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Lowes customer service incompetence and lies

My GE oven melted during a selfcleaning. I was given an appointment for Monday afternoon. Lowes, and their contracted agency A& E confirmed several times a technition would be at my home by 5 pm. I was called at the end of the day to tell me they are overbooked and unable to send a technition. Despite several promises they would in fact be here or I would recieve a call in several minutes from a technition, that never arrived. I spoke with managers and executive assistants all of whom were patroniziing and ineffectual. I highly recommend people avoid shopping at LOWES, this is the worse customer service I have ever experienced.
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Massapequa, New York

Lowe's Newton NJ Management Sucks

I recently got married to my wife and received gift cards to Lowe's to design our new kitchen. When we asked the designer what we needed to do, all he said was fill out the design brochure with measurements. We gladly complied to this and returned with the measurements. These measurements included the measurement of our appliances. He designed our kitchen and ordered it. After discounts and gift cards, we were left with about $3,200. Four weeks later we received our cabinets. A few weeks later we got someone to install the cabinets, cheaper then what Lowe's would charge us. I gutted my kitchen; appliances, cabinets, floor and all. I installed a bran new hard wood floor and then got ready to install the new cabinets. My installer wanted to know why my fridge was 33' wide and the over the fridge cabinet was 30'. This cabinet was supposed to be big enough for my fridge and few extra inches for a "standard size fridge", I was told by the designer. The designer said that he would order a 36" over the fridge cabinet and replace three other cabinets now that they would stick out past the wall. He charged them to my lowes card and promised that the would come off later. I was told that he would put a rush on it for 7 to 10 days. 10 days later, no cabinets. Now told it would be three weeks. About the same time as a regular. Complained to the manager and he said that he didn't understand what the problem was and then told me that it was my fault because of my measurements. (?) I complained to KraftMaid and the could care less. After receiving my new set of 4 cabinets, I looked them over to find out the two out of four were correct. Two cabinets were shrunk in width and the lengthened in height. Time for another complaint. Now, these new cabinets take 5 weeks to come in. I'm told that they are customed maid in a shop by elves. (?) These two cabinets were charged to an in house Lowe's card. I am told that replacement's should be charged to an in house account. Two and a half months later my kitchen is done and now I am over charged on my Lowe's card. Two managers and they can't figure out what the problem is after five days of working on the problem. I am told what he can *** the receipt, but that is it. He can not tell me how much the kitchen cabinets cost now and how much I owe after paying $900 to the Lowe's card. Newton NJ Lowe's Store and Management sucks. The are retarded and don't know the left from right. You should at least know what is going on and have some sense of what is going on. I will respect what you can and can not do, but not that you are retarded and can't comprehend what the problem is. Fix the problem. Lowe's Corportate Office just forward your emails and phone calls to the local store. Then the store manager respond's with "I don't understand and don't know what I should do." When I tell my story to others, I am asked what the designers name is from Lowe's that desinged our cabinets. I tell them that his name is Russ and I get and oh "I have heard his name and this isn't the first time he has screwed up." This was heard from three people. One of these three people works fro KraftMaid. Other's just say that Newton NJ Lowe's screws up on cabinets all the time. They have no back up plan for when they screw and believe that it is never them.
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Please...nothing but problems. I ordered siding from Lowes.

It wasn't until after the installer started putting it on my house that we realized it was the wrong style. The best part is that the salesman took it upon himself to write the (incorrect) style on his copy of the executed contract and order accordingly. Was originally given an ETA of 4 weeks. It has been 10 days, and the only updates I get are when I call to follow up.

You are right about corporate. They got the assistant manager of the local store involved, which has proven to be little help. No follow up from corporate, either. I was offered a "deep discount" to keep what was delivered.

And hate my house every time I pulled in the driveway? No way. Plus, I had to argue to get gutters put back on my house, after my basement flooded.

As I said, nothing but problems. I am done with Lowes.


Sorry about your problems. Kraftmaid is so wonderful that they changed their policy about quick shipping replacement cabinets.

If they mess up they will expidite the pieces if the designer messes up they will not. Had this happen a couple months ago myself. Customer changed his mind on a corner cabinet decided they wanted the fully loaded model once the empty one arrived. I reordered customer paid the extra and kraftmaid gave me a 6 week lead time.

since the kitchen was ripped out I called kraftmaid service and got a rude lady who told me the policy changed and she cant help. I climbed to my rep and then his boss and got 2 weeks shaved off of the order but beware if you need something that is not their fault it will take full order time. As far as Russ I cant say he is a bad guy as I dont know him but what I do know is I was told a monkey could run the design computers when they cut our sales incentive. Perhaps he was tossed into the department after the real designer told the company to suck it.

