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Lowe's employees can't find their *** with both hands and a map. | Lowes review from Denver, Colorado

Went to Lowe's #1630 in Littleton, CO around 5:00 pm on a Sunday. No one in the store (customer wise), not a busy time. I had questinos about a Rotary Sander, so I waited next to the Rotary Sander's for about 10 minutes. I made contact with no less than 5 employees, none of whom bothered to ask if I needed any assistance. SO, I took one of the display models to the vaccum section, to see if it would fit the hose of a bucket vac. There were no bucket vac, except for the display, which had no hose. I flagged an employee down, and I question whether or not she knew her own name, and she had to get someone else. This guy had no idea about which vac was where, and never heard of "hooking a sander up to a vac". (Seriously? and this person got hired to sell their merchandise?) The worst part? I applied to work for Lowe's a few motnhs ago - their exact words when they called me back: "I'm sorry, sir, but you seem a bit over-qualified to work here." Why? Because I can speak english, tie my own shoes & know the difference between prompt, courteous customer service and *** customer service? -I left my cart in the middle of the aisle, with the display sander in it, told the "tool associate" that he needed to perhaps attend a product knowledge seminar, and told the manager on the way out the door that this was the worst shopping experience I have ever had. I was prepared to drop $200.00 in this place, instead, I drove to Home Depot and spent $300.00 on things that the employees recommended to me. THD's workers gave me demo's, showed me how to hook everything up, told me which item to buy, vs. the other, and hnored the Lowe's coupon I had, just because I told them how much better their people are than at their compettitor. Lowe's carries a few more brands of tools that I prefer to use over The Home Depot, but I will order those online in the future and wait, instead of EVER going to Lowe's again.
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I used to work at Lowe's and I can tell you what the problem is: They don't want to pay people to work. I worked in Hardware, but was often forced to help customers in other departments that I was never trained in and knew nothing about, because there was nobody scheduled in that department.

Now, someone on the outside looking in will say "well just cross train for other departments", but, when you have no help in your own department, AND you have to stock freight because the store refuses to hire stockers... When do you have time to train? Your manager is going to let you off an hour early so you can go train in another department?

Yeah right. And, no, you can't stay an extra hour because you get written up if you have overtime.


Liability. Even though the heaetrs clearly said not to install them in bedrooms, where the oxygen could get depleted and suffocate people, idiots still did it.

So most larger suppliers have quit handling them to avoid being sued. They do work just fine if installed and used properly; heck in my state the average low income family has all ventless gas space heaetrs, the old type with the ceramic inserts in them.

My weatherization program takes those out though, once we tighten up the house since the CO level goes too high. We no longer use the new ventless heaetrs either because of the possible liability even though they are much safer than the old heaetrs we take out.


Lowes just look at How many customers you have lost just because of your employees putting in their comments and degrading those that have a negative comment about your company.


Lowes has a bad habit (not every store) of cutting staff to save money. This is usually due to poor management or low sales.

The people who are left in the store have to cover at least two and 3 departments at the same time. It is not the salespersons hiding, it is poor management. Those who are pro Lowes can argue all they want.

It is a fact. I have been there, I know.


Maybe the employee couldn't help because we don't sell "Rotary" sanders. We sell round orbital sanders and square power sanders.

Check Lowes web site. Not one "rotary" sander. And yes..we do sell attachtments to hook them up to a vacume, the bucket vac, which is a vacume you attatch to a bucket or any other shop vac we carry. Maybe you should know what your looking for before you go in.

Then maybe we can help you. By the way..wth is "hnored" Mr. over qualified ?

Good luck at The Homo Depot. And that was not a typo.

