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Lowes in Nashua, New Hampshire - Do You Need Help

Every time I go into Lowes...I'm stopped at least 5 times by someone asking if I need help. This is EXTREMELY annoying and completely unproductive. If I need help I'll ask someone. If I don't need help all your doing is wasting my time. I can understand if I'm standing around and looking confused..but just walking (rather briskly) knowing exactly where I'm going and what I'm looking...why do the employees have to ask if I need help. And then there are the times where I am looking for something..and then I have a question about a particular product and there's no employee to be found....their spending too much time asking people (who don't need help) if they need any help. For those of us with an IQ over 90...we know it's just a PR to make the dumb and dumber "THINK" this is customer service when in actuality it's just total PR...and has NOTHING to do what-so-ever with customer service. Why don't you actually spend some time and money on training the employees at Lowe's on actual customer service..and NOT this PR ***.
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And again, Dr. *** if you have such a high and respectable IQ, at least utilize the proper use of "there, their, and they're". Now kindly go and fist your own *** hole until it bleeds.


wow, the original poster is a loser. so you get mad that they ask you for help but then get mad that they aren't there the exact moment when you do need help?

my advice? take some anger management classes and when you need help, go find an employee or tell them right away that you need help because I'm sure you're one of those *** that doesn't even know the difference between a flathead and phillips screwdriver.

and fyi, it's the employees job to ask if you need help. it's not like they know that another employee already asked if you needed help.


Where is the "like" button for these comments, I work at Lowes as well, We will get in trouble if we do Not greet every customer we see. This is Corporates way of providing Customer Service.... which could go either way with people like you who can't appreciate that there are actually people that are willing to assist you.


I work at lowes and they make us ask every customer we see if they are finding everything ok if we don't we can lose are job :sigh


Well I,ve told our store manager that I,m gonna be taken out in handcuffs some day, So be careful who you cop your sour attitude to. I will usually walk away and ignore you but I will stand up to your attitude if I feel like it, could get ugly. this job doesnt mean that much to me.


And another thing, what if I (as a consumer) came to your place of work and was a royal *** to you, whether I need help or not? I don't know what you do, but that doesn't condone your attitude or demeanor.

Remember, yeah it's retail, but it is a place of work for people.

Put yourself in that situation. Retail people are still people working as you do every day...


I am a LOWES sales specialist, We are not forced to talk to customers, however, it makes common sense to acknwledge your customers and make sure that they dont have questions or are looking for something, so we aknowledge them, make sense to me. Its pretty simple, and its good customer service wether you like it or not.

I have noticed alot of companies have adopted LOWES customer service practices. and yes I am proud of that, doesnt mean I like working here though.


We can't read your mind. Just plainly say: "no, I'm fine.

thanks." like a normal person and keep on your merry way, and if you need help, then fricken ask. That simple. And no, it's not a PR thing, it's simple customer service. We can, if you really want, just walk around and BS with eachother and hardly acknowledge your existence, but no, we are trained to smile and greet you and ask if you need help.

If that's an issue, then you sir, should not be allowed in public.

Now, is there anything I can help you with? :)


It is not the employee's fault that they are forced to practice absurd customer service ideas that corporate has put into policy. Every place you go to is like that.

Kohls makes their cashiers ask if your purchase is on their charge card and try to get you to sign up.

Lowes makes its associates ask everyone they see if they need help; and makes their cashiers ask if you have a MyLowes card or if you want to sign up for one.

Blame the people in charge who apparently are never actual customers in their own stores, else they would realize how annoying and fruitless these practices are to both their employees and customers.


We are required to speak to every customer we come in contact with. None of us want to go around like a robot asking "what project are you working on?" Unfortunately, we will get counted off in our mystery shops if we do speak to everyone.

It's just as annoying to us as it is to you. I can see how this along with the 5 to 10 questions the cashier is forced to ask you can be irritating.

We should have better training and we should still be friendly and helpful, but not to the extent that we are forced to do. We don't make the policies though.