Russ is likely poorly trained if he recieved any training at all.

They killed the training program 7 years ago and everything is done on a training computer most unhelpful.

Good luck to you sir. I'm sorry that the company has put a black mark on what should be a joyful time in your life.

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Newton, New Jersey
New Reviewer

Where is it made! Lowes!

I've been on line researching a patio bench from Lowes. Do you think I could find any info on where the product was made. Of course not, probably just China, cheap is money in their pocket. BTW, there was no place that you could email a complaint unless you signed in. I don't want to be a customer so hopefully more people will see this complaint! I am so tired of supporting an industrial nation that doesn't support us. We need world trade but let's trade with people that are willing to trade back with us.
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Anyone know how pay rate advisor works? Been a dept mgr 4 years over toe depts, recently found out others who were promoted a yr and half ago making 4 dollars more an hour.

One hired from seasonal to dept mgr 8 mos ago making more an hour.

Was told by hr that thousands in same boat as myself, company figured we would leave, so supposed to be running those affected thru pay rate advisor but no idea when. Was also told they started doing this 3 yrs ago


Most of their cr@p is made in Asia, of course--more profits for Lowes. However they do not permit you to mention where anything is made if you are foolish enough to try and review a product on their site.

In fact, Lowe's rejects reviews when there have been too many negative posts on any given product. They don't want their sales to suffer, after all!


Most of their cr@p is made in Asia, of course--more profits for Lowes. However they do not permit you to mention where anything is made if you are foolish enough to try and review a product on their site.

In fact, Lowe's rejects reviews when there have been too many negative posts on any given product. They don't want their sales to suffer, after all!


If you're buying a patio bench for a hundred bucks of course it's made overseas. Otherwise go pay 300-500 bucks for a real one from a local shop.


You're a *** ***..

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San Clemente, California
New Reviewer

This is so hard on people.

To hear this creates such Stress on people. One of my comrads was in a Lowes store recently and she heard of this and this fellow was saying they just took away 30% of his earnings, and he can't pay his mortgage. She shared with him a solution and how he could resolve it. He was open to hearing anything what does he do?, work the weekends as well. I feel badly for these people. It's a shock. If anyone wants to chat, maybe I can give you some ideas to help you work it out. Best Wishes, Mary
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I find it amusing to hear about not following up with your customers and not caring. First off, you folks do nothing more than stand at terminals ignoring customers in other departments.

You don't do any recovery in departments, and most of all, you hardly follow up with customers anyway. Trust me, I have taken many complaints related to you people not following up. You are in the 90% pay scale so do us a favor and quite so we can find someone else who cares.

Good luck finding the same job with the same pay. :cry


They still want sales number and are coming up with new and more politically correct ways to threaten us. At this point I really dont care what they do.

I sold all my Lowes stocks and put the money in a safe fund. There is enough to pay off all of my bills House car etc. So bring it Niblock go on can the specialists. I really dont care any more.

Too many years of headaches. I can assure you the days of pushing to be in the regional 25 are over. No more after work stops, No more calling customers, If they buy they buy I will give them the best deal I can but I wont badger them anymore. Hire some telephone operators to do that Im done.

As for the customers out there. Dont expect us to sit with you for hours changing your kitchens around while you sip your stinking coffee.

I am presenting 2 designs from here out. Ofcourse they can be tweeked but I am done with doing interior designer work for big box software operators pay....


Yep....That's right. Back in mid-Febuary all of Lowes kitchen, flooring and appliance Specialists were given just 3 DAYS NOTICE that they would not be paid commission/SPIFFS on any sales made.

This move is to supposedly make all employees equal.

It's all part of the company's philosophy of "Me to We". Isn't that actually a form of Communisim?

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Vancouver, British Columbia
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Veterans discount

bought a stove, denied the dd214 with photo valid license that we always used, had to get an id from the veterans agency, new rule. ok...got photo id from our county veterans agency...talked to corp. and was told once we received the veterans id they would give the discount on prior purchase of stove and that would be sufficient for the 10%. well, got the id, and after i was told there would be no problem with the discount to go to cust. service and they would give it to me..not to my surprise was humiliated and talked down to and we were not going to get it..now a twit said it has to be a green card. lol my husband a vietnam vet, born in the us and have to have a green card. well, after this they can keep the discount, lost a loyal customer. I feel if Lowes can't stand behind their veterans, the veterans can't stand behind them....
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Albany, New York
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Lowes delivered a floor model for what should have been new.

