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Lowes is O.K. for it's return policy

In a correction to the person that filed a complaint on Lowes return policy. If you were patient enough to read the Lowes policy sign that is posted (HUGE) by every return desk in over 1700 stores, Lowes also reserves the right to refuse return for any reason. As a business, to reserve the right for something, post it on a sign, have the federal government monitor that right means---there is no hidden agreement and as an AMERICAN store, as long as it is written in their policies and procedures, that is honoring their return policy. You have the right to refuse passage of strangers in your house. If I came to your do your front door, as a stranger and wanted to sell you something that was foreign to your knowledge---do you have the right not to buy it? If you buy something at one store and try to return it to a another store that does not even have it assigned to their inventory, they have the right(posted as a policy for the WORLD to see)to REFUSE return. Please correct and remove that statement. Oh, that's right, you also have the right to publish or print LIES. I have the right to sue.
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What! No one has anything to add to this.

23 hits in apprx. one hour. Someone please respond to the truth. We as americans love to complain.

Well complain "bout" this --- we are all selfish and weak.

When do we actually stop and reason and give credit or try to understand the facts. We are so caught up with how cool and smart "Criminal Minds" may be, do we for one minute try to reason how stores do business.

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Lowes in Calexico, California - Manager was not professional in resloving my carpet claim

lowes in california will not help out the consumer in a simple carpet claim. home depot would take care of the same problem and replace the entire carpet under their warranty, no questions and gripes . they treat the consumer with respect and are courteous. so lowes just gives runarounds and blames the other person and its the consumer is at fault.lowes would not cover for a defective carpet. only lowes would resell another carpet at stores prices, plus installation charge. i have being a lowes customer for years and never had a problem, until now and no help was given.dont shop at lowes you guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Because one Lowes store in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and soon to be Austalia does not take care of you the way they should, does that mean you "knock" the entire realm of Lowes(to include all those workers as listed by the countries named)? Are you a racist too? Hey if one person does wrong for their race, are all the people in that race bad?

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Lowes in Kellogg, Idaho - Fired for going above and beyond for customer

I worked for Lowes for four and a half years. On July 9th, 2010, I was fired for helping a customer with a situation that happened 28 days previously. Lowes has always told its employees that they have the power to satisfy the customer and insure their continued patronage. I have held the position of cashier, head cashier, and team lead of customer service while working for Lowes. On this particular day, I was working at the returns desk when the store opened for the day. A customer came in with a defective Kobalt box cutter. Kobalt products have a lifetime warranty / no hassle return through Lowes. Lowes has an open account with Kobalt for defective or damaged tools made by them. Lowes requires a receipt for returns. If no receipt you can get store credit with an I.D. This customer was a repeat customer who spends thousands of dollars at Lowes. The item he was trying to exchange cost $8.98. The customer did not have his receipt and had left his entire wallet at home that day. He really needed a new box cutter for his job that morning. I wanted to help and so I used my SS# to issue him a store credit so he could repurchase the box cutter. I put in his significant information, name, address, etc. The very next day the store Loss Prevention Person, approached me and asked about the transaction for the box cutter. I told him what I had done to satisfy the customer and he said, "Well don't do it again". The next day my store manager Mark Goldsmith asked me to write a statement about the same transaction. I did. I honestly thought it was no big deal as we have fake I.D. numbers beginning with MY to use in similar situations. I just didnt have one on me at the time that the customer was there. I used my own social security number because I was not trying to be sneaky or hide anything. Like I said, Kobalt items have a lifetime warranty, no hassle return policy. Well 28 days later, after a 4 day holiday weekend, I came in on Wednesday to work my 6:00 am to 3:00 pm shift. At 2:45 I was told by a co-worker that I was wanted in the upstairs conference room. I went upstairs to find the store manager Mark G. and a zone manager, Robyn, waiting for me. Mark tried to make small talk and asked me how my day was and invited me to sit down. He asked if I knew why I was there and I said I had no idea. He then asked me if I remembered the incident about a month ago with a box cutter. I said yes. He said that they had completed the INVESTIGATION and that they were letting me go as of then. Falsifying documentation - he called it. Can you believe it! Well I couldn't. A couple of months before this incident I was employee of the month. I got a $25.00 gift certificate and my own parking space up front. Now I was being let go over an item valued at less than TEN DOLLARS. I have never had any incidents with any employer involving me being dishonest. I don't consider this to be one either. I never tried to hide it. No one was scammed or left lacking and the customer left happy. I could have given the box cutter away to him and wrote it in our store use log as a "customer satisfaction issue" and not have been in any trouble. I was very well liked in that store and continue to be friends with many of my coworkers who are shocked by what happened to me. I was proud to work for Lowes, and got several people I knew to work there too. But no more. I am furious, sad, and disgusted. Several customers have contacted me and told me they will no longer shop at Lowes. God Bless them. Sincerely, Carolyn McGinnis
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I worked as an LPS at the Pacoima California store. I report my manager for sexually harassing female employees and having sex with several employees so they could keep their jobs. I Was fire by HR and District LP Manager.


