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This experience has taught me that Lowe's not only sells *** products, but they do all they can to HIDE that fact from other customers. I bought a rocking chair from Lowe's, and it was ***. So I went online to post a helpful review so that other innocent...
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Same problem with Lowe's. My shower panels were 16 weeks back ordered.

The day they were supposed to be in I would get a call saying another 3 weeks. I turned them into the BBB and finally got someone in NC to look at my problem.

Kohler gave me 10% off, but the $180 didnt even pay the CC interest for waiting so long. I will never purchase anything from Lowes again.

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Lowes extended warranty

July 28, 2011 water heater stopped running. Called Lowes 1-877-817-6750 and by August 3 received word that the unit would be repaired by a local company. After no service I called that company (3 times) and they stated that they were no longer working for Lowes. I had to start over again. Today, August 9, Lowes called and said they are sorry but they have no one living in my area (population 425,790) who provides service. They will ATTEMPT resolution within 3-5 biz days. IF this works we have been without hot water for 14 to 18 days (or more). I paid $59.97 for this warranty!!
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Alan C

The company that sold you the warranty is "NEW." If they can't repair the unit because they can't get someone, they have an obligation to replace it with a gift card. Your plan covers the plumber's expense.

It appears as though the local plumbers are not being paid enough money by NEW. Email if you get no action.

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Lowes Warranty

*** poor lazy people at lowes

Update by user Aug 05, 2011

Oh yeah dumbest delivery people bitched at each other the whole time they installed it. I guess the other guy didn\'t know how to install things and the other guy would not stop bickering at him.

Very annoying and thanks for the dent in front of the washer oh well it only cost 672.00 dollars. You didn\'t pay for it so I guess you wouldn\'t care.

Original review posted by user Aug 05, 2011

Searched for someone to help at Lowes Lawrenceburg, IN and she skips over me to help someone else after I hunt her down Then dude crushes my can of stain and says it will be fine. No one smiling at front desk. No wonder I shop online. Why don't you hire some nice people that actually want to work at your company. Time to start firing people and rehiring. Give me a break. I know you can not control the people in your parking lot, but maybe if you people had better service I may not have gotten a poor look from some girl. Cause you know what if you smile at someone or do something nice it domino effects and rubs off in a good way. 2 smiles equal 4 smiles 6 frowns equals 12. Get it.
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*** you people home depot can eat a *** there prices are sky high and customer service hahahah those words arent used there u can barley get someone to pick up the phone let alone help u in the store basically if u walk in home depot your up *** creek without a paddle.


Did you see the nasty comment that was left on my review. I don't know who " Felix" or " Joe " is but their attitude is similar to what I have encountered at Lowes on several occasions.

I did have this one guy who was super helpful- he gave me excellent advise on hanging a mirror. He was awesome, but it is rare to get that kind of customer service.

I am sorry that you all had a bad experience too. Maybe Home Depot gives better service.


I need lumber for remodeling and needed stack of boards moved down from high rack . well there were a manager and two workers standing around chatting.

I tried to get help and was told there helping another customer.

well ask couple other workers and keep get pointed back to the two workers who are still standing around chatting 30 minutes have passed and manager was no help . Just took my business else where.

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Pxxx Poor Service | Lowes review from Atlanta, Georgia

