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Lowes employees losing their commissions

As of Saturday Lowes is taking all these hard working folks and telling them that as of Saturday, Feb.11, they will no longer receive any commissions on any sales!!! They dont make lots anyway. I have a job ordered at Lowes and went in and paid the dang thing off just so the person that helped me so much could get her due commission. I will never shop at Lowes again and hope that folks that are dealing with these cretons cease and desist from shopping at Lowes. Also these employees received three days notice on this- uncaring selfish -
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Is this a nation wide decision or only happening in Toledo?


I have been at Lowe's for quite a while, it USED to be a great company that cared for its employees. But I guess we all should have seen this coming, when a lot of the old time, big wheels are getting out.

As stock holders we should have a choice in the direction the company is going, but since we turned into a government contract retailer, we have gone down the tube. Not only does taking away our commissions, inventory bonuses, department/store sales bonuses, LEF, and our whole empowerment to satisfy, effect my commitment to Lowe's, they are going to keep taking away from the people that pay their salaries.

SSEI is almost unobtainable. We all need to stand together, perhaps at the next stockholder meeting, we can all protest our complaints, and they be heard, by the owners of the company, not just the big wigs.


If you feel and care so much for the employees, you would continue to shop there, regardless of their wages and compensation. You not shopping there at all does more damage than a reduced commission does. Think before you act...


CEO Robert Niblock made 12 million in 2010; his salary fell to 11.6 million in 2011. How will he and the other top executives manage?


I'm sure that executive bonuses will also be eliminated/reduced!

Yes, and there it goes again - a squadern of pigs flying...


sorry for the un edited post.... i guess what i was trying to say i do not feel lowes cares and a monkey could replace me....

after almost 9 years ive never had a raise that would even cover the cost of living changes each year... i guess that is said u r going backwards..... i just wish they would send in the replacements so we could start to train them... im sure i could give them all my knowledge of 20 plus years over the weekend...

i always said rather than hire children who roam around the store looking for or not looking for work to groups of at least two... while they roam we are asked to sweep the floor.... im sure in the future when questions are asked in the store ... the ans will be TAKE IT OFF THE SHELF...

i can see changes... like a centrally located design center take ur best designers ... BEST and most experienced designers.. commission them allow them to make 100k or more like they could in the real design world...not giving the psi pse a 2% commission which is a joke in the cabinetry real world ..where showrooms pay a min of 10% or 40% of the net net profit....designer financially responsible for all mistakes...

to a 50%/50% split on commissions... i will tell u no that structure will give the co the most margin..need fewer designers...

but no, look for the high school drop out who will work for 12 to 14 $'s per hour.... yeah that will work ..


Lowes is in financial trouble. Lowes Corporate recently engaged a consulting firm in Atlanta, GA to tell them how to make changes to save the company, Conner Partnership Consulting.

If you look at this firms website you will see that these guys are responsible for what we are being asked to swallow. Looking at all of the factors; buying out upper management contracts, hiring a consuling firm, cutting commissions, changing employee policy, etc.

These are signs that Lowes is in trouble. The smart employees will be leaving this place.


im a kitchen and bath specialist. i brought over 20 years exp to lowes..

ive now been with lowes for near 9 years.. i felt i had the best job in the world... much better than when i had my own showroom... oh there was always something to *** about like opening the store at 630am..

always thinking "who the *** will come in at this time to have me design a kitchen... even more so when the economy went into the dump. im like most others ,,, my thoughts are different... lowes

still will be a great job....

for the trainee, ive long passed that ive looked around at our kitchen designers.. maybe one in 10 could call themselves a kitchen designer... kitchen specialist dont make a kitchen designer.. what lowes should do is reward the KITCHEN DESIGNERS THEY HAVE...

surround them with a few csa's and realize what they have... as far as profits the csa's lowes will train will never compare to the experienced trades people they have working for them. and it is a joke to think that line they call margin will improve... let me give u and example,,, a kitchen designed will all pull outs, drawer bases, all wood construction, furniture base islands, recessed toe kicks, multi color kitchens, glaze finishes, as almost all of mine were will have a nice profitable margin...

that csa's will most likely not care if u have a margin cause his $12 salary will not excite him... and he will take the easiest route.... be smart pull ur real pros aside and not only commission them pay them like the outside world does which is around 40% or the profit... equal to 10% of the sale.

that makes that $40000 sale look good in the designers pocket.... look for designers real designers... not someone who dont understand cabinetry... now u are offering to pay for the so called specialists to go become NKBA..

first they nees 7 years exp...

then guess what when they become certified they will find the $2 and hour taking him to $15... will not cmpare to the money he can make in the real world....



This truly is a WT F moment. I understand why they are doing it, I just do not think it is a good idea. What Andrew fails to see is that the employees that can leave and get gainful employment in these times are the employees Lowe's should hope to keep. The ones that will stay are the one that can't leave and they are generally substandard.

As an example: lets say Adam is an appliance specialist. Appliance specialists are required to have a professional appearance as well as attitude. They need to manage their customers daily and let me tell you... it is not always an easy task. Adam most likely has a college education (three out of four of us do in my store)and makes $10 - $11 p/hr. If he is directly responsible for $1,000,000 in sales p/yr( is most likely 50 - 100% more). Lowe's would before reward this person with less than $20,000 before. A company that had 49 Billion in sales in 2010 FY is going to save less that .1% on the backs of their employees. Of course lowe's is not publishing the savings, so I am doing some fuzzy math to get to my figures, but I think it is pretty close. It is certainly not more than .2%.

Thanks Lowe's! You greedy butt wipes can't figure a way to squeeze any more savings from China so your returning to the good ole USA to squeeze your own employees!


My customer asked me if I earned commission - I told him "NO - Not ANYMORE" He thought it was wrong that they took away our commissions. He voiced his concerns to the big bad store manager.

The manager called me into a closed door meeting to "YELL" at me & tell me that I COULD NOT tell any more customers that my commissions were taken away. WHY NOT??? It was the truth! I know why they do not want us to tell - because anyone that has a sales job or a commission based job or a job with a bonus structure my be inclined to not purchase from Lowes since they do not provide sales incentives to their employees.

I am looking into a law suit against the actions by the manager. I was threatened, intimidated and very upset by his actions. I feel it was sexual harassment and imtimidation that he used against me. SO way to go Lowes - I QUIT & am glad to be in the 30 of the people you expected to loose!

Your store windows and doors will be boarded up in a few years and the parking lots will be empty. Then all you little men that call yourselves managers with stinky unwashable ugly red vests will have a hard time trying to get a REAL management job - since you really have never been trained to be a manager - it takes more than running around reading off yesterday's sales and todays goals!


I do not agree with Andrew Ferrell's comments. As an x Lowe's department manager who was constantly pulled on the carpet for selling too much (my job was supposed to be only stocking, ordering, and merchandising - all of which was always completed), I agree with others that this is just another move to lower payroll and reward corporate with short-term gains.

I was a Lowes for 6 years as department manager and worked in a department (Millwork)that always comp'ed year-to-year.

I laso helped customers all over the store and helped other departments. I suspect that because I had max-ed out in my pay grade, and also pulled in large commissions I simply became too expensive on the payroll.

I was replaced by a 23 year old who knew nothing about our product or how to manage, but he cost about 1/2 of what I was making.

I'm happy now at Sears where I have been for 6 months and where my sales skills are rewarded (my income is back to what it was at Lowes). I urge others at Lowes now to look for companies who will treat them fairly.


To the writer of this blog.

I am glad you paid your order so your sales person will get their extra pay. Sadly if you choose to boycott Lowes it also effects the employee you care about.

Lost sales will result in payroll cuts. Perhaps she will be terminated before long. I appriciate your anger and you being a customer shouts volumes to the upper management. However as a 12 year employee.

Specialist. I do hope you remember the people your shopping with us helps. On a side note lowes did compensate us 50% of what we made last year.

They did not have to do this. If it was all greed they would have told us to pound sand.....


Can't we all just get along. Lowe's is trying to get rid of the higher paid employees to make room for the lower paid less knowledgeable one's.

Lowe's is striving to jump ahead in tech. and thinks customers will like getting their info from an iphone or computer.

Think about it pay all employees at a low rate, keep all commissions, this will easily make up the difference in what they will lose. Welcome to LOWESMART.


Not sure what happened to the 2 billion profit that Lowes made last year. Did someone buy another plane or maybe take the board of directors on a shopping spree?

I guess the CEO decided he needed another fancy ride. Did you know that over five years he will make 29.5 million dollars? How does the pay scale work at Lowes? This is a great way to lose hundreds of employees who have served the company for many years.

Awesome job Lowes! Hope your stock tanks after I sell all my shares!!


I am a flooring specialist with over 25 yrs experience in all aspects of flooring, i used to like working at LOWES however i have been looking elswhere for about the last 6 months. The treatment of the employees by LOWES is deplorable thats why I have decided to move on.

I understand the "WHY" they stopped paying commissions, and it wasnt to level the playing field. The attitude towards some of the commissioned sales people is really wrong. Im sorry you have had to work with dinasours and premadonnas.

we are all very glad just to have jobs, its the attitude of a few immature associates that continue to make negative and ignorant comments about this situation thats really sad. all i can say is when LOWES makes its next financial move I hope you are not affected by it like the commisioned sales people have been, your attitude will be much different i,m sure, but i wont be around to be affected :)


I work at Lowes also and am glad the spiff program is gone. It levels the playing field.

We have some guys in appliances and flooring who are evil *** and yell at you to get out of thier dept. Ive sold just about everything there and done lots of SOS for some extra $$.

I dont count on a spiff as my income. Its so nice that the dbags are all humbled.


In a true sales culture the sales people are always rewarded.Obviously Lowes is no longer a sales culture.The future results will back up what Im talking about.The real problem with Lowes is they keep these stores open way too late.Every store in the system should lock up by 8 pm.It would also be nice if we had product on the shelves to actually sell instead of bare shelves.These are two major problems that could be fixed quickly.You can bet if Bob Tillman were still pushing buttons this would not have happened.I wonder if its more than a coincidence that some of these high level people are leaving or is it maybe they dont agree with bob niblocks methods either.Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmmmm.


I am a appliance employee. I stock freight help in other depts and and can proudly say everyone that has ever worked with me would say I am one of the hardest working, knowledgeable, and team players they've ever worked with.

The point is I can and do do each one of your jobs. I can use any service tool in any of your departments. Which one of you can design a kitchen? Ask yourself?

If you answer yes I wish you could show me! I am talking to csa's specialist (other than appl/cabinets) dept manager, asm's, store manager etc... no you can't! I can or at least I did.

