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Lowes in Newark, New Jersey - Terrible customer service

I purchased a Samsung HE dryer From Lowe's of Eatontown, NJ on April 25 2010 along, with an extended service contract and it broke down October 5 2011. I called for service and was given an appt. for the following week with A@E Factory Service. They came on Oct. 11 replaced a belt and informed me the wiring harness was bad. They had to order the part and come back in 8 days Oct. 19. They came and replaced the wiring harness, still didn't work, they said it was the motor. They ordered the motor and gave me an appt. for Oct. 21, never showed up. I called and they said it was my fault they didn't show up because I didn't let them know the part arrived??!!?? They came 4 days later Oct. 25. Replaced the motor, still didn't work, said it was the computer, had to order gave me an appt. for 15 days, Nov 9. Replaced the computer, didn't work it isn't the computer it is the motor. WHAT!!!!!!!! They previously ordered and replaced the wrong motor component????!!!??? (These people couldn't diagnose a head cold) Tech just left I still have no dryer after 5 weeks. Calling A@E does me no good because they don't care that I'm dissatisfied. My hands are tied and I'm at the mercy of A@E. Every time I called they just said "I'M sorry, I understand" but did nothing to help me out. I asked to speak w/a manager and was told "No, he will just tell you the same thing I am." My next appt. is scheduled for Nov. 17. Shame on me for not throwing them out of my house 3weeks ago and buying a new dryer. Don't ever call A@E Factory Service, not even to change a light bulb!!!
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Lemon law. Take tje thing back.

Can't believe you haven't

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Lowes in Scranton, Pennsylvania - Refused 10%

i was using my military dischrage card to get a 10% discount off my purchases, i served in army for 8 years, this discharge paper was honored until i bought wallpaper for $358.90 dollars i was told i would have to get a photo id or prove that i served for 20 years or more in the service. photo cards are taken from you when discharged. you only get a discharge sertificate, they lied when they advertised any id to prove that you served in the military would be good enough to get the 10% discount.i will take my business elsware after this. i felt imbarristed when they told me this in front of other coustomers.
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As a lowes employee I can explain this. We used to accept all forms of military i.d.

until too many people were abusing it. For example, you could use a legion card even though people who have nothing to do with military have them and were getting the 10 percent. They tried doing other things to prevent this such as manager approvals but it was still happening so now we only accept photo i.d. or proof of 20 years in the service and retired.

I know a veteran is a veteran but it's the way it is. We still accept the DD14 and certificates on veterans and memorial day. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I would blame the customers who ruined it for the rest of you. Not the store!


Prosp50 Thanks for your service. Please ignore that s tupid kid's remarks.

Which Lowes did this happen to you at?

Most of them are very patriotic, even to posting pics of military on there walls.

Did you talk to the manager?


Does your opinion matter to you so much that you have to run our military down for a ten percent discount just to state it?


This person rally makes me sick to my stomach. kids today don't know what sacrifice even means.

All they no is to shoot off there mouths. Military service should be mandatory like it is in other countrys and they would learn quick.


Im only going to say this once. GET A VETERANS ADMINISTRATION HEALTH ID CARD then you wont have this problem.

Yes, it has your picture on it when they issue it to you. Take your DD214 to the local VA hospital, go to ID office.

If this is too hard to do, to register for your health BENEFITS then you obviously dont need the 10% discount. Quit blaming everyone but yourself soldier.


S H U T U P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry


First, thank you for your military service. There is no greater hero in America than the men and women willing to leave their homes and families to keep us free.

We are deeply grateful.

Second, I am sorry that you had a problem at Lowes woth their discount. I love Lowes and their employees. After Hurricane Katrina, they moved into town and sold us any and all building materials we needed to become whole again. Please contact their corporate offices.

I know they will help you. Lowes is the most patriotic of all American stores and they usually bend over backwards to help vets. I don't know who you ran into in the store where you shopped, but it was probably one of those draft dodgers that ran to Canada.

Please try again and see that the people who work at Lowes are usually the cream of the crop when it comes to workers who stand with our hero military veterans. Thanks.


Oh, mon dieu.

Rally? must be French.


If your grandfather served in Vietnam, how in the world do you know it's better now than it was then? You weren't there, so to use your own words, "shut up" you insolent little spoiled brat who doesn't have a clue of what serving during war time or anytime in the full time military means.

Just shut the heck up and join some branch of the armed forces, then write your smartalec comment about the plight of our military. That's all I can say that's fit to print - - - so, I'll just close instead of what I'd like to say to you ......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


TO: Rally? Seriously, really?

