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Did not allow credit card discount on special order | Lowes review from Dallas, Texas

I applied for a Lowes credit card. The brochure states that you will get a 5% discount. It has exceptions, but those exceptions do not include special orders. I call it "bait and switch." I ordered a bath fixture and went to pay for it and did not get the 5% discount. The store manager said that the 5% does not apply to special orders even though it is not stated at an exception in the advertisement for applying for the card. My only option is to go to small claims court and get some kind of satisfaction with this complaint.
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Target Red Card is 5% immediate discount - on sale msde or not. When I use Visa MC AEX Discover Card etc.

I get my reward whether or not the item is on sale. But I guess since my large window order is 15% off this month it is really only 10% off.

So there is no incentive to use their card and I won't.


I find you amusing to say the least. Have you been through a small claims process with a large corporation?

Their attorneys would use your court documents as toilet paper.

You also would be wasting 4-5 hours of your life for absolutly nothing. Let it go flyboy go get a refund and go elsewhere.


Special orders are definitely included for the 5% off, except for Electrolux or Fisher Paykel appliances. As someone else stated, any discounted item won't qualify for 5% off.'re seriously thinking of going to small claims for a 5% off discount? Wow. Get a life.


Yes, that is the company line, however, it is not what is advertised on the brochure offering the discount when one uses the Lowes credit card.



Special orders are included unless the price was already discounted. For instance if the fixture was normally $300.00 and they are running a 10% off of that item then you would not get the 5% However if you bought the item at full price you indeed should get the 5% off.

Our systems are set up not to offer it though on a previous discounted item. Double dipping. Sorry for the problem.

Special order items are included though. That manager needs to read up on policy

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Hiring Practices | Lowes review from Tyler, Texas

Don't ever apply for a position at Lowes in Ruston Louisiana. There Human Resource Manager is a racises againsdt whites. My son was told he had a position, full time at this store. Over the course of two and a half weeks he was drug tested twice, given a name tag, locker and vest. He reported to work every day at the time this 23 year old kid who was the Human Resource Manager told him to be there, Jacoby is his name, and half the time he was never there. I guess he works only two dasys a week. After chasing him down, my son was old he did not have a job. The position was given to a black man. I went to the store to speak with Jacoby about what was going on, and was told he was not at work, what else was new. This nice young department manager was kind enough to get in touch with Jacoby and let me speak with him. To no avail I still to this day do not have an answer to why the position was never given to my son, but to a black man. Upon leaving the store the nice young man informed me we where the wrong color. "Lowes in Ruston only hires blacks. " I have done a lot of business at Lowes over the years, and having my own business in Ruston, I will be telling every one never to shop at Lowes again.
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Lowe's Next day delivery JOKE!!! | Lowes review from Atlanta, Georgia

Purchased a Whirlpool side by side on Saturday, they wouldn't deliver until the following Saturday (& we live in a small town). That's one week not next day. So, my husband and I couldn't wait and rented a Uhaul. We have 3 kids, one that needs refrigerated medication. Brought the fridge home in the Uhaul on Sun, husband and neighbor scratched the top of the fridge door bringing it in (never would have happened if their people delivered it next day) So Lowe's contacts me with an offer of a $50 gift card. What about the $100 for the Uhaul, $600 for a new door since it was scratched? You say "next day" delivery...joke! Never again will I purchase from them I am beyond pissed and unsatisfied.
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If it says next day, it should mean next day! They had medical needs.

Can you people read Or are some of these commentors complete idiots? I think the latter.


You have some nerve. Your husband damaged something and you expect the store to pay for it?

Be thankful you got the $50. I would not have given you squat


OK so they told you before you paid for it that it would be 1 week before they could deliver right? Its their fault you decided to rent a Uhaul?

and YOU scratched it and you blame them? I suppose you are one of the "people of walmart" get a life.

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Lowes Gift Card

Lowe's inferior Installers | Lowes review from Columbia, South Carolina

Update by user Mar 29, 2012

Since my complaint about my Lowes doors I received my money back from Lowes in full, but they never paid for the damage they did to my door opening. I also received a call from the Presidents office and all they were concerned about if I signed a release, which I did, once I did I could not sue them or the contractors working for them.

