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Lowes Extended Warranty Service

Please, please, please. Whatever you do DO NOT PURCHASE an extended warranty from Lowes. They will lie, put you off. Let me start from the beginning... My Fridge stopped cooling efficiently. I called the Lowes Extended warranty dept. I was informed that it would take 5 days to have someone come out. I asked what happened if my fridge stopped working completely during that time. I was told to call back. It stopped working 30 mins after I spoke with them. They found someone to come out that Monday, This was on a Friday. This I could handle...The company came out as scheduled. I was told then that they would go back, order the parts and to call them back in 7 to 10 days to schedule coming back out to install said parts and that's the last I heard. I waited the 7 days, called them to be told that Lowes (who initially made the the appt) would no longer allow them to work on my fridge. NO ONE CALLED TO INFORM ME OF THIS! So here I sit for 7 days thinking ok, it will be fixed soon. NOT SO!!! When I called Lowes to find out why, no one could tell me. Although it was marked in my file. I've lost a lot of food... a lot of patience and a lot of trust in mankind. So, then I was told that with the length of time it had been, they would just reimburse me for the cost of the fridge. Well, then, they had all of my information INCORRECT! They said I purchased the fridge for a different amount than what I had. I then faxed in the receipt which I was told was received and they would correct the information. I was also told I was receive a "loaner" until a check could be sent to me. THIS IS A LIE!! IF they tell you that they will give you a loaner DO NOT BELIEVE THEM!!! They do not do this. They want you to go rent a fridge and then they will reimburse you 25% of what you purchased the appliance for to begin with... Oh and they also tell you that they reimburse food costs... what they fail to tell you is that you only get $150 replacement cost... I dont know about anyone else, but I #1 cant afford to rent a fridge and then wait for reimbursment, NOR do I only spend $150 on groceries for a family of 7. Now here I am a month later with NO fridge and still lies are being told left and right and alas, no results... you can't get in touch with anyone at corporate who has ANY clue what so ever as to what goes on in their stores or thier service depts... So I just caution anyone who is looking to purchase an appliance from Lowes..DONT!!! It's not worth it...
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I am currently dealing with Lowes and Samsung. My washer has a very small, yet important piece broken and I cannot use it.

So, I'm on business day 5 of waiting to hear how they are going to honor this warranty that I purchased. They are telling me Samsung has no one in my metro area that can fix it. In the meantime, this isn't like my dishwasher where I can wash the dirty things in the sink.

No, I have to triage my laundry to see what is most important to the functioning of my family.

I have the word "fraud" floating around in my head. There is also "class action lawsuit" and "lawyer."


Depending on where you are from, what Lowe's you go to, definitely makes a difference.

I work at Lowe's and we do everything we possibly can for people, especially with warranties.

They're our first priorities and we have multiple people who stop and make sure the customer

gets what they need, are taken care of, and are on their way.

If we have a delay in days, we typically

give a replacement and order your new one (same model as the broken one) and get that installed as soon as possible.

Telling people that Lowe's isn't helping you is wrong, it's not all Lowe's. Here at the one I work at, we've never had someone complain about us or our work. Our people at our store try their hardest to make our customers happy. Don't bash ALL Lowe's.

Switch Lowe's if that's your problem or go to Home Depot.

Thanks. Fellow Lowe's Employee and Proud of it.


You just proved her right with your post.


The same thing is happening to me. the problem is, I am disabled, have no money to replace my food, had 6 bottles of insulin in it(over a 1000.00), which I can not replace.

They really don't care.

I don't trust the refrigerator, so who wants to fill it? they said, sorry for the problems you are having, it is out of our control.


I purchased a extended warranty from Lowes and they suck they would not cover the door self that broke they told me that it wasn't covered, but when I purchased the refrigerator they told me everything was covered. Also u have to keep your reciept but they give you no paperwork on the warranty. Don't buy it not worth it go to sears


I will NEVER buy another lawn tractor from Lowes or Extended Warranty. They are rigging it to "fix it," it's been out for 2 weeks; I was told they mowed after 2 weeks when I bought it, now more paperwork and they only give me $50 to get 3 acres mowed.

This is a horrible waste of money and a big joke!


Jeff, not all of them are my children, I also take care of some who are not able to take care of themselves. Please don\'t judge unless you know the entire story.