You are tired of kissing the military's rear? Look who ever in the hail you are - you aren't decent enough to kiss their butts.

My uncle died in WWII and my friend died in Vietnam. My father served in Iwo Jima, my husband served in the Air Force in Vietnam serving three tours and my son served in the Navy for the Gulf War. I wouldn't want your nasty lips touching their a&&es because I'm afraid that they might catch whatever disease you suffer from. Without them, you would be living in a country that would have your head for your simpleminded ideas. How in the p iss do you suffer from our military geting a TEN PERCENT discount?

Put your head back up your a&& and leave it there. We all might be luck enough for you to get AIDS while it's up there and we won't have to listen to i diots like you anymore.

Oh, yeah, Merry Christmas I mean Merry Holiday. We have been beaten into submission long enough. No one wants to deal with anyone as i gnorant as you who begrudges our military a TEN PERCENT discount because they receive too much now anyway.

Really! R A L L Y? Get out of this country.


Lowe's will not match Home Depots coupons + 10%. The 20% off HD coupons are fake.

Stores have policies they need to adhere to, P. And people were taking advantage of it.


Are you some type crazy person Rally????? Why don't you sign up for the military and go risk you life to save someone like you.

Maybe you would feel different if one of your family members was killed trying to keep you and your family safe. I think you should do everyone a favor and move the he'll out of our country. Trust me people like you will not be missed.

To this man in the corporate at lows and they will give you back your money. They have already seen this message....I work in corporate


Are you guys serious. You claim $40. I get tired of people who claim that just because they were in the military that the rest of America should kiss their rear. My grandfather served in Vietnam pulling half people out of tanks. My two best freinds are marines, one of which got a mild concussion overseas. All three agree that just because you serve doesn't entitle you to everything. Too many people are forgetting that you voluntarily joining, not being forced to, and as such any discount, promotion, etc extended to you is simply an additional way of saving thanks.

Many discounts state RETIRED and DISABLED VETS. any store that grants it to anyone with papers is breaking their policy.

This really burns me because people in the military currently get so much more than they used to. A discount could have been warranted back when a military member got almost half what a civilian counterpart would have; however, now it is closer and many military members are given a whole lot.

Thanks to everyone who serves; however, serve humbly or shut up.


Also, go to us postal service web site. change of mail address will give you 10% for Lowes. Again Home Depot will honor that as well.

Lowes is in trouble and is shutting down stores. One in my hood not even open 2 years.

Lowes should honor Ace / HD coupons and beat it by 10%er their guarantee.

My vote goes for the Depot. Easy no hassle and they won't embaress you.

Poor PR. You won't ever go back will you? And for $40? Mulitply that for the next 25 years....and ad a Fe more who have served and can relate.


Home depot will honor any Lowes offer


Read the policy. RETIRED and DISABLED veterans are allowed the discount.

That is and always has been the policy. Recently Lowe's had been forced to crack down because too many prior service members were using tier discount on contractor sales.

Imagine a contractor saving $300 off of a $3000 order and giving the service member $150. Thank you for serving but not everyone deserves the discount.

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Lowes in Bellevue, Nebraska - Lowe's used illegal aliens to install my carpet

And they didn't do a good job, either. We had to have them come out & fix their mistakes (the carpet didn't even make it to the wall in one spot). How do I know they were illegal? Because one left his wallet. No Driver's license. State ID card had one name, Mexican consular ID had a completely different name. Same picture. Lowe's claims they run ID checks - well, it was on the wrong person. And I doubt the guy had a SS# (an ITIN# is ridiculously easy to obtain). So far Lowe's is doing a major CMA dance. I wish I had thought to photo the ID's. They'll probably get away with it but dang, we're in a recession - there are plenty of legal unemployed folks who could use the work.
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they are using them in lexington ky. its shameful greed


I have harsh news, and it's unfortunate you were basically swindled.

The reason you found what you found, and were able to put 2 & 2 together is that ID verification is owned by your government. It scrambles behind closed doors to decide who qualifies & who doesn't based on thier own mistakes & greed. They WANT illegals to take these positions simply for THIER own gain, not for the people (especially the ones struggling against the already severely interrupted work system).. It helps keep money flowing into politician's pockets while destroying workmanship...and essentially bringing down educational quality, the job market,and disturbing the economical balances. THIS IS A HUGE FLAW IN OUR OWN GOVERNMENT (and i'm sure you know that).

Thank you for listening & understanding


:( BEST BUY also uses ILLEGAL ALIENS to do installation work for appliances.I was one who lost his job to these illegals.

