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Make sure that you confirm the availability of items at, online information is not accurate. When it comes to emergency appliance purchases, one doesn't typically want to wait 2 wks to receive their item. If an item is listed as in stock at, it may not really be readily avaialble, but once you realize that, you have already incurred charges on your credit card. My recent purchase cost me an additional $400 and the 3-ring circus I went through to get everything cleared, was maddening. Read my full review here:
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Making major purchases online is just an artard move anyways, unless you're getting a ridiculous discount. If you shop at a store, you'll have someone you can talk to in person that can be held accountable.

Buy online, and you'll spend your time chatting on the phone with people between either jobs or languages. Either way, your odds of getting what you want are slim.

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Lowes in Youngstown, Ohio - Lowe's

I recently posted a complaint about Lowe's management and their attitude when I purchased a riding lawn mower. I am please to announce that not only were things resolved but the district manager agreed to sell me a self-propelled mower that sold for $269.00 for $ 134.50 to soothe the ruffled feathers for compensation for the aggravation caused by the store's management team. I wrote to the district manager that if the store assistant manager had asked me instead of brushing me aside, I would have settled for 4 quarts of lawn mower oil, a spare spark plug and a spare air filter. But because the manager and assistant manager had attitudes, I said the *** with it. Also, I only used the new riding mower for a total of LESS than 2 hours when it developed engine problems. I have used mowers over the years with Briggs-Stranton engines and never had any problems. I called and talked to the saleman and told him my problem. He put in for an emergency exchange and arranged to have a new riding mower delivered the next day with the assistant manager's blessing. The new one is working like a charm. I guess it does pay to talk to corporate and they get in touch with the district manager and alls well that ends well.
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Valspar Paint from Lowes

-painted a bathroom with Valspar, "Farmers Market",Allen and Roth, ar225 over 4 weeks ago and it will not dry. I applied a primer over the wall paper, let it dry and then applied one coat of valspar, waited 24 hours and applied another coat. I just remains tacky to the touch, I have tried running a fan and then a heater and fan but it didn't make any difference. In 2 other rooms I applied primer over wallpaper but used a different brand of paint and it looks beautiful. The Valspar that I used supposedly has a primer already built in. Ã…nyway, will never use this stuff again. I have been painting for over 40 years using a variety of brands and never had this happen. Now what do I do?? If I wipe the wall with a wet cloth the paint comes off onto the cloth. Someone suggested repainting over this stuff with a semi-gloss latex as that may work. I had used an eggshell valspar latex. Lou
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Mayb u should removed wallpaper? Just mayb?


I painted our bathroom with Valspar just over a year ago, and it is still tacky to the touch. Every time the kids shower, the walls get wet and stay that way for at least 8 hours, even with the exhaust fan and AC going.

I'm just now painting over it with primer and then recoating with a Sherwin Williams paint. I will not use Valspar again.


Very very dissatisfied and threw it out and went back to Ben Moore!


Valspar is the best


I too painted my bathroom 4 weeks ago using Valspar Interior Kitchen & Bath Enamel and it is still tacky to the touch. The bathroom was not used for over a week after it was painted while I did other remodeling work in there.

Tonight I felt it again but it is still tacky to the touch. I have used Valspar products for a long time just not this type of paint.

Think I will go back to Benjamin Moore. The bathroom will not be used again for another 6 weeks for showering since that bathroom is not used except when I have company so we will see how long it takes to dry without any additional moisture/humidity.


Is anyone interested in beginning a class action lawsuit for damages incurred for paint not drying?


We painted our bathroom in May with Valspar "Ultra Premium, Interior Kitchen and Bath Enamel". Waited 3 days to put on 2nd coat since it was still tacky/not dry after the recommended 30-60 minutes to dry as stated on the can.

We then went on vacation for a week, came back and it was still wet. It is now the middle of August and it is still wet. I called Valspar and spoke to a VERY rude and argumentative girl. She said I would have to remove the paint from the wall at our own expense.

Incidently, the paint drips on the outside of the can are also still wet. Clearly a defective paint.


painting over sound wallpaper is perfectly fine( meaning wall paper is not peeling) the use of an oil based primer is always recommended for this application. If top coat color was a deep color, primer could have been tinted to a neutral gray to give best coverage and hide results. If paint was subjected to moisture prior to it curing ( running shower with little ventilation) this could have also contributed to it still being tacky also over application is always a common mistake


Same experience w/ Valspar 7 yrs ago. I painted over primed sheetrock.

