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Lowes in Colorado Springs, Colorado - Lowe's Installers and delivery is terrible

Bought a dishwasher from Lowes and they sent someone out to install, A Young guy shows up with his GIRL Fiend in tow. First he wanted to take a hammer to the terracotta floor tile so he could remove the old dishwasher(had no idea there were leveling legs) after i showed him how to do it he pulled the hoses , he then decided he couldn't get them back in the way they were and wanted to strat drilling new holes in the oak cabinets. At this point i finally told him to leave and called the company he worked for. Talked to the owner and he said he would come out and do it himself that afternoon. The door bell rings and who is it ? The same kid that was there before with his girlfriend. I had already ran the hoses through the existing holes (took all of all of 5 min ) So i just told him to go away and I would finish the hook up. Unfortunately it canceled the warranty even though I work with appliances and hook up. But because I did it instead of these Bozos The store said the warranty was not valid.(never did have any problem with it)
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Yeah it's never a good idea to have the contracters for Lowes or Home Depot or whatnot come to your house for installs, because you have no idea who's coming as you earned firsthand. Just find someone reliable online where you can read reviews before hiring them. Plus if you are doing multiple items you may be able to haggle a discount


I would demand in writing that a "User Install" voids any factory warrantee. You'll see a lot of huffing around.

Fact is look in your manual for the dishwasher and see that nowhere does it require a "Professional Installer".

The only appliance I have seen that did were gas water heaters.

I installed our dishwasher and there is no such issue. Still have free delivery but no requirement that it is only waranteed if they install it. Sombody gave you a line of ***.

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Lowes: Do not buy major appliances

On October 18th I purchased brand new major appliances for my newly rehabbed kitchen from Lowe's: refrigerator, stove, dishwasher and microwave. Out of those four appliances, three have broken. A couple of months ago I had someone out to fix the dishwasher. The stove's gas shut-off valve does not work (figured this out after coming home with my newborn to a house full of gas; still have not gotten fixed as I just cannot find the time). On Thursday, April 28th I called Lowe's because my refrigerator had stopped working. Besides losing at least $100 worth of food, I was panicked: I have a four-month-old and work full time; his milk was in the refrigerator. I was told by the Lowe's customer service rep that the earliest appointment she could get me was Friday (the next day). I explained why it was so urgent - she was very nice, sympathized, but still could not help me. It is worth mentioning that I live in a major city (Philadelphia), and it is confusing that as a large company in a major city, Lowe's could not secure someone sooner, especially considering the circumstance. She then explained that I could call the company myself and ask for service that day. Upon calling that company, I was told by them that Lowe's had the wrong information, and they could not perform the work until Monday. I then called Lowe's again, crying, that I could not feed my baby without having refrigeration. Someone different was able to secure service that same day. When the service repairman came to the house, he announced that it would take 7-10 business days to get the part, but that upon shutting off the refrigerator for 24 hours, should magically work. In a major city, and in this day of same-day shipping, I am confused why it would take so long to receive the part. It is worth mentioning that I am still paying off the appliances (almost all broken). It is also worth mentioning that my husband and I, as new parents, also have demanding jobs, which make sitting at home waiting for repair professionals difficult. I lost the following because of the situation: at least $100 worth of food; my baby's breast milk (priceless) and a day of work. I am confused why no one offered to deliver a mini refrigerator to use, especially considering my unique situation with the baby. For anyone that has had a baby, nurses that baby and has to work full-time, they understand how panicky and terrifying it is to lose refrigeration. My house is exactly 2.6 miles away from a Lowe's store; it would have been possible.
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We purchased a major brand refrigerator and dryer recently from Lowes thinking they were new products. But gives the problems we are having with both products we are convinced neither is a new products.

Both were manufactured one in 2002 and the other was manufactured in 2003. They were both sold as new, but we believe they are both refurbished because they are not functioning properly.

We have complained and complained, but have gotten little cooperation. We will not be buying another product from Lowes.


