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Lowes in Henderson Nevada is the Worse

I have never been to a Lowes Home Improvement Store with such a disregard for customer service. At the Lowes on Marks Street in Henderson Nevada no one seems to be available to help you and when they see you they head in the other direction. One employee that I encountered was on a personal phone call and acted like he did not see me patiently waiting to talk to him. When he finally got off the phone he seemed to be preoccupied and disinterested when helping me. The management team wasn't any better and had numerous excuses in defense of the sales associates and their lack of interest and customer service skills. It seemed that they are giving me a standardized response from some company handbook. Do yourself a favor and drive a little out of your way and shop at the Lowes on South Boulder Highway.
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:grin That's no true. I am a Realtor and have being using Marks Street store for the last 6 months.

In all areas they have a great customer service, special at commercial service desk. Julius and Brian are taking care of me and my clients and I never had any problems, only satisfaction.

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Lowes In Henderson Nevada Sucks

The management team at Lowes on Marks Street in Henderson, Nevada is the worse that I have ever experienced since I started doing business with Lowes. The manager does not return phone calls even after the store operator states that he is in the store but he is busy and will call you before he leaves for the day. So after patiently waiting for a return phone call you end up calling the store and finally reach him. He then responds to your complaints with unsatisfactory and condescending remarks. And his response to your dissatisfaction; if you don't like our service go down the street to Home Depot. Gladly!!!
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If you think they have bad management you should visit the Spokane Valley, WA. store.

We were in there about a month ago waiting for service at the plumbing desk an so I push the customer assistance button, after a couple of pages overhead we saw an older man with a blue vest on and we thought we would get some help, but instead he looked at us and turned around and started to walk towards the front of the store, that's when we noticed it read service manager on the back.

To make it short we ended up Home Depot which is about two and half blocks away. Very poor service and it doesn't seem to do no good talking to the customer care since the same people are still there.

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Lowes in Chattanooga, Tennessee - Don't buy kitchen cabinets from Lowe's

I ordered for plywood kitchen cabinets from lowe's in September 2010, and they came and installed presswood cabinets in my house, I talked to the manager Jerry of the Lowe's at Hwy.153 Hixson, TN, and they said you signed up on the contract early, which they made me to do so, So you can't neither complain nor go to court because of our policy. What kind of nasty policy is that, could some one help me with ideas to get my money back. I will try my best to get my friends, away from lowe's.
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I talked with the store manager, what he said was you signed on the contract, that is what you ordered, we can not do any thing else.

I contacted with district manager Shawn, he said the same thing too, But now he is offering a 10% back to me with a writen warrenty from the company.


This is an easy fix. Have you spoken with your designer?

What did he/she say? Tell me about your cabinets. Tell me what the hole expierence was like. People make mistakes.

It's no big deal. But this is an easy fix.

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Went to Lowes to buy a Water heater,no Help available

I visited Lowes in League City ,Tx # 2821 at 7:30 PM to Buy a Water Heater.No help available.Asked 2 emplyees for help and they told me that they would call some one to help me. I waited 15 minutes, and no help arrived.The store had very few employees working .It seems like a skeleton crew .I had workers at home waiting to install the Water Heater. I finally Left Lowes and drove to HOME DEPOT and purchased a 12 year warranty Water Heater.If lowes want customers to shop in the evening ,then they have to have enough employees working in order to properly service the customers.
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Lowes in Mount Laurel, New Jersey - Fired after seven years