It was tacky and smelled wet for 3 yrs. Couldn't use the room. Their rep looked at it and said he didn't have a sense of smell so couldn't tell. And the refusal to dry?

He said I should expect that w/ the color I chose. He offered me another 2 cans of Valspar paint. I refused. A professional painter said it was a problem w/ their base they tinted and every paint co knows when this happens.

Just that Lowes didn't make it right. It took 3 summers of windows open for the smell to finally dissipate. Now I only purchase paint from a paint store. This problem is uncommon, but when it does occur the homeowner is really stuck with a mess.

And professionals know exactly what it is.

A responsible company would apologize, bring in a crew to remove it and then reapply w/ non-defective paint. But not Lowes/Valspar.


I can't imagine why the paint would not dry as you state. I have used Valspar and never had a problem.

Who advised you to paint over wall paper?

They gave you bad advise. Never paint over wall paper.

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Lowes in Rock Hill, South Carolina - Lowe's excessive interest rates

I have been a loyal customer of Lowe's for more many years. However, that ended today. I was charged $442.22 interest on a balance of some $1600 and on a deferred pay plan from 2010. Lowe's customer services did not even bother to call me to inform me of this looming interest charge. Lowe's now charges an interest a rate of 24.99% to their "preferred" card holders, much higher than any store savings one may think he or she is getting. Their customer service is not user friendly nor customer friendly. When calling their "800" number to credit services, I had to listen to their spill for 10 minutes, unrelated to my issue, before I spoke with a real person (who was also arrogant). "Lowe's" now stands for how "lowe" can you go in customer service and appreciation.
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I painted a bathroom with Valspar bathroom paint and what junk. The paint peeled off.

When I went to Lowes to complain they could have cared less. Gave me more excuses than you can imagine. Then the called Valspar and they had the same response.

It's was quite remarkable their lack of customer satisfaction. Benjamin Moore is always the way to go.


Just got stuck by lowes on the excessive interest. I received a deferred interest rate if paid off in time.

I made double payments and told them to pay off deferred account. lAST BILL I GOT STATED i NEED TO pay 587.00 or was going to get charged 188.00 interest on deferred account. When I call I got some girl that could not even speak english. I called back and got one that was not much better, but did make here understand my problem.

Her statement was that I should have called every month and told them how to credit my bill. Did find out that GE bank is handling the accounts. Lowes, when you sleep with a dog, you will get fleas. I paid off my account and Lowes is history.

I would advise anyone to shop elsewere. Gary Allen


You are dealing with GE Money Bank, who issue and regulate the Lowe's credit cards. If you had a deferred interest plan, if you didn't pay off the balance in the specified time frame, you were then charged interest from the date of purchase.

Most people don't understand that. They have no obligation to warn you your "promotional period" is ending.

You were given that information when you made the purchase. I hope this helps.

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Lowes Credit Card

Lowes worst for returns

Lowes has blocked my Dr lic for too many returns....the only problem is....I've returned items maybe once or twice in a few years. I told the manager I've spent thousands of $ at his store and he just laughed and said he has contractors that complain all the time.....he didn't seem concerned. He said he had absolutely no way to override the system. I told him I would not shop at Lowes any longer and he was OK with that. With the economy as it would think they would focus on customer service. I had planned to spend much more than the amount that I would have gotten on the one little return. I called the 1-800 number to see why I was blocked and they have a recording saying to leave your info and they will get back with you in 2 business days. Again....great customer service???
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We have customers who bring in items in the Home Depot bag, with a Home depot label on it and tell us they got it at Lowe's. I told one customer that we didn't even sell what he swears he got here and he told me that he was going to ram that item in one of my orafices.

I called security and they made him leave.

Even with the wrong receipt, wrong bag and wrong company, I was still an *** and he was never going to shop with us again. GREAT, who wants to put up with hat again any way.


I work at the returns desk. Someone is probably using a fake ID for returns with ur info. Hope you have never lost ur purse/wallet.


Dema is right, so listen to her. Another thing, my brother works for Lowe's and he so many customers get mad and yell at him about how they spend thousands of dollars there in whatever time frame.

