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Lowes in Tyler, Texas - Employee stole my jacuzzi after I paid for it

I found a jacuzzi that someone had special ordered in Lowes in Jonesboro, AR, that was marked way down because the customer didn't take it after it came in. I decided to purchase the jacuzzi and asked a employee to help me get it to the checkout desk. The boy was nice and told me that was a great buy, but he could not move it by himself. He asked another employee to help him take it to the front for me. The second boy came over to help him and I heard him say he couldn't believe that jacuzzi had been marked down so much then he told the first employee for him to wait because that jacuzzi maybe already sold. He then got on the phone and I heard him telling the person he was talking to that there was a great buy on a jacuzzi just like the one they wanted. After I heard him say that, I said this jacuzzi is already sold because I'm buying it. When I said that he knew we could hear him talking so he left while still talking on the phone. The first guy told me that he couldn't do that because there wasn't a sold sign on it and he probably saw that is was a good buy and decided he wanted someone else to have it. He then found someone else to help him move the jacuzzi to the checkout desk for me. It had already been rain up and I had paid for it with my credit card when that boy came up and told the checkout clerk that I could not buy that jacuzzi because it was already sold. The checkout clerk then told me that she was sorry and would credit my credit card. I told her no that there was no sold sign on it and what had happened but she went ahead and credited my card and told me again she was sorry. I asked to speak to the manager so she got on the phone and called someone and told me it would be just a minute so I waited 35 mins and I never saw a manager. In the mean time the boy that wanted the jacuzzi had someone help him move it to the side and he placed a sold sign on it. I decided that I had waited long enough and would just go home and call the manager so I did. I did get to talk to the manager and tell him what happened and he said there was nothing he could do about it because the jacuzzi had a sold sign on it and was waiting on someone to pick it up. I even told him to check out the time that the transaction was made on my card when I paid for it and then check what time the other person had actually paid for it and he would find that I had already purchased it before the other person had actually come in to the store to pay for it. He just blew me off still saying there wasn't anything he could do about it. I will never buy anything else at Lowes!
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i work at lowes and thats pretty messed up. You should have stood up for yourself a little more.

I wouldnt have left.

You should have told them what you overheard. Ive never run into that problem the 6 years i have worked customer service.


The Lowes in Jonesboro, AR


which Lowe's was this?

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i bought an apex neverkink hose from lowes last year, that has a lifetime warranty. when I brought it in to explain that the hose was leaking and that it was a manufacturer defect. the woman called the garden sales person. she came over looked at it and said that they...
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I bought NeverKink 100 ft and the 50', at Lowes and both have kinked. They say they are not reponsible for backing up the lifetime guarantee, and to contact the manufacturer.

Evidently Lowes no longers honor warranties on their products. I am on a social media site for my neighborhood and the 13 neighborhoods surrounding ours, with Lowes less than a mile away,. I will be telling 13,000 people that this products is a sham, and Lowes doesn't back up their products.

Hope it was worth it Lowes and NeverKink. I am out $70.00 plus tax.

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Lowes in West Chester Township, Ohio - New Federal Law

LOWE'S BLOWES Heads up to all Contractors, Lowes has once again ended its Loyalty discount for Contractors. Get this, spoke to a store manager and inquired as to why the discount was removed while they are advertising 5% of to consumers on their card, I was told that it is a "New Federal Law" that was passed, and they can no longer give a discount to contractors? Are you kidding me? I suppose they think we will actually believe that line. So not only are they not loyal to their customers, big surprise, they lie. I feel sorry for the guys that work the Contractor's desk and make their living sell 2x4's and the like. Sorry Lowe's there are other stores that must be violating the "New Federal Law" as we still receive our discounts there. Hmmm. And then there was that big button the manager had pinned to his red vest trumpeting the 5% discount? Truly Yours Pogue Muh Ho-in
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Here ya go guys. I'm not sure where the info is coming from but here ya go.

#1: Consumers get a 5% discount when they use their Lowes card.

#2: Contractors get 5% disount + deliveries for $20 + QSP for $2500 OR more(QSP stands for Quote Support Program). This typically takes about 5 minutes to get an answer. In reality, it usually takes just a few seconds. The extra time is for plugging in the info. I've only had one take longer than 2 seconds and it was a $50,000 wiring order.

#3: GSA: This is for government programs(schools, etc.) and is an ADDITIONAL 2% above and beyond the 5% for having a Lowes business account.

The discounts: What is really happening here is that Lowes does not have to pay Discover, AMEX, Visa, or Mastercard when you use any type of Lowes credit card. The savings is passed directly on to the customer.


In the world of business...there are contracts. One contract Lowe's has is with the government "GSA" which is only a measly 2% unlike the Lowe's Consumer cards and now Lowe's Business cards that offer a 5% discount ALL THE TIME!

There is also a QSP (quantity sale price) that you can ask for...that's right, A DISCOUNT for large purchases ($2500+)if you have the patience to wait for the discount offer to come back. If no patience, no discount.

