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Lowes in Fraser, Michigan - Lowe's canceled my credit card ??????Why?

I just had my Lowe's Card canceled?? I had a perfect account with them. All of my accounts are good and on time. But because I have been having problems with( 1 )card company for the last couple of years Lowe's canceled my card. The other card keeps screwing/making *** mistakes with my account in their favor. Fix it one month and do it again the next month. I'm tired of all the *** $h*t. Why should Lowe's treat me bad? I had a small card at first, Then Lowe's raised my limit to over $10,000 which I had them lower because I didn't want so much open credit. Funny thing is Home Depot likes my business Alot. It would have been nice if they just left my card alone and maybe I would have been in the store more. Maybe someone from Lowe's will read this and take better care of what customers they still have. I guess I won't be getting that $1300 shed this Labor Day, will I? On a good note, I did like the $1000+ I spent on the bar-b-que I bought from them. I think I will go pay off that $300 I owe them.
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Used my card as we flip homes always paid bill on time and when we sell we pay both cards off in full they immediately close both accounts we will never shop there again this is bad business practice


Oh by the way I still have my Home Depot credit card.


Lowe’s just cancelled my credit card also. Because my credit score went down because of the usage.

I pay all my credit cards on time, including Lowe’s. I’m contacting my lawyer tomorrow to find out if this is legal and if there’s a clause.

I think it’s funny because now these idiots are losing money by canceling it, due to a very high interest rates. Not very good business if u ask me.


Lowes didn't cancel your credit card. They can't cancel a card they didn't issue.

Take a look at your bill and see what credit company issued your card. Complain about the credit company if you feel you need to complain about someone. If you would ever bother reading the entire application you fill out when you apply for the card you will find that they tell you that they check your credit from time to time and may make adjustments to your available credit.

Your available credit may go up, down or be canceled totally depending on your credit rating. It isn't their fault you have over used your credit cards and owe more than the credit company feels you can afford.


Did the same thing to me. I have a 500 limit and never used more than about $250.

I go to lowes to use it for a $14 purchase and I am told that My card is invalid. the first thing I think is that someone stole my account info and ran up my balance. nope. my balance was around 140ish.

so lowes/GE canceled a card that was in good standing because of a fight I am having with Wells Fargo auto. guess what.

I paid the remaining balance and started going to Home Depot instead. they seem to do better treating their long time customers like we want to be treated

@James P

Only having a $500 limit would indicate your credit wasn't stellar to begin with. Adding a problem with another creditor would indicate to the credit company that issues the Lowes card that you may be a risk they no longer wish to take. Keep in mind neither Lowes or Home Depot has nothing to do with what the companies that issue their cards do with your credit limits.


True it's GE Money, but Lowes chooses them to handle their credit cards. Until they switch to another servicer, I will not be doing business with Lowes.


Umm you don't need to be mad at Lowe's it's not THEIR CREDIT... be mad at GE MONEY BANK...

they are one of the biggest creditors and they like to mess with your credit cards and limits... one small mistake with another credit company and they will do whatever to protect themselves from you.

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Lowes - Lowe's in Lake Havasu City, Arizona

I purchased $4,200 of kitchen cabinets. They had a sale with 10% off and with my new creit card, I received another 10%. I save $840 dollars which was great. I had to make two 60 miles trips to get all the cabinets home. Found out 2 were on back order. When I went to get my last 2 back order cabinets,(another 60 mile drive) I notice Lowe's switch suppliers and stop handing my cabinets. I couldn't get my back order. I had to return my purchase. 2 more 60 miles trips, loading and unloading for the 4th time, I returned all the cabinets. I was told when I brought the new in stock cabinets I would still receive my 20% discount. haha! I went to get the new cabinets that cost more, they told me they couldn't give me the 20% off. In 110 degree heat, Loading 2 times, unloading 2 time, 10 plus 60 miles trips, 3 days of my time wasted, I'm *** and will never shop at Lowe's again. I spent over $60k there on many other items and never again.
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Lowes in Richardson, Texas - Warranty service is ***

