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Advertise a washer & dryer they don't have!!! | Lowes review from Indianapolis, Indiana

I purchased the Samsung washer & dryer that lowes had advertised on Black friday this year for $998. When I went in to purchase them of course they didn't have any in stock. Now mind you I was there and the first appliance customer at 5:00am. However they hadn't had them in stock for quite sometime before black friday. So why advertise something you don't have. So I bought them anyway as I was told they would be in within 2 weeks. Well a week later I got a phone call from lowes stating that my delivery was set up for Dec. 15th and that the driver would call me that morning and give me a 2-3 hour window of delivery time. Well on Dec. 14th lowes calls to tell me that they are still not in stock and don't expect them until sometime in February. Really February. So in the mean time I am paying interest on a purchase that I don't even have. Not for the fact their only response was well we can rufund your money. With them knowing *** well I can't go anywhere else and purchase them for that price since it was a special buy price for that day. they have numerous ones in stocj in the store of different colors and I told them they should replace it then with another item of the same quality that they have in stock. Well needless to say I still haven't got anywhere with them on this yet.
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Well it pays to go to the top. I emailed the CEO and I had a better newer model delivered the following week so I did get mine the beginning of January.

They actually had the sale going on all month then also put it in the black Friday ad. Sneaky bastards I say.

However I very happy with the outcome. Just took lots of phone calls and complaints!!!


I was in the same prediciment...I Facebooked Lowes and the store manager in Indianapolis, Paul, told me that I should be lucky that I was able to purchase a washer and dryer for that price and that there was nothing they could do for me..Really...***...So I posted another facebook complaint...and I'm suppose to be recieving a call soon. However I am getting my washer and dryer this saturday..the same week I posted my first complaint..but 3 months is a little ridiculous to wait for a product!!


The reason they ran out is they opened the stores up on line the night before and they were all purchased by opening of black friday.. Sucks dont it......


Lowes really got set up actually. Samsung told Lowes to go ahead and run this special and Samsung did not expect to sell that many so they dropped the ball not having the inventory on back up like they thought they had. Poor Lowes looked like the ***.


Same thing here in Arkansas. It's January the 14th and my dryer is going out. Should have went with Sears.


Also having the same battle with Lowes. They offered a refund, however, they don't understand that my Black Friday dollars do not hold the same buying power.

Frankly, they don't care if they oversold, and have the same attitude as the "lowes employee" above...

don't blame us, we just oversold, it isn't our fault. I should have bought the LG at Home Depot for the same price.


Hello fellow disgruntled Samsung owners I have an update. I googled the ceo of lowes email Robert niablock the CEO of lowes and sent him an email last night jan 5th.

Today the 6th late morning I had the regional manager call me and say they will ship my samsung washer dryer steam set from the black Friday purchase overnite and have it delivered first thing sat morning the 7th by lowes employees and a $200 gift card. It pays to go straight to the top


We purchased a Samsung Frig, Stove, and Dishwasher Nov 18th 2011, and still have not rec'd any of them.

The salesman is very good he calls me able once a week. He just called me about 5 minutes ago and is telling me that Samsung told him that I will get no later than Feb. 13th.

He also said that he talked to the Samsung rep and he told him that it would be no later than Jan 30th.

There's nothing that I can do. The prices were super and luckily my current things work. I'm just glad that I didn't sell them right after I purchased the others as the salesman told me that I would have delivery in 2 weeks.



Purchased the same special set.

Ordered 11/24/11



It's 1/4/11

I'll say it for everyone...



I had contacted corporate through Lowes website in the contact us area. I did have to do it a couple times before someone contacted me.

However corporate responded within a few days of me filing a complaint with the BBB.

The guy's name was Ray and I do not have his email address. Your best best is to file a complaint with the BBB as they have 10 days to respond to that complaint.

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Wow...Anti-American Lowes.

I am a 52-year-old Christian male. I can't believe my hardware store of choice decided to be in cahoots with the demented Christians instead of sane Americans. This gives me the real belief that the people who control Lowes are caving in to the bigot misguided Christians instead of the much larger community of right thinking and Christ-Like Christians. The demented christians are not Christians...why would Lowes want to be their champions on this nonsense? I will use lower-case to describe these radical, hateful "christians"...why would Lowes want these haters to be the face of their company? Does Lowes really believe all Muslims are terrorists? Wow.
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Bottom line is this is America. We all have the right to be who or what we desire and beleive as we wish.

Im a veteran which served this country and i defended ALL freedoms. Not just those of a certain type of Christian.


I think the thing being lost is all of this is the fact that Lowes has the right to advertise or not advertise with anyone they choose. Get over it!!


2 things:

1) Lowes pulled the ads because that show's ratings were in the toilet.

