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Defective refidgerator and horrible/rude service! | Lowes review from Yuma, Arizona

I bought a rather expensive stainless still fridge from Lowes and from the beginning, it didn't make ice. Lowes would not provide any assistance and at one point, the manager (Yuma Arizona store) approached me and through intimidation basically said there was nothing they would do and to go through the manufaturer. Two years later, I was FINALLY able to get the manufacturer to refund my money! The time and energy wasted arguing with Lowes was enough to for me to never purhcase an item from them and to tell others to go elsewhere. Home Depot or a community store is now my choice of stores.
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So it's not my imagination! Judging from what I've found here and elsewhere on the internet, Lowe's managers are routinely rude to customers.

I thought I was somehow special. I'll drive 1,000-miles to their competitors before going into their store.

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Maintenance agreement | Lowes review from Caledonia, Michigan

I bought a maintenance agreement $330.00 from lowes for a $3000.00 mower. in a year and 10 days the mower failed. The contract service people have had tne mower for a month. Lowes service people say this is acceptable! There is nothing they can do. What do you think? All my phone contacts with Lowes 800 number left me pissed. The same story there is nothing we can do,I talker to three levels of management,same response "nothing we can do". I will never buy a maintenance agreement on any Lowes product again. Would you buy one?
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Lowe's doesn't stand behind the work their contractors do, and their contractors use this to get away with substandard work. I will always hire a real professional after my experience with their garage door opener installer who broke my garage door!

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Damaged my floor/wall during a delivery. | Lowes review from Grapevine, Texas

One month ago I purchased a front load washer from our local Lowes. The next day my machine was delivered. During the delivery a wall and my floor was damaged and the machine was making this god for awful noise! It sounded like a wrench was inside the machine banging on the glass during a wash! I contact a mgr and was told someone would be back to my home that afternoon. No One ever showed. Called the next day and same result. Finally I got some action after literally going to the store and showing my butt! I was told that a claim had been filed with their insurance (SRS) and that they would be contacting me with 48 hrs. They did. I was asked to summit a statement and estimate by fax. I had it for them in two days. After not hearing from them in two weeks I call to check on my claim and was told that I had been forgot about that it was a good thing I called. I was told that they wanted somebody for them to come out and check my damages that they wanted a estimate from someone that wasn't related to me or would be byass to me. My estimate was from my brother-n-law that has been installing floors for 24 years. I asked before getting the estimate from him if it would be ok but yet now it wasn't. There has now been 3 people in my home taking pics, doing measurements,etc and yet they want a now 4th person to come! It's like they think if they keep dragging me alone that I will finally just say forget it. I was told that this is a one time incident that I am the first person to ever complain about their services. Well from doing a google search I'm not the first by no means! needless to say I will never do business with any Lowe's again and as of yesterday I have started consulting a lawyer on this matter. The sad thing about it, is that this should have never gone this far. I just want my floor fix. thank you for your time.
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My mom purchased a new side by side refrigerator with warranty. Lowes delivery did not install icemaker line appropriately and four rooms of her house were flooded.

It took an adjuster one week to show up and everyone one U talked to from the store manager to the adjuster kept saying they were going to expidite my claim. It has now been almost two weeks since the adjuster came out and no word from them.

Multiple calls and no word. Hiring an attorney today.


I had a washer and dryer installed.. they forgot to hook up the drain hose...

not did they test before leaving me and giving me the okay to run... well i had massive water damage to my townhouse.. the sales/mangers... very quick to respond...

SRS very quick to respond but the *** from Custard insurance... I had to track him down nearly 2 weeks later.. he wouldn't submit his report until he got my contractor's estimate... of course ridiculously lower...

and i was persuaded to get a second estimate which was in the same ballpark as the first... it is nearly 3 months later... and no settlement yet... they think they can damage the home and then tell the contractor's what they will pay...

I still have to pay the contractor's prices... tired of it all.


Lowe's seems to have a strategy of pretending to process your claim and dragging things out. They know that most people will get tired of the hassle and will give up.


Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately the first thing that we checked was to see if the shipping screws had been removed and they had.

I can't say that before this incident we had ever had a problem with Lowe's either, but this was my first time making a large purchase with them and having something delivered.

I did find out that the gentleman that was the main one doing the installing of my washer is no longer there. That day was his last due to other unrelated issues so maybe I am just a victim of someone being hurt,mad and angry over his job and just didn't care!

Kawanda B

@Bridgetdoty. I am sorry to hear that Lowe's damaged your floor and wall.