A lot of stores have "secret shoppers" who come through and grade employees on various things. If an employee does not greet you right away and as if they can be of assistance, they get docked down many, many points.

These people are doing their job. I bet if they didn't ask if you need help you would be on here complaining that they have "the worst customer service, no one ever helps, blah blah blah."

Are you seriously complaining that they are being helpful?


I work at Lowe's, and our management forces us to ask every single customer that comes in the door if they need help or at lease communicate with the customer - don't blame us - we could lose our job if we didn't ask


This is common nowdays because of the government's increasing the minimum wage and resultant company cutbacks in labour force because of it. Blame your tyrannical government---both state and federal. And, I would rather be asked if I needed help than to wander thru Menard's looking, but not finding anyone to assist me.


Would rather they not ask you for help at all? If they did that then you'd complain that they didn't offer you any help. Some @ssholes are just that ignorant @ssholes who are never satisfied.

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Lowes in Phoenix, Arizona - Threatened By Lows store manager

Store 1607 in surprise Arizona had a department manager that had me carry by hand a near 100 pound 4 foot long appliance set up the tallest ladder they had by hand and when I approached the department manager and the night manager multiple times they did not care about my concern even though they have safety programs that say anything over 40 or 50 pounds require using an order picker. The final time I spoke to my night manager I specifically told him and I said this word for word because my grandfather had previously warned me about mentioning it this way, That I know my limitations although I have put down in the application i have never claimed a back injury I have had one at a previous job and i'm not going to hurt myself again doing things improperly. three days later the store manager Chuck, (who is still store manager by the way), his store manager in training Jeff who was arrested 2 years later for some sort of embezzlement crime and my night manager and the HR manager are all telling me that there is a rumour I have lied on my application about a possible back injury and if any evidence is found true I will be terminated. Afterwards I spoke to the store manager one on one because I was extremely upset by this because I have never spoken to anyone about my concern or a back problem to anyone other than my night manager and the night manager follows me in and when I tell chuck the store manager about approaching Duane the night manager and explaining what i did all the store manager had to say is that I was insulting to one of his top managers and I should go clock out. To top it off the night crew under this manager would clock in 30 minutes early during their 1 hour lunch breaks and just continue their lunch. Another incident involved some employees messing around with a forklift and hanging up wires with some employees sweaters high up so they could not get their clothes. Even after I had informed the manager of these things he did not care but wow talk about unprofessional this company I cant say is bad but this store specifically is HORRIBLE. These managers had bullied intimidated and threatened me.
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Call regional, but not the "800" number. If need be, e-mail regional HR.

Lowes has policies on hiring people with criminal background. If the person did not put this on his application, he is subject to termination. If he did put it on his application, he would not have got past first base. Rules are rules.

The "forklift" thing is harassment.

Regional HR will do something if they are contacted directly and with evidence to support your claims. You will take heat at your store, so be ready.

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Lowes Manager

Lowes in Lexington, Kentucky - LED Rope Light 18' with brackets

Made in China, for sell at Lowes. Screws for brackets break in half when driving into molding. Only 7 brackets for 18 feet of coiled rope. Does not end up looking like the pictures due to insufficient clamps to hold it straight. Chinese products suck! I realize there must be great profit in this inferior junk from China but I can not lower my standards just so I can pay a little less. I have had enough dissapointment to make an effort to buy products from reputable manufacturers. We should all boycott junk made in China to get the point across. It is seriously buyer beware.
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Lowes in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - Lowe's Roman Shades / Blinds

We purchased the custom order expensive Roman shades from the local Lowe's store. Easy to install and they look great, but the thread used to raise and lower the heavy fabric shades snaps routinely. I tried to post this on the Lowe's site and they denied its posting saying I violated policy!?!? If you are going to install these and never raise them, you'll be very happy with the product. If you plan on raising them more than 4 or 5 times a month, you're going to be frustrated. We did send them back the first couple of times, but that gets cumbersome and tiresome in a hurry. I ended up replacing all of the thread with fishing line, and that has helped.
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Lowes and GEMB