With all the ranting and raving about discounts and displeasure with policies...Let's go back to what it really takes to get good service...Wake up call EVERYONE....It's called being nice! Taking the time to know the people you shop from and not taking advantage of the fact they make close to minimum wage to help YOU...That's right...Treat people how you want to be treated and the discounts will magically appear from employees grateful that you called them by their name(as appearing on the lil red vests) instead of "Hey YOU." ;)


im tired of people who want discounts just because they "spend thousands of dollars in the store". when i ask for discounts when im out shopping other places i dont get them so why should we give them out.

the very first thing out of a customers mouth is " do i get a discount or can i get it cheaper?

no you cheap a@#. dont get me started on returns!!!


Its never been a company program.. Just stores doing their own thing...


I quit buying from our local Lowes stores years ago. My father, who has built well over 200 homes in his life, and resembles a narley old builder, would always get discounts.

But, I guess I don't fit the profile. No matter if it's loads of lumber, drywll and doors, or multiple 5 gal. buckets of paint, for some reason they just would never give a 35 year old female any discount without a silly coupon. Contractor or not, bulk major purchase or not.

Maybe if I let my pit hair grow and wore a muscle shirt I'd have better luck. BTW, neither of us have their credit cards.

Dad has never needed one to get discounts and I have never wanted one.... Too much plastic in this world.

@female ***tractor

First off I dont think yer daddddy was the type to rant about it online..and he was prolly older than you when he started getting those discounts...maybe his purchases were bigger than yours(size matters) or , maybe he had a reputation, or maybe he was a big *** and they gave him discounts just so hed shut up, so maybe you should try that too


So, a continuing faltering economy, one that is driven by housing, elimination of solid customers to allow the Federal Government to dictate your business policy, hope that works out for you.

The discounts are passing onto our customers, who see the purchase origin of the products used, who in turn boast about the beautiful this or that they have had completed will now bear your competitions name.

We know police is not written at the store level. We have been in business long enough to know how to treat good customers, and by good I do not mean those who simply spend the most money, but pass by our competition without looking at any one else to shop with us, because we have earned their loyalty. Lowe’s, like all other corporations appear to be driven by greed, too much is not enough, call us when you realize your mistake, we’ll watch you die a slow death like the big Green HQ, Sears, K-Mart…

Truly Yours

Pogue Muh Ho-in


I currently work at Lowe's, and I'm sorry to say that the story is true, not a lie... and trust me, we as employees are just as upset about it as you are. The "federal law" bit comes in because Lowe's recently became a "GSA" seller, which means that we give the feds a discount, and you know the federal government, they want to have their hands on everything so they mandate how we can give discounts to everyone else as well.

I have always felt it was a great idea to offer the discount to contractors and installers, but it was never an official Lowe's policy and stores did it at their own discretion. With the new "GSA" stuff coming into play corporate decided to try their own version of the commercial discount, letting some stores offer one discount version, while having other stores give another version and seeing which does best. We are under strict orders and watched VERY carefully to not give the old discount like we used to... and it's frustrating to us to not be able to show our appreciation in the same way any more. I'm sure you can think of how many commercial and installer customers each store has, and how many times we had to tell everyone that we were taking away something from them... and how many people we had that were rightfully upset, and there was literally nothing we could do for them... just try to see that part from our side for a minute.

I apologize for ranting a bit, but I just wanted to explain that it's not that the stores don't like you, it's a *** decision that corporate made in the name of market research and the employees at store level literally have our hands tied.

As per the 5%, that is another experimental promotion that they did with the consumer card. I hope that their "testing" with the commercial card gets done soon so we can once again offer you guys the service you've come to expect from us, and the service we wish we could give.

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Lowes sucks

most of the department managers at Lowes in Osage Beach have no business being in that position. Doug Kies, Nevada, adam, brandy(ASM). Oh yah the ones that come in smelling of sticky substances are lucky you dont get tested. Which leads me to believe why some of them dont use power equipment. When your a dept. manager you really just have the title and very little power. the cool associates at that lowes you want to deal with are as follows: braden, mattp, tim, tyler s, katie in seasonal, carrol e, mimi, roy, earl, and the rest are straight up garbage who are lucky they even have a job. I straight up used that place to get my real job. lol peace im out.
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why do you guys buy appliances from a big box store ? Your not saving anything, something goes wrong these big stores don’t care.

Your just a number too them. My suggestion is buy appliances from a local store that they will treat you respect. Plus when you buy there. That money stays in that area.

And it goes back too schools and other means. Thanks


What world are you living in? Local appliance stores haven’t existed for many years now.

They couldn’t compete with Big Box bulk purchasing from the manufacturer, and ability to absorb a low profit margin on most appliances.

The majority of the public will choose price over service most of the time. Of course then they complain about it, but they have no one to blame but themselves when that choice costs them in the long run.


My old washer quit so I needed a new one. Purchased a new one on Sunday from the Lowes store in Aransas Pass, Texas..

