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I applied for a credit card | Lowes review from Williamsville, New York

I appilied for a credit card and was accepted with a credit limit of five hundred dollars. I tried to order a grille for three hundred-thirty dollars and it then tells me that I have a seventy-five dollar available balance. How does that work? Needless to say I did not order the grille! If there is a credit limit of five hundred dollars, then that is what it should be. Not 500 as the limit and then seventy-five as the available balance. Anywhere else your limit IS your available balance. I closed my account upon finding that out. Therefore, I damaged my credit. Not smart on my part. Oh well!
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Lowes Credit Card

Upset in State College by Lowes

Went to the Lowe's in State College, PA. Requested assistance in the home and garden. Employee recommends a product that kills my grass (for up to one year). I talk with Lowe's and they turn it over to a collection agency that was so rude - i am glad the Home Depot has opened up across the street. Poor customer service. (Unfortunately, management was originally nice)- After waiting almost 2 months for some type of results, (after i called headquarters yesterday)they are willing to give me 100 for something that is going to cost over $700 to repair.
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Lowe's Home Improvement was running a sale on granite counter tops. My wife and I made a decision to purchase and spent two hours helping our service rep draw up a rough sketch of our irregular shaped counters, including what they call a "bat wing" style with...
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That was helpful. After reading a lot of reviews about Lowe’s installs, I am thinking of going with someone else to install Lowe’s countertops we picked out.

Now I am considering not using them for the top at all. Yikes!

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Buyer Beware- check you receipt before leaving Lowes Home/garden

Check your receipts from Lowes in Winston Salem. Today they posted these cute little outdoor candle lamps for $3.00. But they rang up for $4.00. Funny part- they were originally $4.99- so- someone put them in the puter for the wrong price. By the time the clerk sat and did nothing after "I " went and verified the price, I told her, never mind- it wasn't worth the hassle (she was going to call instead of "walking a yard" to verify the price.Small issue- but if they make mistakes with these small items, I bet there are bigger ones too! I felt like I was not appreciated as a customer.
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The cashier, especially the outside garden cashier is not allowed to leave her register, that is the store policy. If she does leave her register she will either get written up or fired.


Not even going to consider the concept customer responsibility, eh? My brother has stated that when they are busy, customers grab associates en route to help other customers.

He said customers don't read which department you are specialized in, they just start talking and they often do this because they are impatient. They seem not to consider that there are other customers expecting to be treated just as kingly as the next. Now, if the store is slow, the associates should be working to assist the customer with a smile, but if the store is packed...people do their best! Limitations of reality, anyone?

My brother was called a wimp for turning on a fan today outside. The old lady with a cane called him a "wimp" out of the blue after she demanded he call and have an associate get her an item up to his register. (Cashiers aren't supposed to leave the registers.) He responded by saying: "Excuse me, ma'am." She repeated what she said. He explained that he had been out in the heat all day and he was the only cashier who did not complain about it.

She, the high and mighty customer, judged him (for turning a fan on to get a minor amount of hot air relief) as a "wimp". After he educated her about his work ethic, she was nicer to him and they had a pleasant conversation. Despicable human behavior is why 24/7, shiny & happy people don't exist. Society gets what if gives.

Be understanding and forgiving for someone having a bad day. There is a difference between having a bad day and being naturally rude. My brother and I despise the rude associates just as we do the rude customers.

We despise rude (and arrogant) people in general. Have you ever had a bad day?


Sad news- I overheard a conversation today from a total stranger ranting about Lowes and how they were left for over thirty minutes- waiting for help from a manager, who never came back; they went to Home Depot and were given top notch service! It is not just me being overly pretentious. People will pay a few cents more for polite and curteous service!



My brother is a good guy, but I'll bust him out for bad behavior, too. I seek adults of decent character in a pool of grown-ups acting like toddlers.

Customers should become better and more responsible adults when entering into contracts when they shop. People walk into that store, WANT something, demand it and expect it to happen instantly at their beckon whim. Policy may prohibit their WANT = Outcome: NEGATIVE. If I want someone held on trial to go free, I don't walk into a courtroom, pose as a lawyer and demand that he be free.

I am not a lawyer. I would be speaking about things I know nothing of. My brother wears a smile against some of the worst people our "civilized" society has to offer because his company wants more and more customers, all customers. Customers do pay him, but he is paid to assist them, not be their doormat!

He is doing this job and it allows him to pay someone else. In my business, I want decent customers. Customers of high character, not slime-balls who will argue me out of business or argue me down to make another decent customer pay more. I am shrewd in my contracts and the people I sell to like me because I am firm, fair and I take care of business.

It's in my contract with them.

Lowe's internal systemic problems and social immaturity are the problems and the person at the desk is the poor SOB stuck in the middle expecting to be helpful (more times than not), but being hit from the front and behind. My brother & I ponder our own behavior and that of others, perhaps it's time for others to do the same.



