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Lowes in Palm Springs, California - Stall on replacing a newly purchased range with scratches.

We purchased all new kitchen appliances at Lowe's in June 2010. The stove had scratches on the top panel. According to the installers, these scartches are caused by the packing materials shifting during transportation. I went back to Lowe's and asked the appliance sales person to replace the stove and he agreed to do so and supposedly placed the order. Several weeks went by and nothing happened. I went back to the store and spoke with another person. He placed another order. A couple of weeks later, nothing was ordered. The store manager this time agreed to order.
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Lowes in Miami, Florida - Lowe's cut my credit limit for no legitimate reason

Lowe,s cut my credit limit from $12,500 down to $1,000.00 for no legitimate reason. I've had this account for years and charged large amounts which were paid off ahead of time. I only owed them less than $1,000 and was paying them more than the minimum payment. But they don't care about their good-paying customers. I'll take my business elsewhere.There are too many other building supply stores that would appreciate their customers. Back to "mom and pop" lumber yards. They need the help any way and are better to their employees.
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Just happened to me. Started with $8700 limit, purchased stuff for the house, paid them off, then my limit went down to $900!!!

Still kept business with them, purchased some more stuff, then paid them off again and today I see my limit went down to $110.

So what I did was call customer service, paid my balance and closed my acct. Told them I rather deal with Home Depot for now on.


Just happened to me and this came up in my search for "what gives." Just paid down a big chunk of it and they dropped my limit to just above the remaining balance! Have never made a late payment.

Of course this screws with my credit usage ratio on my credit report! Im pissed! I stopped using the card as regularly as Home Depot and local lumber yards have better pricing and service! Looking forward to paying this off and shutting it down in the next few months.

I dont plan on setting foot in another Lowes! *** with my credit score is ridiculous.


Last January (2012) they increased our credit limit to $2500. We bought a dishwasher on "6 months no interest" and paid it off in 3 months.

Since then just little purchases, less than $200, and full payment every month.

Then last month GE/Lowe's informed us the account was closed because of a tax issue from 2008 (but was settled THIS year). Yes, LOWE'S BLOWS - along with GE and the banks and all the *** that run them.


GE cut mine also because I co-signed a loan and the person has been paying their car note and GE decided to cut my credit limit. the thing is that I pay GE on time each month, but they are not interested in the fact that I pay on time, they went through my credit report and decided to cut my credit limit on something that has nothing to do with GE.


It is the bank, GE bank who makes those desicions, not Lowes

Fat Mart cart rider

Hey not just Lowes want a cookie for having a 6 figure job? And by the way that was your moms desk I was under.

Not half bad I must add.

Go shop at home depot. They like your kind.


pay your bills on time lowes will give you the store amd you can treat the emplyees like ***


Hey tired of *** people "look in the mirror" th banks are screwing the consumer that pays his bills on time everyday. Yes they can lower your limit if your score drops but what do you think that does to a score when a limit is cut drastically like that.

It lowers your score. The honest working man still gets screwed once again. I have a six figure a year job, pay all my bills on time and still have had the same situation. Watch the world news sometime and you will see these practices are becoming common and just ravishing peoples credit scores.

In closing get back under Obamas desk and get back to work because it sounds like that is where you came from. Oh and wipe that off your chin.


When are you people going to learn? Lowes did not cut your credit limit.

The credit cards are issued by a credit company who has an agreement to provide credit to Lowes customers and put Lowes name on the credit card. It is the credit company you have a complaint with, not Lowes.

If you do some research you will find much of the reduction in credit availability is due to new federal banking regulations. It's fine to complain, but direct your complaint at the right company.


Did you actually think about why the cut your limit. They don't just have people in the Corp office randomly selecting *** bags like you to just drop their credit.

The only way for them to drop your credit is because of nonpayment, credit score decrease, or not using in the past 6 months since the credit crisis *** started in which case you could get off your lazy *** and call GE Money.

Not Lowes and have it reinstated. Seriously don't blame your stupidity on us because it will always be your fault.


