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Why do you buy lowes *** goods

Lowes cannont compete anymore. They will be out of the home improvement game in 5 yrs. this i know. Home Depot is already undertaking a proposal to buy 85% of stock, buildings and assets. IM gonna miss working there because where else am i going to get free stuff for my house. ha ha. The Johnstown store is cutting employees left and right. At least or hr girl (Vuchovich) will get to keep her job of handing our "800" numbers and just ignoring the employees who hate her. Good thing she blows our store manager on lunch so hes at least tolerable for a shift. Gobble Gobble Katherine. Maybe patti wants a shot because her hubby is a vegetable in a chair. Good luck
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big ben

kudos to you. I hope your hr knows what karma is.

I agree that lowes is going under and screwing their employees over left and right. hang in there.


A. Home Depot is going to have a hard time buying our stock since like 95% of it is bought up by another Lowe's Employee in Monroe.


With an employee like you, I'm surprised you still have a job with an attitude like that.

How old are you? 18?


With employees like you, any store would go broke.

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Lowes in Burlington, Ontario - Lowe`s Valspar paint

We bought 4 gallons of the purple paint turning white. We gave 2 coats of Primer and than 3 coats with that ceiling paint. It`s discusting. We went back to Lowes and they told us that a representant will call us. 2 weeks later no news! And we had to redo the ceiling all over again. Bad product and bad services. And the lady told us to use an other kind of paint. Go figure! I cannot believe that they dont`care. Even if it saying that they warranty their paint and customer! Very bad service, think twice before you go there.
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Your experience does not equate with everyone else's experience.

People love Lowes otherwise they would be out of business.

Learn how to spell.

"Disgusting" "Representative"


I used that same color change paint. It was the worst paint that I have ever used.

I took it back to lowes. I do like their top of the line paint.


I am sorry to hear about your experience with our product. In most situations you should not have to apply so many coats to achieve proper coverage. I would like to help you but need more information. Please contact me so that we can discuss your situation and help you find a solution.

Direct line: 978-463-2412

Toll Free: 1-800-845-9061 x2412

Thom Dunne

Contact Center Manager



There are many reasons for paint problems, most of which occur because of either surface problems with the area being painted or bad application technique. Not sure what you expect from a large store like Lowe's.

These people are not paint professionals and know next to nothing about the products they sell. They may(or may not)know how to mix it, but that's about it. You should contact Velspar for help.

There is probably nothing wrong with the paint as Velspar is a good paint, tho not premium quality. There is something else going wrong, not the paint.

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The Loews Department store on Dickerson Road in Nashville did not key locks to my two new doors costing over $1,000. They kept the key to my front door on a Friday to re-key the new locks by and asked me to pick my key up on the following Monday. I did after paying...
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People that don't know what they are talking about cause a lot of problems.

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Lowes in Boston, Massachusetts - Poor customer service at Lowe's

I went to Lowe's in Westborough MA this afternoon.I was there to purchase Rubbermaid 'Home Free' wire shelving. After locating the product ; I had a couple questions. Finally I found an employee. I asked him about the kit I was buying and that I wanted to make sure I had all necessary parts to hang the shelving. He glanced at the box and said that everything was there. I quizzed him about wether I needed I needed a top rail and the upright extensions. He gave me a blank look and said that I needed two uprights and one rail. Again I asked " Is this all the parts I'll need?" He looked at me with a blank expression and nodded. I got home to install them. Well ! I do need two more upright extensions to complete the installation. Not a big deal except for the 35 minute drive back to the store to get the parts I was told I didn't need. This is the second time I've been let down by Lowe's employees. I'll be sure to go to Home Depot or a small local vendor in the future.
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You're complaining because you can't figure out how to put a shelf together? THEY should be complaining about YOU! :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin


You're complaining about them because you're too *** to figure out how a shelf works? THEY should be complaining about YOU. Go somewhere else, they don't need *** turds like you for customers anyway.


when you say you'll go to home depot, all the Lowes employees do is roll their eyes, they don't give a rat's ***.


you cant seriously want them to know that right?

1 person out of 30 in any of these places knows anything, and even then its a *** shoot.