IT DOESN'T MATTER. The computer can NOT be overridden according to him.


somethings off there either you're lying or the system isn't working correcting because I've had customers do returns like that multiple times and it take a good number of times and amounts of store credit before you would get denied You have to understand as well that its not a lie when we tell you our system won't let us override something, we literally cannot do the return unless it goes through and if its blocking you dr lic it absolutly will not go through.


I reccomend that you either hold onto your receipts, or put your purchases on a credit card. That way if you loose your receipt the returns cashier can scan your credit card and it will automatically be put back on that card. Good Luck.

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Lowes in Colorado Springs, Colorado - Ordered toilet for install, now a month and not installed yet

I ordered and payed for a toilet 4/18 and was told it would be ready 5/2/11. Somebody called me to tell me the toilet was ready only to call later that only part of the toilet was ready. Since then I am getting excuses every time I call and yet my card has been charged and I have made first payment on the balance. Today I called and I am told the part might arrive at night but they don't know if installer is available tomorrow. With all the inconvenience, I would think they would treat my case with priority. This company needs to do better if it wants to keep customers. Customer service seems to be very poor and people don't know what they are doing. I am really unhappy with this situation.
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It is actually 40% and although they claim to use "Licensed" contractors - flooring installers, handymen and delivery guys actually do most of the installs. The "licensed" guys are in the background to clean up the mess these yahoos make.

Anything from incorrect installation, to code violations, to hooking up LP to natural gas. You name it! On occasion you may get an actual plumber installing your toilet, faucet, or dishwashwer but that is the exception - NOT the rule. Buyer beware!!!

You def. get what you pay for when you use Lowe's Installers.


listen, i used to sell cabinets for lowes. IF ANYBODY BUYS AN INSTALL of these cabinets from lowes they are idiots you pay more for the installation of a cabinet then you do the *** cabinet. And lowes makes roughly a 70% profit on every install they pay the installer garbage and pocket the REST!!!!!!!!!!!

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LOWES don't order from Lowes is the worst store to deal with. I ordered a $4O0.00 Built in Coffee Maker.Don't buy anything there. I never got my item and they dont know or care. They finally called to tell me to pick up the product and when I got to the store, it was never there. Save time, go to Home Depot or anywhere -- don't order from Lowes. I wonder how the Coffee Maker would have been. I ordered lots of merchandise for my new kitchen and had great experience with Sears, Amazon, Express Decor etc. Lowes was my only disappointment.
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Lowes in Albuquerque, New Mexico - Refusal of cashier to give the 10% per your policy

I bought an air conditioner and motor from you with proof that another store had the same one at a cheaper price. The department head was nice, authorized the discount, when I took it to the cashier, she was haughty, and refused to give me the 10%, After some argument, pointing out the sign on the wall, and the print on the receipt, I finally got it. I this standard?, what gives? Is the policy just lip service? I appreciate the the discount, but I would like to get it without the hassle at the cashiers station. Thank you for your attention.
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Have you ever thought of asking to speak to the manager. A problem will often be fixed on the spot (and more then likely gotten you a deeper discount) and the manager would have known that the casheir was not holding to policie. Complaining on a forum will only vent anger but not fix the problem.

@comen sense

There is no managers. You have to phone Pakistani for satisfaction and 3 hours on hold and then they hang up on your sorry ***. Lols


Have you ever thought of asking to speak to the manager. A problem will often be fixed on the spot (and more then likely gotten you a deeper discount) and the manager would have known that the casheir was not holding to policie. Complaining on a forum will only vent anger but not fix the problem.


I just realized my last comment was COMPLETELY REEETARDED.

Also in regards to Emily, Lowe's is the only one that actually matches the price and gives you 10% off that list price, whereas BestBuy and most other retailers only give 10% of the DIFFERENCE as the discount.


Contact the Federal Trade Commission and file a complaint about false advertising. Complaints can be filed online at You won't get a response right away but the more people who file the better record they'll have to file charges.


I've found this little discount to be a sham. Lowe's and Best Buy both guarantee lowest prices and price matching, but I've found that to be the biggest hassle ever.

Lowe's went round and round with me and finally gave me 10%.

Best Buy flat out refused. I had proof of a lower price on a washer and dryer, and they told me they had never sold that washer and dryer for that low and never would.