2) Lowes pulled the ads BEFORE that group contacted them.

Do your homework first and don't believe everything the media tells you. Another one of the millions of mindless sheep.


52 year old. Does your keeper know you are on the loose?


You are a 52-year-old f_u_c_k_i_n_g clown.

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Lowe's bigoted bias unacceptable | Lowes review from Union City, Tennessee

It is NOT within the scope of Lowe's, nor the Mayor of Dearborn to judge one of the world's greatest religions. As someone who has always preferred Lowe's in the past twenty years (including rebuilding multiple homes and doing thousands of dollars of business each year), I am horrified that Lowe's would attempt to vilify Islamic families at the bequest of right wing fundamentalist Christians! The fact that Lowe's is trying to promote fear and hatred has resulted in our very large family and extended family AND church family to permanently boycott all Lowe's stores. I am disgusted and appalled by a company making politics and religion a part of it's business advertising plan!
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Don't care what the religious preferences of the OP, Reality or SWisser are. No one is asking Lowes not to adhere to the U.S.

Constitution or its amendments thereto. What the uproar is over is the perception that Lowes is being pressured to advertise based on religious beliefs. If they do advertise on American Muslims they are vilified for supporting a rouge (albeit large) religion, but if they pull advertising, then Lowes is vilified for caving into outside pressures.

Every major war was fought over religion. It sounds like that is what's brewing over Lowes' advertising choices.

Paulette M

I looked up the show on TLC and it is a reality show about Americans who happen to be Muslim.

Reality's post on 16 Dec 11 is correct... Lowes can freely choose who they sponsor but as Americans we believe in diversity and freedom and free exercise of religion.

Also, using the term "fundamental Islam" is a trigger word deemed problematic by those who suggest that Islamic belief requires all Muslims to be fundamentalists...this is not true.

I AM NOT A MUSLIM rather an American (Catholic, if your wondering) who believes in The First Amendment to the United States Constitution that states:

1. This amendment prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion

2. Impeding the free exercise of religion, 3. Abridging the freedom of speech,

4. Infringing on the freedom of the press, 5. Interfering with the right to peaceably assemble, just to name a few.

This being so, why is it right for Lowes to pull their ads?

Because Lowes received complaints from the Florida Family Assn., a conservative Christian group that lobbies companies to promote "traditional, biblical values?"

Really? What if it was a show about Fundamentalist Mormonism, aka FLDS?


After reading Reality's response to the original posting, it makes me proud that someone has the good sense to stand up for Lowes and put the finger of blame right where it belongs - at the entertainment industry trying to ridicule us for thinking that a TV show about Islam is way off base.

Way to set the record straight - Reality. Nice going.


After reading Reality's response to the original posting, it makes me proud that someone has the good sense to stand up for Lowes and put the finger of blame right where it belongs - at the entertainment industry trying to ridicule us for thinking that a TV show about Islam is way off base.

Way to set the record straight - Reality. Nice going.


Lowes can FREELY choose who they sponser. This is America.

Lowes vilified nobody. American companies owes Islam nothing. I owe them nothing. Islam is only great in numbers.

That's it.

It was fundamental Islam that brought us 9-11-01. You are obviously looking through Islamic colored glasses.

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Lowe's is a Bigot *** company | Lowes review from Bremerton, Washington

They pulled their ad from a show about American Muslims called "All American Muslim" show just because they were threatened by some conservative group in Florida. Also they thought that would be a cool idea. This is truly against American and Human values. Please boycott this *** , racist and bigot company. SHAME ON YOU LOWES A true American company should never get involved in politics and serve everyone on equal basis that way we will have a healthy society and no bias. I am never going there again. Bye Bye Lowe's until you apologize to all American Muslims. Peace and Love everyone.
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I can't believe that I'm actually agreeing with Simon, but here I am, standing side to side with him.

Why do we need a television show to inform those of us born here that muslims aren't violent? We're supposed to know the ones how want to kill us and marry our babies, how?????

That's way too much for an entertainment show.


It seems to me that some *** hating dude in Florida is driving the marketing for Lowes.

While Lowes is free to advertise wherever they want, it is strange that they would listen to a *** hating person - the head of this conservatice group in Florida, spent fifteen years bashing gays and now he tells Lowes to pull the ads and they say "YES SIR"

Who is running this company the CEO Rob Niblock or this crazy *** bashing guy from Florida. I guess it's the *** bashing guy :)


A conservative group in Florida boycotting Lowes would be a "splash in the pan" to Lowes. Lowes freely chooses who they sponser.

Dave1983, I am sure the $10.26 per year you spend at Lowes will cripple them.

Shop at Home Depot. Brush up on your Spanish, you will need it there.


Dont lose your head! (notice the pun?)

