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Lowes Complaint

I am a sales specialist - I am actually a Kitchen & Bath Designer - a profession that I am very proud to be a part of... I would like to coordinate a BLUE FLU day for ALL SALES SPECIALISTS NATIONWIDE AT LOWES! Lets see then how well they can adapt without their knowledgeable sales staff. I know at least on that day the ASM's & the Department Managers, the Admin Mgr, the Store Mgr & HR will finally have to get up off their back-ends and work for a change - no more idle chit-chat in the training room or in offices with doors closed or half-closed sitting around looking at the internet or talking on the phone to friends and family - YOU WILL HAVE TO WORK MY FELLOW EMPLOYEES ON BLUE FLU DAY. WHO OF YOU CAN QUOTE AN ORDER FOR COUNTERTOPS OR CABINETS? CAN YOU DRAW IN 20/20? CAN YOU WORK UP AN ESTIMATE FOR A FLOORING INSTALL? CAN YOU FIGURE A KITCHEN INSTALL? OOPS ACTUALLY THAT WON"T BE NECESSARY AS YOU SUBCONTRACTORS WILL BE LOOKING FOR WORK ELSEWHERE SINCE THEY WILL NOT HAVE KNOWLEDGEABLE PEOPLE TO SELL INSTALLS! POOR YOU BETTER START LOOKING FOR A JOB LIKE THE REST OF US - YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED LOWES IS GOING DOWN THE TUBES.
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I too have been screwed but folks if you ditch sales remember they follow them. Dont make your numbers and you will be a target. Hang in there.


Wow, you must have lost a million dollars a year. you went from making commissions+ hourly as OPE, Appliances, Flooring, and millwork to no commissions. Here have a Kleenex and then get back to work.


I believe the installers are going to see some bad changes cominh their way soon. looks like a career change


I think calling out will only make us a target. I am protesting by not selling certain brands.

I refuse to promote Stainmaster carpet, Pella windows and doors, John Deere mowers, Samsung appliances. When these companies feel the pinch, maybe they can reason with Lowe's.

Please feel free to add to the "blacklist" as needed. Tell your fellow Sales Specialist.

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Saint Louis, Missouri

Lowes Complaint

I was hired in after October 2011 as a sales specialist. By "profession" I am a kitchen & bath designer. I was offered an hourly pay with spiffs & commission. The hourly pay is "below" industry standards in my region. But with spiffs & commissions I determined it would all pan out. Now that they took spiffs & commissions I am below the industry standard in pay scale. Not to mention I was hired after 10/2011 so I do not get any additional pay on a weekly basis. You would have thought they would have given some compensation... I feel that they hired me under false pretense. Corporate knew they were going to roll out this compensation change before they ever approved my hire. I would like to investigate this further to see if a law suit is possible. Do you think that I am even going to schedule appointments, take my car to do an in-home measure, make 3 - 4 different renderings of possible layouts for a customer when I am not going to get even a standard wage. WOW I came to work at Lowes because I respected them. I was fooled. For all of you out there that are ASM's or under the opinion that sales specialists are not worth the extra pay - think again I worked for Lowes in the past in this same position & know for a fact that NONE of you can do my job. So get ready to learn the job because you will have to do it when me & my fellow designers all leave your precious company. It will be such a good feeling to get a good job & quit this one. I am so sad, angry, and most of all worried about meeting my monthly bills in the mean time. This is surely going to be the beginning of the end for Lowes.
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Wow what a brat. First of all you left out that Lowe's is paying you an allowance for taking away your spiffs.

That you get forever. So why don't you just quite and go some where else.

Oh wait who else is hiring cabinet designers with the housing market the way it is right now. So why don't you be grateful that you have a job instead of complaining that there treating you so bad.


You're an ***. Go back to the store and put some bone suckin' sauce on your store manager.


I started in spring of 2011 with inside Lawn and Garden. I had gotten use to spiffs and yes, I was mad when I lost them but I wasn't mad enough to go on an online web portal and whine about everything.

You all can sit here and *** and moan about everything you want. There are too many factors to blame Lowe's as a company. Every single store has their own management staff. All with their own beliefs on how to run a store. All of them are useful in their own styles.

Another thing is that cooperate doesn't know that some small store in BFE hired someone for specialist. Nor does store staff know 8 months in advance that spiffs will be taken away. So you can't blame anyone there. It was just the luck of the draw.

I do believe they need to incorporate spiffs back into the sales because yes, it is a driving force for sales people. Especially if you're not a specialist and don't have monthly goals.

All in all, losing spiffs isn't going to make or break you. If a cart pusher or a seasonal part-time hire can make it, a specialist surely can. Just because your eyes are bigger than your wallet, don't blame the company.


Lowes: Less Opportunity With Enhanced Sacrifices, i.e., Walmart with lumber.


Great point Boris. For more about Lowes "glass ceiling"


:eek :upset :sigh :cry :( :x


No more Lowes for me!!! I quit...

I am happy to be in the 30% of the people they wanted to see leave the mis-managed company.

I was asked by a Kitchen & Bath customer if I earned commission - I told him not any more they took it away from all employees. This was brought up by the customer to the Management Team - I was singled out by Management was ""YELLED" at & told that I could not tell customers about this change...Hmmm why not??? Isn't it the truth? What is there to hide - why lie to a customer?

Oh, that's right because they may find it offensive that a "SALES SPECIALIST" does not get COMMISSION & decide to purchase where employees are properly paid and given incentives! Way to go Lowes... you will be just a bunch of boarded up buildings with empty parking lots - you'll see! Do you think that a Male Store Manager should yell and imtimidate a female employee behind closed doors?

Is that grounds for a law suit? Well I am looking into it! For all you ASM's and Store Managers - try to get a real job in management...

be prepared though, if you do get one the company that hires you will soon figure out that you were never really trained to be a manager - you were just a little person in a *** red vest that cannot be washed, running around everyday reading off the daily sales numbers and the previous days sales totals - believe me there is more to management than reading a bunch of numbers! You overpaid fools.


your a retard if you really think that and thank god we do not have someone like you working for our company anymore


Do us a favor when you find a place that can offer us what lowes still offers please post it here! I want to get in line. This must include.

1. Health, Vision and dental insurance.

2. Stock options.

3. 401k

4. 3 paid weeks vacation

5. 4 paid floating holidays.

6. Flexible schedules.


8. Employee discounts.

9. Paid NKBA classes and cert.

I could go on all day. My brother drives a truck. He gets paid... End of story. Nothing else. Nephew works at mcdonalds Gets paid thats it. Another nephew works at a grocery store He gets paid they offer insurance but he has to pay all. I started off understanding why people are upset but I just dont get it. So in the words of someone else here the door is at the front dont let it hit you where the good lord split you. I for one am thankful for a good base pay and the 50% of what I didnt make this year. Good luck to you.