And if you truly DO work for Lowe\'s your attitude is another reason I\'m making sure other\'s know how you all treat your customers! I hope you have a great day!


P.C. I'm so sorry you've gone through this also.

It's a shame that customers mean so little now a days... I've sent in the request for my food loss, I sent it certified mail, almost a week ago now and I still havent heard anything back from them. I'm not real sure where to go from here, but I know Lowe's won't talk to me about it because of it being a Lowes Extended Service Problem, no one with Lowe's Extended Service will speak to me about it either. I really think I need to go even more public with it to let ppl know how little the customer means to anyone anymore....

I hope you get a better turn out than we did.

I wish you all the luck! From now on, I can say I'll only shop at the mom and pop stores, it may be a little pricier, but will at least get customer service...


We just went through a similar problem with Loew's and their extended warrenty on my mother's refrigerator...although not as extreme as your experience. We're not sure what we're going to do, but we intend to contact someone...somewhere about the length of time it took to repair the appliance and the cost of the food lost. It is utterly ridiculous to purchase an extended warrenty that means so little.


I actually would buy extended warranties only from Lowe's! I had a fridge that had a power surge, and they sent someone out the next day.

Within 2 days I had a new fridge in my house, and withing a week I had $250 to replace my food.

If you only purchased a 2 yr warranty you will only receive $150. Sorry about your luck, but I am a firm believer in Lowe's extended warrenties!


MJ, thank you for the advice... I have contacted several ppl...

Yes I have spoken to the store manager, I have also spoken to several ppl at the 1-800-44LOWES #. FINALLY yesterday, funny enough, after posting this, I received a loaner, and another repair company is supposed to come out today between 8 and 12. We shall see.. As far as an outside source handling all of thier extended warranties, I understand that part, but someone with Lowe's themselves should be able to handle the situation instead of letting someone else trash thier good name with horrible service...

AKA the outside source..

Everyone I have spoken with that is with Lowes directly has said there is nothing they can do. Again, thank you for the advice.


Lowe's uses an outside service to handle their warranties. They are changing over to handling these in house because of the complaints about the outside service.

Have you called the store manager? They can get it resolved quickly. If not, call 800-44LOWES.

They will send an email to the store and district managers. I'm sure they would help you if they were aware.

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Lowes Replacement

Lowes in Gilmer, Texas - Gift card scam

Last Christmas we bought a gift card for our kids for Christmas, I always place any gift card inside another gift package and have the card inside a card. After our gifts have all been opened we box up special paper we are saving and special ribbon and name tags and put them in storage for next year. This year when I got out that box from last year I found that the gift card was still in the envelope in the box that had been put away last Christmas. Since the kids are now divorced my husband and I took the card to Lowes a few weeks later to use it ourselves. It would not work. They tried several things and finally gave me a number to call the next day. I did so and spent an hour and a half on the phone with them trying to locate the card. I was told that day that within a couple of days we would receive information on how to activate the card for use. Now I have received an email saying that the card was used....all of it last January. I have asked them to tell me when, what store and what was purchased, because it seem physically impossible unless they just wait to see if the cards are used and if not just use them themselves. I have not received a reply.
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Lowes Gift Card

Lowes in San Diego, California - Loew's customer service

I've had problems with my local Loews store in Eastlake Ca. I have attempted many time to talk to the store manager when i had issues but to no avail as he was never available. I've called the customer service number in the past. This is the only way to actually get a response from this store Manager. This time i wanted to speak to someone higher up then a store manager. I wanted to make sure that upper management was aware of issues concerning this store manager. After a week of dealing with the customer service people I've given up. For me to give up it takes a lot. Every Time I called customer service I requested to speak to someone above and over the store manager. Each time I was was informed that someone above the store manager would contact me. My first return call came from the store manager. He informed me when customer service say they will have someone from the senior management team call me they mean the store manager. I attempted this again and insisted someone outside the store call me. The next call that came was from the assistant store manager. I was eventually informed that the customer service reps are not allowed to have anyone else other then store management contact the customer. How can you bring store manager issues up to their superiors if it is company policy that customers are not allowed to talk to anyone above the store manager position. I did not give up easy but the last straw was when I did find out who was above the store managers. In this area it is the Marketing Manager Scott Kipp. I left several messages for him to call me. I even left a message with the Escondido store manager Fernando last week. He told me he would contact Scott himself and have him call me. Today I received a call from Fernando and he stated he was now acting Marketing Director and that I should tell him my problems. Can you believe the nerve of this company and Fernando, they are willing to say anything to prevent the customer from voicing his complaint with anyone above a store manager. So adios to Loew's their are two Home Depots right down the street.
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LOWE'S you *** *** L_O_W_E_S!! Maybe if you could get the name right you might just get your complaint heard!!