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Lowes in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Re: Lowe's Blow jobs.......

Since leaving Lowe's Home Improvement Center two years ago, my life is finally where I want it to be. The past two years have been ***, to say the least, but I have survived. No thanks to the people who tried to ruin my life with their attempt at making me out to be a *** and destroying my chances of getting another job. I'm sorry, but you didn't succeed. As you can see, I didn't commit suicide either. There is humor in this whole situation. My associates at work knew me so well! Did they know that my husband claims to have seen a UFO? Or that he was in jail several times? The people that posted all the smutty comments about me had plenty of truthful ammunition to use against me, but they chose to make things up. Happy New Year to all!
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To my knowledge this is a consumer website, you are looking for the disgruntled employee website at the back of the Post Office.


So Sad. Your parents should have taken your advice.

Get a life.


You sound like a jealous ex employee. Do the world a favor and don't breed.

The world already has enough *** to support. Better yet go play in traffic.

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I don't know if it is just this store or Lowes generally, but there is ZERO customer service. I purchased a garage door opener and installation services. Lowes' contractor, too lazy to remove the rails from my existing opener, lied and said that I needed a different...
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Well, at least you kept on it and got your money back so you could get someone to do it right. The problem was obviously the independent contractor used by Lowe's and I am surprised Lowe's refused to take any responsibility---he is sub-contracting from Lowe's, not you and is thus their responsibility.

At least you(and I)learned a lesson about Lowe's. By the way, where is this Lowe's store so we can stay away from it??

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Lowes in Ames, Iowa - Lowe's sells Outdated Gas Grill Cans. Said not their responsibility

I tried to purchase a new Gas can for a grill, but Lowe's said they only sell recycled cans with gas. When I pointed out the gas bottles were 6 to 13 years old, and that the 13 year can was no longer legal, I was told that was not their responsibility and I should contact their supplier, Rhino Gas, even though I was purchasing directly from Lowe's. I will contact the local fire marshall in the morning. Gas containers when filled are under high pressure. Rust or corrosion can weaken the container over time, A pressure test, every 12 years, is to verify that it is still safe to use. The date of the test is stamped on the container handle.
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They should have taken care of you, given you a new container, contacted Rhino, and gotten the older tanks taken out.


stores never will admit something like this and just shrug their shoulders. You might go into Lowe's the next day and see if they have suddenly taken the out-dated ones away.

If not, call the local fire marshall or townhall people to file a complaint. Sometimes the only thing that will get these stores to comply with safety rules is to file a complaint with the appropriate authorities.

That's why we have rules and people to carry them out. Not for big box companies to flaunt them.

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Lowes sold us "used" fridge as "new"......

We placed an order at the Lowe web-site online for a new refridgerator and stove Nov. 22, 2011. Our zip code indicated the Bedford Heights, OH store would process the delivery. After waiting a month, and 2 "rescheduled" delivery appointments, they brought us a "new" stove and a used refridgerator. They didn't tell us the fridge was used, instead they left us a "voice mail" they it had a damaged right side and they would give us 10% off. Turns out the left and right side had 12" dents and the Stainless Steel had a big "ding" on it. That night it quit working and we lost all our food, frozen and fridge. After calling, going into the store, contacting the number they gave us, and callling again....they finally agreed to bring us a "loaner" fridge until the new one could be delivered. They gave us $300 cash for our lost food. They didn't make any effort to go above and beyond to make it better for us. Maybe an apology and a $25.00 for goodwill would have been appropriate. We realized the original fridge they brought us was used after we received the new one, completed wrapped up in plastic....the front, the drawers, and shelving was all wrapped solid in perfect condition. That is when we thought, WOW - that first fridge was "used" and not new at all. I hope someone reads this from Lowes, and tries to make it better. After all, we like Lowes because it is cleaner than Home Depot, but now we are so disappointed. At this point, I don't think we will purchase our granite from Lowes....The end.
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This is why you should buy from the store...not the internet.