Its true everyone wants everything for nothing... buy the *** warranty and you would not have to worry..

and dont be mad at the store they did not build your appliances they were made from another company... its people like you that make sales people not want to come into work in the morning


I was going to try to fully address all of your misperceptions about how these things work, but suffice to say you have unrealistic expectations. A quick rundown

-you should be mad at the manufacturer (name on the appliance) for the poor quality, not the retailer. also, it seems you did not protect yourself with a warranty (would've covered food loss and parts & repair)

-scheduling service under a basic manufacturer's warranty next day would have been EXCEPTIONAL, and a four day wait is pretty average

-nobody gives you floor models to "borrow", they have to sell those later

-there are hundreds of parts for each appliance, so stocking them as close to the customer as appliances would be ridiculously expensive, inefficient, and hard to plan for

-Rent-a-center was made for people like you

-if you buy from someone on an hourly wage, expect a half-assed level of care. Do your homework so you can tell if commissioned people are BSing you and buy from someone honest; they will make sure you're taken care of because they have a reason to! (besides "because they should")

-Bottom line: take care of yourself first, then if someone is willing to go the extra mile, great, but if not, you're prepared.

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Lowes screws upmdoor installation. Won't fix the problem.

Purchased a door form Lowes inYork County SC and paid for them to install the door. The door had to be looked at twice and now it won't even close. They cam out took a look and decided it was a faulty installation BUT refused the claim. Now have to do a wild email goose chase and fire off to higher management . What pain.... Door wont even close all the way or lock. This leaves the house vulnerable and subject to anyone entering the house at their will. My dogs even escaped one afternoon and went running amok in the neighborhood. What if they had been hit by a car all because the door won't remain closed? I now have to secure the door by creating a blockade so it wont open. Complete pain in the *** and they're the ones whom installed it.
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Area Installation Manager, Regional Installation Manager are the two people to talk to outside of the Store manager.

Lowe's likes dealing on the phone.

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Lowes Installation

Lowes in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania - Didn't contact me for an estimate

I paid for a floor estimate and it took two week for them to call me. I had to call them and they jerked me around. The sub contractor after measuring the floor never supplied the estimate. I complained and then after a week of calling he said my mositure content was to high to install the floor. Why didn't the sub contractor call the day he proclaimed he found the problem. The reason is clear he was mad I complained about him. I asked for a new subcontractor. I asked Lowe's for the estimate since I paid for it and never received one. Very poor service from the Lowe's store manager flooring sales person and fly by night sub contractors.
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Lowes Manager

Lowes in New York, New York - ON HOLD FOR EVER

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Yes, she was rude, but it's not her fault the people in the lumber department don't answer their phones. Next time ask to speak to the store manager.

S/he can always find someone to help you. All the cashiers can do is keep transferring you and hope someone picks up.


Next time just ask to speak to the store manager. S/he can find someone to help you even if no one in the department bothers to answer their phones.


Because she, like every other person in a call center, put in her two week notice on her first day.


the phones are sometimes broken yet the people up front dont know and will transfer you to a broken phone which will never pick up. Also, they are usually horrendously understaffed so that is why they dont pick up in lumber.


dont' bother with customer care, go directly to their corporate office, 704-758-1000. Maybe if corporate gets enough complaints they will do something about their dismal service in all their stores.


which store in brooklyn? 2nd ave or kings plaza?

2nd ave is the older store and they are VERY busy.

It's not acceptable that you didn't get an answer, but its not a surprise either.

I encourage you to call Customer Care at 1-800-44-LOWES or email them at and voice your concerns.

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Lowes in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Delivery

I was told last night that I would get a phone call about my delivery.I never got that call.It is now the next day .And they have the item i brought in stock.The store said some one would call by 9pm.I waitied till 10.00 pm now that is so worng.If you tell some one you going to call you should call so do i sit around all day and wait to see if they show up with it .Not good Lowes .My ref went I have now ref.So i went to your store .I didn't think thier be any problems.
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Lowes in Steubenville, Ohio - Lowe's salesman lied to us!!!