Lowes you just made me a 9U to 5u kinda guy. I went from staying after my shift, coming in on days off, making house calls to hitting the door when my shifts over. The head people in this company need to get their head out there *** and realize how much extra people like me actually did. But they'll find out when Appliances and cabinet totals end up in the sewer this year!

Hey trust me nay Sayers. You will soon get your chance for one of those jobs because us that have them would rather have yours. Have fun learning your lesson.

Idiots. I'm just hoping my severance package comes soon!


I know we have to work in the same store....unless this is every store in the company. I have to shut off plumbings call buttons constantly while they are sneaking into our dept and I am already double stacked with customers myself


I was sticking up for you....I guess if you want to join Lowes employees side after he bashed you go ahead. Yes I was one of the ones that made 22k in spiffs. I came in on days off, I answer my phone at all odd hours to help find product and answer delivery questions. Some of the shady stuff I had to do to protect my spiff was insane. Now that is gone. I never stated I will not help my customers. It is not their fault that Lowes did this to us. As far as stocking shelves, my freight is done by 10 along with me usually helping a nearby dept finish theirs.

I have worked in my dept for 8 years and love what I did, now I plan to just show up and do whatever I can do in those 8 hours helping people or stocking shelves and get out. No more staying late, no more taking lunches at odd hours to be available for customers. No more working through holidays and being away from my family.

Just imagine in one day you make 5.50 less an those who do not believe in these spiffs. Try to pay your bills and provide for your kid with this instant change.


I am not nor have I been a Lowes employee. The system was in place for years to help Lowes increase market share versus Sears.

It worked. The Appliance Specialist position was one of the best in the industry and attracted better talent. To take the system away is both a business and cultural decision as many have made decent livings with the income from successful sales.

While it is their prerogative to change the system, Lowes must be in dire financial straits to give only 2 days notice, though. The employees you cherished are now treated as line items on their financial statements.


This is to the person who calls themself plumbing csa and all the other idiots that dont seem to get it. The fact that you probably read my last post that explains that lowes managers lured me with spiffs and commissions to leave a good job that paid more salary to come to lowes for less salary becuase I would make up the difference and more with spiffs and commissions and you cant come up with any intelligent response for that proves that you are the idiots that I already knew you were.

You see, I work with idiots like you every day. The idiots in plumbing that you can never find to help a customer. I can be in appliances trying to help three customers that all want to spend thousands of dollars in my department trying to answer questions. Yes believe it or not we do have to answer questions to make a sale.

while I am trying to do this I am being flagged down every 2 minutes by someone with a question about a faucet because the plumbing idiots cant be found. There is a reason why we dont let you idiots sell the refrigerators and we take all the sales. you notice I said sales not sells like you did in your paragraph you ***. The reason we dont let you is because you guys always screw it up and I have to fix it.

Yes it really *** me off when some *** like you comes into my department and screws up and sale. you get paid to sell it and I have to take care of all of the issues after the sale that you screw up. Yes I call it my department because I treat it like its my own business. I CARE.

or at least I used to care. Good luck getting the appliancce specialist to fix your screw ups in the future.


I work the plumbing dept. and if they are so great, how come when they sell an washer or stove they dump the customer on plumbing because the are to lazy or *** to know how to hook it up? I say taking away spiffs is wrong but they way over paid.


They clock in and work the same way EVERY OTHER employee does.. y pay them extra to do there job in which they get payed a decent amount...

and also now u won't have the sales person only wanting to talk to the customer spending the most money.. each customer gets treated equally regardless of what they can afford to buy.. they are still getting an allowance so they are not fully losing it.. delivery is the dept that's handles the appliance..

installs it and shows how to work it..

sales just point it out and put in cpu.. FAIR TO ALL OTHER EMPLOYEES who works extra hard to please a customer..


I have seen quite a few of overqualified people working for companies like Lowe's because of the economic situation in this country. We are headed toward slave labor...

even if you are a upper educated middle class employee. Wake up this is going to get worse before it gets better, we have lost our rights as a employee in this country.

I would imagine this is the beginning of their demise, but who knows with the sate of our economy. I have became a student of politics and economics after the meltdown that help destroy my life, so wake up we are weak as one, but mighty as many, so we have to unite and fight, we are being discriminated against for age, sex, education, etc and its time to march and picket and get the word out "WE ARE NOT GOING To TAKE It ANYMORE" Vote RON PAUL and restore our constitution.


I love that the appliance specialists are getting hurt. It brings me the utmost amount of joy because whenever i wanted to sell a refrigerator they would be selfish and take all the sells.

Guess what when they need help now because they are no longer motivated to sell the appliances I'm going to say "Live it, Learn it, Love it". Cheers losers.


Tell everyone to stop shopping at Lowes and let them fell the mistake they made!! Remember the $5 Bank of America fee They backed off that decision quick when they felt the backlash!



It was lowe's decision to discontinue the spiffs. They vendors are still paying them.

That's where the lower cost will come from, which I will believe when I see it. I was hired with spiffs part of my compensation package. Not everyone or anyone has the skills necessary to sell high end projects which is why lowes hires specialist. As for them giving us half of our commission we would have earned that or more anyway had we kept the spiffs.

I alone in my store sold almost a million dollars of flooring. No one helped me do that my skills, customer service and dedication did that.


In response to Andrew, i'm a lowes employee & i may only be a associate and didnt make spiffs. But for a company to do what they did to them with only 3 days notice is morally & ethically Wrong. They have families, kids, college to pay for, bills to pay. To not give them sufficient notice for them to figure out what their going to do next is not right.

Why should the 30% embrace the change when the company cant respect what in some cases 5, 7, 10+ years of loyalty? Anyone who wants to get out deserve to find something else & move on because it can only get worse from here on out.

LEF is nothing but fail waiting to happen if they cant appreciate their people.


I work at a lowes & i can understand if they told them ahead of time, give them a chance to figure things out, how it will affect their livelihoods. But 2 days notice is not good.

Between their new customer focused driven attitude, the mylowes which have been a technical nightmare pushing it to the moon when it wasent ready to be released & taking away commissions, that's more than sending out mixed signals.

U want us to work harder, be all up and in the customer so deep we can see their molars but dont want to give out extra. It's only going downhill from there


You people who say that appliance specialist shouldn't have been getting paid so much. That it wasn't fair anyway.

Bull ***. I was lured away from another company by Lowes management using the commissions and spiffs as a bargaining tool. They wanted me because I had ten years of proven sales experience and look and act professional. Those of you who have never held the appliance specialist position have absolutely no idea all of the things that job requires on a daily basis.

Have any of you who says appliance spiffs were not fair ever been appliance specialists? That is what is wrong with this company. Every one is constantly making judgments about what others in the store are doing. IF YOU HAVE NEVER DONE THEIR JOB YOU HAVE NO IDEA.

I hope to hear back from anyone who has held the appliance specialist position that thinks they didn't do plenty to earn that pay. There is not another position in the store besides possibly cabinets that takes care of even 10% of the customer problems that appliances does.


It's like going from Capitalism to Socialism. It is all part of working for a Corporation in these tough economic times.

The warning signs have been there for awhile folks! Remember the Class-Action Lawsuit over the Fluctating Work-Week Pay. a/k/a Chinese Overtime? Watch, the next step will be that the Stock Holders demanding a buy-out.

Then Lowes will be bought out by a Private Investment Group.

Private equity firms are the bottom-feeders of the corporate world that just "strip & flip". The same thing happened with ServiceMaster, and then they went to ***

For the rest of the story go to WWW.GLASSDOOR.COM

:cry :( :x :sigh :upset :eek


Dear @lowesemployee,

Wow, maybe you should start stocking shelves, since you don't want to sell anymore, even though you're still making a lot more $ than the people that enable you to be a salesman.


Lowes employee, you are correct. Of course most of the whining comes from appliances:).

I hope these decisions will *** out the bitter employees so we can just move on and see what comes next! Rumor has it that SSEI will be better this year, so maybe this is a good thing....I hope!


I could tell you do not work on the sales floor. Get the next cabinet call button you hear and help that customer out. Answer some of their questions. This could be a potential 30k sale that will probably walk out of the store when they see how unprofessional you are carrying your mountain dew in your vest pocket and wearing a tshirt.

Where do you think your hourly pay comes from? The people that can make or break the weeks sales for the whole store just got smacked in the face. You want fair game? You just got it my friend. So when the appliance specialist is taking his first 15 minute break of his life in the break room. I hope you can special order that 3500 dollar wall oven, and I sure hope it fits in the customers opening......

Keep stocking shelves and collect your pay


Thank you Brenda for being honest. I agree with you about yes you are loosing money, but what about those in a non selling position, because i am in a non selling position, but i have had to help in appliances a many of times. I not once have made commission or spiffs because of my non selling position which is fine, i knew that when i took the position. It just bugs me when i hear appliance associates talk about oh i can't believe Lowe's did this to me, i am not staying in this dept, i am going to look for a different position. Hello wake up and smell the coffee. Why should appliances associates get paid extra for doing their job when other associates, not just non-selling but like building materials and cashiers for example don't get extra money for doing their job.

Sorry, but that's just how i feel.


Thank you Brenda for being honest. I agree with you about yes you are loosing money, but what about those in a non selling position, because i am in a non selling position, but i have had to help in appliances a many of times. I not once have made commission or spiffs because of my non selling position which is fine, i knew that when i took the position. It just bugs me when i hear appliance associates talk about oh i can't believe Lowe's did this to me, i am not staying in this dept, i am going to look for a different position. Hello wake up and smell the coffee. Why should appliances associates get paid extra for doing their job when other associates, not just non-selling but like building materials and cashiers for example don't get extra money for doing their job.

Sorry, but that's just how i feel.


That is not all completely true. Yes Lowe's employees are loosing their spiffs and commission, but what they are not telling you is that they are still going to get paid their regular salary( which is not that bad), plus 1/2 of what they made total in spiffs/commission last year.

Yes i hate it that they are loosing money. But be thankful that they still get something.

Lowe's was the only retail store left that gave their employee spiffs plus a nice regular salary. Also, i don't think it was Lowe's per-say that is getting red of commission, i think it's more of the company's like Frigidaire, Whirlpool, Samsung etc...

That's the real story........


I have worked at lowes for 7 years, I have held several positions. As a specialist, I am losing half of my commissions as well.

It's not ideal, but keep in mind the non selling associates NEVER make extra money no matter how hard they work. We have four people in our store in the same department that made 9 k, 10k, 17k and 18k in spiffs and commission. It's not because two sold better than the other two, its because they refund/rebilled to pad their sales.

Sure maybe we are gonna lose 30% but if we gain honest employees that aren't gonna steal from my employer and essentially my 401k, then I'm all for it. Yes, the pay cut sucks but at least we made extra money in previous years, some associates have never had that chance.