I had worked for Lowe's for seven years started: 2 months as CSA (03) 1 1/2 yrs as team lead (04) 3 yrs as dept. mgr. (04-07) 2 1/2 yrs as zone mgr. (07-10) As a zone manager (senior management) you are incharge of handling anywhere from 15-50 employees daily and customers. (1) Of the problems is at my location you are empowered to take care of customer, that is not always the case customer comes in wants food processor (discontinued/non stock) reg. $149 now $99 had checked with Hanford store in CA. they didn't have so customer. came to our location Clovis, CA. we had display and one in box customer asked to by display told him sure absolutely. great I took care of them so it seems, nope they come back about five minutes later and returned it. I had seen product and questioned employee in returns they said customer was unhappy he wanted to buy the one in the box, which I would have sold him if he would have asked but he said quote (can I buy your display, at no point did he ever mention the box unit. So he then leaves and calls our 1-8oo-44-lowes customer care center and tells them I was rude and unfriendly if you get any of those complaints they will find any reason big or small to railroad you out. All a customer has to do is say you were rude and unfriendly you have no recourse to defend your customer is always right. (2) A Customer comes in to buy a ladder for a 30ft ceiling. A sales specialist (expert knowledge) sells her a 17ft ladder. As I walked by the register I hear her say that this ladder is on sale from $150 to $125 ok no problem then she starts telling me about her project (remember 30ft ceiling) I told her she needs a larger ladder min 22ft she tells me the person that helped her said a 17ft would work, I tried to explain it to her but she felt that I was talking down to her because she was a woman. She immediately left the store and called 1-800-44-lowes and said I was rude and unfriendly. (3) A commercial customer comes in and asks since he was purchasing a several special order windows if we would give him 10% off we do this as a courtesy to commercial customers not always it just depends what/how much you buy, no problem he was told he ten goes to millworks dept that's where windows and doors are sold. A sales specialist helps him at the end of order process he whips out an ad for 20% off. Our system at Lowe's does not allow you to double dip use two discounts at same time so after lowering prices of windows at millworks desk to try to accommodate. He goes to register and tries to get his 10% it won't work so after about two hours I finally get it done by lowering all prices. He pays then leaves. Sales specialist tries to order product but screws up order by not order correctly (two tines). So windows come in wrong customer is pissed of at me because specialist ordered wrong. I later found out that Customer and specialist know each other and set me up about the double dipping. Oh yes specialist has cost Lowe's thousands of dollars because of his mistakes. He is still employed and IM not. While I was employed as a ZONE MGR with Lowe's I had the highest rate of customer compliments, and about 90% of the employees liked me (as senior management) because they could count on me to be there when they needed help they could call me for anything and I would actually answer my phone work phone. So what the STORE MANAGER did got statements from 7 employees saying that i was rude and hard to work with. The surprising thing is that of the seven: 2 employees have had problems with every person in management. 1 of the 2 has been moved to 4 different positions in the store so he can be watched better(babysat). the other 4 all directly work with each other and collaborated on their stories to make me out to be the bad. There are approx.15 20 employees that should have been or should still be let go. Don't know why they're still employed. They have documented records that show poor work habits, attendance issues far exceeding the policies. There is no consistency to discipline. Not the same for all.
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this is so true, it is currently happening now . don't question any store manager or above or you will be retaliated on.

I have called regional HR and he just takes up for the store manager. I am keeping a journal of each day that I work and what happens because I have a feeling I am being pushed out.


As a former store employee of 2+ years, I am a junior compared to others posted years. However, it has been quite an eventful 2 years, to say the least.

We all helped put the store together, had our grand opening.. and from there, only a fraction of us stayed. What started out as a great place to work quickly turned into a nightmare. I hated going to work.

Drama, backstabbing, dishonest and spiteful coworkers. As I mentioned, during 2 years I saw a lot. This includes one of my supervisors being very rude and downtalking other employees. It was impossible to keep the doors closed for all the new hires walking out.

I can't say that I blamed them. Everyone saw this going on, and no one did anything about it. Another issue swept under the rug. That was until one final day I saw this same supervisor cuss out a customer.

Enough is enough. I reported this person. In turn, I was told it was my fault for reporting them and also that I needed to keep my mouth shut. Open door policy?

Far from it. I brushed it off and kept it in the back of my mind for later. Since then, my schedule began to change from either an entire weekend spent at this glorious place to no hours at all. This spiteful employee even went as far as to have me written up for being late.

(A record of 2 minutes, 3 minutes late with an occasional 7-10 minutes late due to being sick but still coming in) Well, if that is how low you'd like to stoop.. be my guest. The final push. I was called into store managers office and told they could no longer work with my hours.

After seeing people come in over an hour late with nothing said to them, managers cussing out customers, employees badmouthing customers, and leaving the very last few good, honest employees that store had hung out to dry.. enough was enough. I quit. I am above that.

If such a huge corporation wants to build their reputation on spiteful, rude, unachievers who don't care about the customer.. well, good luck with that.

I think you're right, for those of you who posted previous comments:

The ones who care and honestly try get booted out of the door. Those who are lazy and just want a paycheck get to stay.


Well here is an updated comment. I had to go to appeals board three times over 10 month period because they (Lowe's) could afford to fight it and I couldn't.

I still shop there and help the customers that recognize me when I am there. So what kind of person does that after they have been fired. I believe they were wrong on how they did it with the railroaded stories. There are only two people left of the seven because they were fired for various issues.