I was fired after 4.5yrs for asking an employee why he left his dog in the hot car while he worked. but I didn't break his windshield like the other employees threatened.

They just wanted to get rid of us to bring New people in at lower pay. That's corporate America for you, they all suck.

But karma will get them in the end. Just have your popcorn ready ;)


lowes is filled with *** managers and asm's that could care less about anyone! they have an inner circle that they care about; obviously if you are outside of that they will cut your throat and watch you bleed just for enjoyment.

I have seen long term good employees get fired over the dumbest things, then on the other hand the laziest employees keep getting chosen for new positions! Never enough people on the floor then they wonder why morale is poor among employees!

I hope they go bankrupt with all the lawsuits they have ongoing they deserve it.Ill treatment of their employees that go above and beyond the call of duty;but they never have your back in return- screw them!!


Big fat no no never do that .....


In my store we have this situation all the time- customer returns a defective Kobalt tool, with no receipt, we just go get another one off the shelf (or the closest thing we can find if its been discontinued) and exchange it--no big deal. We don't typically issue a store credit


I had somewhat of a similar situation but mine was worse. I messed up worse anyways.

No way you should have been fired for that, in my opinion. I also worked at the return desk. A fellow employee of mine told me he had a return to do and the 'defective' product was in the back. I took his word for it, that it was in the back(at RTM, as I have done for many non-product-present returns.) Turns out it wasn't anywhere in sthe store.

He wanted the money. Got surprised with an interview with some uneducated *** from corporate that wouldn't outright accuse me of something but did everything he could to try to implicate me of anything(for instance, he asked me if I had ever taken candy without paying for it.... *** no ***.) They fired me too. The dude from corporate was only doing his job, I'm not mad at him, but the way he was instructed to do so made it look like I was some criminal aiding this fellow employee in scamming the company out of money.

I got scammed by someone I knew. Happens on a much bigger scale with actual thieves but that's what Lowe's is scared of, employees taking money or being involved with it. Imagine if Lowe's had a union... lol *** CEO would *** his pants.

Lowe's is a *** joke of an employer. I could have got unemployment but I've never not worked since I was 15 years old. So, I got another job. But, I am still mad about it.

Unions are a good thing in most circumstances. This one definitely. The steel industry was taken down by unions but that was a manufacturing job. The service industry is different.

Don't let big business take advantage of you! Speak up and be vigilante!!!!!!!!!


Just don't forget it's that way in any store and the worse part is they seem to keep the worse of the upper management intact!


I work for LOWES and your story is no suprise to me, I see it all the time, I love the mngmnt team and most fellow employees but cant wait to move on to a more common sense company. they are they er own worst enemy and they dont care. If you break or bend the rules to make a customer happy and you get fired, you were probably already on the radar to be fired or the wrong person caught you breaking the rules.


You're better off not working there! I am no longer a customer after several mishaps. Good luck to you!!!


Elctrical Pro. "Let's build something together." Sound familiar?


Hi Electrical Pro. I'm here.


I have read the fired persons complaint and the replys...I see that

1.) a person is upset for going over the limit of policy concerning returns. if you held those positions then you should have know better...don't put yourself in harms way.

the remarks---understand this whats done is done and to the mark down for friends pricing from 20.00 to 2.00 impossible without a managers override card. come on, keep it straight, even a non lowes employee would know beeter than that.


