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I tried to get a Kobalt 25' tape measure replaced because it would not retract. Lowes told me to go to manufacturer for replacement. The package stated "LIFETIME HASSLE-FREE GUARANTEE.You should never have a problem with your Kobalt tools. However,if you do,...
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You have no idea how many of these incidents I have had to endure. Then if they return to your card as a return now its a solo purchase and you will be hit with 24.99% apr because your next payment wont go to pay that exact purchase off.

Your payments go to promotional purchases first. So if this originally was with a large purchase that fell into 0 apr for 12 or 24 months now your screwd. They arent supposed to treat these as returns or anything involving a transaction to your account. You should be able to swap and go if they want a reciept whatever to determine if its still covered but should be a one for one exchange.

Everytime its something and the old OH Kobalt just changed their policies recently. So when were we alerted?

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Lowes Replacement

Lowes can not do simple delivery

Friend bought a washer and dryer at Lowes in Deland Fl. Used my Cell Phone as he did not have one. Assured us that they would deliver before 12:00 next day. Took the cashier four times to get my cell phone number. Kept repeating the same wrong number while sales person Clay who assured us of delivery and other cashier watched laughing. Wrote out number and she then said got it right and repeated number I had written. Next day called delivery manager and they could not find my order by phone number but did by name. Said it would be there by 12. Arrived at 3:30. Delivery person said tried to call us but no answer, showed us phone number on his bill and it was wrong number. Only competent person was the delivery person who went out his way for set up. Would not buy anything from the store other then a pack of nails.
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Other then the cashier that can't read, and a driver that cant drive. The rest of the store did fine.

Been there may time my self.

no hassle. and he who is with our error cast the first stone.

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Lowes Cashier


I just purchased my first home and went to Lowes in Meriden, CT on Sunday at approximately 6 pm. I chose paint colors from their paint wall and ordered paint to be picked up first thing the next morning. When I arrived at the store the next morning I was told the store had been closed and denied entry. I was directed to another Lowes. I drove to the other Lowes and proceeded to the paint counter to explain my situation. I was then told by the man behind the counter that I would have to wait 15 mins before he could help me as I was "not a priority." I wandered around for the 15 mins and then went back to the counter. I gave the man the paint swatches from the Lowes wall in Meriden and asked that he make the colors in a gallon. I also had the sample size jars of the paint with me and the color codes on them. He proceeded to mix the first gallon and when it was showed to me it was not even close to the color I chose. The man sighed but agreed it was not the color. He told me he had to help the other customers and then could try my paint again. So I was again sent away for 15 mins to wander the store. I found a manager and explained my situation and my concern with the situation I was presented with. He assured me they would take care of it and led me back to the paint counter. The man then attempted to mix my paint, which I remind you is a Valspar Lowes paint color. Again the color does not even come close to the swatch or the sample. At this point the man tells me they will have to do a custom color match through the computer and that once again I need to go away and come back in twenty minutes this time. I once again agreed as I needed the paint because the painters were already at my house waiting on me to bring the paint. The man tried a third time to make the paint which once again did not come out correct. At this point the man told me I was being "difficult" and that it was close and I should just "deal with it." To this the woman behind me stood up and told the man the color was not even close and that I was not being "difficult." At this point I went to the customer service desk and again asked to speak to the manager. He came back out and told me the man at the paint counter was a master and he was the only one who could do it so that was obviously the best color I could get. They were not at all helpful and at this point it had been almost 4 hours since my Lowes ordeal began at the first Lowes store. I was so upset that I walked out of the store and found a Home Depot. I explained my situation and in 10 minutes I had my paint prefectly matched and was on my way!!!!!! I will forever be a Home Depot customer after this experience!!! AVOIDS LOWES at all cost!!!!!!!
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Ihad the same problem tonight with paint dept. I wanted a valspar SHADE in Olympic and dept manager would not eve try to match the SHADE.

She told me NO that she could not do that and if i wanted that color i had to buy it in valspar. Huh??? I went two days ago and bought a gallon there of valspar paint shade in olympic paint with no problem why now do i have a manager give me grief!! I dont want valspar i want olympic I dont want valspar tomato red I want a SHADE close to it in Olmpyic why is that so hard.

I guess I will take my business to sherwin williams or home depot.