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Lowes building center

built a room adittion for a customer used all lowes products. everything bought from store was junk. there lifetime warranty plwood delaminated, skylights were all messed up, there interior doors were junk went thru 11 doors to get 4 good ones, all the wood purchased twisted in the walls,shiongles that were purchased all had same dyelot they were different shades,this only gets better whenever there so called professional carpet layer came in totally destroyed all the walls and trim put so much pressure on carpet stretcher cracked the walls in five places.myself or the homeowners cant get no restitution from store. after 34 years in buisness im telling everyone tio stay the *** away from that store there rip offs. need to go back to the family owned buisnesses. this has been going on for 1 and a half years now. god bless u if you buy from them you have been warned
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Carpet so strong it can pull walls out? That's a product I wanna buy!

John N

I assume you discussed this with the manager of the store and if no satisfaction, contacted corporate?? What did they say and do?

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No fridge for two weeks... | Lowes review from Pawtucket, Rhode Island

It is liberating to decide to never, ever again enter a Lowes establishment. The wife and I bought a fridge 12 days ago. We were promised two different delivery dates (one after the other was cancelled the day before). The fridge is supposed to be here tommorow and guess fridge! After wasting a few hours getting the run around from the store salesman, store manager, the corporate office and a supervisor at the corporate office, we just decided that they can keep the fridge. I am clearly dissatisfied with all phases of my interactions with Lowes representatives. Lowes just made it easier to shop because I will never grace their store with my presence (or my money).
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If they really called corporate, then CCIC would have had the SM fly to the factory and pick up an appliance, and deliver the appliance while wearing a tuxedo.


SO you called CCIC and the store didnt resolve your problem? Did you talk to the SM?

was the fridge in stock?

what about delivery? Did they run them selves or is it a 3rd party company?

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Cookeville, TN Lowes perpetrates online shopping fraud.

We are building a new home and my wife wanted all matching appliances. We went to the Cookeville, TN Lowe's but because we had to have a counter depth unit that was not available in the store the associate recommended ordering it from their online store. On that recommendation she went to, found a unit she liked, ordered it, paid by credit card, and set it up for delivery. When the store called to schedule delivery, I made sure I was on site. The refrigerator they tried to deliver was filthy, dented on both the side and door, and was not protected by a box or any packing material. It looked like a reject from their scratch and dent store! I rejected the unit and told them to re-order. They assured me that it would be in in two weeks. The day before it was to be delivered the store called to tell us that it was back ordered and would not be available for two months. We couldn't wait because we are trying to move in so we decided to cancel the order and buy from another company. When my wife went to the store to cancel the order she was informed that because she had ordered the unit on line the store would not issue a credit on our credit card but would only issue a store credit. A company that tries to pawn off junk on a customer and refuses to issue a credit when they can't deliver the goods will get no more of my money. They are thieves, nothing more, by demanding that we spend the cost of their defective refrigerator in their store. I am an Engineer and Business Major and I believe in the power of "word of mouth" advertising. I can guarantee that I will advertise this Lowe's fraud to every one I can reach by word of mouth, on line, and on every forum I am a member of. They have gotten the last penny of my money they will ever see!
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800-445-6937 is the number for their service department. Call and be calm and firm and you will get your money back.

Lowe's really does want you to be happy especially since you just bought a house and are a potential repeat customer.

Just like any other retail store you will get some workers or managers that are awesome and some that suck. You talk to the right person and you'll have your money back and a gift card to boot!


Have you heard of street smarts and book smarts? you are def just book smart...

the store could refund to your card if you have your POP or card for them to research it. and yea lowes sells billions of dollars a year of just junk.. cusotmers return over and over again cause we sell junk..

a+ hero! If you put as much effort into your conversation with the store as you did in this post you'd be very happy!

John N

why don't you just dispute the charge with your credit card company? If Lowe's does not agree with the dispute and the credit card says you do owe it, take it to small claims court.

With any luck, Lowe's will not show up and you can get a judgement. Use this to file a lien on their property in town.

then foreclose on the lien. I like Lowe's and have had good luck with them, but I would also be rather upset if the local store pulled a stunt like this.