It makes me upset when I see how they have hired employee that have no clue on what there doing and don't care about this company. I Have tried several times to get back in but yet nothing.

I have personally contributed to over a million dollars in sales each year. So I just don't get it.


I was also fired after over 5 years of working at Blowes. I received many customer service awards from corporate but when you get to the point you are one of the longer term and better

payed employees they will find a way to terminate you.

The efforts to cut costs is the deceiding factor. They would rather have lower cost employee than someone with experience.


Hey, Man I was setup and fired but rehired. I should have sued them but that's not my style.

A full investigation was done nothing was found that led to me being fired. There were system problem with refund/re bill.


Why don't you contact me i would enjoy discussing this.

No heart

I am calling you out

you can also contact the store #1541 Clovis, Ca and ask the real employees and customers that i still help and shop even after 1-1/2 yrs. why should they suffer for being misguided or wronged.


Well first of all there is no such thing as a 10% off commercial discount. Second of all you should have followed procedure and ran his order through QSP if it qualified. Third of all you should quit trying to think so much of yourself saying your the most liked manager in the store cause truthfully if you did your job right and treated people with respect they wouldnt just fire you right out of the blue unless they had a WE Team replacing you XD


This company is truley evil,i was just fired last weekend but not until after i came in cleaned the floors their bathrooms as i had been the part time fsa slash cashier in store 2551 in epping nh for the last yr and a half,the cashiering LLCS never really dropped to me yet after putting this store on the map twice for the area as no 2 in the district for selling 400 dollors for the MDA first in the spring of last yr and agin in oct,each time i was rewarded with a writeup resulting in two,so basicly they used to and so called complaints that I NEVER saw any evidence of did me in last sat jan 8th.I rue the day I ever got involved with this company,I HAVE NEVER been fired before in my life and I have been in the work force 30 yrs.people avoid this company at all cost if you can,they lie big time.


I have seen the same thing happen. If you are a good worker but not their favorite you are gone.

They keep the workers that are lazy. We have a manager that is late every day and take two hour lunches and nothing is done but other people are late just a few minutes and are written up.


You are full of it man! #1 you don't give a commercial 10% off you QSP!

You should be fired for that alone! Lowe's won't force good employees out the door!

You are just worthless! How did you ever get to Zone?


I wish niblock,wagner,stone could read these maybe they could help. sorry i was dreaming for honesty and the true ethics of how to treat people what was i thinking.


Wow ... sounds so so true.

As a former LOWES employee ..

of 13 years i know what you are talking about.I wished i lived and worked at a location in the south or probably a small town would of lasted 20yrs. I'am now waiting on my 30 days to snatch my retirement from WELLS FARGO!!!

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Lowes Manager

Lowes in Reston, Virginia - Seems to me

Everyone on this site seems to be a Yank. It just aggravtes me to have to go out in public and listen to the whinning and complaining. Use a little patients and don't expect everyone to know exactly what you do. We all learn something new everyday. So keep your jerkness at home. We know the dog wouldn't play with you up home and maybe you should go back and try again. It's all been messed up where you came from, that's why you're here, and now it's fastly becoming more and more intolerable here.
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u got to b management


How about before we criticize others, we learn basic spelling...or at least utilize our spell-check feature...? Sorry, just another pet peeve I have with others who take joy in putting other people down.


:cry Seems to me that you are the one whining now. In addition, *** "patients" in this context is spelled "patience".

There was a reason we won the war and you prove it everyday. :grin :roll

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Lowes in Salt Lake City, Utah - Bought a whirlpool cabrio washer and dryer and have nothing but problems since day one

I purchaced a whirlpool cabrio washer and dryer from lowes in 2007 and have and problems with the washer 2 to 3 times a year, since i have requested to have them, replace it with a new one, they say well ot has to be 2 consecutive same problem incidences then its 3 now its 4 Iam pissed I have 5 children in my family and to have a washing machine or dryer go out on you after spendin 1,200.00 on them you think your covered for a while lowes washers are a joke along with there service help personel. I WANT A NEW WASHING MACHINE
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I can’t even tell you how disappointed I am. This washer has destroyed my clothes and towels.

I’ve tried to reach out to company but they want me to call for service. What would I call for? Washer works, it just makes holes in clothes in towels. There are so many complaints about this.

If anyone know how to begin a process like this, please let me know.