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Lowes in Clearfield, Pennsylvania - Valspar paint is the worst. Do not waste your money.

My son and I had one piece of wood to paint for project. Bought 2 cans of Valspar spray paint. One was primer grey and the other was basic gloss red. 1) The grey primer "special" safety cap came off first thing. 2) Nozzle had over spray and leaked very bad. 3) Can stopped working before finishing first coat. Red gloss 1) Again safety cap came off. 2) First coat went on fairly smooth and looked good. 3) Day 2 first coat of paint not dry. (In the sun for 6 hours the first day) 4) 24 hours after first coat...still tacky. 5) Attempted to put second coat on. Nozzle again had such bad overspray and leaking. 48 hours later and different brands of spray paint NOT from Lowes, we attempted to sand down bad paint...guess what? Wet paint! Do not waste your money on Valspar spray paint. Buy more of a brand name, respectable, spray paint. NOW we have to use paint remover because the paint will not dry and start from scratch.
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Valspar has great colors. The somewhat new twist cap is terrible and leaks and runs, all over your hands, everything.


Type your message here


Same thing. Unbelievable that a store, Lowe's, could carry hundreds of cans of this paint with the twist cap.

Half the can dripped from the top over my hands, project, pants and shoes.

Hole of opening is too small and I can't believe this ever made it to production and can't believe that lowers still sells it. I had no respect for Lowe's and especially don't now...


Same problem. Used on bar stools.

2 weeks later and sitting on them left an imprint in the paint.

We will need to strip and repaint. Do not buy.


Gotcha, bought two cans of Valspar spray Chalkboard paint, the worst *** I have EVER painted with! I was painting over a dark brown Masonite board to go in a frame, it was so grainy, blotchy mess. I do think you could write on it.


Valspar IS a very respectable Brand Name.


I had the same problem with flat black. Tried to sand it off, the paint was still wet.

This spray paint is absolute trash, save yourself the time and effort to remove it. Get sonwthibg else.


Again Dont buy the valspar paint! Ended the same trouble as Sta1taz did. Dry paint after 2 weeks was still tacky.


I'm an artist and picked up spray painting as a medium. I loved the variety of colours of Valspar, never had a problem with it or the paint (besides that it wasn't very opaque) i HATE the new caps!!!

its harder to press down and you can't switch or clean caps. being in potsdam, its nearly impossible to get good paint. i would rather drive (and have many times) to Syracuse to get Montana spray paint.

Krylon changed their caps, now valspar, Rustolium (don't quit on me!) doesn't have much of a selection for color choice, but its good paint. get Montana- best paint I've ever used.


Same problem as everyone else the *** twist cap dripped and the paint does not seem to be drying. I don't know what the solvent base is but it has to be the most noxious I've ever used.


Came across this forum wondering if I was the only person having these problems with the Valspar "safety" cap. I only bought it because Lowes was out of black satin Rustoleum.

The Valspar cost more and spray was very uneven (yes, the can is VERY well shaken). I am painting a fairly large piece so it is quite obvious. Found the Rustoleum at another Lowes.

Still works like spray paint should. BTW, I haven't had much luck with Rustoleum's trigger-type spray cans either, much the same as the Valspar, and price is much higher than the plain ol' spray can.


The new Valspar spray can is arguably the worst every invented. The top is supposed to twist to lock or unlock, but the cap interferes with the paint coming out of the nozzle and quickly builds up inside the twist cap until it starts to spatter out the front, and drip down your hand.

This is a stunning statement about Valspar as a company. If they are willing to go to market with a spray can this poorly designed, why should I trust that the paint they put in the can is any better?


I agree. I will never buy this product again.

I spent more time trying to clean up the drips from the can than I did spraying. I ended up stripping some of my work so I could put a decent finish on.

This applies to the primer also. On the other hand, I switched to Rustoleum 2X and it worked very well and helped me salvage my project.


The design of the can is terrible. 3 of the 4 cans I purchased made a plastic rubbing sound everytime you squeezed the nozzle.

This made for very difficult spraying. I ended up using both thumbs to get the paint out. One can was good so I swapped tops, but that soon died half way through the second can.

My hands are covered in white paint, overspray was bad.

The most frustrating thing is you cant pull the top off and use it with a handle trigger.

I'm going back to Rustoleum Painters touch. Better paint, better can.


I had the exact same experience as Sta1taz. After 48 hours the Valspar spray paint was not dry. I too am now forced to use paint *** because the still tacky paint can't be sanded down.