Delivery was supposed to be on Tuesday. On Tuesday I received a call from Joshua saying they couldn't deliver that day so how about Thursday? I agreed. Well after waiting all day Thursday and no washer I went to the Lowes store.

Seems they had rescheduled my delivery for 19 days down the line. Why would these people do this? Watch out as these people will lie to you in a heartbeat. I did the paperwork to receive a refund for the washer.

Only happened yesterday so hopefully they won't screw me on that.

This was not a mistake, it was done purposely. Beware of this store!!!


My 82 year old mother purchase a Frigidaire from Latrobe store June 25, 2015. She has been having problems with the freezer keeping items frozen.

Service calls have been from A&E on Oct 14, 27, 30, November 6, 13 and 23. Dec 16 S&R company came to service Fridge. Jan 4, 2016 my mother called Frigidaire and they advise mom to call S&R tell them it was not working and need a new one.Mom called S&R and they replied they could not do anything. January 5th I became involved as this was not being resolved properly and I wanted to stop this run around with no resolution for my mother.

I called Lowes in Latrobe appliance dept January 5 to Pat and he told me to call Lowes Service Advantage number.

At 11:47 am I spoke with Jessica and advised all service and telephone calls my mother made to date and asked how to resolve this politely. She put me on hold and spoke to a supervisor. When she returned she informed me the service appointments were so close together and need to be 30 days apart, (seems a long time between non-working freezer service calls I think). Jessica made another service appointment for January 7, 2016 for AM.

Today A&E service tech Chad arrived and again determined the Frigidaire was not working and to ask for a replacement product, (he advised a Maytag or Whirlpool product).

At 11:53 am I called again to Lowes Service Advantage telephone and spoke to Brianna. She proceeded to tell me now we must talk to Frigidaire directly for next step. This again seems like now I am getting a run around. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was connected to Marlina.

She informed me that I needed to call Frigidaire. Amazing that Lowes would not stand by a product which they sold! This has gone way too far in my opinion. I wounder why anyone including myself would purchase ANY appliance knowing this is a typical scenario you could expect when you encounter a lemon product.

Waiting for Lowes to acknowledge this is a problem and do the right thing and replace this fridge with a new product asap.

Called to Frigidaire and talked to Nancy and discovered Frigidaire does not use A&E for service work, (someone should tell Lowes). Nancy was at least helpful by called A&E, talking to Malory. Chad has not turned in his service call papers yet.

so I need to call again.

In the mean time, I am wondering why Lowes sent A&E for service after Frigidaire just told me they are not certified by them...Called Latrobe Lowes and talked to Brad in appliance dept. He tells me that A&E is not the service provider Lowes would send. Whoa dude, I said.

Lowe's is the one sending A&E for service to my mother's. This is becoming a serialist nightmare! I called back to Lowes Dis-service Dis-advantage telephone line to investigate this latest A&E service issue and spoke to Anthony. Nice person but, not authorized to do anything but answer the telephone and say I asked to speak to a supervisor and got Miss Namoi.

After speaking to hear of all the details and why would Lowes send this service provider if Frigidaire will not recognize them as authorized. She could only say A&E are on a national data base and are thus authorized. Not much better than Anthony I think. So now I am waiting again to see if Fridge people will grant a return on a lemon product and how much longer Lowes will continue to make obstacles to overcome for an 82 year old lady with a lemon fridge.

Moral of this story is don't buy appliances at Lowes.

Instead go to a manufacturer because thats where you will end up in time of trouble anyway!

Lesson learned. Good Luck Latrobe


Lowes in Midlothian Virginia is not much better. Their customer care line is even worse.

The individuals can only spew out what is wriiten and placed in front of the.

Home Depot has hired better staff or trained them better. You feel wanted as a customer.


Lowes has gone down hill in the last few years. I am a current employee, blood swaet and tears for years now.

Paid my dews and served loyaly. However i have learned you WILL NEVER get what you put in other than a check. I have read alot of the posts on here and just wanted to put my two cents in. You customers have to understand we are mostly treated like dogs, and if you want your job and keep it you have to eat alot of *** per day.

But its a check and i have children who rely on me. But still, next time you feel like complaining just remeber that most Lowes employees do try for the customer, and most not because we are told to, but because we honestly want you the succeed. Most of the posts i can believe and most supposed ASMs barely remeber our name. Most of which let who they want get away with murder.

The store manager stays in his office and only comes out to unleash *** on the smallest of offenses.The HRs are a utter joke most who i have met mostly watch movies and youtube in their office. And the corporate end (which i was sadly part of) dosent care as long as money isnt effective. They lend no support to their employees eho have the basic of needs nor try and look into certain "high volume" store to try and get a quiet understanding and bypass all the *** on the manager side. I really wish they would give the most basics of damns about employee moral.

In the last 2 years in my store we have lost 80% of the seasoned employees due to management alone. In short our system is busted, and numbers not people (customers and employees) are what matter.


Port Orange Florida Lowe's Pro Department: this has been going on for over a year. You never know when they will be open.