Trust me, when I write a review about something, it’s got to be either really good or really bad. I don’t have time do write things like this.


I own the same washer and it is absolutely horrible! White spots all over my clothes and I use All clear.

I use second rinse and deep water didn't do any better. Save yourself money and frustration don't buy this Whirlpool.


My guess is, you never got any resolution from Whirlpool. They are still selling flawed W&D sets.

I just bought a cabrio set in November 2016 and have had problems since day one, like you.

Their customer service wants a technician to come out and look at it but after reading all the bad reviews, what is the use in doing that? I guess I will just report this to the bbb if I can.


will never buy a Whirlpool washing machine again.... never never again


bought Whrilpool washer cabrio in 2012, after a year it is now a piece of junk. Sensing does not work, rinse and spin does not work..time remain is erratic etc.

etc. Never buy Whrilpool!


The washers are the worst machines I have ever had. I will never buy another Whirlpool product as long as I live. And will let all I talk to know that the product is not worth the money or time of day


The washers are the worst machines I have ever had. I will never buy another Whirlpool product as long as I live. And will let all I talk to know that the product is not worth the money or time of day


The glass on the washing machinelid is popping off....again,it did this within the first year I had it,now two years later it's doing the same thing,and it's popping up in the same spot as the last lid,eventually the lid won't lock and I'll have to do something else,l don't know,I'm thinking of just replacing it with a cheaper Maytag.


I bought a Maytag for a rental home. I wish I had it .. The Whirlpool just sucks.


i bought Whrilpool washer cabrio in 2012, after a year it is now a piece of junk. Sensing does not work, rinse and spin does not work..time remain is erratic etc.

etc. Never buy Whrilpool!


Call the BBB. You can fill out a complaint on line.

I did and got my machine rebuilt. It still rips ups my towels though.


piece of junk, worthless, ruined all my clothes. its criminal they can sell these.


In 2009, I purchased a Whirlpool Cabrio Clothes Washer from a big name retailer, who did not disclose they were going out of business in our area. After weeks of trying to track down a matching Cabrio Clothes dryer, I finally was asked to buy, at the original retail price,

dented "loaner" they offered while they located an undamaged unit.

Ultimately, the store manager suggested I "keep" the loaner dryer

at the full list price !!! That is instead of them providing me with a new clothes dryer. No kidding.........

I refused their ridiculous offer and ended up at Lowe's and purchased a Whirlpool matching Cabrio Clothes Dryer AT FULL LIST PRICE.

Here I am 3 years later, and just this week I experienced a dryer FIRE (the first in my lifetime of owning electric clothes dryers,

which seemingly was caused by a faulty electrical cord. I have tried to find any recall information on this model.Has there been a recall on this product. The interior of the Dryer now reeks of smoke and the melted rubber/plastic electrical cord. I want a new Dryer!


I purchased a Cabrio washer/dryer a few years back from Lowe's. Never a problem with Lowe's.

However, the washer was a problem as well as dealing with Whirlpool. Most of my problem had to do with the mother board which is located behind the command buttons. Replaced one and then the second due to the start button not functioning. The boards are approximately $300 not including service call costs.

Today, 10/21/13, my dryer stopped working. I checked and yes, the start button does not work meaning a $300 investment in a used up appliance. Not me. Just tossed it out in the back yard and will head out to buy another dryer tomorrow.

I would rather spend $450 on a new one than $300 on an old one.

Sorry Whirlpool .... your products are ***.


I purchased a Cabrio washer last year December 2012. This was to replace my whirlpool washer of 15 years that I got at a garage sale.

This new Whirlpool has had problems codes after the first month like uL or LID at or around 8 to 12 minute mark as others have said.

I have had whirlpool products in the past but this is the worst I have every seen. I wish I had read this group stories 1st



I purchased a Cabrio dryer supposedly new out of the box at Sears Outlet store and it has not worked more than (1) hour since I have had it. This will be my second service call in (2) weeks since I have had this ***.

:upset Whirlpool this is my first and last time purchasing a lemon product of any kind from your company. Each time i have used this *** (2) the belt has broken and made my house smell like it is on fire. Stop making *** and make quality products that people can use and not waste their time waiting on service calls (4) before you decide to replace it.

It is obvious that this machine was never to work right from the start. Disgusted and tired of going to the washerette when I paid for a dryer that does not WORK?????