Sir: I purchased a refrigerator from one of your stores (#0482) back on 24 Oct 2009. I also purchased a 4 year extended warranty within. Back on the 14th of June 2011, the ice maker quite. I called the extended warranty number a filed a clime. As of this date the problem is still not repaired. I have records where I have contacted the warranty people and your executive support office. I was set up with an appointment date and time for them to out to repair the unit. When they contacted me to confirm the appoint, I was told that they could not come out then. This was because the appointment was set up VIA their web page and it was not current. I was told that it would have to be sometime the next week. I call the warranty people back and provided them with this information. I requested another company to service my unit. I was never contacted by this company. Si I called them back and this time they gave Jim Whxxxxxx repair service, who I know of. This company contacted me, but took some time to come out to look at the unit. I was informed that on the 8th of July 2011 the parts were placed on order. I then was informed Mr. Whxxxxxx had received the parts on 13 July 2011. For over a week we talked to Mr. Whxxxxxx and his office asking when they would come out to replace the parts. We were told several times they would be there, but they never showed up. I contacted your executive support office and asked for their help. After I provided them with all of the information I had, I was told that they would get back with me. The following is a copy of their response. From: Exec Cust Service [] Sent: Monday, July 25, 2011 3:48 PM To: Subject: Repair: Mr ED, Mr.xxxxx, I did contact NEW and was advised that the service tech has been out of the office sick for over a week. I was also advised that your part should be replaced one day this week. I do apologize for any inconvenience you have experienced and I will follow up with you on Friday, July 29, 2011. xxxxxx Lowes Executive Support 1-866-900-4750 I waited until around 2pm on the 29th of July 2011 and tried to contact them back. But the phone number of 1-866-900-4750 is NOT a number for your executive support office, it belongs to another company. I found another number and called. I talked to xxxxxx and was informed that xxxxxx was out to lunch and did not know when she would return. I requested to talk to you sir and was told that I could leave a message for you with them, but that you would NOT get back with me. I asked numerous times for this and was given the same answer. I stayed on the phone for quite some time waiting for xxxxxx to get back from lunch. I was also informed that only xxxxxx could help me out as she was the only one that had all of my information. But I was also told that I could provide them with all the information again and they would try to contact all parties again. I was then informed that xxxxxxx was back at last from lunch. First I asked xxxxxx about the incorrect phone number, and was told that she had mistyped it. Most people have their signature set up to be inserted automaticity. I informed xxxxxx that as of this time I have not heard from Mr. Wxxxxxx. She info mend me that she would get in touch with him and get back with me. I told her that I had been waiting all week for this and that I had other things to do. I left the house and was going into town when she called me back and said that Mr. Wxxxxxx would be there that night or on Saturday mooring. Well this never happened. Sunday afternoon at 2:31 pm I received a call from Mr. Wxxxxxx asking if he could come by and install the repair parts. I informed him that I was at a close friends home for their 50th wedding annaversy and I was not about to go back there at this time. I have since gotten rid of the refrigerator and bought another new one. In short sir I find that both your warrant service and your Executive support office are lacking in any support of good customer service!
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Carpet Pad Unavailable | Lowes review from Blaine, Minnesota

I ordered carpet/padding from Lowes and was told it would be 10-12 days. I was shocked when they called within a week. I called my installer and agreed on a time for pick up and installation. The day of installation, he called to say carpet was in, padding was not. Therefore, I rearranged my house (which is tiny), slept in my living room and wasted my installer's day for NOTHING. Now, I have to put back the things I moved so I can function at home for two days before my installer can return. If you order carpet, be sure when they call to ask them if there is also padding to go with it...
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Lowes Installation

Lowes Rejected My Review - Awful Company

In the last 2 weeks I purchased a 20 inch stove online from Lowes and the whole thing was a disaster, from start to finish. Without going into the long winded details, I decided to keep the 400 dollar stove with the crooked door after they brought a second stove with a door that was even more crooked (needed it quickly for my friend who's staying in my studio apt.) I decided to go leave a truthful review about all that had happened with this order. No cussing, no caps, nothing like that, just the truth. Today I checked my email and Lowes rejected my review. Refused to print it (truth hurts). I will never, ever shop from them again, online or in store. It was a sorry time wasting experience. Since they won't print my review I think I'll just go everywhere I can find on the web and post what happened. I used Home Depot for all the supplies for the rehab on my house without ONE problem. This time I thought I'd try Lowes and I regret it deeply. If you are thinking of buying from Lowes, don't do it, just runnnnn....Because if you have a problem they are so not there for the customer :(
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They did this to me today because I posted a negative review of some absolute *** tile they sold me and installed for $10,000. I do not trust a single review on their website now and will be using Home Depot instead.


Lowe's rejects reviews when there have been too many negative posts on any given product. They don't want their sales to suffer, after all!


