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Lowes in Leawood, Kansas - Botched Front Door Installation

My latest Lowe's managed front door replacement project started off great and sadly, has come to a disastrous stage. In the end, the installers came and removed my front door down to the studs and then realized that the custom door that was measured and ordered by their team, did not fit. The process ended in the customer service representative ordering a new better door that would arrive in 2+ weeks instead of the same door I had ordered that would have taken 8+ weeks. I was also at that time promised compensation in the tune of $750 which was the price of the original door. I mentioned that I didn't care about the updated door but if it was what they wanted to do - so be it. In the mean time my front door has been replaced by plywood on the outside and insulation on the inside. While the outside view is priceless on it's own - - the inside view is even better. The inside view shows the exposed insulation with the warning label repeating 30+ times: "This facing will burn. Do not leave exposed. It must be covered with gypsum board or other code-approved materials and installed in compliance with building codes." As you can see in this picture, , that is not the case. I have three young children and normally try to avoid fire hazards in my home. Video of the inside door: To end the day I was called to say that the earlier offer was not approved and should not have been extended and instead I would be extended the pleasure of a free storm door instead. I am not sure what else could go wrong with the project and the associated customer service but luckily the situation is not nearly yet over and more disappointment may be looming.
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More bees with honey than sarcasm...

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Lowes in Newark, New Jersey - Lowe's delivery no show

I ordered a whirlpool washer 3 weeks ago and they still haven't delivered it yet. I contacted the North Bergen Lowe's and the delivery dept doesnt even pick up the phone. So I spoke with the operator who told me it wasn't in stock yet and they were waiting for the washer. I called back again and another worker told me it was scheduled to be delivered tomorrow. Who are they kidding? They are liars and do not have any respect for their customers. I am very disappointed at Lowe's. I cancelled my order and if they don't credit the full amount I'm getting a lawyer. They just lost another customer.
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If you got your money back you cannot sue them. Why are people so "sue happy" Hopefully the lawyer takes your money before telling you you dont' have a case.


Why would the delivery dept pick up the phone if they are on the road DELIVERING!!

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Lowes in Raleigh, North Carolina - Lowe's Breach Of Contract

In Aug 07 I purchased a Whirlpool Washer from Lowe's with a $159 Extended Proctection Plan. The paint is peeling off. The Lowe's service technician and a customer representative from Lowe's Service Advantage both said it was misapplication by the manufacturer, which is covered under our contract (please reference Lowe's EPP contract). However, Lowe's is denying repair of the item, which seems to be their policy from talking with a few of their local employees. WARNING! DO NOT purchase an protection plan from Lowe's. You should purchase it directly from the manufacturer. I attempted to file a smail claim; however, the filing costs were going to be over $100.
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I swear these customers think they know everything. They just want to get a cheap repair for something they failed to maintain.

As a corporate representative I have seen my share of these false claims.

All they do is waste our time. Sometimes I wish customers would just shut up and be happy that we sold them a decent product.


is ther a pdf file available for

Lowe's Extended Protection Plan # AP00030294 brochure


1.) First of all if you read your epp you should notice that the coverage does not even start untill AFTER the first year, so even if it was a convered failure (which it's not but we'll get to that momentairly) there would be nothing that Lowes Service Advantage could do since your warranty is currently being provided by Whirlpool.

2.) You your self quoted from the terms and conditions "These plans do not cover...Cosmetic Damage and problems due to improper and/or non-factory authorized installation or repairs"

Paint is cosmetic in nature as it does NOT effect the use of your unit.

3.) Feel free to take the advice of the *** Noname if you truly wish to waste your time, as the corporate offices are going to tell you the same thing that the reps do.

4.) If you really are unhappy with your epp, since your purchase is less than 90 days old..... return it and get your money back.

Please make sure you know what your talking about before you publicly make an *** of yourself next time.


Lowe's Extended Protection Plan # AP00030294

Paragraph Three: Availability Of Services

"These plans cover MANUFACTURER'S DEFECTS in material and WORKMANSHIP that are the result of NORMAL USEAGE"

i.e. a manufacturer improperly applying paint

Paragraph Seventeen: General Exclusions

"These plans do not cover...Cosmetic Damage and problems due to improper and/or non-factory authorized installation or repairs"

Lowe's installed my washing machine, and no repairs have been made. The comment by "you people are idiots" is exactly what the cheif supervisor for Lowe's Service Advantage stated; however, their claim obviously does not match the documentation. How these people hold such a professional, corporate position with the largest home improvement product supplier is beyond me!


it clearly states in the TERMS AND CONDITIONS that you agreed to when purchasing the warranty that COSMETIC Damage hence paint is not covered because it doesn't affect the products performance. Read your *** terms and conditions you *** *** And get some cheese with the wine since your Whining about something your WRONG about.