Being a company in America they can do what ever they want.

And if you dont like it go somewhere else. Its companies like Lowe's that helps us build this wonderful country.

Lets not talk about "human values". How can you even put "human values" and "muslim" in the same sentence?

What are your peaceful people going to blow up next? A Daycare center full of infidels? Are they going to stone to death another young woman for being in love?

(look it up and watch the video before you comment) I know I have probably upset you, so go ahead and slap me with the bottom of your sandal "Aaaahhhlalalalalala"! (turn your head and cough)

John N

Having lived and worked in the Middle East amongst these "peaceful" religious fanatics, I agree with Lowe's. You should be thankful Lowe's doesn't smear bacon fat over each piece of merchandise they sell. Stop whining and pray to allah for a way out of the 8th century.



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I just don't get it !!!!!!!!! | Lowes review from Yonkers, New York

You go to LOWES and buy a garage door 3 or 4 years ago ( The same door is still for sale) and as time goes by the weatherstripping succumbs to the elements. There you go, taking a ride back to LOWES to get a replacement weather stripping and what do you hear when you get there? We don't carry weatherstripping for any of our doors, but we have them for others. I DON"T GET IT !!!!!!! So now I am left trying to track down the right weather stripping. Don't get me wrong its not that difficult with the Internet but for the love of Pete, why would you carry replacement parts for other products and not for the ones you sell !!!!!!!!!
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#281312 Review #281312 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Lowe's anti-Muslim attitude | Lowes review from Salt Lake City, Utah

In light of the current issue re: American Muslim and Lowe's pulling ads: I will not shop there anymore, thank you. Defering to a fringe minority bigoted group in one particular area does not seem like good policy to me. I shop Lowe's in Salt Lake City, my friend works there. I was planning to go there this coming weekend. But that won't be happening and I have told my friend, the Lowe's employee, why I wouldn't be shopping there anymore. I have never watched the show, but still feel you are wrong on so many levels. Sorry. No more Lowe's shopping for me.
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Lowes won't miss you.


Lowes can sponser whomever they choose. This is still a free contry.

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#281282 Review #281282 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Lowes is a bigoted corporation

Lowes pulled its advertising from All-American Muslim TV show to support the bigoted idea that Muslims are all terrorists. Join the boycott of Lowes. If you work at Lowes save your integrity and quit. Lowes pulled its advertising from All-American Muslim TV show to support the bigoted idea that Muslims are all terrorists. Join the boycott of Lowes. If you work at Lowes save your integrity and quit. Lowes pulled its advertising from All-American Muslim TV show to support the bigoted idea that Muslims are all terrorists. Join the boycott of Lowes. If you work at Lowes save your integrity and quit.
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I want to join in with my support of Lowes' decision to pull out of advertising on that show.

You can call me a bigot, you can call me politically incorrect, you can call me intolerant, you can call me anything your little heart desires.

Since when does the political climate of our country dictate what an advertiser can and cannot do? And, since when does a drum banger decide what the appropriate decision for an entire corporation is and should be?


Man, you re pathetic.If you have watched the show, then probably you would realize the hidden agenda of showing Muslims, who still disrespect other cultures(in first epizode, they discussing how"funny"it is to see Irish people at the wedding with no alcohol, because a catholic Irish guy marries a muslim and he forced to convert, because in Islam non-muslim can't marry a muslim girl without converting.It's not about them being terrorists.Its about when foreigners come to USA they have to obey the laws here and not to make their own as they trying every day.Europe and Canada have already started to wake up from muslim invasion. Now it's , forbiden to wear burqa outside which covers a face. More and more laws will be made against them, because we have taken too much *** from them


Lowes commented on pulling the ad because the show was about Muslims, so "Reality" and "Satan" should probably do their homework before defending a corporation that has a bigot for a CEO. Do some research before you start spewing venomous non-sense!

Maybe if you actually pulled your head out of the clouds and came back down to R E A L I T Y like your name says, than you might think twice about defending a corporation who could care less about me OR YOU!!!!!! And Satan... well that just about says it all concerning yourself. I imagine that both of you are also people who blindly vote against your own interest year after year actually BELIEVING that trickle down economics works...

Just curious... how much money have you got back from the trillions in tax breaks the corps. and wealthy have received over the last ten years???

I bet you'll blindly vote to be bent over again next year too huh!?!?!?!? "discrimination complaint is worthless" PFFHHHHH your factless, blind and ignorant statements are the only worthless thing in this country!!!!


How many murders are reported daily in this country by Muslins compare to Christians. I think Christians top that list over all other religions so again which is the most dangerous religious group.


Lowes owes no allegiance to anyone, nationality or religion. They can freely choose who they desire to sponser.

This is still a free country. Get over it politically correct one!