It did not say I could not make sure others did not hire Lowes for their installations. Mr. Niblock\'s office wanted to know what they could do better to improve their installation process. 1st thing they need to fire all the contractors working for them.

The contractor that messed up my door openings was 3G\'s, I understand they took a 48 hr. construction course where the instructor builds up the contractor. The Last contractor here from Lowes was Mac Renovations. He did not know how to test if the doors were plumb or square.

How he does it if the door does not move after installation when you open the door then it is plumb and square. It is obvious Mac Renovations learned his trade from a strap hanger. The manufacturer includes instructions with all doors one must read them inorder to have a properly fitting door. Needless to say my french door is not in the opening plumb and square because it wobbles and rattles.

It sounds like Mac Renovations and 3G\'s needs to find a new line of work. They are not quality contractors, if they were they would not be working for Lowes.

Original review posted by user Feb 27, 2012

I purchased 2 sets of doors from Lowe's March 17, 2011. Contractor # one was fired because he was high on drugs. Contractor # 2 took out part of the door frame and header on my front door and all the frame work on the french doors. neither door fit right because of this. They had to come back and install 3 more sets of doors, which were still not right. So Lowes sent contractor # 3 out with 2 more doors, he did a half decent job except the door frames were never rebuilt properly. The front door was a shorter door than the original opening, the threshold had a bow in it so the contractor built the floor up to meet the bow in the threshold so I now have a half moon threshold. The french doors were in crooked, but solid in the opening. I had Lowe's upper mangement and reliabuilt mfg. a warrenty people here and they all agreed the door was not in the opening properly. So Lowe's sends contractor # 4 with 2 more sets of doors for the front and back. He could not get the french door in as he is drilling the door to the frame work and house the frame is falling out and the screw is going every which way. He never checked the opening or frame to see if they were plum and square. I asked if he was and he told me he did not need to. The door handle on the french door was never installed properly and I landed up getting locked out because the outside handle turned 180 degrees up or down. I had to call a lock smith to get me back into my house, this cost $60. The Locksmith said the contractor did not install the handle correctly After 11 doors and 11 months later, Lowe's gave me my money back. Lowe's never paid me for the damage contractor did to my home. Buyer beware, DONOT use Lowe's installers.
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so lowes don't care about their good door installers they let them go only to hire installers that do more stores so they don't have to deal with to many installers but what lowes doesent realize is its the little guys that built them like me for ten years with a 100% rating too bad lowes im doing just fine on my own now

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No customer service | Lowes review from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

On 2/27/12 at 1:15 p.m. at the Seaford Lowes on Rt 13, in Seaford, DE, after looking at bathroom vanities for 20 minutes not one sales associate came to ask if I neded any help. This was on a Monday afternoon and the store was not busy. A male and female associate stood around joking with each other but no one approached me to ask if I needed assistance - which I did. A woman shopping alone doesn't get any help because a man is not accompanying her? I was looking to remodel a bathroom with installation to be completed by Lowes. Now I am determined to go elsewhere. You just lost a good customer.
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So instead of saying to the folks at the service desk could I get assistance in aisle 22 you approach with a nasty attitude and start giving a cashier *** about something they cant help. You are a typical jackwad.

Take your money to so and so. Who really cares about your whimpering and bawling!!

I want I want every *** day then you got the nuts to *** online about it. You disgust normal hard working sales people.

Put yourself in the poor saps shoes that has to stand there and take your *** all day long. Stop being so needy and ask for help instead of expecting someone to wipe your nose for you.


I'm with Maduda. If I was a man standing there looking at mowers I probably would have seen a red apron.

Nope. I guess they don't think that women are capable of making high end purchases without a man. Actually, I don't believe that, I believe their customer service stinks no matter what sex you are. They lost my $1500 or more of business tonight at the Lowes in Auburn, NY.

I even stopped at Customer Service while the two young people were chatting and told them because they had no one around they just lost my business. I don't have a problem asking someone for help, if I could find someone within 7 aisles of the mowers. It's a beautiful spring day, 80 degrees in NY on March 19th, wouldn't you have someone strolling around the mower section to wait on people? Did the customer service people stop me and apologize and say they will get someone to help me asap?