2 year old Cabrio washer with the common spin problem which seems to be related to the lid lock yet replacing it doesn't help.. Can't find any recall info so time to call whirlpool, should have read the reviews before I bought it..


We too bought a Cabrio washer and dryer in 2007. It was OK for about a year, but at that time my clohes and especialy towels were being TORN up. Small loads, large loads didn't matter.

THEN we started having comouter problems on the washer. We dealt with that by using tghe few modes that would work. Then the dryer had computer issues.

NOW not only do we still have these issues, but the washer becomes unbalanced at 12 minutes to go! Large or small loads doesn't matter.

The only good thing I could say about these is they have a large tub. but that doesn't really matter does it??????????????

@Cisco's mom

I can't believe I'm reading this. The exact same thing was happening to my towels.

I actually returned towels to store because I thought they were defective, only to find out as soon as I washed the new ones it happened again. Can't even figure out if it's the washer or dryer. My washer also becomes unbalanced at 12 min. to go.

Has anyone contacted BBB? There should be a recall on these Cabrio machines.


How about buy the lowes warranty idiots thats what its for the will replace it no questions asked


Only replace it with another Crapio - not worth the hassle, thanks.



Bought one this year and it doesn't wash clothes good at all. some of the clothes come out smelling like they did when they went in. My old washer did a much better job than the cabrio.


Hey Dummy its NOT Lowe's that made the washer WHIRLPOOL did.... maybe you should try dragging their name through the mud instead of Lowe's.

Its people like you that make prices higher for honest working individuals! Contact the MANUFACTURER about the issues!!!


I also have a 2010 Cabrio and it cleans like *** and getting worse, 7 month old washer and Does not save any of the water that it claims. Will not get another.


We were the lucky purchcasers of a Whirlpool Cabrio Washer as well. $1,199.00. Thought this was going to be the best washer we ever owned. I don't care what anyone else thinks, I know for a fact that Whirlpool is disreputable and will not stand behind this machine. We have had 4 major failures beginning in the 11th month, the first failure was the computer (which after months of contacting Whirlpool by phone and mail, they finally replaced the computer). The most recent issue is the bearings (design flaw - made into the tub so the tub has to be replaced) $400 to 500 to fix this issue. We give up. We are going to purchase a new washer that is not manufactured by Whirlpool. Let me tell you it is hard to do since they own almost every brand out there. We are limited to GE, Samsung, and LG unless I find a tie to Whirlpool.

I did contact Whirlpool, they offered me this deal, you give us $835.00 more of your hard earned money and we'll give you another one of our great washers. They tried to say it was a pro-rated amount. The Customer service person actually told me that a washer should last for 11 to 12 years, just based on 10 years, I calculated that Whirlpool should have given me $720 in credit to jump off a cliff and own another product they manufacture after the nightmares with the cabrio washer.

To Whirlpool, I will spend my life telling the world how bad your cabrio washer is and how bad you have treated a customer.

Consumeres be ware, just google the internet and see how happy all the cabrio washer owners are. If someone doesn't die using something there is no recall. Poor design and lousy quality, there should be some type of consumer protection for these issues.

Quality and craftsmanship use to mean something in the USA, not anymore, not with Whirlpool.

In lieu of a recall, they hope we will all just go away. For those that are willing to give up their time and expend their energy fighting the fight, they sometimes concede and finally repair, but at what cost to us. Why should I have to spend hours begging Whirlpool to do the right thing. How many times do you have to fight the Whirpool Corporation, I don't want my washer fixed anymore, I just want it to go away and quit causing me distress. I also want Whirlpool to to start loosing the market share, start loosing consumers, start feeling the financical pain that they have created. What comes around goes around.


I'm sorry to hear about the concerns you have experienced with your washer and dryer! Please send me an email through our customer service address, and type 'Attention: Audrey’ in the subject line. Please include your full name, phone number, and model/serial number, and I would be happy to try to help resolve the situation with your appliances.


I have both cabrio washer and dryer lid switch error bought a lid switch still will not fill dryer belt tensioner came apart replaced tensioner all good then no heat followed error code for moisture sensor states replace sensor still no heat followed troublshooting states check for continuety from connector p13 down to the sensor no ohms states to check harness thermister checked open circuit bought a harness still no heat and eror code for moisture sensor states to replace circuit board i was fed up dragged that *** out of my house both of them very upset after spending over $200.00 in parts a few years back washer was inop i purchased a extended warranty from whirlpool waited 30 days called for service the technician replaced everything tub computer motor everything except that friggen lid lock maybe i will put them in garage all nice and purchase another warranty and wait a month and call for service let whirlpool fix it i have a extra set i am using now a cheap set that works great but i was expecting this set to last 10 to 15 years i bought them from lohes around 2007







Ok you bought it in 2007. Almost 3 years old.