How do you know their reason for pulling the ad? You're just using some bogus discrimination card and your complaint is worthless.

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Lied to me about buying a clarance item | Lowes review from Reston, Virginia

I was lied to about, being able to pay for a stove on clarence and the delivery of the same. I was told you can not pay for a clarance item and pick it up later. When I went to get the item (1 day later) it was gone. I called customer service to find out that is not store policy at all. I spent over 2hrs on the phone with the very nice customer service rep., picking out another stove not even the quailty of the one I had seen , for 90.00 moor. It arrived scratched, I of course refused it. Never again Lowes.
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Maybe you should have checked the clearance section. Clarance has nothing to do with the clearance items.

#280941 Review #280941 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Lowes Delivery Service

Therma Tru Door | Lowes review from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Our door looks fine on the outside but the bottom portion of the side lighting is a different color. So cheap composite plastic. Can't paint it to. nothing will stick to it. No where in the documentation does it say it would be a different color or material. This sticks out like a sore thumb. Everyone who has seen it say it is an eye sore. To add salt to my injury, Therma Tru states there is no defect or issue with the door. Just spent 4 grand on a door that looks cheap and poor. Therma Tru states they would supply a crown type molding to go over the defective piece. If I do that it will never match. Why does Therma Tru put such a piece on ther door. According to them it is to make it structurally sound. This is definitely a defect they are tryiong to cover up. HELP
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I am having the same issue. Lowe's installed the door last week and company reps will be looking at the installation next week.

Was your problem solved?


I have 2 doors that have a vinyl outer face. This acts as the nailing fin and J channel for the siding.

Why why why does therma tru NOT weld this vinyl. Both of my doors leak. Costing me and my builder lots of time and money. After countless failed solutions.

I had the the company's REP out. And there solution was to add an extra "Flashing" piece.

I am extremely disappointed with the quality of these doors. :(


Dear Customer,

We appreciate your feedback concerning the standard trim piece that is on the bottom of your sidelites. The light oak trim piece will allow your door to function normally and is not used to make the door structurally sound. The door system is not defective.

This standard trim piece can be stained. To stain, lightly sand the trim piece and apply your stain. We will be happy to compensate you for a piece of molding and also provide you with stain. Please contact us to receive this compensation at 866-584-3668.

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#280938 Review #280938 is a subjective opinion of poster.

LOWES SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Husband purchased a Samsung Front Loader Washer and Dryer as my Christmas gift on Black Friday. The washer was delivered on time as scheduled however, Lowes did not bother to call us and tell us the dryer had not come in yet. Ok, no problem, disappointed but Dept Manager said it would come in the week after. NOPE, now LOWES is saying sometime in January. Of course the charges have hit our credit card without a product to show for it. Come pick up the washer Lowes and refund our money. Bad business, not cool, you SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lowes is off our shopping list, never again. Dont mislead your Customers Lowes not cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Lets put this in perspective. By policy and the ad once the stock is gone the sale is over.

So your store really helped you by allowing you to order the item at a cheap cheap price. So shut your pie hole you baby and tell your husband he is a real prince for buying you a washer and dryer for christmas.

Next year you will get a new steam cleaner and a hoover. Go stick your head in *** and thanks for never shopping lowes again...


So basically your husband is bossing you around treating you like a slave by purchasing a washer and dryer for you. Basically he gave you a chore for Christmas.

What a lazy *** He even got you to complain for him. Can't even write his own complaint.


No matter how big a retailer Lowe's is or will be, they do not have control over manufacturers and cannot magically force a manufacturer to deliver a product by a certain time, even if it's at the stake of a customer's satisfaction. So when they tell that an appliance might take more time to come in, what they really mean is -- it's going to take more time for it come in.

They can't speed up the process, no matter how hard they yell or ask Samsung.

Trust that they want your appliance to come in as much as you do, if only for you to stop giving them a hard time for something they cant control. :cry


It is now feb 16 2012 I too was to receive a washer and dryer for christmas and STILL have not seen it and they always tell me its smasungs fault well I DONT CARE whos fault it is should have told us up front but when I call they always say the mid of the next month not a good way to treat customers!!!!


Don't expect perfection out of others, even businesses, until you've achieve perfection yourself.

If this is all it takes to get you pissed, I can promise you that you are not a happy person.

Grow up and enjoy life.


Buy at Lowes and your fueling the Chinese economy. Almost everything they now sell is import junk from China.

Even if it's a little more, try going to an Ace Hardware, Best Hardware or any other local retailer that's more community based. Lowes is ALL ABOUT CHINA.


I'm gonna assume you got a heck of a deal on it, since it was black friday. Quit being one of the sheep and wait all year to purchase items on black ***

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#280914 Review #280914 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Lowes Manager