Sucks cuz i really like olympic paint but i will be darn if i give lowes any of my business now! :(


I'm having a paint issue with Lowe's right now that I'm hoping to have resolved tonight. I do not like Valspar paint, but I do like Olympic that they carry. I've always been able to get Valspar colors mixed in Olympic paint. I understand that it might not be exact, but as long as it is close, I'm fine with it.

There is a color of pink I want for my dining room. It is very pale, but definitely pink. Got a sample mixed in Olympic last week and it was almost perfect. I went yesterday to get a gallon mixed. It was hard to tell wet, but it looked close. I get it home and start painting, it comes on a gray-tan color. Not even close to pink.

I took a picture of the color next to the sample of the supposed same shade painted on the wall and you can tell even in a cell phone picture, it is not even in the same ballpark. I called last night and talked to a guy that said bring it in and they can mess with it and fix it.

So I went back in this morning and I explained that I like the lightness of the color, I wanted a very pale color, just a color that was clearly pink and not gray or tan. I pointed out again before he worked with it that I wanted a very light color.

He takes it behind the counter, pinks with it, and shows me the result. My supposed pale blush is now close to hot pink. I tell him WAY too dark and he works with it again. A little lighter, but still nowhere close to being close. Then a girl comes over and works with it. It's now a salmon mess.

She then says well I should have just gotten the Valspar in the first place. Besides the fact that I hate the thickness and sheen of Valspar it's $12 more per gallon. I told her I can't stand the consistency of Valspar and that I understand it might not be an exact match I just wanted something slightly close.

I left with my salmon paint and tried it. It's the worst yet. I'm going to try to get a manager tonight and see what can be done.


There is no such thing as a 'paint master'. The people who work in Lowe's paint department are merely employees who have received a bit of extra training (mainly to learn, via computer, how to operate the machinery within that department specifically) and most of them opted to transfer out of the front end/cashiering department to avoid dealing with customers anymore than they absolute have to. It's absolutely ridiculous.

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Poor install carpet | Lowes review from Puyallup, Washington

Had new carpet put in entire house. Eighteen months later the carpet had rolls in it. Lowes said it is because carpet is made in the south and the climate change to WA makes it stretch out later. Refused to do anything as over one year warranty. How convenient of them! If it was installed correctly to begin with, would not have had a problem. I have never had carpet in any house that I have lived in come loose all over. Seems like they have excuses for everything to explain away their shoddy professional installations so they do not have to give you a refund or fix it.
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had carpet installed 3 years ago not quite that long ,Since the carpet was 2 years it has stretched till its ***.Have complained to manager,e-mailed company they will not backup what i paid 3000.00 for but glad to cash check.

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Lowes Warranty

Sales Specialist did not complete order. | Lowes review from Palm Springs, California

I requested that Lowes install a security/screen door from a Sales Specialist on June 6, 2011. An installer came out to measure the door two days later. When the sales specialist called with the measurements, I told her that he measured for the wrong kind of installation. She said that she would send someone else out to re-measure. As of today, August 16, 2011, no one has come out. I have spoken with her and a supervisor and no one has taken care of this problem. I am appalled by the lack of professionalism and unreliability of such a large company. I will take my business elsewhere.
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thats probably because you are a ***

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Lowes Installation

LOWES Closes Store - Overnight!

Lowes Corporate Office decided to close our local store overnight, and without letting customers know ahead of time. No signs posted anywhere in the store, nothing in the local newspaper. One day open - next day closed. They apparently didn't even bother to let the majority of the employees know until last night, when the crew showed up to take down the lettering on the building...... I went to check prices on safety glasses, and found a security guard in front of the closed store. One gentleman was lucky, he was able to pick up the door he purchased a couple of days ago - instead of having to drive almost 50 mile to the nearest store! It's not the way to treat your customers, so I am now an EX-customer at Lowes!
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Hopefully Menards is in your town! They have never closed a store.

