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Lowes delivery and poor customer service

Purchased a refrigerator from Lowes on Thursday for Saturday delivery. They would not commit to a delivery time. They finally called on Saturday at 9 am and said they would be there in 10 minutes. The delivery people left and as we unpacked the refrigerator we noticed a dent in the door and called Lowes to report the damage. After several calls back and forth they told us they would bring a replacement door to us on Sunday. Rachel said she would call us on Saturday after 5 pm with a time for Sunday. At 8 pm no one had called so we called the store only to be told we should just wait until Sunday and someone would come between 9 am and 8 pm! Bottom line lowes really does not care about the customer ....... Don't buy from Lowes!! Yzqx
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The saw we use to cut wood is not made to cut 4x4s .They will not fit into the saw. My question to you is why would you go to buy something you know will not fit into your car??

Yes...we are filled with power tools..for sale!!

And wth does this post have to do with the original post? ***.


Went to lowes to get a 4x4... needed it cut so it could fit in my car.

They said they couldnt cut it. So i went to home depot.

how can a place filled with power tools not cut a 4x4....


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Lowes Delivery Service

Lowes made a mistake in billing

I Purchaed carpet and tile from Lowes and paid it off. About 6 to 9 months later they sent me a bill for $100. I sent the bill back and explained they had a clerical error. They kept sending me bills increasing the amount that they claimed I owed. I refused to pay and was turned over to a collection agency. I called Lowes about this matter and was told i owed them nothing and was sent a letter stating that fact. This was several years ago. Recently I have learned that Lowes is still pursuing this old debt that is nonexistant and has damaged my credit. All my conversations with Lowes has been non-productive. Yours truly, Preston
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Thomas G

You are dealing with GE Money Bank, who handles the Lowe's credit cards. They seem to be notorious for losing payments and payoffs.

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Lowes review in Cleveland, Ohio: No military discount...

... what's with those disgruntled customers who are complaining about no military discount? You didn't earn it, it was simply a chain wide perk that they've deemed not fair to those who hadn't served. Rather, they have extended lower prices to ALL of their customers. While Lowe's and Home Depot do offer 10% off to all veterans, I, as a military retiree, will travel the 80 miles to the nearest Menards rather than shop locally at the other two builder's stores here in NE Ohio for Menard's better prices w/o a discount. Just a note, no merchant "owes" anyone anything, especially a vet. I didn't serve to get a discount. I earned my commissary and exchange privileges. If someone sees fit to give me a discount, I'll be greatful but it isn't a condition that I expect! But... I guess some are more mercenary than others.
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I too am a vet I went too Lowes today to purchase soome lumber. When I mentioned a Military discount the cashier told me we only give it too active and reserve's and retired.

Thats fine the rest of the Vets don't count. But it is amazing how they can sponsor a multi-million dollar race team, close stores in the North EAST.I will no longer purchase another item at Lowes.Bye Lowes


Wow, you sound just like the total skank who works at menards where I live . .

. who when I asked if you offer a military discount gave me the same load of pukey *** . . .

"I served but didnt do it for a discount". Talk about disrespectful and ignorant. First, Menards in my opinion blows when it comes to customer service, second . .

. I served this country and yes, people and businesses do owe me a debt for my service and sacrifice. Sorry tard-*** . .

. . I moved 8 times in 20 years, watched my stuff get broken and destroyed each time, could never gain any equity in a home and lived in some of the worst places on the planet . .

. so *** and grow up . . .

all large companies operating in the US owe veterans for their service and sacrifice and should offer a discount as a way to thank them every single day for the wonderful and secure environment they do free business in . . . .

your post is total BS . . . and you should be ashamed trying to plug menards as some shining example of a business .

. .thats laughable !!!

David L

While I am a vet and totally agree with you, Home Depot and Lowe's no longer give the same military discounts that they were offering. They were never ment to be "Veteran" discounts, only for active duty personnel and only on Veteran's Day now.

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Donot buy Appliances from Lowes