I agree with your assessment of Lowe's. Their installer screwed up my garage door (putting in an opener), then left with it hopelessly stuck 1/2 open and didn't answer his phone. I had to pay a real professional to fix his damage to my door. Lowe's accepted no responsibility.

I submitted a review at this site. Like you, I didn't swear or use caps. Someone named "Lowe's Pro" left a comment blaming me for the damage to my door! He/she is obviously a Lowe's employee, and I'm even madder (more pissed) now that they've tried to spin it and blame the victim of their installer's wrongdoing. I will drive across two states to their competitors before shopping at Lowe's again.

I also filed a complaint with the BBB - you should, too!


I agree, this is a *** stove with zero features and costs 10 times more than it's worth. We just had one delivered today for one of our rentals and they dropped the thing off the truck.

Any advice on getting compensation for mucking up such a pricey POS?



$400 or $1000 product should come defect free. Funny how some people only get upset if it happens to them.


It's a 20 INCH APT STOVE, ya stupe. With no features at all. Even has a fake drawer on bottom. So yeah, 400 is alot. Especially when they come with bent frames and crooked doors. They charge more for some of these stoves than they do for a good quality full size oven with all the features.

Do your homework before posting.

Also, this review was about LOWES and what happened with the order, not about me.

Isn't this what pissed consumer is about?

Or is it just for idiots to get on here and sling *** at the poster?


Sounds like a cheap stove I mean it only cost 400.00 what did you expect. You get what you pay for. Sounds like you were expecting a 1000.00 stove for 400.00 Seriously


Oh, haha, we have comedy central joining us.

If my eyes are crooked then so are the eyes of the delivery people and at least four others who looked at the stove.

For 400 dollars you should get a stove that's door doesn't drop to the left.

A.I. do you work for Lowes?


So what was the problem again? Perhaps your eyes are crooked.

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Lowes lied about freezer being in stock at their stores

Today, August 1, 2011, my wife and our youngest 4 children went to Lowes on 130th Avenue in Calgary to purchase a chest freezer, and they were out of stock. Thye called the store off of 16 Ave NE and said that they had 2 of the 8.8 cu ft chest freezers in stock, but could not put a hold on it as that was against store policy since it wastes their time to have consumers show up. The clerk assured us that teh other clerk at the 16th Ave store had visually confirmed the freezer being at the store though and if we hurried we would be able to get it especially as it was a holiday. We said we had been in this sitution before and that we did wnat our time wasted driving some 20 plus kilometers to find it would not be there. He reassured us again it was visully accounted for. We drove to the store only to find that after half an hour of standing around for them to look at for it in the warehouse, that indeed it was not there. I inquired about a larger and more expensive freezer for over $500, and they looked for that one, and said it would be available on August 8. I went away empty handed and disappointed that yet again I had been dragged around and abused by the big box store people. Apologies were offered by the store clerk but that does nothing for my 2 hours of time, wasted gas, and general frustration and a really poor company policy of Lowe's ...they absolutley gaurantee nothing, and I will try to not shop there again. Not that I have ever had better success at Home Depot who said they could special order a freezer for me across the street from Lowe's. Useless companies, that need a good look at their policies and procedures!!!
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Never choose Lowes for a kitchen remodel.

Living in a home with an outdated kitchen for years sucks. We finally decided to remodel and chose Lowes. Big mistake! There is terrible communication between the customer, Lowes, and contractor. Workers do not ever show up on time, and are not reliable. They never come prepared. Lowes wil never call you to tell you when they are coming and if you call to ask they give you an attitude and make you wait half an hour for a call back. I could go on forever..bottom line? They suck! If you need something done within reasonable time, and with friendly workers who show up on time, Lowes is not an option. Theyre horrible management, communication and employees make for a remodeling nightmare.
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You got off easy! I don't have enough time left in my life to talk about how bad lowes is!

Going through kitchen remodel now with them and really wished we didn't.

Costing way more than supposed to and nothing is going right. Thinking of getting legal help!


Every city is different, since you are talking different contractors. I can only give my experience with the Pasadena, TX store.