Excuse me Sean! When have I ever made a false testimony?

When have I ever cheated on an exam? I don't appreciate you accusing me of doing things I would never do.

Unlike your parents I was taught better. I guess all Lowe's managers are the same.


Not very bright of her to leave her name here. However the real reason she was fired was for underpricing items to her friend.

She would override an item worth let's say $20 to $2 for her friends. Has claimed to "accidently" walked out with merchandise.


Come on people. 101 hits as of right now and none of you have anything to add to this complaint.

I have something.

Why use a comsumer complaint site to address the fact of why you can't hold on to a job? You did not consume anything.


Carolyn, you broke the rules. Debbie, we can not afford any more rule breaking in this country.

False court testimony is grounds for jail. Cheating on an exam is grounds for expulsion. Breaking policy and procedure in a business is grounds for termination. Does "THELMA and LOUISE" realize that they just announced to the entire world via internet that rules do not apply to them.

Remember Columbine. Rules did not apply to those 2 either.


It is easy to realize that rules are a necessary component in life. However, some rules are created as simply guidelines for possible settings.

Nothing that Carolyn has stated appears to be in poor faith. In fact, she appears to be concerned for the store and the customer and found a common ground to have the entire situation be a win-win. As a customer, although I have found Lowe's stores to be well-kept in appearance, I have continually experienced a lack of concern for their customers and employees.

Managers need to be able to provide verbal warnings, disciplinary steps, and ongoing trainings to avoid potential issues/mishaps. A policy of hire and then "fire" without sufficient cause is not a positive reflection of any company that a consumer would want to do business with.


I too have seen much ineptitude on the part of Lowe's as a corporation. They kept me waiting over 45 minutes looking for an item that had been checked in on a previous truck order. It turns out that they consider it delivered on some sort of "trust" basis. And although they never physically see the items, they are considered delivered! They combed the store while I waited the entire time. They offered me the opportunity to go to Pacoima ( late at night, mind you) to pick them up myself! I declined. One employee, who was not a store regular, offered to pick it up on his way home and bring it back in the morning. Wow, I could not believe how nice that was!

When I went the next day there were 30 or more of the product I needed. It turns out they were on the load that was parked all night outside the store. I waited the night before for absolutly nothing!! He went out of his way for nothing!!

When I spoke to a manager about it that next day, I said it was the most ridiculous policy I had ever heard of and he,like the good drone that he was, supported it and said that nothing could be done about it and that it was the was Lowe's always did it. Idiocy!! No apologies and no empathy.

It unfortunately doesn't surprise me that this person was let go. Lowe's can't see the forest through the trees! They don't see anything but the bottom line with a corporate mentality. That's why they promoted the bozo I dealt with to a management position! Get a clue Lowe's. Take a lesson from Trader Joes. The customer is the only resaon you stay in business. Try to learn how to just listen and you will be much more successful!

I only hope that this person will find a much more lucrative and rewarding position where their ability to be a genuinely good human being will be appreciated and rewarded.