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Lowes Cashier

Lowes in Aiken, South Carolina - Lowe's Master Forge Grill

Hi, I have submitted a complaint already over 2 weeks ago for master forge and sumitted to the BBB. Not one person has contacted me from Master Forge which makes me realize they really do not have any concern for their customers and could care less that after less than a year of use the product is faulty. Since I bought this from Lowe's I'm hoping someone will care enough at that company to make ammends.I purchased a gift for my husband last Memorial day, spending 500 dollars at Lowe's for a Master Forge grill. In my last complaint I provided all of the grill specifics so that if Master Forge was concerned they would be able to easily provide replacement parts. However, no one seems to care. I would hope that I get a phone call or in the VERY LEAST an email from these people to find out why I am so frustrated with their products. My family always buys MasterForge grills which is why I was so quick to spend that amount of money for my husband. Unfortunately it fell VERY short of expectations. Multiple parts on the insde have rusted even though it remained covered. We cannot use it without covering the whole inside in foil. Not very fun for BBQ season. I wish I could express how dissapointed I am not just in the product but in the customer service. I called and spoke with people multiple times at MasterForge, first told, no problem they would ship out replacement parts. a month later...when I had no parts I called and they said there was no order for me. They sent me to the agents voicemail who promised this, and she never called back. SHOCKING! I am horrified and will continue to post this on every consumer website until rectified
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Just jb weld those bad chineese welds


Same sort of problem. Heat shield brackets breaking off after 2 years. Kept covered when not in use.


Master Forge grills will quickly turn into a pile of rust, mine was a waste of money and the only thing Lowes would say was I should have bought the extended warranty. Never again!!


Its just mother nature everything rusts and back to 6 feet under..


I was looking at the Master Forge modular units. Glad I did some research.

Lowes warranty is 30 days!

NO EXTENDED WARRANTY from Lowes or manufacture. That should tell you something


I think doc, it should be good to go for one *** month lols


Way to go, everybody needs to know about these cheap made products, my grill is Stainless Steel but is rusting and the ignighter only worked a few times


Yes CHINAMAN stainless steel

Is a trade secret in that your

Bbq will have beautiful rust patina after its first rain.lols


I disagree. I don't think you know how to use a igniter.

Ha ha ha !!!!lols


Mine is less than a year old and oh my god...this product has no heat- problems with gas supply-and caught fire three days ago at the gas valves..piece of ***..I use to have a grill I should afraid..VERY AFRAID!!!!!!!good luck getting any help from master forge..


Keep trying into your next life

Ha ha haaaaaa lols


I paid $400.00, and only second summer with this grill, totally rusted out! Not even enough to repair!!! Kept under my awning and covered with the most expensive cover Lowes sells!!!!


I have a $400.00 grill made by the same company. It has never been out in the elements and covered at all times, when not in use.

This is only the 2nd summer and I went to grill today, and the whole inside is rusted!

My propane tank is exposed!!!!! NOT HAPPY!!!!!!!!!


Just bought a Mater Forge grill, right out of the box the lid

is warped and so much so there is a 1 inch gap on the right side front.

I have not been able to get Master Forge to help in any way.



I went to Lowes but they said that I had to contact master forge. I have just read other reviews about the inside parts rusting out and then not being able to get the parts.

I wish I could show you the pictures of the inside of our master forge.

It is unbelievable. Pretty much , the tray and 3 of the under burners disintegrated into pieces after 2 years


Master forge is built by Landmann. They make a little higher grade but the cost is twice as high.

Landmann does not offer any parts for the smoker I bought last summer. They have the IDENTICAL model for sale but surprise! Parts are not available yet! Landmann/master forge is junk and the service or parts availability is non-existant.

You can Google Landmann and see for yourself. Company is ***.


I called master forge 3 times no reply back I needed a ignation button I will never buy a master forge again


In the past six years my wife and I purchased two (2) Master Forge Grills. The first one was o/a the spring of 2007 and cost over $600.

Though covered, it lasted less than three years, the insides having rusted away as if we had had it sitting on a beach in the Outer Banks. We then purchased a second one like it, naively thinking we had gotten the first after (it) perhaps was built the morning after the celebrations of a Chinese New Year. Taking even better care than the one before, the insides of the second BBQ rusted out even faster than the first one did. I called several numbers for assistance and was passed from one department to the next with no results.

Every excuse in the book was afforded and on several occasions it was insinuated by the phone personnel that perhaps the problem was (my) lack of maintenance. I spent 41 years in the military and recently retired. During those early years in my career I was a maintenance officer for much more sensitive equipment than a BBQ. Anyways, I took up the issue with Lowe's, where my wife and I, in retirement, afford them several thousand dollars in revenue for their goods.