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Lowes in Spokane, Washington - Lowe's lies

We purchased a new hot water heater from Lowe's, a subcontractor came to install it and drained our old hot water heater down our basement drain, clogging it. We had a huge flood of sewage in our basement and a third party confirmed it was because of the silt and sand from the old hot water heater. Initially Lowe's said they would pay for everything but then they turned us over to their insurance, which turned us over to the subcontractor's insurance, which refused to pay. Now we are on the hook for almost $4000 and have to go to our own insurance, which will raise our rates. Lowe's guarantees their work and has contracts with all their subcontractors, but when one of them messes up, they suddenly say it isn't their problem. They're despicable.
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This post was merely a way to let others out there know how Lowe's screwed us over, not to get everyone and their brother to weigh in. Please refrain from offering suggestions and "helpful hints" when I did not go into extreme detail on the situation.

I have proof via another plumber that it was the subcontractor's fault for the flood and don't go blaming it on other clogs in my line because it is a new line. And yes, there was a lot of calcium or whatnot in the old water heater, it was nearly 20 years old.

So please take this as it was intended, a warning to people who are considering Lowe's services and an example of big business screwing over the little guy. Not everyone needs to hear your snarky comments and unsubstantiated opinions.


I put this up so other people would be warned, not to get everyone else's opinion on it. I know it was the subcontractor's fault because I had a plumber verify it.

There are no other clogs in the line because it is a brand new line. And yes there was calcium and whatnot in the old water heater, it was nearly 20 years old!

So please spare me the agony of reading your "helpful hints" on what else I need to do on my house and just take the post for what it is, a complaint against Lowe's and a warning to people who might be considering buying from them. Big business needs to stop screwing consumers or we will never pull out of this recession.


Silt and sand from INSIDE a hot water tank? If that really happened, you need to get a new well or water source.

Silt and sand in your drain probably came from a ruptured drain pipe. Blame yourself, not somebody else on this one.


You have to file a civil suit to get the money. That's the only way.

All companies with contractors are like this. That's WHY they have contractors in the first place.


I guess you could sue Lowe's in small claims court. Just make sure you have a written deposition from a qualified third party professional engaged in the plumbing business.

As an aside, I have never trusted getting anything like a water heater from a place like Sears or Lowes, etc.

for the reason you are dissatisfied---they use independent contractors and some are good and some are bad. Which one you get is problematical.

Also, I am not so sure draining the old water heater in the (assumed)city sewer drain in your basement was the cause of the blockage. It probably was mostly blocked for a long time and the large amount of water in a short time period was too much for it.

I drained an old water heater in my basement sump hole and pumped it out via the sump pump with no problem. If the silt was a problem, the sump pump would have gotten clogged.

But, all this begs the question: just where did you expect the guy to drain the old water heater? Via pails and toss outside??

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Lowes in Newark, New Jersey - Ridiculous service

