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Lowes does not honor posted rebates

I recently purchased a GE appliance from Lowe's. The sign stated that the appliance qualified for a $50.00 rebate, which was part of my purchase decision. The clerk had difficulty getting the rebate form to print, and I had to wait. I submitted the rebate, and now I get a letter that the rebate was only for a pair of appliances. The sign did not say pair. The salesman sold me one appliance and stated the rebate applied to the appliance. The cashier had to get the rebate form from a separate computer. All of the above with the understanding that it was for the washer alone. I called the number and was blown off, and told that the only rebates are for pairs of appliances. This was a deceptive practice. I will not purchase anything from Lowes ever again, and suggest that no one else gets scammed like this either.
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I was doing some research while on hold to see why my rebate was half the amount it should have been and found this site. I purchased paint from 3 different stores to get enough to paint my house.

I sent in the rebate for with all three receipts, the rebate form and a memo explaining where the paint was purchased and the expected total for the rebate. I was able to contact the rebate center via the customer service 800 number and they were able to straighten it out and are sending a second check. I have to say that no reasonable person would have every been confused by what I sent in so I am skeptical. That being said, Lowes does seem very willing to make things right anytime there is an issue.

I own rentals and probably average about 40 - 50 purchases a year and have been very happy with the ability with Lowes to make things right if there is a problem and there have been very few. One last item. I did get a Lowes credit card to help finish a project that I couldn't finish on time without. I was disappointed that I was automatically signed up for some sort of insurance plan to pay off my card in case of death, disability etc.

I guess I should give them the benefit of the doubt that maybe it was spelled out on the application form, but I don't remember it and would never sign up for that.

They also cancelled that for me right away and refunded the money.

I say if you run into an issue, Call Customer Service. I think they will do their best to make it right.


The above is exactly what occurred to me. I bought a refrigerator for 2096 dollars plus tax.

I bought it on the premise I would receive a 260$ rebate. The receipt clearly had the rebate listed. The clerk had trouble getting the rebate form to print and got it from a different computer. I sent in the rebate and was denied with lowes stating it was not a qualifying product??

But the clerk advised it was, the receipt printed with the advertised rebate. The form was provided by lowes and all the rules were followed. But I received a letter in the mail I was denied. I sent the letter back with the highlighted portions on the receipt of the qualifying product and the rebate (both on the same receipt!) No reply.

I called the number and got automated responses (they didn't want to talk to me). I have a home depot right next to Lowes and an Ace near by. I'll be shopping there permanently from now on.

This was the Lowes on 71st in Tulsa, OK. They stole 260 dollars from me.


No, I totally disagree with this theory of speaking with a manager at Lowe's. I tried that idea and one even filled the rebate out again for me, all to no avail.

Lowe's simply doesn't honor their own rebates. TRUST ME!!

Again, I no longer make any purchase from LOWES. I go to HOME DEPOT and they honor their every promise.


I have made major purchases at Lowes in Somerset, KY and Knoxville, TN and I did not receive my promised rebate from either purchase. I do not think Lowe's honors their own rebates.

I no longer shop there AT ALL. I would suggest you go to HOME DEPOT.


We are bringing cases for purchasers who haven't received their rebates. Please call my cell at 201-926-9200 or email with your tel no.

Jos. Santoli, Esq.


Lowes has a 800# for customer service. Use it.

they will take your info and forward it to the store management team and the District manager. One of the upper managers at the store will call you. Tell them what happened. If they don't offer to refund your appliance and rebill it minus the fifty dollars ask if talking to the District manager about it will make a difference.

We as managers are suggestively trained to never let a complaint get to the District manager. You will get your FIFTY back.


Nah, that would be TOO EASY for them! Some customers are only happy when they can complain rather than doing the sane, rational thing and come in and explain the situation to someone.


Why not just go to the store and explain the problem? The employees don't want you to be unhappy, and if you have a legitimate complaint, they'll work to resolve it.