I bought a washer and dryer back in August 2010 . It was whirlpool , costed me $2000.00(for both) . For whatever reason , both has started acting wired on me , giving me lot of problem . This problem has begun in month of december . Since , its still under 1 year of warranty , i called the store where i bought my appliances which is in Livermore CA , they gave me direct number to Lowes service advantage , called them up , they make service appointment , a guy named Brian came at first time came , he didnot even spend 15 minutes and he said there isnothing wrong with Washer and dryer . Problem happened again (it was in and out problem ), i called lowes again ,they schedule 2nd service , the other guy came in and said there lowes didnot installed the dryer correctly and thats why i am having this problem to begin with , i asked him to add this in his notes and he said i cannot recreate the notes , just call lowes and tell them . I called again , this is now 3rd time going through all the pain , hold - they reschedule the service where they give this to the 1st techinican whose name is Brian , he didnot even came to my place and called me on his way and said there is nothing wrong with the Dryer . He didnot even see the problem ,i called customer service this time (which was 2nd time ) and the supervisor told me that he will call the store directly and try to see if he resolve it . Well. my thing is WHY store cannot help us at the first place , when we go to buy things , they provide Excellent service but when it comes down to solve the problems - You need to go through alll the hassel in the world . My problem still has not fixed and also i am out of Money for nothing just pain . I will not buy anything from Lowes in my entire life until they take care of the problem . ARTI SHARMA -MUDITA1985@GMAIL.COM
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I totally agree , BUYERS - BEAWARE . I will never ever give my business to LOWES and Whirlpool in future .


I purchased three Whirlpool Duet washers. One for my home, two for my spa.

The first one at my spa wore out in three years. The repairman said the barrings wore out. I went back to Lowes and the salesman said I just had bad luck because this model of machine was designed to be a "workhourse" so I bought another one. Well the second machine has now lasted just 4 years too.

I now have seen other reviews where other people are haveing the same problem with the Whirlpool Duet washer.

I have now have to buy another washer. I am upset with Whirlpool.Buyer beware!!


its true you guys are acting ***... stuff happens get over it..

buy the warranty and you would not have to worry stop being cheap and spend the money to protect yourself.. lowes stinks anyway buy from an all american company like sears that has been around forever


My washer is now working again. It turns out a rug with a rubber backing was washed and some of the rubber pieces clogged the filter so that water cannot drain properly.

I'd like to thank Amy at Whirlpool and Tracey at Lowes corporate for calling A & E on our behalf to ensure a repairman showed up today.

Since the problem was not a defect of the equipment, I would have had to pay $140 for the service, but Whirlpool picked up the tab. Whirlpool has earned a lifelong customer and advocate of their products.

I will still shop at Lowes going forward because I like their stores better than the competitors in our area, but I will never use Lowes SA to schedule service. Going forward, I will contact the manufacture directly.


It's a simple fix. If the customer is having this much problem getting their washer fixed, I would have simply swapped the washer with another one and dealt with the manufacture as the store has more time to do that than the customer.


My wife and I also purchased a Whirlpool washer from Lowes in December, 2010 (Michigan). The washer completely died a few days ago.

We contacted Lowes SA and set up an appointment with A & E Factory for 4/27. They were suppose to show up between 1PM EST and 5 PM EST. At 3:30 PM, nobody had contacted us so we called Lowes SA. A gal named Cheryl told us they had the wrong phone number and could not contact us eventhough my phone number was in the email confirmation Lowes SA sent me.

Cheryl contacted A & E and let us know someone would be at our house in 20 minutes. At 5 PM, I called back. This time, the Lowes operator hung up on me. At 5:05 I reached someone name April.

April contacted A & E again and said someone would be dispatched in 20 minutes. At about 6:30 PM, my wife called again. Erika put my wife on hold for ever. We finally had to hang up.

We finally got ahold of Wayne who again contacted A & E on our behalf. Wayne called us back around 8 PM and said the next available appointment is 5/5. Today is 4/27. I have 10 kids at home.

I cannot tell you how desparate we our to have our washer working. My wife asked Wayne if we can have the phone number to A & E. We contacted A & E and they set up an appointment for tomorrow. Why did Lowes SA give us such a run around.

I am 48 and have never had such *** poor service. It is very unlikely I will ever purchase Whirlpool again - the washer simply should not have died in 4 months. With that said, I have had other Whirlpool products that have functioned fine (e.g. my current dryer).

Even if I purchase Whirlpool again, I will never set foot in another Lowes store again.

I did send an email to Kyle at Whirlpool. Assuming A & E shows up tomorrow, I will not need his help, but I am curious to see if he will even read the email.


uh, usmcdeathcard, HOW did the unfortunate circumstances with this washer and dryer become a Republican party issue? Yikes!!!


You people need to understand that the product is warrantied through the MANUFACTURER NOT Lowe's!!! Get your LAZY AXELS on the phone and call the manufacturer... hold them accountable Lowe's is the middle man DUMMY!!


Hi my name is Kyle and I am a representative of Whirlpool. I am sorry to learn of the issue you are having with your Whirlpool washer.

If there is anything that I can do please reach out to me via Facebook (Whirlpool) or Twitter (Whirlpoolcare). Or contact us directly via e-mail


Its foolish to buy from Lowes, even Sears. Plenty of "local" businesses will meet or come in below the price of these "big box" stores AND the service is impeccable compared to the bb stores, as you have found out.