As a previously satisfied customer, I am extremely dissatisfied with our most recent purchase from our Steubenville, Ohio store. We had gone to Lowes in Steubenville to look at refrigerators. The only way we were going to buy one is if we could get it with no interest or payments for 12 months. In May 2009 we bought our house and came to this same Lowe's store. They offered us the 12 months 0 interest 0 payments for purchases over $299. We purchased about $3500.00 worth of appliances (A Gas Stove, Dishwasher, Refrigerator, Washer, Dryer, lawn mower and Outdoor Grill) and then paid it off with our 2009 tax return in February of 2010. Since we were looking for this exact same deal, we specifically asked the Lowe's associate if it was being offered. The same Lowes associate who sold us all of our appliances the previous year, told us that it was the same deal being offered at the time and any purchase we made, over $299.00, qualified for that program. With this great news, I made renovations to my kitchen to accommodate the new, much larger refrigerator. Much to our surprise, we got a bill the next month with a minimum payment of $48.00. There is nothing Lowes will do about it and now I have spent money and put my trust, in a Lowes salesperson, for nothing more than a small refrigerator, in a huge hole, in my kitchen. They picked up the refrigerator this week, on Wednesday April 27th. Its a good thing that we didn't get rid of the old one. I understand that you picked it up and refunded our Lowes card, but a lot of sweat, time and money went into this project just to be severely disappointed in the end. I regret to inform lowes that I will no longer be a customer. And I am also doing everything in my power to involve the media to expose how your salesmen work. Lie to get a sale. I have also put our story on Facebook, Myspace and Twitter to get the word out to our friends and family to let them know not to shop at Lowes. Our impact may be small, but any impact I can make is worth it. The first sale you will lose is the $3000.00 deck we planed on building this summer. Thank you for your time. Jeff and Helen DeMaria
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I always do this and NEVER have an issue. You must have purchased something that was not on the promotion.

Regardless, you should make monthly payments anyway. Interest continues to accrue monthly. At the end, if the promotion is not paid in full ALL the interest for the year is tacked on. That could cost you 30% more than you paid for the items.

$3500 X 30% is $1050. It is stated in the terms and is visible for anyone to read.


Seems like a minimum monthly payment is the norm and if you're able and choose to pay off before the promotional period ends, you won and made great use of the offer. I've never heard of a "pay zero" until the promotional period ends. Maybe you misunderstood the promotion and Lowes and the sales associate are not at fault.


Your and *** ! no one loans money for 12 mths with no payments !


Lowes did nothing wrong to YOU! Blame the Government because you still got to pay a A minimum payment every month and you're still get the 18 months interest free... So really you're just ignorant because you got to play a little minimum payment of 48 bucks a month interest FREE!


Hello...even with no interest program, you will have a minimum payment...they don't do no payment at all anymore that I'm aware you pay the minimum payment, (still at no interest) and then pay it off when you get your taxes or whatever.


awwww poor thing. suck it up


At lowes on any x number of months on promotion you have a payment this is stated on all promotion signs no interest with payment you people make me sick you don't know how to read.


If you can't afford a $48 dollar payment each month, I doubt you would have purchased a deck anyways. You're poor.


Maybe Lowes could offer you 0% & no payments ever. Ah, people like you, they walk among us!


Lowe's card through GE bank has never offered a plan with ZERO dollars payment. For all the years I have had it, it has always said all over the place there is a minimum monthly payment.

Aside from that, as much as I've spent at Lowe's - never have I ever seen a possible way to buy as much as you have said for only $3500 but like someone else said - you can't afford $48 but spent thousands remodeling? :x


Dear inslbjd9 (your name should be insipid) - Lowe's is wonderful, and their customer service is excellent. I have bought many items with 0% financing for 18-months at Lowe's.

Never in history has there been such a fantastic deal.

Of course you have to make a small monthly payment - that is written all over the brochures, the signs in the store, and the paperwork you get from GE Money. If you can't afford $48/month, how can you afford a new house and a $3,000 deck?


You can thank your government for this ***...Lowes has nothing to do with it. There is no such thing as zero payments with credit lenders anymore.

Along with that, the credit promotion is not offered through Lowes.

Its offered through GE Money so know what you are talking about. Plus if you "trusted" a retail salesman to know credit are still a ***.


I hate it when people talk about all the media outlets they've contacted about their problem, when it turns out they actually have no idea what they're talking about. And I feel bad for the salesperson, I hope for the sake of your dignity that you haven't given him any grief.

And I don't even see why it matters. Those minimum payments are so small, so if you only made those, you wouldn't come close to paying it off and end up paying all the interest at the end.