Then they act like they are doing you a favor to help you. They can never find your file and it is not uncommon for it to take 20 minutes to check out. There is a guy they call "Val" who will actually see you standing at the pro desk and look right at you and walk away. It seems to be the employees that have been there the longest who are the rudest!

I guess they are just unhappy, but we can't continue to do this any longer. We only shop at Lowes now when we can't find what we need at Home Depot and when we do have to shop there we avoid the Pro Desk.

Our employees would rather pay for items out of pocket and be reimbursed later than to deal with the rude people at the Pro Desk! This is so sad...


I got 25 bags of mulch at lowes and am 65 with a metal leg. The female employee was to help me load

was on her company phone while I loaded 20 bags.

She put her company phone in her pocket and tried

to lift one bag and said it was too heavy but she got the one bag in my truck.

The she got a call again

on her company phone to go on break so I had to get the last 4 bags limping with my metal leg. Employees

at lowes do not care at all about customers


i ordered a bilco door extension kit for $200 online, to have it delivered to local lowes near me. 18 days later i sent my worker to pick it up, and when it got to job site it obviously fell off the tractor trailer that delivered it to lowes and was seriously bent beyond.

now why would any employee let a damaged item continue on to a customer?

bunch of jerkoffs that truly dont give a chit about any customer. I WILL NEVER EVER EVER GO TO A LOWES EVER!


I agree this site is for people who nit pick and complain. I've been at Lowe's and sat customer service desk waiting for help and overheard a guy yelling at this poor young lady about how the wrong cabinet got order and the wife pulls out the paper of the one she wanted ordered.

To find out the associate ordered the one they wanted the wife changed her mind and wanted something different the husband is unaware and taking it out on the custoner service associate. The old man is in 60's and can tell is not all there. So tell me would you like it if I came into your work yelling at you and being a complete *** wrecking your day.

All you ppl on this website make me sick. These ppl are trying to make a living working retail one of the most stressful jobs you can have because of dealing with nasty customers like youraelves !


Way to go / oops, you must be an employ. the customer is usually right.


Then get a different job ***. Have some morals, the company you work for certainly doesn't.


I believe that if you are unhappy with your job you should get another. If you do decide to stay in retail then be prepared to eat *** daily, it's the nature of the beast. The idea that anyone in retail would blame the customer for their problems sums up their problem.


He's right they have surveys after the installs done that now puts the power in the customers hand to get them Fired! So what's the next *** complaint you guys can come up with to say Lowe's isn't trying to make it right.

All our installers at the store I work at have about 96% positive feedback from 1000's of customers. So obiviously this website is a bunch of Crock balogne bull ***


Lowe's is Awesome most of you guys are whining complainers. The kind of people that come into our store and stage a fake Fall to sue the company.

I witness a customer collapsing to the floor and said she was tripped. There was nothing around her and a week later she's hired an attorney guess what you were right below a camera.


its true lots of drug addicts get hired somehow here too. This guy walks real fast talks fast and twitches alot barely has teeth and he's our delivery driver. Tons of associates who have no clue what deoderant is and smell like B/O.


gave lowes 110 of my effort and my experience only to get fired because because some little weasel thinks he is better than I am.

one thing I've learned the more you give the less you get it doesn't pay to be an overachiever in a company like lowes they walk all over the people that really care.


I have had issues with lowes lately with their special orders. Thy suck from top to bottom.

I tried to email the CEO, but I all ever get is a call from some hilljack.

What a bunch of losers. The supposed email for the CEO is


I am having issues myself with LOWES.

I have to deal with David M Carpenter ( Sr. Claims Examiner)

TEL# 704-758-4141


He is most rude and uncaring person and even hung up on me on our last phone call.

He does not return calls and LIED to both my wife and I. He even said he sent a letter in the mail to us. We never ever got that letter. The mailman and myself waited for over 2 weeks. The mailman was ready to date and sign the letter if it did come. But it was just another LIE and Stall Job.







TV News loves to show news storys about people getting Robbed and even better when the robber gets caught.

I am waiting for someone wanting to do a story on LOWES doing the robbing cause they were caught and nothing is being done about it.

Lowe's did that to me. I have the 100 percent proof too.


BUY your......MASK V FOR VENDETTA .....

we need to plan a V DAY against LOWE's

We do not need large numbers at each store... JUST one person will do per store.... People need to be warned about LOWE's...

DO NOT GET ANYTHING INSTALLED BY THEM........ THEY SEND OUT a third party contractor....and they do most the time bad work. LOWES will not help you once things go wrong....

Try to deal with LOWES and than CLAIMS... nothing but LIES.......






That's not true I work there and they have attempted to fix these problems. Now customers Are given a survey about how they thought the install went based on quality and the professionalism of the installer.

If the installer gets to many bad surveys/reviews by the customer they get fired. So tell me how does Lowe's not care if they are listening to the customer and if the customers are constantly leaving bad feedback the installer gets FIRED.

Puts pressure on installer to make sure he does a good job. Oh this sites full of whiners which most are probably grumpy old wrinkled people who are retired nothing better to do with there spare time.