There is no plan to pass the savings on to consumers--we have had our pay decreased to make more profit for the company. Period.

I will no longer give exceptional service, as I will make the same amount whether I work hard or do the minimum.

I have been a loyal emplowee, but it is a 2 way street. Lowes has once again proven that their employees who make their sales are considered worthless.


what a lot of you don't realize is that our hourly wage was relatively low because of the spiffs we could make. now, lowes is taking away the comm/spiffs & refusing to increase our pay.

i have been with lowes for 14 years & sell 3/4 million dollars of special order, high margin product every year. i will still do my job as well as i can because i know how hard it is to find a new one BUT this was a seriously unethical & callous decision. three days notice to except a 10%-30% pay decrease is insulting. i personally will be losing over $7000.00 this year & an additional $7000.00 next .

i can't work for a company that takes away $14,000 of my pay & will still give it's ceo a huge bonus. i have a family & responsibilities that aren't going to change!! so, i'm staying for the next year but will be searching for an alternate career path.

i know morale & sales will suffer because of this so i'm selling my stock in about six months. i really don't want to have anything to do with a company that treats it's employees like this.


Lowes will now unfortunately suffer from this change. No longer will specialists have the incentive to go the extra mile.

Being an average employee is easy. Busting ones behind to make the customer experience exemplary will no longer happen. I know people who personnaly made 15% of a stores monthly sales. That will no longer be the case.

History repeats itself unless one studies the past. Home depot was the best until their pay scale alterations in the late 90's. Then they tanked in sales. I was there.

25 to 30 dollar positions went away and customer satisfaction went in the toilet.

I hope Lowes management is looking forward to losing their positions. Have fun!


Andrew - Hugo Chavez could use a *** like you


LEF (Lowe's Experience of the Future) stated that 30% of employees will not be able to or be willing to make change. With this change, more than 30% is now expected.

To those looking for new employment, good luck (I honestly mean that). Sears pays minimum wage + commission. If you don't sell much, you don't get paid much. Home Depot does not pay commission at all.

Do either of these offer employee discounts? With Lowe's decision to do away with spiffs, we can get lower prices from our suppliers 9since our suppliers were the ones paying the spiffs) & pass those savings on to our customers in order to stay competitive.

Once we have the lowest pricing & *** out the 30%, the customers will choose Lowe's for the best pricing & customer service (those of us sticking around will be greatful to have a job & will have pride in what we do). Again, good luck to the 30% on their career changes at Sears, Home Depot, etc.


Like many. I've traditionally preferred Lowes.

But with this latest move I think their CEO and his management team have proven their unworthiness. The CEO pay gap in our culture is way too large.

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Lowes Unmotivated Employees

I understand Lowes will eliminate all employees commission as of Sat 2/11/12. While offering a concession formula of 2011 earnings which could compensate them at up to 50%, the loss will change the overall demeanor and personality of Lowes' employees. Why ? They are rewarding mediocrity, something which Corporate America cannot afford to do today and stay competitive. After 2/11/12, no Lowe's employee in their right mind will call back customers, chase leads, spend personal time coming into the store off-hours to accomodate the customers' bids, or drive incentives or pitch a customer to buy. They get nothing for it now. The odd thing is that this is a pattern. Lowes management has been instilling mediocrity in their employees for some time. They track sales by department and hourly overpay underperfomers with no consequence. Its one of the hardest places in the world to get fired from. The lazy department employees will now REALLY sit on their duffs and the good employees will be motivated to leave and/or also spend less time making up for the store's enthusiasm. Sinking LOWE ....the irony is that when they track department sales a year from now and note a steep decline, their answer will be in black & white, right next to the red. More Lowes stores predicted closing in 2012 !!! Strike up a relationship with your neighborhood Home Depot'll take you further.
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Just goes to show how much they care about their employees. They treat the like dogs .understaffedand backstabbing.This is true I live it!!!!!

The end result is the customer ends up gettin some lousy customer service. Which is not right.


They have managers that watch *** on their new ipad that has mot their new ipads that has not been useful in the lowes experience of rhw future. I once interviewed a potential candidate with the store manager, and he wanted a particular associate in position to fulfil his sexual fantasies.

The associate that he and I interviewed far better than the associate in the store. This man has hired all young male associates eliminates older associates that will mot agree with his sexual suggestions towards them.


Im motivated. Motivated to loot this store every shift. Screw u lowes


I am disgusted with lowes.. Take our commission away and say the prices will b lowered to increase sales.

When will that happen? It won't because the manufactures paid the spiffs not lowes. This company has gone down hill since nib lock has taken over. Rick damron can go screw himself.

I feel so much better knowing every pay check is smaller. Since march 1st these *** have sold over 26 million in stocks.

What's that tell ya. Too bad that jet to Vegas didn't crash!!


I hope this company crashes and burns. I am doing my part to hurt sales.

Let a real company move to town that understands retail. I will pledge to do everything in my power to lose sales for this company. The madness is not going away niblock and damron. U are two of the dumbest CEOs out there.

You have killed this company. All your employees hate you and would not trust you on their home with change under the couch. I hope you get fired or bankrupt this company. Your nothing but lying cheating greedy snakes in the grass.

U Sure you have a few snowballed employees that confide in you but the ones of us with a brain of our own hate u and want to see you crash. Take my commission and stick it where the sun don't shine y'all *** bags. Congratulations on losing the trust all the good CEOs before you worked so hard to gain.

Guess it really does just take 1 bad apple. Or in this case 2.


Do paint associates receive spiffs/commission, because I was helped tremendously by someone in paint that knew his products (yes, all of them), techniques, coverage amount, etc to help me get the job done as quick as possible with no problem at all. I'll be honest the best service I've ever received at that store are individuals who aren't a "specialist" who love working for their company.


I find it almost hilarious that I see all these comments bickering and badgering Lowes. Everyone here has a right to leave and look for jobs elsewhere..

So go do it instead of complaining. Put your energy in finding a job where you get paid the same amount you did before they took spiffs away. We all knew this was a matter of time before this came a reality and now y'all act shocked and awed by it. Go work for sears I hear thy get spiffs but I bet you wont get paint anywhere near what you make for Lowes.

Grow up!

You make your own choices you don't like it then fine go find a job in this society's amazing job market. If not settle in for the long haul and make the best of your job.


:x :( :p :cry


Worked there for three yrs. and was given nothing for my work!

I would not advise anyone to go to work for LOWES!!!!!! 8)




Wow, to actually read some of these comments. First off, if you think prices will be lowered because of commissions being cut think again, this is corporate greed masked in the guise of change for the future.

Lowe's Corp. rode these peoples backs to sell huge ammounts of merchandise and when these salespeople met and exceeded all their budgets they discard them and toss them aside like a bunch of used *** Incentives and competition drives sales. They took away the commissions with no warning no regard to how this will effect peoples lives, but when you're getting million dollar bonuses its hard to relate to the minions that you rely upon. Its not all about cost of product, its the personal touch, its the saleman caring and informing, you think these people are gonna care now?

I would like an enviroment where the better I do, the more I sell the more I make.

This is just plain crazy. Who will drink the kool-aid.


I recently worked a part time job to make ends meet while I was a specialist the part time job went under from a corp office that did not return anything to the company. I will tell u all the bells and whistles they are putting on our new technologies are paid with our own dime.

As far as robert niblocks 1 million dollar sales bonus and their anual trip to vegas this year to discuss the future. I hope the jet they board crashes and burns to ashes this company is full of liars and cheats if you think for one second what they say is true listen closely. The script they read to us listed a complaint where a sales specialist refused to help someone who bought an appliance online and needed to send it out for re-pair or get a new one. First of all if it was being sent out for repair they would handle that at customer service.

If he was sent back to refund rebill one no *** would turn away the free money. Also it is said the associate said within an earshot that he wouldnt help the customet because he didnt make the spiff that the department manager would have to handle this. Please. This customer sounds to I.formed on how us at "lowes land" work.

If this was real id almost bet it was a former employee getting over on the company since it seams customers are the only ones ever taken care of by this monster that wants to be a fortune company. Pack it up. They whole thing is a lie to show fasle numbers increased by cut payroll to help fund the auntie anns being placed into stores. Anyone who this the lef 30% number is a reflection from lost incentive programs think again.

Further more its not only specialist its also dept mngrs and csa's in those departments. This my friends is the sea of sameness. Employees who wont care dont care and have no need to go the extra mile. By the way the increassed chances for ssei bonus?

From this impossible. Also the military discount in our area since we are inbetween 3 bases takes care of our margin so that we are and never will be close.


I would be more motivated and understanding if the senior management took 20 - 30% pay cuts also. To say that special orders will go away all together is a bogus outright LIE.

There is no way that Lowes can stock everything or have everything within a deliverable distance. This is just a joke made up by someone that convinced the presidents of this company that this is the right thing to do. It doesn't personally effect me that much since I'm in commercial sales and made 2K last year in sos/spiffs but I really feel bad for the people who didn't get hired in at a higher wage. I'm glad i fought and got the extra $1 per hour when i hired in.

I think the better alternative would to be just to lower the percentages of SOS commissions by half, that way if we want to make more we have to SELL more. I order #3 lumber, 2000+ pieces of tools, 4,000 painting supplies and 60,000 pieces of hardware on a single ticket and you're telling me that our distribution center is going to take care of the customer and i will not have to special order an item for them? That is a complete joke! The distribution center can't even get me the 350 screwdriver sets that i ordered for a customer in DECEMBER.

How are we going to have next day delivery on orders? Again, I'm able to take the 50% cut, but to eliminate them all together was a bad decision. One cabinet specialist is losing almost $12,000 a year. An appliance specialist losing 10k and a flooring specialist losing 7k.

WHY? I do not accept their reasoning.


Mr. Ferrell for everyones info works in a Lowes Store in North carolina. In the same area that produced the clampetts, Arnold Ziphel, Alf and ralph, Aunt Bee, Goober, Emmitt Sprague and my favorite of all Otis the town drunk


Mr.Farrell is probably one of those employees that the other hate. he is probably a snitch.

In Auschwitz he would have been the one telling the S.S.

guards which prisoners were hoarding food, or one of those probably extracting the gold fillings of the dead. Achtung Heer Farrell.


Mr Farrell...have you ever bought a dishwasher? Customers appreciate sales associates who behave like PROFESSIONALS and price matching will reign....spiffs or no spiffs.

A few years ago we entered the era of "shareholder return enhancement" wherein every nickel that could be gouged out of the nooks and crannies and especially the hides of the work force had to be used to increase or enhance the return to the shareholders, boosting margins and dividends by nickels and dimes to make the company look good.