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Lowes Sucks at Customer Service for Women

I went to Lowe's for a second gallon of $35 paint--I took the lid from the first gallon to be sure of an exact match. The young woman at the paint counter failed to greet me; the other chewed gum. They took forever, and then they left. When I asked for my paint, a third employee said it was still shaking (it was finished). He got angry and snatched away the paint when I asked why it was Tint B rather than Tint A like the orignal lid specified. My money spends anywhere. My Lowes card is now cancelled. Lowes sucks.
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Tint A and tint B are the names for the 2 different tint machines they have


Do some research, Lowe's caters more to female shoppers than Home Depot, just like Home Depot caters more to Contractors than Lowe's does. Don't let one shopping experience defame an entire corporation, that's ridiculous.

You should put yourself in our shoes where we have customers talking down to us all day. And not because the "customer is always right" but because people have no respect for others.

So you had a bad shopping experience...we all do, but it's no reason to stop shopping somewhere. If you received that service every time you went to that store I could understand your point but instead of complaining on a forum to discourage other people from shopping there, you should have called Lowe's corporate (number is at Customer Service) or asked to speak to the Store Manager because I guarantee he would have fixed that problem immediately.

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These indiviuals left me hanging twice, to go and help these white people instead. | Lowes review from Binghamton, New York

I went to Lowe's to look for a washer and dryer. One of the service men said that he would be right with me, and he went of head to help these white people. And minutes later another service man said that he would be right with me and the other guy came back and said that he did not forget about me, yet and still he brought white people back with him that he helped before he would help me. And the other guy that said he would be with me went to help these other white people instead of me. I stood there waiting for help for thirty minutes and I just could not take it any more so I left nearly in tears. I was pissed at the way I was treated as though I was not there.
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Ever since i started watchn hard core pawn, i dont serve coloreds because im afraid of a chimpout.


Liar, I was not checked out because I'm white! Lowes hates white people!

I was invisible ... Lowes is racist against whites!


OMG!! Race again everything is about race, that's what wrong with America it's crazy!!

Shop at Lowes and it turns into a racial war online.I am looking for cabinets for Gods Sake and see a bunch of people who knows absolutely nothing about getting along with each other to at least make a dent in this crazy screwed up country of ours where everyone would rather hate each other and use hurtful words, You should all be ashamed of yourselves!!! Grow UP!!!

Ely C

Im so sick of black people always complaining about how they get disrespected. They dont mind it when they are talkn trash about white people and calling them cracker or honky or whatever but god forbid u say something back to them then its racism.

Racism works both ways.

Why should the white people be quiet and afraid but the black can run their mouths. Just shut the *** up.


I'm gonna have to go along with the original poster on this one, only in the other side of the coin, as it were; It makes me ashamed to be white when I go walking through a section such as appliances (especially at Lowe's).

Invariably, one of the department staff jump through their own *** to help me, stopping cold while they are clearly in the middle of assisting a man, woman or couple of color.

It seems clear to me that the sales staff are in dire need of re-training and perhaps a corporate sponsored sociology class.

Salespeople, you are on notice: The money in the pocket of that person of color you just insulted is just as green as mine. You guys need to stop worrying about your commission based on your obviously incorrect perceptions and get your priorities straight.


Yo dawg yo retarded! I guess they shoulda brought you a 40 and allowed you to park your benz in the store while you shopped uh?


When people want to get special treatment they just pull out their "race" card… Just the way you say "White People" means that you are as racist as the person you are accusing…


As you can see from the person who asks, "how you know those White people weren't there first?" People just don't want to believe that this is a common experience that Blacks go through on a daily basis. In my similar experience at Lowes, It was more blatant and confirmed by the Customer service Employee's comment to me about being in a predominately White neighborhood, as his justification for this treatment.

In actuality, I was clearly there first and the employee put me on hold three times to help White customers that came up and just interrupted us and he would walk away and leave me hanging there, until I finally confronted him on his behavior. My point is that the public's first response is to defend this behavior and automatically doubt the complaint if it comes from a Black person.


I had the exact same experience at lowes from one of their Hispanic Customer Service Employees that kept doing the exact same thing to me and when I confronted him about this treatment, he told me that I was in a predominately White neighborhood. I wrote to the corporate office and got an email response. I have not seen that employee working there any longer, but I seriously doubt if his departure from Lowes had any connection to my letter to Lowes corporate office.