Another reason people buy is the "credit" they receive through these BB stores but then your really stuck.

Its a shame what this country has come to. Corporations have sold us out and the Republican Party in Washington helps them along taking the lobby money to bend all the rules for them.

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Lowes review in Morristown, New Jersey: I paid for a screen door and never got it and didn't recieve my money back

I went to the south charlest lowes and paid for a screen door but I did not pay for the installation I called the main company and he told me that I could get my money back but I never recieved the call back from the salesperson about that and I never recieved my money back I can't find the receipt for it now but they should have it in the system because i paid with a credit card or i can call the bank and just get the transaction number but you would think that they would be more considerate of the to the customer when it was my hard earned money and I would like a refund.
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Yes, sounds like another customer never wanting to take responsibility for keeping track of their purchases. How about you call your credit card company and find out what day you purchased the product.

Then along with your credit card number and your purchase date, they could look up your receipt.

But heavan forbid that you do any legwork whatsoever and not rely on the store to do everything for you. So typical.

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Lowes washing machine installers flooded my kitchen

i got rid of a washing machine as it started to leak.i bought a brand new washing machine from lowes.the delivery guys,farrell & jim, hooked up the hoses, pushed the machine back, talked a lot and left.they never checked the hoses or to see if it drained properly. when i used the washer, one of the hoses was not hooked up correctly and flooded my kitchen with hot water. had serv-pro come in to dry up floor and now lowes expects ME to find someone to put in a new floor. i haven't been able to use my kitchen or my new washer in 8 days and counting. SRS, lowes claims dept.did not properly explain reimbursements, policy or general needed info. i had to call them every day with questions. this was handled very quickly but with great disappointment. i will never use their services again. they totally lack consideration for the customer. this has devastated me.
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They just flooded our home today as well, also with a washer installation. They also installed a dryer improperly last year and it overheats.

I'm glad they didn't burn the house down. This is two SEPARATE Lexington, KY Lowe's.


sorry, last post was written by me to cat


i am a senior with a disability. don't judge til you've walked in my shoes. maybe you should kiss my ---


Devastated you? REALLY?

Did it cause you great bodily harm? Are you still alive? Are all of your parts still attached to your body? UMMM yes then I guess it really isnt devastating is it?!?!?!

Its a flooded incenvience YES... devestating NO!!!

Im sure the party that Lowes contracts their deliveries to will take care of the problem. Maybe you should find something more DEVASTATING to WHINE about!

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LOWES...let's SCREW UP your order together!

Update by user Apr 01, 2011

UPDATE: After emailing Lowes management, I received a return email and call from their Executive Customer Care group asking for the store location, my contact info, etc. Pretty impressive! Turns out the Store Manager\'s intent was totally miscommunicated by the Coutertop guy and we are getting together to resolve this matter to the satisfaction of all parties tomorrow. Quick, fair and adequate response.

It should be noted that:

1)this outcome had NOTHING to do with the posting on PissedConsumer

2)Beware...If you post anything here, it takes a notarized letter to remove it. Since PissConsumer has the usual password security controls, I consider this a serious flaw in the website\'s concept. There must be an ulterior motive for making it necessary to get an \"Act of Congress\" passed to correct errors on the site.

Not good.

Original review posted by user Mar 30, 2011

I'm attempting to get my home ready for sale and wanted to install new kitchen counters. I went to Lowes with drawings and figured I'd get some help from one of their "expert" staff members. The first time they were ordered, he completely disregarded my drawing and the opening for the sink was 4 feet to the right of the proper position. Had to go back and reorder. They had to credit and reprocess the whole thing. Weeks pass by. When he reorders, you'd think he'd be extra careful to look at the the proportions of the drawing versus the linear measurements for the sink positioning. Well, he did not. So, even though the drawing proportions were right on, my mistake on the linear measurement screwed up the second order. So, the Store Manager has now decided that, in spite of the lousy service, I can "go pound sand", say goodbye to my $700 and re-order. Well, LOWES CAN GO POUND SAND! I will not shop there again and will take every opportunity to flame them on the net and to friends/family/strangers. I'm unemployed right now and $700 could have paid my oil bill for the last 2 months.
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Going to Lowes for your countertops serves you right if you get screwed. Support your local community installers not some big chain that beats up on other retailers.

First off though, a local professional countertop installer comes out and takes measurements for themselves to assure everything is right.

And then if there is a mistake they eat the cost. Smarter shopping if you ask me, even if the local guy is a 100-200 dollars more.