Not a chance. I headed for Home Depot, I guess it just wasn't my night to purchase mowers, their customer service people must have been taking a siesta with the Lowes employees.


All Lowes Specialists are delibritly doing a work "slow-down" and not dealing with customers. This is because they are mad that they got 3-days notice back in mid-February that they wouldn't be making commission any more and just getting paid hourly.

So don't be surprised if you see Lowes employees just milling around, and not asking customers if they need help! :p :roll :p :roll


Cry me a river sister. Have you ever heard of "excuse me sir or miss" service is gonna be hard pressed in a lowes anymore anyhow.

Just exactly why do you thing people in the store were put there to kiss your hind end and chase you down? We are not. Use some common sense.

Ask... Oh and now I suppose you will tell me just how much money you spent there last year..


I work for LOWES and as sales specialist I like to let customers look around in my dept. before I approach them and ask if they need any help or have questions.

I get brushed off with the stink eye more often than not.

so i will continue to do things my way and chance running into you, I see people like you everyday... sad isnt it.


Why did you not go shopping with a parent. That way they could have said excuse me Maduda is my seven year old daughter/son and he would really like some help.

If you are actually an adult why did you not go and ask for help?

They are not mind readers you know. Some people get offended when they are asked for help, act as if they are accused of stealing.

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Lowes Installation

Store attendant pissed me off | Lowes review from Austin, Texas

I went to the lowes store at IH35 so & Stassney located in Austin,Tx. I was carrying my 6.5 lb. dog in my arms,as it was very warm outside. When I went to leave, I was confronted by a fat eldery hispanic lady, and told that my dog was not allowed in the store!! She showed me a paper sign that someone made on a computer. I told her that it was not a company notice and that I would not honor it because I knew Lowes was a animal friendly store. She told me that I would not be allowed in the store in the future, I told her to just give me a refund and I would take my business down the road to Home Depot !!!She began to mumble some sort of *** and I said for her to f___k herself and left.. At what point did Lowes change their policy on pets ?? I did go to 2 other stores and there was no kind of notice posted
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I would love to take my German Shepherds to the store but they aren't service dogs so I know they aren't allowed and therefore I don't put people in the position of having to tell me to take my dog out of the store and you shouldn't have either


You knew it was hot when you left with the dog and sorry but dogs don't belong in stores not all of us appreciate having to deal with animals, good or bad they smell bad when hot. :roll


WOW, why was it necessary to say FAT ELDERLY HISPANIC and for her to go F_ _ _ herslef, sounds like there was really no good way to approach you because you just don't like rules. Sorry but most people would understand, its their business and they have the right to inforce the rules like it or not. :p


They Kicked You Out Cuz Your A F**ckin ***.


What! No doggy valet!

Unless it's a Petco, or, your blind, the dog statys outside. With an attitude and language like yours, the other stores probably didn't want to approch you!

Way to resolve the situation in a reasonable manner.


Fat hispanic? You are a rude little person.

Dogs are not allowed in stores unless they are a service animal. Do you take your dog to the corner cafe for lunch?

Didnt think so. So leave the yappy mutt at home and stop moaning about it.


why do people feel the need to bring an animal to the store? what if they chew up something or pee/*** on something?

I'm sure you're the type of *** to argue that you shouldn't have to pay for damage that your pet caused if it happened. you'd tell your dog to pay them in doggy treats. the only animals that should be allowed in a store are service animals. get a life and stop harassing employees just because you can't bring your little dog in the store.

and it's a 6lb dog? what is it, one of those little dogs that fits in your pink purse?


I work for LOWES, official store policy is we allow service animals only, however, its up to store management as to if they are going to honor this policy,At my store we welcome dogs of all shapes and sizes, service or non service. Most people enjoy the animals and we have had minimal confrontations.


Lowes has had a long standing policy that ONLY trained assistance dogs are allowed in the store at any time. No store has any signs that say they welcome dogs.

You are wrong. And you should not be in public if you wish to act like this.


"I went to the lowes store at IH35 so & Stassney located in Austin,Tx. I was carrying my 6.5 lb.


