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What It's Like To Work At Lowes

I worked at Lowes #1777. The management there is awful. They don't care about their employees well being or that we have families. All Jim Bambule and Tom E. Thompson EVER cared about was generating more sales and keeping as much money in that store as possible. Employees hours were purposely cut back just so that store would be thousands under budget (no doubt to make themselves shine). Nevermind in this economy people need all the work they can get. Lord forbid if you're sick, have a sick spouse, or a funeral of a relative. If you miss any work you'll sure as heck pay dearly when you return because you weren't there making them more money. When I started there, I had several years of experience in retail...even managed a store myself before. I found out that they started my pay out $2-$3.00 less than they were starting out kids right out of highschool. I had to pick up all the slack for so many others that didn't want to do their jobs and if any complaints were made, either nothing would be done at all or whoever complained would get in trouble for complaining. I always tried to be nice and respectful to customers, but it got to be very hard when the company you work for basically wants to use you for slave labor. I quit Lowes because my family comes first. I and my husband (not to mention the rest of my family) got tired of the ***. Money is needed but it's not everything. I seriously hope Jim and Tom at store #1777 get fired so maybe they could learn that themselves.
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Lowes of Chantilly, VA is one of the worst places to work as MALE Cashier. Its good if you are a FEMALE cashier, as all you have to do is cashier job.

But, if you are a male cashier, most of the time, you will be asked to PUSH CARTS, come rain or shine or snow. You will be asked to do the LOADER's job, regardless if you are able to lift or not, regardless if you have back problems or not. WAYNE (EUGENE) the fat *** is the poster boy for "how not to manage", "how not to be a leader" OR the worst manager. Wayne who is the customer service supervisor, has NO supervisor skills whatsoever.

No listening skills. YOUNG ATTRACTIVE Women cashiers get to do whatever they want, flex schedules, off whenever, not work in garden during cold winter or hot summer days, not working in Returns, Not working in Lumber. At Lowes of Chantilly, the Human Resource manager is FAT *** JOHN, who does not listen to employee complains or issues, regardless if they are genuine or not. He just ignores employees and acts as if he did a favor hiring anyone.

This store is very discriminatory towards non-white employees. They are tricky, in that, they hire non-white employees, to show they are not discriminatory, but once hired the treatment is very very discriminatory. The scheduling is not fair. Some employees get favorable schedules since they are friends with management, while others always have to work late shifts and rarely get weekend days off.

Chris the FAT store manager, never listens to anyone. He always says, talk and resolve with you immediate supervisor, even, when the problem itself is the immediate supervisor. Their open door policy is just in name. It is a joke.

If you complain or point out the obvious, you are reprimanded. Employees are basically treated as PAID SLAVES. SARAH, THE FAT *** cashier rarely is scheduled on weekends. In winter she always goes to LUMBER and jokes around and has her friends bring her dinner since lumber is not busy in winter evenings.

Look at the camera on January 7, 2011, she came in at 6 pm her schedule and then promptly at 6:30 pm she went go get dinner from wendys and took 45 minutes to eat from 7 to 7:45 pm. She gets favorable treatment always. In summers she is always sent to garden in evenings as its not that busy and the weather is nice. CARMEN the head cashier is a poster child for a PURE ***.

She does not know her job. She always is buttering up her supervisors and giving favorable treatment to her friend cashiers such as SARAH the fat ***.

I KNOW I can manage better, with more effectiveness and efficiency. Only need to get rid of problem management employees or get them the proper training.


i happen to b a store managers son i will not say whom im20 years old i have not gotten too see my dad much growing up they work long hours 12 plus hours a day they have alot of responsibility and u were simply held acountable being a store managers son i was expected more than anyone get over yourself you couldnt take the call of duty and your a QUITER grow up seriously i speak from a store managers sons standpoint


Maybe you would have learned how to spell if he was home.


Complaint does not merit response.


I agree with the comment from 7/16/10. The person that wrote this statement could get sued.

Let's see. How easy would it be to figure out who this is? 1. Comment was made about husband.