They did that to me too - but it just so happened that I owed more than the credit line (AFTER they cut it) So then they charged me an OVER LIMIT fee. I called them and complained - but it did no good. Now that just aint right

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Lowes in Cincinnati, Ohio - Poor customer servise

the lowes lumber store in colerain ohio/cinti suburb,,,,,,,evry time i go in there to buy lumber/hardware i cant seem to be able to select or decide the products or quanity i need .cause i keep getting shuffled out the section ,cause thats when they decide to bring out their forklifts to stock their shelfs,an this is not due to people buying up everything.they are allways rude saying that i have to leave the area,when im right in the middle of loading my stuff on the cart,thats what their supposed to do after they when i go in to pay my bill every month they never say thank you or nothing!it seems like that the only thing that the young 21yr old managers want to do is talk about their love life with their coworkers instead of payn attention to the customer!,,,,,,i see it every time i go in to a lowes store.,,,,they are a joke ,iv done business with them for over 15yrs an spent a lot of money there,today the straw broke the cammels back.,,,,,i wont be back there anymore. its home depot from here on out
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Well quit *** n shopping there


ummm....did you ever think they blocked the aisles to get something down for a customer? Some of the topstock is too heavy to bring down on a ladder.And if your in that much of a dam hurry go to the depot.

Good luck with that. And by the way..good spelling ***


btw, you are funny as ***!!! Im glad you are proud of your store and your team, but seriously, get someone in there to do some work!

Even if you dont greet me or carry my stuff at least know where the stuff is in your own departments. Even if you do come at me least someone who works there would be showing some signs of life!


Your are so right. It's darn hard to shop Lowes or Depot when they close off aisles when the store is open.

They need to stock at times the stores are not full of customers.

I've been is stores with half a dozen aisles closed during the middle of they day. Sorry, I'm not going to stand around you stores waiting for aisles to open before I can get to the product I want.

Fat Mart cart rider

1st learn to spell. 2nd don't be ***.


just curious, maybe its not just the empoyess, but the *** who come in there expecting everyone to drop what they are doing, or whoever they are helping , and go to them and serv them hand and foot. your *** *** has another thing coming, and you better not ever come into my store bc I will come at both of you bigots sideways with 9 different colors of smoke!

*** you both! :zzz


ok, so you think that they are stocking the shelves with product because its not being sold? then where the *** is it going?!!?!?

and you want the cashier to wipe your ***?? wow and I seriously doubt that " every time " you go in there this happens, you spoiled little ***, please go die alone, because obviously no one wants to be around a little *** like you anyway.

this is the real world and you don't get pampered everywhere , get ***. :p


Rnb, I hear ya. Now-a-days you have to go in without any realistic expectation of service or even common courtesy.

Not their fault, its just the society we live in.

If you dont believe me just check out the home depot complaints on this forum and see all of the other guys switchin to lowes. It will just go back and forth all day long; welcome to retail in 2010.

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Lowes in Troy, Alabama - Extreem,poor service.not trained

dear sirs.or Madam, The service at store(#22120-70110-09111,TROY ALABAMA) has gotten worse than any business should allow, and still stay in business..while I attempted to check out with (2) two gal of paint, it took 33 min with no one in front of me. The cashier did not know what to do nor didn't seem to really care. also as we(the line behind me) waited the Lady behind me complained that she was trying to buy a refefrigerator, and could not find any one to help her . Just for your knoledge, we often drive 39 miles one way to Montgomery, to Home Depot for better service and the produce we need. it is a shame you don't care any more. you started off with good help and it has( gone to *** in a hand basket). very bad. every day most of your problems is at the check out ...they really don't care...they seem to be untrained.and not intrested in what the one who PAYS needs or wants. sincerly. W. H. McMaster P.O. Box 155 Goshen , Al. 36035
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this is for daddy 1 retard comment are you dumb boy yea i said boy because that what you are how *** are you you are probably a slack jaw fagget that don't deserve a job go on well fare you low life an stop holding the rest of americia that really needs a job you *** face ***


ok so your first job you knew everything there was to know your fist got to start some where. yes were not afraid to send you the depot...we would rather all you idiots go there anyway