Ghost rider,

My apologies for mispelling Loews name in my last response. But to your point yes I was in touch with the correct Loews.


maybe your calls weren't returned cause you called the wrong number. You need to call "LOWES" not "LOEWS"


Hi Jeff,

Thank you for your comment on my complaint.

Yes I get it that most problems can be handled by the store assistant manager. In this case the complaint partially was about the store management. Going to the assistant management was not the most correct course of action.

If you have a problem/complaint with/about the store management the one place that you do not want to go is to the people that you want to file a complaint about. The most appropriate place would be their superiors. I hope you would agree.

Hi Tim,

As far as your comment "if corporate won't talk to's because you are being unreasonable".

I would agree to your point if corporate considered my complaint then denied my request to talk to them, on the grounds that my complaint was without merit. Loews policy I came to discover is that corporate has a no direct contact with customers other then the store management team. It's not that corporate would not talk to me because I was being unreasonable it was because corporate set up their system to prevent any customers from being able to make direct contact with anyone in corporate management. Or that fact anywhere except the store and customer service. Customer service who's sole job is to place you back in the store.


If corporate wont talk to you.....its because YOU are being unreasonable

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Lowes Manager

Lowes in Dayton, Ohio - Lied through their teeth

So, I purchaced a refigerator before thanksgiving of 2011. My delivery date was sometime in the middle of December. I recieved a phone call from Andrea stating that there was a back order on this item and the delivery date would need to be rescheduled. I was not in a hurry for this item so politely I told him to put me on the schedule as late as need be. He informed me that I had a deadline for delivery and needed to have it delivered by a said date. I work Monday thru Friday so I need a weekend day. He was very kind telling me that the last weekend in January on a sat will work. I picked the afternoon hours to have it dlivered and all was well. So, happy as can be on January 28th, blocking ALL other plans, I sit at my home awaiting a BRAND NEW refigerator. Low and behold I recieved no refrigerator nor did I recieve a phone call telling me it wasn't coming. So, January 29th, I go to Lowe's in trotwood, where I purchaced the refrigerator, and Andrea changed his words. Now Andrea was very nice and conciderate with me, asking me what I wanted from him. I wanted my refrigerator or my time I had lost on Satuday waiting for it to come. Neiher one of these he could provide for me at this time. So, as I have time to think about what it is I would like for compensation, let me ask you what it is you can do for me? I am currently remodeling my kitchen. I have tons of purchaces to make seeings how I have recently started. I could use all the help I can get. So I will let you decide how YOU could make it better.
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Yeah its funny how these days everyone is looking for handouts! Sometimes it might not actually be the employees fault that the merchandise wasn't in.

Did you ever think that it might be the manufacturer?????

Yeah take it out on the employee that is working there butt off and get every penny you can out of them! That is respectable!!!!!!!


Seriously, your mad because you had to wait at home on a Saturday and now you want a hand out?

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Lowes Remodeling

Lowes in West Palm Beach, Florida - Horrible customer service at Lowe's

Went to buy paint for exterior of my home... Had a girl that didn't want to move!!! literally wasn't moving. I was the only person there. Asked about colors she didn't know. Asked about prices.. she didn't know. Asked about sealers and primers for the house... Yep you guessed it she didn't know. Well you can only imagine I was PISSED. So I left thinking I'll just go to home depot.. On the way out I saw this 52" fan for 36... I said I can't pass that up. Went to find the fan on sale couldn't find it. Asked for help.. WAITED 15 minutes as another customer was waiting with me... he finally left. I got the fan after 20 minutes. I left steaming. My husband was in another area looking for something to clean the gutters the guy told him instead saying a specific place.. WHAT DO YOU NEED THAT FOR.??? How about none of your business.. I could go on but my fingers are getting tired.. Will call corporate.. don't think it will make a difference. Very dissatisfied customer..
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bet 100 dollars that i'll see u post a complaint for Home Depot next