I don't who your brother is; however, I do know management. My worry as a customer is meant to help him become more profitable.

Better customer service = more revenue= a better review for him at the end if the year. Sounds like you are a sincere and caring family. Just remember that the customer is there by choice.

In this economy, the customer should always be first. Have a great day and use this as a suggestion to make Lowes a better place to shop- eh?



First of all, I worked in retail and I know what it is like to work retail. I worked retail for several years.

( by the wayit was a woman and I do not know who your " brother" is)Joe, I also know that customers should be treated as top priority. I understand that the computer was the main issue here. I felt like I was a hassle; I guess you would have understood if you would have been there. Oh, and my " you" error was not intentional.

I hope you don't take this message personally; I just think that customers should be treated with respect. Get someone to assist, or smile at the customer and say, " I'm sorry, let me get someone on that right away! If the customer is not happy, they will go somewhere else. Have a great day Joe!

And relax, this is not the end of the world. It's my experience that I am trying to share.


You should think about a few things before slamming people like my brother at Lowe's. Stop complaining to make yourself feel better and check this out: 1.

The cashiers can NOT leave the register because there is money there! They are told to stay there until relieved. 2. That means cashiers have to call the SPECIALIST in the department to get their judgment call and/or knowledge on what troubles you!

3. "On Sale" & "Clearance" aren't the same thing. My brother tells me all the time how he has to mark each clearance item down in the computer. If the item is on ON SALE or ON CLEARANCE they very well may have to mark it down manually because the computer is NEVER AWARE of HAND MARK-DOWNS.

After all that headache corporate has ready-made for the cashier and you, you jump down the cashier's throat about it all as if the cashier was personally out to ***. Maybe you should call the corporate offices and address these concerns to the people with some power and not ruin my brother's day.


She can't leave her register you dumb ***

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Lowes osage beach

well waht should i say i worked at a warrensburg mo where i was a manager. i was told to keep something quiet and for years i did. now that they screwed me out of a job by cutting back on zones, im coming clean. why would lowes knowingly promote a manager to another store when they break there wifes arm. not only did the higher ups know about it they were there to witness it. without giving out names this person is still a store manager at the osage beach store i heard recently. consider urself exposed. and no longer will i keep quiet.
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this was the first time i have ever posted on this site. manager is exposed face it.

i worked for lowes for more than 5 years and made it close to the top. im not mad against lowes at all they treated me as fair as a corporation can in order to make money.

however my former manager has an anger mgmt issue. i ws just wondering how he can get moved to another store when he clearly is a liability for lowes after injuring his wife.


this has to be a pissed off dude to either expose someone of that or make it up. either way im not going to shop there now even they have better tools than other places.

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Lowes overcharging/debit rip off

I went to Lowes in North Canton, Ohio to make a purchase. The cashier told me my total was $1,200. I told her that sounded high when I gave her my debit card. She finished the transaction and handed me m receipt. I stood there and looked at the receipt and did not allow the next customer to proceed. I told her that she over charged me about $100- $150 and handed her back my receipt. She said that a supervisor would have to fix this at the service desk. After waiting 15 minutes in line, the supervisor Angela got to me. I told her the situation. She said that the ONLY way that she could fix this was to refund my $1200 from my checking account (which would take 48 hours) and now charge me an additional $1050 -$1100 again from my checking account. Thus I would need to leave there paying $2300 for my $1100 order and wait for 48 to get $1200 back... absurd... to fix $100 overpay she must charge an additional $1100... what if I didnt have an extra $1100 to "loan" Lowes for 2 days? I told her that was unacceptable. She refunded my order (which will take 2 days) and I left with nothing. I left a complaint on the Lowes website asking for a call immediately... gave work, home and cell telephone numbers- still no call back. DO not shop at any LOWES.
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I ordered 2 windows and 2 doors. They wanted me to sign a blank contract as both were custom sizes.

When I requested the order be spelled out on the contract they were very upset with me, how dare I ask them to tell me what I'm paying for. Like everyone else it took 5 trips to Lowes, numerous phone calls and they were installed after almost 3 months.

Then I see on my Visa bill they overcharged me over $700. I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH LOWES AGAIN.

@no longer lowes customer

Why would anybody in thier right mind continue to go ahead with the order when they wanted you to sign a blank contract? As soon as they wanted you to sign a blank contract, you should’ve got up, walked out and never looked back.


I shopped at Lowes in Florida at 8700 West Colonial Drive, Orlando 32818 (407) 532-6884. Receipt # 33063 0642 056 store 0642 Terminal 33 on 2/25/2019 at 1300.

The discount shown on the bill was never reflected in the amount charged.

They do not answer their phones. Watch your bill and check it out carefully before leaving the store.


All you had to do was return the items, at which point you would have gotten cash back since it was paid with a debit card. Then they should have rerung your purchases.