So next time DO YOUR *** HOMEWORK before treating people like *** and acting like a spoiled brat.


I think there was a disconnect in communication between you and the salesman; lowes has never offered a 12 month no payment, the promotions are a certain amount of months, in this case 12, interest free payments as long as you pay off the bill in the 12 months, maybe you got confused because the last time you made a purchase you paid off the bill all at once and this time you wouldn't being doing that, but the salesman did not lie to you, you just misunderstood the actual promotion.


Don't know where you plan on shopping, but no one can offer no payments. Try listening to the news or reading a paper once in a while.

Part of the banking and credit reforms included reqiring minimum payments. The problem many people got into is they didn't have the money to pay the bill in full after 12 months and were faced with a HUGE interest charge.


We are not credit card guru's. this is the only one we have ever had.

We had no idea about this new law. We trusted a Lowes salesmen. who we had bought from before. So yes, the fact is a associate representing Lowes had lied to us.

I am sorry that we are a little old school and trust local people to tell us the truth.

And maybe not like a person who is up and up on all that is going on with credit cards. We have cancelled our card with Lowes and will never deal with a credit card again.


Its okay, your just a ***.


Well there ya go. Ignorance is bliss...or is it?

You always need to be "up and up" on everything that has to do with your money. Better start saving for that deck......


Its not the fact that Lowes lied to you. Yes, they were offering zero percent financing for 12 months but the new laws with all credit cards is that you must make some sort of a payment each month, otherwise you will be charged the full amount. If you own a Lowes credit card, you would have been informed of this 18 months ago.

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Lowes in Richardson, Texas - Lowe's Waxahachie TX

Update by user May 27, 2011

My blinds were finally installed after much frustration and stress. They look lovely but I will never use Lowe\'s again for anything that needs installation.

Update by user Apr 28, 2011

Update 4-27-2011

Last night I went in to sign the contract and pay for the blinds.

Once again they could not find our information. My husband and I stood in the store for 1 1/2 hours while 4 people tried to find our info. Finally an assistant manager located it on their *** computer system. Most of the information was wrong including the code for the blinds I wanted and they had someone\'s name entered for our address and phone number that I don\'t even know. All this information had to be re-entered for a third time.

I wanted to walk out after 20 minutes of this but my husband was upset because they would not give us back our $35 we paid a week before to have the contractor come out to measure.

I must say the assistant manager was really nice and I could tell he was as frustrated as we were. I hope the rest of this goes smoothly but I have very little faith now. I know one thing, I will never order anything ever again from Lowe\'s that needs installation.

Update by user Apr 26, 2011

Twenty minutes after contacting a supervisor at Lowe\'s, I was contacted by the company who does the contract work for them- measuring blinds etc. I was given a song and dance story about how I had the same first name as another customer and how dispatch got mixed up and sent someone to her home instead of mine.

I just want to say that I don\'t believe all the fault falls on Lowe\'s in this instance, but maybe they should try and get a more reliable contractor for window coverings!

Someone is on their way to my home now as I type this.

Original review posted by user Apr 26, 2011

I ordered window blinds and was told within 2 days someone would call me to come in and measure the windows, no one called, so 5 days later I went into the store because no one would answer the phone in the window covering dept at the store. They then made a few calls and said someone would call me to arrange an appointment. Today I took the morning off work as someone was suppose to be here at 11am to measure the windows, it's now 2 hours later and no one has shown up or called me. I just spoke to a supervisor who is suppose to find out why their contractor did not show up. I am cancelling my order, this is very unprofessional and not right that somone takes time off work expecting someone to show up for an appointment and doesn't! BAD BAD BAD Lowe's!
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I agree with what you wrote, I think there is the possibilty of so many different people involved in one order that there is a greater chance of an error being made.

Someone finally came out to measure my windows, about an hour after that I got a call from the gal at Lowe's telling me they couldn't find my order on their computer, that another girl had entered it and they just couldn't find it, so I had to give them the info all over again.

I'm really not happy with this whole experience, and unfortunately I am not able to do this type of job myself (disabled) so I thought by going to one of the BIG stores they would have people qualified and professional, I guess I thought wrong.

I just hope when the blinds arrive that everything goes smoothly and they send someone that knows how to properly install them.