I can stop here and assume you think you are special. Everyone knows you cannot do this. And if you happen to have a dog with you, and it's hot outside, you simply do not go in the store. You drop the dog off at home and go later.

You should not have a dog. You think the rules do not apply to you. Guess what?

They do. :cry :cry :cry

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Lowes in Williamsville NY provided an inferior product (Masonite) rather than the Reliabilt door purchased. The difference being the warranty. Reliabilt comes with a full and inclusive warranty and Masonite comes with a minimal warranty and excludes glass coverage,...
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We special ordered Reliabilt interior doors, we were told they were solid wood, NOT! Particle board and laminated.

Now the laminate is bubbling and delaminating. Would not recommend this product!

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Lowes Warranty

Horrible valspar paint | Lowes review from Atlanta, Georgia

My husband and I purchased Valspar low odor one coat paint to paint our small den. The smell is horrible! It also does NOT cover in one coat. The den was antique white, and we went to a desert color which is at least two shades darker than the previous paint color. It took two full coats to cover these walls. We will never purchase this paint again! Lowes needs to check these complaints out! We did talk with the manager at Lowes in the Greer store, and she said they had had no complaints. I will now inform her of this website!
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I am sorry to hear about your experience with our products. I would like to assist both you with the problems you are experiencing. Please contact me directly at or by phone at 978-463-2412. I look forward to working with you.

Thom Dunne

Consumer & Customer Relations Manager


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Lowes Manager

Valspar Paint problems | Lowes review from Boise, Idaho

Valaspar is the worst paint in the world. The primer is now leaking through the paint. How this is possible after the primer took over a week to dry is beyond me!! Takes forever to dry, and as the light blue paint dries, it looks like freckles. Their are tiny little blue specks that have appeared. I used the paint within minutes of buying it, and having Lowes mix it in their mixer. It looks as though the color pigment does not mix well in the paint. I could not believe how many complaints are in the internet about Valspar paint. Learn and live. I have not asked Lowes about it, but what do you want to bet, they will tell me, "Oh no, never heard one bad thing about it." Blow me!!! I have never written anything bad on this site, however, this really has me pissed.
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I am having problems with Valspar exterior semi gloss white paint yellow blotches everywhere will not wash off, horrible paint


We bought their ceiling paint. The stuff was so thin that took 6 coats to get any coverage. Never again will I pay $30 per can (took 3 cans to do 900 sq ft) for such *** paint!


I also have used this for a client & it is too runny. I told the client to buy Behr, May have to do three coats. I will stick with Behr paint from now on.


Sounds like latex paint with oil based pigment. Wrong mixture dude.


I have now broke down in tears over the smell that is so bad I can't even go in my beautiful Art studio. This can't be happing to me.

So please read my story and let me tell you what happened.

We built this studio with every thing new, New dry wall new floor just everything. And we painted it with Valspar signature paint. I have been painting interior and exterior for more the 40 years. So I do know what I am doing.

I should have just used Benjamin Moore paint. It has been over a year with this horrible smell!!!. So I hired two painters to but Zisser low Odor oil primer it did not work. then repainted with no VOC.

Still smell it right though. So I really needed to do a process of alimentation. I had my vinyl floor picked up and put down commercial tiles no it is not the floor. Then today we had pulled the wall air conditioner and heating unit cleaned and used bleach and coil cleaner.

It was not the air conditioner. Now it was time to put all my art chair my easel my frames everything I cleaned the studio of all dust this room is really cleaned. The bleach smell was getting to me but I did not care I just want to paint my art work so bad. The building is in my backyard with three Church windows from the 18 hundreds with window boxes flowers are now full and beautiful with a 5 ft Angel outside between the windows.

Painted the outside my self yellow. And everything an artist could ever want. But you know the sadist this I guess of all is I am disabled and I see my dream and I can't go in there. Today I cried so hard and gave it my all.

I hurt myself from lifting and all the things my Doctor dose not want me to do. I don't know what to do can someone help me?

but for sure it is Valspar that caused all this sadness.

Thank you for reading my story.


Up Date: On Valspar rotten paint. In my Art Studio.

Well all the sheet rock is down with the insulation and a new floor. I can't believe this is happing to me. Please don't waste your time with all the primers it will not work. I tried everything!!