Rock on, 20-20 fun! Lol


1. Health, Vision and dental insurance. - Their coverage sucks and it is expensive. For retail, it OK.

2. Stock options.- You want to buy stock in a sinking ship?

3. 401k- It's just OK

4. 3 paid weeks vacation- Fairly decent

5. 4 paid floating holidays.- That's cause Lowe's is closed only 2 days out of the whole year. 6. Flexible schedules.-- Hahahahaha! Shut up and get back to work! 7. SSEI- The ever changing goal you will rarely meet. 8. Employee discounts.- What a joke. Someone off the street can do better. 9. Paid NKBA classes and cert.- Hahaha! You will never have time to take these. I've come to the opinion that many retail workers don't know what a good employer is.They are used to being treated like ***

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Saint Louis, Missouri

Lowes employees losing their commissions

As of Saturday Lowes is taking all these hard working folks and telling them that as of Saturday, Feb.11, they will no longer receive any commissions on any sales!!! They dont make lots anyway. I have a job ordered at Lowes and went in and paid the dang thing off just so the person that helped me so much could get her due commission. I will never shop at Lowes again and hope that folks that are dealing with these cretons cease and desist from shopping at Lowes. Also these employees received three days notice on this- uncaring selfish -
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Is this a nation wide decision or only happening in Toledo?


I have been at Lowe's for quite a while, it USED to be a great company that cared for its employees. But I guess we all should have seen this coming, when a lot of the old time, big wheels are getting out.

As stock holders we should have a choice in the direction the company is going, but since we turned into a government contract retailer, we have gone down the tube. Not only does taking away our commissions, inventory bonuses, department/store sales bonuses, LEF, and our whole empowerment to satisfy, effect my commitment to Lowe's, they are going to keep taking away from the people that pay their salaries.

SSEI is almost unobtainable. We all need to stand together, perhaps at the next stockholder meeting, we can all protest our complaints, and they be heard, by the owners of the company, not just the big wigs.


If you feel and care so much for the employees, you would continue to shop there, regardless of their wages and compensation. You not shopping there at all does more damage than a reduced commission does. Think before you act...


CEO Robert Niblock made 12 million in 2010; his salary fell to 11.6 million in 2011. How will he and the other top executives manage?


I'm sure that executive bonuses will also be eliminated/reduced!

Yes, and there it goes again - a squadern of pigs flying...


sorry for the un edited post.... i guess what i was trying to say i do not feel lowes cares and a monkey could replace me....

after almost 9 years ive never had a raise that would even cover the cost of living changes each year... i guess that is said u r going backwards..... i just wish they would send in the replacements so we could start to train them... im sure i could give them all my knowledge of 20 plus years over the weekend...

i always said rather than hire children who roam around the store looking for or not looking for work to do..in groups of at least two... while they roam we are asked to sweep the floor.... im sure in the future when questions are asked in the store ... the ans will be TAKE IT OFF THE SHELF...

i can see changes... like a centrally located design center take ur best designers ... BEST and most experienced designers.. commission them allow them to make 100k or more like they could in the real design world...not giving the psi pse a 2% commission which is a joke in the cabinetry real world ..where showrooms pay a min of 10% or 40% of the net ...net net profit....designer financially responsible for all mistakes...

to a 50%/50% split on commissions... i will tell u no that structure will give the co the most margin..need fewer designers...

but no, look for the high school drop out who will work for 12 to 14 $'s per hour.... yeah that will work ..


Lowes is in financial trouble. Lowes Corporate recently engaged a consulting firm in Atlanta, GA to tell them how to make changes to save the company, Conner Partnership Consulting.

If you look at this firms website you will see that these guys are responsible for what we are being asked to swallow. Looking at all of the factors; buying out upper management contracts, hiring a consuling firm, cutting commissions, changing employee policy, etc.

These are signs that Lowes is in trouble. The smart employees will be leaving this place.


im a kitchen and bath specialist. i brought over 20 years exp to lowes..

ive now been with lowes for near 9 years.. i felt i had the best job in the world... much better than when i had my own showroom... oh there was always something to *** about like opening the store at 630am..

always thinking "who the *** will come in at this time to have me design a kitchen... even more so when the economy went into the dump. im like most others ,,, my thoughts are different... lowes

still will be a great job....

for the trainee, ive long passed that ive looked around at our kitchen designers.. maybe one in 10 could call themselves a kitchen designer... kitchen specialist dont make a kitchen designer.. what lowes should do is reward the KITCHEN DESIGNERS THEY HAVE...

surround them with a few csa's and realize what they have... as far as profits the csa's lowes will train will never compare to the experienced trades people they have working for them. and it is a joke to think that line they call margin will improve... let me give u and example,,, a kitchen designed will all pull outs, drawer bases, all wood construction, furniture base islands, recessed toe kicks, multi color kitchens, glaze finishes, as almost all of mine were will have a nice profitable margin...

that csa's will most likely not care if u have a margin cause his $12 salary will not excite him... and he will take the easiest route.... be smart pull ur real pros aside and not only commission them pay them like the outside world does which is around 40% or the profit... equal to 10% of the sale.

that makes that $40000 sale look good in the designers pocket.... look for designers real designers... not someone who dont understand cabinetry... now u are offering to pay for the so called specialists to go become NKBA..

first they nees 7 years exp...

then guess what when they become certified they will find the $2 and hour taking him to $15... will not cmpare to the money he can make in the real world....



This truly is a WT F moment. I understand why they are doing it, I just do not think it is a good idea. What Andrew fails to see is that the employees that can leave and get gainful employment in these times are the employees Lowe's should hope to keep. The ones that will stay are the one that can't leave and they are generally substandard.

As an example: lets say Adam is an appliance specialist. Appliance specialists are required to have a professional appearance as well as attitude. They need to manage their customers daily and let me tell you... it is not always an easy task. Adam most likely has a college education (three out of four of us do in my store)and makes $10 - $11 p/hr. If he is directly responsible for $1,000,000 in sales p/yr(example...it is most likely 50 - 100% more). Lowe's would before reward this person with less than $20,000 before. A company that had 49 Billion in sales in 2010 FY is going to save less that .1% on the backs of their employees. Of course lowe's is not publishing the savings, so I am doing some fuzzy math to get to my figures, but I think it is pretty close. It is certainly not more than .2%.

Thanks Lowe's! You greedy butt wipes can't figure a way to squeeze any more savings from China so your returning to the good ole USA to squeeze your own employees!