I purchased a front load washer and dryer from one of my local Lowe's back in March this past year. I had them delivered but not installed. When I went to wash my first load after we installed both appliances ourselves....I heard the same type of noise that you mentioned, and after investigating we realized we had to remove the shipping parts that were located in the back of the washer. They (manufacturer)place them there prior to shipping to ensure that nothing gets damaged.

Hope this helps!!! By the way I've had only positive experiences with all 3 Lowes in my area; in fact I purchased a new stove prior to purchasing my washer and dryer. A week later the same stove was on sale offering 10% off, so I called the manager to see what my options were. I was advised to bring my receipt and I would get that 10% back so I did.

My ADVICE is to be pro-active in your pursuit of receiving compensation in reference to the damages that were made in your home. Good Luck :)

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Lowe's Total Ripoff | Lowes review from Discovery Bay, California

We got an estimate at Lowe's for flooring, using the deal of free installation. The flooring was about $1800.00, and the free installation was another $2000.00 so it wasn't free. We paid $35.00 for them to measure the floor before we received the estimate (the $35.00 would be applied to the total price). We lost that money when we saw the estimate and couldn't afford the total. On top of that, they sold our name and phone number to every telemarketer on the planet, so now we get about four annoying calls a day.
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Lowes Estimate

Did not let me return table saw | Lowes review from Hickory, North Carolina

went to return a skill table saw i had used less than 4 hours of running time the same blade that came with the saw was on it they could not find a item number on it the only way they said to get refunded was to call my credit card company and see if they had a record of me buying it and then bring a copy to show them. well just so lowes knows i am a building contractor and i have bought almost all my tools from your store and i will never buy another tool again.
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Yup, you finally got whats coming to you. You actually used a power tool and then expected what, they take it back at full cost and then just put it back on the shelf for someone else to have to buy or just eat the difference, give me a break.

A contractor, and you make money from this product, I would think you would be more considerate of your vendors.

Part of whats wrong in America, my friend. :roll


Haha! Lowes has never given me trouble with returns even without a receipt.

I do know they will limit receipt-less returns per customer. I wouldn't hire a building contractor that used a $119 table saw.


I agree with Cantfixstupid. You have brass balls to use it for 4 hours and the try to return your purchase for a full refund.

Did your weekend side job get completed? "Sure sounds like it did."



I opened something I bought an didn't return it after using it.

what am i missing here did i do sumpin wrong?


are you one of those so called contractors, you know, you have a truck with a ladder rack? I am sure a company like Lowes can only afford to buy your tools for awhile!!


I used to buy stuff at Lowe's until they denied my return recently. I did like to use item and return but I also previously have been turned away at Home Depot.

I days of buy use and return are done my friend.

It seems to me these stores have grown a backbone. My free rental time is done :cry


I'll bet they are glad YOU won't be buying any more tools from them. What store wants to sell tools that will only be returned when the job is done? Jerks like you only raise the costs of products for the rest of us.


Really! When did lowes become a free rental company.

I USED it 4 hours finished my project.

Didn't need anymore and tried to get my money back. Give me a break.

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Sold me used electric eye | Lowes review from Mexico, Missouri

cyydStore 30880-71211-06794 on 7/12/11 I sI bought an electric eye for a motion light fixture from Lowes this morning and when I got home and opened the box surprize surprize it contained a used eye. Some body had brought it back and got a new one free. This happeneds often because the store people do not check their returns. Then I took the eye back another lady beside me had brought back a box of kitchen drinking glasses. The checker did not open the box and check if all the glasses were in there. She just gave her cash back with no on signing anything. I did not have to write anything on paper why I had a complaint. Lowes don not seem to care.
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Won't replace sump pump with 5 yr warranty | Lowes review from Independence, Missouri

I live in Independence MO and on May 6, 2007 I purchased a 1/2 hp Water Ace sump pump that had a 5 year warranty. Today the sump pump went out and I have almost a full year of warranty left. I called the manager at Lowes and they told me that I would have to send it to the manufacture as they will only replace within the first year. What a Fu_cing bunch of BS!!! That is really going to do me a lot of good today while my basement floods. If you buy a car part from an auto parts store and there is a lifetime warranty on the part and you have trouble you simply bring it back to the store and they give you a new one and deal with the manufacture who sells to them on a daily basis....this is the way it should be and not make the customer deal with the problem. I think that Low life Lowes could send the pump back to the manufacture on the next truck with the rest of the ***. Fu_k Lowes, Carl Bryant
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I bought a pump at Lowes with a lifetime waranty. I asked what happens if the manufacturer goes out of business.

The service center person said that Lowes would give me a comparable pump. Now the pump broke.

i called Lowes they said that the manufacturer changed the warranty to 5 years. Lowes won't honor the lifetime anymore just the 5 years now.