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Lowes in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Sent wrong dryer after waiting 22 days for gas dryer. c

we bought a gas dryer samsang and have been waiting for them to deliver this dryer since june 12 2010. on friday june 25 (so much for next day) they came but had an electric dryer and not gas dryer we bought on june 11. called today june 28 and said only couple more weeks and we should have dryer. my question to lowes? we bought new dryer on june 11 as ours broke and they next day service, well it has been 22 days and wash is piling up. will not buy anything from lowes again as they got me once but never again. don clayton
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Read the sign ***, it's says next day on in stock products! You are an unreasonable person, it's samsung holding up the delivery not lowes.


let he that is without sin cast the first stone. for all the customers they have seems like very few complaints!

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Lowes in Mineral Wells, Texas - Overcharged

I went to Lowes on Tuesday and priced shingles. They were $24.95 a bundle. After talking, pricing, and looking with co-manager on Tuesday. On Sunday,I went to the store ordered and ask if they could hold them until July. I paid for the shingles and looking at my receipt I informed Crystal this was not the price I was quoted. She informed me this is what the computer prints. I was charged $27.98 for thirty squares, this made my bill over $300.00 more than I wanted wanted to spend. I was informed that I would have to come back to Weatherford on Monday and talk to the manager. I was to bring back my receipt and the ad in to get the price.
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Why didn't you just cancel the transaction as soon as you realized it wasn't the correct price? Why is it you say you "went to Lowes" and then you say you have to "bring the ad"?

Was it in the ad, or did you see it at the store? Why are you trying to rip off Lowes?

My baby's momma's daddy's milk money depends on people spending the appropriate amount of money at Lowe's. Why don't you want my baby's momma's daddy to have milk?

Fat Mart cart rider

Yep another lamer


Another typical customer thinking they deserve last weeks sale price.

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Lowes Manager

Owensboro Lowes sold me cabinets and are not fixing faulty one

I was a loyal customer, but will never buy from them again. I bought $10,00 dollars worth of cabinets from them last year. I waited 3 months for a rebate. I have a replacement cabinet in my garage - shipped by their vendor, that has been there since March! I have tried to set up an appointment to have it installed five times (three of them face to face with the salesperson), complained to five managers,and been referred back to the salesperson who is never there to take calls. She has placed responsibility back on me to make sure her vendor does his job. He didn't! I specifically asked management to have someone else call/deal with this issue, and they ignored my request. There has been absolutely no follow up from their management staff, and for that reason, I will never buy from Lowes again. I have been a loyal customer over the years that has encountered numerous problems in this store, but always gave them the benefit of the doubt. Never again! I will shop at their competitor - who I do not like. I bought the cabinets and was given a $500.00 rebate. It took three months and hours of trying before they finally gave me cash that I spent in their store replacing all the doors/knobs in my house. I also bought an over the cabinet microwave during this project that was not the model listed on the box. No one in the store could tell me where the smoke filter went. Another fiasco, but they resolved it, but I was the one inconvenienced. Over the years I have built a very large deck, three privacy fences, one decorative fence, remodeled/painted two houses, and bought numerous power/woodworking shop tools from them. I have numerous appliances in my home purchased from them - never again! I have been told by staff they did not have time to explain something to me. I resolved that and went back. I was told by a very young twit he was a master plumber and there was no way to install their dishwasher without replacing my plumbing feeder lines! I kept the dishwasher and went to their competitor, explained my situation, and had the fittings I needed sold to me. I did not replace my plumbing, nor did I go back to the store and show the *** he was wrong. These are just a few of the issues I have face in this store over the years, but this issue seals it. I can not believe anyone would treat their customers in such a manner in today's environment! This is one customer that will not be treated in this manner again!
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Lowes in Knoxville, Tennessee - Lowe's: Left us with a stove in the bedroom for the weekend

Lowe's: Left us with a stove in the bedroom for the weekend and the fridge in the Living room. Unhooked the water from the fridge and shut the cold water off in the kitchen. They done the leveling in the Kitchen and Dinning area and it didn't work. It's pealing up and breaking in the kitchen where they put it on top of the Linoleum. We are very unhappy with the results. They don't want to put down Lamanite now because they say our floor is too unlevel. It wasn't the first time they done it!
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This is my Mom's house in TN. I came down the first time to make sure they done everything right.