Lowes is definately a scam!They have done the same with me. I had laminate flooring installed in my home and it is warping from the moment it was installed. They are thinking of every excuse not to replace it although it is under a 30yr warranty.huh!30 seconds is more like it.Im just a bother to them now.They took my money and thats that.


I did contact the corporate office. They said they stand by the suggestion of their Lowe's Service Advantage company.

They really dug thier heels in on this one for some reason. You think after I paid $159 for the plan that they would complete a $50 repair.


Threaten to call the Corporate Office or keep complaining until someone does something.



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Lowes does not deliver good service

I had a $24, 000 project set up by the Lows store at Osage Beach Missouri. Their deliveries were untimely and in most cases never showed up. They never had the courtesy to call and inform me of their delivery schedule. When I called the delivery department there was no answer or recordings. I have had my project extended because the installers had nothing to work with and had to go to other jobs. On weekends I had a cashier act like he didn't want to be there and was very unhelpful. Their employees are very rude and unprofessional.
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Why should the amount of money you spend determine how you are treated? Who care how much you spend!!!! Whats the difference if you spent $24.00????


Sounds about like my experience with Lowes. When I tried to spend a mere $2000 on a home project, I couldn't get the rep off the 'phone long enough even to take the order.

I went down the street to Home Depot and got taken care of in about twenty minutes. :(

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Lowes Cashier

Lowes in Columbia, Maryland - Lowe's - ignorance at its best!

I bought a Porter-Cable dovetail machine online. A few days later I decided to get a mini-dovetail template to go along with it. listed a local Lowes as a supplier of the part. I called the local store and punched-in the extension number for tools. I get the wrong department and was told they'd transfer me to the proper department. After waiting 15 minutes on hold, I wrote an e-mail to Lowe to complain about their poor service. I hung up when I had been waiting 20 minutes. For those of you who don't tinker with wood, whenever you look at a cabinet or desk drawer and see interlocking "fingers" of adjoining panels, you're looking at a dovetail joint...something ANY carpenter...professional or very familiar with. The next day I was at another store near Lowe's, so I dropped into Lowe's as well, hoping they'd have the template on-hand. Nobody in that store knew what a dovetail is...and that's supposed to be a "lumber" store! If that weren't bad enough, on the way out I passed the plumbing department and saw a customer with an obvious problem: he was trying to fit a 1-1/2" tailpiece (the drain part which comes directly down from the sink) into a 1-1/2" trap he'd brought with him, and it wouldn't fit. The clerk was hemming and hawing but has no idea as to how to solve the problem. When I pointed to the customers 1-1/2" x 1-1/4" reducing washer in the trap and told him a plain 1-1/2" washer would make it work, he lit up and said, ""You mean I just need a different washer?," and the clerk simply looked dumfounded. What pure ignorance this store was plagued with! Seeing a salesperson who makes a mistake now and then is normal, but this comedy of errors indicated clearly how little Lowe's really cares about customer service! (NOT!) Yes, this was in only one store, but Lowe's has plenty of resources to train ALL of their personnel! The place was disgusting.
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I have spent too much time at Lowes over the years. The things I have seen show how poor the management really is.

I can't understand where they find these people. Lowes does have the means to train their employees but don't really bother. One employee told me he was an electrician by trade by the management assigned him to plumbing because "they" felt he would be better suited there. I have seen employees start in one department and "transfered" to another department for no reason.

If you ask a manager to simply cut a key they insist on "calling" somebody else to do it. I get the managing thing, but when I have already been waiting 10 minutes? Then, you find associates who do work, are helpful, and really know what they're doing. They don't stay for long because of the *** they have to deal with from "above"..

I have even overheard the store manager himself say he didn't care that the cashier outside was struggling to keep the money from flying out of her drawer due to the wind (although she is the one who would get written up if she lost anything).

Its not that they don't have the help to train them. All the training is done on computers. However, The managers don't want to help customers by covering for the associate that has to do the training.

If you go to Lowes on a day when they have their "manager's meetingS" you will be waiting FOREVER to speak to one. If you care about customer service go to a small hometown hardware store where they actually care about the customer!


It's not just Lowes. Consumers want lower prices so the big home centers buy cheaper material, cut staff, hire cheaper part time help that doesn't get trained because there isn't enough help to train them. If you want good help go to a small hometown hardware store.