joycie..first off lowes prices are clearly labeled under product ..if it was not priced she should have tried to help you find out the price..seeing how she didnt know much maybe she was new to the dept or store altogether..lowes associates are also responsible for MANY duties believe it or not they dont just walk around all day..they recieve customer phone calls all day with customers with many questions that a lot of times takes time to find their answer..stock the product you want there nice and neat,price it,help in-store customers,load vehicles,inventory,reset product..and many other things many times they are pulled in several directions or covering several departments at once cover lunches breaks or just lack of employees ...recognize this though when you call corporate it does not affect the upper management it affects the ones that are the pee-ons working theyre butts off for little money working ridiculous schedules trying to earn a living when they wont hire more people to save money but when you call in it affects their raises,their advancement opportunities and any bonus that could be available ..its easy to judge from your perspective when your the one waiting and it seems to be a long time but you need to think logically and think about their responsibilities and the fact if they did not see you how do they know you need help or if they did maybe they were helping another customer..dont complain unless you see an associate (that works in that dept) standing around doing absolutely nothing blatantly ignores you knowing you need assistance believe it or not people also get crabby when asked if they would like any help..


:cry :cry :cry you are not the only customer just cause everyone did not drop what their doing and help you is no reason to complain I AM SURE YOU WILL NOT BE MISSED THEIR

:cry :cry :cry

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Lowes in Watford City, North Dakota - Damaged Appliances.

I got all the kitchen appliances from Lowe's in Bismarck, ND. After spending an hour taking off the plastic covering the appliances, I noticed a dent in the dishwasher and scuffs on the refrigerator. I called and they gave me a $50 allowance for the dishwasher. I tried to live with the dent, but finally contacted Frigidaire and ordered a skin for the dishwasher door--$108.00. We bought the appliances in September and they were delivered in October. The ice makers do not work. The repairman has come three times and all the solutions have not been right. I should demand a new fridge, but it would just have scuffs or dents and they would scratch my new kitchen floor. I bought the appliances with the no interest financing. I paid a considerable amount on the bill in October, and have never received another bill. My family insists they are trying to wait me out, so they can get the 24.9% interest out of me. I got worried about not getting a statement and went on-line to find a way to pay them off. Wonders of wonders, they wouldn't take my Visa--only would take Mastercharge--so I used my checking account. It still hasn't come out of my account, but I WILL be watching to see it does.
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Lowes in Toronto, Ontario - Stain vs gift certificate

Youv got to be kidding me ,GREG 905-874-5000 a $200.00 gift certificat and you wont me to sigh a wavor,I dont think so.Why dont you give the installor the $200.00 Ljupco Dimovski to correct his mistake.He kew about the different colour in stain,its not hard to do.Im not excepting the $200.00 nor am I signing any wavor.I guess the customer satifaction is not worth the paper it is written on nor your warrenty.Alot off money was spent at your LOWES and this is the way you treat your customer,by trying to buy them off,and treat them like ***.I wont be back!
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Lowes in Brevard, North Carolina - Lowe's carpet installer nullifies carpet warranty

Update by user Mar 02, 2012

After being routed to the district installer I was told no discount could be offered. I took my complaint to Lowe\'s customer care who referred to the store manager.

The store manager did provide a discount of about 20%. This is better than nothing.

Before purchasing anything else from Lowe\'s that is to be installed, I would suggest finding out who the installer will be and checking references on the installer. Otherwise the purchaser is at the mercy as to whether the work will be done properly or not.

Original review posted by user Jan 26, 2012

Under no circumstance consider Lowe's for carpet. You are at the mercy of their installer, and regardless of the warranty of the carpet, it becomes invalid if not installed properly. We had 15 year warranty carpet installed by Lowe's in our home, which we have rented out for the past 2 years. When we inspected our home after the renters moved out, we found the carpet is wavy and has inch high wrinkles. We had a carpet person inspect it and were told that the Lowe's installer had not properly installed it. This resulted in the current carpet condition and nullified the manufacturer warranty because the problem is not with the carpet but with the installation. We have had it stretched, but this did no good. We are now trying to sell our home, but the realtor has advised the carpet will have to be replaced in order to sell it. I have spoken with Lowe's representatives about this, simply asking for a discount on replacing the carpet but was told Lowe's will not offer any discount if it is past the installation warranty (of one year), even if the carpet damage resulted from improper installation by a Lowe's installer.
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1. Your warranty was voided by you from the start.

