Home Improvement | Lowes review from Washington, District Of Columbia

Lowe's Home Improvement, Monkey Junction,, Wilmington, NC. Don't go there. My husband and I bought sod from Lowes on Friday night. This was a weekend project at our beach cottage and we had been traveling for three hours with trailer in tow when we arrived at the store. Before we could load the sod, we had to take all of the stuff off the trailer. This included a wheelbarrow and large ladder. The employee who seemed to be in charge insisted that she could not sell a pallet of sod. Instead, she and another employee were trying to handle and count out each piece of sod. As you can imagine, it was a lengthy process. It was closing time when the transaction was completed and the employee was clearly agitated. She and a helper went back into the garden center (the doors were now locked) and we were left in partial darkness to put the ladder back on the trailer on top of the sod. My husband strapped down the ladder and we left. On Saturday night, we went back for more sod and a different employee waited on us. He immediately suggested that he could sell the entire pallet and guestimate the number of pieces of sod. We said that was fine. Then we noticed there was a delay in processing our request and another employee appeared. Without identifying himself, this other individual asked my husband and me for a receipt for the red mulch we took on the previous night. We were stunned, and he told us that two employees said that we had been seen stealing the mulch and that the store had it on tape. We asked to see the tape and to see the employees who had accused us. He said the employees weren't available and he hadn't actually seen the tape yet, but that the employee took down our license number and it matched. We explained our movements, i.e. putting the ladder on the trailer, and he eventually said that loss prevention would be looking at the tapes. I said I wanted to see them too and that I thought he should have looked at the tapes before accusing us. Lowes has always been a favorite of mine, but no longer. If they train their employees to detain people without properly investigating an accusation, they are no longer on my list of favorite places to shop. What a shame and a loss for both of us. We have spent thousands of dollars at Lowes over the years. Someone else will now get our business.
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You went through this whole story about your terrible night at Lowes without mentioning red mulch, then all of a sudden you're accused of stealing red mulch? Where did the red mulch come from?

Did you buy red mulch? What does the sod have to do with it, if it's mulch you were accused of stealing?

Maybe you bought a ton of sod and also stole some mulch because the sod purchase annoyed you? That's what it sounds like.


Now you are falsely accusing Lowes of how they train their employees. It was an isolated incident and you just happened to have a *** of an employee at that time. I understand your frustration but you just made a false accusation yourself.


Lowes policy is to never ever have an employee falsely accuse anyone of anything ever. With that being said. I'm sure you have the receipts for the sod you bought the previous day somewhere. Plus I would have gotten the employees name and employee # or if he refused had him bring a member of management out to resolve this issue. It is a criminal nightmare as well as a civil case nightmare for anyone to wrongly accuse someone of shoplifting from their store. I know of cases where the subjects accused have received over $200,000,000 in compensation for their pain and suffering and have gotten paid, threats of litigation from corporations don't work especially once corp shareholders are advised of the companies actions. They actually pay attention to the details of their investments. I would also find out the stores loss prevention detectives name and never back down if you did nothing wrong. LP detectives are dirty, I've see them falsify records, tamper with records (changing document information after they were signed), criminally stock employees who are apt to blow the whistle on their criminal actions, make terroristic threats, criminally harass whistle blowers, and much more. "I'm not condoning shoplifting, it is wrong but at the same time", It not right for LP depts and big corporation who think they are untouchable to break the law either. Also there is this company called Hireright formerly USIS that tracks shoplifters and a lot of companies report their shoplifting paperwork to them. They may or may not have a file on you. I would start their because they are similar to a credit reporting agency and have to by law disclose any and all information they have on you. So essentially if you did nothing wrong you can build your case.

Big Box Bully's False Accusation Costs It $9 Million

Jury Awards Houston Woman $9 Million Against Wal-Mart in Dispute Over $200


Was anything ever done about it? Did the police show up?

Nobody would even know about it, if you hadn't posted it here. Grow up!


What you should have done in case you didn't have a receipt was go into customer service and asked them to print out another Receipt. It's very easy to do and it only takes all of three minutes. All that would be needed was a date and product number.


Falsely accused my ***. I saw the tape it was you.


1-800-445-6937 Monday through Saturday, 7 a.m. to 1 a.m.

(ET) and Sunday, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. (ET) and share your experience with one of our Customer Care Representatives.

Call corporate.

The number above is pulled from their website. You'll probably end up with enough money on a Lowe's gift card to build a house ;)


Go straight to corporate about this. If the people who said something to you guys weren't loss prevention, they could be fired for straight out accusing people.

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Defective door delivered and installed | Lowes review from Arab, Alabama

A defective glass inserted front entrance door was purchase from Lowes with installation made by Lowes installers. After many telephone calls, a contract representative inspected the installed door and ordered another glass insert to be installed with the door in place. Deliver of the insert was projected to take about three weeks. Installation was made about June 6 with purchase made about three weeks before that. Here it is the middle of July and the situation remains to be resolved. One might suspect that I am not overly enthused with Lowes business practices. Home Depot may not be any better but I will find out on my next purchase.
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