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Lowes Valspur Granite Paint is a Nightmare to Apply with a 1.25in Roller

Valspur and Lowes are pulling a fast one on consumers with their Valspur Granite paint. They say apply it with a 1.25in roller. You will never achieve results that are anywhere close to the swatch samples doing it the way they recommend.It will simply look like you have painted clumpy cat liter onto your walls. This paint must be applied with a paint gun sprayer to achieve the results resembling what the swatch's look like. If you apply it will a 1.25in roller you will have a disaster on your hands.The only way to remove it from your walls is with sanding it off!!!! Beware!!!
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This paint is beautify, but what a nightmare do not use a roller that is a waste of time I found out early on so I used a brush and it took days for me to finish, and worst of all It's red and after 10 years I want it off, if you put a nail in the wall to hang something and then one day you need to pull it out, it leaves a white hole and it looks real bad so you really cant hang things on the wall with this paint it goes down to the drywall


This paint is very difficult. Had to get a professional to apply.

I am now selling my house with those textured walls and the sell depends on my patching the holds from my mounted TV.

Does anyone have any left over paint they would sell me.. I will pay for shipping too.


I started painting my master bath with this valspar granite paint from lowes after the drywall surface was destroyed by trying to remove wallpaper. It's a small room & to get the appearance of the swatch I have already used 3 gallons on a 6x5 room & haven't touched one wall.

I can't afford a sprayer so I've just closed the room off until I can figure it out. Makes me sick to look at it.

I went according to directions & I agree it looks like sprinkled kitty liter!! Horrible product!!


Do you have any of the paint left... I need some for touch up.

I a willing to pay for it and the shipping. Reply to :


I tried the first coat, just as the directions said. It was auful and looked like dark cat litter.

The second coat helpsed but it really took a leap of faith to do that second coat.

It looks better but still it looks nothing like the swatch. I've used it successfully Ralph Lauren Suede in the past I'll stick with the next time I need texture.


it's real ***. do not by extrimly danger fot valet.


I used this paint and it was wonderful! I used a 4 inch skinny roller with a thicker nap.

I worked in smaller sections and it went on perfectly. I worked it in random directions, it is hard to work the paint, but the end result is absolutely amazing. After I finished I went back over the walls looking for places I needed it. Use the correct tools, keep your roller full, and expect to use elbow grease and you will be happy with the result.

It actually looked so good with the first coat a second wasn't needed. If anyone would like a picture leave me your email address and I can send one.


I just bought this Horrible paint myself for my daughters room.

Big mistake!!!! It looks soooo bad I wish I would of never walked

into Lowes!!!! I also bought everything the guy told me to buy... I even went back to ask for help.... He told me to try other steps! It looks Worse!! I would Not recommend this Paint to Anyone!!! Do not waste your Money!

I also called Valspar to see if they could give me any pointers..... Nothing!!! DO NOT BUY THIS PAINT!!!! From a 1-10 review deff a -10 (negative 10!)


You do realize that the granite paint would not go through a paint sprayer as it is full of large grains and would clog in a sprayer.


We're moving into a house that has Granite on the walls of one room. We hate the look.

What is the best technique for painting over this without having the grittiness poking through?

Do we have to sand it?


Why don't you go to you tube or consult a decorator... or even call the manufacturer to get advice rather than a consumer complaint website?


My walls are platered and I used this paint in four of my rooms and it looks great. I did not use rollers because I could not get the desired look that I wanted so instead I used sponges.

I'll add that this took a lot longer but I ended up with the exact results I wanted. Also I made the mistake of not applying clear coat over the finished walls, so if you use this paint be sure to add the clear coat.


This type of paint job takes much patience and cannot be rushed. I have the kitchen, living room, and bedroom all painted with the granite look and they each look great.

The second step shouldn't be done until the the next day if possible. The first coat needs to dry completely so that it takes to the wall almost as if you were applying stucco. The second step with give that ultimate look that we all admired in the store when looking at the swatches. Just do it exactly the way it says, in X's.

There isn't any special way to do it. The more freely you are with your x's the better of a look you will end up with.


I agree. This paint is a nightmare.

I put on my kitchen walls and they look HORRIBLE. I have to sand them and prime them more money and time...geeez. This is ridiculous.

They should have somebody at Lowes that could advise the customers that we need a spray gun. I asked many questions about the paint, what roller I need, etc, they showed me the "tools" I bought everything they recommended..still my walls look like ***


Nobody cares about your secret identity!


Valspur Valspar who really gives a *** ***. The *** paint doesn't *** work.

I have a suggestion why don't you bring your *** companyman *** over and paint my *** walls. Better yet put the *** paint on your on *** walls ***. Here's another idea since you love this *** paint so much, why don't you drink it.

Yeah and let me know if it taste ***. Have a nice *** day shitface-NOT!!!!

Fat Mart cart rider

It's not valspur, it's valspar. VALSPAR.

V A L S P A R! Get it right.