We got nowhere with them.....and that is where a large amount of (our) disappointment lies; in the cold, careless answers for the products they sell.

@Go-Go 1949

No service disappointed......


I have a Master Forge electric snoker. Used it 3 times and electronics went. Lowes would not replace it and Master Forge does not respond


My masterforge smoker is not even 2 years old and I can not find the parts for the electronics period.


My master forge grill heat plates fell apart after about 15-20 usings. Would never buy this product again.


The grease pan and burner covers rotted out after 2 season.the grill is a POS.will never buy master forge again.garbage


Master forge grills are tge biggest pos ever I have had two of the five burner models with the same luck they do not last a good year and the only reason I got the second was the first was under warranty please trust me they are junk


I had a 3-year warranty on my Master Forge grill, so they were willing to send out replacement parts, BUT everyone I talked to kept telling me that the part names and numbers from the exploded view in the manual DID NOT match the names and numbers on their computer system. Needless to say, even after reading off exactly what I needed they sent me the wrong parts, multiple times.

On top of this, when calling their company, I waited on hold for at least 45 mins each time, sometimes up to 2 hours. Two times I was put on hold and no one ever picked up again, I waited 3 hours one time before finally hanging up and trying again. One time I was put on hold and the phone disconnected in the middle of an order. When I called back right away they said my order wasn't in the system and I had to do it over, after it had already taken 45 min just to get 2 parts figured out.

Near the end of this ordeal I was put through to a superior, who accused me of having them send out multiples of the same parts, as if I WAS A CRIMINAL! I explained that this was all on his company, that I was repeatedly told the part numbers did not match the numbers they had. Every time I was very precise in what was needed. Now I have multiples of many things, mostly things I did not need.

I said I was willing to send them all back if they would pay for shipping.

They finally agreed to send out the remaining parts, and did not want the others shipped back. Now I have a garage full of multiple sets of the same pieces, that I never needed.


I agree, I have waited also two weeks. I would have to say Master Forge is the worst company.

I will never buy this brand ever again. The most expensive grill which was about 1200 and for nothing less than a year and the darn thing is already oxidize and the grill doesnt even turn on.


Having issues with the same $1200 of the managers came out a couple of months ago and they replaced the doors....well guess what, that's where the serial number was so now I can't get service scheduled because they need the *** number. I am going to fight to have them take this back ( bought the matching fridge) and give me my money back.....will never buy anything from Lowes again.


My Master Forge has been great up until I noticed the supports for the burners have fallen. I know I can find a basic grill burner etc but mounting pieces?

Sad to learn of so many who have had problems with MF. Sad now I'm going to probably have to buy another grill.


You cannot store any grill outside unless it is all stainless steel. My Master Forge is 3 years and looks AWESOME! I store it inside like any intelligent person would.

@Grill Master

That's lovely for you. I live in a city and am very fortunate to have a small amount of yard space for a grill.

The thought of bringing this inside, down my hurricane doors into my basement, is hysterical. I have never heard of anyone bringing a mammoth grill indoors except perhaps in the winter, and it won't work for our circumstances. We use a cover.

Your "any intelligent person" comment is insulting and unnecessary. A million better ways to get your point across and provide helpful feedback (without creating angry feelings) such as: "I found by bringing it inside (in the winter?) that I have avoided rust issues." Boo to your review.

@Grill Master

There are plenty of nicer grills you can store outside. Mine has been outside for 15 years and is still in great shape. It is a Weber maybe I could say that any intelligible person would understand that you get what you pay for.

@Grill Master

If I may long have you been a total ***


Yea lowes has 90 day policy, so lowes actually isn't responsible for your product any more. You will need to contact master forge to get help. FYI


You must be kidding! Contacting Master Forge for service or spare parts is a joke.


You little pansy, ambulance chasing, whiny B!!! "Horrified"?!?!

About a grill?!?!?!

I bet you are a joy to live with. It's a grill, you sausage muncher!


Yeah mine rusted through as well but then again I kept it outside covered. I am just going to "Tim the Toolman" it.

Make it better than the manufacturer made it....

since there appears to be no sites to replace every piece inside the grill other than the burners. Burners and heat reflectors are fine everything else denigrated.


With extra care, these grills can last years.