So this is a female who made the statement. Second comment was High school kids. Shopping lowe's they mostly have high school/collage kids in the garden center and the building center of the stores. Of all the stores I shop I haven't seen many women working the building center side.

So I would say this was a female that worked in the garden center. Also they mention sick twice and "miss" work. Did this person miss work often? Is the person upset because a company is trying to hold their employees accountable?

It sounds like this is a disengaged person.If this person was as good as they say, did everyone else's jobs, picked up everyone eles's slack why would any company let this type of person leave? I know some people that work in a wide range of retail stores. Some are managers. They miss their families too.

Managers put in a lot of hours and miss alot of their kids growing up because of the hours. Some people can work in retail most can not. Just because you couldn't and you have know idea how to. You shouldn't write comments on something you don't know about.

Again the comments from 7/16/10 is right about payroll. Oh yeah 100% right about being sued.


What are you doing? Going the way of Home Depot and getting rid of your Best workers to get a better bottom line if so, you will have less customers and moral in your stores will go down with the customers! Think about it Pissed Employees and Pissed Customers = Lost Profits for you and the Empoyees.


I work at Lowes also, unfortunately. If they had to answer to somebody, i.e.

Unions, it would be different. Those "older" people get stepped on, the "younger" crowd gets their *** kissed. Management does not know anything about anything. All they want is to surrounded by brown nosers and make themselves look pretty.

Lowes has a philosophy: never hire anybody smarter than yourself. If the "big cheese" is not to bright, then the underlings are even dumber.

Stupidity breeds stupidity. BOTTOM LINE!


I'm sure you never ran a multi-million dollar box because if you have, you would understand that cutting hours and putting money back on the bottom line is the name of the game. The most controllable expense is payroll.

What *** did you have to deal with????? Did you forget that it's retail and the entire retail environment is ***???

Just a tip, be carful about mentioning someone's name online. It may open you up too a lawsuit :cry

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#189442 Review #189442 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Lowes in Troy AL. has lazy non-caring employ

Lowes in Troy Alabama has horrible, non-caring employees. I called about hardibacker board pricing because I am re-doing the flooring in my office. I spoke with Chuck Drudy. He was rude and discurtious and made the comment "I'm going to have to go all the way to the back of the store to give you an exact price." I let it go and gave him my name and office number to call me back. When he called back he spoke with another office employee and as soon as she answered the phone he blurted out the pricing. She had no idea what he was talking about and he was very rude when he explained. I called back to see if I could order the material and pay for it check by phone. The man I spoke with (i dont know his name) said "yes we accept check by phone." I thanked him, hung up and got out my checks. When I called back, they transferred me back to flooring. It was Chuck Drudy who answered. I told him I wanted to order 48 sheets of .5" hardiboard, he asked how I wanted to pay and I told him check by phone. He informed me that they dont take check by phone. I told him that I had called earlier and a man told me they did take check by phone. He yelled at me and called me a liar and said that He was the man I spoke with and that all I asked him was about pricing. I informed him that I had called two previous times and that NO HE WASNT THE MAN I SPOKE WITH THE SECOND TIME. I also told him that I didnt appreciate him calling me a liar. He hung up and transferred me to someone else. That person answered and said "we dont take check by phone" and hung up in my face. Troy Al Lowes needs to get a grip. I WILL NOT be purchasing anything else from them especially my hardiboard. They are inconsiderate *** who need to learn the meaning of "Customer Service" GET A CLUE, Its your JOB!! Troy Lowes just lost a veryyyyy valuble customer.
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You are a whiney *** head. Some people just want to *** and complain, you are one of those people.


WHY did you expect an order to be paid with by check over the phone? Do you know what a pain in the *** that is???

Do you have no compassion at all for the employees?

Come INTO the store next time instead of acting like you are ordering from a catalog. Grow up and quit whining.


There's a short fellow there whose name is Gary. He is the best at the store.


I purchased a chest freezer from on September 8th and my receipt said someone would call within 24 hrs to schedule delivery. No one called and I decided to call on September 18th because the receipt said this was my expected delivery date.