@Lowe's Employee

Total bs

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Lowes Cashier

Drug in lowes store #469

i was in the Lowe store #469 last week shopping with my family when i seen an employee handing drug to another employee. now i know it was drug because i seen a baggie of a white substance. i quickly gathered my family up and walked out the front door. i will never shop at a place like this again. i hope you take a look at these and realize what you need to do. doesn't Lowe's have a drug policy and why isn't it enforced. i did notice this store was going through a remodeling and was wondering if they test the remerch crew as well.
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Only a Lowe's employee would use the term "remerch"

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Drug use in lowes store

i have been working for a remerch company (mallard group) for around 7 years. now and recently found out that they will be doing a criminal back ground check and there remerch employees. i feel this is a great thing to do. my company has been sending bad people to are crews lately. peolpe that have been in prison, people who do drug, and just your everyday trouble maker. my crew lead has had to fire plently of people of this crew for those reasons. i am very surprized that lowes corp lets these remerch company just hire anyone in to these stores. i would hope lowes corp will take care of these problem so my family and i could shop in these stores.
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trust me...I have worked at a Lowes and I have witnessed countless employees under the influence. One of them is good friends with the store manager.

I am so glad I don't work there anymore. That place was filled with inbred rednecks and losers.


Go back to Mexico until you can clearly spell and communicate in ENGLISH. All the Remerch crews that I have seen are supposed to have been background checked and drug tested long before they go into the stores. Unfortunately that doesn't always happen fast enough and that's why a manager has to stay overnight with them to make sure they don't rob us blind.

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Lowes lousy extended warranty

I bought a Whirlpool side by side four and a half years a go. Still "supposed to have a warranty".This appliance has a meat bin in the freezer that is to narrow for the rails and when you try to pull it out it drops off one rail.I know you're thinking why now are you doing something about this problem.Truth is its a situation that only requires using the pull out the drawer two or thre times in four years to clean it.But the main thing is its still under warranty.I've been jaw boning Lowes and that half a**s company that handles their warranty coverage(Sevice Advantage) They're telling me that its a cosmetic issue.I talked to Whirlpool about this and its to late for them to do anything(whatever happened to goodwill service).They also told me its a cosmetic thing.The lady also told me its a common practice for appliance dealers to steal parts from one refrigerator to go on another one.Lowes warranty sucks.
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That is an original QC issue. Probably could have gotten Whirlpool to send you another drawer close to the purchase date.

But this is not a functional (electrical, electronic,mechanical) issue so your warranty company has nothing to do with it.

There's no violation of the service contract here. Rig up something yourself to make a better fit.


well if it's been that many years it is kind of *** to complain about it now after using the product for four and a half years, I'd say get over it.


My recommendation is to speak with a manager at the store where you purchased the refrigerator. Suggest this alternative: ask if the store will reimburse you if you order the correct drawer for the refrigerator. I suggest this because you seem to imply that you think the drawer in yours isn't the correct one for your model refrigerator.

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Lowes losers

Lowes is by far the worst place to work for. My managers would talk trash behind workers backs and be a smart *** to workers they did not like. They spend so much time watching workers on cameras then caring about customers. Most managers have no degree whatsoever, hence do not know the correct way to communicate in a professional manner. Its very sad to see what Lowes is doing hiring within, their getting uneducated bosses who know nothing but to try to act intimidating and scary to fellow employees. My boss would never even take a second to say hi to employees and stare at that ground when walking past him. My boss would also use slander against employees, use the buddy system for favorites. This may not be the case at other stores but it is at 447 Christiansburg Va. What a shame, I am quitting because of suck immature childish behavior by adults who act like kids.
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The same holds true for all the Lowes in WNC....they all suck to work for, unless you are a pretty girl or are young then you will get fast-tracked to a cushy job.


I feel your pain. I had the same experience at a Lowes here in Georgia.

Inbred rednecks who don't know how to do their jobs. God forbid they have the title Zone manager or Sales manager...its a powertrip for them. I reported them to the EEOC.

Lowes doesn't like that. They don't like to look bad...oh well

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Lowes in Dayton, Ohio - Website

I often look to find items for my home; i feel your website is not user friendly. I wanted to look at the department that has doors; but i cant it will show me your adds need to change this website so it is more user friendly. You are loosing a considerable amount of business that would come to your company by this site not allowing consumers to look at what they are looking for. Now i will only have two choices, Lowes & Home Depot. I feel that i could be driving 45 minutes to your store to purchas items if i could view them first. Please try to fix this.
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Lowes Website