First, buy one with a cast iron grate instead of porcelain. Over time, your metal grill brush will destroy porcelain grates. If you already have porcelain well... wash in the sink with nothing tougher than a scrubby sponge. Don't use your wife's nice dish sponge because it will get all black and torn up.

Second, never every turn the heat up full blast. Keep the temperature below 450 at all times. Nothing destroys these cheap grills faster than high heat.

Third, when you first get the grill you need to season it with a pint of vegetable cooking oil. With the grill cold, pour 1 cup of oil into a bowl and use a silicone basting brush to coat the inside over the grill with a thin layer of oil. Be sure to cover the bottom, sides and lid. There is no need to coat the burners themselves but if your grill has heat spreaders (flavorizor bars) then make sure to coat the ends or tabs where these bars attach to the grill body. Once everything is good and coated in oil fire it up and cook at 300 degrees for an hour. This will cause the oil to char and turn brown or black. Any place where it burned clean off was too hot. Let the grill cool back down and repeat the process with another cup of oil tomorrow.

Your beautiful new grill now looks old and yucky but it is protected from rust! If you ever accidentally get it too hot then re-apply the layer oil. Never clean the grill by heating it up to max to burn off all the stuff and never clean it with water. The flavor bars may get too hot for this to save them but the rest of the grill will be protected.


What a f'n awesome review! Thanks!


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My MasterForge grill did last 2 1/2 years (apparently good compared to below) although the inside has rusted out (and I do clean it pretty well). I cannot find parts and will buy a new Weber grill.

I will continue to shop at Lowes although will make sure to bring up the quality (lack of) of MasterForge when recommending grills.


I rolled my grille out this last Memorial Day to cookout. I bought a large Master Forge Grille and within two years it has completely rusted out.

The entire working interior is gone and the grill surfaces have rusted beyond use. I clean it after each use and keep it covered when not in use.

I moved from FL where grills do rust more quickly due to the salt and that was expected. I will never purchase another one of these poorly built grills again and Lowes has lost another good customer.


This might be sort of late news for some of you, but we need to realize that to survive our current economy, companies like Lowes, Sears, HomeDepot, etc, have to buy cheap *** from overseas (china) and sell them as American made, Master Forge is a Lowes brand. Open your eyes America, we are done with American made products....






Dear LPZ,

Clean your grill! It will last looonnngggeeerrrr.


The American ***






You people think it is the store that is to blame? No no no it is all of us who are to blame.

Sadly as a nation we buy what ever is the cheapest and demand that lowes match home depot and sears match best buy and so on. All of the *** we buy these days is from china We cant even get halfway decent stuff from japan anymore. So you know what? Its your fault.

Or you could blame your dog. Yeah thats is its the dogs fault. You know what? When you see the dog kick him!

Or here is a noble and somewhat crazy idea... Ready?? Are you sure you can handle it??? ok here goes...


Pretty simple if it breaks down guess what? You can get it fixed or replaced and in some cases take a drive to the builder and raise a little stink...

@Frank Burns

***. It is absolutely the responsibility of Lowe's to stand behind what they sell.

They have professional buyers that test and make decisions on this stuff.

Regardless of where is is made, ultimately they are on the hook for making a customer happy. The fact that they pushed cheap goods doesn't absolve them of responsibility.


Don't buy it from Lowe’s; they will not help me at all!!!! The second they find out I did not buy their extended warranty, they drop me like a hot plate!!!

If they would have told me the grill is a piece of sh%!, I would have bought the warranty. This grill was 500 plus and is a year and a half old. Rusted, plastic is ruined, the STAINLESS is shot, must be the cheapest *** you make it out of!!!

Again, LOWE'S dropped the ball and I as a customer trusted them to sell me a quality product,,,, NOT!!!! Stay away from LOWE'S and MASTER FORGE (JUNK)


I bought the Master Forge E3518-LPG in 2008 and most of the inside has rusted, even though I kept to cover on it. I went on-line to find parts but no one seems to carry them any longer.

It's made in China.

I guess the Chinese don't bar-b-que much, based on the design of this product.) So, I'm now using The Master Forge Grill as a boat anchor. It works quite well, but I'm sure it will rust out soon.

@Brique Kete

Brique Kete,

You live near water hopefully not salt and you didn't clean your grill. Your fault not manufacturer or Lowe's.


The American ***


@ Get Over It... you are a tool.