I called customer service and was told that the unit would be delivered on the 21st and someone would call prior to delivery. AGAIN no one bother to call instead they delivered the unit my cousin signed for it. Two hours later I get home and the chest had dents in the lid and about 3 or 4 more all over the refrigerator. I again called customer service and was transferred to the store manager who kindly informed me that there was no record of any dents.

I asked him if I came home from work and put the dents in the unit. I wanted this unit for a party and the way I was treated was just really bad. Leroy, the Manager was so rude and after arguing with him for a few I decided that it would be best to have them pick the unit up and refund my money. I made this decision after he yelled that he can order me a replacement but he had no idea when it would be ready maybe 2 or 3 weeks because this was a special order item.

I told him that arguing was not my style and I am not going to argue about dents because it is present. The sad part about this story is that had they been a little bit interested I might have kept the unit for a small discount.

I was only buying the unit to store meat for a party I am having. Customer Service doesn't exist anymore it seems and this will be my first and last buy at Lowes.



enough does get results !!!!!


Some of the employees in the Troy store are kind, considerate, and helpful. Others are not trained adequately to assist customers.

(fault of management) I must admit, people generally respond to you the way you respond to them.

We shop often at Lowe's in Troy and will continue to do so. The majority of the employees are extremely kind.


I agree that SOME of lowe's 2212 employees are terrible and lazy, I work there and deal with first hand, and have had problems with that very person. There are however some very hard working people at that store who will go out of their way to help the customer, I am proud to be one of those. You can not judge the whole store off of one bad person or experience.


Sounds to me like you are rude and lazy. First of all it is spelled employee not employ.

Guess you are too lazy to type in two extra letters. Then you were too lazy to wait until he got back from the back to tell you the price. He told you that he had to go all the way back so you would know that it would take some time. You were too lazy to wait.

Probably wanted to play with your GIJoes. If you are slow than people generally get impatient. Not nice attitude from them, but obviously he was rude because you are slow at understanding things. Obviously you misunderstood.

You were rude to him, you deserved to he hung up on. Next time take your meds before dealing with people. What gives you a right to treat otheer's badly. Glad they hung up on your face.

Just because it is their job you have no right treating people like ***.

I am sure with your attitude they don't want your service anyways. I just feel sorry for the other companies that have to deal with you.

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Lowes in Wilmington, North Carolina - false price matching policy

Lowes advertises price matching plus 10%. This is not true. After using this policy on a few visits before. Now they say they don't price match on sale Items. They did call the competitors store to verify the lower price and it was lower, but said they did not match sale prices. I also purchaseed the same item in April,May and again in June from the competitors store with the lower price. This is in direct conflict with their own written policy on their web site. So goes "Truth in Advertising". Lowes just another big box store. And I have been a regular customer since 1968.. But no more
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I too just got ripped off by Lowe's 10% "beat any competitor" lie. They also refused to price match Home Depot on a $1400 snow blower for my tractor.

Nowhere in their advertising they display does it say ANYTHING about special orders. More fine print BS. I'm so done with Lowe's.

Their lumber always sucks too.


They have STILL not fixed their huge signs everywhere that say they will beat the conpetitors advertised price by an extra 10% off!! I argued enough and got the manager to call corporate who told him to "go ahead and do it but we really aren't supposed to." So ***!


They did not honor price match for me either... they said that the information I provide is from a site that does not ship the product.

It is sad that what they clearly state is lost in what they have written in fine prints. I am going to post the complete conversation I had with their rep..

shortly. Waiting for their executive response.


In el paso Texas they told me they could not honor the price since they would lose money on the transaction. They also told me that they werent identical items, then i showed them a picture of the wood and it was even made by the same company.

The item was 7/16 x 4' x 8 ' osb board (strand) and was on sale in home depot $9.78 compared to lowes $ 11.22, and was the same manufacturer (trueboard).Then they just told me either way they would not honor their 10% price match guarantee.


I just bought lumber at Lowe's. Menard's had it for 25 cents a board cheaper.