Lowes Manager: Both I and my wife are upset with your Toms River NJ store customer service desk people. Their attitudes are awful and insulting. We are both never walking into your stores ever again. A year ago, my wife was told she was *** and called 'a ***' by one of your customer service desk workers while my wife was making a return. She's not forgotten the experience, and she remembers it unpleasantly every time she makes a purchase at your store, even today. She dreads having to walk into Lowes, and dreads having to deal with the customer service desk on a propane bottle return or anything similar. Just today, I went shopping for a few minor things, a dog 'pet' door, pet supplies, some fasteners, and was thinking of checking on kitchen appliance prices; I wanted to surprise my wife with new stainless Freezer / Refrigerator, one with water and ice making options on the door. I entered your store from the contractor entrance, and I have to admit, the people at the contractor entrance are hardly ever a problem. I asked about small 'pet' doors, (I know where the appliances are), and the contractor desk people were friendly, helpful, and had a pretty good attitude; they directed me to the pet aisle, aisle 23. The contrast between the contractor desk was and is in complete contrast to the people working at the other entrance, where my wife was insulted and where I ran into trouble just today. Today I was thrown out of your store. I had a thousand dollars in cash in my pocket. I was going to look at appliances. Dumb. As I walked through the store, toward the pet aisle at the opposite end of the store, two young Lowes women employees approached me, and advised me I had to have my 22 pound Boston Terrier in a cart, or I had to carry her, and that the rules were 'pretty strict.' They oohed and aaahed and remarked how cute my little dog was, and said she was pretty, and I was not surprised at this, she is a cute little dog, but I was surprised at the instructions, so I put my small dog in a cart and continued shopping. As I approached the main customer entrance, a old woman with more hair spray and bottle brunette coloring on her head than common sense stepped out from behind the customer service desk and nastily told me I had to leave the store immediately. I asked why, and she said, "health reasons, the board of health has a law and dogs are not allowed in all stores, it's posted at the entrances." She chaperoned me to the exit and made sure I left. Hmmm. Health reasons? Lowes does sell pet supplies, don't they? My dog was in a cart, as the young lady employees instructed me. Maybe your hair sprayed and brunette in a bottle employee with the foghorn voice doesn't want my dog getting sick from all the leaking pesticide containers in your store, the ones across the aisle from the pet supplies? Is this possible? That must be the health issues she's referring to. Hmmm. I was puzzled. I know Lowes has a pet aisle, I know they do, I've seen it, I've bought pet supplies from it. And, in the space of 30 seconds I was told two different things by employees of Lowes. I left the store with my 22 pound dog under my arm. My little dog was cuddled up, right next to the $1000.00 in cash in my chest pocket. Outside the store I looked for the board of health sign, and couldn't find one, so I walked back in to question the hair spray bottle brunette woman, and before I even got two steps in the door she started shouting in her foghorn voice that I had to leave. No problem. I'll leave, and I'll be *** if I'll ever step back into your store with your nasty people with lousy mixed up insulting attitudes ever again with a thousand dollars in my wallet and high limit credit card. How about that? I left, and made three trips just today to your competitors store where I made my purchases for my projects. They love my little dog there at your competitors store. My wife is never going into your store ever again, and neither am I. Your customer service people are rude, poorly trained, often confused, clueless about the products on the shelves, and frequently nasty. Good luck with your business venture. Go be nasty to someone else. I'm amazed your in business. I've walked past broken leaking pesticide containers broken and spilling and leaking into the aisle in your Toms River store, I've seen pesticides marked down to next to nothing prices and in failing containers leaking into the bins they were thrown into, I've seen pallets of fertilizer with broken bags leaking and tracking up and down aisles, I've seen shelves poorly stocked with the same item at two different prices, damaged goods displayed for sale, incorrect pricing, 'SUPER SALE' items ringing up at 20% and 50% over the marked SALE price, incorrect labeling, no knowledgeable salespeople in sight for hundreds of feet, far too few manned checkout registers, and far too many customer service people who don't know how to operate the registers and handle ordinary transactions. God forbid you actually ask for the SALE PRICE marked on the item on a shelf, at your Toms River store, you'll lose 15 minutes out of your life while the staff slowly drag themselves around in circles seeking whatever special super authority necessary to sell you the item at the price marked on the shelf. I've seen all this, my wife has been treated nastily, and now today, I was thrown out of your store because of a little 22 pound dog, on our way to the pet aisle. I had a THOUSAND DOLLARS CASH in my pocket. Goodbye.
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Hahahaha, just read this. Whoever wrote this is full of it and clearly an unhappy person in life!

@That Girl

Not so..... I know who the customer is talking about the 2 females no longer are there


What the heck does having a "pet aisle" have to do with allowing pets inside the store? Our local grocery store has a pet aisle, can't bring pets in.

The local retail store sells car parts but you're not allowed to drive your car through the store either. Shocking!


While I love small dogs, I am usually a bit reserved when I am around them in a public setting..some people are afraid of dogs....Lowe's has a policy that the only pet of any kind allowed in the store is a service animal. I'm pretty sure other stores have this same policy, but they don't enforce it because they are afraid they will lose the customer.

I am glad you brought your dog into the's better than leaving it in a car on a hot day with the windows rolled up...


I'm guessing all these previous comments were written by the same person. Sad.


I agree with the other poster on that comment about "runnin over them...I find small dogs to be extremely annoying with that extremely high pitched bark/squeakthat that ALL small dogs seem to have, and what else *** me off is those same dogs barking nonstop when you are trying to talk to a customer and they won't tell that *** dog to shut the *** up! Just once I'd like to turn that same dog into a *** football!!