So that was when many companies decided the spiffs would be better utilized to pad the bottom line and produce some minuscule increase in margin. Simple as that. Whether vendors continued to pay them to corporate or the company forges some BS line about better prices, this "savings" still pays back out at the top.

So we're talking about $$ being absorbed into the operations budget to pump up the margins and increase the annual bonus for managers.

Lowe's bean counters presented the executive figures where commission true value to the company lies in increasing his bonus, not in letting the peons walk off with them. Lowe's doesn't seem disposed toward treating it's employees better than does any other major corporation and lacks the creativity or energy to differentiate otherwise, thus they are a "slow follower" and a management disaster waiting to happen.

Why not kick HR off their lazy complacent duffs and ask them to recognize outstanding employees with a lead by example approach? you say this is a workforce reduction scheme ? You want to eliminate of 30% of Lowe's workforce by demotivating the high performers to leave and give the consumer the 70% left to work with less, on less pay, less experience.

Here is the Sales Associates role today:

When you aren't with a customer in the building you need to be:

-Calling your estimates, or any other customers that haven't yet bought

-Educating yourself about products

-Prospecting for new customers (Yes this could mean cold calling)

Say bye-bye to that type of work ethic.

Lowest Lowes is the Aldi of home products and hardware now ? Give us a break.


Yep, without incentives there will be no more well trained employees that care about upselling and going above and beyond. It will be just like HD number 2.

Lost 20 percent of my pay but they still expect me to be an interior designer, architect, planner and contractor for customers.

yea right. I will be the order taker and that is it, just like in all other retail joints


LEF (Lowe's Experience of the Future) stated that 30% of employees will not be able to or be willing to make change. With this change, more than 30% is now expected.

To those looking for new employment, good luck (I honestly mean that). Sears pays minimum wage + commission. If you don't sell much, you don't get paid much. Home Depot does not pay commission at all.

Do either of these offer employee discounts? With Lowe's decision to do away with spiffs, we can get lower prices from our suppliers 9since our suppliers were the ones paying the spiffs) & pass those savings on to our customers in order to stay competitive.

Once we have the lowest pricing & *** out the 30%, the customers will choose Lowe's for the best pricing & customer service (those of us sticking around will be greatful to have a job & will have pride in what we do). Again, good luck to the 30% on their career changes at Sears, Home Depot, etc.

@Andrew Ferrell

well its been a year and that 30% is alot higher isnt it? the people that made this company are leaving in droves, and so am I, been there 5 yrs. Enjoy the kool ade, lol....


I found out yesterday I will make $20,000.00 less slinging appliances in 2012. A heads up would have been nice.

However, I can put forth zero effort now and get half of what I earned above my hourly. Good luck to any customer who has any questions more complicated than, "where's the restroom."


If you are also a specialist in appliances try hard to send customers packing so the company can reap what they've sown. Maybe one day they will reverse this horrible decision.

Dazed and confused

Have worked at Home Depot and Lowes. HD hasn't paid commissions for ten or more years, if ever, and the spiffs go to corporate.

Lowes paid commissions and spiffs and certain departments like appliances made out like bandits for years. Much better than most other departments. The deals they made to get the sale will now probably go away and they will be just like everyone else in town.

The short warning has caught many in a bad way as they planned on that income and have bought homes and cars etc. The floggings will continue until the morale improves!

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Lowes in Valencia, California - Still waiting.

I purchased a Samsung Washer and Dryer on a Black Friday Sale. I paid for this Washer and Dryer in full. It is February and I do not have the items that I purchased or a deliver date. I was told that Samsung was offering a replacement of equal or better value. I was told that I could choose between 5 models. I go to the store to pick which one I wanted only to be told they do not have any complete sets in stock. I might add that I was originally promised deliver in December or Jan at the latest.
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This is not the first time that Lowe's has done this with Samsung, it happened in 2010 as well. Lowe's (and Samsung) knew this was you going to happen, based on the previous year, and the greed of beating out the competitors.

If I were you, I would contact a lawyer to see if you can seek compensation, because they were misleading and deceptive about product availability.


they over sold, and now it looks like you're too late because those poor bastards can't feed their kids, you think they give a *** about your washer and dryer? if I recall they were half price. still worth the wait.


That is interesting about the stock especially since they seem to have been getting negative press in the news lately.


I dont know what changes their making, but my Lowe's stock is going through the roof! Wall Street is loving them!!!

ITS A HUGE BUY RIGHT NOW! They are doing something right, stock has'nt been this high in years.


I know that I got an excellent deal, but I still do not think it is too much to have something that I paid for over two months ago. I paid over $1,700 with tax after it was all said and done.

I bought this a week after black friday.

If they should have not sold it if they were not able to deliver the product. Most stores for the true black friday deals only sell what they have on hand.


Not to be rude but they were selling those items for dirt cheap. If you check other companies that out of those appliances too because of aggressive pricing.

So you will have to just wait or pay more, as simple as that.

P.S. they just cut all the commisions and spiffs so good luck with getting any help from anyone too.

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Lowes Replacement

Lowes cut all Salespeople Pay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lowes has cut all salespeople sales commission and spiffs. Very sad for a fortune 50 company. Corporate Greed will kill this company. This practice killed Circuit City. Sears has cut commissions and sales have tank. Cutting pay doesnt motivate anybody. Accountants should never run a company. Im sure this looks on paper. How much money can we save if we make this cut??????? How *** is this way of thinking?? Want should a company do to make more money????? Pay a higher commisiosn. The employees will make the company more money. Sales people WERE being paid a spiff by the appliance companies. Now Lowes has gone back to the appliance companies and TOLD them to stop and pay the commission directly to Lowes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I was in Lowes yesterday it was practically empty. They didn't have carts available because no one had gone to the parking lot to gather them, they had no music playing, no Christmas music in the few weeks before Christmas and many isles were unstocked.

The garden section was filled with Christmas trees that no one bought. The only place I can ever get good service is in lumber.

This is the Lowes on Aurora in Seattle. I felt bad.


I could not agree more that Corporate greed will bring this company down. Morale is so bad at our store because of cutting staff and not hiring new help.

We are a busy store and get 2 trucks a night at least twice a week but they only see their bottom line. They expect us to do more with less and less people.

And then they wonder why our customer service scores are so low. HELLO!


I had an interview at Lowes, and when I told her I could get to work by 7:15am because I would have to take my daughter to preschool, the Human Resources lady practically ran from me.


I tried to get a customer service position at Lowes. They expect you to be there at 6 AM to work a low paying job.

When I told Emily, the HR person, I could drop my daughter off at school pre-care at 7 AM and get to work by 7:15. she practically ran from me and I never heard back form her about the job.

Retail is the slavery of the 21st century, and I will only shop at Lowes again as a last resort.


If the store opens at 6:00 they need people there to help customers. Don't think they are going to change their hours to fit your schedule.

You need to look for jobs at companies that have hours that fit your schedule.

It's not Lowes fault that they are open earlier than you want to work. I expect if they had later shifts available you would say they are too late to pick up your daughter.


Not only they below happen....they would move my husband to a comminssion position to cover that area....he sold more flooring and refrigs.....but he had to give up his commission to the young boys who were called "specalist". He sold cabinets - did cabinet CAD drawings for years....cover that area and all the commision went to the person that was a "specialist " in that department.

They would work him to death...actually he did die after being worked to death while the young boys and girls would hide and be on their cell phones and two girls sleeping in the hay tractertrailer while on duty....I could go on an on. thank you what do I do against a company like Lowes?


My husband had been employed by Lowes part time then full time. They worked him 8 days straight- different shifts - no continuity.

Then they would give him one day off. He was a cancer survivor and they knew this. Back in may I was at the store when he signed up for Lowes Benefits. Life Insurance, Short Term, Long Term insurance.

His department director and specilaist helped him do the computer part, while I stood there watching. On Novemeber 26, my husband answered the managed call for a "bugging run", of course, the young boys - the specialist were hiding, my husband worked so hard, carrying heavy drillwall, flooring, clean up messes in the back, etc. He had no help from the young boys. Acutally a young boy dropped a roll of carpet on my husband a few days before my husband went on his last buggy run.

He dropped dead, dont know why, cause lowes wont realize tape, did he get dizzzy because of not breaks, did he trip over the multiple carts, who knows. He died right inthe parking lot and the day of his accident HR and Lead Management came to hospital telling me not to use the BCBS through them, it would be "worker's compensation". He died 3 days later with 4 clots to his brain and his heart gave out. I got the workers comp cards in mail.

I tired to get onto his Myloweslife and called HR at store to find out why it was deleted. I couldnt see paystubs, benefits nothing. My son took me to Lowes after the funeral home to check on his life insurance. HR manager (who never did her joh right, always had to stay on top of her) said my husband had on short term and long term disablity.

She did not or Lowes benefits department did not take his health (50,000) out of his paycheck is what they told me. I got home and buried my husband. Two weeks later I called the workers comp company 5 times. Finally got a person - she said he did not qualify for workers compensation "he was a sick man" "I was just giving you time to grive".

YEP that is what they did to me. I got an attorney, they have not responded. I quit college, which I had two semesters to go, to go back to work for nothing and I have no time off to go to physic. doctor to get over my grief and lose.

37 years together and he died while at work at Lowes. He would hurt so bad. Nobody would help him. He covered so many departments and would be given a break 6 hours into his shift.

He would tell me that he would go on "buggy runs" so he could catch his straight and breath. He hurt so bad when he came home. The young boys would be so weak and drop things on him all the time. His zone manager would make a mess or the specalist would make a mess and my husband would be told to clean it up.

They tortured him. He just wanted me to get through college. I dont know how he died? They say he didnt complain of anytype of pain that day.

He was "just fine",but no one will tell me what he was doing. Clots hit his brain and he was brain dead after 3 days and "my lowes family" has left me. I went inthere and they couldnt even look me in the eyes. They loved my husband.

He got employee of the quarter just before he died. He worked so hard for Lowes and where are the benfits> benefits department has messed up so many times as I found out by calling and getting the pre-recorded message. Another older man died at the same story just months before my husband. A young kid 18 just started and from no help lifting cement and bags of garden items is having surgery from his anal area falling out.

Can someone let me know what to do. Why did they cut me out of Myloweslife so I couldnt see my husband's benefits? They cut my health insurance off effective the day he died.

My daughter called and let them know it was agaisnt the law, they had to let me have COBRA. What can I do?


I worked for lowes 2 1/2 years (all as a specialist). I worked in appliances for 1 year and loved the spiff program.