I have maintained a credit account with Lowes (GEMoney) for couple of years. I had my credit limit cut by GE (Lowes) by half. My account was uptodate-after having this done I paid off my account. I advised them I was closing my account by email. Three days later I got a letter explaining they were closing my account. The reason stated that I had other accounts that were deliquent. Whats that got to do with Lowes. Especially after paying them off. If you pay off your account is a bad thing. Where is the logic? Lowes should look at their arrangement with GEMB because it is costing them customers. Without customers they have no business.
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Lowes in Toronto, Ontario - No RENOS 4 U

WAS GOING TO LET lowes -Brampton to DO THE RENO TO 2 BATHROOMS .wONT BE DOING THAT NOW unless they fix the problem with the different stain stairs.,like that will happen.Very poor customer service.Dont wont to fix their misstake without extra charge,I dont think so.Iv had alot off greff with the manager,and other department heads.Plus the installor and you know who u are dont you LUKA.You may be the best but incomplete.It would take a real man to step up and fix his mistake like you promised. Lowes has not respect for their customers.Go somewhere else if you can.
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Lowes in Chicago, Illinois - Edge precision tile system problems...

In or around 2006 we bought the edge precision tile system from LOWES for our kitchen floor that has 2 hallways with 1 going to our front door & the other going into a bathroom & then our laundry room. It says it has a 20 year warranty,well our floor looks like it is 20 years old already! cracks are everywhere & our 5 year old tile floor looks disgusting to say the least..... No one will even talk to us about it at the store...... I will not spend 1 red cent in that store for the rest of my life,that is a promise! Confused but totally pissed off by this whole situation,spreading the word 1 website at a time!
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The Edge Tile was a HORRIBLE product. Good idea, bad engineering.

Never saw an installation that didn't crack afterwards.

Biggest issues were rolling heavy things across them with hand trucks. You could see exactly where the hand truck travelled just by the following the cracks!

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Lowes Website

LOWES taking advantage of a good thing

hardwood floors/stairs vs different colour in stairs.Get your act together Roha and Ljupco,NO i am NOT paying exta for the mistake you created.Customer service to many people and different people all the time.Just keep on passing the blame,if you dont wont to correct it just say so.Disappointed in Ljupco Dimovski you gave me your word that is would be fixed.Im still waiting,wont be going back to LOWES''This installation and mateials cost $16146.39 cash what a mistake.Should have done monthly then I could have stoped payment.Luka you should be ashamed off yourself for handling this like it is.
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Your complaint is filled with grammatical errors and doesn't make much sense. All we know is you are disappointed and how much money you spent.

What's the issue here?

What is the process they are going through? Did you file a corporate complaint?


woo,wont be going to Lowes :?

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Lowes Installation

Lowes in Orlando, Florida - Bad Carpet Bad Marketing Dir. 2 Months and still NO carpet

Run away from Lowes It is true they are the worse co. to do biz. with. All I can say at this point is I order carpet Nov 19,2011 and today is Jan.11,2013 and still no carpet . 1. Installed carpet layer was talking on his cell phone when doing the seem. 2. Had to replace arrived and they did not order right size. 3. I will write more later but people need to know not to buy at Lowes.They ( Mr. Brown Marketing Dir. For Lowes in Orlando Fl. call me and said after a COMEDY OF ERAS on there part they would like to install my carpet........More later Steve Orlando Fl.
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Lowes in Canby, Oregon - Didn't deliver the amount of tiles we had oderd and paid for

I had odered tiles for my new house., we had talked to the salesman to make sure the store have instock ... So we paid and get deliver the next day. So they left the tiles at ours porch and did not call and let us know . When we start working on the floor we found out we was 20 box short in ours odered . I had call the store everyday to get this fix for the last 10 day nothing get done . No comunicate between worker keep promise me the next day and never hear back from them and now they deliver bigger size didn't fit in to the rest of the tiles. I still dealing with this problem still didn't have the right size of tiles... We got really screw up in our schedule, our house not done ... We can't move in at all right now. So very frustrated... And I am emotionally exhausted ... Need help....
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