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Lowes Manager

Lowes in Phoenix, Arizona - Lowe's Destroyed Our House

Don't believe for a minute Lowe's Installation Satisfaction Guarantee. It is absolutely nonsense. We lived in a rural area of Arkansas where Lowe's was the only store that offered building materials at a reasonable price (so we thought). We contracted with Lowe's to install floor tile in our kitchen, living room, dining room and hallway. Lowe's flat-out botched the job. The tile installer was totally unprepared to do the floor. We learned later he had only done bathrooms! Within six months, the tiles began to separate from each other, the corners of the house interior and many tiles made a distinct clang when stepped on. Improper thinset and adhesive were the culprit. A total mess. It took more than 15 phone calls and 3 visits to the store to get anyone from the store to see this *** work. They reluctantly agreed to replace the floor. It took 3 weeks for them to make the decision. We received a knock at the door and it was the tile remover. He only had a hammer and chisel. Literally. We should have stopped the process right there, but we were ignorant of how tile floors should be removed. And looking back, we were really taken in by Lowe's BS. No prep work was done in the areas affected. Nothing was covered and sealed off. Can you guess what's coming? There was silica dust all over the house area where they worked. We tried to vacuum all of it that we could. They agreed to have the tile floor removed and replaced with wood floors (we had no confidence they could do a tile floor again because they only had one installer and it was the *** who did the tile originally). So, while we were gone one day, they brought the wood in and turned on the HVAC to 'cure' the wood (it was February). All that silica dust and other contaminants were dispersed throughout the house. It was everywhere. Lowe's would not clean the house of the contaminants and when we contacted a restoration company, they quoted $25,000 to clean it but could not guarantee the house would be safe to live in. More ***. Bottom line: Lowe's would not stand by their guarantee, Lowe's corporate washed their hands of it. It was pointed out by an attorney we hired to review the contract that to file a claim against Lowe's we would have to travel to North Carolina (their Corporate office), hire an attorney, and submit to arbitration. We could only live in the master bedroom (with no heat or air) and did our cooking in the garage on a hot plate and gas grill. It took the insurance company for the contractor 8 months to settle with us (no attorney would take our case throughout Arkansas). We ended up walking the house for health reasons (I developed cancer 3 months later from the carcinogens in the house and my wife was close to having pneumonia from the continued bronchial infections. We lost our house. It was a brand new 2000 sq foot house with 6 acres of land. We lost it because of Lowe's Home Improvement. They should change their name to Lowe's Home Destruction. A hard lesson learned. I won't buy a lightbulb from that chain. The fact they could ruin a family's life and get away with it, is criminal.
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I have recently watched Mike Holmes and I would like to say thank-you. He is very informative and to the point. I would recommend him to any person who would like some insightful truth when it comes to home improvements.


Thank-you for your reply. You have put up with some of my "yucky" attitude in the beginning and you have been helpful also.

Take care and I hope things steer in your direction so you may have some satisfaction. Good day.


First, thanks for your thoughts. Mike Holmes is on the HGTV channel and the show is "Holmes on Homes." He has shows at 6:00 pm EST.


By the way, if you want, could you tell me who Mike Holmes is and how I might be able to see his show.


I believe you. Hint--not all stores of any given retail are bad.

The way we present our words can have "yucky" results(I know from my own words). Just because you have one bad apple in the basket does not mean all the apples in the basket are bad.

I do still believe that if something does not seem right, STOP. I feel for you and I hope and pray that you find satisfaction against "your store in question" and may you be guided to a person or agency that will fight for you and your family.


When you live in a small town (esources to draw from.


We tried multiple times to secure legal council to fight the Lowes problem. We tried in the local area we lived in and Little Rock to get a legal team to at least look at our case.

We worked off referrals and Internet searches to find a litigator who would take our case. No one would do it. Honestly.

When you live in a small town (p into the house.

I am a totally and permanently disabled veteran (semi functional quadriplegic).

We did not have many options available to us and in retrospect, we should have done things differently but we didn't.

Mike Holmes has a show that focuses on what happens to good people who place their trust in contractors and get burned. Too bad we did not know of him when this all happened or had someone as adroit as you to give us advice.


Explain to the free thinking world why no lawyer would take you case. Come on "Destroyed House".

You wanted someone to hear you. Well here I am.

Sean/ Truth

You went on about how *** Lowes did you. One question, why did you have to install a new floor in your house if the house was brand new?

Hey, if your gut told you to stop the process when the "hammer and chisel" pro showed up, then why didn't you? My gut tells me that if my brake light in my car is on, then maybe I should immediately have my car removed from the streets and put it in for service. My gut also tells me that if I put my finger in an outlet, I'll get the "***" shocked out of me. Oh, remember this --- if you go for cheap labor and materials, well , cheap skills and bad results happen.

Wow! It only took 3 months for cancer to develope.