I showed them the add, and they matched the price and took the additional 10% off no questions asked. Then with my Lowe's credit card I got another 5% off. SO I go it at the lower price, plus 15% off.

Considering I was putting shelves along the sides of my garage, I save a lot of money on lumber. I've never had an issue with their price match, you just have to make sure it is the same item.


I took a local ad on wood. I had to pick up some other things that the other company did not offer ( Graham's Lumber) on a 2x6x16 board Lowes wants 11.23 and Grahams Lumber had the same grade of board for 9.54, I would have been happy if they just matched it, I was told they now longer match this store. I said its on your desk right there glued to the desk that you price match. We do but our managers say we no longer match that store, Ok well what about Menards Lumber, No we no longer match them either. I ask their radius and no one could answer, the store was within 10 miles so I find it hard to believe they wouldnt match that.

I talked with a few friends that I have made over the years there and ask when and why this stopped, They said we got a new GM and he said we can no longer match their prices, I brought the GM back to the Mill desk and ask why. He said they sale below our cost. I said here is their flyer from their store , this aint a special this is their every day price. He said I understand but we have chosen to not match either of those stores. I ask how he could do that when its nationally advertised they price match + 10% and he couldnt even do a price match. He said because I am now over this store and I have taken them off the list.

I then ask the employee watching this to pull up my number, and I ask him for my sales, he said I cant but he can look at that. I ask him too. He pulled it up and could see year to date ( Starting in January) I had spent 193,483.12 ( I wrote it down) I put my cart down that had 1300.00 on it. and said enjoy that money, its no longer going to be spent in a Lowes store. We build homes in the area. Lumber is our number one item. I buy from all 3 stores and while the higher amount is at lowes that is because our paint, nails, and tools all come from this Lowes location.

So if lowes thinks taking their price matching away by GM's choice is going to make them more money then I guess we will see. (500k+ a year at Lowes ( 150k+ a year at the Menards and Grahams ) I guess its going to be a case where enough of us contractors take our business elsewhere they will start to see they make a better markup but not more money.


Or he's trying spend what he spends on shipping from ordering online to tax from picking up at lowes

And not have to worry about it getting damaged in the mail


Or he's trying spend what he spends on shipping from ordering online to tax from picking up at lowes

And not have to worry about it getting damaged in the mail


Irish, it sounds like your IQ is about 27. Jonathan had a very good point that they should honor what they put in writing. I wish you the best in life as you'll need it.


I recently attempted to buy a gas grill from Lowes and they had a "Clearance" tag priced at 399.00. There were two left on the shelf, but the manager did not want to sell them to me saying they were a different model.

The model was written on the box and on the tag. I complained to the 800 number and was contacted by the GM and she said she was willing to take 20% off the original price. WTF the shelf tag is marked 399. F Lowes.

That is the last time I ever shope there. I told the manager I just bought a house in the area and spent thousands of dollars at Lowes. He replied I don't care, I have customers that spend millions of dollars and I don't give them a free BBQ.

I hope Lowes goes bankrupt. I was not asking for a free BBQ, just what they had advertised.


@ Irish, you are calling the customer a genius, and asking him/her to go to the competitor for the only reason that he/she is complaining because your LOWE'S failed to honor their own written policy ????? Who has an attitude and who is the GENIUS here ? Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt about your IDIOCY


If you go to and read the price match policy they did what it clearly states. They gave you the item at the percent off of the competitor.

Here is the Policy:

We guarantee our everyday competitive prices. If you find a verifiable lower everyday or advertised price on an identical stock item at any local retail competitor that has the item in stock, we'll beat their price by 10% when you buy from us. Just bring us the competitor's current ad or we'll call to verify the item's price that you have found. Cash (charge card) and carry purchases only.

Competitor's closeout, special order, discontinued, clearance, liquidation and damaged items are excluded from this offer. On percent-off sales, Lowe's will match the competitor's percent-off offer. Limited to reasonable quantities for homeowner and one-house order quantities for cash and carry contractors. Current in-store price, if lower, overrides Lowe's advertised price.