My customer asked me if I earned commission - I told him "NO - Not ANYMORE" He thought it was wrong that they took away our commissions. He voiced his concerns to the big bad store manager.

The manager called me into a closed door meeting to "YELL" at me & tell me that I COULD NOT tell any more customers that my commissions were taken away. WHY NOT??? It was the truth! I know why they do not want us to tell - because anyone that has a sales job or a commission based job or a job with a bonus structure my be inclined to not purchase from Lowes since they do not provide sales incentives to their employees.

I am looking into a law suit against the actions by the manager. I was threatened, intimidated and very upset by his actions. I feel it was sexual harassment and imtimidation that he used against me. SO way to go Lowes - I QUIT & am glad to be in the 30 of the people you expected to loose!

Your store windows and doors will be boarded up in a few years and the parking lots will be empty. Then all you little men that call yourselves managers with stinky unwashable ugly red vests will have a hard time trying to get a REAL management job - since you really have never been trained to be a manager - it takes more than running around reading off yesterday's sales and todays goals!

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Toledo, Ohio
New Reviewer

Lowes Unmotivated Employees

I understand Lowes will eliminate all employees commission as of Sat 2/11/12. While offering a concession formula of 2011 earnings which could compensate them at up to 50%, the loss will change the overall demeanor and personality of Lowes' employees. Why ? They are rewarding mediocrity, something which Corporate America cannot afford to do today and stay competitive. After 2/11/12, no Lowe's employee in their right mind will call back customers, chase leads, spend personal time coming into the store off-hours to accomodate the customers' bids, or drive incentives or pitch a customer to buy. They get nothing for it now. The odd thing is that this is a pattern. Lowes management has been instilling mediocrity in their employees for some time. They track sales by department and hourly overpay underperfomers with no consequence. Its one of the hardest places in the world to get fired from. The lazy department employees will now REALLY sit on their duffs and the good employees will be motivated to leave and/or also spend less time making up for the store's enthusiasm. Sinking LOWE ....the irony is that when they track department sales a year from now and note a steep decline, their answer will be in black & white, right next to the red. More Lowes stores predicted closing in 2012 !!! Strike up a relationship with your neighborhood Home Depot ....it'll take you further.
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Just goes to show how much they care about their employees. They treat the like dogs .understaffedand backstabbing.This is true I live it!!!!!

The end result is the customer ends up gettin some lousy customer service. Which is not right.


They have managers that watch *** on their new ipad that has mot their new ipads that has not been useful in the lowes experience of rhw future. I once interviewed a potential candidate with the store manager, and he wanted a particular associate in position to fulfil his sexual fantasies.

The associate that he and I interviewed far better than the associate in the store. This man has hired all young male associates eliminates older associates that will mot agree with his sexual suggestions towards them.


Im motivated. Motivated to loot this store every shift. Screw u lowes


I am disgusted with lowes.. Take our commission away and say the prices will b lowered to increase sales.

When will that happen? It won't because the manufactures paid the spiffs not lowes. This company has gone down hill since nib lock has taken over. Rick damron can go screw himself.

I feel so much better knowing every pay check is smaller. Since march 1st these *** have sold over 26 million in stocks.

What's that tell ya. Too bad that jet to Vegas didn't crash!!


I hope this company crashes and burns. I am doing my part to hurt sales.

Let a real company move to town that understands retail. I will pledge to do everything in my power to lose sales for this company. The madness is not going away niblock and damron. U are two of the dumbest CEOs out there.

You have killed this company. All your employees hate you and would not trust you on their home with change under the couch. I hope you get fired or bankrupt this company. Your nothing but lying cheating greedy snakes in the grass.

U Sure you have a few snowballed employees that confide in you but the ones of us with a brain of our own hate u and want to see you crash. Take my commission and stick it where the sun don't shine y'all *** bags. Congratulations on losing the trust all the good CEOs before you worked so hard to gain.

Guess it really does just take 1 bad apple. Or in this case 2.


Do paint associates receive spiffs/commission, because I was helped tremendously by someone in paint that knew his products (yes, all of them), techniques, coverage amount, etc to help me get the job done as quick as possible with no problem at all. I'll be honest the best service I've ever received at that store are individuals who aren't a "specialist" who love working for their company.


I find it almost hilarious that I see all these comments bickering and badgering Lowes. Everyone here has a right to leave and look for jobs elsewhere..

So go do it instead of complaining. Put your energy in finding a job where you get paid the same amount you did before they took spiffs away. We all knew this was a matter of time before this came a reality and now y'all act shocked and awed by it. Go work for sears I hear thy get spiffs but I bet you wont get paint anywhere near what you make for Lowes.

Grow up!

You make your own choices you don't like it then fine go find a job in this society's amazing job market. If not settle in for the long haul and make the best of your job.


:x :( :p :cry


Worked there for three yrs. and was given nothing for my work!

I would not advise anyone to go to work for LOWES!!!!!! 8)



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Chicago, Illinois
New Reviewer

Still waiting.

I purchased a Samsung Washer and Dryer on a Black Friday Sale. I paid for this Washer and Dryer in full. It is February and I do not have the items that I purchased or a deliver date. I was told that Samsung was offering a replacement of equal or better value. I was told that I could choose between 5 models. I go to the store to pick which one I wanted only to be told they do not have any complete sets in stock. I might add that I was originally promised deliver in December or Jan at the latest.
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This is not the first time that Lowe's has done this with Samsung, it happened in 2010 as well. Lowe's (and Samsung) knew this was you going to happen, based on the previous year, and the greed of beating out the competitors.

If I were you, I would contact a lawyer to see if you can seek compensation, because they were misleading and deceptive about product availability.


they over sold, and now it looks like you're too late because those poor bastards can't feed their kids, you think they give a *** about your washer and dryer? if I recall they were half price. still worth the wait.


That is interesting about the stock especially since they seem to have been getting negative press in the news lately.


I dont know what changes their making, but my Lowe's stock is going through the roof! Wall Street is loving them!!!

ITS A HUGE BUY RIGHT NOW! They are doing something right, stock has'nt been this high in years.


I know that I got an excellent deal, but I still do not think it is too much to have something that I paid for over two months ago. I paid over $1,700 with tax after it was all said and done.

I bought this a week after black friday.

If they should have not sold it if they were not able to deliver the product. Most stores for the true black friday deals only sell what they have on hand.


Not to be rude but they were selling those items for dirt cheap. If you check other companies that out of those appliances too because of aggressive pricing.

So you will have to just wait or pay more, as simple as that.

P.S. they just cut all the commisions and spiffs so good luck with getting any help from anyone too.