Lowes in Washington, District Of Columbia - Carpet/Door installations

i have had a terrible experience with Lowes with both a carpet and a door installation. For the carpet installation, i had someone come to my house and measure 2 rooms. No one called me with an estimate. When I called to get the estimate, the person i spoke with quoted me for rooms we were not carpeting (we were carpeting 2 bedrooms, and he was giving me quotes for carpeting a hallway). They were going to call me back, but not one did. I had to call again to get the estimate, and after 3 calls, I finally got an estimate. I was frustrated with the lack of customer service and with how hap hazardly they had handled my order that I took my business elsewhere. Someone was at my house the next day measuring, gave me a much lower quote, and installed the following week. For the doors, I ordered the doors in Nov. I paid for someone to come measure, and when the doors came in, the installed told me they came in too small. I figured since I paid for someone to measure them, i should get the right size and asked them to reorder them. Two weeks later, the sales rep called me to say they had ordered the smaller door as that was the best option and they could build around it to make it fit the space. He said the installer would call me the next day. They didnt. Two weeks later, I realized I still hadnt heard from them so i called and escalated the issue with Lowes. They immediately had the installer call me, and then the installers arrived 2 days later. Unfortunately, they ordered the doors with the handle on the wrong side which did not work for our house. So, i have canceled my order and am taking my business elsewhere. I will not go back to Lowes. I will only go to Home Depot in the future as Lowes has shown me poor customer service and has done little to nothing to rectify the issues I encountered. I actually tried to talk to a manager instead of posting something on the internet, but after the manager never returned my call after saying she would later the same day, I thought others should know of my experience in order to avoid this frustration.
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Lowe's is going to give you better service than Home Depot.

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Lowes and A&E Repair Service

Lowes sells me the product, but then ignores me 4 months after buying my refrig. They turn their service for appliances over to A & E who does not care, and has VERY pour service. I will never shop at Lowes again. They have contracted their service to non-responsive company that does not keep apptmnts. A & E out and out lies! So, don't buy at Lowes. You will not get service support or follow-up. As long as Lowes uses A & E, I will not buy another Lowes product. Stay away from Lowes. Angry customer just wanting follow-up and service.
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A&E is horrible my washer had the drain pump go out that took two three visits. Then the 3rd visit they put *** in the start button then three visits on that they installed the new penal and and he tell me he had trouble putting it in it looks horrible he's says I can call and complain he didn't care. Never again lowes


Had the same experiences with both companies. I agree, do NOT buy from Lowes and request any service from A & E.

Poor communication, performance, and overall service.

You will be extremely disappointed if you do. This is a major WARNING.


:( same old story : 45 DAY’S OLD the ice maker stop working called for service had to wait a week and the day they show up the freezer stop working.

Part on order take up to 14 day that poor business .

Ask for a new one they said they have to try to fix it first. What a bunch B/S


:( I have had the same experience with A & E. We have a dishwasher that was purchased from Lowes that has broken.

We were referred to A & E through Lowes for the repair. We were given a 5 hour time window in which they would come for the repair but no one ever came. I contacted the company again that evening to let them know and reschedule - they had no knowledge that the repair person never came. Monday we were given another 5 hour repair window.

I called Monday morning to confirm that someone would come and to get a more narrow window. The scheduling agent was extremely rude and told me that we missed our appointment Saturday because there was not anyone home. We were here the entire time! I was also told that I would have to reschedule because they do not have me scheduled today either, the agent I spoke to Saturday never booked the apt.!!

She put me on hold and then sent me back to the menu line so I could start the process over again. I called back and I asked for a manager, she asked if she could put me on hold for 1-2 minutes. I waited 8 minutes and then was disconnected by A&E. I have no appointment scheduled and still have a broken dishwasher.

I called a local company - they came out w/in 2 hours of taking my call.

DO NOT use A & E!!!!! :(


I am so upset with Lowes and A&E. I had the same situation happen to me 8 weeks ago.

I talked to Lowes they set up the appt with A&E they gave me their number I called and confirmed the very next day. I waited that long so that I knew that gave Lowes and A&E to get the request and whatever paperwork they needed for the service appt for my dryer. I spoke to a VERY rude lady she said that they had my request and my appt booked, but that the time frame was from 9-12. I took that morning off which was very hard for me to do bc I am a single mom of 5 children and a grandbaby, but of course A&E nor Lowes cared.

