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Lowes in Honolulu, Hawaii - Not enough cashiers /no cooperations

I am a contractor and usually purchase the naterials I need in Lowes Hawaii(Waikele branch)On numerous ocassions the front is usually service by one or if you are lucky enough by two cashiers.Three or four days ago I went to buy somemore materials from the same store and this time the line is again busy The poor lady is asking for help and nobodycame down.I see the lady with a"BUSHY HAIR" setting in one of the chairs in front of the computer.At that time she was not working on the computer.Why can't she come and help the cashier instead of just setting down? As customers we hate seeing employees who don't wanna helpPlease post this in Lowes Waikele
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Lowes Cashier

Untrained Lowes Workers

As a Contractor i have been dealing with the Store since it opened. First to say, we local folks are indeed glad they are still here with the present troubled econ. However, just this week I went to check pricing on roofing shingle and was told by Commercial sale (She couldn't even find her reference book) that they no-longer carried the same single I used on a job just 18 mos ago. So, I called the distributor and they said yes - Lowes can special order the single. So, I call back and got another Commercial Sale Rep and was told - yes we can order these after I gave than their own product code to find the same selection and color. The Store's management changes like ever 6-18 mos and good luck finding one when you need one. I recommend with dealing with a special item of a getting any products, call Townsend Supply in Troy and ask for Keith or Dennis. Townsend prices are also competitive too! Lowes prices in Troy are higher than any other in the State.
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Lowes in Chicago, Illinois - Lemon wash machine

we just got our taxes and purchased a GE wash machine from Lowe's . we had to wait almost two weeks for delivery,no biggie!but less then two weeks after it's delivered it burn up,and lowes won't exchange it because we've had more then 7 days !the information on the warranty says call for service 24 hrs a day 7 days a week and guess what ? they're closed ! omfg ! are you for real ? you gonna reimburse me for the money I'm gonna spend at the laundromat till you get your dead *** out here????????????
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It is three completed service calls before a replacement request can be made. From the horse's mouth!


I agree with Mike Jones, do you run to the car dealer and demand a new car when the tire goes flat driving home from the deal? No, I know it's hard to comprehend for some folks, but....Lowe's, Sears, Home Depot DO NOT have a team of elves in the backroom assembling appliances! The manufacturer's after 7 days INSIST on at least ONE Good-faith repair attempt or they will not credit the store, no matter what the store is.


do you get a new car if you have a flat tire? Does a dealership make cars? Good luck getting any money from Lowe's.

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Lowes Warranty

Lowes - Storm Door

In 2008 we purchased a storm door. We were told that if we purchase this selection and have Lowes installed the door, everything will be covered for the lifetime of the door. A couple of months ago, the door started to not close so we contacted Lowes. They sent someone to look at the door then called us a few days later and told us we have to pay for parts. I told them we were told installation and lifetime of the door. They told us, installation is only for a year and Lifetime means the FRAME of the door, not the parts on the door. Isn't the door consist of the frame, screen, glass that's make up the door?!?!? WTF!?!? She then proceed to tell me they would never have said such a thing to us and if I have proof to back myself up. I told her, that was just poor customer service and if she has proof that this wasn't said to me when I bought the door?!?!. I felt they have suckered and lied me into purchasing a door and using their installers when we could have done it ourself. Oh yeah, Lowes CS said "we gave you that option to install it yourself". I said "you guys told us if we let your installer install the door, its all warranted". Thanks Lowes!! Now I have to find my 2008 paperwork to read the fine freakin line. Thought Lowes was more reputatble then that. Guess I was wrong. Now I'll think twice before making a purchase with you.
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I was told the whole door, screen everything was lifetime warranty. If the screen was torn they would come out and fix it.

It all depends on who tells you what and how much of it we as consumers can believe.

Tell you anything these days. I have been told lifetime warranty entire door more than once at my local store.


There are parts on a storm door that are not under warranty like closers. The labor warranty is for one year and on installer related issues.

Error by installer. Wind Damage will void ALL warranties.

The consumer is responsible to make sure they close their storm door and make sure it is secured. You would be amazed how many wind damage calls the stores get and then the customer thinks it's the stores,manufacures and installer responsibility to resolve.


Thanks for sharing up–to-date on this subject! I find it is very informative and very well written one!

Keep up on this quality!

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Some current model doors do carry lifetime warranties and some carry "limited lifetime" warranties. A warranty claim is against the manufacturer of the door, which is Larson.