I left Lowe's just in time because 3 months later I found out from my friend that they had stopped. It is sad, spiffs made a big difference in our paychecks. Lowe's will soon realize that this will hurt the specialty departments. There is a reason that specialist have that title.

A customer doesnt just come in and automatically know what to buy, an associate has to know his product in order to convince the customer. Its the difference between gaining or losing a customer.


i worked for lowes for a great 5 years. i actually left about 6 months before the spiff program was dropped.THANK GOD!..

i workd on a "mainline" store .. some may be losing 10k a year in spiff.the store i worked i would have lost about 50-60k in spiff. luckily i adjusted since i left before this but one of the 3 that were still in the appliance dept already said he had lost his house and is living in an apartment and STEALS on a regular basis now. LOWES,you may not have noticed but their sure are a lot more SEALED/NEW tools on EBAY these days.i don't agree with stealing but GREED is contagious and spreads like a plague.i doubt their will be a LOWES within 10 years with this move.we have a few words for the employees you now have...ORDER TAKERS...

folks might as well just plan their own kitchens and cross their fingers.when i [planned a kitchen and sold the appliances and all ...the ENTIRE PACKAGE...some folks would ask for my personal cell phone,and i would give it to them{and yes a few times they would cal me on my day off and i would help them}..I THOUGHT THIS IS WHAT IT MEANT TO BE A SPCFAILIST?? going above and beyond what was asked for by the where does it say to engage that far with the customer,yet i would. why?.. yes ,sure ...of course the money...but it wasnt just hat.i cared and i would give folks my word that the job would be done if i had to deliver it myself..{which happened as well on many occasions} would build such confidence with folks that even for a can of paint they would come back to the appliance dept just to grab me because they knew that i wouldnt mess their order up BUT EVEN IF I DID...that i would fix it!!!

the whole TO MAKE A MORE EQUAL WORK ENVIRONMENT IS A LOAD OF ***.i would have guys that were just hourly tell me that the very reason they didnt become specialists ,even though the money was better,was for that main reason...they did not want to have to worry about the customer after they rang them out.ORDER TAKERS.they took your order and good bye. i wonder everyday how many 10k appliance sales walk out the door or are canceled and not fixed {so to "save the sale"} because the employee was just on register for 4 years and now today is selling you his first 10k kitchen!...GOOD LUCK LOWES!!... in closing- the 5 years i worked their were fun and when i go into that same store...its a joke..pure and simple...i asked the flooring guy just 3 questions and i already realized how far lowes has fallen.

also i remember the SALES TEAM always saying that good times like that couldn't last forever and eventually somebody's greed would ruin it.DONE!

no reason at all to make this move except for quick pocketing of money by folks who already are rich..same game,different name...but always the same.


"Yes they cut spiffs but you forgot to mention that they also have consistently given annual raises to all full time employees, and they revamped they pay scales this year so some got as much as double digit increases." Lowes kept the money for themselves after taking the money from the specialist! And not all full time employees received annual raises and those who did got about.25/hr raise!

The only ones that got good raises was upper management! And I heard that load that they where cutting spiffs to make everyone even, BS! They cut the spiffs from the specialist and kept the money for themselves plain and simple. They keep coming up with more and more work for the grunts while looking for new ways to get even more work from them.

Lowes looks for ways to remove top name brands so they can replace it with cheap junk with there company brands keeping even more money in there pockets. They work everyone to death then want you to repeat that every single day like you have not done anything for them if you don't. Moral is low and all they can do recently is tell us that if we do not get out there and sell sell sell the company will go under! They do not train anyone and exspect us to basically train ourselves with the excuse that it is our responsibility to be in control of our own career.

They want us to take time away from the sells floor to check email and to look up ideas on the company website. But as soon as you do the managers tell you to get some work done and that you do not have time for that. If you are not checking it then you need to make time for it! They place full time positions then take them down and change it to part time positions so they do not have to pay benefits for those employees.

And the fact is they do not value hard work as there are full time people that do not do much of anything and part time people who are there every day busting there hump and never get anywhere. Associates get 1 week notice for what there hours will be but if you want time off you must give them 30 day notice. They only want us to go out and become more knowledgeable on our time so we can make them more money while we make nothing more in return. It is not just Lowes but many retail establishments that are bleeding there employees dry and when they are done they throw them away like a dead battery.

The company does nothing to support jobs in this country because they are to busy purchasing *** made in China so they can make maximum profits and return little to none of it to the employees that earn all that money for the company. Once in awhile they will throw us a cheap little BBQ and act like they are doing so much for everyone. They also take back used stuff and merchandise for almost any reason even if it is used or broken or not complete then loose money on it. They will spend money on technology acting like it is going to make them money will paying the associates as little as possible.

They spent a ton of money on over price iPhones that do not work right and then didn't upgrade the wifi in the store so that the iPhones would work correctly and not drop calls. They offered wifi even though it opens up security holes making it easier to *** the stores servers. Lowes doesn't stock the proper product or in some cases doesn't stock the product at all. You can not make money when the product isn't on the shelf.

Then they cut hours from those who are trying there best to make sales then the customers end up going elsewhere because they can not find help. Mmmm sounds like a problem that customers where having with a place called Home Depot a few years ago.

Lowes only cares about how much more money they can rake in even at associates exspense. As long the share holders and the CEO and top brass are making money to *** with the actual workers that do the work that make the real money!


Yes they cut spiffs but you forgot to mention that they also have consistently given annual raises to all full time employees, and they revamped they pay scales this year so some got as much as double digit increases.


Yes they cut spiffs but you forgot to mention that they also have consistently given annual raises to all full time employees, and they revamped they pay scales this year so some got as much as double digit increases.


its been the theme of the decade. greed, greed, greed.

I no longer get upset. i find joy sending customers to sears or the depot. I dont spend my check at lowes no matter how sweet a deal. and taking home some severence merchandise in my special pants makes me smile.

my manager doesnt even care. He hates lowes too.


now i have 2 new job titles. order taker & smuggler.

everyone needs to loot their store. lets make this company crash.

3yrs and still stockpiling. thanks robert!


I worked for Lowes for over 7 yrs in the appliance department. I truly loved my job but I simlpy could not pay my morgauge and feed my children with a 30% pay cut.

After about 2 weeks of job interviews I fould a great job at a Mom and Pop appliance store. I might acutlly thank Lowe's for helping me find this job! No more crazy hrs...just 9 to 5. I'm not expected to do anything else but sell appliances and service appliance customers.

Thats all this store does. My advice to any one who is still working at Lowe's in the appliance or Kitchen Cabinet departments is that better jobs are out there!

Lowe's has always said that no one is irreplaceable...well I say that Lowe's is very replaceable! Get out there and find a better job and lets show Lowe's that they were very, very wrong!!


View LOWES FORKLIFT TRAGEDY(FULL VERSION)posted on you tube.........


Continued..Open Letter To Lowes CEO Robert Niblock Where Did The Millions GO?

By wheretohide | Posted 4 hours ago | North Carolina

Continuation of Open Letter Mr Niblock..

Not only did Lowes cheat their specialist by cutting their spiffs/commissions without notice Lowes has decided to tell the Specialist their specialized knowledge is as equal to anyone else at Lowes. Please do not tell us you do not know you are creating a hostile work enviroment. To tell you the truth Mr Niblock you could not help a customer design a new kitchen, new countertops, new appliances, new toilets because that is not what you are paid to do. Most managers of Lowes cannot help a customer design a kitchen, sell an appliance, sell a toilet is not what they are paid to do. Lowes is big on spouting off about mentoring other employees..Most (not all) other employees do want to be mentored by anyone! These employees have sold specialty items at times..i.e. refrigerator, countertop etc only to have the customer come back upset because the product was not entered correctly, the additional items needed were not offered, the size of the product was not right and so on...yet these employees do not want to learn how to do the job properly they just want to make the money...That is not what Specialist do!!! Specialist follow through with the customer from 1st contact until the item is delivered..That is why you paid your specialist commissions!

Lowes has stated they want to become more internet business. You can't!!! Someone who is building a kitchen cannot design the kitchen through Someone who needs a new bathroom cannot get that new bathroom through Someone who needs appliances may be able to order them through, however, did tell them they may need their countertops cut? DOES NOT talk to customers your employees do!! Lowes specialist talk to the customers who order through who return products because they don't fit, the customer didn't know they needed this or that...your specialist do! Not only do they speak to those customers they calm the customers down and do the orders correctly!

Lowes always shows the value of their employees by continuing spending millions of dollars sponsoring Jimmy Johnson and Nascar racing! It is truly sick to believe You Mr Niblock would rather spend money on Jimmy Johnson than Lowes employees.

In conclusion Mr. Niblock you yourself make millions of dollars doing what you do..maybe just maybe if you tried to sell someone a stove or a new cabinet would you realize that you are not the bread and butter of Lowes but

your employees are...the employees you dismiss so impishly! You want Lowes to become Home Depot than change the sign buy orange vest and call it a day because that is what Home Depot represents in the Home Improvement Industry. Become the internet business you want to expand it will only hurt Lowes. did not and cannot and does not make Lowes.

Last but not least...Where did the specialist's pay go. If you have 10 Specialist per store and 1700 stores that equals 17,000 specialist minimum. 17,000 specialist who took a paycut estimated on the low end of $12,000.00 equals $2.4 million dollars we not have a right to know?? Were your acts legal?

All of this in the name of Lowes becoming one big happy family with employees you treated worse than the *** on the bottom of your shoes!

Mr. Niblock why don't you show you really care and TAKE A PAY CUT!! Take the paycut and don't tell yourself till three days before you implement your paycut...That is how *** your acts are and how much sense your acts have made! We hope your corporate office is not the hostile work enviroment you have created at your stores!!

@Lowes Is Morally Bankrupt

Amazing, I was hired knowing I would not get a commisson. Now all the crying thats going on here.

I get three weeks vacation, I have 133 days of sick pay as of this date.

I too am required to Sell as a specialist in millwork, Now that the company is letting the install departments go, means just more work for me.Yet I only work 39 hours ,I can all that I can do in 39 it makes the time fly. Grow a pair and get to work .


Mr. Niblock recently you changed thousands of peoples lives.

You changed those lives without any conscious decision on how you effected Lowes Specialist employees and their lives. You changed those lives without notice, without any morals, without any consideration of time and facts. So we have a question for you...Lowes never paid any of the specialist commissions/spiffs with their own money. You paid those commission with money from the manufacturers of the products Lowes stores carries and sells...What did Lowes do with the money from all the manufacturers?

Did you pay for the severance packages of your corporate office employees? Did the money go to the compensation of management cutbacks? Did the money go to you and your salary?? Did the money go back to the manufacturers?