I bet your problem with the contractor is you wanted him to do more than you paid for you people make me sick every job I install you want *** for free or you buy the cheapest product they have and want it installed by a contractor and us to warranty it. I got news for you buy *** get ***.

I have perfect scores for over 4 years and do about 120 installs a year for them. So next time use 2 welfare checks instead of one and get good material and maybe your contractor won't be so miserable when he has to take out your animal urine soaked floors


Poor baby you have to actually work. Don't like what you are doing, do something else. Wahhhhhhhhhhhh


The lowest managers at the orem utah store suck. Specifically the assistant manager Rob who has no business in management or dealing with customers.

When I told him I didn't want to deal with him and wanted to speak with the stores general manager he specifically told me that he was the general manager. He's a lying *** is what it is. The problem I had was with American standard toilets Balti *** product. Not once did he ever even ask who the manufacturer was.

So obviously he had no intent of passing the word on that their products are defective. He would not provide any information as to customer service or customer care. Spoke with Casey long in the system manager. 11 times I asked him for the name of the stores general manager and the regional or marketing director.

11 times he refused to give me that information. 12 pine he finally gave me the store managers name like its a secret. Obviously the general manager Matt Clark must teach his employees that it's okay to lie not to solve the problem and never ever ever get out his name. He has no business being a general manager that's what he does.

Taking a great deal of effort but I found out Tom Johnson is the marketing director and Dawn Michael is the VP of store operations. I will be contacting them tomorrow with my complaint issues. It's ridiculous that I have to find this information out over the Internet And that the stores will not provide it.

Take your business to Home Depot and stay away from Lowes and never buy an American Standard champion 4 toilet.





PS.. to prove my point, TOPCASH.COM recorded the lowes transaction as...

26 Jan 2013 Lowe's 225850721 $819.34

From: n******

Sent: Sunday, January 27, 2013 4:59 PM


Subject: Re: Online Exp Technical Question

Let me tell you what happened, looks to me like the sight has cheated us.

I placed an order for 4 kitchen cabinets, 2 countertops and 2 table legs. approx $800 ( I have all the actual info written down)

I used 4 paper gift ecards for approx $450 and a plastic lowes $500 giftcard.

As I was placing the order and entering the giftcards the amounts were all correct.

the first 4 used up the ecards and left 0 balance and the balance was deducted from the $500 card, leaving me with approx $156 (I have actual amts written down)

balance on the plastic card.

all looked fine, I entered my lowes 10% coupon, and still everything was fine.

Then I pressed place order.

well the next page refused the order for the 4 cabinets saying that the giftcards could not be charged for those items.


but without asking, it placed the remainder of the order, for the countertops and table legs, with only a charge of $229.

Lo and behold, I went to the sites page to check the balances on the ecards, and the $100,$50, and $37.19 were still saying they were right, but the last one the $254.75 ecard comes back as only $52.73!

AND the Plastic $500 card now has a 0 balance!

Now the order doesn’t come up on the site at all, and I am out $500 on the plastic card and $202.02 on the ecard?

and I have no merchandise.

Can you please explain to me where my money has gone to?



4 out of 4 orders screwed me. They took my $2800 when I ordered a fridge - I checked my account and they charged me. On the day it was to be delivered, I stayed home from work. When the delivery truck missed the appointment, I called Lowes and they said "what fridge??". They charged me but never ordered it. I canceled the order.

When I ordered my carpet, the installers called me and asked why I had only ordered 120sq.ft. of padding when I got 120 linear ft. of carpet (12' or 14' wide). Needless to say, there was not nearly enough padding ordered.

I ordered tile for a small bathroom - only needed 2 boxes. They were late by 2 weeks coming in. When they arrived, they were 2 completely separate boxes. I had to wait 2 more weeks for another one.

I ordered a microwave from online. When I was checking out, it said that it would be delivered within 3 weeks. After I had completed my order, it said June (which was 4 months away). I canceled.

And finally, tonight I was checking out on their website ordering 5 windows. Their site couldn't sign me in to my account because of "maintenance" so I checked out as a guest. It threw me "error 62" the three times I tried to check out.



Wow you really really really can take the abuse lol. Why the *** did you give them so many chances then retard if they *** everything up.



Lowes in Monroe Washington appears to follow suite as the other complainers. Two examples as of late:

1) Looking for eye hooks of a specific size. Open the drawer... Out of stock. Try in the next size larger... Out of stock. Try the next size smaller... Out of stock. Next need caribiners. Wow they have a large row of bins for these, too! Find my required size, open the drawer... Out of stock. Try larger out of stock. This continues. I start to leave open all the drawers of stuff they were out of. sad. Not being able to complete my purchases, I asked for a store manager who they eventually found. He listened to my complaints and merely said, "We'll look into it." I head to Fred Meyer and find a huge selection of exactly what I need. Lowes doesn't seem to care.