(She is 81 now) The floor WAS beautiful but a section split in front of one of the doorways and to step on it would have pinched your foot really bad. They did come back and try to fill the gap under it. But it was still there. Next the boards started splitting long ways about a half inch in some places.

This has gone on for two years+. Now she has no floor at all and the leveler they put down in spots all over just doesn't look right. It never turned white and is still uneven in some spots. We have been put off till Wednesday now.

They tore the bad floor up on Thursday of last week. They talked Mom into a better Laminate board at 8mm instead of 7mm. Wow big difference 1mm will make. But they got another 300+$ for an upgrade plus the leveling compound for 200+$ which they didn’t tell her the first time had to be done.

We are really in a spot to have them do it since the total of the floor adds up to now about 2700+$. Doesn’t any one have any comments on the installers at Lowe’s????

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Lowes in Tampa, Florida - Could not find any help.

I went to Lowe's on Water's Avenue on Monday to buy a new front door and new french doors for the back of my house. Could not find anyone to help me. Went back this evening, and still could not find anyone to help me. I even went to the front desk and had someone call for help, still no one came after 15 minutes of waiting. Here I am wanting to spend money, to help our economy, and no one in the store seemed at all interested in making a sale. My advise - Stay away from Lowes!!!!
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you need to stop thinking the whole *** world owes you anything and get off your lazy *** and do it yourself! worthless biggots like you who think the sun shines outta their ***, make working in retail a pain. go die a lonely death , *** spoiled american.

@*** wipe!

Wow really, to want service that they claim to provide is only right. I for one cannot find work and just walked into a Lowes installation and they could not speak English....They have a better contract than me and my way more experienced English s-peaking and god fearing buddy could get.

We worked mainly section 8 houses and lost money....but they had great installers that would give you their personal number in case of a problem and also guaranteed installation for at least one year. Will the illegals that installed the caret in that upset English speaking womans house be there to help her if something went wrong. Do they even have the experience to know if carpet is delaminated or they just make it work so the customer loses every time.

Lowes is helping destroy the American culture by also basic slave labor and under cutting the people that you are trying to defend and ecentually it hits every trades wallet making trade work even more unskilled and worthless in the future. When there is someone hungry in your own nationality that needs work and you look elsewhere it reminds me of the slave trade.


I too, have trouble locating help at Lowe's. I have to walk what seems like miles to find help, and then the person I find doesn't know anything.

Our Lowes does not hire enough employees to make sure every customer is helped quickly.The gerden department is particularly bad. Few employees and no one knows anything about plants.

I also do not like their round-robin sub-contracting system. If I get one sub-contracter that I like, I want to hire that one again, not someone new. Lowes also avoids responsibility for hiring illegal aliens this way.

They do not make sure their sub-contractors do hire illegals. You never know until they show up and don't speak English.

Infuriating!! :(


with the state of the economy sales are the life blood of the store. if you do not have sales then you cant have payroll to have associates in the store


Why does everybody think that if they have a dollar in their pocket they are important?

Who *****cares! Surely not the employees making minimum wage...

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Lowes would screwup a soup sandwich

I made a big mistake and ordered replacement windows at Lowe's. A disaster! Lowe's ordered too few windows despite being given a written order; the windows did not arrive when we were told they would, and we have to wait a further 3 weeks to receive the window that they were short. On top of all this the store attitude is "so what". Their store policy must be "hire the handicapped it's fun to watch them work." I have no idea what has happened in the past few years. Up till then Lowe's was a fairly efficiet well run store. No longer!
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I enjoy soup. I find it's just right for sitting at home making fun of the handicapped on whiny consumer websites.


Well you would screw up a soup sandwich as well since it is soup and sandwich not soup sandwich, and it is screw up not screwup. Also what does not getting your order haveing to do with making a soup and sandwich.

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