I called that morning to confirm the appt and that same rude lady said "if we have you scheduled we will be there" again I asked for an ETA and she couldn't tell me. Well 11:00 came and no call no tech; 11:30 no call no tech...So once again I call and that rude lady said we don't have you on the books! I flipped and asked to speak to a mgr, and boy was that a joke! He was just as rude so I cancelled the appt after he hung up on me.

I had to call back 7 times for someone to answer. I called Lowes to let them know what happened and they didn't really care, but had another company come out 8 days later. Well guess what, my dryer went out again for the same reason...Guess who they wanted to send out? A&E!

I said HE!! NO!!! So they sent out another company which the timeframe wasn't any better but they showed up. Well, after they figured out what was wrong (after I told them exactly what was wrong) they had me down for yesterday to come out and fix it...Lowes didn't ship the dam# parts!

I call Lowes and the guy tells me that they are shipping the parts today and that it will take 5-7 business days to get the parts and at that point I can call the other company to schedule the fixing of my dryer...I to will NEVER buy anything from Lowes again...and if Sears only uses A&E looks like Oliver Dyer is my new appliance vendor! :( :( :(:(


In year one, you can use any mfr authorized repair service. Go to the mfr website and get a listing. Don't need the store involved


all you have to do, is return the item as defective to Lowes. they have a warranty for one year on the product after which it goes to A and E for repair. Maybe Lowes will catch on that customers are not going to put up with their *** and they will change repair companies.


Agree with all neagt6ive comments about A & E, they are happy to set up an appointment, but then you wait for 3+ weeks for simple parts to arrive to actually fix my appliances. Would love to say this is the first time, but it happens EVERYTIME and we have no other choice because we paid for a (useless) warranty,


I agree totally - took off four hours for an appt that was scheduled between 1-5 pm.I called that day at 11 am to see if I could get a more precise time frame - nope was told between 1-4. At 4:30 called and was told the technician was running late- I got upset because if that was the case why did I take 4 hours of my personal leave time??

When I asked the service person for his name he hung up on me.Called back at 5 and spoke to someone who put me through to routing at which time I was told the service had been rescheduled because there was no available service technician in my area that day.

Worse customer service ever!! Called the escalation department and still waiting for a response back !!


Did you know that A&E pretty much has the market cornered on appliance repair? Oh...

Did you know that A&E is a SEARS company? So where do you plan on buying your appliances JK AS

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Lowes in Bellevue, Washington - Lowe's Credit GEMB

Use lowes credit card aka GE Mony Bank all the time. GE only allows us 750 limit. Credit is perfect but we have noticed GE has been lowering our limits on many of our cards. We called and where told we dont charge enough, carry balances long enough.. so we paid off our lowes and closed it along with 11 other Ge Money bank cards we had (dillards,belks,walmart,pennys,steinmart to name a few)we complained to lowes the manager did nothing...with a 750 credit limit and us owning 9 rental houses that always needs something 750 does not buy much we will now shop at Home depot which just gave me a 5000.00 limit the was offering 10,000 but i said 5k was more than enough to use in a 30 day as we pay off our balances when the rent comes in.....Banks and credit companies are killing american business.
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I shop Lowe's every week ( I did). Sign,said to use your card and get 5% off every purchase.

I signed up and was turned down on the spot. I have 50 years of perfect credit,Pay off every month. No bills. 800+ credit score.

Yon need to get rid of GE Money bank.

Fire them. They will kill your business like they did GE,once a great co.

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Lowes Credit Card

Lowes in Fremont, New Hampshire - Incompetent staff and terrible service.

The Lowes in Epping New Hampshire door installation dept. is incompetent and makes numerous mistakes that cause delays and problems with the intallations. They ordered the wrong door twice for my home. I started this process in October 2010 looking for a door and it is now January 10th, 2011 and they called today to say again to say they ordered the wrong door. They canceled 3 installation appointments. I would never do business with them again and would avoid them to install a door for your home. I had to rearrange my schedule for the installations that never ocurred.
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The Door and Window installation dept. of Lowes (Epping, NH) is incompetent.

I had started looking for a door with Lowes in October 2010. They ordered the wrong door twice and cancelled 3 installatin appointments. They called today January 10th, 2011 to tell me they ordered the wrong door. They said it would take another 21 days to get a new door.

This would take me into February to get a new door. Should it take 5 months to get a door installed into my home?

NO!!!! :sigh

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Lowes Installation