I'm baffled by these comments. I just used Valspar spray paint primer and gloss for painting 40 rowing oars and the reslt was incredible.

The safety cap worked great on all the cans. I had no drips or paint issues at all.

To others who have had issues with this paint being tacky or not drying - be sure the humidity levels are below 50%. that is probably the cause of your problems.


I am so bummed. My daughter and I went to put in a new mailbox and painted the pole to match the mail box.

Pain was runny, coverage was horrible. I had to wait for days to sand, then respray. Let it sit overnight, then wrapped the bottom of the pole in a paper towel, to avoid concrete splatter. Set the pole this morning, installed the box and decorative ring tonight.

Went to remove the paper towel, and it's stuck to the paint! I am so ticked off right now.

Don;t know what to do, don't know how to un-embed the towel. This just sucks.


so Valspar paint from Lowe's is bad? so I guess if you buy it from Walmart, it'll be so much better?

uh, no. all I'm saying is don't blame a store for a product that's sold at many other stores.


The SmartCap worked great for me, but like yours did, it still is has a tacky feeling. The directions on the can said to wait 30 to 40 minutes for drying, but on the website for this product it says wait 1 hour before it can be handled and 36 hours before spraying a second coat if needed. WTF???


No paint is that bad. I'm betting that you didn't follow the directions.


This new "easy spray cap" thing is the worst idea ever. Whenever someone tries to invent a better mouse trap, it is usually a bust.


My cap was AWESOME, but the paint was runny. They should put the cap on another brand.


SAME THING HERE!!! Tiger Striping, Paint Sputtering, too much finger fatigue. Whoever designed this should be FIRED!!!


You're ABSOLUTLY RIGHT. Don't waste your money on this paint. You will lucky to get through half the can before the nozzle sputters really bad!

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Lowes in Freeport, New York - Lowe's Veterans benefits

My father is a Veteran and entitiled to a 10% discount at Lowe's. Since there was nice weather 11/06/11, went to Lowe's - While waiting to be checked out, in order to receive the 10% Veterans discount, they need an "override" to do so. While waiting patiently, Sondra of the garden department who was standing around doing NOTHING came over and said aloud, "they need to do away with these Veteran's benefits" - it was very clear, there was no mistaking what she father served this county and was wounded in battle - we apologize we took and extra 5 minutes of Sondra's time, now she can again focus her energy on the empty store, she'll never see us again.
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I work at Lowes and about 70% of our customers are affiliated with the military since we are close to a military base.... we don't need an override because of this and I assure you that Lowes does not support that employee's opinion.

especially Store 2769.... please do not judge the whole company based on one interaction.... I always make it a point to make my customers fell like im their friend I have customers who have invited me to their kids birthday parties and even hug me when they see me.... I make it a point to look out for the customer even if it gets me in trouble....

and trust me it happens a lot.... im saddened to hear that a fellow Lowes employee conducted themselves that way.... for the record I work in the Garden center also and most of my favorite customers are military or are military spouses.... I want to wrap up my post by saying im sorry that Sondra said something soo inconsiderate and disrespectful.

I also want to thank your father for his service...


Lowes OSLG Cashier James G Porter

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Pushy lowes paint manager

I came into lowest store in oakpark heights mn #2315 and I wanted the valspar ultra premium paint and when the employee Megan which I guess is the paint manager took my paint order she insisted that I get the valspar signature paint I clearly stated No I want the cheaper valspar and that I do not like the signature paint she rolled her eyes and me and started mixing it in the signature paint anyway when another employee reminded her that she was mixing it in the wrong paint she gave them a nasty look and started whispering I refused to pay for the paint and ended up just leaving and having to postpone my project this is unacceptable!!!! My advice to lowest is to start choosing better employees
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Lowes in Washington, District Of Columbia - Kobalt Tools

I purchased a full set of lifetime warranty Kobalt mechanics tools and screw drivers from Lowes to have at a econd home. Up to this point I always bought craftsman. The first time I used the 3/8 ratchet wrench, it did not hold the socket. As luck would have it, I was working on a dock and had no other tool to use - the socket fell into the water and I am missing a 1/4" socket. Lowes would not exchange the rachet for a new one (like Sears has always done to honor their lifetime warranty) and they wanted no part of giving me a new socket. Also, the screwdriver have proven to be toys - the straight edge bends and the phillips strips. Today I am gathering all of my Kopbalt tools to return them - should be interesting to see how that goes. I will replace them with Craftsman - they look real good after this episode.
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I mentioned that IF there's a vrosien 2, the designers might try to build it with a one-handed mechanism if possible. Don't hold your breath, though, the driver is actually well optimized and probably won't see a significant revision for a long time if at all.