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Lowes Installation

Lowes in Des Moines, Iowa - Lowe's service is lousy; 3 cancellations

Took 3 trips to Lowe's to buy a storm door. No one would wait on me. Finally had to demand service. Set appointment for measurements -- cancelled twice. Have yet to see installer, they have cancelled 3 times now. Scheduling person tried to argue with me. Store manager took one hour to check on another installer and then expects me to take a day off work and wait for them. I still don't have the door. I will not be going back, and I have been a customer for many years. And I will tell my friends and family about the *** service.
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Lowes in Greensboro, North Carolina - Unprofessional warranty service

I would never buy anthing from Lowes again that requires an warranty. On 7/20 my refrigerator broke down I call the warranty and they sent out app.+. the gut came in my home he wasnt friendly at all, i went down stairs so he can handle his business. 45mins. later he calls me upstairs and starts to go ffo on me in front of my kids,to react would have been a bad mistake for me. so i call and made a complaint. a few days later they sent out another mom and pop tech. dont get me wrong I have nothing agaist one person company,but a gaint like Lowes should be using better tech. so the second tech comes out and open the refigerator door and says: this unit is unrepairable. *** this *** didnt even plug the unit up. the 3rd service tech.comes out plugs the unit up unplugs it, *** both panels and say: it looks like a tech. drill *** in the freon line to see what was going on the the line, and the fan is out and the motherboard needs any event you're covered and i'll oder the parts. make a long story short we went over 3 weeks with out a refrigerator, sure they replace the unit and paid $250 for food loss. but that is not good enough for me, I wish to be compensated for this ordeal. I was told I drill the hole in the line. i was told a gift was sent out, then i call back to tell them the parts are here but i dont need them, at this point i was told the gift card was cancelled. no one knew what the other was doing, no one check the notes from the GE service tech. and he was the only true tech. in the 1st. place. this is BS. I'm seeking $3,000.00 for compensation
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$3,000 as compensation for everything? Are you serious?

It sounded like your problem finally got solved, but is there more to it that you are not telling us? :x


Ya,"Bozo" should learn how to write first. Also, for a corporate giant like Lowes to honor a warranty properly, you first MUST have people who are willing to do the work for Lowes.

Ask yourself this: How many people in reasonable driving distance are willing to work with the "CORPORATE GIANT" to provide service to others. Just as you are "cracked" on your writing skills because you were taught and practice "Forest Gump" style, maybe the small mom and pop guys who are the only ones brave enough to go head-on with the Giant should maybe be given some courtesy and thank them, even if they were taught and practice yucky people skills. GROW UP!

Maybe if some of the more established services stepped up to the plate, they might just teach the the "Little Guys" how to do things different. Don't be such a clown "Bozo".


What's up with people that feel they need "compensation" for everything? What happened to this bozo that is worth $3000?

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Lowes Gift Card


Purchased a toilet (Standard brand)and installed by Lowe's. The lid to the tank didn't even come close to fitting. All I get is the runaround from the Lowe's install department located in Northport Alabama. All they are worried about is if Standard will refund them the 70.00 install fee. Not that they are loosing a customer that has spent thousands of dollars while remodeling their home. I've asked they come today and get the toilet and refund all my money. I'm on may way to Home Depot now. Very disappointed in Lowe's.
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Lowes in Winthrop, Massachusetts - The Worst Store/ Store Mgr Ever!!!

I have recently been terminated by a Lowes here in Massachusetts. The name of the store manager I worked for is Mark Gullotti. I have NEVER, in my life, met such a demeaning, unprofessional, unethical, ingenuine, heartless, ***! Typically, with large corporations, you find that people fairly far up the ladder are "removed" from the daily happenings within the company, and are unappreciative of the hard work of their employees. (a good example of this is that new show, "Undercover Boss", which shows CEO's and such going undercover to see what the daily operations are like in their stores, factories, etc.) What's unbelievable, is that a Store Manager can be this removed and blind to the actual issues within his own store! He is completely unappreciative of his workers, any praise that he does give- seems completely forced and fake, his main concern is not for the relationships created with his employees & customers, but rather his bonuses! And what he doesn't understand, unbelievably, is that the 2 go hand-in-hand. You HAVE to take care of your customers AND your employees to make money! He has surrounded himself with braindead managers that won't question his shady business practices, has aligned himself with the District Manager and has the HR Manager wrapped around his finger. Thereby protecting himself from any backlash from disgruntled employees. (many of which have filed complaints) DON'T SHOP @ LOWES IN SAUGUS, MA! Don't let this *** make his bonus! And if you've had a bad experience shopping there, call 1--800-44-LOWES and report it!
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lowes new employees at paint desk need to be fire there are nasty to employees :sigh


The assistant managers have been reported to *** with casihers in the electrical room etc. Cashiers make for an added perk for ASM's!