It'll all be resolved tomorrow at some extra cost to me, a bit of extra time for Lowes (which will be funded by my extra cost) and no cost to the consumer. That's all I was asking for all along. So, find something else to do with your extra time and save your opinions for black and white issues which you can comprehend.


What a ***. You provide wrong measurements and don't take the time to look at the drawing they provide to see that it is wrong and have the nerve to blame the store and want them to cover your error. People like you just drive prices up for everyone else.


The error the first time had nothing to do with the measurements and yes, I did give an incorrect measurement. You are missing the point.

Errors were made on both sides and all I expected was a good=faith workout. By the way, the store manager called me today and agreed, so I guess it is of no importance whether you get it or not.

I'll be reversing my position if, in fact, things work out as we discussed. you can report bck to the Lowes Cabinet department now.


You did just say you gave the wrong measurement. Right?

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Lowes review in Orlando, Florida: Lowe's opinion survey not found on wedsite!

Good day! Lowe's opinion not found on wedsite...I have a feedback Lowe's sale receipt dated dated March 13 1011 and have not been able to post my info on your wedsite since.....I have been trying every day since March 13...I guess it must be a unluckly receipt...Dennis Seymour 1780 Curry Ave. Deltona, Florida 32738-4180 Phone (386) 532-5082....Let me hear from you when you are not busy...I will try again tomorrow...Wish me luck!!!To fill out the letters I am wishing you a great happy day, rain on your yard and sunshine on your days off and I hope this will fill the needed word count!
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I'm another customer that shopped Lowe's just yesterday and I sure can't find any Lowe's customer survey website. Its got every other websites advertising Lowe's survey, but yet it goes to their own website.

So why bother with Lowe's survey and I quest they don't need our opinions any longer.


I typed in and a few Lowes surveys came up but not any from Lowes actual website. They are asking for everything but the kitchen sink about you, therefore, I am sure it is a data collection site wanting all your personal information and Lowes very likely makes money giving your personal information to these survey sites!!!

Scary. If you read the disclosures/policies, you are signing up for a membership as a "panel member" and will be sent other surveys several times a month.

Some will ask you about your lifestyle, vehicles you drive, income, etc. The fine print also refers to Canada as "The Republic of Canada"??


Nov. 13 2014 - Can't get to survey website!!!!!

Called store, got transfered to the manager and was hung up on after 15 -20 rings.

We had puchased Christmas lights which didn't work - on returning them, had store staff test replacements before we left - many replacements didn't work - finally found some that worked. Product #141148.



I have always had the same problem but keep forgetting to mention it when I shop. I'm going to call customer service today


Try for another hundred years I guess. (or hooked on phonics)


If you go there main webpage and type in the search box survey it will direct you to survey.I filled it in 1 hour after my purchase and it told me it was expired .Funny the receipt tells me it needs to be done in a week.


no survey no good


Hey dummy learn how to spell website and be more observant and you will find what your looking for


:upset My wife could not find it either. Waht gives, Lowes? We bought two large appliances from you a couple of days ago.


I get *** tired of trying to find Lowe's survey.

I think its a rip off.




I guess Lowes does not value the opinions of their Canadian customers very highly.

I have spent about 10K in their store in the past three months. On each tape I receive when going through the cash, I am invited to participate in a customer satisfaction survey for a chance t to win a $5,000.00 gift card.

So, where's the survey?

The (provided) link does NOT exist. :sigh

Now, Lowes what do you think my level of customer satisfaction might be at the moment?


29th November - can't get to the website for the survey at (For Canada). Obviously this reflects poorly on Lowe's customer care


HELLO!!!!!!! You have to type in or maybe they improved it by now?


why have a survey if no one can find the web site for it. this is my fourth try.


Where is the survey that is supposed to be on this website?


You've got to be kidding! According to your post your receipt is 1000 years old!!!

I doubt if Lowes was even around back then. LOL

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Lowes extended warranty is a scam

I purchased an expensive Bosch dishwasher from Lowes and an Extended Warranty to go with it. A few month ago i call Lowes because the dishwasher was not cleaning the dishes and was making unusual noises. They sent a guy from a company they subcontract, whose name I do not remember. This repair person came in looked at the machine, turned it on and off and in 5 minutes declared there is nothing wrong with it. A few months past and the dishwasher stopes working all together. I called LOWES again and requested repair. This time the sub-contractor was "a&e factory services". That was 3 weeks ago. A person did come over and took the door off. I sat with him while he stumbled thru his diagnosis. He determined the pump needed to be replaced and ordered one on the spot. ups would deliver in 2 days to my home. Before he left he tried to put the door back on the machine unsuccessfully. I stepped in and suggested that he put back the 2 plastic parts that he thought was garbage. Obviously I was right and I helped him put the door back on. No parts were ever delivered. I got 3 different stories from 3 customer service operators. All contradictory, part was delivered, part was shipped yesterday and part is shipping within 24hrs. Lowes refuses to assign anyone else for the repair. We had to pay for the repair. LOWES EXTENDED WARRANTY IS A SCAM TO GET AN EXTRA COUPLE OF HUNDRED DOLLARS FROM YOU.
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AGAIN! Lowes warranty do not do what they are suppose to do!