All residential carpet warranties specifically state they are only valid for OWNER OCCUPIED residents. They never cover a rented unit because renters abuse what they don't own. Try reading your warranty.

2. Wrinkling is ALSO caused by dragging heaving furniture across the carpet & improper steam cleaning.

No carpet warranty out there includes wrinkling because it cannot be 100% attributed to "poor installation."

3. Wrinkling that IS caused by a poor installation shows up with one to two months of the installation, not TWO years down the road which is why big box stores offer a full ONE YEAR warranty on the labor.


As a Lowe's employee, who as of today is making about $15 per hour less because my commissions are needed to insure the CEO gets his performance bonus, I have a few suggestions to get something done about your situation. Kicking and Screaming will get you a discount, you need to make a big fuss, there are several levels of management within the store, don't stop till you get to the store manager and if he doesn't do anything tell them you would like to speak to the district installs manager or even the district manager.

Another option is calling Lowes customer care center at 800-445-6937, store managers are terrified of this, it is a corporate record of a problem and they have to respond to the problem immediately and reprt back to customer care how they have satisfied the customer.

I know this works because I have had many of my appliance sales refunded and rebilled at a discount so lowes could take the commission back out of my paycheck to give it back to the customer so they don't get any bad publicity. Good Luck, trust me thay have the money to fix this they just took $40000 from my pay alone.


Sad but please.... The carpet warrenty was voided after the home was no longer considered single resident.

I.e. you renting ut out.

Also wrinkles are not always from a poor installation but if they were even after year the installer is responcible outside of the one year labor warrenty because the contract is iorn clad to be installed to mamfc specs. If that was the case and u had not rented u would have them over a barrel


The labor warrenty is for one year. As soon as the problem was noted Lowe's should have been advised so the installer could come out and restretch the carpet before it was damaged.

This problem would have appeared before the one year period was up. If Lowe's was not aware of the problem before the carpet was damaged it is not their fault.


Why would Lowe's offer an installation service if they don't know what they're doing?

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Lowes Installation


I had a call from Lowes today wonting to give me a $200.00 dollar gift certificate for NOT fixing the stain on the stairs,due to cost to them,LOWES wonts me to sign the wavor.I think Im worth more then that.Its not just the gift certificate worth $200.00.Its the pride they should be taking in their contractors,and maybe checking their work regardless how good they are.I think they need to take care off there mistakes,and atlest try to fix it.Iv been fighting with them since last March,and thats what they came up with a $200.00 dollar gift certificate for LOWES'
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You could tell them that once they have fixed the stain, then you will also take the $200 gift certifcate as well. And that you will not complain to the BBB if they fix the stain and give you the gift certificate.

Stick to your guns - they should be coming in a fixing the stain at whatever cost to them. Don't look at it as "fighting". Just hold them to good business ethics. Be kind, be patient, be longsuffering....

and then be thankful when they do it. Maybe back them a batch of cookies with the money they gift you (or rats, I don't think they sell cookie dough) (maybe a batch of nuts and bolts) (maybe just ask them for cash - that way you can shop somewhere else....)

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Lowes hot water heater buyer beware

Hot water heater replacement, called around and went with Lowes because of their reputation of quality. They sent a contracted plumber JW Plumbing. What a disappointment. They quoted the same price as others, but the plumber showed up LATE in the day, started work, and stopped and said I would have to pay $300 more if I wanted him to finish the job. The $450 water heater cost me an additional $500 in labor. What a scam. To add insult to injury the plumber had only months of experience in plumbling, and had no idea how to put an insulated blanket on the heater.
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This is NOT Lowes instalation policy. You should contact the installation department at the Lowes you purchased your water heater and installlation contract through and report this to them the price you are quoted on the installation that you paid for is the full price the man is not allowed to charge you any more $$.

They need to know this so they can get void the contract Lowes has with him as an istaller.

If they give you any problems tell them you want corps # and things will get straightened out. I used to work at Lowes and trust me our store voided contracts with installers over things like this you may also want to go into the store and have a face to face talk with the manager if he's any good at his job he will help you.

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Lowes Replacement