Then the irresponsible owner keeps saying "What? What? I can't hear you? HUH??

What?" Maybe if they would shut that *** dog the *** up then they could hear what the *** I am trying to say to them. People like you ruin a good shopping trip for everyone else!


Two thumbs up for the comment made by 'Repubbed'!!


Nothing *** me off more than *** such as yourself taking their *** *** little dogs into ANY store and thinking that all the patrons will like him/her...WAKE UP YOU *** ***!!! Not everyone likes little p.o.s.

dogs. AND,who are you to just assume that everyone thinks they are cute!! They are NOT cute in any way shape, or form. I intentionally ran over and squished some p.o.s.

*** Zue or whatever the *** they are called. I made a road pizza outta that dog, and have NO regrets about it! Maybe that will teach you people to leave your *** little dogs at home, cause if I see one in the road, I guarantee you people that I WILL go outta my way to make sure and flatten it! That last dog I squished into the pavement had a real nice blood stain all over the asphalt and I loved hearing it squeak when I hit the mother ***!

I could even hear its bones crunching as I ran over it with my 4x4 truck! How about if the large and giant breed dogs owners take them into a store? See how long people think that is cute!! NOT!

I guess that most people think they have to be polite, well, have you ever thought that there is a reason for health codes...AND lawsuit liability in the event that your so called cute dog bites someone? DUH? You are the reason that dogs are not allowed in stores!! Patron endangerment and liability on the part of the store IF some guest were to get bit or injured by your p.o.s.


Do yourself a favor and leave that dog at home, cause I guarantee you that IF I see it running loose I WILL run over it. Fortunately by me running over that *** dog there is one less small dog in the world now.

@From someone who enjoys runnin

wow!!!!!!! Talk about a serial killer in the making!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You need to chill out before you do something even more evil where you'll have to serve time.


Nothing infuriates me more than people who bring children into stores, in particular the special kids, they make me friggin' sick. They can't control the kids, the kids break things, and they are always whining at the checkout for candy, wetting their pants, and puking.

The parents are worse, they don't watch the kids, they fight, they argue, and mothers slap their future death row inmates around for the slightest infraction. I've been in retail for 22 years, and there's nothing more that I hate than customers and their kids. If I didn't have to put up with customers at all, I'd have a perfect retail career. I studied hard at the community college to be able to qualify to run this cash register and push that broom around, too, I am a professional, I can face a shelf.

You should know, you readers, you should know. Get mopping, there's a clean up in aisle 5, somebody's kid threw up, obviously he's been licking the handle on the special bus again.


Nothing Irritates me more than people who think it is appropriate to bring dogs into stores. Here is the thing, dog *** and poo indiscriminately.

Lowes sells kitchen wares (This is actually likely the health violation)

Also if you little puppy bit a child or a staff member, the store is liable.

Not to mention, I don't like dogs, I don't have a Dog because I am extremely allergic to dogs. I do my part, and not walk through off leash areas, now you do yours and keep your *** dog out of places they aren't suppose to be.

No Dogs means exactly that.


What part of "No pets allowed" posted on the front door don't you understand??


It is not only unsafe for all customers but unhygenic as well. Have some common sense you *** ***.

If I owned a hardware store and you came in with that ugly mutt I would've shot that mutt like old yeller.

What the *** is wrong with people like you these days. Get some common sense.

@So sad

Why do you feel death to an innocent dog is warranted when the real problem lies with the owner's ignorance? Sounds like a *** reason to pull out your pistol and make yourself feel like a REAL MAN:)


You start out by saying your wife was insulted and called names last year at this Lowe's but then describe how she doesn't like exchanging propane tanks or even going into the store---but you or someone is continually dragging her (no doubt kicking and screaming??)into the store.

Now, you were asked to leave the store because you brought a 22 pound dog into the store. What *** brings a dog into a store??

This is not France. We do NOT bring dogs into a store. Not only is it dangerous because he could *** a small kid, but un-hygenic.

What the *** is the matter with you?? When I owned my hardware store, I would have told you once to get him and you out of the store and if you didn't, I would have shot him.


Why not just shoot the guy? Why do you sickos always want to kill the small dog? This site has some very trigger-happy people on it:/



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