There is a serial number on the hinge side z-bar (frame) and a 1800 number in your warranty/care and cleaning pamplet.

Call the number and give them the serial along with the issue and Larson will take care of it 99% of the time with few questions asked. you can go there as well, but warranty is best at the 1800 number.


My storm door has a lifetime warranty on all parts. Im sure the sales person told him " Lifetime" warranty-as did my sales person. There are a few things not covered but I did read my warranty before my purchase.


Did you ask for a copy of the warranty? I expect that if you did and took time to read it you will find that the door itself has a lifetime warranty.

Hardware and parts subject to normal wear such as weatherstripping are warrantied for one year.

Pretty standard for storm doors. Always take time to read a written copy of the warranty if that is what determines if you buy a product or not.


I suspect you misunderstood what the salesman was telling you. No one is going to warrant a storm door for "life." These things get used and abused and you cannot expect Lowes to replace parts worn out thru normal wear and tear.

I think they were being entirely fair in warranting it for one full year. After that, fix the darned thing yourself!!

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Lowes Installation

Lowes in La Verne, California - Injury

We were in your Anaheim store this past Saturday code#10300-30511-14567. Behind the small appliances you had a large clearance rack, on this rack you had a long piece of medal with sharp edges. The person I was with is tall 6'4", he ran into this knocked his glasses and hat right off. It could have been much worse,it could have been his eye. He is not the type of person to pitch a fuss. I asked for the manager when we went to pay for our purchase. No manager came, I told the two female employees to do something about the sharp piece of medal. Three days later he ordered new eye glasses due to the large scratch the sharp medal caused. If his glasses did not get scratched in your store due to this safety hazard he would not have had to purchase new glasses just yet. I feel some sort of compensation is in order.
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@Consumer, Our store has a safety walk every morning, done by the mod. After the walk, he will walk with you and point out what has to be done.

If these safety issues are not taken care of you will be written up. And how would you know they are watching every consumer?

Feeling a little guilty there? And what the *** is "stloe"?


People like to comment garbage, the real fact is these home improvement stores as a matter of fact none of these big stores care about the consumer they only care about your money.They should have periodic safety checks,but instead they watch constantly on the cameras for people stealing,they see every move every consumer is making,but noone is ever around for assistance especially the managers theyre never around, bet if you stloe something everyone would be around,they see everything they choose to ignore it they are pieces of gargage!


I understood the meaning of "medal" for metal. Unsure of how anyone of even low intelligence could or would make an issue of it.

However, the answer here is to call corporate and complain. Lowes is a pretty good company and will do what is right, I am sure.

If not, then don't shop there again. Or, the next time you hear an ambulance siren, run after the lawyer chasing it down the street and hire him.


Call Lowes corporate and complain. You will get action.

Store level management does not care about you.

As for Really!, not all people are as perfect as this Really buffoon. The man is looking for help in his situation with Lowes, not some *** like Really!

And I am sure Really! is familiar with metal since he has a plate of such material covering his pea sized brain.


Do you mean METAL as in iron, steel? Did you also know they have spell check on the website for you people

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Lowes next day delivery is fake

Refrigerator died over the weekend. Found a nice replacement one on Lowes web site and it promised "next day delivery". Placed order because my boss would let me work from home Monday to let them in. Guess what? If it's not in stock at the store, they won't deliver next day, only next day after THEY get it from their supplier. And mine wasn't in stock. Nor, apparently are most of their refrigerators. It's now Thursday. They wanted to deliver it today. Great! Not so great is you don't get to choose a window for your delivery. It's pretty much at THEIR convenience. I could get the morning off today, but not afternoon. And of course they schedule me for 1:30-3 pm cause that's what works for THEIR batch of orders. I am now waiting with no operable fridge until Saturday when I'm not working. And presumably I'll be home all day waiting around for when they think driving to my suburb is convenient for them. Pretty much won't be ordering any more large appliances from Lowes. EVER. So BEWARE! That "next day" *** they advertise is total bait and switch. Whatever happened to the much-vaunted customer service at Lowes?
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I mean to all of the people complaining here isn't it just logical that the Next day delivery guarantee would only Apply to appliances that are in stock? Like how can a store pull something out of their *** and deliver it to you if its not in stock?

lol. Common sense people. Companies have a much larger inventory on their websites. They'd never be able to fit all of that stock in their stores.

I'm a former employee. I understand how this works. I also just bought a fridge there. The delivery is " 5-7" days because they are having to order it and get it shipped in from the warehouse.