You all should be ashamed of yourselves talking about each other. If you have anything to say about Lowes then you should just talk about that.

Like managers that don't appreciate hard workers who actually take care of departments when someone calls in.

This manager don't even consider him for other jobs for full time, which this person has been applying for. This person practically knows how to run a lot of departments, and don't consider them for a full time position.


Is it really true that Mark got arrested for burglary? And, did he really get fired from Lowe's? I've known him for many years but would never suspect that.


heard your "furor" got arrested in quincy, ma for breaking and entering and burglary plus as i read below he was sleeping with a married women who worked for him and he was terminated for that plus he has a sexual harrassment case against him and on top of all that his friend told me he has a coke habit himself wow good guy for all you sheep to defend good luck in your recovery vicky always liked you as a person


I worked there too. That guy sucked! Vic was good, you guys wrote some rediculous stuff and look ***.

#316618 guys are not very articulate! Yay, you figured out it was me (Vicky), and instead of tactfully and tastefully defending your "furor", you attack me on a personal level!

I spoke of his lack of professionalism, you guys attack MY looks, etc. Pretty sad. I'm a recovering drug addict and I can put together a clearer, more consise argument than you can!

How does it feel??? Don't smile in my face and write BS degrade yourselves and look foolish!!!




who did mark nail come on names and places lol everyone knows she makes it no secret


Absolutely not true! Mark nailed her after he left Lowes.

As for the "maniac" his wife went out of her way to introduce him to me knowing I knew what was going on. I laugh every time he walks in the store.


The real reason mark left lowes is because he was having an affair with a married women and the mother of three children. I only hope the fat *** husband finds out cause the rumor at lowes is that he is a maniac and will hunt the *** down.

Sad how she threw herself at him so much for being discreet and from what I understand she isnt the only employee he banged. Good luck mark when her husband finds out i hope he does




Vicky I fired you because I wanted to have personal relations with you in my yellow corvette but I was too busy and had some "short comings". I would have done everything in my power to unload my baby batter all over those realistically drawn eye brows.

:p I had to fire you because I didn't want anyone to find out about our love.

Also, you are a crackhead and slept with that tall *** dude I hired that smells like arm pits. if you had been a little more horizontal about those eye brow stencils, perhaps you could have stayed and you would have looked like a woman rather than a failed art school portfolio.



Vicky wipe your fake *** eyebrows off and quit crying


Vicky. We know this is you.

No one likes you and no one cares about you. You are a drug addicted *** who had sex with an old man who worked with you that smells like arm pits. We also know that you do drugs with the kid from flooring. You are a loser and you always will be.

You look like a *** and you do drugs all day and you did buy them on the premises. ***.

Stop painting on your eye brows while you're at it. No one thinks that they are real.


Mark Gullotti is no longer the store manager. He did a very good job in getting rid of people like handy girl and other drug addicts who never show up to work or ran their own show and give discounts to people they can get drugs.

There are some more drug addicts and peddlers still in working in the store. they too come and go when like. We the low end hourly employees pay for these useless piece of s-----ts. Stop blaming Mark Gullotti and others.

He ran a good store. There are some decent managers are still in the store with us who work hard and respect everyone.

We are happy to see people like you are no more at Lowe's handy girl. Stop your rant


Maybe you were fired for having sex with a fellow associate, or for your drug use. Keep in mind that the people who worked with you, know the real you!! Don't blame others for your own faults!


First of this blog is disgusting and was created by some low life that didn't wanna admit how much they sucked at their life as well as their job. Yes I am a current employee of lowes I have work under mark g.

As well as different store manager. Mark might have been tough but guess what that's his job, he had to run a store with mostly lil cry baby *** that post lame *** post afters they get fired for mannyyyy mannyy different reason. I'm not saying mark was perfect but get a effin life seriously yes he's gone and this current store is stuck in limbo without their captain someone that I've come to understand and greatly respect.