GE Dryer front load 13 months old heater went out Monday Aug 2nd called for repair wrong number given in extended contract. Got correct number repair will be done Augs 4th 12/5pm good to go so far. Repair man gets here says he has to order the part will be back in about 7 days to install it. I call his number he gave me Aug 9th no answer so called the 1-888 warranty number they said I should have one part at my door step today NOT true the second part is back ordered do not know when they will get one call back next week. First off we where told of only one part being ordered second off no offer to just replace the dryer or pay for dry cleaners bills for this long wait. I call back Augs 16th part is on back order still no offer in replacement of dryer so I asked they said they could do this over a certain amount of time maybe .... 13 days / 6 people with clothes to wash / and nothing STILL not offered not ever a quarter for laundry mat. Also during this time of waiting I did try calling the repair mans number and left at least 10 messages with phone number they never answered or even called back in the 13 days waiting. THEN.... Aug 17th I get a call from the service center that my part is shipped it will be at my door step on the 18th and they gave me the repair guys number I have been calling before with no answers and was told to call him to set up a time for him to come fix the dryer. I asked if she could do this being they do not answer the phone when I call she said they are not allowed to set appts, Ok ? So I call this number again no answer , no return call asked for repair to be done on Thursday or Friday nothing happen and guess what no part here either. So just now I called Lowes warranty service said no part here yet and repair people never called me back. They just now told me this part was shipped today I will have it on monday and the warranty center has set a repair appt. on Weds Augs 25th , No one has called me about this ? I will not be here on this date you better change this ASAP and if the part is not here by Aug 24th LOWES will have a GE dryer shoved up somewhere the sun does not shine. I will NEVER buy anything from LOWES and I will make sure the military base here puts LOWES on the black list for the whole base which means no one will shop there if it's black listed .... SHAME on Lowes for having such poor service like this and run around.
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I had the same problem w/ Lowe's and my oven. Was w/out main oven for 3 weeks waiting for part sent wrong part first time around.

Fortunately our oven has a bottom drawer that can be used for baking.

I was also double charged for warranty service. Apparently Electrolux has nothing to do w/ extended warranty bought at time of purchase, so after 1 yr when factory warranty expires they send info on extending warranty.

I did not catch this until I called for repair and I was reimbursed $13 for a @180+ contract--what a rip off! :(


I couldnt agree more. Repairman was RUDE!

Washer is now broken again. Thank God for mechanic Hubby that can fix anything!

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Lowes Warranty

Lowes in Norfolk, Virginia - Order on bill not delivered three weeks agowhocares

I ordered fence three weeks or more ago,no fence or reason why it has not shown up but its on my bill.I called the store a week ago and was told it would be delivered on 08 16 10 well I'm still looking. They have my cell and home both have answering service,and there is no log of them calling.I have a birthday party in my yard and with everything else going wrong this was not to be one of my worries well i guess i was wrong.I now wish i had shopped with home depot but it is now to late poor me. THANK!
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Lowes in LaVale Md Couldn't care Less about the customers and employees

Lowes in LaVale Md cares only about profit, that is it. They obviously treat their people like ***. The customers are treated equally as bad. I even had one fellow tell me (who is staunchly anti-union)that "Lowes needs a Union because they treat their people so badly. He is a contractor! When I go in there, only a few faces are familiar. Most are new hires, mostly unknowledgable yound kids. When I need help, I need someone with experience in that department and the products. Not some snotty nosed young kid proficient with his cell phone! Please do not get me wrong, there are good, knowledgable people in that store, but they are far and few and in between. Management seems to be the dregs of the area. Perhaps, if Lowes had some competition like Home Depot or Menards, things would change. But for now, no competition is in sight, so that store does what it wants to do.
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Lowes in Florence, Alabama - Pissed off

Lowe's in the Shoals area stinks, you can't get help and you have one person in three departments and I heard other people talking bout that they have to come in at 5 in the morning to work the truck. I went to school for Man. and I know that you don't bring your people in early to work the truck unless they are the stocking crew why would you risk loosing sales, well let time break it down like this we know people and it seems like all the temp. part timers are laid off and the part timers only get 10 hours and the full timers the Main man is telling them not to come in so all of this equals BONUS for him and leaving the customer and and the people out to dry. this store needs help ....
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Lowes is a great place they are some things that overcharge

I love lowes I get everything from lowes but I think they overcharge I had to get a wheelbarrow tire 34.98 did not think was bad but I was looking around and found the hold wheelbarro for 34.97 and that is one penny cheaper than just the tire I don't need the hole thing just the tire and rim I talk to them and i got it 10% above store cost which is good but that is wrong to put that kind of mark up on things. But as the people that work their they are great.
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Lowes Gaithersburg Maryland Does Not Care About Their Customers