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Valencia, California
Lowes Replacement
New Reviewer

Lowes cut all Salespeople Pay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lowes has cut all salespeople sales commission and spiffs. Very sad for a fortune 50 company. Corporate Greed will kill this company. This practice killed Circuit City. Sears has cut commissions and sales have tank. Cutting pay doesnt motivate anybody. Accountants should never run a company. Im sure this looks on paper. How much money can we save if we make this cut??????? How *** is this way of thinking?? Want should a company do to make more money????? Pay a higher commisiosn. The employees will make the company more money. Sales people WERE being paid a spiff by the appliance companies. Now Lowes has gone back to the appliance companies and TOLD them to stop and pay the commission directly to Lowes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I was in Lowes yesterday it was practically empty. They didn't have carts available because no one had gone to the parking lot to gather them, they had no music playing, no Christmas music in the few weeks before Christmas and many isles were unstocked.

The garden section was filled with Christmas trees that no one bought. The only place I can ever get good service is in lumber.

This is the Lowes on Aurora in Seattle. I felt bad.


I could not agree more that Corporate greed will bring this company down. Morale is so bad at our store because of cutting staff and not hiring new help.

We are a busy store and get 2 trucks a night at least twice a week but they only see their bottom line. They expect us to do more with less and less people.

And then they wonder why our customer service scores are so low. HELLO!


I had an interview at Lowes, and when I told her I could get to work by 7:15am because I would have to take my daughter to preschool, the Human Resources lady practically ran from me.


I tried to get a customer service position at Lowes. They expect you to be there at 6 AM to work a low paying job.

When I told Emily, the HR person, I could drop my daughter off at school pre-care at 7 AM and get to work by 7:15. she practically ran from me and I never heard back form her about the job.

Retail is the slavery of the 21st century, and I will only shop at Lowes again as a last resort.


If the store opens at 6:00 they need people there to help customers. Don't think they are going to change their hours to fit your schedule.

You need to look for jobs at companies that have hours that fit your schedule.

It's not Lowes fault that they are open earlier than you want to work. I expect if they had later shifts available you would say they are too late to pick up your daughter.


Not only they below happen....they would move my husband to a comminssion position to cover that area....he sold more flooring and refrigs.....but he had to give up his commission to the young boys who were called "specalist". He sold cabinets - did cabinet CAD drawings for years....cover that area and all the commision went to the person that was a "specialist " in that department.

They would work him to death...actually he did die after being worked to death while the young boys and girls would hide and be on their cell phones and two girls sleeping in the hay tractertrailer while on duty....I could go on an on. thank you what do I do against a company like Lowes?


My husband had been employed by Lowes part time then full time. They worked him 8 days straight- different shifts - no continuity.

Then they would give him one day off. He was a cancer survivor and they knew this. Back in may I was at the store when he signed up for Lowes Benefits. Life Insurance, Short Term, Long Term insurance.

His department director and specilaist helped him do the computer part, while I stood there watching. On Novemeber 26, my husband answered the managed call for a "bugging run", of course, the young boys - the specialist were hiding, my husband worked so hard, carrying heavy drillwall, flooring, clean up messes in the back, etc. He had no help from the young boys. Acutally a young boy dropped a roll of carpet on my husband a few days before my husband went on his last buggy run.

He dropped dead, dont know why, cause lowes wont realize tape, did he get dizzzy because of not breaks, did he trip over the multiple carts, who knows. He died right inthe parking lot and the day of his accident HR and Lead Management came to hospital telling me not to use the BCBS through them, it would be "worker's compensation". He died 3 days later with 4 clots to his brain and his heart gave out. I got the workers comp cards in mail.

I tired to get onto his Myloweslife and called HR at store to find out why it was deleted. I couldnt see paystubs, benefits nothing. My son took me to Lowes after the funeral home to check on his life insurance. HR manager (who never did her joh right, always had to stay on top of her) said my husband had on short term and long term disablity.

She did not or Lowes benefits department did not take his health (50,000) out of his paycheck is what they told me. I got home and buried my husband. Two weeks later I called the workers comp company 5 times. Finally got a person - she said he did not qualify for workers compensation "he was a sick man" "I was just giving you time to grive".

YEP that is what they did to me. I got an attorney, they have not responded. I quit college, which I had two semesters to go, to go back to work for nothing and I have no time off to go to physic. doctor to get over my grief and lose.

37 years together and he died while at work at Lowes. He would hurt so bad. Nobody would help him. He covered so many departments and would be given a break 6 hours into his shift.

He would tell me that he would go on "buggy runs" so he could catch his straight and breath. He hurt so bad when he came home. The young boys would be so weak and drop things on him all the time. His zone manager would make a mess or the specalist would make a mess and my husband would be told to clean it up.

They tortured him. He just wanted me to get through college. I dont know how he died? They say he didnt complain of anytype of pain that day.

He was "just fine",but no one will tell me what he was doing. Clots hit his brain and he was brain dead after 3 days and "my lowes family" has left me. I went inthere and they couldnt even look me in the eyes. They loved my husband.

He got employee of the quarter just before he died. He worked so hard for Lowes and where are the benfits> benefits department has messed up so many times as I found out by calling and getting the pre-recorded message. Another older man died at the same story just months before my husband. A young kid 18 just started and from no help lifting cement and bags of garden items is having surgery from his anal area falling out.

Can someone let me know what to do. Why did they cut me out of Myloweslife so I couldnt see my husband's benefits? They cut my health insurance off effective the day he died.

My daughter called and let them know it was agaisnt the law, they had to let me have COBRA. What can I do?


I worked for lowes 2 1/2 years (all as a specialist). I worked in appliances for 1 year and loved the spiff program.

I left Lowe's just in time because 3 months later I found out from my friend that they had stopped. It is sad, spiffs made a big difference in our paychecks. Lowe's will soon realize that this will hurt the specialty departments. There is a reason that specialist have that title.