2) Today I walk in with my aged rollup blind I want to replace. I find two employees conversing with a couple, apparently finishing up a sale of blinds. One employee clearly is finishing with them. The other employee begins casually talking to me about my obvious need for the replacement. I wait. The first employee thanks them and says the other employee will finish their paperwork. He then walks away! I wait some more. After a few more minutes of pacing and waiting I state, "Did that other guy just walk away?"

"Yeah," he replies, and continues working with the couple. I asked the couple, "Are you sure you want to do business with this place?" Zero acknowledgement from anyone. I walk around a few aisles with my broken blind. Zero acknowledgement. I left. Not coming back here again. These folks put a Coast to Coast out of business. I suggest avoiding this store.


Lowes is going down. My advice is to loot your store cause u wont get severence & theyre operating procedure is 2 deny ur unemployment after years of service.

get what u can when u can. Lp is a joke anyway


Lowes in San Diego is Horrible,I will never shop there again!!!they are out of everything and there staff dont know anything?Plus they have an attitude like your bothering them!!I pray they close!I cant believe they can stay in buisness with there idiossy?good luck lowes?


Idiossy indeed.


Home Depot is my new store! Until they screw something up and then where will you be mr jack wad?

Do you think your comment matters? Is it possible that perhap just maybe you could have picked up the phone and made a call? No not you!

Home depot is my new store! I have a place to install that dish washer for you wanna know where?


Lowe's in lubbock TX has lost my business. Waited 2 hours for a dishwasher I had ordered online only to find out it was the display model.

Now, 2 weeks later, I am still waiting to get it installed.

I was told someone would call within 72 hours and it's been 5 days and NO phone call. Home Depot is my new store!!!


The level of incompetency at the north store is beyond belief. 4 people behind the service counter, one sitting up asleep at the telephone, the store manager being an *** and 1 person helping customers.

Went in to buy a trailer and they pissed me off so bad I walked out.

apparently Lowe's (1) Hasn't bothered to review the licensing regs for the state of Missouri and (2) doesn't care anyway because they're OBVIOUSLY the experts. Hint: No driver's license is required to APPLY FOR A TITLE.


This site is great. It gives people a place to vent ercause they are afraid of the people they are speaking about.

No wonder everyone laughed at you people,no self esteem,afraid of your own shadow,afraid to exptress your feelings. Yep, you people got it all,LOLLOLLOL!


what you should do is contact corporate. this is very sad when people who work for a large company complain that the company does NOT follow policy on ALL employees.

they don't follow the return policy either!! if investors knew how much material lowes takes back they would NEVER place stock in Lowes at all. when I worked there in returns I got in trouble for not allowing a customer to return his item he purchased two years ago and had no receipt. what in the world???!!!

on top of that he didn't have warranty for the item. what I know about lowes is that if a manager gets a call from a customer to corporate with a complaint they fire them which is the reason why management didn't want me to deny the customers return. I also have been in a situation where I denied a lady returning her broom THAT WAS NEVER PURCHASED AT LOWES!! the manager on duty took a broom off the shelf knowing that it wasn't the same broom and returned it for her with her driver license just to make the customer happy!!

auditors and stock owners alike WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THAT??? you see...thank God I have another job because I couldn't last there much longer anyways. what they did to another co-worker was sad as well. she worked a 5pm or 6pm shift since she begun working there and had exceedingly passed her 3 month training/trial period.

without her consent hr and the store manager (the two who I had problems with as well) changed her shift from 5pm to 6am!! she lives on the bus line with two kids and no transportation you jerks. on top of that how in the world can someone do that to someone else? people we are not speaking of an hour difference, a two hour difference nor even three but...11!!!

when I helped her write a letter explaining that she couldn't do the changed hours and it was done wrongly the store manager Michael Owens denied he had any part in it and had the audacity to ask her if she was coming into work later on that week. by the way...that was a lie because both him and the Hr rep planned her schedule change. lol. to be honest I worked within lowes for 5 1/2 years.

I've seen managers come and go as well as hr managers. these two who I and other people have had problems with are the ONLY managers I have really disliked and seen them do things unjustly. Hr manager who I am speaking of also told me rather than calling outside garden to verify plant returns to just TAKE BACK whatever the customer says it is on the receipt!! I told her I couldn't do that because the plant the customer may say it is truly may not be it and we could lose money!!

because our store hadn't had a sufficient amount of employees working in that department her choice instead of having the customers wait was to have the company lose money and that's ok??? Michael the store manager hid roof rakes when ct had a major storm...isn't it in the policy that we are not to hide merchandise from customers unless the merchandise is actually purchased??? Furthermore why would a store have absolutely no signs up informing customers gas and propane items are prohibited from the store? so it leaves the worker to inform the customer who wants to return a gas powered item that he/she has to wait outside until help comes!!

speaking of propane signs are they really big enough for people to see?? then you have customers getting upset because they have to leave their propane tank outside and angry because you told them to. They have a guarantee of 20-25 min. to get your order ready once set.

If they do not the customer is guaranteed a $25 gift card.