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Valspar Paint and Primer in one | Lowes review from Detroit, Michigan

I am painting a 10 x 10 room. I bought the paint and primer in one, hoping to get good coverage. The color underneath is a medium to light purple. Not very dark, and we are on coat #3. I paid extra $$ for the primer built in, and its been nothing but a big waste of time. I may even have to go back to the store for an extra quart because I am running out of paint, and I still dont have good coverage. I would never recommend this paint to anyone, and I hope whoever reads this will be saved some headache by buying a different brand :(
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I have been mixing and selling paint for about 25 years and I can tell you for a fact that there is no such thing as paint and primer in one when it comes to latex house pints for interior or exterior. Lowes/Home Depot both use these lies to sell more paint. It is a absolute lie!


Agreed for sure! We are in the process of painting a lavender colored room john deere green and we are on our third coat of the basic paint and primer.

I thought maybe if we had bought the premium quality it would be better but reading reviews it looks like it wouldn't have. Previously we used Glidden paint and primer from Wal-mart and it was amazing!

Only 2 quotes needed and was cheaper in price. We have purchased Glidden in green to finish the job we started with Valspar!


Valspar Premium paint and primer sucks! I just bought $165 worth of paint that is worthless.

I primed the walls before painting and it still won't cover. Multiple coats...this stuff sucks. I am going back to Benjamin Moore (primer and paint) are separate but the look is far superior!

p.s., even the premium latex semi gloss trim paint and primer sucks. Pretty useless stuff all around!


We primed our wall, then used the combo paint/primer thinking it would give good coverage. Wrong!

We are about to put on the 4th coat to try to get it from streaking and drying unevenly. This is just basic white paint.

We've never used Valspar before, and never again.

We'll go back to Sherwin Williams or even Home Depot paint.


Agreed!! I painted my new home with ith and these walls were perfect new walls!!

Thus paint has dried terrible, roller marks and the coverage is awful. It dries thick. It is in my entrance and stairway... I am very upset.

iMac have to get another brand to completely paint over. :cry


People need to understand that "Paint and Primer in One" is a "marketing" term brought to the market by BEHR paint. BEHR did a great job of deceiving the American market and making them think the paint already has the primer mixed in it. The market became so accustomed to the term, that all other paint manufacturers had to jump on board with the term.

A "Paint and Primer in One" really means that you can apply "two" coats of paint without using a primer as a base coat. These paints have a higher solid content and as a result dry to a higher mill thickness giving you the ability to get better coverage in one coat, but does not mean you will not need a second coat over an improperly prepared surface.

The other thing that needs to be considered is what type of applicator you are using. If you buy a premium paint like Valspar, it needs to be applied with a premium roller cover. If you have a light texture on the wall, you should use a lambskin 3/4 inch nap roller. I can assure you if you would have used the Valspar High Hide Primer and one coat of your "Paint and Primer in One" your project would have been complete.

Valspar's Signature line of paint is the #1 rated interior paint among all national paint brands because it offers the best one coat coverage (using the right applicator), largest color selection, best fade resistance, and scrubbability.

@Paint Pro

Thank you "Paint Pro"! I used to work at Lowes, was manager of Paint Dept for 4 years.

I couldn't of explained this any better.

"Paint and primer in one" is basically a play on words.


If you would take the time to read the can it will tell you that a primer is still needed if going over painted walls I have used Valspar and loved it maybe it’s the operator


There is no primer in paint. It is the solid content.

Coverage has many variables. What nap size roller you use, what sheen you are covering, what prep you did, what color you are covering. You should have used a high hide primer first.

I've used Valspar paint and love it rated #1 by national testing. I wouldn't use any other.

John N

The problem is not Lowe's, but the paint manufacturer, Valspar. That is not really a good paint, and it is not recommended to use a paint with the primer and top coat in one.

It does not work well at all, but this nonsense seems to be the rage now as people think it will save them time. It does not. On a bare drywall, use a good latex primer and then two coats of paint. On previously painted walls, use a good paint and you may or may not get by with one coat---sometimes you do need to put two coats on.

Do not use Valspar or Dutch Boy paints---they do not cover well. Pittsburg paint works well as does Sherwin-Williams. Oddly enough, and I hate to recommend anything Sears sells, but their top paints are quite good. All paints are now expensive and I thus buy paint only when it is on clearance---places like Meijers always sell their mistints(people don't like the colour they mixed after all)for at least 50% off.

I usually wait and buy paint for anywhere from $4 to $8.

By the way, if you are having trouble with this paint, you need to tell Lowe's about it and take back what you have left and demand a refund.