A customer doesnt just come in and automatically know what to buy, an associate has to know his product in order to convince the customer. Its the difference between gaining or losing a customer.


i worked for lowes for a great 5 years. i actually left about 6 months before the spiff program was dropped.THANK GOD!..

i workd on a "mainline" store .. some may be losing 10k a year in spiff.the store i worked i would have lost about 50-60k in spiff. luckily i adjusted since i left before this but one of the 3 that were still in the appliance dept already said he had lost his house and is living in an apartment and STEALS on a regular basis now. LOWES,you may not have noticed but their sure are a lot more SEALED/NEW tools on EBAY these days.i don't agree with stealing but GREED is contagious and spreads like a plague.i doubt their will be a LOWES within 10 years with this move.we have a few words for the employees you now have...ORDER TAKERS...

folks might as well just plan their own kitchens and cross their fingers.when i [planned a kitchen and sold the appliances and all ...the ENTIRE PACKAGE...some folks would ask for my personal cell phone,and i would give it to them{and yes a few times they would cal me on my day off and i would help them}..I THOUGHT THIS IS WHAT IT MEANT TO BE A SPCFAILIST?? going above and beyond what was asked for by the company.no where does it say to engage that far with the customer,yet i would. why?.. yes ,sure ...of course the money...but it wasnt just hat.i cared and i would give folks my word that the job would be done if i had to deliver it myself..{which happened as well on many occasions}..you would build such confidence with folks that even for a can of paint they would come back to the appliance dept just to grab me because they knew that i wouldnt mess their order up BUT EVEN IF I DID...that i would fix it!!!

the whole TO MAKE A MORE EQUAL WORK ENVIRONMENT IS A LOAD OF ***.i would have guys that were just hourly tell me that the very reason they didnt become specialists ,even though the money was better,was for that main reason...they did not want to have to worry about the customer after they rang them out.ORDER TAKERS.they took your order and good bye. i wonder everyday how many 10k appliance sales walk out the door or are canceled and not fixed {so to "save the sale"} because the employee was just on register for 4 years and now today is selling you his first 10k kitchen!...GOOD LUCK LOWES!!... in closing- the 5 years i worked their were fun and great...now when i go into that same store...its a joke..pure and simple...i asked the flooring guy just 3 questions and i already realized how far lowes has fallen.

also i remember the SALES TEAM always saying that good times like that couldn't last forever and eventually somebody's greed would ruin it.DONE!

no reason at all to make this move except for quick pocketing of money by folks who already are rich..same game,different name...but always the same.


"Yes they cut spiffs but you forgot to mention that they also have consistently given annual raises to all full time employees, and they revamped they pay scales this year so some got as much as double digit increases." Lowes kept the money for themselves after taking the money from the specialist! And not all full time employees received annual raises and those who did got about.25/hr raise!

The only ones that got good raises was upper management! And I heard that load that they where cutting spiffs to make everyone even, BS! They cut the spiffs from the specialist and kept the money for themselves plain and simple. They keep coming up with more and more work for the grunts while looking for new ways to get even more work from them.

Lowes looks for ways to remove top name brands so they can replace it with cheap junk with there company brands keeping even more money in there pockets. They work everyone to death then want you to repeat that every single day like you have not done anything for them if you don't. Moral is low and all they can do recently is tell us that if we do not get out there and sell sell sell the company will go under! They do not train anyone and exspect us to basically train ourselves with the excuse that it is our responsibility to be in control of our own career.

They want us to take time away from the sells floor to check email and to look up ideas on the company website. But as soon as you do the managers tell you to get some work done and that you do not have time for that. If you are not checking it then you need to make time for it! They place full time positions then take them down and change it to part time positions so they do not have to pay benefits for those employees.

And the fact is they do not value hard work as there are full time people that do not do much of anything and part time people who are there every day busting there hump and never get anywhere. Associates get 1 week notice for what there hours will be but if you want time off you must give them 30 day notice. They only want us to go out and become more knowledgeable on our time so we can make them more money while we make nothing more in return. It is not just Lowes but many retail establishments that are bleeding there employees dry and when they are done they throw them away like a dead battery.

The company does nothing to support jobs in this country because they are to busy purchasing *** made in China so they can make maximum profits and return little to none of it to the employees that earn all that money for the company. Once in awhile they will throw us a cheap little BBQ and act like they are doing so much for everyone. They also take back used stuff and merchandise for almost any reason even if it is used or broken or not complete then loose money on it. They will spend money on technology acting like it is going to make them money will paying the associates as little as possible.

They spent a ton of money on over price iPhones that do not work right and then didn't upgrade the wifi in the store so that the iPhones would work correctly and not drop calls. They offered wifi even though it opens up security holes making it easier to *** the stores servers. Lowes doesn't stock the proper product or in some cases doesn't stock the product at all. You can not make money when the product isn't on the shelf.

Then they cut hours from those who are trying there best to make sales then the customers end up going elsewhere because they can not find help. Mmmm sounds like a problem that customers where having with a place called Home Depot a few years ago.

Lowes only cares about how much more money they can rake in even at associates exspense. As long the share holders and the CEO and top brass are making money to *** with the actual workers that do the work that make the real money!

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Dallas, Texas

Black friday fridge sale & waiting for 3 mos.

I ordered a fridge on Nov 25th on their black friday sale and it's now Feb 3rd and I'm still waiting. I was told originally it would be 2-3 weeks and the every week they give me an excuse and say it's coming soon and I still don't have it. lately for last month, they kept telling me it's going to be next week and when the next week comes and I call, they don't know why but it's next week again. I don't know what to do, my fridge is not working well and I've been eating out a lot. I wonder what the true story really is.....
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I still do not have my washer and dryer. I purchased the week after Black Friday and paid in full.


I'm still waiting for the washer and dryer I ordered then too. I'm about to post this multiple times on their Facebook page, twitter, and maybe get local media involved.

This is an outrage. I paid in full.


You could see if they could give you a loaner fridge until yours comes instock.


If I were you, I would go back to Lowes and cancel your order and get your money back. Then you can go to Sears or somewhere else and buy a refrigerator that is in stock. You might spend alittle bit extra but you will save in not having to eat out all the time.


It has taken a while for me to receive mine as well, just imagine an appliance coming from Korea, much less the amount that lowe's probably sold at that price. I imagine they had a hard time fulfilling those orders.

The whirlpool appliances came in very quickly. They are made in the U.S. Easier for them to get! Next time buy U.S made products!

Plus if your fridge wasn't working well, maybe you should have found one that was in stock. For over 50% off you should expect a little wait!

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Beaverton, Oregon
New Reviewer

Will Never Use Lowes!!

We purchased our custom cabinets from Lowes, they actually did the design and install. First of all, it took them 5 weeks to make the cabinet (not include the design phase) After 5 weeks wait, the cabinet finally arrived. But then we discovered some pieces were missing from the shipment. Also, cabinet sizes were wrong!!! We had to re-order the right pieces and wait for another 4 weeks for the new materials to come in!!!!!! Even the range hood they ordered was wrong, it won't fit in the cabinet they designed!! We spent a considerable amount of money on the cabinet, and we are totally disappointed. Will not recommend it to anyone!!! Will never buy any cabinets from Lowes again!!
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Unrealistic expectations? You should have been advised of and given information as to how long the process may be.