I feel for you. Lowe's are the middle man when it come to installation of their products.

Staff schedules are rotated so it's hard to contact the same person that helped you when you came into the store. Basically, you go to the store and give your information to a sales person and he then takes your information (which will be faxed to the installer), charges you a measure fee and tells you that the installer will call you within 48 hours. Now, it's this person's responsibility to give this information to the installation department or fax it him/herself. This person could forget to do this and due to a rotating schedule, he/she could be off the next day or two.

Also, the installer may not be 100% up to par. Really, I would choose this to be do it yourself project or deal directly with an installer.

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Lowes in Elma, Washington - Never again will I buy anything from Lowe's

First, I had to wait for a whole week without a refrigerator, then they wanted to deliver later than the stated time after I told them I had a very important appointment, then when it gets here, it's the wrong thing! It was supposed to have glass shelves, but this one had wire shelves...I specifically picked this one because of the glass shelves!! You bet I'm pissed, and when I called to complain, the twit didn't like my language, so I demanded to speak to her supervisor, and she hung up on me! You can't expect people to be calm when you screw up the simplest order, not to mention make them wait for so long. If I'd known someone with a pick up, I'd have gotten it myself, then again, I'd have bought one closer to home, AT HOME DEPOT!!!!
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If I were a Lowe's delivery manager, I would make sure that I had the right refrigerator on my truck if it had to go 60 miles.


YOU screw up and you want people to be HAPPY with you? I'm guessing you, like others commenting like you, work for one of these monkey outfits.


If you can't call and act like a rational adult on the phone don't expect much help from the folks on the other end. No one needs to listen to someone swearing at them on the other end of the phone. I'd hang up on you too.


Because the fridges at HD were about $100+ more, and their 'free delivery' only extended 25 miles, and the nearest one is 35 miles, the only one for 60 miles from us.


Man, that just plain sucks. Why didn't you buy the fridge at Home Depot in the first place?

Did Lowe's have a better selection of appliances? From what I know, every store (be it Home Depot or Lowe's) is different - it's the people that run it is what makes the difference.

I'm sure that you would have gotten better service had this particular store had a high % of staff that are knowledgeable and professional.

Really though, your probably choosing the lesser of two evils by going with HD.

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Lowes store leander texas.

I bought a plant at Lowe's and when I went home I found that my sandals were destroyed. I had walked through what I thought was water only to find that when I got home it was a solvent or chemical of some kind that ate the plastic off the bottom of my sandals. I called the store but it was closed so I called early the next morning and the manager a female called Jennie asked me to bring them in for her to look at which I did. When I showed them to her she appoligized and said she would give me 10% off my next purchase. I told her I automatically got 10% since I was a veteran. So she asked me what she could do for me and I said replace the sandals they cost me $39.95. She said she had no policy that covered that kind of replacement. So I said what do you suggest and she said the best I can do is say we are sorry. I conferred with my wife when I got home and we decided we would never shop at another lowe's which we frequent over home depot. Having been in business before I retired (I am now 72 years old) I would have tried to correct this immediately to the customers satisfaction. Watch want you step in when shopping at Lowe's you are at your own risk.
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I worked in the garden center for 8 yrs. The only chemical that would eat the soles off your sandles would be Muratic acid and it would be eating the concrete up too.

YOu had to have stepped in something BEFORE you got to the store. Fertilizer, bug killer NOTHING will do that, they are all in plastic containers and the soles of your sandles are rubber or plastic. So you shot your self in the foot so to speak. But I see a lot of "old" people who do this and get mad at nothing.

There is no way she could have just handed you the $40 for the sandles. She could have given you a gift card or a discount, which she offered, but you wanted her to replace your cheap sandles ( $40 sandles are cheap not quality in case you didn't know) Try smiling for a change, and try to remember where you were before you got there.


:roll :roll She said sorry tried to give you 10% off. She can't open a register and hand you $39.95 for a pair of sandals (which you can't really prove was destroed there or somewhere else).

A mistake was made somewhere and she tried to fix it.

No need to post here when a manager tries to help... :cry :cry :cry


Yes, if I were the manager I would have given an apology and your $39.95. It doesn't make sense to *** off a potential future customer and saves time to conduct business.

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