Lowes Clinton Twp. Mi. On 3-27-12 I paid for full price a brand new lawn tractor $2K. As the sales guy wrote it up I verified with him that this was new in the box and he agreed that only if I had needed that day might I have to take a floor model. I was not in a rush and said they could ship it anytime. On 4-1-12 tractor waas delivered and taped to the front was the sales invoice and in big bold letters was Floor Model and It was the floor model I sat on 3-27-12 I'm positive. Delivery guys said I had to take it up with the store., so I called and the ast. manager I spoke with said that they had none in stock then so they sent the floor model and said they do this all the time. My repley was well you should have called and asked, I paid for new not a floor model. I then asked what my floor price would be and there was no floor price, they did say they would exchange it for a new one when they get them in. What is this some kind of Aprial Fools, I waiting for them to exchange the floor model for the new one i ordered.
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I had problems with Lowes on my mower purchase. I contacted corporate and ended up with a much better model than I bought.

Local Lowes do not care about your complaint, but corporate does! Contact corporate and see if the local Lowes gets an attitude adjustment. I had to go this route several times.

Now, Lowes take notice of me when I enter. I now get the service I expect as a consumer.


When dealing with high gas prices and limited time frames, deliverys are often made with product unboxed ( no hauling trash) . Just because you cant see the box doesn't mean it wasn't there.

A good way to make sure if you feel people would cheat you, is to ask the salesmen at the time of purchase that you want the items boxed or crated. Now remember, in certain cases, like 2k riding mowers, if you get a crated item it will be unassembled and you will need to go back to the store and purchase tools to put it together.

Which might be worth it, if you feel they have actually used the mower to mow any grass in the store. Also, you can also get a discount if you ask, since the packaging is always the most important part of a new purchase


I got to experience the "April Fools" joke too unfortunately but mine was worse :/ hahaha

I ordered 4 kitchen appliances and washer and dryer. When they delivered the appliances supposedly they have to open the items and check it at the site for liability purposes. After supposedly 2 people checked the items... they bring me a used washer, manufactured defect Fridge and a dented stove. On top of that the delivery guys assured me it was new product but removed the covers in the back of the truck like I’m a two year old that doesn’t understand what is going on. The only item that weren’t opened was the dishwasher and the microwave which was opened in front of me and surprise surprise the microwave and dishwasher were NEW.

Prior to the shipment I called and talked the manager at the store and he assured me that he personally picked the items. Yeahhhh picked the returned and defective to be sent to my house. Also don’t bother talking to store assistant manager because they have all the excuse in the book.

I went straight the District Manager/Marketing Manager and she is going to resend the appliance and also mentioned if they can’t delivery new items that I could take my business elsewhere. I demanded the stuff not be opened until it’s in my house and to not to waste my time/energy or their time. I will see what happens....

BEWARE other Lowes costumers when purchasing any appliance demand the item be opened in front of you and don’t bother trusting the third party delivery guys either because everyone is working together. This is not like a 2 dollar item that you should be cool about it ...I paid for new items… how hard is it to deliver that???

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Canton, Michigan
Lowes Manager
New Reviewer

Installers never showed up

I went in to the Amherst, NH Lowe's last week and purchased a Samsung Washer and dryer set for about 1450 dollars. I went with Lowe's because the price seemed decent and I had a Lowe's credit card. I never purchased anything really big from Lowe's so this was the first experience where I really needed some customer service. I scheduled delivery for March 28th. My 4 hour window was 8 to noon. At 9:30 the delivery people show up and determine that I need the a stackable kit which they didn't have and I needed to order. (OK perhaps my mistake, it would have been nice for them to ask.) We rescheduled for the next day and the delivery guy said he would try to get me first thing in the morning. I get the call and they (of course) make my 4 hour window from noon to 4:00PM. I am paid by the hour and work 1 hour from home, so I left work early (like a sucker) to make sure I was home by noon. Each hour passes and at 4:00PM nobody had shown up. I then called the delivery line at the store and the women told me their was some truck problem but she assured me they were on the way and would call me back with the time, she just needed to call the drivers. She never called back I called several more times and she said that the phones were not working properly and she was unable to contact the drivers but just keep waiting...(OK. I am only so much of a sucker) at this point I was pissed having already spent 1450 dollars plus losing 250 dollars in wages for a half-day. I then drove to the store and got a refund. No manager or customer service rep did anything (no apology) they just robotically refunded the money. I then called the Lowe's customer service department which is another block,stall, delay tactic. I called the Lowe's credit department and canceled the credit card. I won't be needing it again. The local guy P.E. Fletcher will match the price and they are a locally owned store. Lowe's closed some store recently in N.H. and I can see why. I will vote with my dollars and hope the Amherst, N.H. store closes as well. Goodbye Lowe's one more lost customer.
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search you tube lowes forklift tragedy and be glad they did not show up