If not, your designer failed you.

Kitchens are complicated jobs and even one small variation will stop a job in its tracks. You should expect 3 months +/- depending upon how 'special' your materials and your home are.

#294119 Review #294119 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Houston, Texas
New Reviewer

Lowes poor customer service

Sent the following email to Lowes but still no answer from them. Very bad customer service at the local store as well, nobody knows what client relationship means. To: customercare@***.com Subject: Customer Service Complaint Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2012 20:33:35 -0500 Hello, I would like to express my frustration regarding my recent Lowes' poor customer service. On November 28th 2011, I purchased a new refrigerator (value of $2,399), a new washer (value of $999) and a new dryer (value of $1,099). Upon purchase of these large appliances, I set the delivery date to be two months in the future (January 28th 2012). One week before the agreed upon delivery date, I was informed that the washer and dryer were no longer in stock and were not due to be in until February 10th 2012 or later. I was dismayed at this information as I had thought that ordering an appliance two months in advance would certainly guarantee its availability or if nothing else, that I would be forewarned that this item might not be available at the time of purchase. Regardless of the inconvenience caused due to the delay, I decided to proceed with getting the fridge delivered on January 28th (the date originally set for all three). A second and equally as dismaying experience was experienced during the delivery of our refrigerator. While attempting to bring the refrigerator into the house, the delivery men dropped the fridge to the ground against a step. The delivery's men briefly looked at the fridge and noticed that the front door was smashed and damaged. They continued moving the fridge into the house and told us that they will put a note to replace the fridge door. I understand accidents happen, but it was the response from Lowes afterwards that I found upsetting. 1) I still have not been notified when would the fridge door be replaced. 2) When I called Lowes to inquire about this, they seemed ignorant of the fact that it was dropped at all and gave weak answers as to when it would be possibly in stock and replaced. 3) I have some concern about possible long term damage as a result of the drop. (I can see damage to the exterior, but I have no way of knowing whether the delicate internal workings of the compressor or engine have been affected) Even upon asking, the delivery men seemed ignorant of warranty details or what further action I should take as a customer if issues should arise. I have really tried to be patient and understanding throughout this whole ordeal, but I feel as if Lowes is not treating me with respect as a customer. I am a first time home buyer and have quite a few projects on the horizon. Up until this ordeal, I had always considered Lowes to be my go-to place, but I am now continually frustrated by the customer service and am left with resorting to competitor home improvement stores. I hope you will understand my frustrations and agitations.
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Local Lowe's store in Clayton, NC: I have never been treated so rudely by a store clerk and to top it off, Russel, the Assistant Manager stood there when I voice my complaint and just kept saying, "a, huh, a, huh, a,huh...sorry that you had that you had that experience, I'll have to look into that, anything else I can do for you?"


Thanks all for your advices and remarks. I was waiting to see some improvement and write back here a positive update on how things are all cleared out, but unfortunately the experience just keeps on getting worth and worth.

A- Talked to the manager who agreed to exchange the fridge. So last weekend got the new fridge delivered and was very grateful for that, BUT yesterday I realized that's the freezer temperature is sitting at 54 degrees (65 degree for the house temp). I tried power boost and set the temp to -2 degree but the freezer is not cooling down. Repair team is on their way for Friday, but was told even though I am within the 7 days, the fridge could not be exchanged because anyway this fridge is being discontinued. So more to come on this ...

B- In the meantime, washer got delivered and despite the fact delivery went well, found out the back plate behind the washer is dented. Called Lowes and waiting on a plate replacement supposedly ordered.

C- Still no dryer. Maybe first week in March.

So either I am very unlucky or there is something majorly wrong in the flow between the purchase and the delivery of appliances from either the distributor, lowes or any third party intermediate companies.

This is costing me lots of time spent off work, on phone or at the store to deal with those issues.

This is also getting a fairly expensive delivery for Lowes. 3 round trips for 1.5 appliances so far.

I do appreciate Lowes policy regarding any kind of deals they have, to keep it as same discounted price and their "free delivery" as "dear sir" mentioned, although if I knew the delivery of appliances was going to be so painful, I would rather spend more money and have something delivered once and for all with no issues.

(Note: I don't recall the sale man informing me of large delay due to black Friday sales, maybe it just slipped his mind. I was told that there would be no issue getting it delivered by January)


I know it is a bit inconvenient for you to have waited so long but I can assure you the washer and dryer is not available you purchased all the items you are talking about during a black Friday event and were almost certainly told that you would be backorderd indefinetly. The items you spoke of were also purchased at half your stated price.

Cost cutting measures have led Lowe's to go to third party delivery companies and sometimes the "free delivery" you get becomes a costly inconvenience for you. Further cost cutting measure have led Lowe's to remove any incentive for me to give one more single thought to your problem.


Call the appliance department at the store you bought the appliances from. Ask to speak with your salesman.

If they arent available ask to speak with the department manager. Tell them you want a new fridge.

Im an appliance specialist at lowes btw.

On this black friday stuff we dont even know when we are going to get back in stock. Relax we will take care of you!


Call your credit card company immediately and dispute the charge. If the item is damaged as you say it is, that will get action from Lowes. If they are hurt in the pocketbook, they will respond!


If the delivery guys damaged the refrigerator when they delivered it, why did you not refuse it. I sure hope that you did not sign the papers once they made the delivery.

You should have told them you did not want the damaged one and they would have taken it back to the store and had another ordered for you.

The same thing happened to me when they delivered my washer and dryer. It fell off the dollie when they unloaded it so I refused it.

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Roseville, Michigan
Lowes Warranty

Terrible Service at Lows

I went into Lowes to buy the Double Drive screwdriver for my dad for Christmas. The first man I spoke to didn't know what I was talking about. I told him the name and who made them. He then showed me some ratcheting screwdrivers and ignored me when I told him that wasn't what I was looking for. His friend them came over and looked at the man who was originally helping me and asked what he was looking for. He knew what the Double Drive was and told the other employee to follow him. He didn't look at me once and I had to jog to keep up. He then began to show and describe to his coworker what the double drive was, while blocking the case full of them. I stood there for five minutes until he looked over at me, said "Oh" and shoved one in my hands before turning back to his friend. I feel that because I am an 18 year old girl they felt no need to respect me as a customer which was not true. I plan not to return to that Lowes again.
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He blocked an entire case, with one body? Must have been a HUGE guy.

Or you're just small - both in body and mind. You are sexist and they did nothing wrong here.