Kobalt will benefit much more if their engineers instead focus on designing a completely different mass-appeal hand tool for next year's Fall/Winter holiday shopping season.I'm sure that they must have thought of ways to make the screwdriver even better, but I can see several obstacles that led Kobalt's engineers to stop at the current design. Trying to implement an automatic mechanism that did not require two-handed operation, if even possible, could potentially increase costs substantially, result in excessive complexity, add to the tool's size/bulk. This is all of course assuming that there are no mechanical challenges to overcome.This is by no means a rushed tool, it feels complete and very well designed. Last year's Multi-Drive wrench also looked complete and well thought out as well.The driver is a bit front-heavy, with the center of mass at about where the user would hold onto the blue collar.

It is slightly awkward to operate the driver with two hands, but the speed advantage makes up for this unless high precision or torque is needed. The handle is plastic and mostly hollow, but some users will likely fill it with screwdriver bits for a more compact on-the-go package.


Here is an example of someone having more money to spend then brains to use. In fact, buying most anything at Lowes is a mistake, it is all "contractor grade" ***, aka "seconds" in the retail industry.

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Lowes and Home Depot - Bait and Switch

So we recently went to both Lowes and Home Depot to buy a 5ft sliding glass patio door. What I'm so pissed off about happened at both stores. You go in and all of their display patio doors are 5ft models. They clearly have a price tag of about $429 with the words In Stock. When we tried to actually order it, they told us they never stock 5ft doors, only 6ft doors and we'd have to order it. Ok, we'll have to wait two weeks which is not terrible. Then they say O, and because we have to order it, its now a 'special order' and the price is now close to $800 !!! How is this not false advertising !! This cannot be legal ! They bring you in the store with one price and then say they never stock them at that price and the actual price is almost double ! We found a 5ft door at a building supply company and paid the $429 like it was supposed to be. I will NEVER EVER go to these box stores again.
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Lowes in Bayside, New York - Hot water tank install

I purchased a40 tall hot water tank, when the subcontractor came to install the hot water tank they brought a short and proceeded to tell my wife a tall would not fit, when my wife explained that we ordered a tall and that is what we had they still explained it would not fit, not saying they did not even have the tall on the truck. Bait and switch, I would not recommend LOWES nor trust the subcontractors. We paid extra for a local plumber and they stated they cloud install the tall with no additional work, and stated our ceiling is 8'6".
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When I bought a 40 gallon hot water tank I paid $341 for the installation. Then when the installer came to the house he informed me I needed to pay an additional $369 in order to bring the tank up to "code" bringing the total up to $710.

I called the installation office at the Lowe's and told them that these surprise costs where wrong. I was told by the install office that the Diamond Co. charges $2500 to install a hot water tank so our prices were fair. I also had a toilet install the same day and the toilet tank wobbles back and forth.

When I pointed this out to the installer he told me to "be careful" and put a piece of styrofoam behind the tank. When I complained to install office about this I was told that the reason it wobbled was because the tank wasn't resting against the wall ?? From this time on I will not trust Lowe's installation and will never do business with any installer sent by Lowe's.

I really feel that I should have gone on Service Magic and gotten bids for the installation. The worst part of my working with Lowe's is feeling as if I have been taken advantage of and the regret that I trusted their company.

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Lowes -Bad Rug Purchase

We purchased a berber rug March 2011 that was advertised for HIGH TRAFFIC AREA. The area which it was installed is NOT a high traffic, a media room which is hardly used. It is fraying at the seems,has pulls and looks worn.We contacted Lowes and got the run around,they sent an inspector who alluded that we could hire him for a favorable review on our behalf. The manufacturer states they rug is fine based on this inspectors report. Lowe's will not stand behind the product. The store manager, Laurie Creek has not been helpful or apologetic. The warranty is not on the rug but on the installation which is not disclosed at time of purchase. We have a six months old rug that looks 10yrs old. I never expected this from Lowe's
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Share a bit more, please. The inspector would have worked for a contracting service via the manufacturer.

He sounds like a theif - report him and he'll get fired. As to the seams and pulls, what is the scenario with that room? If there are pets (claws), moving of very heavy furniture or electric wheelchairs involved, you don't have a leg to stand on.

Your installer (Lowe's) warrants the installation, the carpet manufacturer warrants the product. That being said, unless there are other issues that aren't revealed here, then keep pushing.

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