I would avoid dealing with this Lowes and possibly the entire company in general if the procedures followed by this store are indicative of company policy. After purchasing a dishwasher with installation, we noticed about 2 days later that water was leaking from under the dishwasher and on to our brand new hardwood floors. Since Lowes outsources their installations to subcontractors to insulate themselves from having to deal with installation issues, I was immediately put in the middle of their blame game. They went back and forth between blaming the manufacturer, the installer, back to the manufacturer and that is where we stand now. As each day goes by, the water under my hardwood floor continues to damage and Lowes could not care less. They keep stating it is an insurance issue, I disagree. It is a Lowes issue. The right thing for them to do is to fix this now month old problem and let the lawyers and insurance companies sort out who is going to pay for it. I will never buy a single thing from this chain again. I would advise you to avoid their installation services because if something goes wrong, you are going to be in for a lot of needless headaches.
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You need to contact your insurance company and they will get it fixed. Then they will Sue lowes on your behalf to cover the costs they paid out. Also contact your states Better Business Bureau they will get on Lowes ***.

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Lowes Installation

Lowes in Chicago, Illinois - Installers harass

Carpet installer at Lowes was harassing us by calling at all times of the day. Wanting "off the record" payment and even showed up to our house unexpectedly. Carpet installer at Lowes was harassing us by calling at all times of the day. Wanting "off the record" payment and even showed up to our house unexpectedly. Carpet installer at Lowes was harassing us by calling at all times of the day. Wanting "off the record" payment and even showed up to our house unexpectedly. Carpet installer at Lowes was harassing us by calling at all times of the day. Wanting "off the record" payment and even showed up to our house unexpectedly.
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You should call Lowe's speak to a manager preferably the sales manager or the store manager and they will fix this problem. He is definitely breaching his contract!

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I also bought Troy Bilt *** at Lowes.

I bought a belt drive self propelled Troy-Bilt 21" self propelled lawn mower. The belt has broken 9 times in the last year and a half. I finally caught on (after 5 or 6 belts)that the belt that sells for $18.00 at Lowe's can be purchased for $3.95 at most real hardware stores. I also have a Troy Bilt push mower. It is a real piece of junk. Lowe's does nothing but say don't bring it back to us. I am a slow learner. I also have a Trow-Bilt Tuffy spring assist *** eater. I can't say what I think about it here. I will buy nothing at Lowe's again.
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Also, Craftsman uses the same motor companies for the "specs" on their product. They also deal with the some of the same parts dealers since the parts "people" also have the market cornered with their "giants".

"Retailer4life", go to your displays in your OPE dept. and look at a manual for Try-Bilt pressure washers. Find the company who is now over the pressure washers. You will find that it is Generac.

The same Generac out of Wisconsin that handles some of Lowes generators. Use the # in the manual and call that company. They will explain why they have the rights over a product with the name Troy-bilt. It has to do with distribution and parts.

And they wanted to stay with an American affiliate. Peolple reading this comment. We have all the info and tools that we need to educate ourselves as consumers. We sometimes need some guidance.

Also, you are the only person who has the final decision on what product you buy. Everyone, good luck in the future and God Bless!


Also, remember this. Home depot--Cub Cadet, MTD.

K-Mart--Yard Machine, MTD. Bolens, Huskee(not Husqvarna), Yardman, and alot of others, guess what? MTD!!! one-third of Craftsman parts division is tied to MTD affiliates.

MTD is a giant that can handle mass distribution worldwide for all the companies that are affiliated with them. However, the companies under MTD still have their own rights with a portion of royalties that go to that company(Cub Cadet, Troy-Bilt, ETC.)They also have specification rights when it comes to design apart from MTD. There is a MTD brand that is called MTD. Husqvarna tractors are affiliated with Frigidaire/Electrolux because of the increase in popularity with their product.

Frig./Elect. can handle the volume of merchandise and move it worldwide. Most cosumer hotlines, sites, books or magazines will explain these procedures.

They will also give you a better understanding and show you yhe integrity of the product and company name that backs it. "Retailer4life", good effort, but, a little bit more on and some phone calls to the manufacturers in "our" store will help educate you.


I work for Lowe's, and the Troy-Bilt line that Lowe's carries is not Troy-Bilt. They are made by MTD.

Yes, the MTD of WalMart and other discount lawn care fame. MTD merely bought the Troy-Bilt name. Sort of like the Sylvania TV brand Sears sells.

Famous brand name, but made by el cheapo electronics manufacturer Funai. These companies merely BUY the name, nothing more.

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