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Placed the online order at 2 pm on Saturday arrived at 6pm and nothing had been done. The internet desk was closed the employee left early.

They had no back up.

We asked fora copy of our order they printed it we pulled it then they told us 2 items were incorrect. Why bother with online ordering.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Customer Care.

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Anonymous you are basically an idiot - why order a pizza if you are going to pick it up?? Why reserve a rental car or purchase air fare if you are going to the airport?

People order online to save time and its a service that is offered Plus if there is only one item in stock if you order it online it can be pulled and set aside for you to pick up.

Some of us have real jobs and did not work at Lowe;s for 7 years because we aren't losers like you. The number of times you responded why shop online if you are going to the store anyway shows your stupidity.


Very true, why bother ordering online if you are going to the store to pick it up anyway? If I'm shopping in the store I expect their sales people to be helping the customers IN THE STORE as a top priority rather than running around pulling orders for people that are too lazy to come in and pick Their own.

product off the shelf. If you want to order online have your order shipped to your house.

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