The store also lost money because employees who wanted to look as if they were the 'top dogs' in the selling department gave unauthorized sales on merchandise in order to sell the items. how can a company grow when there are people there doing the things they do??


Why does lowes downsize so much? im glad i got out in time.

Oh by the way brandy quit humping all the other zone managers you have already broken up a marriage as well as an engagement.

quit flirting with braden as well. what a skank your not that hot anyways.


has now suffered another lost assistant store manager due to lack of support. the manager at osage beach store is there to cover his own butt and doesnt care about his employees.

he promotes the lone girl ASM because she has a secret on him involving his wife. read the posts above to understand.


Lowes sucks - they can take those that are excited about working in a different career and turn it into confusion. I hope they get what they deserve - employees that are thieves and lazy :grin Hey don't worry about hard working and honest people they deserve to lose all their customers and do into bankruptcy :)


thank you for giving me my unemployment and not fighting it. i only recently started to really look for jobs since they have paid me for almost a year now. isnt america great!!!


wow why couldnt that happen to me when im in shopping in the store. i was just going to say i really like the store in osage beach.


I didn't expect to see anything on here about the local store. But since it's here, I might as well share something.

A few weeks ago my wife and I were in there and I had to use the mens room. So we find a nice spot for the wife to wait, head in the door and immediately hear some jostling in one of the stalls. After standing several moments by the door, pondering if I should walk out for a few minutes, I notice there are two pairs of feet visible in the stall, and they are facing each other. I didn't need much more time to hear the quiet sound of sucking and whispered naughty words.

I wound up walking out and my wife and I hung out at some merchandise nearby, curious about who had been in there.

A short time later a tall skinny young man with brown hair walked out along with a buxom female who had long blond hair. Both of them were in their Lowes attire.

My wife and I, both rather adventurous, didn't find the whole situation to be offensive at all. In fact we both got a good chuckle out of it.


we got the big wigs coming in today i wonder what this is all about. last time they were here they demoted every sales maanger and let go of 1 zone manager in every lowes across the nation.

could it be another downsizing effort? we will have to wait and see i will keep u updated.


they are way better than home depot in general


dont break ur wifes arm. hmmm(clearing my throat).

manager of osage beach. you sir are exposed.


its time to come clean. i like how store mgrs like yourself tell people they rushed you down to clean up the osage store when really you have anger management problems.

you shouldnt break your wifes arm thats not nice. i feel better now having kept that in for over 5 years. manager of osage beach lowes Mr.

N. consider urself exposed.


This stuff is great. Got me going from the big orange box.


since i started this blog i see that a few others have commented. i know they have commented cause i asked current employees to add to it.

although they may not be loyal to the company they are loyal to me just as they were when i worked there. UPDATE: mgr for seasonal busted for pot. so when i spoke about people using the stick green in the initial post i solidify my case.

when i speak you all should listen to me. no bs just facts.


Dude will be straight to your face than be a *** behind ur back. straight up two faced, he should work in HR cause he tries to balance people by telling them what they want to hear instead of fixing a problem.

by the way thanks for thee free fridge before i left. lolol


Is Mark "the indian giver" knuckolls still the manager there? if he lets you off early or need a favor hes good, than he will ask for something in return very shortly.


manager steps down after given only 2 days of training at. no wonder lowes goes through managers just like ihop goes thru pancakes.

they set you up to fail with no training and a lack of support from the higher aboves. heres an idea lowes, let your managers manage and quit micro managing.


I had great service when i was there over a month ago. thanks


5/28/2011 I was recently at the store at the lake of the ozarks with my daughter and got great customer service probably too well. It was so good that one of the guys kept checking on us and at one point brushed up against me almost to cop a feel.

Had it been my daughter I would have slapped him. After that I went to home depot.


i agree some of them are difficult to deal with i come down from st louis and have had bad experiences at te osage beach store.

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Lowes in Baltimore, Maryland - Customer Service

I am very unhappy with Lowe's right now. Last week I ordered a new grill over the phone. That phone call went excellently and I thought great, this is easy! I wanted to get the sale price so ordered over the phone, but wanted to pick it up next week which is now today. So I drive over there to pick it up, traffic is horrible, get there and guess what, they can't find my order. I wait around customer service with about 5 people standing behind the customer service desk but I guess they were all on break because no one helped me until one lady finally did. So the one lady can't find my order and doesn't have any idea what to tell me. I go to the grilling section and can not find a single person to help me either. I go back home and repeat the process, look up the Lowe's online, thinking maybe I made a mistake and ordered from a different Lowes. When I get through, the guy pulls up my order right away, same store, and says well there does seem to be some kind of error in the system. I have now been on hold for over 6 min waiting for him to round up more help. I hope they find the grill I ordered because I need to pick it up today. It is a gift for someone from a group of people and I promised to pick it up. I'll have to drive back but at this point if they have it I will be happy. We do have other options Lowes but at the moment I am boycotting Home Depot because of their political involvement in social issues.
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sounds like u live in missouri?