I worked for Lowes for 6 years on the front end. I cannot understand why they have to make such a big deal over this.

They obviously were not trained properly. This is why people stop shopping at Lowes.


If they are going to put a hold on your card, It should be posted CLEARLY at the pump so you have the option to decline. Just like a atm machine.


Then what good is a debit card? :?


No, the correct answer is to never use a debit card at a store or especially at a hotel, car rental, or gas station. Use a CREDIT card. Good to use debit on PIN purchases only.

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We bought our refrigerator from Lowe's about four years ago. Well when the frig was delivered to us, some how a dent was put in the door of the refrigerator so the driver told me that a dent had been put in the door and that I should contact Lowe's and let them...
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Are you serious?! That manager needs fired..I would not take $50 for a dent in a fridge..

A dent in the fridge is a HUGE thing...even small dents in stainless steel fridges are not attractive at all. If you pay for something new, you should receive it looking new!! I would be pissed and would have made them brought me a whole new fridge without a dent. I just bought a washer from Lowes and noticed a dent on the top front is pretty noticeable and you can feel it as well.

I tried to get it out using a blower dryer and ice trick to see if it would pop out-it did not work. I will be calling Lowes to see what they can do..They should be more careful with their appliances during the unloading process and delivery!

It is not the customer's fault that this happens! It is so frustrating!

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Lowes Manager

Washer and Dryer on Sale Not Worth the Migraine | Lowes review from Atascadero, California

This is almost too much of a headache to write about so I will be as brief as I can. We purchased a Samsung front loading washer and dryer in November 2010 from the new Paso Robles Lowe's, about an hour from where we live. I am not using real names, but will if I need to verify any information. We got them on sale from a lady there, we will call her Jill, and thought we were getting a great deal since we researched them and price compared them before we finally made the decision to go with that pair at Lowe's. It didn't take too long initially to get the pair as they were in stock and they had supposedly checked in the back to make sure they were there and in great shape. Either way when they delivered them the dryer had two gashes across the door, a dent on the side, and was missing the legs making it sit lower than the washer. We called Lowe's and they ordered another dryer. We had to keep calling Lowe's to check on the dryer and explain the situation each and every time we called. After at Jill's instruction that it would be a month or more before they could expect anything in (it had already been 3 weeks at this point) and to try back then, we called back in a month. She said that it looks like everything was taken care of and we had already received the dryer. They forgot! Their customer service was horrible! Not only did they forget that we never received our dryer we never received our original receipt that Jill said she mailed to us as we made the purchase over the phone. Without that receipt it makes it harder to receive the rebates, and warranty from Lowes. We went back and forth with Jill and the store manager which, we will call Jack. He said it was impossible to print out another original receipt or a receipt with the Lowe's logo even on it. After two trips to Lowe's we were able to get a similar receipt that PG&E and the Gas Company accepted, thank goodness, as we were coming up to the deadline for the rebates. The dryer ended up taking over two months to receive because it was coming from Korea and it wasn't even the same color! Apparently because it was a different batch it was off color to what we had. So we turned that dryer away and after some calls to the store manager the guys delivering were allowed to switch out the door and put legs on the dryer we originally received. The store manager gave us 10% off the pair and was supposed to send us a gift card reflecting the amount, but we never even got that. When you can't even trust the Store Manager to follow through what does it say about the store? We will not be shopping with them anymore.
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I agree that lowes has terrible customer service and cannot deliver products that are on sale. BEWARE before buying from lowes

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Lowes Gift Card

Failed to give prodcuct I paid for. | Lowes review from Houston, Texas

I tried to order carpeting. told I had to pay $35 or measurements. I had 3 rooms measured for carpeting 2 rooms for tile. Told company I only wanted two (2) rooms of carpet nothing else. The other measurements would be for future work. Waited the 48 hrs for a phone estimate, I called the following morning. estimate wasn't in yet, went back later that afternoon. It still wasn't ready, was told they were going to fax it over I would be called when it came in. I called the next morning, given an estimate for carpeting for three rooms of carpet not 2 at double the price and not given the measurements. They couldn't give me a breakdown of the sq. footage. I bought at another store, no payment for measuring they returned calls, did what they said they were going to do. Quote and honor their price. Lowes felt like a bait and switch operation. I would like my $35 refunded and I'll never bother Lowes again. David L Marsh
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Lowes Estimate
I purchased a new washer at the Wilma Rudolph Blvd., Clarksville, TN Lowe's location on a Tuesday evening. First off, despite their advertised "Next Day Delivery" I was informed the next available delivery time was between 12 and 5 on Thursday. I rearranged my whole...
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I had a washer coming today. On a Saturday.

It is 5pm not a peep out of Lowes store. No calls no nothing.

I bet I don't buy there again after waiting 2 weeks for a washer. No way

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