We are not talking about a $1,000.00 here or there we are talking about MILLIONS of DOLLARS paid by manufacturers to Lowes to pay their specialist worldwide. So where did the money go? Was it the manufacturers millions of dollars that you refuse to pay the specialist end up in Lowes pocket for that profit statement in February?

In deciding to change Lowes and the employees lives you somehow left out any consideration of any specialist.

In February you gave your severance package notices to your corporate employees giving them time to adjust their lives if they chose to do so. When you cutout certain levels of management positions the managers were given weeks of notice that their position may be gone and they were also given severance packages. Yet with your specialist..the bread and butter of your stores you gave us three (3) days notices that spiffs/commission would no longer paid. By this action you cut the specialist income up to 30% in a matter of days.

You did not give us anytime to adjust our lives to this major pay cut. You did not give us anytime for our spouses to try and find a job to help with the pay cut. You knew last year in 2011 when the enrollment packages for benefits went out that you would be cutting the specialist pay, yet, by giving us no notice we enrolled in programs that deducts from our salaries. If we had known about the pay cuts we would have not signed up for the payroll deduction programs.

You did and still do not care!

One of Lowes Vice Presidents stated that Lowes was cutting the specialist spiffs so all of Lowes employees would be on even ground as one big family! The fact of the matter is they are not. Lowes employees are not a family you have created a hostile work place.

The employees who were not effected by the specialist paycuts are extremely happy the specialist lost money and they have no problem stating this fact. If you truly want the facts here are some facts...All employees in Lowes are not equal!!! Their jobs are not equal..their knowledge is not equal..their quality of work is not equal! There is a reason you call Specialist...Specialist..they are educated and decided to get educated on the products they sell so they can reap the benefits and the rewards for working hard.

Now what you have done is tell the employees who have no motivation to move up in the educate themselves they are equal as workers as Specialist...they are not and THEY CHOSE not to be!! Cont' to the next letter...


The bottom line: Lowes does not value the hard work of their specialist which is evident by (1)Cutting their commission in half (2)Giving specialist three days notice (3)Knowing they were going to cut the commission at the end of last year when the benefit enrollment packages were handed out. (4)Stating they want all Lowes Employees to be equal and one big happy family!

So instead of asking the employees who are not specialist to take the initiative to learn and educate themselves so they can become specialist and earn more pay Lowes decides to take the specialist..cut their pay so the specialist can be like everyone else in the store. Intelligence at it's highest!!! Find a store manager who knows how to install a sink, build a kitchen, customize counters, sell appliances or build a house and everything that goes with all of can'! That is why they are managers...corporate people, because they do not have the initiative to learn any of the above or they rather just be a manager which is fine...but don't knock the specialist who make your jobs easier!!!

Lowes is morally bankrupt. Way to destroy a company Lowes!!


To hear this creates such Stress on people. One of my comrads was in a Lowes store recently and she heard of this and this fellow was saying they just took away 30% of his earnings, and he can't pay his mortgage, but She shared with him how he could resolve it.

If anyone wants to chat I have some ideas that might help you get over this dilemma, and maybe a solution.

Wish you all well. Mary


To hear this creates such Stress on people. One of my comrads was in a Lowes store recently and she herd of this and this fellow was saying they just took away 30% of his earnings, and he can't pay his mortgage, but Sandy told him how he could resolve it.


Lowes is a follower; following Home Depot. Customers used to opt to come to Lowes because they had mature, savy help, unlike Home Depot.

These folks are leaving. It's not so much what they did, but how they did it. The #1 reason great people leave companies...lack of appreciation, not pay. Wallmart, Costco, Lowes and Home Depot, there is no more customer experience, just marketing and the bottom line.

Lowes, read "The Carrot Principle" and learn if it is not too late. See Ya!


I agree with the last couple posts. I've been with Lowes for 13 years and this last stick in the *** has me looking.

I put up with the nasty whining customers who walk on us due to the sos incentives but sadly I really dont car what the customer wants so yes I know it is time to go. Let some 20 year old design and sell their *** kitchens for them. I was at the top of the region every month but the last month I didnt even show up on regional numbers. I have a few jobs that were sold before the sos incentive was dropped and once they are done the rest of the customers will get a real ho hum attitude and will be talked into the awsome stock cabinets now.

I know that the big wigs read these sites I hope that fat swine Robert Niblock enjoys his bonus.

I was able to sell my new car and get out from under the loan thanks to a good friend but we are eating alot of pasta! So to the would be customers if you have a bad attitude you may want to try home depot for awhile because I wont take your guff anymore and there is a thing you can do about it.


I still work for Lowe's, that is, until I publish my book, entitled "Little Corporate Bastards." When I started working for Lowe's, I was hired into a salary plus commission position, but we know what happened to salary for 90% of us. Anyway, the position changed to hourly plus commission.

Now, it's just hourly. For those of you that have quit, or are planning on quitting, contact the department of labor once your employment is up - since you were supposed to recieve a 7 day written notice of any change to your pay, and you only got 3 days notice. I'm sure Lowe's can afford the fines since they have your commission from now on. After all, they can still afford conferences in Vegas.

To all of you that say "atleast you still have a job," let me be the first to tell you, I wake up every day, go to work and give my best, I deserve the best in return. Remember, in the 70's, an executive made 3 times the salary of the average worker - now it's 300 times the average worker : Let me go on record as saying that NO ONE in this company deserves to make more than 3 times what I make - If they do, they are living an extravagant lifestyle at the expense of the rest of us. No turkey for thanksgiving, no commission, no incentive to earn extra money except for the $10 deal on an AMEX card, which doesn't get approved because half of the population has bad credit. I'm sure taking money out of our pockets will contribute to that problem.

I am about 100% sure that Lowe's answer would be to quit if you don't like it. I've been with Lowe's for a long time, I love what I do, but I am so disheartened by the way our company has gotten to be so ***, and so fast.


Took me a month but I'm out! All you people that think its so easy there you go!

Have it. Lowes might as well stop selling those two. Their going to tank. Now I'm just flat stacking and zoning.

No more hundreds of phone calls and complaints and where's this or that that I payed for a month ago. No more refund rebills or exchange accounts or change orders or why isn't your epps 55% this week. No more install cpo ***. Its really a stress gone.

I just can't believe i still get payed the same for doing a much easier job. Lowes you really have no idea what that job or those two departments do. I wish you would go in any of your stores and ask anybody except a cab/appl person to price you one SOS cabinet. Just one and see what kind of fund answer you get.

Please just try it.

One time. U would be surprised


New BOD members, must be in support of these decisions, cutting 30 jobs out of the avg store over the past 2 years, reduced managers and now the hiar cut on the spiff? Feels like to costa Concordia.... Better get off the ship before its to late!


Lowes stores are looking like the way they are treating their employees....bad shop and work at HD, far better company and they respect their employees,


Lowes offer a severance package to store level employees. I hate working for Lowes.

I'm just costing you money anyway. My managers like me way to much to fire me. They remember the old me. Before you changed me by cutting my legs.

Out from under me with the spiff bull$**t. I down sell every customer. That Roper is just as good as that 500$I you want. I send them to sears home depot or wherever.

I don't care anymore. I get other employees stirred up by do talking this company everyday! I hope this company fails terribly. I'm surprised at the amount of money I have been able to lose this company.

You really didn't think this one out. In the past you have let the people go that you *** off this bad. This time you pissed everyone off yet they still work for you. A recipe for disaster if you ask me.

Do yourself a favor and give us a way out rather than quitting!

I'm not letting you off that easy. Did I mention I HATE THIS COMPANY!


I've heard alot of people say just be thankful you still have a job. The issue is I wasn't looking for a job, I was looking for a career.

The specialist in these stores make or break the specialty sales and when you cut there pay, especially after a store makes all three of their specialty budgets it's a slap in the face, where a thankyou was deserved. It's pitiful really.

I have sometimes questioned the decision making for this company, but never like this. Keep slapping your employees down and see what the results are.


Only a FOOL slaughters the golden goose to make dinner.


I wonder how many sales specialists could be enlisted to call out on the same day, maybe a day like wednesday 3-7-12. Would it do much good, probably not, but might make us feel better.

Why not, you get paid the same whether your there or not. I am sure most of the specialists have plenty of sick pay to use up considering the dedication they had to the company and the desire to come to work to make the extra money.

I hope everyone who posted here finds a new job soon before Lowes introduces the next round of pay cuts. Wouldn't it be Great if the percentage of employees they lost was double the 30% they are already expecting.

Best of luck to everyone affected. I hope you all find something else sooner rather than later.


To the store manager who made the negative comment about spiffs--what goes around comes around--soon they will be cutting your bonus and pay as well--they may also eliminate half the store managers,after all lowes wants to save money and this would fit their new business model--i wonder if you will still feel the same way then--maybe you should visit the orange box yourself :grin :)


Report it! Good idea I will call the news station in the morning.

What the *** maybe the bad pr will help us get something back. My Mortgage didnt take a 30% cut.


I seen where this made the news here I Charlotte. Has it made it where you are?

Report it. Maybe when customers see how greedy this company is they will stop wanting to shop there. Not everybody will but a couple customers in each market will affect sales. I'm a not giving up on this.

They have thoroughly pissed me off this time. To think about the dedication I've gave this company and they punish the ones who work the hardest and know their job the best. I wish they would offer severance packages or just let go.

This was a slap in the face and they except us to smile about it and continue to do our jobs how we did before. Glad I'm good at pretending.


The *** are saving at best 100k per store per year. They are going to loose a couple million a year.

And they spent close to 8 million on their retarded yearly visit to vegas. Lets face it boys and girls they are on the way out and that fat pig at the top is nesting away all the cash he can while he bankrupts us.


Sales in "WE" department down by at least $150,000.00 for the month because we are now ordertakers for Ropers.$150,000.00 X 1,500 stores X 12 months = ##it going to hit the fan real soon.The battle has just begun. Be strong!


I heard that too, They will earn it if they can since many specialists dumbed down.. They will have to be do it all.


Heard now through the grape vine that the specialist spiffs got canned giving a nice haircut to the little guy. Well, even better is that the bonus structure for managers and up just got UPPED!

Yes, you heard me right. Sounds like a reverse robin hood.

Greed is good!


I'm still doing all I can do. I let 3 customers walk out yesterday.

One of which was a 6000.00 KA range sale. They pay me to be an order taker now. Not a salesman. 2 weeks ago I would have closed all 3.

Now they pay me like someone that stands around with their hands in their pockets and not to be the knowledgeable salesman I use to be. Hey its really less stress. I forgot how to design kitchens and it don't matter weather I close the sale or not. The average associate actually has had it made for a long time.

I can hide in the back take 30 min break or just stand around and talk to employees.