#241327 Review #241327 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Lowes in Reston, Virginia - Rude

Two trips to the paint department, trying to match an existing color. First day, only friendly helpful service! They were great. Unfortunately I got semi-gloss paint, and the color I was trying to match was flat.I went in with my samples the next day, and the employee's were not interested in helping me or advising me. The attitude was, I will mix the paint as long as you know what color you want. Anything beyond that forget it! Wow! What happened to the crew that was there the day before? I regret not going to Home Depot to begin with!
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#241287 Review #241287 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Lowes in Ardmore, Oklahoma - Manager with poor customer service skills who turns her back on you and leaves

6/03/2001 I was on vacation so i decided to go to Lowe's to get acouple of things. I was looking at a Dewalt angle Grinder. It had a price drop $109 to $98 the bind where they should have been was out. I asked an emplee of that department if they had any more he stated to me that they showed none in stock and none on order. I asked about buying the floor model knowing I could get a good discount on the floor model. The emploee called Gailan Sharp the Administrative Manager to ask about the discount for the floor model she brush hime off quickly with 5% and hung up the phone. He was going to tell her there was no box,no tool to *** disk,no battery. I ask if he would point her out and she was working the customer service desk so i walked over to her a ask if she could do any better than 5% and she said they dont give discounts! I called BS on that they done it plenty of times for me. She stated that I should be glad to get the 5% because she's the one who handles the money and budgeting. She turned her back on me and walked away and what gets me is that she never said sorry or empathized. All I have to say is that the Administrative manager ,Gailan Sharp of Lowe's Ardmore ,Oklahoma should not be a manager. The only job I would give her is cleaning the bathrooms and at best part time. VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS !!!!!!!! WITH ALL THE PEOPLE WITH OUT JOBS AND THIS IS THE BEST YOU CAN DO LOWE'S.. COME ON, REALLY?
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my husband is building a new house so we went to lowes to buy lumber for the floor. We had a list of everything we needed, i asked an associate in the lumber department and he yust pointed where it was, and basically ignores us, so we had to load all the lumber ourselves the next day my arms where sore from lifting all that heavy lumber.

If we have to load everything ourselves then why are they working there, they should yust have cashiers, over twenty associates passed by us and not a single one helped us. What really made me mad was that they where doing absolutely nothing I could understand if they where busy helping someone else or stocking, they where just talking about their weekend.

I dont understand how they have so many employees with poor customer skills in ardmore oklahoma, lumber department. :(


at least the manager where your from didnt break his wifes arm.

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Lowes in Houston, Texas - Lazy management

I use the Lowes store at 19 mckenna road in arden Nc. to the tune of about two grand a week. Only because they have the material my customer wants. Every day I order 500 pavers to be picked up the next morning and usually the great everyday folks who work there have them ready. And again this morning they were ready but I had to sit and wait 45 minutes for the manager to finish his personal phone call to came and open the back gate so they could load my truck. He was on his cell phone as he opened the gate and made me quite aware I was a pain in his butt. It is a shame that such great employees are dragged down by such poor management. Where to they find them?
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Lowes Poor service on power eqipment

Lowes does not service anything that they sell. I have bought 4 pieces of Troy Bilt power equipment. But Lowes handles no parts. Not even belts or cables. Yes the handle generic parts that don't fit or work. Lowes is so big they have a hold over the Manufacturers. They can sell there products but don't have to service or represent them..My next major purchases will be from some one that offers service after the sale. So , you save a few bucks. The service is worth something. The employees don't help you either. They just said sorry, we don't handle parts for any of this equipment
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Lowes in Jacksonville, North Carolina - Did Not Believe The Costumer

We bought 2 plants with a 1 year warranty but they died within 2 months so we went back to Lowe's to return them. We lost the receipt but the worker said we could give her out phone number and credit card number. She checked 3 different credit cards and said she couldn't find it so she accused us of lying so she denied the return. Even though we told her exactly what day we bought them and what the cost for them were. We went back home and found our credit card bill then returned to Lowe's but the worker wasn't there so we explained it to a different worker. She checked the credit card number again and FOUND IT! And the 2nd worker apologized for the 1st worker's mistake. We didn't care about getting our money back, we mostly hated how the 1st worker thought we were LYING! >:(
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Yeah, my brother deals with people like you all day. He comes home irritated because you don't think to come prepared like a responsible adult and shopper.

Clean-cut kids aren't the issue so much as customers who can't, don't or won't read the return policies and, yet, have the audacity to get angry when the associate refuses to take the stranger's word for it. Receipts are proof of sale and it is well within reason to require them for return.


Wasn't it amazing how much quicker you got your problem resolved when you brought in the receipt. Next time you return a product bring the receipt the first time.


Lowes return policy on non sellable nursery is the product shouldnt be returned unless a receipt is present.


You just got a *** employee. That's not hard to do these days---most of the young people I used to interview for jobs were functionally illiterate and looked like they had just finished changing the oil in a truck.

I had a hard time finding clean-cut, literate kids.

At least you eventually got someone smart. Try that at Walmart!!

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