I will Pray it never happens to anyone else.

Thank everyone!



So you're sure it was the paint? I just built a casita and have headaches, burning eyes, my hands shake when I'm in there. Any advise would be so sincerely appreciated before I rip it all out.


I have bought the signature paint when it was on sale with a rebate 2 times, and sent in the rebate receipts, and BOTH times I have received a letter stating that my submission was invalid.... Nonsense ....

I sent in the forms provided by valspar and receipts, everything as it specifies.....

letter stating it is invalid..... Will NEVER buy this paint brand again.


Paint is made in batches of THOUSANDS of gallons. You can not possibly have one bad can, and if all of the thousands of gallons were bad, there would be a recall.

This is user error, plain and simple.

There's a reason PROFESSIONAL painters exist. The average person doesn't know what they are doing.

@Come on

We have been painting for literally decades, from latex to acrylic to polyurathane to every other kind of paint one can use on surfaces. This type of problem often has NOTHING to do with whether the paint is put on by a professional or a newbie!

I know for a fact that, especially when a paint is mixed to match a color, there can be errors!

When a worker chooses the wrong kind of pigment additives, it can ruin a can of paint. Stop being so hateful when you obviously don't know what you're talking about!.

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LOWES, Quality Bull ***!!!!

Whats really funny is I work at a LOWE"s Store! Every day I see you idiots come into the store completely uneducated about the product you are interested in. With todays techknowledge I would think you would do a little investigative work prior to you entereing store to spend your money on such cheap garbage!!!!! Remember when we say you might consider, that is a flag we are trying to tell you DON'T BUY THAT! Exactly how *** are you? Look up the items on, read the customer reviews and there it is 30-40 customers saying don't by this product, but here you are in the check out and I will see you again in 2days to three months complaining about this product. Oh, by the way, every box store gets their product from the same place. Lowes is one of the three big box companies selling this stuff. You want to complain, look into the mirror and see the *** who is too cheap to buy something of true quality. You walk in and say, "I want the cheapest thing you have." So you get exactly what you pay for. I am there just because it is the only job I can find! But if we say you might want to consider a special order. Well consider a better quality, because you will end up spending the same price after you trash the firsr product you purchased, then replace it. I suspect the vast majority have the internet! Do some research, read the product reviews, investigate and never take my word that, thats a good product and it should last you a lifetime. Another *** out the door!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yea, do you really think We go to work just to take *** off of you idiots? *** no, we are there to feed our family. And now that LOWES has removed all of our commissions sales. I really don't care what you buy!!
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Stop with the forklift accident already! It was tragic and is horrible for the poor lady.

I dont see you adding youtube links for the 3 tragic events with home depot one of which was fatal for a 6 year old girl.

Accidents do happen. If the employee didnt know how to operate the moffit he should have told his managers he was not comfortable yet with the machine.


Lowes does not care about their customers.

Research you tube lowes forklift tragedy and see if you still feel the same


Hey robot,

I dont even give them that. But hey they did this so we know exactly what our bring home will be so they were helping us out!!

Out of a mortgage, car payment, and food... But Niblock is doing ok. He may have to consider not buying a new porche this year and drive the 6 month old one a little longer.

The *** things dont last like they used to. Poor old Niblock going broke while we roll in the bread


Hot water. I have worked for lowes for ten yrs and have gave them 125% every day.

I only give 100% now. This company sucks *** now you can keep living paycheck to paycheck.


Hot water,

Most people I deal with seem to have some education. Perhaps with cabinets it different.

Sadly many people were living off of their incentives and not off of their base pay. This is not the customers fault. Sadly you are bitter and are putting all Lowes associates in your shoes. I have been with lowes 12 years and have seen ups and downs.

I still am being paid to help the customers. I choose to go to work at Lowe's. The incentive was nice but was not promised. If you read the paperwork at hiring it was listed as an incentive not a salary.

As far as not caring about the customers your bitterness will be your demise. The company will not accept slackers and whiners. Now let the sos thing die and lets get back to what we do best and that is serve the customers. Help someone make a difference in their home.

Once and awhile you will make a difference.

And if this is not what you want to do you can go out the doors you came in and no one will blame you for your choice. We all have a choice.

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