What an ***! Like Lowes has to stand by a sump pump they sold 4 years ago. I enjoyed the comments......they were a riot.


Slow down, there, High Speed. You are wrong at almost every turn.

Yes, you have a 5 yr warranty. No, a 5 yr warranty on a pump isn't analogous to a lifetime warranty on a car part. No, the warranty is not through Lowe's. Ultimately, you are NOT renting or leasing a pump until it breaks!

At some point, like 30 days you pay for it, YOU OWN IT for certain! Learn to calm yourself enough to read and understand the business contracts you agree to when you shop somewhere.


From reading the Lowe's complaints it appears the Lowe's customer can't read. :cry :cry :cry


yea, not the retailers issue, they will replace within 30 days of your purchase and if you bought a replacement plan then the company would have replaced it too.


With that attitude, I bet your wife wishes she had a warranty like that with you! You must really be Mr. happiness around the house!


Are you serious? You expect the store to replace a pump that was working for 4 years.

I could see a couple months getting a replacement but this is a manufacturing warranty not a store warranty. No brainer to me :sigh


Hey ***, if you could read when you buy stuff you would know it's a manufacture warranty. Take it up with them, if you worked retail you would know it's not our call to replace it, it's the manufactures fault.

The manufacture wants you to go through them. Send a complaint to them it's not the retailers fault.


Lowes didn't make the pump. It is not Lowes that offered the 5 year warranty.

It was the manufacturer that offered the warranty and you need to follow their policy to take advantage of the warranty. Don't blame Lowes for your inability to read the warranty.

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Lowes Manager

Lowe's Doesn't Know Quality | Lowes review from Hopkinsville, Kentucky

Purchased a ceiling fan to only find out the motor was defective. Of course you can only discover this after you've installed the fan. I figure I spent about 2 and half hours between the purchase, installation and return so the least I could do is spend the same amount of time complaining on the internet. Sadly, the days of being able to purchase quality products are long gone simply because it is not in Lowe's best interest. They are only concerned about price and volume and with a business plan of build it and they will come you really have no choice but to do business with them. Really, think about it, the only alternative in most areas is Home Depot, the same poor quality and service but with a different color. I guess you just have to decide if you want to get screwed by Blue or Orange. The only problem is my screw driver broke last week. You can guess where I purchased it.
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What planet did you come from? There isn't a product made that doesn't have an occasional defect.

It's unfortunate you bought one that takes a while to install. Don't blame the retailer, they didn't build it. If you fell Lowes buys and sells a lower quality item fell free to shop elsewhere and spend more money.

You made the decision to buy the fan you did, and I am sure price was part of the reason you bought it. Blame yourself and the company that made the fan, not Lowes.

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Lowes screwed up my floor installation

I bought my vinyl flooring from Lowes of Hermitage Tennessee. From the very first promise to the visit from, Larry, regional supervisor of installation Lowes fulfilled zero (0) of their promises. They did not call before delivering, or installing, just showed up! They "redefined" the guidelines for laying the louann after I had it laid and charged and extra $200 although they did not relay any of it. They charged for supplies they did not use but did not offer a refund and most importantly they installation job was totally botched! The floor is wavy, the quarter round looks like a kindergarten class installed it. I have talked with 3 different folks in the installation department: Donald, Justin, Cathy; the store manager, Stefan; and the regional supervisior for installation, Larry. Although each agreed my complaints were valid and each one is "sorry for my inconvenience" and have stated Lowes did not follow their own policy none of them actually fixed the problem. Never, never, never have Lowes of Hermitage, Tennesse intall anything in your home.
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I went through the same thing with Lowe's. Three different managers at the store, as well as a manager at their HQ took all of my information, then never got back to me.

This was over a bad install that left my property damaged! Leave a BBB complaint - I did.


I had a similar situation about 5 years ago with a Lowe's here in NJ. Complained up to a national level, got nothing but a go-around.

They nailed down a laminate floor that is supposed to be a floating floor. A contractor saw this when he was installing some cabinets. The contractor they used was a total sexist pig.

I did finally sue them in small claims court and got $2500 back for the shoddy installation.

Good luck.

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Lowes Installation

Wasted my time,poor customer relation,lowes lost sale

Had a list of lumber and building supply needs,my builder made the list. Whent to Lowes in Maplewood Mo . Asked for help,waited 18 minutes for help to arive,the young man did not know much about nothing,It was a waste of my time.(was there for over 35 miutes) He did say sorry we dont have anything but the 72 2x4x12ft did not buy them. When up to HomeDepot(I dont like HomeDepot)and was waited on in about 4 minutes and purchase everything I needed, total sale $768.00 and change. If it was my business I would want to know.
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