Price guarantee honored at all Lowe's retail locations. Labor charges for product installation are excluded from our price guarantee offer in our stores with an Installed Sales Program


I brought an advertisement in from a competitor and they matched the price but denied the 10 percent, quoting they won't honor the 10 percent on "sale" items. Are all advertisements considered "sales"?

I would say no!

This does not match their policy. Very disappointed and I will no longer shop at Lowes unless they make this right..


You genius, if they don't price match than go to the stores where the items are sold cheaper. Why don't you do that?

My guess is those other stores banned you because of your attitude.

Also before making a fool of yourself get more familar with the policy. If you bought an item beforehand and in the future the price went down at the competition it is not part of their policy.

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#189159 Review #189159 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Lowes has poor customer service.

After calling and getting no answer I went to the store and waited 30 minutes to be told the product was in but still has not been unloaded. Asked for credit application and was only approve for 500.00. Took 20 minutes on the phone just to get the application done and I have excellent credit. Went to Home Depot they had the product gave me a credit limit of 2500.00 and I only had to show my id and punch in my SS number into the key forms no wait time...and I had 4 asking if they could help me instead of me waiting for one person to help 4 of us. Just saying HD has got my money from now on !!
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Sorry. It's--that works(first line). I will fink on myself before the "PRO" does.


Hey. Let me guess.

You are the Electrical Pro the works in the electrical department of a Lowes store(if not, then sorry). Your comments and the little bit of info that you throw around in your statements(all of them) suggest that. Maybe the person on this review does not quite understand credit procedures. The financial institutions for all retail stores in the world have the right to give limits for what ever reasont based on consumers credit history, income, and how much credit they are already paying on.

The retail stores have no business or rights in determining the total of a persons credit limit. The providers are seperate institutions and are used by stores because a store is not a bank. More established and honest places may only give a small limit in protection to the customer.

The credit guidelines have changed tremendously in this country with our new President. "Electrical Pro", find out what institution your establishment goes through(no matter who you may work for)and find out a little more about their credit provider.


I really do not see the poor customer service on this one. Our system is a little slow, I'll admit that. But as per the product still being unloaded...well, have you ever unloaded a 53 foot trailer full of product ?

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Lowes in Woodbridge, Connecticut - No call no show

order carpet, time to come was there waited 2 hrs, no call no show. drove 1 1/2 hrs to meet them. you need to get someone a little more responsible than who you have. i have spent thousands with your company and i get that kind of service. i called another company they came out that same night , measured order the carpet next day and it was in and installed in less than a week. you are a large chain , you should be able to do it as well. had trouble with home depot and don't shop anymore
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1 comment
Fat Mart cart rider

Oh no masa. Well get right out there since u have spent thousands of dollars at Lowes.

No one cares. Also learn English and how to type.

#188954 Review #188954 is a subjective opinion of poster.

I feel that lowes could have worked with me to resolve problem with dishwasher

lowes would not let me exchange a cheaper dishwasher that did not work with a better one and me pay the difference of the two i tried to plead with them but gotten no reply the companys name is lowes hardwear in (starksville ms) thank u for your time sighned eddie the unit had a 3 month return policy and a one year warranty bot i am able to show proof that the house i built did not have power till one month ago.i just feel that they should talk to someone higher up and try to resolve this matter before it has to go to the next step
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So you're saying you bought it over a year ago (since you could utilize the warranty otherwise) and now you want to return the old broken unit it as though it's "new"? Sounds reasonable to me. Of course, I had heavy head trauma recently and can't convertible the chocolate fax machine.


Who cares when your house got power. If you bought it over the warrenty period or the return policy period they cannot make an exception for you or they would have to for everyone.

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#188708 Review #188708 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Lowes Warranty

Lowes in Allentown, Pennsylvania - Lowe's is rude company

some of the people that work at Lowe's are very rude.they sit on the forklift and won't move when you are trying to get through the aile and when you ask for help they act like it the end of world. then when you apply for a job they won't hire you because you were terminated from your former job every one makes mistakes , I will no longer shop at Lowe's any more also prices keep going up on their products every day, how can the average person afford to buy their product in this day and age. mgw
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Happy lowes employee wow just proved *** thanks:)


Fork lifts or any other power equipment cannot be moved without a spotter.PERIOD! It is a class a violation and the operator will be terminated.