#293547 Review #293547 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Stockton, California
New Reviewer

Lowes Extended Warranty Service

Please, please, please. Whatever you do DO NOT PURCHASE an extended warranty from Lowes. They will lie, put you off. Let me start from the beginning... My Fridge stopped cooling efficiently. I called the Lowes Extended warranty dept. I was informed that it would take 5 days to have someone come out. I asked what happened if my fridge stopped working completely during that time. I was told to call back. It stopped working 30 mins after I spoke with them. They found someone to come out that Monday, This was on a Friday. This I could handle...The company came out as scheduled. I was told then that they would go back, order the parts and to call them back in 7 to 10 days to schedule coming back out to install said parts and that's the last I heard. I waited the 7 days, called them to be told that Lowes (who initially made the the appt) would no longer allow them to work on my fridge. NO ONE CALLED TO INFORM ME OF THIS! So here I sit for 7 days thinking ok, it will be fixed soon. NOT SO!!! When I called Lowes to find out why, no one could tell me. Although it was marked in my file. I've lost a lot of food... a lot of patience and a lot of trust in mankind. So, then I was told that with the length of time it had been, they would just reimburse me for the cost of the fridge. Well, then, they had all of my information INCORRECT! They said I purchased the fridge for a different amount than what I had. I then faxed in the receipt which I was told was received and they would correct the information. I was also told I was receive a "loaner" until a check could be sent to me. THIS IS A LIE!! IF they tell you that they will give you a loaner DO NOT BELIEVE THEM!!! They do not do this. They want you to go rent a fridge and then they will reimburse you 25% of what you purchased the appliance for to begin with... Oh and they also tell you that they reimburse food costs... what they fail to tell you is that you only get $150 replacement cost... I dont know about anyone else, but I #1 cant afford to rent a fridge and then wait for reimbursment, NOR do I only spend $150 on groceries for a family of 7. Now here I am a month later with NO fridge and still lies are being told left and right and alas, no results... you can't get in touch with anyone at corporate who has ANY clue what so ever as to what goes on in their stores or thier service depts... So I just caution anyone who is looking to purchase an appliance from Lowes..DONT!!! It's not worth it...
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I am currently dealing with Lowes and Samsung. My washer has a very small, yet important piece broken and I cannot use it.

So, I'm on business day 5 of waiting to hear how they are going to honor this warranty that I purchased. They are telling me Samsung has no one in my metro area that can fix it. In the meantime, this isn't like my dishwasher where I can wash the dirty things in the sink.

No, I have to triage my laundry to see what is most important to the functioning of my family.

I have the word "fraud" floating around in my head. There is also "class action lawsuit" and "lawyer."


Depending on where you are from, what Lowe's you go to, definitely makes a difference.

I work at Lowe's and we do everything we possibly can for people, especially with warranties.

They're our first priorities and we have multiple people who stop and make sure the customer

gets what they need, are taken care of, and are on their way.

If we have a delay in days, we typically

give a replacement and order your new one (same model as the broken one) and get that installed as soon as possible.

Telling people that Lowe's isn't helping you is wrong, it's not all Lowe's. Here at the one I work at, we've never had someone complain about us or our work. Our people at our store try their hardest to make our customers happy. Don't bash ALL Lowe's.

Switch Lowe's if that's your problem or go to Home Depot.

Thanks. Fellow Lowe's Employee and Proud of it.


You just proved her right with your post.


The same thing is happening to me. the problem is, I am disabled, have no money to replace my food, had 6 bottles of insulin in it(over a 1000.00), which I can not replace.

They really don't care.

I don't trust the refrigerator, so who wants to fill it? they said, sorry for the problems you are having, it is out of our control.


I purchased a extended warranty from Lowes and they suck they would not cover the door self that broke they told me that it wasn't covered, but when I purchased the refrigerator they told me everything was covered. Also u have to keep your reciept but they give you no paperwork on the warranty. Don't buy it not worth it go to sears


I will NEVER buy another lawn tractor from Lowes or Extended Warranty. They are rigging it to "fix it," it's been out for 2 weeks; I was told they mowed after 2 weeks when I bought it, now more paperwork and they only give me $50 to get 3 acres mowed.

This is a horrible waste of money and a big joke!


Jeff, not all of them are my children, I also take care of some who are not able to take care of themselves. Please don\'t judge unless you know the entire story.

And if you truly DO work for Lowe\'s your attitude is another reason I\'m making sure other\'s know how you all treat your customers! I hope you have a great day!


P.C. I'm so sorry you've gone through this also.

It's a shame that customers mean so little now a days... I've sent in the request for my food loss, I sent it certified mail, almost a week ago now and I still havent heard anything back from them. I'm not real sure where to go from here, but I know Lowe's won't talk to me about it because of it being a Lowes Extended Service Problem, no one with Lowe's Extended Service will speak to me about it either. I really think I need to go even more public with it to let ppl know how little the customer means to anyone anymore....

I hope you get a better turn out than we did.

I wish you all the luck! From now on, I can say I'll only shop at the mom and pop stores, it may be a little pricier, but will at least get customer service...


We just went through a similar problem with Loew's and their extended warrenty on my mother's refrigerator...although not as extreme as your experience. We're not sure what we're going to do, but we intend to contact someone...somewhere about the length of time it took to repair the appliance and the cost of the food lost. It is utterly ridiculous to purchase an extended warrenty that means so little.


I actually would buy extended warranties only from Lowe's! I had a fridge that had a power surge, and they sent someone out the next day.

Within 2 days I had a new fridge in my house, and withing a week I had $250 to replace my food.

If you only purchased a 2 yr warranty you will only receive $150. Sorry about your luck, but I am a firm believer in Lowe's extended warrenties!

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Athens, Georgia
Lowes Replacement
New Reviewer

Gift card scam

Last Christmas we bought a gift card for our kids for Christmas, I always place any gift card inside another gift package and have the card inside a card. After our gifts have all been opened we box up special paper we are saving and special ribbon and name tags and put them in storage for next year. This year when I got out that box from last year I found that the gift card was still in the envelope in the box that had been put away last Christmas. Since the kids are now divorced my husband and I took the card to Lowes a few weeks later to use it ourselves. It would not work. They tried several things and finally gave me a number to call the next day. I did so and spent an hour and a half on the phone with them trying to locate the card. I was told that day that within a couple of days we would receive information on how to activate the card for use. Now I have received an email saying that the card was used....all of it last January. I have asked them to tell me when, what store and what was purchased, because it seem physically impossible unless they just wait to see if the cards are used and if not just use them themselves. I have not received a reply.
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Gilmer, Texas
Lowes Gift Card
New Reviewer