When someone buys something they expect a certain amount of quality, especially for the money that they worked hard for. If there can not be consumer confidence, then there is a breakdown. YOU obviously are one of the underpaid pee-ons that the woman mentions & you defend. I too am having a problem with my grill.

They grill works great, & looks new (which it should for being less than a year old), but unfortunately my $500 grill has a handle that has rusted completely. VERY disappointing.


i bought a master forge grill I was thinking 279.95 the second year the whole is side s has rotted out and is junk now.I would have thought it would have lasted 3 or 4 years.i now buy 89.99 grills and throw the away every 2 years THIS WAY i SAVE ABOUT 200.00 MASTER FORGE IS JUNK AND THE COMPANY REP.DID NOT CARE.i THOUGHT MAY A PRO RATION ON PRICE OR SOMETHING.I GOT NOTHING.NEVER AGAIN!!

@Steven Cheek

Dear Steven,

Clean your grill! Your fault not manufacturer or Lowe's.


The American ***


Ever thought of just returning the grill and buying another one instead of whining and complaining about the one you have that doesn't work?....grills aren't meant to last forever and in this day and age products like that are MADE to break down quickly so you can just buy another one. Its 2012 *** near and honestly no one really sincerely cares about your trivial issues...especially the guy making $12 an hr who sold you the grill, or the guy at the masterforge call center making $14 an hr to sit there and listen to your whining over nothing. Just return it and get a new one...simple.


I purchased a 4 burner Master Forge grill from Lowe's in April 2011 by July 2011 the green hood became pitted with white spots. Although I clean and then cover after each use the hood remains unsightly. I believe this hood was never designed to withstand the temperatures that grilling produces.I hope Lowe's or Master Forge corrects this and replaces all covers made improperly.

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Lowes in Waterford, Connecticut - We got ***.

We went in to build our kitchen at Lowes in Waterford CT. We went witht he 18 months no interest and asked the store what the minimum payment. The store manager Jennifer Veno, stated that her payment was an approximate number and we told her that we needed the payment to be around a certain amount. She said it should be around that. When we received the bill it was 3x's the amount. There is nothing Lowes or the credit company can do other than if we claim hardship and ruin our credit. Spoke to the general manager who said that the order could be refunded. My husband ripped out our kitchen in anticipation of the order and I am on bed rest with twins. They offered us to come back and redo the process or to come to my house. I would not work with them again and did not know how they would ever manage to build a kitchen for the payment we could afford based what their policies dictated. They could do nothing for us. I will never use lowes again and I am forced to try to figure out how to pay this bill. I don't have the physical energy or resources to attempt another kitchen design. I am so angry at lowes and they have offered us no compensation. DO NOT USE them for any sort of financing or expect the manager to answer questions knowledgeably.
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You are an ***. I'm glad you got screwed.


Before you sign your name to should READ what you are signing and not depend on a sales person to do it for you. If you know the grand total and have 18 months no interest....its easy to figure out what your payments are...take the grand total after taxes and divide it by 18.....YOU DEPEND on a sales person to do your math for you? Come are looking for sympathy for totally unrelated reasons....GROW UP!!


The retailers are not finance experts, not even close. The terms and conditions on the credit agreements, in fine print, outline how the payments are calculated.

All the retailers push there free financing promotions; this is not news.


To all of those people that believed we did this to ourselves. We did a lot of research and know what payment we could afford.

That is why we went that route. As for my kitchen that was a safety hazard, cabinets falling off the wall, haphazard electrical, we had no choice. I am not blaming others for my decisions. It was not instant gratifcation by any means, it was the cheapest kitchen we could manage to get safely.

It would be like buying a car and expecting the payments to be one price and then it is another.

We also had the ability to pay for the kitchen in the end and it was a matter of timing to have a safe place for my family to be. Please don't make judgements that don't apply to the situation




If you can't afford a new kitchen, you shouldn't finance it. Stop living above your means.

Save for it and you won't have to deal with things like this. Instantly gratification isn't all it's cracked up to be.


I'm not familiar with Lowe's return policy but I'm guessing you had a few bills come by before it was up. Even then, they offered you a refund and you refused to take it.

They along with every other appliance retailer have next day delivery.

So I don't see your beef.

Plus you have no business doing those same as cash programs if you can't make the payments, since you'll be hit with all the interest at the end anyways. I know that you're "tired" and "don't have the physical energy" or whatever, but it's a big bad world out there and you shouldn't blame other people for your own poor planning and research.

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Lowes Manager