Last time I looked, there were other aisles you could have taken. We deal with idiots like you every day


Did you ever think that they might have extreamly strict safety regulations? If you or another customer are within ten feet of the lift it can not be moved. Also they most likely have another customer waiting on them for the product they are getting.


You're just jealous b/c I look so badass on my forklift and they won't let you drive one. They won't even let you push the wheelie stairs around. Was your "mistake" at your last job the five fingered variety?


you have home depot tp bother....good luck there


Obviously you are angry because you were not hired so you are badmouthing them. Why were you terminated from your other employement, probably because you too were sitting on the forklift and acting like it was the end of the world when you were asked for help.

Perhaps you are describing yourself. Prices going up, happens everywhere, it's called inflation buddy.

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#188495 Review #188495 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Lowes in Palm Springs, California - Stall on replacing a newly purchased range with scratches.

We purchased all new kitchen appliances at Lowe's in June 2010. The stove had scratches on the top panel. According to the installers, these scartches are caused by the packing materials shifting during transportation. I went back to Lowe's and asked the appliance sales person to replace the stove and he agreed to do so and supposedly placed the order. Several weeks went by and nothing happened. I went back to the store and spoke with another person. He placed another order. A couple of weeks later, nothing was ordered. The store manager this time agreed to order.
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#188464 Review #188464 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Lowes in Miami, Florida - Lowe's cut my credit limit for no legitimate reason

Lowe,s cut my credit limit from $12,500 down to $1,000.00 for no legitimate reason. I've had this account for years and charged large amounts which were paid off ahead of time. I only owed them less than $1,000 and was paying them more than the minimum payment. But they don't care about their good-paying customers. I'll take my business elsewhere.There are too many other building supply stores that would appreciate their customers. Back to "mom and pop" lumber yards. They need the help any way and are better to their employees.
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Just happened to me. Started with $8700 limit, purchased stuff for the house, paid them off, then my limit went down to $900!!!

Still kept business with them, purchased some more stuff, then paid them off again and today I see my limit went down to $110.

So what I did was call customer service, paid my balance and closed my acct. Told them I rather deal with Home Depot for now on.


Just happened to me and this came up in my search for "what gives." Just paid down a big chunk of it and they dropped my limit to just above the remaining balance! Have never made a late payment.

Of course this screws with my credit usage ratio on my credit report! Im pissed! I stopped using the card as regularly as Home Depot and local lumber yards have better pricing and service! Looking forward to paying this off and shutting it down in the next few months.

I dont plan on setting foot in another Lowes! *** with my credit score is ridiculous.


Last January (2012) they increased our credit limit to $2500. We bought a dishwasher on "6 months no interest" and paid it off in 3 months.

Since then just little purchases, less than $200, and full payment every month.

Then last month GE/Lowe's informed us the account was closed because of a tax issue from 2008 (but was settled THIS year). Yes, LOWE'S BLOWS - along with GE and the banks and all the *** that run them.


GE cut mine also because I co-signed a loan and the person has been paying their car note and GE decided to cut my credit limit. the thing is that I pay GE on time each month, but they are not interested in the fact that I pay on time, they went through my credit report and decided to cut my credit limit on something that has nothing to do with GE.


It is the bank, GE bank who makes those desicions, not Lowes

Fat Mart cart rider

Hey not just Lowes want a cookie for having a 6 figure job? And by the way that was your moms desk I was under.

Not half bad I must add.

Go shop at home depot. They like your kind.


pay your bills on time lowes will give you the store amd you can treat the emplyees like ***


Hey tired of *** people "look in the mirror" th banks are screwing the consumer that pays his bills on time everyday. Yes they can lower your limit if your score drops but what do you think that does to a score when a limit is cut drastically like that.