be glad they didn't come....trust me

search you tube for forklift tragedy and you will understand that statement

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Nashua, New Hampshire
Lowes Delivery Service
New Reviewer

Lowes Customer Service NOT Returning Phone Calls

They dodge our calls regarding a warranty issue with our Granite. Left messages and they do not respond. What do we do now? This is a very expansive problem and nobody is helping us. If we don't resolve this issue, we will be contacting the BBB. Maybe this will get a response. We spend a lot of $ at Lowe's and are very disappointed. If I could give two names of the CS reps that we were refereed to I would. LOWE'S CALL US PLEASE!!! We need to get this problem resolved so that we can move forward with our next project.
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Just return it and go to home depot



Need to know what the problem is? Which Granite?

Sensa or Stone works. Store purchased from? Color?

And what is the issue? I can get you to the right person but need this info to help you.

This employee will help!


I cannot get into world class solitare and a few other games...have tried and tried...this should not be happening...when is the problem gonna be fixed?

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Mooresville, North Carolina
Lowes Warranty
New Reviewer

Lowes product and service

For over three years I have written and sent pictures of the carpet Lowes installed that is bulging in many places. I asked for the money back so I could hire someone to fix it. They want to have the people who tried four times to fix the problems come out again. I said no. they have not responded to my request or even sent a reply. This company is a scam, and I and my sons, all of whom have been redoing their homes, have not gone back to Lowes since this started. Tp not even have a respond is a sign of a cmpany that does not care.
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really 3 years. get real. I dont know a company that would back you after that long


We have over three years contacted everyone from the store manager, district, corporate, sent letters and pictures. So, all those who are replying obviously are working for Lowes, If so tell them to check there mail since I sent several pictures and nothing. They are the lowest of corporations.



I would strongly suggest calling the store manager one more time on this issue. Ask him for his market directors number and his regional installed sales manager.

He will either crack at this point or will hand over the numbers. Start with the regional installed sales manager making sure you have the reciepts and or po number so they can track the original order. If the regional installed sales manager refuses to help phone the market director.

At this point they will likely help you out (sadly enough just to make you go away). One thing the store manager does not want is his bosses to get involved.


To Are You Real?

Yes, indeed, I am real. For 3 years I have been attempting to resolve this issue.

Trust me, I did not wake up 3 years after the carpet was installed and suddenly notice that it had been poorly installed. Lowe's sent people out three times in the first 6 months to review the poor install--the ripples had begun within weeks of the installation. This is my fourth house, and I have had carpeting installed in each of my houses.

Never have I had such a poor result. And nver would I go back to Lowe's for anything else.


You had a 1 year warranty on the carpet and 3 years later you are expecting your money back? Just trying to get my head stuffed up my rear far enough to see the point of this complaint... Lowes warrants the install for 1 year.


Contacted everyone and even the contractor...nothing....they are the worst. How can you work for a company that has not moral ground?


Call the corporate offices if the store is not resolving it in an acceptable manner. They are usually pretty helpful, and want to make it right.

As far as the store goes, it's probably a matter where they have an installer who isn't any good, and they're fighting with him because they'll take a double hit. They buy the product, pay him to do it right, and he won't.

Now you want your money back, and the installer isn't giving them their money back so... yea.


call corporate everyday

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Chandler, Arizona
Lowes Installation
New Reviewer

Impact windows

I purchased impact windows on 1/4/2012 and still do not have them finished.First they pulled the permit for the incorrect address.After calling for a week they final sent someone to fill it out correctly. Had a person install them only to fail. They did not use the bucks correct.As stated in the permit from the city. One window was bent. The inspector said they need to change it out and the have not because Lowes doesn't want to pay for the new window saying it is the manufacturers fault.Now i am to wait till it is settled. It shouldn't matter to me. They should finish and deal with that on their own. They have commercials that say how much customer service they have but yet to give me any. Do not use them. All i want is to be finished.
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Next time try Storm Tight Windows, we are very satisfied with the installation and service.