Guess what you feel mark didn't like you or he was always hard on you maybe if you got off your lazy *** and off the drugs and did your job correctly he wouldn't have been up your ***...... I dare you to ask me who I am ill straight up tell you your a useless S.O.B that will eventually overdose and die don't blame you being a low life on Mark


this is crazy who cares I know he has *** alot of people over but that's life you know we all make are own descisions in life and I don't agree with the way mark treated people but in that size of a store and with the way we all acted like a bunch or rumor telling snitching babies. Come people get real if we just minded our bussines went 2 work and went home it would have been a better workplace we all started trouble but the lowest ones are the ones who kiss-*** atleast be real and stop being fake you rats - :( :cry :(




Just to let you know Gullotti quit 1/5/2010. Stocker Boyzz and Manager I would tend to agree with you on this if I didn't know Mr.

Gullotti. He did only care about his bonus, and how neat the front of the store looked for the initial reactions of the customers. But when it came to treating his employees he treated them like peasants. I have never seen so many people fired or quit in retail in my time.

I work full time for the government and part time at Lowes. I agree that some of the people terminated deserved it but alot of them didn't. As for the HR Manager, she is pretty much useless. She doesn't have the experience or knowledge that someone in that position needs.

I believe she made the jump from cashier to HR. HR is supposed to work as a mediator between the management side of the company and it's employees yet she was indeed wrapped around Mr. Gullotti's finger.

So I would say that Lowe's will be a better place to work now that he is gone and as far as I am concerned being in Management outside of Lowe's I would never treat people with the lack of respect that he had shown to his employees on an everyday basis. Such as his lying and his attitude.


Hello handy Girl

They did a good job getting rid of you. There are some more drug peddlers n addicts are left. They should fire them too.

Not all the managers are braindead as you think.Some great managers are still with us.

We are happy without you. No need your tears.


I must confess to the truth. First of all I posted under anon as well as Handy Girl. Second I was really fired for rudeness to other employees and I refused to do some of my work because it was not part of my job description.


post by "manager".. how *** and unprofessional. you are just proving their point if you really are capable of being any kind of manager.


Wow...a complaint from someone that got fired.


I have always shop at Timberland but never again. On 9/6/10 my wife and I purchased 4 shoes(3 adult and 1 kid) from Timberland at Tanger Mall Outlet in Commerce Georgia which cost $176.

The problem started after we found out the kid shoe did not fit and we lost the purchase receipt. On 9/11/10 my wife and I spoke to Mr Jerry Torres(store manger). We explained to Mr Torres that we lost our receipt and would like to return the kid shoe....We told him that we were driving from a long distance approx..50 miles and he stated that we could return the kid shoe. He said he would put the purchase back on my credit card.

So on 9/12/10 my wife and I brought back the kid shoe and had a horrible experience with the store manager Mr Charles Remy, who refuse to listen to us, that we were told to return the kid shoe without a receipt. Several problems, one, we drove over 50 miles to be told that without the receipt he could not pull up my info on the computer to put the purchase back on my credit card(liar).

Mr Remy was very unprofessional...Mr Remy who works for Timberland was very unprofessional..and as a result I will never shop at Timberland again and I must tell the truth, I cannot speak highly of Timberland after our experience today....I will donate that kid shoe but I will never shop at Timberland again because of Mr Remy, the store manager working on 9/12/10. Thanks, you have just loss a customer.


Just a follow-up..I know that it's common practice to try and "push" unwanted employees out the door, but these guys are masters at it! It's rediculous that the mgrs in store 2372 Saugus, MA have absolutely no idea who their true workers are.

I was fired for attendence, which in all honesty, I made happen. (only because I was tired of the discrimination, harrassment, and being treated like *** in general. Example: Mr. Brilliant (Mark Gullotti- the store mgr.) A week prior to my firing, used my name in an attempt to intimidate another employee.

He told this kid that I had written a statement addmitting to purchasing DRUGS from him on the property! What's worse, I am a recovering addict. But that doesn't give this guy the right to use my name in a ploy to scare someone into quitting to avoid paying unemployment!

All I can say is..CONGRATULATIONS MARK GULLOTTI, you have succeeded in being a store manager in retail! -and a terrible one at that!