We called almost 4 weeks ago to use our warranty to get our ice machine fixed on our whirlpool refrigerator fixed. It took the warranty company 8 days to find some one to come out and fix it. This guy was 120 miles away and has every excuse in the book why he can't make it. First he had to order part and then it was back ordered.

He told us a total of 5 times he was coming to the house and never showed up. This last time we called the warranty number and they told us he was in the area and would be there shortly....... @ 9:00 pm... They said they would have someone call us in 3 working days, I refused to do this another 3 days and had them call on Monday.

They called...... This is the real kicker.... She told us that it had been going on to long and we would have to get our own repair man and pay him and they would reimburse us for the work only!!!!! The mileage would be on us!!!!!

This is not the first time we have been screwed by Lowes warranties. And by the way the warranty still has a year left on it.

I am sick and tired of being ripped off by warranties from Lowes!


Shoot - it's none of those things.

Call a priest - the dang thing's possessed!!


The EPP is not a scam, however it is very flawed. I also recently called for service only to have both Lowes and the Subcontractor perform less than par.

My mower is a lemon and I paid $1700+ for this lemon. It has many issues and is constantly a thorn in my side. Even their policy states after four exact issues they will replace the mower entirely; they have failed to do so. I have been given the run around by Lowes and their customer service third party persons.

I have filed a small claims suit against Lowes. My state allows me to recover up to three times the lost amount up to $6000. Look into the laws of your state. It is very expensive for a company to pay their attorneys to go to court. They usually settle out of court due to the expense.

Unfortunately you have to threaten to take them to court. Being an attorney I always keep detailed records about each call, who I talked to and what time. I have estimated that I will be getting about $4786 back due to their flawed system. Hopefully this will encourage Lowes to make their EPP process much more effective and easier for customers. But more than likely it will only cause them to either remove it entirely or make it more expensive.


Dear ex-employee ***, the money does not go to the store manager...yes it is profit, but it isnt like the manager walks out with the cash....your an ***.


If you ever have a problem no matter how small the situation, call the customer care line,,Store management fear these people and you will get answers immediately,,if you dont call customer care,,they will just waste ur time with bs promisses


all the money from the lowes EPP (extended protection plan) goes to the store manager, useless to the consumer,never ever get the epp,,ur only paying the store manager,,employees also get a (SPIFF) or commission on EPP sales

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Lowes review in Livingston, New Jersey: Used an unfair practice to accept a return

I purchase 56 Trim & Save Pine packages on a buy one, get one free special. My carpenter used 35 packages. I returned 21 packages with receipt. I expected to receive credit for 10 packages. Instead I was told that the 21 I returned were the free ones. Are you kidding me. I have consistantly been a loyal customer. Lowes & Home Depot are across the street. You have lost a customer for the sake of $90 I followed all the requirements requested by Menards, yet they choose to set their own rules as convenient to them. Shame. Please cancel my account.
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What's really funny is for buy one get one, all they do is lower the price to half the amount. So if it was originally $10 bucks, each one costs $5 are you can get 3 for $15 if you wanted.

This is how the Lowe's system works.


"Sorry but I side with Lowes on this one. You used over half of what you purchased it would be the same as geting buy 1 get one free and returning 1."

No it's not, he's keeping 35 and expecting to have paid for 18. Your example only makes sense if he's expecting to get paid for all 21 he returned.


The customer stated that he only expected to receive credit for 10 not 21 I agree with him. I would have sold them on craigs list or one of the same. That is ridiculous!


You followed all the rules listed by Menards? But I thought you were shopping at Lowe's.


Well, it seems like you over-estimated how many you would need.

If they did return them to you, then they would basically be giving you the other ones for free. How is it fair to Lowe's that you are basically stealing?

Go ahead and go to Home Depot. Good luck finding anyone to help you!


Sorry but I side with Lowes on this one. You used over half of what you purchased it would be the same as geting buy 1 get one free and returning 1.


How could they tell that what you brought back was the free ones? Thats funny.

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