This is not Lowe's problem anymore. This is a Whirlpool issue.

They will take care of you. Be polite and always talk to a manager at Whirlpool.


My daughter has the same washer (2007) and had problems, there is a code that tells the problem on the washer, google in the code number and brand of washer, Whirlpool sent someone out to fix the over $300.00 problem at not cost to her. This is not Lowes problem after this much time it's Whirlpool.

She got hers at HHgreg.

Use the internet to look up everthing and you can same alot of money, time and headaches, that is what google is for. :) :)


My daughter has the same washer (2007) and had problems, there is a code that tells the problem on the washer, google in the code number and brand of washer, Whirlpool sent someone out to fix the over $300.00 problem at not cost to her. This is not Lowes problem after this much time it's Whirlpool.

She got hers at HHgreg. Use the internet to look up everthing and you can same alot of money, time and headaches, that is what google is for.

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Lowes in Washington, District Of Columbia - Complaints on your microwave

YOUR appliances are junk i am telling customers not to buy your junkey appliances.i have had mind about a year it cracking and peeling inside this junky should have to replace it.i bought it at LOWES LUMBER YARD IN FT.SMITH AR.i will never buy another ge appliance again.i will write the editor on your appliances here in ok and all states warning them about your junk you sell to the least give us another microwave.we work for a living .where you people set behind a *** desk.and draw big money off of your customers.thats ok because you do have to answer to god all mighty.i wouldnt want to be in your shoes.not for a minute.i hope your company is proud of there selfs for ripping off your customers.after all if it wasnt for your customers.guess what you would be out of a job.and you wouldnt be driving these big luxery cars and living in these big luxery homes.your president of the company,should want to please the customers.
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to who you are your ge appliances are on the low side compared to the other brands and so is your iq


no one said you are elves,but if you are going to handle ge appliances then they need to work and also you may not sit behind a desk,but some one is getting rich.judging by my letter it got your attention,and your frigidaire are good appliances i never had any trouble out of them i had them for years,infact i just bought some brand new ones and paid over a 1000.00 cash,one was a side by side the other was a freezer,and i must say the side by side come from my advise to you is dont carry the ge have a good day who ever you are and god bless you


Uh, ahem....I work for Lowe's and trust me, I do not sit in a big *** desk drawing big money. Also, last time I looked, our Lowe's store does not have a team of Elves working at a table in the back assembling microwaves or any other appliances that we sell.

They are made by GE, Whirlpool, Frigidaire, etc, NOT LOWE'S.

Rather than complaining here on the board, I would instead invest in a book on improving one's grammar, that seems to be more of a problem for you, sir or ma'am, judging by the typographical errors in your letter. But have to admit, pretty good for Arkansas.

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Lowes in Cleveland, Ohio - Ordered 1 kennel charged for 2.

I ordered 1 kennel and was charged 2 on my debit card. Had a print out showing showing 1 kennel. Told I would get my money back and when I went to the store, lady very rude and tried to blame it on me, when I never got a print out where they had charged my debit card for 2 kennels. Had to go to my bank, and signed unarthorized debit against them, then lost my debit card for 2 weeks, because of all of this. Was sick, had to leave doctors office and go there sick. Awful, Awful service.
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Lowes of albemarle, nc

lowes contracted with us to install a fence in our yard sept 24&25. suppllies delivered on time. 1st installer called wanted to know how hard the soil was. he cancelled out. lowes called and said they could not do the job until oct. we asked them to cancel the job altogeather and we would get someone else. they said give us til 5:00pm. we did. they said the installer would be there fri 24th and tuesday 28th. installer showed at 12:30am & left 3:30pm burning up my outdoor socket, installing 14 poles only, said he had to leave because his daughter was calling from college and he had to be home. he assured us he would be back tuesday 28th and stay until finished. This morning he called and asked us if we had fixed the circuit that he blew out friday. we said no. he said he could not come back because he was backed up on his work and would be here wednesday to finish. in the mean time lowes has charged me for materials and labor that i have not received. their claim of professional service is anything but! will never use them again for any installation. i feel they lied to us just to keep the contract.
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Lowes Installation