Since my departure from the store, 4 days ago, I've had 4 offers for management positions! (in the restaurant business- where the majority of my experience is)

And I'll say this..previously, when I ran a restaurant, we were one of the "Top 20" locations in the country, not near the bottom of the district, with miserable employees! I treated my employees with genuine regard, respect, and I knew who my top performers were. AND I APPRECIATED THEM!

Good luck to the unhappy employees left there..I feel for them.

Maybe Mark will really screw up and finally get what he deserves. Corporate will realize that he is completely incompetent, and an ****^&%!


I also was recently terminated from a lowe's in Wareham, MA. Hugh Hernandez sounds like you manager, except not one person on his management crew respects him, but they are all cowards who just talk behind his back... For what lowe's mission statement reads, what actually happens is bull...


If you have been discriminated against, contact your local eeoc and file a complaint. EEOC has filed many lawsuits against companies for discrimination, and won.

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Lowes Manager

Lowes in Porter, Texas - To much to list here..

i have been a customer of lowes for 15 years was in there eveyday! had a credit card but never used it until a year ago been paying cash for eveything i have electrical buisness. been paying 100.00 a month every month on the 8th month since i charged $1.200 got behind one month was charged $30 paid it and the balance off and lowes canceals my card. lowes are guilty of way more. even accused me of stealing a tape measure that was bought there a year before i hate lowes now, will go to home depot ace hardware anwhere but *** lowes!!!!! and dont trust those guys that work electrical they will get you and -?? killed the ones in kingwood texas for sure....
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GE Bank cant know you paid cash and is to big to care. The day of personal servive and care is over.

You are just one person among 4 billion.

You can only play if you follow the rules. "Strike one" and your out !


Please, like the 3 of you have never gotten behind in a payment. You sit on your high horse and act like you never had hard times or got behind with bills...THANKS FOR THAT LAUGH! :grin


I bet you have never had a complaint for any of your work. If you are as good as you lead us to believe,YOU WOULD HAVE PAID YOUR BILL ON TIME AS YOU AGREED TO DO!

HONOR the contract!!

Ever been late on your house,vehicle payments? Every charge a customer for full rolls of wire, but job required 1 3/4 roll, but you kept the rest!


Lowes is not the guilty party again. It is you.

Be an adult and pay your bill off time. Does not matter if you followed the rules all the time, if you break them do the adult thing and admit you are guilty.


Again why...? LOWE'S is not a bank...

your credit card is not through the Bank of LOWE'S!!

With the new credit laws creditors are protecting all assets... GE Money Bank handels your credit card speak with them.

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Lowes in Apollo, Pennsylvania - Stress Reliever

Would I be allowed to post my complaint on your site? I might try just to see how long it stays there remembering to print the comments each time a new post is entered. Writing under assumed names, mine included. Posting sexual: vulgar; disgusting; malicious things about me and putting my family in danger. I asked for this to stop, but I have not heard from anyone at this web site. They did remove the forum where this started and I questioned as to why. You allow them to continue this despicable behavior on your site and I have no choice but to defend myself in the best way that I can. As I have forwarded this information to the EEOC, I think you may be interested in the following information as well: U.S. EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY COMMISSION Pittsburgh Area Office William S. Moorhead Federal Building 1000 Liberty Avenue, Room 1112 Pittsburgh, PA 15222 (412)395-5902 TTY (412) 395-5904 FAX (412) 395-5749 Writer's Direct Dial 412) 395-5865 Dear Ms. Romansky: I have been assigned to investigate your case. This is in response to your request for a reply, and to let you know that I have received the materials that you recently sent to the EEOC by email. My contact information is listed above. Sincerely, Frank E. Rodia Investigator npwj
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You can all breathe a sigh of relief!If nobody at Lowe's or the webmaster of this site is going to end this personal war, I am. As far as I am concerned, this matter is now out of my hands. Say what you will about me and fun in doing so. I have told the truth and I have not hidden behind my screen name, nor have I involved innocent people, in doing so.

I refuse to continue this pathetic game you got going.

In closing I will say, it is nice to know what does go on in Lowe's Store's across the Country.

I do believe this is what you, yourself stated:

I was fired from Lowe's because I blew every truck driver I could. I would even blow the UPS guys.

The real Patricia Romansky

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