Of course we could have chosen one of the in stock fridges to get it delivered the next day. But nothing that would have matched our color or size specifications.


Most people see "Next Day Delivery" with a cost ($20.00 plus) and think that is what they will get.

You aren't supposed to search out all the possible reasons that it won't work.

If it is that tentative - don't call it "Next Day Delivery"

Call it - Delivered One Day After We Receive it From The Warehouse. That would be clear.

The original poster was correct - this is a scam, and every BBB knows it.


Bought a fridge from Lowes 2 1/2 months ago, as of today (1/10/12) I still dont have it and no one can tell me when it will be in. Funny thing is that they had no problem charging my credit card. Will never purchase anything from them again!!!!


If an item is special order they can't deliver what they dont have in stock at the store. Next day delivery is for stock items.

Before you place an order on it stated when theh item will come in to the store.


I guess its just our self centered lifestyles that dictates the need for someone to complain that they do not get such personalized service that a retailer forget everyone else in the city and bow down and serve an indevidual. Customer Service does not mean "ME service".

It means providing a service to a customer.

I feel sad for people who truly feel that they are "entitled" to complain about a service because others weren't put off in order to provide the service faster. All I can say your eyes and view the world from a point of view other than 1st person.


Seriously, the deliver company of lowes are hard working and underappreciated. Let me tell you that a lot of customers are just plain dumb in their logic.

How can you expect a next day delivery on merchandise that is no there? "Why dont they just have a lot of them on stock?" well, they are not a warehouse like the previous comment plainly put it. As for "their" convinience, is really sad way to put it, if it were on their covinience, you wouldnt get it for a few days or weeks or months, the timeframe that is given is because of the logistics of the deliveries they got.

so its covinience for all the customers, not just your greedy ***. so before you start talking, shut up and be glad you get excellent customer service


Why did you not purchase an in-stock refrigerator from us? Those ARE delivered NEXT DAY!

Also, to ALL of you who cannot master the art of picking up the phone (I know it's hard), and CALLING your local Lowe's (Or the store of your choice), and speaking to a salesperson who would be glad to take your order right over the phone and mail you your receipt AND be able to tell you exactly what frig's are IN-STOCK right now, for IMMEDIATE delivery. Again, I know, a hard concept to grasp...


Ha! They do have next day delivery!

Do you expect them to make an appliance in their warehouse????

I bought a washer and dryer at 630 then had it by 1030 the next day! Lowes delivery is not fake.

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Lowes in Chicago, Illinois - Home Depot has won

Lowes has been quick to downplay the 1700+ terminations by saying they will now hire 10,000 part time employees.. What we have not seen on CNN is how they are now in the process of eliminating thousands of other full time positions in all the stores. They cut the over-paid useless upper management fat for the better, but now are taking the hard working everyday positions off the floor too. The one thing lowes had over Depot was our customer service.. Well the day has now come.. Lowes corporate has followed Depot's lead in every aspect accept customer service and have now finally given in to the shareholders. As a dedicated employee for several years, I am deeply saddened. In the last two years corporate has taken a "Be proud to work at Lowes" stance to "consider yourself lucky to have a job" combative approach to their employees. They have systematically taken away all employee incentives and begun a campaign of using their pseudo-fascist "corporate policies" to eliminate fairly paid/qualified staff to replace them with minimum wage part-time dolts. Just like Depot had done over a decade ago which allowed Lowes to become the market share force it is. Call me dedicated, but I feel truly sorry for our customers this summer. By this summer we will be a home improvement store with 75% part time help that could not help a customer to the restroom muchless help them with a project. Just like home depot. Somehow I don't see Niblock as "undercover boss" because if he gave one *** about his customers and employees these ridiculous changes would not be taking place. Check the profits. Lowes is not hurting in this 'recession', they are thriving. The almighty dollar rag is being rung for every cent earned off the blood, sweat and tears of their dedicated employees before they drive us all out to make room for McLowes. I apologize to all our customers who once believed in us enough to keep me employed. I will soon understand when we bump into eachother while we are both shopping at Menards...
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My husband and I both used to work at Home Depot. The employees there were miserable and constantly fearing for their jobs.

There was an assistant manager who was throwing out a bunch of donations for charities down the dumpster because he didnt want to wait for the guy to come in and pick it up the next day and falsified vendor returns. He fired everyone in receiving who called the Aware Line about it. My husband had to stay home with me when I went to the hospital and they threatened to fire him.