It lowers your score. The honest working man still gets screwed once again. I have a six figure a year job, pay all my bills on time and still have had the same situation. Watch the world news sometime and you will see these practices are becoming common and just ravishing peoples credit scores.

In closing get back under Obamas desk and get back to work because it sounds like that is where you came from. Oh and wipe that off your chin.


When are you people going to learn? Lowes did not cut your credit limit.

The credit cards are issued by a credit company who has an agreement to provide credit to Lowes customers and put Lowes name on the credit card. It is the credit company you have a complaint with, not Lowes.

If you do some research you will find much of the reduction in credit availability is due to new federal banking regulations. It's fine to complain, but direct your complaint at the right company.


Did you actually think about why the cut your limit. They don't just have people in the Corp office randomly selecting *** bags like you to just drop their credit.

The only way for them to drop your credit is because of nonpayment, credit score decrease, or not using in the past 6 months since the credit crisis *** started in which case you could get off your lazy *** and call GE Money.

Not Lowes and have it reinstated. Seriously don't blame your stupidity on us because it will always be your fault.


They did that to me too - but it just so happened that I owed more than the credit line (AFTER they cut it) So then they charged me an OVER LIMIT fee. I called them and complained - but it did no good. Now that just aint right

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#188308 Review #188308 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Lowes in Cincinnati, Ohio - Poor customer servise

the lowes lumber store in colerain ohio/cinti suburb,,,,,,,evry time i go in there to buy lumber/hardware i cant seem to be able to select or decide the products or quanity i need .cause i keep getting shuffled out the section ,cause thats when they decide to bring out their forklifts to stock their shelfs,an this is not due to people buying up everything.they are allways rude saying that i have to leave the area,when im right in the middle of loading my stuff on the cart,thats what their supposed to do after they when i go in to pay my bill every month they never say thank you or nothing!it seems like that the only thing that the young 21yr old managers want to do is talk about their love life with their coworkers instead of payn attention to the customer!,,,,,,i see it every time i go in to a lowes store.,,,,they are a joke ,iv done business with them for over 15yrs an spent a lot of money there,today the straw broke the cammels back.,,,,,i wont be back there anymore. its home depot from here on out
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Well quit *** n shopping there


ummm....did you ever think they blocked the aisles to get something down for a customer? Some of the topstock is too heavy to bring down on a ladder.And if your in that much of a dam hurry go to the depot.

Good luck with that. And by the way..good spelling ***


btw, you are funny as ***!!! Im glad you are proud of your store and your team, but seriously, get someone in there to do some work!

Even if you dont greet me or carry my stuff at least know where the stuff is in your own departments. Even if you do come at me least someone who works there would be showing some signs of life!


Your are so right. It's darn hard to shop Lowes or Depot when they close off aisles when the store is open.

They need to stock at times the stores are not full of customers.

I've been is stores with half a dozen aisles closed during the middle of they day. Sorry, I'm not going to stand around you stores waiting for aisles to open before I can get to the product I want.

Fat Mart cart rider

1st learn to spell. 2nd don't be ***.


just curious, maybe its not just the empoyess, but the *** who come in there expecting everyone to drop what they are doing, or whoever they are helping , and go to them and serv them hand and foot. your *** *** has another thing coming, and you better not ever come into my store bc I will come at both of you bigots sideways with 9 different colors of smoke!

*** you both! :zzz


ok, so you think that they are stocking the shelves with product because its not being sold? then where the *** is it going?!!?!?

and you want the cashier to wipe your ***?? wow and I seriously doubt that " every time " you go in there this happens, you spoiled little ***, please go die alone, because obviously no one wants to be around a little *** like you anyway.

this is the real world and you don't get pampered everywhere , get ***. :p


Rnb, I hear ya. Now-a-days you have to go in without any realistic expectation of service or even common courtesy.

Not their fault, its just the society we live in.

If you dont believe me just check out the home depot complaints on this forum and see all of the other guys switchin to lowes. It will just go back and forth all day long; welcome to retail in 2010.

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