#308073 Review #308073 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Tamarac, Florida

No VA discounts

I have done a lotg of business with Lowes and I've been pleased until today. When I was told that they have stop the Vetrians discount. All my business will go to Home Depot. I was told that they still do discounts for disabled vetrians. Glad I am not disabled or I would not have a need to purchase building and gardeing material. I would think that Lowes would be more receptive to the Vetrians who have give their service to our great country. I am sadden to see this come from such a good company or what I thought was a good company.
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I have never had a problem getting a 10% discount with my card the only time that Lowes did not give me a discount was on a already reduce item. They have always honored the military and my service.

Better luck next time. USMC


The 10% off is good year round to active members of the military and their imediate families. For Memorial weekend and 4th of July weekend it then is allowed for retired,disabled,and honorably discharged vets with either a dd214 or vet card.

That is the policy. On a side note however it must be a store by store deal as my store will give it all year long as long as you have the ID. The store you shopped at must be run by a real by the book *** who never put his life on the line for the rest of us to be free.


I wish I was in that store someones *** would be on the floor for this stunt towards a person of honor! THANK A VET!!!!

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Fort Mill, South Carolina
New Reviewer

Faulty flooring !

I purchesed laminate flooring and installation at LOWES about 6 years ago. The floor boards are seperating . My guess is improper installation the main guy that knew what he was doing showed up after most of the floor was down.Now LOWES doesn't want to fix it and the company KRONOTEX laminate flooring won't do anything either ! Even though their is a 20 year warrenty on the flooring. Looks like LOWES and KRONOTEX warrenties are not worth the paper they are written on !Both companies won't accept the blame,they keep trying to pass it off on the other one.While I'm here with gaps in my floor !!!
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The problem isn't that simple. First, the flooring is considered sub-standard by numerous installers.

Second, the separation is more likely caused by defective and cheap locking mechanisms. The installer realistically could have damaged the joints by tapping too hard to get the boards to lock. Moisture generally will cause peaking and cupping between joints and is very obvious to a trained eye. Next time don't settle for inexpensive flooring and surely don't use Lowe's.

They recently decided to use large installation companies which do not provide the same level of craftsmanship or professionalism as the individuals once did who actually had reason to do a great job. Their name was attached to the install and they had to guarantee their work.

Looks like Lowe's is turning into their competition who struggles to get good people based on pay. Remember, you get what you pay for.


Your complaint is amusing to say the least. The store does not honor the warranty they mearly sell the product.

Further you dont have a material or even an installation issue. you have a moisture problem High or low humidity either one can cause failure of floating floor seams.

The warranty is for workmanship or defects in the material. This does not include neglect.


I figured something out the inspector said the house was to damp. Now KRONOTEX says it's to dry.All that tells me is pride in American workman ship is gone.And nothing will be fixed now they have my money.And the 20 year warrenty means nothing !


fair product , sounds like your house is to dry . read up on humidity levels it will help you out . may take a few weeks or so but it will go back .


There was no high humidy problem ! In fact when the inspecter looked under the house the ground was dusty and the house is not in a flood zone,In fact it has been so dry here this area is in a drought zone here and it has been that way for the last decade.

Humidy and water is not our problem. Faulty work by the installers is the problem


Did you say gaps in the floor? Installed 6 years ago?

Whats the problem? Why dont you get educated on the affects of high humidity and the lack there of, or just "site related" Issues.

what did the floor look like when it was first installed? Just curious.

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Conway, South Carolina
Lowes Installation

Lowe's attempts prostitution to make a sale.