The question I have, is did you buy the RIGHT roller? The granite paint looks great, but it takes a good bit of work to apply.

A quick google search shows that they suggest a thick nap roller, 1.25" as you say. However they add that you should work in SMALL sections, of about 3 feet each. Once the first coat is done, you then add the second coat with a larger paint brush using an X pattern. It's this second coat that actually causes the granite effect, and it (the second coat) can not be applied with anything other than a brush.

No roller, nor paint sprayer. Looking at your complaint, I think you skipped the second step.

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Lowes in Weare, New Hampshire - On Line pricing higher in store

Made a list of materials from "on-Line Lowes" Total cost came out over $60 higher when I went to the store to purchase. Had all the Item numbers, but the same thing in the store had a different item number (and of course a higher price) Manager said: on-line was only for home delivery.(and of course there is a delivery charge) Why did I have to indicate on line, which store I was going to go to to make the purchases???? Is this a "bait and switch", or just a rip by any name ??? Home Depot just acquired another customer.
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Lowes in Greenville, South Carolina - Took a job away from me by offering warranty

Recently I took my customer to pick out some upgraded window blinds. After taking a measure. The sales girl told my customer, they(LOWES) would offer a lifetime warranty on the blinds, but in order to receive a warranty, installation would have to be done by Lowes. They would also have to measure to guarantee accuracy. After my customer recognized me as her contractor, the sales girl continued her spill. Lowes has stolen a job from me and I will from this day on let everone know how Lowes does business. Lowes will cut your throat. They made me look incompitant to put in window blinds. I have worked for this family for 12 years. I asked a Lowes manager why they would stoop to taking jobs away from the people that send them the most business. His response was, sir my hands are tied. We have to do what Lowes corporate tells us to do. They are told to do whatever it takes to boost sales. So I will now refuse to purchase anymore from Lowes. However I will make an attempt to let all the Lowes representatives in every store know, about how they steal jobs from contractors.
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Wow sales associate was wrong. Levolor offers a 10 year warranty on blinds. Lowe's if installed by them offers a one year warranty.


After bringing over $80,000. in material sales to Lowes in Morehead City N.C.

last year, the same was done to us. The salesman instead of just excepting the payment for material for our client, proceeded to sell them on Lowes installing his new roof. We have a small business and cannot afford to be undermined, by what is suppose to be a upstanding company.

Very dirty way to do business. :sigh


Try being a better contractor, take the information to the customer to pick out what they want. Be a salesmen, not just a contractor.


Try being an employee of Lowes. Lowes will cut your throat and bleed you dry. Lowes only cares about Lowes.


Try Menards if they are in your area. Rather than competing with contractors who buy from them they allow contractors to display their information in their stores and help you get jobs.

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Lowes Special Order Broken, Do Not Use

Ordered over $6k of appliances. Microwave was cancelled by Lowes. Had to stand in line at Customer Service to reorder. They marked my order "returned". Never saw it. Then when it came in had to wait a hour to get it at the store. Main delivery of oven, refrig, dishwasher, etc was supposed to be in morning. Delivery crew showed up in evening even after the afternoon delivery period. Had my contractor waiting for installation. But crowning blow was sink. Ordered on 5/12, told it would be delivered earlier, but online date was given as 6/8. It became the pacing item in finishing a kitchen remodel. Stopped by the store twice to stress importance of delivery. Went right up to 6/8, then they call and said it is backordered, would be another 10 days. Later they called and said it will be about a month more! Ordered online from eFaucets and got it in 4 days. I will NEVER use Lowes Special Order again!!! The delays cost me time and money. NOT RELIABLE.
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Lowes Delivery Service

Lowes in Stony Brook, New York - Lowe's Won't Install Dryer if Side Vented

We spoke to 2 Lowe's higher ups making sure that a dryer we order would be installed and side vented by their installation crew. Called the national line and were assured this was the case. The national person put us in touch with the manager of the local store. Same story - Lowe's will install and side vent the dryer and have it running before they leave. Crew arrives and states flatly we arent allowed to install as a side vent. They will not punch out the side or change the configuration from back to side. This is a total bate and switch statement by Lowe's that has left me stuck with installing the dryer. Consumer reports will hear about this and you should beware if you have to have your dryer side-vented. Lowe's has not lived up to what they advertise or what we inquired about specifically
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The problem isn't bait and switch, but the installers themselves. Truth be told, all Lowe's installers are private contractors hired by the company.

When I say hired, it's more accurate to say given jobs. Lowe's doesn't pay them directly.

In any case while the store and home office may have said yes they'd install it, the installer themselves may have had policies against it. Call the customer support line and leave a note about this, and see if they can find a different installer.

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Lowes Installation