Overall, I am delighted with my project. I had my kitchen completely redone. I did the initial removal, emptying the room of cabinets, countertops and linoleum flooring. I made some electrical fixes and got the sheetrock in good shape.

I took my own carefully thought out plan into the store, made adjustments due to availability and ideas from displays. Contractors from Lowes put in the custom made cabinets, countertop and ceramic tiles. I have no complaints about any of it, very professionally and quickly done, my kitchen transformed from ugly to beautiful. I got good prices and the entire job came in at about $12,000.

If you are thinking about using Lowe's here, I give my complete endorsement of the place. This was not an overnight project, took about 6 weeks total, but that must be expected.


Wow, our kitchen remodel went off without a hitch, I was impressed in how they coordinated everything and every one. I received a broken door on one of the cabinets and was no problem getting a replacement.

The sales staff was very cortious and kind always.

I guess the store here, 1081 lakewood wa, must be staffed better. Would I recommend Lowes in the future, absolutely!

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Price Hike/Gouge | Lowes review from Kansas City, Missouri

I did a week's worth of research on a new washer becuase our older one stopped working. I found one at Lowes and it was 449. that was 2am and I saved it to my shopping cart and then went to bed to be sure I wanted it. At 10am the same day it was changed from 449 to 799. Neither price was a glych. It looked like they did it b/c the reviews were too good for the low price. There were 172 reviews 5 star. Most b/c of the low price. I am pissed. Do not buy from Lowes without checking all other places first. They were below other places on that one and now they are much higher. I think this is price gauging. they shouldn't be able to raise the price that much just because people liked it. Plus the only reason most were so happy to make a review was b/c of the great bang for the buck. Obviously they made enough money on it at the other price for it to sell that many and be fine.
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It wasn't an ad, it was the actual price before. And I asked when we went in and the lady just awkwardly Smiled.

Now this washer is on sale for 100 more than it was before, so don't fall for the sale ad b/c other stores have it cheaper anyway. Hike it up a ton and then fool people into thinking they are getting a good deal. The back of the current ad shows them and they were regularly 450 less than 2 weeks ago. That is why I am pissed.

It was not on sale at 450. It was regular price and it changed online in my cart the same day.


did you take a copy of the ad in . I did and they still honored the price...sometimes you have to ask.


Clarification. It went up to 699 online and up to 799 in store in Independence, MO.


We needed to use a lowes card and a debit card so we sould have had to go in store anyway. Unbelieveable.

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Lowe's customer service refused to return | Lowes review from Carnation, Washington

Very angry today. Lowe's violated their return policy. The guy who works at customer service refused our returning since items not in receipts. He insisted it's Lowe's return policy. But I found this on the back of receipt. For returns whithout valid receipts: .In most instances, your receipt can be retrieved by using the original credit card, checking account number, or by your phone number. . In-store credit may be issued for the item's current selling price. I can't believe that guy just lied to us. I don't think it's because he didn't know. I can't understand his purpose. It's very bad bad bad experience. We are very very very angry.
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How come every customer says they spend $10,000? PLEASE. No receipts refuse to give your credit card to verify sale= probably stolen.


Umm....What does that tell you..."The excuse that guy gave was because they were not on receipts'" That's not an was right there in front of you! Either you had the wrong reciepts,which is possible if you bought $10,000, or perhaps you bought it at a different store.And past lowes employee is correct,they could have looked it up on your credit card.


If you do not have your receipt, all they have to do is scan the credit card that the items were purchased on. Otherwise, they can look up the receipt if the purchase was made in the store you went to do the return, as long as it was within 90 days. Good Luck.


We spent over $10,000 in past 6 weeks for a remodel project. We bought extra parts/materials and they told us we could return if any left when we purchased them.

Most items we were trying to return were unopened. Others items were not packed at all at original purchase.

The excuse that guy gave was because they were not on receipts.


I can't beleive they refused your return. What was it you were trying to return.Keep in mind Lowe's is not a rental center.

@Lowes Hardware

they may very well got lazy with you! did you have a lot of stuff to return!

I bet he found a quick loop whole as not to assist you!

if it was within 90 days and you found out how you bought the items then there shouldnt have been a problem. try again

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