First to explain, I head up a Contractor's Network through my church in Kennesaw, GA. We in the congregation take things such as integrity, honesty, and fidelity VERY seriously. Every wedding, baptism, and funeral is a community event and all of those who work with us are members of our church, or friends of members of our congregation of like faith and belief. The actions of a woman at the Lowe's location I will mention, and the action/inaction of the location AND corporate management afterward has ruined the reputation of this company for good. One afternoon in mid to late February, an associate of mine and I visited Lowes #0615,10580 Duke Dr., in Alpharetta, GA to compare prices on materials for a major project my contractor network was to start within the next couple of weeks. Since this particular location was closest to one of the job sites (there are three sites in all for the same client), we went in to do our research. As my associate went to cover a different department, I went directly to Commercial Services. I was met by Amanda - who WAS knowledgeable in what I was looking for. However, when I stated that we were there for comparative shopping and not to buy at that moment, she became quite irritated, pushy to secure and make the sale then and there, and very rude. My associate finished his rounds and joined us as I was explaining (for the third time) that I was only there to gather information. It was then and there when Amanda leaned in and asked "What would it take to get you to secure your purchase here, today, and now? I'll do anything to ensure you both leave happy and with everything you'd both want as men." I excused myself and suggested that it was time to leave. As we walked away, I overheard this woman utter an expletive that was directly related to what she intended to do to secure the sale. A few moments later, while we were in the parking lot, I answering a phone call and my associate looking up our next destination, Amanda made a point to drive her vehicle past us, wave an obscene hand gesture at us, then speed away. A couple of days after, I tried phoning the store manager to file a formal complaint. I was left on hold for about fifteen to twenty minutes, then rudely asked for my phone number and what exactly the nature of the call was. After I gave the specifics, I was then hung up on and never heard back. I then e-mailed Customer Service via the address on the Lowe's website. That was two weeks ago. I have since been asked to repeat my story THREE times to three different individuals and then asked to provide all sorts of unnecessary information that has nothing to do with my complaint. It's obvious that, in spite of all the complaints online in dozens of sites such as this, that Lowe's doesn't care about customer satisfaction or the damage their employees are doing to a company with an already tarnished reputation.
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There isn't even anyone by the name Amanda employed at that store.


Now that's what I call employee commitment.

Are you reallllllyyyyyy sure it happened like that? Or, where the fires of *** barking at your door for learing a bit to much in her direction!

Or, perhaps you did a 'Jim Baker', and need to humiliate her because she refused your advances?

Very improbable.


I'm sure if the associate's name was Bob and he asked what would it take to close the sale, you would tell him about the fires of h e l l that await homosexuals.


Yes it is standard proceedure for people like amanda to suggest her body for a sale. It is part of the training in the retail model.

"If the customer is fact finding get rude then run out a jump in your car and fly them the bird while speeding" That was the first policy they make them sign.

Handed down by the head pimp and ceo of the south side. For being with a church you sure are a good story teller.


Your assumptions of Amandas are untrue. All she wanted to do was secure a sale.

If it meant giving you a discount, talking to the store manager to get a deal set up depending upon how much you were purchasing, etc.

She is there to do a job and nothing else. Get your mind out of the gutter and grow up.

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Atlanta, Georgia

Lowes offers Sorry Service

Our 18 month old washer tore up. The tub bearing went out, which should be a fairly common part....no big deal. We purchased the extended warranty, so we went through the Lowes Extended Warranty Division to get service. The local service place came out, diagnosed the problem and said they would order parts. Two weeks later...and 3 hours late for the appointment, they show up with the wrong part. I spent 53 minutes on the phone with Lowes and still have no answer as to when my washer will be fixed. We have been down for 3 weeks. I will not buy any appliance from Lowes again and I will tell all my friends to do the same.
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SO I am a frist time home buyer we bought a one bedroom condo with my gf,,, super excited about fixing it up, we hired a contractor great person works with his father, recommend us to lowes he goes all the time this lowes in about a 6o mile trip round trip I AM NOT FALTING HIM AT ALL!! WE LOVE HIM,, he took the mesaurments he went to lowes talk with jerry in kitchen then we got a call to come down to design them we were excited, but when we got their jerry was sooo confused about the measurments!!! that it was a waste of time got adhold of the contractor he came bye to our home we went over the measuremtns he then went to lowes and re did the measurments then we traveld all the way back the seconad guy was ok,, I use to work for werner enterprise hauling the cabinets i was excited my gf was excited to get that lowes DREAM OF KITCHEN NEVER HAPPEND,, we pick out the cabinets and a counter top,, we didnt order it that day we wanted to go home and talk it over, rember i live in condo about 10 cabinets,, a week later we went back to lowes jerry was working he cant work the computer and two week later jerry called and told us what colour did u pick out??? we travled all the way out their to talk with them that same hour the counter top people called said it will be in torm deliverd jerry said i put it in the computer for delivery at around the time of the cabinets now my condo is in a complety dister zone that i gotta wait other 4 week for cabinets !
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I can feel your pain. I went to Lowe's as well.

I paid their professional to come out and measure my kitchen they measured wrong.

I have not had a kitchen since August 15th. I can feel your frustration and I didn't use a Lowe's in NJ I used the store in MA


I actually got a little nauseous trying to read your post. Seriously, what language is that in?

Next time arrange for a professional to do the measurements, or even Jerry. If your skills with numbers are on par with English, I can see why he had such a hard time.

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