I get paid the same either way. Haha this ain't so bad


Did anybody mention the 8 million dollar bonus the ceo is takeing home?????????


I was hired at lowes as a millworks specialist. I took this job base on the fact that I was offered an hourly wage plus commisions. After a couple of weeks I found out thru company e mail i would not be receiving any commisions or spiffs.I came from a background of outside sales where my pay was 100% com. I learned at that job that if you bust your *** for the company you reap the rewards. apparently not at lowes. And for

the employees on here *** about specialist making more mnoney, most of us have paid our dues learning our proffesions.When I was hired by Lowes It seemed thye were a company that took care of there employees, I guess I was wrong. To this day I have not been approached by managment to explain this decision, I was told that since I was not employed by lowes last year and that the 1/2 commision offer did not apply to me there was no need to discuss it.

I will tell you this i believe this will be the end to lowes. you can not expect people

to be treated this way and giove there best to the company. Our economy will improve but

I doubt Lowes will be around to enjoy it. To other specialist hang in there when things turn oround in this economy our skills will be appreciated elsewhere.


Actually Sears has not cut commission for their sales associates. They have recently added a bonus program for top performers, they still have spiffs and they have raised commission in most of the sales departments over the last year.

If you are affected by commission cuts, consider Sears.

They are looking for people with sales experience and it really is a great place to work, at least my store is. :grin


By taking the spiffs away. What LOWES has done done is taken the hunger away form the employees.

the hunger to sell and thus make more money for Lowes and for themselves. They numbers will tell be the 2nd Q.


I'm a Nurse, have been for 35 years. I work for a fortune 500 company also.

They cut all the Nurses pay checks by at least $300/per week.

Corporations will continue to get richer as we all struggle to survive. :(


I wish niblock would shut his ignorant mouth. He keeps saying if we are this mad why are we still working for Lowes.

Like everyone don't know there isn't anywhere else to work. That's the only reason u he allowed us to get screwed. There's nothing we can do about it. He also keeps saying this was in no means unethical.

How is giving employees a 3 day notice that their pay is being cut by as much as 50% not unethical? That is BS. Some people were in the process of moving, buying homes, cars, putting children through school etc.... that showed how much he is out of touch and just don't care about this employees!

Customers should stop buying from this company. Go to home depot or a mom and pops.

The employees of Lowes would love to show this *** how much he actually needed us. Support the working peoples American rights and shop somewhere else.


I have been a sales specialist with LOWES for 4 years I started looking elswhere to work a few months ago, I guess you could say I saw the writing on the wall. The treatment of their over qualified associates is deplorable.

Its really sad because this company has (had) people that really believe in them and want(ed) to succeed. Not so much anymore. The loss of most of our commissions is understandable and i understand the "why" it was done. its the disrespect/lack of communication with the people that afford you your lifestyle that is the knife in the back.

you preach team work/ family values/ and a "we" mentality but your actions show your true greedy colors.

I am embarassed trying to explain your actions to friends and family. So much to your delight I will be moving on.


I have read most of every single post about this on this site and on connections that Lowes has put in place. The whole WE thing and this change called LEF, will kill this company.

I have talked highly about this company for years, but I will not say anymore good things ever about this place, until they decide to change what they have done to so many ethical, trustworthy, loyal, hardworking, knowledgeable, sales driven associates. So, Mr.Niblock and Mr.

Damron I wish you guys the best in your journey to keep the corporate axe swinging at the roots of a once wonderful place to work and you shouldn't have to worry about keeping the jet fueled up, but if you don't mind please tell my beautiful three year old why I can't buy him anymore legos when he wants! Yours truly, DISAPPOINTED LOYAL ASSOCIATE!


As someone else has said, like circuit city , K Mart,Sears, Now Lowes.


Did not want them to touch CEO ROBERT NIBLOCKS



Dont worry about the greed and the %'s lost in pay. You have 2 pockets.

fill em up with lowes ***. Make your own economy and lets close this place.

Dysons roll out of the store easily on a dolly. Have a good one and get those resumes ready cause this place is done.


No it is not illegal. They may have told you that you would get them but nothing was in writing.

You may have a case if you want to sue the hiring manager personally. But this is not really his or her fault. Lets face it whats done is done. The days of extra incentives are over.

I have even heard of boycotts and a class action lawsuit.

I dont belive any of this will be fruitful. They could have just fired us like they did the zones last year then what would you do?


I am dissappointed, disgusted with corporate greed and want to know if this is even legal. Can we file an unemployement or labor board complaint


If this in some way is illegal? When I negotiated taking my current position I settled on an hourly pay but was verbally guaranteed a the chance to earn more with spiffs and commission.

As many many more were in my position.

I spoke about this with my uncle an attorney and he said depending on how many employees would come coward and testify we may have a case. Yea I nolonger trust this company and am sure they would find someway to fire me but at this point in time I really don't care anymore.


I am very sorry. I have always treated you like gold!

The most important thing to me at the time. Sorry you are the ones that have to suffer. Its time for the high ups at Lowes to learn a lesson. They cut my pay 35% by pocketing all the commission I make for going the extra mile trying to make sure you get what you came in for.

I now make a little above minimum wage. I personally sold $900000 for this company last year. Look where my hard work got me. Did I mention the one that cut my wage made $12000000 last year with not a single pay cut?

To the employees that don't agree with me read that last statement! Sorry you are on his side. Trust me he cares about you. Jk.

So I'm sorry customers nothing against you but the millionaire has strived long enough! I'm fighting back. I will not care if I help you, unlike in the past. I hope you do go to the orange box or where else you choose because this company doesn't care about me or you.

They care about padding their pockets and satisfying wall street! Typical of how greedy America has become. I hope the rest of the thousands of employees Lowes just screwed decides to fight with me

read. They think we're not important, lets show them how much we do.

So again customers I'm sorry but just shop somewhere else! Help the middle class of America.

Why put another dollar in the pockets of someone that screws the working class? I promise many of Lowes employees would thank you at this point to go somewhere else.


I am coming up on my 8 year mark. I have done almost everything in the store and have worked in 3 different districts in 2 regions.

I have relocated for/with this company, trusted the direction we were going in, only to be heartbroken. I started as a night stocker. I have been a CSA in flooring, appliances, paint, and home decor. I was overworked as the sole assembler...all while getting a Bachelor's in Distribution and Logistics.

Thought Lowe's would be great and that I could get a job in the DC no problem. That was not the case. I moved to be a department manager in flooring. After doing that for a couple of years, I moved and took a pay cut to be a Flooring Specialist.

I was making more spiffs and commissions than I expected to. I was happy about this and was enjoying my job. Then they cut the spiffs. I wouldn't be as mad as I am, but I was only a specialist for 4 months last year.

So since the spiff adjustment is only based off of last years total and not what i actually was making, I went from avering $350 per paycheck to a Guaranteed $63. Thanks Lowes. I am glad that i don't have to worry about the fluctuations in my paycheck any more. It could be worse though.

The boys in millwork are new specialists that started towards the end of last year. After finding out how little my adjustment was going to be, I found out that they raised the minimum starting pay for specialists and i am under that by about $0.25 per hour and they aren't going to raise that until my renewal time. Tell me...does anyone deserve this.

Oh yeah...To all of the CSAs and loaders and cashiers on here complaining and happy that you are glad that we aren't making that money now, I have worked hard to become an EXPERT in my area.

Show some dedication to your job and maybe you could have made some more money like we were. Everyone was hired with the potential to make more money, the CSAs are just mad that they don't know enough about the products to be able to make any additional money off of the products.


Im really shocked and surprised that not one post or blog is on any media outlet. Were talking about an effect on 87000 associates.

This is a huge impact to the economy and a huge impact to Lowes and there customer base. I look for lowes to force alot of sales specialist that stay out this year with high sales budgets and you will see a mass hiring of part time employees. Lets face it boys and girls Lowes is in big trouble, you can be in denial all u want. You dont let go of regional Svps and staff totaling 122 people.

Then cut all your tenured sales staff salaries by 30 percent.

Then this week another Svp retires effective immediately after 18 years. Theres a great story here if someone in the media would get involved.


I just heard specilist and ASMs are going away very soon also?


well it lookes like the wright to work law

is all ready working as planed


Looks to me like LOWES doesn't care who they bankrupt so why should we care about them going bankrupt! If a Manufacturer paying a commission to the company instead of an employee can bankrupt this company maybe you should have forfeited your bonuses!

Oh wait you earned that didn't you? Sales are built on competition. You as managers used this as a negotiating tool to put the best people in the positions you needed them in. One thing that I don't understand is if you call yourself managers why do you keep adding fuel to the fire?

The manager thing to do would be to either let it die or stay off out of work conversations about it!

Maybe Lowes should spend this spiff money on better training you as "MANAGERS"! If Niblock can't explain it how could you?


Exactly "SalesPro"! You hit it right there.

It is was it is in this sh**ty economy. And the gov't isn't going to bail Lowes out like the car companies.

Would you all prefer bankruptcy?!?! Just all of you be thankful that you're still employed, and that your store didn't get closed down.


To the Lowes Manager: I ca't speak for the rest, but I can tell you your wrong, a great salesman, always has the relationship with his or her customers that reflect integrity

and honesty, The "old" idea of salesman is wrong, i loved Lowes and I am a very high writer in this company. Appliances looks easy when people watch, but like anything else, pratice makes perfect.

When you treat customers with respect laughter and honesty, you create your own business in a sense and your income is up to you, thats the beauty of commission sales and I have done it for 25 years. I know the product and listen to the customer to get them what they need regardless of how much I make.

If you do this the money is always there. People keep saying we make too much money, But I have a college degree in sales, 25 years of experience


What I phone can design a kitchen cabinet job? I'm glad I'm not in your store b/c your a bigger *** than sm1.

Now shut up go back to Lowes and let your iPhone meet your install budget!

At least my sm has enough sense to see where this is going to hurt and tries to show a little compassion! Your just a DA


Lowe's announced a new company jingle. It goes, "We're beginning to look a lot like Walmart..." (To the tune of, "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...") This will probably go a long way to get rid of higher paid and knowledgeable sales force to shift to part-timers and entry level.

But, think about it. If a Walmart employee suggests the wrong cat food, the cat pukes. If the Lowe's employee suggests the wrong electrical or plumbing product, you got more than cat puke to clean up. Made good money back in the day at Lowe's and I busted my hump for the customer.

Made $1000 or more a month in commissions and I developed a clientele, as did many of my more skilled coworkers. I shop at Home Depot and Ace Hardware now.


Sorry but Lowes Manager gets it and I have to agree w/ him. Alot of employees were just plain slackers.