We both moved to Lowes and were delighted. We got a 10% discount on merchandise for starters, but also when my mom was sick, they told me to just call them when I wanted to work so I could take care of my mom.

Lowes has been amazing and gracious to me. Im very proud to have worked there.


when i was running the show things were much better. sorry i retired, niblock blows




100% agree with y'all. I was a 11+ year p/t with lowes until today(4/15/2011) I was terminated because i "dared" to question why my schedule was ALWAYS being screwed with by our h/r 'lady'.After MANY compiments by customers over my time there they fired me because i question their "management". ( who by the way is having an affair with the store manager.)


As an almost 7 year vet of the Home Depot I have to disagree with you "I See" the big difference between Lowe's and Home Depot is that Home Depot cares about there customers. We take the time to learn about there projects and get them everything they will need to complete the job the first time.

We also are involved in our community helping where ever and whenever we can. My husband was employed by Lowe's for 3 years, he was one of there top ranking sales specialists in outdoor power and he was threatened with termination if he would not step down from the sales specialist position when our daughter got gravely ill. Not only did they take the $1.00 more an hour he got when he was promoted to sales specialist they took 15% of his hourly wage.

I believe in the company I work for and the values we stand on. Maybe some of the full time Lowe's employees will come to home depot and learn what customer service is really all about.


kman5150 is right 100%. I was employed and truly dedicated to Lowe's for 4 years. I went there because Home Depot was going thru the same type of "reorganization" a few years back.I was a top performing Sales Specialist in cabinets in both companies and was terminated for not meeting Lowe's new standards.I was brought into a storage room and was asked for my cell phone and any other recording device I had so nothing that was being done to me could be recorded.


This is nothing new for Lowes. Part-timers and temps are like this.

One full timer is equal to two part-timers, thus two bodies for one. Like this, 100 full timers on payroll or 50 full timers and 100 part-timers. That way there is 50 more bodies on payroll. That is the Lowes way.

Temps and seasonal can work 40 hours but no benefits. Part-time is limited to 30 hours and some benefits. When time to let seasonal and temps go, Lowes reduce their hours to 10 hours a week and most of them quit. Full time is 39 hours and full benefits.

How do I know this? I am a Lowes former employee. Kman5150 is right.

It is all about money. The employee means nothing and Lowes and Home Depot only care about what is in the customer's wallet.


That's why they have so many *** customers complaining about every little thing they can think about to their corporate think tanks. They don't seem to be in the real world at all. So much for Lowe's future in retail.

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Lowes in Charleston, Illinois - Lowe's Floor Installation Problems + Installers Smoked in House

After the vinyl installation there were bubbles present and was told repeatedly they would go away. After 3 weeks they came back and blamed me for not having the heat high enough. Cranked the heat up beyond the set 70 degrees. Still bubbles and weeks later they come back with same story. On the 8 week mark they come back after multiple complaints and tell me they used the wrong glue! They tear it up and put it down again. Vinyl now looks good but I come home to find cig ashes everywhere from installers smoking in the house! Never using Lowes again or their contracted installers Camille's Flooring from Bloomington IL.
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dont blame Lowe's for the installers doing a *** job. They cannot be God and make and stand over the installers as they work.

If this bothered you enough , You should of complained that the installers of their mistakes and Lowes can get rid of companies that dont take care of there contracts and replace them with one that do. Be reseasonable!


I've seen several things go sideways with Lowe's installs. It's hard to be all things to all people.

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Lowes Installation

Carpet nightmare lowes

lowes in Gautier, MS 39553 has zero customer service and little or no concern for their customers or concerns. It was a nightmare getting carpeting from them, the price given originally was wrong the new price was given was wrong ended up paying more than original quoted worked with 3 different people no one had a clue what they we're doing! I e-mail them my complant over 2 weeks ago with no responce You can be sure we will be taking our business someplace else! I don't feel you can trust them to give a honest price!
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Lowes Customer Sercice is too time consuming

They think like it's not their problem. They don't call me to update the status and when ever I call they don't have an improved status. It's been 24 hours I don't have my money and merchandise. Very poor way of treating a customer who spent #3000 dollars in this economy. I went to Lowe's in Laurel,MD and bought $200 worth of furniture. Wanted to get out quickly and chose to use SELFCHECKOUT. I use 2 store credit cards successfully and wanted to pay remaining with my credit card. System suddenly froze. I called customerservice and found out that the money was deducted from my store cards but they can't complete the transaction. I was pissed. I said I don't want anything, give my money back. They are working with the accounting to put money back to my card.
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