Can you explain to me how you knew those white people weren't there first?

Oh, and hahahahahaha

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Lowes Lack Of Pride

I a refrigerator the first one had dent in the front of the door a two inch scratch in the side down to the metal and was noisy. Sent it back another one was delivered that had two two inch scratches down to the metal in the side a chip out of one of he shelves. Went to talk to the salesman in the store that sold it to me. He said their manufactures don't care about anything they make and that most everything they sell isn't made very well and has something wrong with it and most people won't care about scratches. I don't know about you but if I'm paying a grand for something I think it at least it shouldn't be dented and scratched up. If you care you should shop somewhere else.
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Well I have to say that you have 3 mistakes;

1. This is America, everything you buy in a big box store is foreign made now.

2. You had it dilevered instead of picking up yourself, I had to ride on those box trucks and *** gets damaged all the time on them.

3. Even if you shop somewhere eles, those stores most likely lack even more pride than Lowe's and has stuff from foreign countries too.

A solution; find a Mom and Pop store, a smaller chain like Ace, or a restoration place to get an American made appliance.

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Lowes East Knoxville didn't service but did damage

I had bought a John Deere mower from Lowes in east Knoxville (TN). Not even a year later I had to take it in for service for a racing throttle. As I had bought the extended warranty I would have expected a smooth ride, instead they give me the run around for about an hour before I call corporate and they tell them to take it in for service. Two weeks later they finally send it out for repair (after I had called the third party repair shop and THEY told Lowes they were picking it up). I then find out that there's a bent crank shaft and a broken blade (neither of which were there before) - oh and none of it is covered by the warranty policy. All Lowes had to say was when are you coming to pick it up. I spend probably 15-20K a year at Lowes, hope Home Depot likes my money better
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I'm sure the store took it out to the parking lot and ran over a stump because they enjoy creating hassles for themselves. Whether you realized it or not, you ran over something and broke your lawn tractor, which is abuse and not covered under warranty.

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Warranty repair | Lowes review from Dallas, Texas

on sept 8th the va hospital brought a lawn tractor to the store located on peachtree industral blvd in chamblee for repair. our shop was called on the 22nd and told the the lawn tractor was ready. upon going to the store on the 23rd we were informed by the manager that the item was still waiting on corp. to authorized the work to be done. we find this totally unacceptable. the lawn tractor is essential to the hospital being able to provide our veterans with peace of mind upon coming to receive service. I'm sure some of your employees are veterans and would be upset if they knew that lowes does not share their views that the men and women who have put their lives on the line does not take to maintaining of their hospital s equipment a priority.
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Lowes Warranty

Asked me to apply online and then hired without interviewing anyone. | Lowes review from Nacogdoches, Texas

I was asked by two working members of lowes to apply for an opening they had in the store. I took the online application and completed it and there assesment test/ questionair that took twenty minutes. I am overly qualified to say the least. I grew up on a lumber store. It would seem that the position was filled without giving interviews and to someone without any experience. I see now why Lowes has problems with customer relations because the people who you are supposed to ask questions simply dont know the answer. Tried to help my home town and lowes out but got sand kicked in my face. store number 1772
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That is a blessing in disguise for you, the people in that store are miserable, the managers are abusive, that store has beenm going down hill for the past 3 years, the past 2 years has gotten much worst after they got a new HR manager, finally they fired the Store Manager, but the HR manager is still there and everyone hates her. You need to thank God that you did not get hired on there, if Home Depot was to open a store in Nacogdoches, everyone would quit in a heartbeat and go to work at Home Depot.


Did it have to do with your wonderful spelling abilities?


You weren't interviewed because you grew up on a lumber store rather than in a lumber yard. :grin


I'm sure they interviewed someone...just not you.

Your pride is hurt because you didn't get a job. If you were just trying to "help them out"' don't worry about it.

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