And best of all, without spiffs/commissions we no longer have to endure the b.s. of salesmen stealing sales from each other. Just work the floor of your Dept. and let iPhones & Internet do the rest.

See....simple! Be thankfull that you're still gainfully employed in this bad economy.

Now shut up and get back to work, or go and get a job at the "Orange Box"!!! :roll :roll :roll :roll


I guess when a customer asked me for help with a non-stocked product that requires me to do extra work, I guess I will have to say that it is not available because I am not getting paid to do the extra work required to help this customer. Good work upper Lowes management team!

How much of a cut did the upper management team take? :sigh


:? Lowes is making too many changes too fast and affecting all employees lives and their familys.I will wonder if a lot of this is tied to obamas ideas.My 7 year old son has been diagosed with cancer this year.I owe appr.

80000.00 in medical bills and we just started chemo.With the cut of specialist pay or the rumor that are jobs will be cut.How will i pay for this and will i have a job after 12 years with lowes.Lowes treats their customers better than their employees.What is the motivation of employees to be happy and extend this to the customer while lowes upper managers forget that great employees make a great company.Lowes co. has a whole as a good place to retire is over. I love Lowes more than anyone but now i feel the loss of affection.I think i will sleep in the basesment for a while.

God Bless our lives and our familys. We need this now more than ever.


Let us know how that cabinet design works out for you. Haha wish I could be a fly on the wall!

Its all about "personal intent" I keep hearing. I feel all you managers should practice what you preach.

Corporate just tested you because from now on you will be the ones to handle most complaints because let me say on the behalf of at least 90%be of Appliance and Cabinet Specialist "we couldn't care less anymore".


What was your BEST EMPLOYEES


Good luck keeping a appl/cabinet specialist in the future! Or hey better yet why don't you sit down and try designing a kitchen!

I've worked in 4the stores and haven't seen a manager that could do it yet. My guess is your no different! I can do every part of your job tho! I already have!

Lowes will feel the effects of this hopefully they will realize it before its too late. Lowes always had the threat of moving us to motivate us. They no longer have that. Please do that would be a favor.

Let them put somebody that has been begging for one of those depts and see how long it takes them to say what did I get myself into? I take and handle more complaints and protect profits more in an 8app hour shift than all asm's and the store manager do in a week! Or a I did! Again I've been in your shoes!

Know what your talking about or at least be able to do the other job before you offer your two cents! Spiffs and commission's are the onlyone advantages that make those two positions worth holding!

And if your wondering I stepped down for ten less hours a week. But at the time I will say I didn't know how much of a headache the jobs WERE!!!!


Lowes manager, how is it possible for spiffs to encourage specialists to sell one product brand over another. The spiffs were set the same for all brands by pricepoint.

This statement by another dumb *** manager proves what we as specialists already knew. You idiots have no understanding what so ever of the spiff program or what the job of appliance specialist requires on a day to day basis. Probably the reason none of the managers know anything about the daily issues of our job is that you were never willing to help us fix any of our issues. "BECAUSE WE MADE TOO MUCH MONEY" as you guys said.

Tell me Mr manager.... do you even know how to open the 20/20 cabinet design program? And if you do.. could you figure out how to print a quote that is already saved in that system if a customer came in and needed it while there were no cabinet specialists there?

I bet not.... because you are either unwilling or unable to learn it. I used to have to show my managers how to set up a exchange account ( another one of the thankless things that we did everyday) because most of them didn't even know how to do it. I still have to show managers how to look something up in 3.4 (sales journal review) almost every day.

So who are the best trained people in the store? And why do you think most of us had the motivation to be that way? YES... SPIFFS AND COMMISSIONS.

what say you about that Mr. Manager???????


I have two friends working at Lowes in appliances and they are purposely sabotaging sales and forcing people away as a result. I worked at Sears for 4 years in appliances and when they cut my commission, I SAID *** YOU and walked out.

Everyone that worked with me walked out, except one and now he says that sales have been more miserable than ever. A new hire comes in every week and with sears 100 percent commission that is really low now, Sears cannot even hire someone in this economy. Lowes will be heading in the same direction, mark my words!

My manager called me two days ago to see if I wanted my job back and i said i'll rather not work cause I go to college. *** LOWES, *** SEARS.


The past use of the Spiff, is (at best) of a :? questionable :?

nature. A spiff can sometimes encourage salespeople to push a less satisfactory product on an unsuspecting customer and/or allow the manufacturers to circumvent the instructions or intentions of the store managers and/or the company (Lowes) by paying the salespeople directly. [Sort of an insiders ***.] By selling this way, spiffs can be perceived as dishonest salesmanship by customers that are pushed towards a certain product, when the salesperson is influenced by his own paycheck.

The result is jaded customers. No sales commission makes the Lowes experience better for the customer, by them not having their guard up when consulting with a Lowes specialist.


To Former customer, Thank you, people like you made the job beautiful


I am employed with LOWES a sales specialist, I understand why the cuts were made, I dont like it but atleast I have a job. I am leaving this company and I hope sooner than later.

They preach team work family unity and a we attitude, But, they treat us anything like that, Its your misleading, backstabing and just poor treatment of the people that feed you and your family that many overqualified associates will be leaving, and much to your delight I,m sure.Oh! and by the way, not one of our ASMs knows how to process a contract in ISST or make changes to the contract, The attitude of the management team at this point is embarrasing, trying to put a positive spin on the deplorable actions of their masters.


At least you have a job. Try running your own company whiners :cry Personnaly, wI like the smaller Ace store where people actually help.

#428634 email address everyone should send email to him to to show him that we are not going to take this shi_ anymore . As a CEO he needs to step down or take a big pay cut himself.

Paying no more commission is the down fall of Lowe's we the people is what makes Lowe's not the *** poor management there at Lowes.Who will give you all great service anymore and why should they care no extra money in there paycheck.Lowes is putting a hurt on the lives and they just don't care. :cry :cry :cry

#428631 email address everyone should send email to him to to show him that we are not going to take this shi_ anymore . As a CEO he needs to step down or take a big pay cut himself. Paying no more commission is the down fall of Lowe's we the people is what makes Lowe's not the *** poor management there at Lowes.Who will give you all great service anymore and why should they care no extra money in there paycheck.Lowes is putting a hurt on the lives and they just don't care.

#428630 email address everyone should send email to him to to show him that we are not going to take this shi_ anymore . As a CEO he needs to step down or take a big pay cut himself. Paying no more commission is the down fall of Lowe's we the people is what makes Lowe's not the *** poor management there at Lowes.Who will give you all great service anymore and why should they care no extra money in there paycheck.Lowes is putting a hurt on the lives and they just don't care.


We need to keep this going! Tell your coworkers about this site.

Its time to fight back. Lowes is nothing without their experienced salespeople. Nobody ever comes together and makes a stand anymore. I'm sick of the way they think they can treat us!

Hey maybe their big investors will read all this and see how disengaged their associates are and say something or even give that as a reason to why their pulling out! Maybe they'll walk in a Lowes store and need an odd item or a kitchen designed and nobody knows how to help them. The dissatisfaction of employees is clear when you walk in the door now. Hopefully the right one will cone in and see that!

They can't fire us all! Wall street is the ones running this company anyhow.

Them and greed. Respond if you agree its time to fight back!


Now I've read they will be handing out VSP's on the 13th.. in the Mooresville corp.


VSP= voluntary severance package.

Definately trying to thin out the heard.



People. listen to Hey Somebody he is exactly right. In my career I have wrote 17 millions dollars in sales ,try it any of you, while taking 10 - 20 phones calls, with 2 phones,

try it, then be critical.....or not


It is like converting from Capitalism to Socialism. It is all part of working for a Corporation in this bad economy.

The warning signs have been there for awhile, so can any of you honestly say that you didn't see this comming? Remember the Class Action Lawsuit over the Fluctuating Work Week pay, a/k/a Chinese Overtime? Watch, the next thing to happen is that the stock holders will demand a buy-out. Then Lowes will be bought by a Private Investment Group.

Private equity firms are the "bottom feeders" of the Corporate business world that just "strip & flip".

That is what happened to ServiceMaster 4 years ago, and now their in deep *** The S.S. Lowes is sinking; MAN THE LIFEBOATS!

For the rest of the story go to WWW.GLASSDOOR.COM


For the past 5 years I have been a appliance/cabinet manager! I have ran my departments better than was expected of me.

Took pride in my work and out sold my specialist every year! I my self have been right at a million dollars in sales for a year on 4u different occasions. I'm done! Lowes u are going to pay my a high wage to run a register!

My hard work for this company put me on the chopping block. I guess walking around hiding pays off? Now would be a good time for Lowes to say OK we hear you and are going to give you a mother chance! Show me what you can do.

If not you need to start looking for me because I'm going to be a big waist of your money! I am done helping this company!

Can you find me? Haha

The other box

I agree that this move by Lowes will likely have a Circuit City type effect, Upper mgmt are protecting themselves, and since they make the decisions, it's an easy choice to screw the little guys instead of yourself.

At Home Depot, we have hammered hard the last couple of years on customer service, and it seems to have paid off. We've also made some painful cuts, including mgmt and home office "fat", just like Lowes, while trying to keep the "front line" strong.

Lowes seems to have the misguided idea that getting rid of higher paid, higher skilled people by attrition (as in taking away benefits hoping you'll quit) will result in profitability because cheap labor + technology = same sales for less overhead. I say this is wrong, and we are proving it at HD. Look at the stock prices. Think Lowes will take a jump by making that desperate last ditch "Circuit City " move? hmmmm

The most important thing for you Lowes specialists is to keep your cool. For one thing, if you get mad and quit, or get fired because you decided to give bad service or let the customers know how bad you just got screwed, Lowes wins, and you lose. If you are making $15 - 20 an hour right now (not counting spiffs/commissions), you are unlikely to find anything in that range in this economy.

At Home Depot our new hires, experienced or not, don't make what you do now, and there are lots of desperate people w/qualifications willing to work for $9-10 per hour. And don't believe you can hire in low and prove yourself to get a great raise. That NEVER happens anymore, at least not here, not now.

Best thing to do is keep on selling, lay low and live within your new means. While carefully looking for another job. It's an employer's market, so you have to protect yourself.

And keep away from MY job ;)


I love the negativity for the company. It goes a long way in showing how much they hurt you.

I unlike many though, never budgeted with my bonuses included. This will put a tight squeeze on the money that I will have pocketed extra, but it will not kill me because I treated it exactly for what it was, Bonus money.

I learned back in high school that when you budget, you plan for money that you for sure know you will be bringing in, not money that you might happen to accrue. I was hurt just as much as the next person, but I will not let this get to me because I am stronger than relying on a varying bonus for my livelihood.