Loew's customer service

I've had problems with my local Loews store in Eastlake Ca. I have attempted many time to talk to the store manager when i had issues but to no avail as he was never available. I've called the customer service number in the past. This is the only way to actually get a response from this store Manager. This time i wanted to speak to someone higher up then a store manager. I wanted to make sure that upper management was aware of issues concerning this store manager. After a week of dealing with the customer service people I've given up. For me to give up it takes a lot. Every Time I called customer service I requested to speak to someone above and over the store manager. Each time I was was informed that someone above the store manager would contact me. My first return call came from the store manager. He informed me when customer service say they will have someone from the senior management team call me they mean the store manager. I attempted this again and insisted someone outside the store call me. The next call that came was from the assistant store manager. I was eventually informed that the customer service reps are not allowed to have anyone else other then store management contact the customer. How can you bring store manager issues up to their superiors if it is company policy that customers are not allowed to talk to anyone above the store manager position. I did not give up easy but the last straw was when I did find out who was above the store managers. In this area it is the Marketing Manager Scott Kipp. I left several messages for him to call me. I even left a message with the Escondido store manager Fernando last week. He told me he would contact Scott himself and have him call me. Today I received a call from Fernando and he stated he was now acting Marketing Director and that I should tell him my problems. Can you believe the nerve of this company and Fernando, they are willing to say anything to prevent the customer from voicing his complaint with anyone above a store manager. So adios to Loew's their are two Home Depots right down the street.
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LOWE'S you *** *** L_O_W_E_S!! Maybe if you could get the name right you might just get your complaint heard!!


Ghost rider,

My apologies for mispelling Loews name in my last response. But to your point yes I was in touch with the correct Loews.


maybe your calls weren't returned cause you called the wrong number. You need to call "LOWES" not "LOEWS"


Hi Jeff,

Thank you for your comment on my complaint.

Yes I get it that most problems can be handled by the store assistant manager. In this case the complaint partially was about the store management. Going to the assistant management was not the most correct course of action.

If you have a problem/complaint with/about the store management the one place that you do not want to go is to the people that you want to file a complaint about. The most appropriate place would be their superiors. I hope you would agree.

Hi Tim,

As far as your comment "if corporate won't talk to you.....it's because you are being unreasonable".

I would agree to your point if corporate considered my complaint then denied my request to talk to them, on the grounds that my complaint was without merit. Loews policy I came to discover is that corporate has a no direct contact with customers other then the store management team. It's not that corporate would not talk to me because I was being unreasonable it was because corporate set up their system to prevent any customers from being able to make direct contact with anyone in corporate management. Or that fact anywhere except the store and customer service. Customer service who's sole job is to place you back in the store.


If corporate wont talk to you.....its because YOU are being unreasonable

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San Diego, California
Lowes Manager
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Lied through their teeth

So, I purchaced a refigerator before thanksgiving of 2011. My delivery date was sometime in the middle of December. I recieved a phone call from Andrea stating that there was a back order on this item and the delivery date would need to be rescheduled. I was not in a hurry for this item so politely I told him to put me on the schedule as late as need be. He informed me that I had a deadline for delivery and needed to have it delivered by a said date. I work Monday thru Friday so I need a weekend day. He was very kind telling me that the last weekend in January on a sat will work. I picked the afternoon hours to have it dlivered and all was well. So, happy as can be on January 28th, blocking ALL other plans, I sit at my home awaiting a BRAND NEW refigerator. Low and behold I recieved no refrigerator nor did I recieve a phone call telling me it wasn't coming. So, January 29th, I go to Lowe's in trotwood, where I purchaced the refrigerator, and Andrea changed his words. Now Andrea was very nice and conciderate with me, asking me what I wanted from him. I wanted my refrigerator or my time I had lost on Satuday waiting for it to come. Neiher one of these he could provide for me at this time. So, as I have time to think about what it is I would like for compensation, let me ask you what it is you can do for me? I am currently remodeling my kitchen. I have tons of purchaces to make seeings how I have recently started. I could use all the help I can get. So I will let you decide how YOU could make it better.
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Yeah its funny how these days everyone is looking for handouts! Sometimes it might not actually be the employees fault that the merchandise wasn't in.

Did you ever think that it might be the manufacturer?????

Yeah take it out on the employee that is working there butt off and get every penny you can out of them! That is respectable!!!!!!!


Seriously, your mad because you had to wait at home on a Saturday and now you want a hand out?

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Dayton, Ohio
Lowes Remodeling
New Reviewer

Horrible customer service at Lowe's

Went to buy paint for exterior of my home... Had a girl that didn't want to move!!! literally wasn't moving. I was the only person there. Asked about colors she didn't know. Asked about prices.. she didn't know. Asked about sealers and primers for the house... Yep you guessed it she didn't know. Well you can only imagine I was PISSED. So I left thinking I'll just go to home depot.. On the way out I saw this 52" fan for 36... I said I can't pass that up. Went to find the fan on sale couldn't find it. Asked for help.. WAITED 15 minutes as another customer was waiting with me... he finally left. I got the fan after 20 minutes. I left steaming. My husband was in another area looking for something to clean the gutters the guy told him instead saying a specific place.. WHAT DO YOU NEED THAT FOR.??? How about none of your business.. I could go on but my fingers are getting tired.. Will call corporate.. don't think it will make a difference. Very dissatisfied customer..
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bet 100 dollars that i'll see u post a complaint for Home Depot next


joycie..first off lowes prices are clearly labeled under product ..if it was not priced she should have tried to help you find out the price..seeing how she didnt know much maybe she was new to the dept or store altogether..lowes associates are also responsible for MANY duties believe it or not they dont just walk around all day..they recieve customer phone calls all day with customers with many questions that a lot of times takes time to find their answer..stock the product you want there nice and neat,price it,help in-store customers,load vehicles,inventory,reset product..and many other things many times they are pulled in several directions or covering several departments at once cover lunches breaks or just lack of employees ...recognize this though when you call corporate it does not affect the upper management it affects the ones that are the pee-ons working theyre butts off for little money working ridiculous schedules trying to earn a living when they wont hire more people to save money but when you call in it affects their raises,their advancement opportunities and any bonus that could be available ..its easy to judge from your perspective when your the one waiting and it seems to be a long time but you need to think logically and think about their responsibilities and the fact if they did not see you how do they know you need help or if they did maybe they were helping another customer..dont complain unless you see an associate (that works in that dept) standing around doing absolutely nothing blatantly ignores you knowing you need assistance believe it or not people also get crabby when asked if they would like any help..


:cry :cry :cry you are not the only customer just cause everyone did not drop what their doing and help you is no reason to complain I AM SURE YOU WILL NOT BE MISSED THEIR

:cry :cry :cry

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West Palm Beach, Florida