They need to know people are having a problem with a paint they sell. I have always found Lowe's reasonable on most things not up to expectations.

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Bad place to shop!!!! | Lowes review from Orlando, Florida

I went to Lowe's this morning to make a return as I walked in the line was long noone came over to help the poor child.She looked over at the customer service desk and saw noone was there so she told us that she can take some of us over there.Myself snd another gentleaman went around to her. As we got over there another gentleman got there before we did.She looked at us and to us I don't know why she sent ya'll around here.And I was very upset.And sent us back.
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Lowes & Whirpool compaint

I bought a Whirpool Refg. from Lowes on Hwy 280 B'ham Al. spent $2500. on July 16, 2011. It was delivered on August 1, 2011 and would not come on, the delivery guys from Lowes took it back to the store. They "Lowes" ordered us another one it came in today only to have dents in the side of the refg. Spent $2500.00 for a new refg. and still don't have one. By the way I have alredy paid for it along with a new stove & dishwasher over $5000.00 spent at Lowes. NOT HAPPY WITH LOWES OR WHIRPOOL !!!!!!! Gene Murdock Birmingham, AL.
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Lowe's Appliance Installation | Lowes review from Baltimore, Maryland

About two months ago we bought four appliances from Lowe's in Timonium, MD. Three out of the four appliances were delivered without a problem, but when it came to our Samsung refrigerator...that was a different story. When the original refrigerator was delivered by the sub-contracting delivery service that Lowe's goes through, Big E Transportation, the delivery man was showing us how to use our ice maker that is in the refrigerator section. When he pulled it out and put it back in he tried to pull it out again and it wouldn't come out to which he said, "well, you get the picture." After waiting the 72 hours that the instructions tell you to wait before consuming ice, the ice maker would not produce any cubes. When we tried to take it out to see if there was something going on, it wouldn't come out. We called Lowe's, who told us that it was probably a manufacturers defect and that we had to contact Samsung. When the Samsung repair man came out he looked at it and said that it was installed improperly causing the water to pour down into the ice maker causing the ice maker to freeze onto itself. Our options were to call Lowe's and try to get another refrigerator or to take everything out of our fridge, let it air out for 3 days and see if the ice would melt. Naturally, we decided to get another fridge, which was great! When the second refrigerator was being delivered, we were focusing our attention on the putting together of the refrigerator and ice maker to make sure that it was being done properly. The ice maker thankfully worked but we noticed a giant gauge taken out of our kitchen floor. This time we had to contact Big E Transportation to see what they could do about it. After having someone come out and take pictures, they said that they would give us a check to get our floor replaced. But our kitchen floor matches our foyer floor so we had to pay out of pocket to get the foyer replaced as well. When the sub-contractor for our flooring (not affiliated with Lowe's) came out to install our floor, he was moving the refrigerator out of the kitchen and noticed that the front wheel on the fridge was bent and broken which is what caused the gauge in our floor. After further investigation, we discovered that not only was the front wheel bent and broken but so was the back wheel along with the whole bottom right side of our fridge was dented in. After moving the refrigerator totally out the gauge not only was where we thought it was but also the whole length of the refrigerator back. It seems to me that the delivery people dropped the fridge when they were getting it out of the truck and failed to tell us. The simple fact is that it is extremely obvious when the refrigerator is pulled the whole way out and the fact that the delivery company HAD to know about this and FAILED to tell us is unacceptable. We are now in the process of speaking to a Lowe's manager to see how we can correct this issue because this will be our THIRD refrigerator. The fact that this is not a manufacturers defect but simply the fact that the delivery company that Lowe's choose to go through is incompetent is ridiculous. I am beginning to get fed up with Lowe's in general. Even though our sales representative is trying to be helpful, it just gets to a point where I am tired of being inconvenienced, handing out money that I was not intending on, and am getting no sort of compensation for my troubles is starting to get to me. Hopefully, the manager at Lowe's will help me this time, otherwise this is the LAST time I am purchasing anything that needs to be delivered and installed through Lowe's.
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dont count on sears to be any better at delivery/setup, they scratched and dented all 3 times they tried to deliver our samsung fridge. finally i touched up the paint with a sharpie but never again will i have them deliver stuff, i can do it myself alot better.

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Lowes Delivery Service